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The Yellowstone journal. [volume] (Miles City, Mont.) 1893-1901, December 28, 1894, Image 2

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2Thrms of 8wbeeripttiow.
0 MUaU., 3s heAs8. 1ee0s5 PAID.
innlss .tutmauths....... W
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ineiir, my sweais, at s seats per week.
wmmsew rou=ON. WELLOW .Aran.
Eriday, December. 38. 1894.
LO! HE HAM "14)KiE1%.
Tutu A1lexadei. i iuis of I orrytt and
chief conspirator in the plot to create
Rosebud count). has ot leviit lc I
moved by the suggetittin manie by this
paper that Joe .%Iien was pi tiioc u[p .t
very iniltferent sm t of a fig t for con, ic
division. This is made coin )oius 1i %
the new liRllings papes the lIellow te tn
Recorder--taking a hand in the tight to
the extent of pubesh.ig what purports
to be an interview with the luke. in
which he 1s allowed to unload himself of
a half a column of stuff that he ii uld
not safely trust to Joe Allen. diplomacy
or his English. In the aligeit inter
view the dui.e moilestly confesses that
he is "the instigator and prune mover in
the scheme.u and that it is two years old.
thus giving the ie direct to his Forsyth
organ manipulated by Mr. Allen, which
has shrieked in ever, key that count)
division war up to a week or two ago. a
alghtmare of the V, Li.iwITONF. Joai
DAL. and never thought of h% a wi nu.
woman or child in Foresyth. Now Mr.
Alexander permits the b1a!lii s paper to
state authoritatiielb. that he has been
at it for t11 )ears at least. and how
much longer nio one knows. The duke
further says that he has just returned
from Hielena. where his business was to
utterly rip up and destmiy a lobby that
MIles City iad estaisheiu there to tight
county division. and froni this feneral
statement he :iakes the mnistaLeof par
ticularizing by stating that 'Banker
Jordan" and T .J. P'i¶r. f 11iles City.
wete the persons who had built up this
lobby. This must have teen a rough
guess on the duke v part. an M r. Jordan
has not been in Helena for seviral years,
and Mr. Porter's recent visit there was
solely on legal business. Of co une the
duke was successful in completely din
solving this " luby that his umagination
had conjured up. and in cor.equence of
this victory he tells the Ililhlois man
that he now feels quite contident of ulti
tante success. having secured one mem
ber of the legislature, with a fair pros
pect of getting another. It is hard to
guess who the "one member" is that the
duk* has corraled. It cannot be Jim
Hopkins, for we have his card staring us
in tM-tce with Its point blank sneer
tioes that he is opposed to county dia
vision, The duke then goes on to tell
the Silitage asan how many signatures
he has got on his petitien for division,
and here again he makes a slip by going
recklessly into particulars. He mentions
only two outfits that he claims are in
sympathy with his movement; one is the
Chariton-Montana Cattle Co. and the
other J. J. Thompeon. We are not ad
vised of the attitude of the Chariton
Montana Company on this subject. but
we do know that Mr. Thompson is ac
tively opposed to it. and is d ung every
thing he can to strengthen opposition on
the Upper Rosebud. We don't like to
iutimate that the duke habitually per
verts the truth to serve his ends. but it
is neverthelesn a fact that in this nhort
narrative that he pours forth into the
hopper of his new organ. he nan lied
twice or elne he failed to read proof on
his artiele. It in unfortunate for the
Yellowstone Recorder that in taking up
the tight for Tom A exander it has to
antagonize the other Tom" Barry-who
has always teen such an admirer of the
editor of the Recorder. but it in written
that one cannot serve two masters and
just now it is probable that -Banker"
Alexander will give down more freely
than the other. One good thing will
come out of this interview; poor hard.
worked old Adldavit-Joe Allen will
hereafter be relieved of the necessity of
swearing that county-division origin
stsd only last night and then on the suy
gestloe of the YaLLOweroNa JOURNAL.
NSewy sme Vaiashy wne ambins.
