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The Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1893-1901, October 26, 1894, Image 4

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Le wonas bat tesm as
se cmttr--Ve ... emeaUe De.o
- ; e tIll Warismab iep-Os well
g A new word thaete a. wojui
a popular but ur
weed, phrase or maode o exs
he jargra of seen partiseab
n class ce seclety.-Webaser.
In Ober wedmsgaythiag ian t was
olsd er expresliom sotin the disLion'
ls "miss. " When by re con of lokm
emiseleases popualety and ameneral uages
rb dessmed worthy o a place in the
trameek mand autbrity th e language.
b wrenss to be clang. "
Ito see. the jgagon of particnltr
-elgs or clase in saoiety that the
A100iTh leaguag is slowly buet steadily
auiobs. The slang phrase irst becomes
cigsGe with the teram Idiom, and the.
n creeps into the new dictionary.
Not all slang is damlined to this
anotheodas Much ci it is ephemeral. A
guest deal of it is meaningless, silly or
weak and dies In its childhood. Actor
blik are given to the invention of new
mare or less expremive, but short
"The ghost walks" is one of the
few instance. of the jargon of stageland.
The theatrical term of "makeup" is
new in general use as descriptive of
anythingstriking inpersonal adornment,
aAerlaing to the clothing and not to a
disgutae or enhancement of the features
-a originally. Song and dance men,
acrobats, serio comics, sketch teams and
the lower order of theatrical folk in
dulge in slang that renders their cono
marsgtion almost unintelligible. For in
some, come knockout artist was struck
by the similarity of the wards pardon
and padding, and to his bright mind
the transition to "tapioca" was not dif
lsalt, but there is no probability that
the expression "Beg your tapioca" will
supplant '9 beg your pardon" in the
language of the polite world.
The song and dance man may be ex
mined In summer days of bankruptcy in
eailing the man with money, willing to
speld it for rnfre"-hment, an
and this expression may in time creep
into the language, but for the present
ti ancient t-nrm of "sucker" will iuat
Circus slang was the forerunner of
the jarge. of the variety stage, and in
the good days when the gaslit city of
tents" was planted upon every village
ueen the circus folk had a language al
70their own.
The roots of their vt rnacular were the
Various part. of the tent and equipment
ci the show. The boss of the show was
called the "main guy. " and this expre"
slon has to a certain extent surnive'i the
decline of the circus, and the "'ain
guy" is frequently heard of in work.
The great cattle ranges of the west
have given the world the term "roundl
up. " It originally referred to the an
nual gathering together of the cattle of
various owners that they might he sepa
rated for shipment. Today in the lust
necs world it indicates an inquiry into
the affairs of a firm or corporation and
has really the significance of stock tak
Thieves have a gibleri-h so extensive
as to almost conrtitute a language It is
caly understood among themselves and
by policemen, who are fort'eid to acquire
te knowledge of its meaning. Many of
the terms that have been in use for
years are really corruptions of the He
brew and hail their origin among thy.
"fences" or depots for the reception of
stolen goods in London This jargon,
while continued for yeirs, ham never ob
tained outside of the police and criminal
"Lost his grip" i9 a terse, pathetic.
almost tragic term, conjuring up as it
doei the lroy .f ý.,dsted :Ambition,
blasted hopes, ruin and despair, in all
probability originated among lodge peo
pie. A man who had "lout his grip"
was temporarily in a dilemma.
From the mining camps of the far
west came "struck it rich, " which now
applies to any human success; "up the
flume, " uignifying failure; "hard pan, "
which means a solid paying basis; "pe
tered out, " which sagfesta a gradual
decline aud thal i.uapml . ,Of resources;
"grabstruuk, " for assistance given a
oew business enterprise on condition of
a share in perspective or possible profits.
Bananas has been a good English word
fir 9O0years, and the Century dictionary
asaspted it along with such words as
"boonm, " meaning to manufacture sup
pets and enthusiasm, and "squeal,"
meaning to confess and betray compaa
Vhum the railroad yards came
"irlaohed, " with the meaning of di
sted; "sidetracked, " for temporary
bi are and sunpeqsima, the result of out
ilaturfecsace; "ditched, " as expres
,aia asd collapse, and "wide opeu"
smea tErss the looomotivy which' re
so be throttle sad 'she extreme
Wi ped tAsNew it meant in full swing.
d lher ss d sgardless of interference
"Oa eaf igt" is an aameroninm, as
tgg/ pl Il Ip sight, and it Is
aidse more in favor every
ýsparm for the spserlatlve in
eseogisbment or perfora
the baMoon euenrmg toward
mt was ant declased out of
o es the ad s a(
of supesid aliMai
fTera cmpetuies. Pi
with tue seph 1
-as - wometst me
downed the rear of ae
Galt a of" sa01*
Duesh. s asshr
Sterated t smetweetaers.
