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Owned and published by the Montana Oil Journal, a Montana corporation.
Address all communications to 618 First National Bank Building,
O. I. DeSCHON. publisher
Great Falls, Montana.
Year In Advance—Canada and Foreign Subscriptions 22.60,
11.25—6 Months. Foreign $1.76—6 Months.
Published Every Saturday.
Second Class Matter, April 23. 1921. at the Post Office at
Great Falls, Montana.—Under Act of March 3. 1879._
The Montana Oil & Mining Journal endeavors to insure the honesty
and trustworthiness of every advertisement it prints and avoid the
publication of all advertisements containing misleading statements
or claims.
»2.00 Per
Per Year.
Entered as
Shelby citizens this week rose up as one man to go to the
rescue of the Montana oil industry, appaled by the discovery that j
some 38 000 gallons of imported gasoline was used by Shelby con
«» durmg-August, while Shelby oil welk stood idle for laek of
market They found also that during the month ol .Julj »neun
consumed 46,456 gallons of imported gasoline—-21,636 gallons from
Wyoming and 24.820 gallons from California, |
"It shall not happen again", announced a committee of Shelby
Sheib^kr^i^ir Z
Montana-made gasoline They announced also that if there is a
continued sale of much imported gasoline in Shelby in the future
it will he proof positive that Shelby is populated only by pansies,
since the town is united in the matter.
The two newspapers joined heartilly in the camipaingn ana
the organization which sprang up in said to be well financed and
able to carry on a campaign which will extend beyond Shelby,
will be carried to nearby towns and cities and systematically across |
It i
the State.
The Journal received countless congratulations on
editorial pointing out that the salvation of the Montana oil industry j
is in replacing imported gasoline with Montana-made gasoline, Lac* i
of space makes it impossible to print all communications received
Throughout the week oil men and business men phoned and called,
at the office to give words of praise. Several long distance calls
expressed not stop," said one. "You should publish figures
on Cut Bank and Conrad and Great Falls and other towns, and
show just what people are doing.
"You have something." said another,
for the industry to do something about it
Unemployed pumpers and drillers have plenty of time and
every reason to picket filling stations where imported gasoline is
sold.'" said another, a business man of Great Falls
Not all of the comments were so encouraging, oaid one ;
ought to have a week set side to be known as
He is an oil producer and didn't know that ever
annual Montana-Made Gasoline week,
as ever
last week's
You pointed the way
l ^
9 9
i i
"I think we
Gasoline Week.
since 1931 we have had an T
proclaimed each year by the Governor of Montana. It w
> »
dome is
drilling ahead at a little below j
2,800 feet, according to J. W. Hack- !
worth, field superintendent
charge of operation. They expect to j
pick up the Sundance or Ellis for- |
mation at around 3,000 to 3100 j
feet. Mr. Hackworth thinks they !
have a good chance to bring in a j
good well in the Sundance.
J. J. Doyle, one of the largest
Independent oil operators in Oal
Telephone 133
CODY, WYOMING—Telephone 434
•Rtgatered U. & Pttral OMa
—• ARR0
« <
y y
ifornia accompanied by his geolo
gist, Vernon King, iboth Interested
in Broadview Dome
together with P. H. Halbrlter, presi
dent of the company, will come by
plane from Los Angelete when Mr.
Hackworth tops the Sundance for
drilling, to
Examinations. Reports, Appraisals
Estimates of Reserves
United States and Canada
Phone 190
Phone 158
Aunt Fannie; "Aren't you going
to say the blessing, dearie?"
Radio Age Child; 'This food is
coming to you through the courtesy
of God Almighty"
"What type of boy is Elmer?"
"Well, the other night he had a
parlor date. The lights went out
evening In^h^ce'uar working on the
fuses ..
G j r j p r j en d — Yeah, but when you
?et int0 t he restaurant you'll order
hiimbur 8 er -
.. —
mm mmmmMm immm
• •
Geophysics vs. Doodlebugs
A planchette is constructed by cutting the
top of a cigar box into the shape of the
heart. Two tiny casters are fixed on the
lobes of' the heart-shaped board and a
pencil is Inserted thirough a hole near
thte point of the heart. Two people hold
the tfps of their fingers on the heart
and ask a question. After a time the
board will move and the pencil will start
writing. It will answer many questions
with alarming accuracy and frankness.
The man whio can explain that, can ex
plain a doodle bug. An occult scientist
can explain both. He will add that the
"bug" has no knowledge beyond the op
inions of the people whose minds are
t concentrated on the subject.
* A big company man recently took a
doodle bug operator out with him to a
block of wildcat leases. He did not tell
the 'bug" where thtey were going nor,
where the lease block was located. But
when they crossed the first lease in the
block, the "bug" became restless. He had
his instrument in the hand. Thte forked
arrangement was pointing downward
"I don't know where your wildcat is,"
said the "bug", "but no matter where it
is, I advise yon to stop and begin tak
ing leases right here. This is the greatest
oil pool I have ever seen." The big com
pany man, who knows better, was hlalf
inclined to believe It.