J% ia beass - very important
i lie and there twn many
A p >a- pu was
to a wtihshase
o .1
ea Ials
swPor*as or PaogornonD,
of t.e laeard yt wsaqatj C..mis.le.
Ver Ose. a8.
Miles Gaty. Mont.. Doe. :1 1114.
The Board of County Commissioners
for Custer County. Montana. met i
regular session at 10 o'clock a. un.. a
members of the Hoard present.
the sheriff duty aununeed the meet
The Board now proceeded to audit
claims against the county, the followinc
heing allowed- to the personq and on the
funds set opposite their respecti.e
1.1."x'", ~ ~ A, IR~ ~
St .% i"..t ' r o.as viewe-r r...1 ,1\
"..s. clit,.z -,r .up I ,ng*.i e'"r bridi :11 i
Tiii kialz of the forenoon was aient
in the board in looking over correspou
.1 recess was taken until 2 o'clock
p. a'.
4 '(ice .f the iounty clerk 2 iclok
p. ti.
The boald ,e-convened as per recess
taken a ith all mnemubers present.
The following claims were allowed and
clerk instructed to draw warrants for
a me:
A 1 A-AEallt . PtnP.ML.
)I II,.ww tt AL I I'..renp e brtdg. e Ide 'N 1.I
SM Nlmwtt A to pat Powder hr, l '
Mr, .1 h. Lt cht , 'p rA ri
WS aw * .tz f n 't ltprhr.
I I 'iri'wn.t iwoe rant thoo rt
. To run.... nole. pr & pr I- 1,.
II 1 it. s. 'e...r A t tr :.t'e r-:1 ..ti s .
¼+..ki "u . Ii..t i (cI 1 ' "
tilt It, iii Ir A prh., o or 1 I
tM Bran i f.lro pr & pt r h-" 1r r
Ahidroet & . leth ti
Fri 1 1a'., . hi .lel t
( >i ne 1 it r1 .,e a p r k 1' notes p'«r I
\i i. mi,,I t - rrAi-r' h.t
HM M l"-. u m r.,1 re Its ,,. r ." t s
Jul.. 1t swmtan rtrrr.Ittr> atr
S.* ir 1 ir . rtret, tri
1it .. rtrar m pet, ute. e
' i te ahamrtz alt twtmr ' 1ir
t (1 M ia d un. p~t fitre ,ietetr
.1 7 Hawant. lim t a irer
J1 H Hawkns. hotril uf prisoner. w
f4 ", W C ti, at t i t. . .
1' ,lMrrsu... a .t .ty . -let, . .4n
O Rer trbatep taxes.
ti1r W .. erbaili fde 1-0,
.u It Hawk i rr roawd .. vie.wir. toad It
(I H ",.r Lou ta.iile f en t ul gr i. lt1
J H Hawk, t'iadl of p .ierp MW
: W M: lbe.. .err regt tr f ae t . : IIi
WoC ich. . rebet'taxes.. 13 15
. a stnn. r. .wae rbpai faint
lo Iaa. idrw..Pre rad viewe"r... rtad lHIll
(l hiter s ner registry aet ". gn 50
Sa eana.. lest det doiales. Is M
SuA Shreve. ser reaistry agt i0 (ta
Ci tSeitst.. rebte "ameti eta 5904 i
W B5RlgC gi........ :avrqatar oo tag . getdr .'1 0t.
Co Dsraper ... arread vewtr. mad 14
00 Whrte reg ah aeet eg. 'f th b4 ot
((tar F Hunrkinser registry agt count
fA Xaster. meearegiotin agt etet ut
e at Dof atid sen thi speteta ttrd rat o u
Ibo r igitnat. erW.heap tidet trsn t liu uttd
tIt chatrt.e ..seretraditew fr r ;a o.
