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Amy Martin
Housenold Editor
Holiday Picnic, Backyard Barbecue?
Try These Ideas for Effortless
Outdoor CdooLi
cooked out-of-doors tastes better than
any prepared under a roof. But maybe
you think outdoor cooking involves too
much fuss and bother, not to mention
expensive equipment. Now you can
forget these problems and settle down
to the serious enjoyment of outdoor
dining ... the secret is aluminum
foil, nothing more!
If you're using a portable grill or a
rôtisserie, aluminum foil can be used
underneath the fire. It will reflect the
heat back up on the foods, increase
the efficiency of cooking and, in addi
tion, catch juices, melted fats and
keep the equipment clean.
If you're broiling hamburgers or hot
dogs, you'll find it much easier if you
form a shallow pan by turning up the
edges of a sheet of aluminum foil.
Punch holes in the bottom of this pan
with a fork if you want charcoal flavor
to penetrate and place the food in the
pan. It will broil without falling through
into the fire! This is an excellent way
of doing fish also, but remember to
grease the foil, since fish sticks to
almost anything it touches.
Serve hot bread or rolls to go with
the other food. Just wrap them in alu
minum foil and place at one side of the
fire. Turn once or twice and they
will heat while the main part of the
meal is broiling.
Potatoes, corn and most easy-to
cook vegetables such as peas, carrots,
summer squash, zucchini, even mush
rooms can be cooked in aluminum foil
either on the grate over an outdoor
fire or by placing on coals to one side
of the hottest part of the fire.
Potatoes need only to be wrapped.
Corn, we give a recipe for. Other vege
tables are placed on a square of heavy
duty foil, butter and seasonings added
and the foil sealed to make a tight
package. Turn these packages once or
twice and allow about the same time
as for cooking by the usual method.
In addition to all these uses of alu
minum foil that simplify outdoor cook
ing and serving, you might like to try
whole dinners, each portion individu
ally wrapped in foil and to be eaten
right from the foil.
Chicken Dinners in a Package. Pur
chase chicken cut for frying with legs
and second joints separated, etc. Re
move broken or protruding bones as
much as possible. Rinse and pat dry
with paper towel. Place sufficient for
a serving in centers of large squares
of aluminum foil. (Use 2 thicknesses of
standard weight foil or one of heavy
duty). Add one or two small onions,
quartered and several spears of par
tially defrosted frozen asparagus. Sea
son with salt and pepper, add 1 table
spoon water and a pat of butter to
each. Bring foil up over chicken, seal
edges together with a tight double fold.
Seal ends in same manner to make
tight package. Place on grill over mod
erately hot fire and cook, turning once
or twice, for about 50 minutes. Chicken
browns through the foil . . . wonderful
gravy forms ... eat right from the
foil package.
20—July T, 1957
Foil Roasted Corn. Save space at one
end of grill for roasting corn, or cook
while chicken is being eaten. Husks
and cook turning 2 or 3 times. Takes
about 30 minutes, less if the fire is
quite hot.
may be left on or removed. If left on,
pull back and remove silk, spread with
softened butter and sprinkle with sea
sonings. Replace husks, wrap in foil,
twisting ends to secure. If husks are
removed, spread corn with softened
butter and sprinkle with seasonings.
Double wrap in standard weight foil,
Place on grill over a medium hot fire
Meatball Dinner in Foil. Season
chopped beef and form into individual
portion balls. Tear off large squares
of heavy duty aluminum foil. (Use two
thicknesses of standard weight foil or
one of heavy duty). Place meatball in
center of each. Surround with quick
cooking vegetables of your choice.
Small onions, potatoes, cut in length
wise quarters, zucchini, cut in slices,
carrots, cut in lengthwise strips. Sea
son each with salt and pepper. Add a
pat of butter or margarine, a spoonful
of steak sauce, if desired. Form foil
into a package, sealing edges with a
tight double fold. Place over a medium
hot fire and cook, turning once, about
45 minutes. Beef will brown through
the foil, vegetables will be delicious!
Barbecued Chicken. Purchase broiler
fryer chickens and have them split
and back bones removed. Have them
cut again making two pieces from each
half. Remove any small or protruding
bones that can be easily pulled out.