Which reminds ns of the story of the
doodle bug that was reputed to have
nearly wrecked a sleeping car with Its
antics as the train approached Helena.
The owner of the "bug" returned to thte
spot, near Winston, where he recorded
the greatest oil pool in the world, Swa
boda, the nationally known physical
culture exponent, financed the well. It
was drilled in the spot designated and
revealed a splendid place for hard rock
mining, but granitic rocks and petroleum
do not mix.
The Journal related about a doodle
hug that worked In the office.
The "bug" did not record the at
traction; whether it was oil, gas,
water, gold or silver. We heard a
"solution" to the mystifying per
formance. It was explained to ns:
"Below that office Is the office of a
former president of the First National
Bank. He was irt his office that day.
Many people have said thht he has a
heart of gold. The doodlebug registered
that gold."
Whereas most of ns langh at the
doodle hugs, a great many others take
them seriously and in highly petroliferous
country such as Montana it is hot impos
sible that it enough wells are drilled,
someone Is going to bring in an oil field
on a doodle bug location.
But meantime we wish to warn our
members not to confuse geophysics with
these (divining rods. Our new publi
cation on his subject does not deal with
doodle bugs. This was an after-thtonght.
The publication describes our personal
observation of geophysical methods and
gives something of the results obtained.
The man who has the advantage of geo
physical prospecting in Montana has thte
greatest advantage that man has known
in the oil Industry. Geophysics strip off
the vast sheet of glacial moraine from
Montana and reveal the arched beds
which constitute possible traps for oil.
Not all of thfem contain oil. It is true, but
inasmuch as geophysics have explained
whv many wells drilled heretofore did
VOX find oil, we have reason to believe
that oil prospecting in the future will be
far less hazardous In the future tkhn it
has been In thte past.
This bulletin contains confidential in
formation and is available only to mem
bers. If any member has not received
his copy, he should rail the oversight to
attention, by sending in the attached
the operator stays within proven con
tours. If the operator would choose a
corner of Ils lease and drive of golf ball
as far as possible in on his lease, dril
ling in the spot where the ball comes to
rest, he will have just as good results as
with the doodle bug.
But It does not end there. When the
"bug'' hits it right in a proven oil field,
tlife operator is tempted to follow it out
onto the plains. And there is where the
"bug" comes to certain disaster. No oil
field has been brought In within the con
fines of Montana with a doodlebug as
a guide. To show the accuracy with
which* they work, a doodle bugger an
nounced that a well located northwest
of the Hlmrock pool, near Kevin, would
be a 90-barrel well. That was the first
time anyone had been able to put him
'on the spot," by getting his prognosti
cation BEFORE the completion of the
well. These
thteir prophecies AFTER the well has
come in. In this case, he had no escape
nd he had a lot of people believing in
him. The well was a dry hole. Then
some other operators went a mile be
yond the dry hole and brought In a good
well—proving U*ht the "bug'» knew
nothing more about it than did the tramp
who happened by the well Jnst at meal
w iy E are this week issuing a special
%W publication to our members on the
T " subject of geophysics in Montana.
Tl-fere is no question about the importance
of geophysics to the oil industry at large.
Most of the important new fields of the
last five years have been brought In as a
result of geophysical surveys. But this
fact means nothing to Montanans unless
geophysics are applied in Montana. This
bulletin tells something of the application
of geophysics to Montana.
The tremendous success of geophysics
has given an odd turn to the oil industry,
having given birth to a great number of
"doodle bugs." A doodle bug is a me
chanical instrument, commonly known as
divining pod, that works on the same
principle as a onigl board or planchette —
a device that is supposed to answer ques
tions. Only certain people can <Operate a
ouigi board and likewise Only certain
people can operate a doodle bog.
The modem doodle bng looks nothing
like thfe old forked willow wand of years
It Is now a istalnless pten'l outfit
always remember
with impressive-looking gadgets,
matter how shiny they are, there is only
one answer:
The Securities and Exchange Commis
sion at Washington, D. C., is not conduc
ting a crusade against doodlebugs but is
definitely heading loff every promotion
whirh is based on such "meehanlcal oil
finders" as come wltMn the category of
doodlebugs. The members of the com
mission have gone exhaustively Into the
subject. They have had demonstrations
of all kinds, with geophysical and other
experts present. In every case a "forked
stick" type of doodlebug has been found
fraudulent, even if it is inexplicable.
Recently the commission h
|he Herman Hanson Oil syndicate of
North Dakota. Said the commission of
the company: "It places reliance upon
the use of a pseudo-selentlfic divining in
strument described in the evidence as a
"doodle bug,' such as that considered in
La Lnz Mining Co., 1 8, E. C. 5317 (1985).
However ranch this registrant or any
other registrant believes In the reliabili
ty of a 'doodle bug," we hold thht any
registrant which bases predictions upon
such an instrument must clearly and with
out camouflage show that the divining
instrument is not considered by any
cognized authority to be of any use
whatsoever in locating oil or other min
erals." ... .
