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Is there a
in your future?
Like anything new, torque converters in farm
tractors have been the subject of both praise and
misinformation. Progressive farmers who bought
the first Case-o-matic tractors soon found that this
combination of a torque converter and standard
multiple-gear transmission answered their need for
more efficient power. But, even though torque
converters have for years proved themselves in
valuable in big military vehicles, giant earth
moving machinery, cranes, and other heavy-duty
machines, some misguided observers have insisted
that torque converters just weren't "so hot" for
farm work.
After three years of hard on-the-farm use, what
have owners themselves learned about Case-o
matic Drive advantages?
Unless your draft loads are constant or you use
Implements well under the tractor's full capacity,
your tractor needs some form of pull-power
booster" to handle the tough spots without
wearisome, time-wasting down-shifting.
Should it be a mechanical or hydraulic torque
booster? Consider this —mechanical torque
boosters deliver a single fixed pull-power increase
—with a single speed reduction, regardless of the
actual load demand. This can waste both time and
fuel. The Case-o-matic torque converter, on the
other hand, automatically supplies the precise
amount of pull-power increase necessary. If the
load demands only 10% more pull power, you get
with corresponding reduction in ground speed and
work-capacity. Case-o-matic increases pull-power
up to 100%, just as you need it .,. automatically
without clutching, shifting or stalling.
not an arbitrary 30% or 45% increase
• • •
♦ • •
The Case hydraulic torque converter is simplicity
itself with only 2 moving parts
gear assemblies ... no metal-to-metal contact.
Compare this to the mechanical work-boosters
available, which contain as many as 4 sets of
gears, three clutches and three brake bands.
In the Case-o-matic torque converter, there's
virtually nothing to wear out or adjust
tenance costs are minimized because harmful en
gine lugging is eliminated, and shock-loads to both
engine and transmission are cushioned in oil.
no complicated
• • •
• • •
m O m i
thp PROVED combination of torque
converter and direct drive that gives you
more work output per hour... per dollar
• • •
1st in Quality for Over 100 Years
• • •
Some folks think that Case-o-matic tractors
deliver power through the hydraulic torque con
verter whether the load demands it or not. But
actually, Case-o-matic is 2 drives in 1 —torque
converter drive and direct drive. With a finger-tip
lever (without pause or jerk), you select the most
efficient drive for each job. When you use direct
drive, the torque converter is completely " locked
out".. . and the engine is connected directly with
the transmission, the same as any conventional
With Case-o-matic Drive you never let tough spots
dictate a slower gear—and you don't waste time
down-shifting! Your engine always operates at peak
fuel efficiency because it is never lugging.
For heavy field work where draft loads are
fairly constant, you use direct drive. If an over
load begins to pull down engine rpm, you simply
flip to torque converter until the tough going
has passed.
Case-o-matic drive will also give you greater
work-capacity, more precise control, unequalled
ease of operation for all close maneuvering . . . for
starting heavy loads rolling in high road gears .
for extremely delicate cultivating_when turning
at headlands ... in loading operations.
• •
Since the power take-off is directly connected to
the engine, PTO speed remains steady regardless
of travel speed variations due to drawbar loads.
This means you can keep PTO machines going full
power on grades or in soft fields—without down
shifting or slipping the clutch.
Your cost of tractor operation is made up of time,
fuel, and maintenance—with time by far the biggest
expenditure. Case-o-matic Drive has proved its
ability to make time more productive... to deliver
more work-capacity per hour ... to substantially
reduce operator fatigue and increase efficiency.
How much is this worth to you ? Find out for
yourself on your farm. Ask your Case dealer for a
proof demonstration—today !
i£.V fi
DOGIE JOHNSON maintains that it's
not just the profits from a cattle feed
in' operation that count. It's the money
you save by stayin home to take care
of the cattle.
The Village Sage remarks that
ai atheist is a football fan who
doesn't care who wins the Notre
Dame-Southem Methodist game.
That City Farmer down-the-road has
invented a new type exterminator that
be figures will make a fortune for
him—as soon as be gets the bugs out
of it.
Our veteran state legislator in
sists that the first thing a politician
has to learn is how to make every
defeat appear to be a personal tri
umph. When it comes to masterin'
that technique, Mr. K might be a
good example. Every time be gets
knocked down on the seat of bis
pants in the international arena,
be gets up with an air of confidence
and a verbal barrage that makes it
seem as if it was some other guy
who just got socked.
Alfalfa Ike says his nephew is a
real human dynamo—he charges every
Now that the research scientists
have found a way to tenderize an
old dairy bull by givin' him an
enzyme injection, perhaps they can
turn their attention to developin'
some kind of chemical which, when
Injected into a political candidate,
will actually make him the kind of
a statesman he professes to be.
Some of the colleges are discouragin'
underclassmen from drivin' their au
tomobiles until they demonstrate they
can make the scholastic grade. College
courses are tough enough for some of
the boys without tryin' to dilute the
midnight oil with gasoline.
Most U. S. Senators are ex-repre
sentatives who got tired of runnin'
for office every two years.
That cousin of mine whose farm is
west of Lewistown, says it's the un
expected that usually happens. For
years he's been tryin' to figure out
a way to get a good all-weather road
out to his place. And now all of a sud
den, an ICBM does the job for him.
A psychiatrist is a dignified look
in' fellow who is ready to tell yon,
for a fat fee, what your wife has
told you a thousand times for
After visitin' our grandchildren for
a couple of weeks, Martha has con
cluded that they are a lot smarter
than she was at their age. She says
that they can quietly take "no" for
an answer without lettin' it change
their plans in the least.
Summerfallow Sam insists that
the fact there are far more men
than women in mental hospitals,
just goes to prove who's drivin*
who crazy.
Montana Farmer-Stockman
Oct. 1, I960, Vol. 48, No. 3
Published twice a month on the 1st
and 15th by The Montana Farmer,
Inc., Great Falls, Mont. Subscription
price $1 for one year, Canada $2
for one year. Entered as second class
matter at the Post Office
at Great Falls, Mont., un
der act of March 3, 1879.

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