1 T mountlisnt catha te sum ox 8el4 00
Wt Wierrtse r am registry towt a r at a
Tptartuoftti. rseent listn for tie Iteari
WMHKREt.iler e ttpid tWjl. W. A ierton
MhaF Hackine .thr registry act ae a.
later the rlar meting e of t bar
ofn tount. chmmissiers aof t Se mounty
sadt To said cunty.0o that i, tr da o
Deceme .. it appear ing to th e ,ami d5
T Alexndpoer. rientet trfe.r-e; lax ther'
beorledthat. T.ha Ader hasse liste df
tt Ahs ttd . m. rrtgaeso for the year of
18te atountngu thme miug of 6the re4d
hat the f same sany ono ati ersd daa o
Dert ofht have esent lseri for the yar
at 189: apndtesk u tM
therd that W. W. Alderson to listed
thw cdoattel rtese two mortge yars
1e884,ateanto su the syment of a:# arri
oamae t iself: form. lamrgraount
than the sameid a.nd40o tatpetnowher
apt p is inehss lists for the bear b
g p r e e e ther
fore hofit
the idW.W. ATdesonid fo. the ydearso
1a, hepoanted thee amwo mbsrobrees ad
collateral to secur the pyeto
lamadeto hiself foa lrgrmon
in the samid of.L74.M0 that i the
tapes ta hav ebseen levef teo
o nthe s msdW.W.Alde sonfr theya ofo I
be. Babne andte ie he hereby aed merd
inthes Ga owell724:0 ond that thea
taes th-atshaer beren leviedlfor th
the clerk is hereby directed to furnish
the county treesurer with a copy of this
.jsi`±T OtISt 91. am. tomnirow.
isIs weoll perhap tar the Nbsof a
samld that
saidi of
the de
A te but
~am mweup-Rwi. htead .btha
!i belst )-41wew )>amtuIhar4} ann
E E t lanhe rea
UM Ginwo1I- Ne, only ba elg -
umt-MU f~f Chs istel-jelýeýI
only "oet
l. SMFai AMi hw NMa
ak:: in T: a ..hu Iw..
Tea 6Saineaata/bK4 motharpuper. Toen
mouth wi tll so worno hew re to sK a esom omiet sd fr from
I ntyfar "owt ovrodMeteethe. gleves.. ch eakerelothles, etc.. ate." 11e war to healin snseason.
OUR seeCIALc y. . e I to tailo .rof me Jes. t he: odto It.
how t oat Ifere. e/e 1 s1nesa will he worth 3ftt timses the ueast the suhecetpips.
to sw omesa.
elms Tw e oh lea of the following etardee boot% bound In whIte wedsld e
ters typ god paer.all sent Mus' or the pattern aend elm sheets of musie, such a. aw
eart you is cent, each In a store. dtelwered burn In any part o~f the totted Sttese or Canada.
H seud at ones twenty-fire li. stamps for a new yuealy snrecrptvtao. Wte loses mousy by
hutonc aanhcrbeyalaysa uhawl tr.Ca se tlet te patters, say t am . ets
the numbera of the booºs you want Dont wait'till Its too late
d. T Te VFIto M Ham -WItcAL C O.itn i48 A nocos' lie e-WilYtsCollnss
*O"- Hr~v a rs. u.TS-Mv. Afrosatda,. Ii S~at, TacT PAaSa Ia TamL la.T -a lisosies.
ST~a' cs~ua, -Mto . U ..K Bvsdo. iA STUDY is ScAeLm.-A. Comas
4. Tile kavaWO l)1 in eava -Geog M. Per. 3t WmnnsD AsNDPARTED-Cbarlte . se..ms.
LAD ot .sAc.-O. Wallsy Wood, q. My Lucy'.. Monau -Wilki. Cils...
Tera AQV~5I'lra suais -Chuomnts U. Us..m.. a. Ma... Wi t a m Winnw -Mao Aeaasdse.
y.Tam snooI Of A Si -4hbaai.5t. M 5saeu.. ia. Sane TO TaN[ ILD Horsn-Mary Coca Sty.
R.ivmSt.V Or A BS~oaeaa -1k. Macoat OR. A YELLow Aires -lots
} Ter Ilaa'anmo -The taach.,. > tesy BLAcK UTY -Assn. Swell
m. SiaL.. It et cAyTA Iho sLO FcT.e-Cas. Reads. M- CilAsaoTem Tampa. -Mn Seaws.
ii. Cust ' THE 1tao It e . -Ches. Usnkss. '15 Has. Hoo r vaess -Rohnm Smehnhsm.
tr. A Wn. er, GauL -Mary Cacil Hay. i .ýUus ma I Saace-SinmlqJ). Weyue.