The doodlebug in this rase was thbt
George W. Perry, whose letterhead
and sole
These doodle bug operators are students
of geophislcs, as a rule. They explain
their 'Instruments»' in terms of geophysics.
Some of them talk of the '"magnetic
principle," referring to magnetometers.
Otbfers tell of the 'radio prlncfcde," which
they know is applied to amplify vibra
tions set up by seismic disturbances. All
of them point to the record of geophysics
in finding oil fields, in other states,
where no surface evidence of structure
is to be found.
T is trne that geophysics offer the
been provided to scientists.
look into the ground" that has
But geo
physical instruments DO NOT LOCATE
All thfey do Is to reflect structural
conditions. In other words, vibrations
can be reflected off a hard surface, like
an echo. A man standing close to a cliff
shouts and the echo will come back to him
quickly. Another man standing a long
distance away shouts and there is a great
er elapsed time before he hears his
voice echteed back. If the first man knew
the exact distance to the cliff and meas
ured the time of the echo, he could tell
the distance the second man was standing
from the cliff, if he had the exact meas
ure of the time required for thte sound to
return to the second man.
identifies him as "inventor
of "Perry's Mineral Indicator, a
scientific instrument of unlimited
He reported: "Taken
With this homedy principle in mind,
it is apparent that if the speed of vi
bration through the earth Is known, it
is possible to measure the dlstanre from
the surface of thte ground to a competent
formation snch as the massive Madison
limestone. Where the Madison lime is
arched up In an anticline, the "echo"
comes back much more quickly than from
spots wittere the lime is in normal hori
zontal position. TKtes structure can he
determined. These vibrations travel at
the rate of 8,000 to 5,000 feet per second,
so It requires very precise instruments to
measure the elapsed time. It requires the
drilling of shot holes and the firing of
charges of dynamite; it requires deli
cate instruments which will record the
slightest of vibrations; it require« even
more precise instruments to magnify,
fl'rse vibrations so that they can be trac
ed on a chart, not by anything so clum
sy as a needle but a tiny ray of wavering
light which records its travel on a photo
graphic sheet.
No doodle bng artist can successfully
represent that he "uses geophysical prin
ciples." It is true thht the "doodle bug'
Ls a mysterious thing. So te a planchette.
scope and utility.**
altogether I have never is-fore surveyed
such remarkable petroleum deposits as
the instrument shows this entire ***** °*
land to contain and I predict that de
velopment will quickly prove these lands
thte greatest oil field the world has ever
I T is a strange fact that competent
business men who will refuse to in
vest in any speculative enterprise of
ordinary merit will plunge into a company
which has a "doodle bug" pool. The di
vining rod operator never finds an orain
pool : he always finds the "mother
' where hundred-thousand barrel oil
Tktose seem to
wells are to be the rule,
be the odds that appeal most to a certain
type of speculator.
Nor is the mild insanity confined to
business men. We know competent oil
operators in both Kevln-Sunburst and in
Out Bank who rely on a doodle
In those fields it Is not a bad idea. None
pan see into the ground, and one location
is about as good as another, so long as
Royalties Co.
Box 1225
Great Falls. Montana.
Please send me copy of your latest bulletin on geophysics
in Montana.
i Your Name In Full)
, * - * a"' 1 * ■■ * ,; * ■ * »'•' , ,
To start with, Burks doe» not
cut a distinguished figure in his
evening clothes. In a fashionable
Restaurant the other night, as he
stood near the door waiting for
his wife, a tall, pompoms man came
up and asked, "I say, my man. are
you the head waiter?"
As quick as a flash Burks an
a young man this afternoon that
he wasn't taking on any more
No, but I heard him tell
• • •
"Yes," aald the bumptious man.
"I'm a thought reader. I can tell
exactly whet a person is thinking."
said the Shelby
waitress, "I beg your pardon."
"In that case
Another guy who lives on the
fat of the laud is the girdle manu
A tourist Just returned from the
West reports that the absolute in
service was encountered by her at
one filling station where the obliging
entendant. ytfter wiping off the
windshield, checking the oil, tires,
and filling the radiator, politely
asked if the baby needed changing.
"What is the idea of the crowd
at the church?"
"An iceman
confessing his
The preacher had Just finished
a sermon cm the duties of wives to
mother their husbands.
T want every woman who will
go home and mother her husband
to stand up,'' he cried.
A little woman, who was known
to be a trifle deaf, leaped to her
"Ah," cried the preacher, "there
is on« woman who will mother her
"Mother him?" cried the wom
a moasAfto
-^%7„* |AURELEAF

an, sitting down again. "I thought
you said smother him'."
• • • •
He: "I'm beginning to get stuck
on you."
She: "No t wonder. Yomr eyes have
been glued on my OteSh *<*■
past hour."
• • • •
1 will examine you for
ten dollars."
It, I'll give you half.
"Go ahead. If you find

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