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J*i*L iifcal Society
"Booster's" Day
ie Roundup Record.
$2.00 Per Year in Advance
Treas.CoDectsT axes
Musselshell County Will Realize 187,778,90
From Taxes for 1911-Taxes Now Due,
Delinquent Nov. 29th.
Two New School Disricts Are Creat
ed for Barber and Ryegate Out
of Old Joint District No. 6
County Superintendent Maude Grif
fin this week issued orders creating
two new school districts in the west
end of the county. .The .new .dis
tricts are formed out of old joint dis
trict No. 6, thus providing a school
for both Barber and Ryegate. The
members of the school boards who
were appointed by Miss Griffin at the
suggestion of the residents of that
section are as follows:
Ryegate—Mr. Dorsey, Frank Smith
and F. K. Fiske.
Barber— N. C. Eklund, Henry Bartz
and E. A. Simkin.
M. M. Klein Institutes Suit Against
C. M. & P. S. Ry. for Damages
' Caused by Fire Last Year
Mathews & Thompson as attorneys
for M. M. Klein this week filed an ac
tion in the district court against the
Chicago, Milwaukee & Puget Sound
Railway Company to recover $1,988.77
as damages caused by a fire set by a
locomotive. The fire occurred last
summer on ground owned by Mr.
Klein west of this city, an irrigation
flume and considerable timber being
Many Blscktail. Fantail and Whitetail
Deer But no Antelope Are
Found in Snow Creek.
Miles City.—The surveying party
that defined the boundaries of the
Snow creek game preserve having
returned, a member of the party was
interviewed here concerning the
tract, and spolie as follows:
"The tract has the Missouri river
for its northern boundary; on the
east line it is six miles wide and on
tiie west line 5 miles 36.9 feet, to be
exact, while the southern boundary
is 15 miles long. The land included
in this tract is extremely rough.
The party saw seven blacktail deer,
one fantail deer and three whitetails.
There were no antelope seen, and
probably there are none there, as the
country is too rough, but it would be
safe to estimate probably 250 head of
blacktail in the artet.
"There are five ranches located
there, those of Jack and Dell Hub
bard, Hall, Richmond and another
whose name is forgotten. Cattle and
horses can be run on the preserve,
but no sheep. The ranchmen living
on the preserve cannot shoot the
animals, and may not even carry a
gun without a permit. The ranch
men are desirous of having the pre
serve enlarged for personal reasons,
and also it would be well, probably,
to include territory in which antelope
could find refuge. The proposed en
largement would add 10 miles to the
south, 10 miles to the west and 5
miles to the east, and then Crooked
creek and Seven Blackfoot would be
embraced. The preserve includes the
country wherein the fossil remains of
the triceratrops and other prehistoric
animals were found, and according to
Prof. Barnum Brown of the New
York museum, it is one of the best
localities in the country tor the geo
logist and the physicist."
Entire Reserve Police Force of New
Orleans Active to Prevent Riots
in Railroad Cistrict
(Record Special)
New Orleans, La., Oct. 6.—Strik
ers assaulting non-union laborers re
treat from police. On approach of
law representatives 800 men quit
hostile demonstrations and at noon
declare truce. Entire reserve force of
New Orleans active. One man dead,
Bix others in hospital and 19 in jail
as result of riots in railroad district.
Idaho Speech by President Taft Re
sults in Severe Set-Back in Nsw
York Stock Market
(Record Special}
New York, Oct. 6.—The stock mar
ket suffered a severe set-back in the
second hour following the publication
of a speech in Idaho by President
Taft who made vigorous reply to crit
icism recently leveled against the su
preme court and again declared that
prosecution fo illegal combinations
would continue. Other unfavorable
factors which perhaps helped the de
cline included the indictment of the
principles in the so-called wallpaper;
trust and further evidence that an
earnest fight is to be made against:
the American Tobacco dissolution!
Monday, Oct. 2nd, the assessment
rolls of Musselshell county were
turned over to County Treasurer A. A.