^ .-■■■ ■■ v :"
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Get out of doors, mother. It's cool under the trees and you'll find these
foil-packaged meals of meat and vegetables easy to cook.
Rinse and dry. Have fire in grill with
heat of medium intensity. Brush chick
ens with melted butter or margarine.
Place them on the grill, skin side down
and broil about 5 minutes on a side or
until nicely browned. While chicken
is browning, form a pan from heavy
duty aluminum foil. Turn edges of
foil up about 1 inch all around and
miter corners. Have this pan ready at
one side of the grill. When chicken is
brown, transfer to the pan with kitchen
tongs and slide the pan into position
over the fire. Cook the chicken about
45 minutes longer basting with the
barbecue sauce. If chicken is larger
than usual or not as tender as de
sired, a piece of foil may be placed
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Montana Medical Association
SWIMMING is one of the most relax
ing and pleasant of all sports, yet many
tragedies are associated with this
activity during the summer months
when public pools, beaches and lakes
attract thousands of men, women and
Apart from its relaxing effect, swim
ming is an excellent bodybuilder. It
not only provides mental relaxation
and muscular activity, but encourages
body coordination. The buoyancy of
the water gives to the body the sensa
tion of having greater muscular
strength and resiliency than really ex
ists. For this reason, swimming and
exercise in supervised pools have
proved of great therapeutic value in
rehabilitation, particularly in such con
ditions as poliomyelitis and arthritis.
Swimming, on the other hand, can
be dangerous. Not all deaths and acci
dents attributed to this sport are in
non-swimmers. Excellent swimmers
over the top of pan to hold in some
of the steam while chicken is cooking.
When done, the foil pan may be placed
on a larger platter and the chicken
served right from the foil. This method
of barbecuing chicken on an outdoor
grill really cooks the chicken so that
it is moist, tender and ready to almost
fall off the bone.
Quick Barbecue Sauce. Combine
cup tomato catsup, 14 teaspoon tabasco,
1 tablespoon vinegar, 2 tablespoons
brown sugar, 1 teaspoon dry mustard,
1 teaspoon salt, 1 medium sized mild
onion, finely chopped, and 2 tablespoons
butter or margarine. Simmer 5 min
utes. (Enough for 1 chicken).
Eat right from the package.
have developed leg cramps which in
capacitate them, frequently resulting
in death by drowning. Proficient swim
mers too have lost their lives when a
practical joker has thrust them, still
clothed, into the water,
Pushing, Ducking
A practical joker is a social nuisance
at all times, but particularly so when
his victim is at a disadvantage. A
dangerous practical joke is pushing
or ducking others into the water. In
a young child this can inspire a fear
of water which, frequently, cannot he
overcome. And tragic results can stem
from being held forcibly under the
water too long.
Everyone should learn to swim. The
knowledge is also a safety device and
a lifesaving measure if a person is
involved in a water accident of some
kind, such as an upturned canoe or
row boat. The ability to keep afloat
until a rescue has been achieved has
saved numerous lives.
Children should be taught to swim
early in life.
Swimming can be fun, but there are
some conditions that can develop if
proper precautions are not taken. For
example, children and older people who
are subject to ear difficulties should
swim only with their physician's per
mission. No one with a discharging
ear or a perforated eardrum should
attempt to swim. Violent nose blowing
to remove water should be avoided.
These precautions may prevent a per
manent hearing loss.
Clean W'ater
Swim in safe places. Be sure the
water is free of contamination and pol
lution. Don't leave yourself open to in
fection. From a standpoint of health,
water in which one bathes should be
just as free from disease germs as the
water one drinks.
Don't dive into unknown waters.
Hidden stumps and rocks have resulted
in broken necks. Don't overdo. Don't
try for the shore across the lake the
first time out. Take it easy. As in
everything else, use moderation and
good sense. Avoid swimming when
chilled, overheated or exhausted.
Learn to swim. Teach your child to
swim. Then be careful. Let the sport
give you the enjoyment it affords, as
well as exercise and relaxation. Don't
be an accident statistic. Swim safely
so that you can return again and again
to one of the favorite of all outdoor

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