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The roundup record. (Roundup, Mont.) 1908-1929, December 25, 1908, Image 5

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We are the agent for
Roundup Coal
heave your order
Price $4.75 per ton delivered
Midland Lumber Co.
Roundup, Montana.
Phone No. 13
Livery, Feed and Sale
MXRCYES« klokow C 4 a k |a
Proprietor* *3 ■ O II Iv
Corner tstXve. * 1st
Street Eo*t
The largest and best equipped
barn in Roundup.
Every courtesy shown new set
tlers & homestead parties.
Also Hay and Grain For Sale
We carry at all times a large
and up-to-date stock of
Our aim is to give satisfac
tion and three essentials to that
ITY and PRICE. We are
always glad to figure with you
and offer any sug
gestions that may be of interest
When contemplating building
don't overlook the
Contractors & Builders.
Roundup. M ontanu •
In the Circle of
Your Acquaintance
there must be many encaged and married
people. It Is a hundred to one that their
engagement, or wedding ring, was bought
here because here is where the greatest
variety of high-class Jewelry is shown, and
where one can rely upon always getting
good value:for your money. We have a
fine line of Gold a Silver Watches, Chains.
Brooches, etc., and precious stones.
Up to date Line of
Watches and Jjewelery.
First Class Repair Work
Promptly done. Agents
for Columbia Phono
graghs—Eastman Ko
daks and Su p p 1 i e s .
Map. HoibN.
Fred Lindstrand is in town from
W. W. Taylor stopped off here
Saturday on his way back to Chi
cago from the coast.
George Platz of Wales, N. D.,
was here several days this week
looking over our city.
W. A. Keene, the railroad con
tractor, returned last Friday from
a visit at his home in Illionis.
Wm. J. Jameson and W. R.
Evans have purchased the Gilder
building and are having it sided.
A. W. Furness of Mandan, N. 1).,
was among those looking for busi
ness locations here the past week.
Miss May and Lillian Buekey
are in from the ranch to spend
Christmas with friends in the city.
The Midland Coal «fc Lumber Co.
agent for the Roundup coal.
$4.75 per. ton delivered. Telephone
No. 13.
Give your wife a rest and take
Christmas dinner and supper at the
Grand Hotel. Chicken and turkey
fifty cents.
John Hickson, the efficient chef
at the Grand Hotel went out to the
N Bar ranch yesterday for a few
days' outing.
The Record still has a number of
copies of the big souvenir holiday
edition left. Get one to send to
the folks hack east. Fifteen cents
a copy, two for a quarter.
Strayed—A dark bay horse,
weight 900 pounds, branded IIO
left hip. Suitable reward will he
given for information leading to
his recovery. E. F. Smith, Round
up. 39—41
Miss Ruth Morris returned Sat
urday evening from Helena where
she has been attending the Wes
leyan university, and will spend
Christmas vacation with her father
at this place.
A man. whose name we are un
able to ascertain, died at Mussel
shell Wednesday night as a result
of too much booze. The coroner
of Yellowstone county was notified
and an inquest will he held over
his body.
Mrs. W. A. Lewis arrived here
yesterday morning from Red Lodge
to join her husband who has charge
of the Roundup Drug Co. They
have rented one of the Schroeder
cottages on Second street east where
they will reside.
Cal Millard, manager of t h e
skating rink and Gaiety Amuse
ment Co., has hooked the three
Turners, a team of aerobatic and
fancy roller skaters, to appear here
sometime the fore part of next
month. This should prove a star
attraction being secured only at a
great cost to the management.
b e a Hard Time
in the skating rink
There will
Masked Ball
New Year's Eve. A swell brace
let will he given to the lady dressed
in the best hard time costome, and
a Stetson hat will go to the gentle
man rigged out in the best approved
fashion for such an affair. No one
will he allowed in the hall with a
white collar and necktie.
Mrs. Melinda Bricker, an aged
lady who has been living with her
son, Jasper Bricker and daughter
on a homestead north of Roundup,
died Sunday morning of old age.
The remains were brought to town
Tuesday for shipment to South
Boulder Mont, the former home of
the family, where the funeral was
held Wednesday. Mrs. Brieker
was 85 years of age having come
here with her son this fail to live
on a homestead. Her husband pre
ceded her to the grave several years
Frank Moshner and son Carl are
business visitors in Roundup.
Geo. Spenddiff and wife were
visitors in Roundup this week from
R. A. Wilson of the Asbridge
ranch at Pine Grove was in town
Miss Brown, the popular Mussel
shell school teacher, was in Round
up over Sunday.
J. A. Kelley left for Forsyth last
Friday alter seeing to the opening
of his drug store here.
Harry Drum, a well known ranch
er from Broadview, was in Roundup
last Saturday on legal business.
Miss Lent ta Mice arrived here last
week from Butte and will remain
with lur mother Mrs. Elsie Mice.
Mars Severson, foreman of the
Yegen ranch below Buekey, and
Hugh Morrison, also of that ranch,
were in town Tuesday.
Mrs. E. II. Elsman and Mrs.
Frank Bay are spending the holi
days with their folks in Lewistown
having left here Sunday morning.
Tom Ilayes, the popular chef in
the Roundup Bakery & Lunch
Room, left here Monday evening
for Chicago where he will spend the
Dr. W. 11. Brissenden, who has
been located at Old Roundup, has
secured ollice rooms in the Dean &
Skeie building on Main street and
will move therein immediately.
The Fraternal Order of Mount
aineers will organize at the skat
ing rink Monday evening, December
28th. All charter members are re
quested to he present at 7:30 sharp.