SS Mss. CAL MyaF CVRTI mysa La oer-D. Jeouti. sy. -3O. F. 5mm..
a4,CaLw.D toss-Hugh Coie+y
Address. THE MCCALL CO., 46 East 14th St.. New Vevre.
HbP Dag In th. r.reamn's R.d by Guide,
to Trap the Vawary.
Traversing the country from south
west to nairr.. :.t and in a pouring raut.
we visited thi villages of Si-Lou v;::.,"
flao-kw. u.r uug a.ol Sang ytin. I' . th*
women, dro . I ii hit to-t ei.,ii,.
tit at watc-hn r.- usn th." ,io, t
which v. n l" It.&%-" i. *r n 'luno a !"
sight. " t ih tr t..''.... 1-1r ~"r
trots.r. . . Ill. th r l, nI ot i " I.r
epoil-d by tl h. rr:rI d f i-v
fl :t "Z I u. . III
r!: 1 : 1. r .f tl
wr vy tin~ Larinu art,, :u t~
na0. ...".rt we- l oulva :.n '.. "1 N..
f .. ?fu .ri. a
II t 1% I - I i' i. . , i . .. ,v' i
t : v a n : f , .r u. .t st . "i m. n v.
.. t, e1 t t :. t:. h" . ito s r n w
th, ir f :. z I.
t it -. I ii.
I hat, t",6 ir" It.i,. i
an,-l i: 1 the 1:tti. :1y t
iet h itit;:. a-.. ..f r1,
tu pulpn-c i: tie riv- r .in "
ST-ut nt-r, . , a" to <Tst rTT I..,a, t:
tijuid trava lur-, I pr.u.uiad t.
I irouid'd uly :lu-al at 4 ri 't a'
tbha water, f,,r the hui. are g- -c :.1 ;
dug where auuucr unaware I"- -pI a;,
likely to cro-s, but a f w y. r- fat t1
up, therefore landing t v, ry n .
on the other tide, with the aa eptiun at
one donkey, who, in atriut aianalar-i'y
with all the evil spirits of China, insist
ed on going on his own account in a
straight line in front of his nose, with
the result that when be reached the
middle of the stream he fell into out
of the holes, and with the weight of the
load be wan carrying' aappatsr'd. Only
the point of his ears eunld be sern waag
ging out of the water. The boleman. if
I may call him so, who had -aga r!y
been watching for this, ran in the wa
ter to his rescue and saved his life, f":
which act I duly rewarded him. -Fort
nightly Review.
Marles (rawftrd w rites a P.intro I;
Le rture nn tulaIerance.
There are v' ry jr 4 1 dr .ut I
and w'imen ai o tahl the w. rtd-1:
ent awi t .
mere fulfi' ., et et tii :r twit I,.
tions; who I.,. u; ..a wih..t tie- 1..,
as being all that ii wd ta krnwn.j ;
Upon what they blieve of (od and Ial hAr
en as the nesoauical conseqnca-e of
what they k(ow, rather than as th,
cause and goltr-*spaetively, of a i t
tence and action; to v. hbon the litttr of
the law is the arbitrary expeau in ;,a
despotic power, which anu 'iilw a;
be looked uapomasmerciful; hiomd
all questions concerning (toil I.,
with the tremendous assertion of (a
will; whose God is a magnified muwt
and whose devil is a malignant atoit o.
second only to God in understateteh
while extreme from God in dispoa-tmnti
There are good men and women wh
-to use a natural but not ftlppan
simile-take is for granted that the see
is mast into the troubled waters of 1f.
without the power to swim or even th
possibility of learning to Saot, depend.
eant upn the buss shames that some on'
mae throw it thi life buoy of ritual re
lUgice as ib cmay eomekstabe mesas of
aleation. And she oppoeent of each
particular fcess of ath itvariably take
uast seas good me- and wgmmn, with
all the -ase shob an andae advatsege
nt eriasps Wa Ate
f Chicago pbutographer has sloped
aamtar muan's wits Hs can head.