Married women can still bu appointed
an possiioas in thea Milwaukee public
schools As the aaawetung of the execs
the committee of the school board Aug.
$ the anwament was defeated which at
tempted so discourage matrimony mu
the purt of the teachers oa. the Milwau
has public aohools, in that it proposed
Dhs retirement from the force at teach
-w ot all married womea who had hue
bina upon whom thy weel depend
i support and the ammplqoymst in
tse futare of married women as teach
Irriatinaal Dsh pes.
Prant(umm NOis 1m5 5355 t135. That thee.
oilt h sa tlc of the sorehtauists of The
alesst~Irriesiiag sad Ditch Comapm held
ai the i ai t the l ir imer's
lathe bsoaty of Curster asad staet of Eatana.
us the hth day of lOsemhe rInt.
amid meetIng is called for the prlaset:
Otfo ampirte a al of this crporationw
frm 'hte ies (it Irrigation afar Ditch
tompaayal sto -'riles City ('anal and Irrigating
St''d m::eeting is called f -r tha furtaer p.urpnse
ofetseadilastbe term of existaste of the said
corporation Sat te periad of forty years from
the time of She orgasizatix s of lae w ile., Pity
Irrigating onal Ditch Compass.
Said meetlog is called for the further purpose
aaf!eatesaaing Stae businsas. of tthr caida c..rpar
ation so as tat mnctuade is additioan to the" (fowers
alreadly poraeseseal bis the said Cart~r~satitaat Star
folloawing pow.rs,t last is to say :
OSt purchassoag. hatdittiaj. aevelopting. im
provting,. using. leacloag. selig. tatortytate ar
tatherwier"di raljsiang of water raghtsa.,saa water
potwers. sald tiac ritSa Slaretat anti landsie.e
sri tar usefati thterefaor. or for thae inaaustriaea,
anti habitations arising aar crtawing tit, tr tae
arise or grasw oja in coannection witha aar abtout
tha saspe:
Of purchasing hatlditag lapog artyrut plattiang.
dievelaaping. teasaing. selling, deal iog in. cotasa)
tag aor adberwiea. using aar atisttaiog aaf towat
cSlts" ar tow., otast. bitacks or subiaimisiaans thereoaf
anadalnt foar lartawiuas motney by Sthe sait e~aco
puany tot pa) Sthe debta. andol abigstioac tlteretaf
cutd to impratve set develop Sthe plroperSttnow
oawnedmb rheaadrpraartioaa anaithe issatingof
bharadi ttaerefsr aodlof seruri ug ata id atadas aaraata
er indetatedoeassaf saitieaaracarrati.n bynaaartgaasa
tar adeas taf trust as Stae ,iiracaarsaafPaaid esrtetr.
atiata nay alert, sod Sto prattide foar thas pay
taaent taf interest tan etuch tatans so matde at any
rate cv at any timaaar place the saiai coreprartisan
hby its Datafeer mats direct : anti stat. tat take anti
acre a t imtaort gtaga eithaer real tar tatroanai far
itataalrasoairt saiat raaajtoratitaat fratat lrer sta
etm{ameaaat tat ctriartat itana
A fulli martitata ta tall tita staaekiatlaiarr taf -atad
cttarttrttitt is.:taiaestjt reaat.rettai at tSit. at:t,
1. martlttati-s ttaaitattsa tSla ftarust-- ofttt St1
Is taahliah.iai far a-ix autrtsstta weeks it. t S
lti, I at M il a- t'ia . Il.ti ' ... ttt Stttt a t.' 1 "
tatd counaty oaf Ito tastr at ta St ate taaf Mna s tata.
Itatastl at Mlesl a ty tiats 1-tl tay tf Syt.l r.ti
M, tat arta hlastas a:.
W. it. .1 tat Ca,
Fist a."hlatat ian 1Statler rS1t. ha4ti.
Kvget'aral~na. Notic..
N"...*n,4 e.,r. -.., 1..1t . 4 ut I,: * 4- 4
cr t ittr, "n ntie . Iu tr44.4. 4444!
4,.rt2441 4,4 440 *xle. r" i . 4,] I'. u fl. ,. 44;,) It.