Morris for the collection of taxes for
1911. Taxes were due on Monday and
are now payable to the county treas
urer, becoming delinquent after 6:00
o'clock p. m. November 29th, the 30th
being a legal holiday.
The total amount of taxes to be
collected by the countyy treasurer is
$187,778.90, which will be divided
among the various funds as follows:
City of Roundup ........$ 6,721.20
Road fund ............... 22,161.67
State taxes .............. 20,467.02
Special state taxes ....... 2,039.13
County general fund ..... 96,166.11
Poll tax ................. 3,070.00
School fund .............. 32,654.79
Musselshell special fire levy
................... 702.80
Stock indemnity and bounty
fund .............. 3.796.1S
Total ...........$187,778.90
City Treasurer Issues Statement fer
Month of September—$207.24
in Treasury
According to the September report
of City Treasurer C. F. Richarden
the city has only $207.24 in real ctish
money on hand, while there are war
rants outstanding against the city
to the amount of $2,930.97. The
report also shows that the city has
collected since January 1st the sum
of $4,089.41 in licenses and fines, and
has paid out $7,253.58. For he last
quarter of the present year the city
has coming in approximately $1,000
from licenses. On January 1st the
city's tax levy will also be available,
this amounting to $6,721.20, and the
council will then have something to
go on after the outstanding warrants
are taken care of.
Bowling Contest Between Roundup
and Klein Teams Results in
Victory for Former
Roundup defeated Klein last even
ing in a bowling contest on Case's
bowling alleys by a narrow margin of
22 pins. Lambert, Ording and Van
Dyke bowled for Roundup while
Klein was represented by Earl and
"Dad" Fletcher and Jess Mutiger.
Van Dyke made the high score, put
ting down 224 pins in one game.
Assails Critics of U. S. Supreme
Court—Asserts View as to Re
lations of Govt, to Business
(Record Special)
Poeotello, Idaho, Oct. 6.—In a
speech before the chamber of com
merce here today. President Taft bit
terly assailed the critics of the
United States Supreme Court and as
serted anew his view ns to the rela
tion of government to business.
i Seven-Mile Railroad in Alaska is
Completed—Costs Three Dol
lars to Make Trip
(Record Special)
Seattle, Oct. 6.—All aboard for the
Flat City Special was the announce
ment made at Iditarod, the last fron
tier camp of Alaska a few days ago.
It mrked the completion of construc
tion of the farthest north railroad in
America and the inauguration of pas
senger and freight service. The
Flat City »Special runs fror» Iditarod
to Flat Creek, a distance of seven
miles. Located at a place so inces
sible that the owners have no fear of
that bane of railroad magnates in the
United States, the Interstate Com
mrce Commission. A fare of three
dollars and way and five dollars for a
round trip is charged. The aurifer
ous placer mines will be worked out
and the railroad abandoned, it is be
lieved, before the department officials
will get the red tape unwound and
make a visit to the place.
LOST—One black mare 7 years old,
weight abotit 1350, branded A—K on ,
right shoulder, small urpture on right
; side. Finder return to I. G. Madden
pj a t w ju ow a nd receive liberal re-!
nu' 'a
l J'
-Oonahey in Cleveland Plain Dealer.
City Council Proceedings
New Improvement District Providing for More Sidewalks Is to Be Cre
ated-Ordinance Designating Fire Limits Is Amended.
Roundup, Mont., Oct. 3, 1911.
Council met pursuant to adjourn
ment atS: 30 o'clock p. m.
Present: Mayor and Aldermen
Britton, Nix, McDonald and Reid.
Minutes of meetings of preceding
two months read and approved.
Letter from W. M. Cobleigh, of the
Montana State College of Agriculture,
to Dr. Welsh, regarding water supply
of Roundup, was read.
Report of city treasurer for Sep
tember, and report of police judge
showing collections for September of
$80.00, were read and referred to
auditing committee.