IV Specs the abandensd hasband t.a
eeb pleasist --Washimggen Dteak
M. -
A I'w
A::. h 1 dwe lt
t.. we'
t ..I,t n .1 .t1or run.w
'1 r it, n y 1., t. ,
t ,.,I t, t h" ,n
I r I . I time..
F. r n.: . s. -t y .to.machb
: h m trains
TI r t. t. " tip
,, a r.*, I -1..
Au: . i am ,. llInwtnun
T., ~ittL. l I.w
"t" *" I ut* +I t. .,nt up ramia.
A+~ I tit lIarnn. through nay -t.rntah
rtha ." .. n t thr ugh arh ni
TL r. a day ."f juern. r t l nrt
1 'r th" % h, f.".d n4,. .u..
ITh, r" a dLy ,ft r trilhats an
1',r t -e wh" mad- tun,.- Mlom
f w /r ssa orYet
I am going to vote to chayge lia.e back
When I men «mnt up galem
Pro I've learned through my escam eh
what I couldn't through my mains
Momphouame have tarn upmeed
But the diet' aswful thia.
Pare traders made their rmteas
And dlennanced Mletta r tin.
but tbe perople have grown traer.
Ismouse don't size up with atnan.
Th.ey v. found out through the at stomach'
What the y remidn't through their
Ti : pit rt the '" poor fo rm e '
Tnffy well th. workingmnan
And pr I..> the fr..: tr... T:4,-, 1 hal1
Tn t.. ;.. foi ~w p f the landl
And 1.-. t1 thy lovte th" tvw e r.
It , th." ve.t."ran< :s
Bt:" t,. 1, : rr "l th odlzh tit r -t smach
Wit t ti.. + .1Ida~ t t .r -o their
They pr ,:r I...+ u mu,-h .1 tter stemt
And mon."y fr,- a- mud.
But wr "rk hiar .t.t". :L aid wit(.,. drup'd
Way down with a dral thrul
But we hat-. ..mitten thu..- [),rmu rat.
And tiro n the haurs 1ai1..
Por w. 'r. 1."trgue thetroug mumart..nuwh
What w."e ar idrn't tlhr.uih our brain..
It Post* Ardiag.
They hart dust It merged from the tele
phone extchanio where they were em
* 250metitnes," said one of them, "I
think that I wounld like eo be famous
that I would 1 i . to go on the stag.- ant
sot or oni the lecture plaform. Theo
again, I think not. "
"I think not all the time, " was the
positively spoken rejoinder.
"frtill is meat be nioe to play upon
the emotions of the multiteds, "
"Of course it is. That's what arakes
is so jolly in the telephone eeae
When we talk sweesty to sumse mm.
th osuh the phone, I came till OW she
way he eous beak Iris he is wmlytinga
the most ashouM eamour. AmWN Ibra
toagre his .now lso NU haw agrest
rea, my , when it or
so the emsotlans ot the ýd
Dsarnbailt will Lake tb6
ass t sis sse as' tk
"Ile yesknwo
e6 man at last.'
aminis meda~ .i.
ýSheebtr and v eass s t
eanss" --aree tewk
Y t4'
2**r' .
Live Studh Cmmissmie.
Ofllce:-Bryan Block, Room No. 1.
Correspondence solicited.
Ilas the following property listed:
A comfortable tour room dwelling wit!
cummer kitchen attached. lco.t ilrc
price. $450.
.A neat four room dwellink. stable ci
rear, desirable location. 3l1 feet front
pore 01.100.
A commodius six room dwelling. ex
collent cellar, artesian well on premises
stable and hen house. small fruits anc
.egetable garden attached, a prime bar
gain; price. $1.000.
A neat one and one-half story dwelt
ing house of four rooms, southern ex
posure; price $400.