"n.4 :r. 41-'" .' t th Ii . 44. 1.. t r. t t
In, t .1 , 44it 12h'u I. m . 44.i ht h :
.Ir-tll,,14.lr44 a.. 4,".ni. 4i.n?.f a44,. Il..i. ir \..
44,1t.- * ,ill , 41,t 4.rt . 4.eeru v.n . u,. r...i l , iftn
?"r,.r ..,4- e, fl.:" 44.ý. in nt-r"I 4444r~t ,.u,..t: 4,.
t,,.4414414 114i 1 a Inn..lrIt..r ;t I..._ 4. ,.
S4. ,,...t.rtetra,. acti.t 4 44144' I,
?e, .,k..t ea t ,, k.eit.trtlu., lt.?4,g4. .. . ,
.1 .4.4t4r I1cunt), Ma44.
14,jt.tt.,i (tel,,4.. rl. hkt., .1k, n 1 i44.
\Fi:.. t" i ~h"je ti'.: ( te Pl. by te41..riF ,
N m rr. trwai ,r".fb civ..t. lb.tat 1,f ?~a,i.-If,. I.w -
,utl. te.r k ,at.t , rI o4461. au I all 1,, 4144444
,I ,,,:.,k clai... *.,. .t ,, h 44e . 'ki.1"tawI. t, x
.4,4w.'t I44.- .aid 44tm~rnn at the Lat f.... .,tN,.v 4
. H L -4. d. -'i t). M4- 4 .r 244, 2.a n. 444 -
t~JekLeH a. Fx. vki:a
I ALTE tfd 0 h ltrt. .L14L" 4 N.
WI,'. ma . I)I. L.... I OFFI.r:1, 1',.
Mic 1.j l.. e. I 'ia... 41 t. 1. i nc l11
4444. t e4' 14444 4'444- given th44Uat the 4'14I1441t1444
4a ,t 4! tt." h.4. 4444" 4.lp i h44. . 4 442t
Li,.c..4..t 22n' 4 il He arhfr.. Webar.. t..1r
Wi. e mailn 41) 1. kat . . Ifumpbr the. all , ? lrg ,
1ec 14 K L e~ 4 . Waow
Fir Publi.ati.. onlwn (Jet. w" 13. INS.
hi cnftrf*Rr.I.P.r uA~ua.N.fit :tu
G fa~lad ABiLa
L REGULATE T ~~~t emnWhlE. .wp
YHEPw"" [email protected]
44,ý& ywe 0"b1Zada41
lauittl vs Wlis t Tuemer, do
Mi t"of )csa.sands swanting to the
hetn to whehe requirmed toaperI. ma e.
and / for heat of t(out of ub st.t
Given dimtrict dd the stat. of Montana. in and
for the moumj ll o 'uste and tto answer the
.omtsl theoretan withmla ws days (ezeiu
sely. atlday oft marvice) after the service am
o m ums If w..mmry withis this
.ualct; ar. tf msrred out .f this cuanty. hut
withinthis ,distulet, within twesty days; otber
Irl witht rtya days, or Judgmet by default
maid e it, Tnt ITct a. Io. Y
tae obtain a = xe=rm of lam fe.ime
ti .lean t ad ab eh aeand ens.
Tu ca uTienuruer. a mnor child of maid
sad disadnat: in that the saidds
ema hems ilay of extime crumlty, nma
dyw see adthat on or abeu ptoweptemer
therna deedn. lhoazrmtae
assted nme a the da dhv mled maunn ta sad
mn aorhrld. Meisa eues and plaintiff alas
demeads cost. of sosi, tall ciwb ui Is5 mro fully
set sat in plaintifo' aeilled ais. t h t sn drle
herein, to which reference Is ye~ made.
And you are hereimi wNotld that if you fall tao
aperadase ti ý t~ý uaoetecourt frthe relief deman~ded I maia comaplaintt
and for costs ot mutt.
Given upder my headland the seal of the dis
trice court of the seventh judicial
Sdistrict of the state of Montana. I
and fa'r the e~nont ,f.'a,...tr, this
..w twent).eeaomtsal ts)- of tlelitembhr., is
thme year of our Lord. maes thousand eight hun
d Aed sod nainetafoor.
It.J.Zturaa k.
. AMred rs. attorney for plaintift.
First tphir eat onm Oct It.
[Firet p'.talieattaas Oct I. 1'0t&J
Potive fmer P Aublcaaethn.