Bills of A. L. Carpenter for $11.00
and E. J. Parkinson for $41.50 were
read and referred to auditing com
L. R. Carroll addressed the council
and stated that resolution creating
Special Improvement District. No. 4
was not drawn in accordance with
the law and that the boundaries were
incorrect. City clerk stated that
resolution was legally correct but
boundaries might be defective; that
council was authorized to assess the
whole cost of grading against prop
erty deemed benefitted when pay
ments were extended over a term of
Moved by McDonald, seconded by
Reid, that advertisement for bids on
work- in Special Improvement Dis
trict No. 4 be recalled so that matter
of boundaries could be looked into.
County Attorney O'Neil gave an
opinion that Special Improvement
District taxes could be collected by
city treasurer. City clerk agreed
' with this, and stated that he had de
i livered to the city treasurer a certifi
; ed copy of ea ch resolution assessing
j taxes for Special Improvement Dis
; tricts 1 and 3, as provided by law.
Moved by Nix, seconded by Reid,
that city treasurer take all necessary
steps for the collection of Special
Improvement taxes. Carried.
Petition from E. A. J. Jesse and
others asking for the creation of a
; special improvement district, and one
from Wm. O. 'Donnell and others
1 against the same, were read and filed.
Resolution No. 18, entitled, "A
Resolution Creating Special Improve
ment District No. 5, designating the
boundaries thereof, stating the char
i acter of the improvements wiiich are
To Issue Refunding Bonds
Board of County Commissioners Definitely Decide to issue Bonds to
Take up Outstanding Warrants.
At tiie meeting of the board of
county commissioners held the first
of the week it. was definitely decided
to issue refunding bonds to the
amount of $50,000 for the purpose of
taking up all outstanding warrants
and to put the county on a cash basis.
The bonds will run for a period of 20
years and will bear five per cent in
terest. Bids for the sale of the
bonds are now being advertised for
and no trouble is anticipated in dis
posing of them,
, Some trouble between members of
the court house family was also given
an airing at the session this week,
but after the full details were learned
! nothing was done.
to he made, an approximate esti
mate of tho cost thereof, and fixing
the time when the council will hear
objections to its final adoption," was
Moved by Britton, seconded by Nix,
that resolution No. 18, just read, he
adopted. On the roll being called, all
present voted in favor of tell motion
and said resolution was declared duly
The said resolution is hereinafter
set forth in full.
Md.cd by Britton, seconded by Nix,
that city treasurer he allowed $75.00
for clerical help for July, August and
September, and what warrant he or
dered drawn for the amount. Car
Moved by Britton, seconded by
McDonald, that Ordinance No. 55, en
titled "An Ordinance Amending Sec
tion 3 of Ordinance No. 26, entitled
"An Ordinance Prescribing I lie Fire
Limits of the City of Roundup, ami
regulating the manner of building
within said city, and repealing Or
dinance No. 24," be adopted. On the
roll being called all present voted in
favor of the motion and the said Or
dinance was declared duly adopted.
Moved by Britton, seconded by
Reid, that chief of police he instruct
ed to notify all persons having signs
extending over sidewalks to posts to
remove same. Carried.
Moved by McDonald, seconded by
Britton, that city stand expenses of
telephone for fire chief. Carried.
Moved by Britton, seconded by
Reid, that motion adopting Ordinance
No. 55 he reconsidered. ( Carried.
The proposed ordinance was then
hundred feet of the line of Main
amended by prohibiting wooden
buildings on vacant lots within one
street within the fire limits.
Moved by Reid, seconded by Brit
ton, that ordinance No. 55 as amend
ed by adopted. On the roll being
called all present voted in favor of
the motion, and the said ordinance
was declared duly adopted.
W. J. Jameson asked for permis
sion to build an addition 10x16 feet,
to office on lot 6, block 2n, of the
townsite. Matter was referred to
committee on fire, light and water.
Moved by Britton, seconded by Nix.
that meeting recess until the 11th
inst. at eiglit o'clock p. tn. Carried.
Cler-. of District Court Jarrett Ap
points Miss Etnel Gorsline as
New Deputy.