A large two story frame dwellic4
house, northern and western exposure
brick stables in rear. tftty front feet, cas
walking distance froit Mainstreet; price
A tine two story dwelling house, ian
rooms, southern and western exposure
with large commodius stable in rear
tifty feet front, centrally located; pror
An attractive l'leasant street dwellian
one and one-half stories, fifty feet of
ground. southern ezxaeure; price W00
A comufortable five racc dwelling
house. southern exposure. tift} front
feet; price IrM.
A tihe risn frame itaellitg house. tift;
front feet. conveniient to !Main street.
orthlre and western expceuri; prize
A c-n.ug brick twellancr. houte. fouc
"ioni! rtatbic rcccn-.. siouthern cr ueeure
.l-iichtful ltciatccn. tift) front feet
price i!r d1
A iarce nuiilier of other choew dweol
tugs and lnuiling hcts in the isty awl ii
the difTercnt aiditionr to the city. for
sale rheip and on satisfactory ti rms.
Partes esiscring gcacl city property as
an intestment. wt.hiee same is paying it
rists cir l: la r -ent tIn the amount
ciestet c- an Ie a tommncnlated.
First cliss Main street lots for sale
esitabet- for tusiness liyrleeems. and or
t"nor t, -nit pur-haver.
I :at f, r a~e ia trau' of land con
prsincn rimn: ci) at-rcs, near the cet)
'uciip t,"dtcrrn.. that can Ie purcbhasee,
at -o-1 p r at-re- liuce also a choice
tract of -owe '.4 anrce. h c.g under the
litci. that I ft: ..,t ef!.,to per acre.
1a' ingic cinmplrte la tacek" of al
tilti property. re-v iel up to date. I shalt
Io peawsee to have an one interester
call ald inspect samne. rill informatior
given on all properties. Clear title giver
to all property offered by me.
Select hand. of sheep and hisses to,
sale. City collections pomptly at
tended to.
o. om . CiO=-Ewes MFic.
Room 2 8tockgrowers B ink tais
AM rumy TUE till.
REPAJs TIA&LS au et. h.lb sUe
a.... 1ºP sIne...... sea.«......
MM. te m.amm.b. "wve mad 5.web.
09.M,.. fi
3n*; 030123 UWT.3W TOUC CITY.
I am now making a first class
low priced
from Home Tkined Buckskin
It is not as smooth and pretty
as the cistern tan, but it is tough
and cheap. I am still making
the Best Cowbuy Glove that
can be bought for money. Thej
cost from $1t. uwards.
A Specialty of mine is
Ladies L ois slow
made t6 order. Just the
thlag hor shoppiug aad
s Met edr.
Iamia t .arket for
.. .9,..
tlW, lie /« Iswet.r
= w e atre "1masas
the volts by atlic tag *the mamm tauI1
the bottom wrhich pretedS yin
prices and the mniddle~mamap.t. 0Our1
x"0'. rn"1 work in et.Iee ay th
""cinn; ,w. 'i" We have them soldeaeta
1. r ".°afcr Ith ninae jtventlieq
" +, h'l..itutc. If v+ n1
St. You,~
Far t
HMran Fork'
No.. 1. Poote Mail
Ito. I. Atlantle t~y,
110." Atlamlar lla:.
Por hat... Yaps. 11n.. i . ..t.. ,
Wines and
To reduce my surplus stock of
Imported and California Wins
and Brandies, I will for the next
THIRTY DAYS offer these at
COST. The list includes Cali
fornia Sauterne Muscatel, Aa
gelica, Tokay, Port and Madair.
and Imported Sherry, Madefra
Port and Martel Brandy. AM a
choice assortment of White
Wines. including Golden Cha
selas, Hock, Reisling Assuis
hauser and Savignon. These ark
all -Strictly Pure Liquors asd
adapted to the table or sick coass
her.rtI amd yrtcaledoandia ies
gotnt mrakdesIwlo theusmvi .6es
T RT DASofrthem at teunpleyuwl
haela tokpay, aot the bottler
Cand onoraedrSerr, ae.a
Port an Marte Brand. As
choce ssotmnt f Wi4

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