L. ti. LANm tat 1 It L.
Pitre t'it), rint.. tat; 1. I it
Notice i-hareta rsmn thatat the forUowifa
usoteet,.t-ttler 1.:.'. t,..1 me.t... ,.f .ti,: int.ention
to maske tinal reaf i~ata.m lart oflam- ctnamm soid
tlat said perf sill iof thaate hum..re ti Register
and Reeeier .. a.ta1at.1.,atin Month,
Ttursrtad . varinutas r r . 9i ant tip t.a1nk a. a..
wio.,,oale It m No t4; lme n t," N'arM',.tall
sslec i ata I-e ou imn, o ri. tawsayip
U. rang" 4".
lhe aasme di tia.- !a.te acti neora tof pae l ehi
cwouatimma areiz lea a atham moend r~ati attmpaaf
osaid land. ti..
t',t M~aoa.attau l.9w.!.r,I!... 1,ar tellH
Mtto .do tatn.'m.... At ta or.' telr .f
Frankalaa. Iaba .' ait tW stdm. . al alitt.
atit yes hiadpouewa
ure ta had 'tratl ofr
A Racking Cough
Cured by Ayer'a Cherry PectoraLo
Mrsp of ). 1HiLL, 217 fmm'twontae St.,
Lockport, N. w ., tavi d
Over thirty yne'. aa , I rentmember
eating me fatther atde.'ia' ftea wnd.mru
fuat marative effacts of Aye?'. Cherry
Pectoral. aring a nrecent attack of IP
Grippe. aiht ora anwaeek, the, form of a
catarrh, orenensof the lungs. a. -'tm
paiatlaa L}" an aggravating cough, I
usead various remaeies ana pred."ription.
Wiale some of tlhese Pedialnes partially
alleviaetdm thae coughiang during the day,
nonerofthem Dafforde'd mA e any relicf from
that spatmodic action of te ltungs which
wotuld taeize nae thme momenmt I attempted
to lie down at naighat. After ten or twelve
such nights. I was
Nearly in Despair,
and had about decimlea to alt up all night
In tmy easy catair, anal procure what
steep I could in that way. It then oc
currami toa mom that I land a bottle of
Ayera* Cherry Pectoral. I took a
spoonful of this preparation In a little
water, aod was able tea lie down without
coughing. In a few mtom~ents, I fell
asleep. aod awoake in the morning
greatly refreshed and feeling much
better. I took a te'aspmaonful oif the Pee
toral every night for a weak, then grad.
ually decreased the dose, and in two
weeks any cough was cored."
Ayers Cherry Pectoral
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & C., ,leweJ, Mas.
Promp pto act, sureteouro
fsa uran. dCr o l lo
Disease.. It cured me of Dy.
pepsia of three years stauding
Try a 1,otle
for n""to ln.uir - - o
t...mbUUE3 we . mIUMIse Um 1., .a.
200 to 212 FIRST AVE. NORTH,
*4'VNEI s"r MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. -..ii 't........
_______ass___ - moww. 31
"""""~as OP ww0'i~owom l. c.
" gn ncgs m rn sssmon.
ocountY eAses oe .NssEsOa , iNgesaPeuL. MINN.
PsOPLES ms sAu. minaPee s. mens.
F..aaiana ..... .. .. .. . P Dp. m.
W astern .......... 6
H4eka.tta, Suaada~n. Taaaa~daya and
Thauraaad aytyaI. a ....ttt i : 2p. in.
days and Fridlay. 7 A ai. m
Sadlie, aturdaa P f am.
Elri..... una)a Tar.ayni,~t and
RlatrhfurrralSpecial,NaMaaala). anada .
1'i~ay...,s.... . PA tt~p.nM.
Oaa." ..}ý'n.. .. . At:15 a. ma
NEaca. flats tr airrianal ..f stantern
fla~i.ataarhaata r." .. 7A0 p.ma
11111..r) rrdaar l..aran t4ADp. M.
aeaistry clr.n.a 6W . )Op. ma.
Sma'laya-.Offfra rtlawi fra an. 12 taa I p. in.
. R. Riiw AN. P. M.
Northern Pacific Time Table
Lt%%L. all t.a.r ITt GraI5.a ' GMT.
S. a. aIz:trrr. Fr-. girt .. lZ+p. M.t
Wat 'ai Friaght 1-1(10a. m.
I FAt t" ruL .T, roatr % ANT.
Sa...! tatlatttrt 11.. 1 Ia nar,.
'a.. 54 ~i~arlr.aarlar a.h1 l.t a. a
"'ciii Directory
""'Ala x~aiaa rlrnaa
ar r tau t." F. . t . %I atwrtt. If' ...a
t Araalata.rr ..lualarar 1: liký1. H" It."..,
\ I.. tar, . If aari .1. I.a..k.IIl. !It.".rr
.w " I' "" 1 'A 'I.". a rtat.la t.l.r "I,.ln.r a
a 1 r t .~ "..a.. a F. \ ~IIwM I Rail rgs
. . . H. \."11 aI} 1
ý. aar it l.. 'taa . Ntrltt~ra .,aa. . tatt..