Ci rk of the District Court W. G.
Jarr>-tt, this week announced the ap
poin nient of Mi.-.- Ethel Gorsline as
depu y in his office, Hie appointment
to !>*• effective November 1st. Miss
Gorsline has been employed as sten
ographer by the r M. Wall com
i pany for the past several years and
I is thoroughly proficient in steno
graphy and clerical work. She will
I no doubt make coed in her new pod
; tion.
Dixon Killed In Flight
Young Aviator, Who Thrilled Thousands at
Helena State Fair, Is Killed in
Flight at Spokane.
Spokane, Wash., Oct. 3.—Fresh
from his triumph of last Saturday,
when lie topped the Rocky mountains
in a sensational flight from Helena,
Cromwell Dixoti, the 19-yer-old aviat
or, fell front a height of about 100
feet in his initial performance at tlie
Spokane Interstate fair grounds lae
yesterday and was fatally mangled.
A mere handful of spectators witness
ed tiie accident and thousands who
were craning their necks for a
glimpse of tiie aviator did not know
of the tragedy enacted just out of
their range of vision. Dixon was re
moved to the emergency hospital on
tiie grounds, where he died 45 min
utes after the fall.
Witnesses saw Dixoti bank his
planes for a turn and it is thought a
sudden gust of wind coming up
through a deep cut of the orthrn l'a
cific tracks immediately below him
caught tiie planes, already at an an
gl.e Before the operator could re
cover himself, he was plunged head
first to tiie track. When picked up
from under his wrecked machine, it
was apparent Unit his Injuries were
fatal, lie was rushed to the hospital,
hut nothing could he done to save him
Death was pronounced due to concus
sion of the brain and hemorrage.
The accident occurred in the first
attempt at flight of the day. Dixon
left the ground after continued dif
ficulty in getting his machine to ride.
Just clearing the telegraph wires
north of tiie fair grounds, liis biplane
was seen to careen to the right and
crasli into a pit beside tiie railroad
H. O. McCall of the Stanton
packing house, who saw him fall,
claims the fall was sideways for a
distance of 150 feet. According to j
Manager Scott of the Curtiss flyers,
the wind sweeping* up tiie Northern
Pacific cut caused Cromwell's fall.
The plane was slow In rising and the
aviator had not attained sufficient al
titude to avoiil the dangerous cur
rents. lie fell in the bottom of tiie
cut and had to lie hauled up tiie side
with ropes.
Dixon held pilot's license No. 43.
granted by the Aero Clubs of America
which lie won August 7. He learned
the art of flying at Nassau Boulevard,
New Jersey. H e was born in Colum
bus, Ohio, 19 years ago, but recently
moved to New York City, where his
mother now lives. Although the
youngest aviator with a license, Dix
on had already done something—the
crossing of tiie Rocky mountains last
Saturday being one of the most re
markable achievements.
Dixon's body was removed to local
undertaking rooms and will lie shipp
ed to New York. It is said he has no
relatives in this part of the country.
New York, Oct. 3. -The mother of
Cromwell Dixon, the hoy aviator, was
prostrated last night over the death
Spokane. "Poor Cromwell," Mrs. Dix
on cried, when friends had ventured
of lier son by a fall in his biplane at
to tel! lier the full facts. "My hoy's
one ambition was to become an avi
ator, and lie has devoted his whole
time to it. tor years. When he was 12
years old lie started to navigate the
air in his 'sky-cycle' near our home
in Columbus, Ohio.
"There was nothing Dut bravery in
my boy. In spite of the dangers of
Dis hazardous work, he tried and tried
until lie was successful."
American Descendents of Wertz. Fa
mous Dutch General, Will Make
Fight for Enormous Fortune
(Record Special)
Chicago, Oct. 6.—Wertz Heirs will
claim big estate. Chicago woman to
organize American Descendants of
famous Dutch general who died in
Holladn in 1732. Escheated fortune
now about $180,000,000.