Obligation, secret work, election
and installation of officers to he
followed with a dance. Members
On January 1, the Pacific Coast
j extention of the Chicago, Milwaukee
j & St. Paul railway will change its
name. Unless before that time,
the commercial interests of Butte
induces the management of the
road to incorporate the name of
Butte in the new title, it will be
known as the Chicago, Milwaukee
& Puget Sound. The announce
ment that the road will change its
name west of Mobridge, S. D., has
not as yet been officially made, nor
will the local officials confirm the
report, hut it is stated on reliable
authority that the new name is al
ready being painted on the ears in
course of construction in the eastern
shops for use on the Pacific Coast
extention, and that the announce
ment will he made from the Chicago
offices of the line January 1.
members. The Montan a
Library association, and the
The annual meeting of the State
Teachers' association will lie held
in Helena this year on December
28, 29 and 30. The program has
Been completed and shows a balance
and strength with its discussion of
vital topics which will command
tlio attention of the entire teaching
body of the state. In addition to
the general sessions of the associa
tion which will he held on Monday
and Tuesday evenings and Tuesday
and Wednesday forenoons, the pro
grams have been arranged for the
department meeting, primary, su
perintendents' and higher education
sections. In addition to these dep
artment meetings there will he a
meeting of a newly organized Mont
ana society for the Promontion of
Industrial Education, a section has
also been arranged for school hoard
emy of Art and Sciences will also
hold their meetings in connection
with the State Teachers' association,
All indications point to the largest
meeting in recent years.
C. J. Jones o{ Lewistown of Black
Hand Fame Gets One Year
in Penitentiary
C. J. Jones, who last summer
attempted to extort $2000 frqm S.
S. Hobson of Lewistown by black
hand methods, was found guilty
Monday and sentenced by Judge
Cheadle to serve one year in the
state penitentiary. The following
is an account of the case as given
by the Lewistown Democrat: The
trial of Jones, who was charged
with attempting to extort $2000
from S. S. Hobson, president of the
Bank of Fergus County, was begun
Wednesday morning. County
Attorney Ayres was assisted in the
prosecution by Oliver W. Beiden
and F. E. Smith and J. C. llun
toon appeared as counsel for the do
Sheriff Edward Martin and
Deputy Biglen testified to the facts
relating to the arrest of Jones and
S. S. llohson told of receiving the
threatening letters. T h e letters
which have been published in a pre
vious number of the Democrat,
were placed in evidence. Another
envelope containg some of Jones'
acknowledged handwriting, was also
placed in evidence and Cashier A.
W. Warr of the Bank of Fergus
county, testified that, in his opinion,
some person who addressed this
envelope also addressed the letter
to Mr. Hobson.
Nick Welter, who has the Hobson
ranch leased and for whom Jones
was working for at the time the
attempted extortion oceured, test
ified that on the day of Jones' ar
rest, the defendant left the house
with the express intention of taking
a hath in the irrigating ditch. The
water in this ditch, the witness
stated, was hut a few inches deep
and muddy at the bottom. Welter
had (old Jones of the black hand
letters received by Hobson.
The state rested here and the de
fense proceeded to put testimony
to prove an alibi. Richard Lausch
and George Canon Jr., of the post
ollice testified that the letters re
ceived by Mr. Hobson were mailed
between the hours of 8:54 and 10 a.
m. on the 2nd. of August. Will
Carver and Nick Welter testified
that to the best of their belief, Jones
Jones was home all of that day.
Harry Yager, assistant cashier of
the First National Bank, testified
that, in his opinon, the black hand
letters were not written by the same
person who addressed the envelope
acknowledged by Jones to he writ
ten by himself.
The defendant, C. J. Jones, next
took the stand in his own behalf.
He testified that he is 23 years of
age and came to Lewistown last
May from Iowa, a short while later
taking a place on Welter's ranch.
Said he was at the Welter ranch
when the black hand letters were
alleged to have been posted in Lew
istown, that the pistol and slung
shot which were found among his
effects were purchased once when
he was working as a telegrapher in
a rather tough place. He emphati
cally denied having written or sent
the black hand letters to Mr. Hob
The taking of testimony was com
pleted Wednesday afternoon and
the arguments were heard Thursday.
The ease went to the jury at 5
o'clock in the afternoon and it was
9 o'clock the next morning before
they reported their verdict of guilty
and fixing the penalty at one year
in the state penitentiary.
To our customers, patrons and
You are requested to call and ask
for a "Russell" calender for 1909.
The calender in question c onsists
of a reproduction by the famous
"Cow Boy" artist entitled "Jerked
Down" and is without question one
of the neatest and best subjects yet
With the compliments of the sea
son, and with thanks for the bus
iness accorded us in the past we are
Yours faithfully,
Handel Brothers Bankers.
Musselshell, Mont. Dec. 10th 1908.
J.W.& P. L.
at the oldest mercantile
house in the lower Mus
selshell Valley. They
handle everything. Cor
respondence invited.
All orders delivered to
C., M. ife St. I\ railway
station free of charge.
We return everything but
the dirt.
Laundry leaves Roundup
every Monday.
Leave orders at the Roundup
l'ool Hall.
Bequette & Thayer
Contractors & Builders
We make a specialty of re-enforced
Concrete Brick & Stone Buildings.
J. C. B U S H
Repairing a Specialty.
Roundup, Montana.
U. S. Commissioner
Land Filings
Yearly & Final Proofs
Tel. 4 short and 1 long ring.
Roundup, ontanu.
$ 1 5.00
F. O. B. Lewistown, net cash,
sight draft bill of lading attached.
Hay is weighed on county scales
and our weight must he accepted
as correct.
v Two Gold Watches Given Away.
The Europern Billiard & Pool
Room will give away as prizes two
gold watches—one to the highest
single run of billiards and one to
the highest run in pool, made
between now and the 25th day of
December. Suitable second and
third prizes will also be given.
David Lonev, Prop.

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