"llarttr li 6r . Ur t. NA. Larrai.. flrl..ltnt
"'anlrrt U. S.a L '. S. Ariaght. M::'".1 it)
I rt aa~.tutna,at.su" F M. F 'aa.it'r. Malasi ait
5 .Iarr ttiter.. ra- II I.. I: rt..' M a!". ita )
I I irTR IiI.
lar tlt"ruhf.iral IC )tr~t~att.Mlsi
H r.... I..." K y.hrt . Mla a.. it')
Fr J I. K ar. a11". Mil.-ratil
Kr. riff J. Hatwkintg. Mileatity
Itaa"~u raaar N*'A. K. aitnams.. "" ""
la"rk anad IIode.5 H wrraifidrtr.
a ro a Iaija trt W..N.J. Zjmnaarrrtaaa.
a..rttty Ait.arr.a y. .1'.H. Lsaua.i
'a.eaaatar Ett.F. Naewtnast. .
%irarsyor.. . titan.. Sexztons,
Initliat 4 trurnaar ....Ia ul ,Fm . ".a .
anA o~af $ebaatl, Mr..J. E. Light. ". ".
Publir Alm ..... Henry Nana..
Caannaisiwitsasa, Wm Hart. tam, F'kalaka
T. F.. Ilar aama.).o. Fuaa.ytb
Jusice ........ IJoaLtuOibba U~lea Ctky
I atmtatblm ........ H. Iiatiram.
mayor......................... JagRy
Tseaaaaver ............... ...().W. tIram
0011 otoLPoica..............F. K.eia
Pl.Naglatrata ...............J..bmOf
Fht~a Ward-8. R. MJatlr, C. A. WkItaay.
sammd Ward- Cbaa..OtNeaI. W. H. $.Ilard
This PaperI lkept on lja at &LC. DAE
Ad.artlabag= Agency. 64 and ft Mauihauts _.a
haaaa Saa Franeiaro. ('al.. wharecaagswaa
rrr aaivorsiaicanea be madel
Iron and Pump Works.
~The Cosmonolitan Maiazins
The tWeeklv ellowstons Journal
The great illustratedl monthlies have in the past sold for S4.00 a
year. It was a wonder to printers how The Cosmopolitan, with its
yearly 3536 pages of reading matter by the greatest writers of the
world, and its 1200 illustrations by clever artists, could be furnished
for $3.oo a year, In January last it pu~t in the most perfect magazine
printing plant in the world, and now comes. what is. really a wondeu
We wilt d bu rIm eft .h MegateeINia YtlerVe
TI' nk ..' it, 328 pages of reading matter, with oaver 320 illustrations
a' t lu it that would sell in cloth binding at Si.ao
w . ch w. s the strongest staff of regular contributors of any existing
Ic~ fh r C301T S4.OO a TYear
marl,` a.'.iiy sani honorably. i eapf.
woman, oy.y orgtlead. cud.
b.~w, Tobres, hI*min tIP ..~ i.y without C2~dtlatk A.
Iie.'..iry. Nothtag Ilk
ud.Iad It 2.rt M",tft+. Crd~sthib nieakirng ever offered 3rnf,,, era
MODERATE flEE. alwiay prosper. No t,. "
learning the hu,uimess. W. ~w r
br ddo aad~ceSeab"SýiWU5SM a nialat bow to succeel fr.,.,, ,he alt
Jam.Ae. hour. Yoaucanmake atrial sathout e
POR"S CLAIMS 00.," peine to yourself. We Start yout (trale
JOHN WEDDERSIJUU, every thing ae."sed to carry on the beub
cas.sccemsfully, sad guarantee yeu
5a.,inasslsgtoc.y., agsinst li~lure if you bait follow aug
4.0. Doz 46s. WASuINGTON. DAC. s imple, plain lnatructiou'. Readst, a
you are In need of re*.dy mousy, aid
@WlrhsnComvsa, to ,-a~nged bgsoatu a ssntatt. want to know all about tba beat pqg"
lIt.4 dr - . 'I ... ..d orMMM.ea addiess. sand we will mall youa doll
Air their "'rn:'u~ "' mat giving you all th parttcuima.
Aut.a rss
New York Weekly. Tribmus
The Yeliowdue Imuml
On 434
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