Receiver of First National Bank of
Billings Filed Judgment of $9,
315.21 Against H. B. Drum.
Phillfp Tillingliast, receiver of the
defunct First National Bank of Bil
lings yesterday filed with Clerk of the
District Court W. G. Jarrett at this
place a judgment of $9,315.21 against
H. B. Drum of Broadview.
Proves to Officers That He Can Get
Out When He Gets Good and
Tiie little stone "jug" which has
done duty for the city of Roundup for
about three years came pretty near
being the scene of a dreadful holo
caust Monday when Cus Oakes was
incarcerated therein for stealing a
chicken. The arrest was made by
Officer Clegg, it being alleged that
Oakes had stolen n chicken from M.
R- Swanson. No sooner had Oakes
been placed in his cell when he be
gan to utilize two empty tin pails and
a husky voice of which he is posses
sor in raising a disturbance that soon
drew a large audience. He was
puieted down for a time, but shortly
after six o'clock passersby on Main
street W'ere horrified to see smoke
issuing from the jail, and the prison
er frantically appealing to them to
save him from the flames. The offic
ers were hurridly summoned and the
prisoner aken out. The inside of tho
jail was dense with Binoke and a few
more minutes would have seen Oakes
suffocated. He admitted having set
fire to the bedding himself.
Oakes was brought up before Jus
tice of tiie Peace Webb Tuesday
morning and sentenced to serve fif
teen days in the county jail.
Post Office Department Has Con
tracted for Star Mail Route
From Lavina to Pine Grove
Washington, D. C.—Tiie following
new postofllces have been established
in Montana: McNulty, Valley coun
ty; Rock Springs, Rosebud county.
K. H. McNulty lias been appointed
postmaster at McNulty and J. G.
Langdnlen postmaster at Rock
Springs. Letts Cotiser has been ap
pointed postmaster at Plevna and
Alexander K. Quick at French Gulch.
The postollice department has or
dered city delivery service estab
lished nt Glendive beginning Dec
ember 1.
The following four star mail routes
have been contracted for from Sep
tember 18, 1911, to June 30, 1924:
Camas to Plains, six time sa week,
Thomas Bailey of Plains, at $850.
Camas to Prairie by Green Springs
to Pernin, three times a week, Isaac
.1. Ross of Green Springs, at $390.
Knowlton to Isinuy three limes a
week, Samuel Kochel of Knowlton, at
Pine Grove by Clara and Emory to
Lavina, once a week, William P.
Evans of Pine Grove, at $676.
Helen II. Dryden lias been appoint
ed postmaster at Malden.
Benjamin B. Million lias been ap
pointed postmaster at Divide, and
Frdriek J.Bosworth at Hays, Mont.
Italian Government is Appointed
Following Military Occupation—
Arabs Are Submissive
( Record Special >
Rome, Oct. 6.—-Rear Admiral Bor
eddolino lias been made Italian gov
ernor of Tripoli following the mili
tary occupation of the city by men
anil guns of the Italian fleet. Today's
advices describe tiie Arabs of the vi
cinity as offering submission to the
invaders, while the 'I'urkisli defenders
of the garrison have retired to the
Hearing Effecting Immense General
Freight Traffic is Set for Oc
tober 6th
(Record Special)
Washington, D. Oct. 6.—Tiie
Commerce Court issued an order fix
ing Oct. 6th, as tho date for hearing
of tiie application of tiie Transcon
tinental railway for an injunction
against the orders of tiie Interstate
Commerce Commission on what aro
known as the Pacific ('oast cases af
fecting immense general freight traf
fic. It will probably be several days
after the hearing before a determin
ation is readied bye ourt.
California Authorities Have Strong
Evidence Connecting McNamara
With Seattle Outrage
(Record Special)
Seattle, Oct. 6.—Evidence points
to James B. McNamara in Seattle out
rage. Structural Iron Worker under
indictment for Los Angeles Times,
dynamite explosion traced to local
job of Lyon building tip month pre
viously. Incontrovertible facts gath
ered by California authorities con
cerning attempt to wreck structure

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