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WMk Ending July a 108»
S.A39.800 increase MMMK)
18,190 Increase 890
*W Pond«_9 JB» I ^
■ Oit Bank.----- IU« I : M
■ Ont Ckwk-«1.1« I ||
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«ATI UDAY. JULY 15. 1030.
Kevin Well Acts Up
Like Gusher Of Old
Makes 125 Barrels
Acting up like an old-time gusher, Texas company's
Swears No. 8 in the old Baker-Howling pool of Kevin
Sunburst field this week blew the tools up into the hole
when the Ellis-Madison contact was i>enetrated, and it is
starting off with a production of 125 barrels in 24 hours,
following acidization.
This well is in the midst of the Swears producers
.where it was believed the gas head was all gone but wticn
top of the Madison lime, the tools .
were hurled up 200 feet by a rush
of gag pressure. They bridged at
that point and when the string of
tools was removed It was found that
oil stood up 200 feet In the hole.
drilled from
1628 to 1630 yet the crew took out
seven bailers of porous lime which
was apparently blown into the hole
from the producing formation.
Over night the oil rose 500
feet and the lime was treated with
1,000 gallons of acid. The
quickly returned the oil used In
treating and at last reports was
making between four and five
barrels per. hour, with the proba-jey
bility that it will start off with a
production of from 125 to 130
barrels per day.
This is the first and only well
drilled in Kevin this year by The
Texas company. Location is NW
SE^SW 1 ^ 9-3 6-2W.
With a flow of 12,000 barrels of
water per day, Dan Drumheller's
wildcat well on Moss Agate struc
ture, Meagher county, was on Fri
day at a depth 1120 feet. The
water is coming from 740 feet and
at 1045 the hole started caving
making it necessary to run 8-inch
casing. Water broke in at 1080 so
the 8-inch casing was pulled and
the lower hole was straight
reamed to make a new shut-off at
around 1085 in the blue shale of
the EWis.
Cut Bank.
Kevln-Sunbnrst ....
Buckley Border.
Cat Creek '.
Dry Creek...
Pondera ..
. 8790
. 4390
Big Muddy .
Garland .
Lnnce Creek.
Medicine Bow.
Oregon Basin.
Rock River.
Salt Creek.
Wertz .
Badger Basin .
Byron .
Cody Dome .
Cole Creek .
Dallas Derby .
Dewey Dome .
Dutton Creek .
Elk Basin.
Frannle ___
Grass Creek, light.
Hamilton Dome—
Hidden Dome —
Hudson ..
Iron Creek .
Labarge ...
Lost Soldier..
Mahoney .
Midway .
Mule Creek _
Osage '_ _
Poison Spider .
Quealy Dome -
Teapot —.
Grass Creek, heavy.. 4520
. 66986
- 4060
Total Colorado
Total Rocky Mt. States. . 86*86
j K A LISP BLL —The first oil test
' in Flathead valley has been spud
welllded on the John Sullivan farm, one
and a half miles east of the Ther
j rlault ferry, by G. G. Barnhill,
' formerly of the Baker-Barnhlll-Cor
syndicate of Kevin,
j a Keystone drilling rig Is being
used, starting an 8-inch hole. Gas
j or oil is expected at 800 feet or less.
Gas has been reported in shallow
j wells drilled in the lower valley
district, between Flathead lake and
Four Corners, west of Flathead riv
er, and east from the Holt church
to the steel bridge.
A small topping plant at Poison,
on the south end of the lake, is
being repaired and Barnhill ex- 1
pects to find a ready market for j
is now mi
TO 2200 FEET
his oil.
Caving shales have forced the
running of 8-inch pipe on the
Tarrant-McKay No. 2 well on Ros
coe dome, at a depth of 2200 feet.
Location is in SE>4 NW^4 4-6S
18E, Carbon county. This well Is
checking 425 feet higher than the
No. 1 and is unmistakably on the
high side of the fault. The Dakota
sand, where low gravity oil is ex
pected, will be found at about
2550 feet. Ten-inch casing is set at
1350 feet. Eight-inch will be un
der-reamed down to the top of the
Dakota sand.
On Lnther-Fo* dome, near Dry
Creek oil field, R. C. Tarrant Is
underreaming 10-lnch pipe to the
bottom of the hole, 1400 feet, ex
pecting to fish out lost tools and
then change over to rotary.
R. C. Tarrant's Kelly No. 2 well
on Mosser dome, CEL NW *4 SW '4
26-3B-24E. struck water at 990
feet, after having had a show of
oil in the top of the sand. It has
been abandoned. It checked high
and is believed to have encounter
ed a cross fault. The Wyomont
Sayre No. 3. SE NE>4 SW*4 26-3S
24E, Is being deepened In an effort
to Increase production.
are being moved to R. C.
Tarrant's wildcat well on West Pon
dera oil field, his Hoesohen No. 1,
C NE Vi SEV4 34-27-6W, and this
well will be spudded during the j
next week or 10 days.
The wildcat well on Tiger Ridge
structure, recently taken over by
Walter Draught and associates, is
reported drilling below 1065 feet.
Location Is in Section 10-31N-18E,
south east of Havre. Starting in
Claggett shale, this well had the
top of the Eagle at 376 feet and
the base of the Eagle at 720 with
a show of gas. There were two
shows of oil in the Colorado be
tween 720 and 1065. Surface
elevation of the well is 3005 feet
above sea level. The well showed
considerable gas when opened up.
They are saying that the test of
how much s marketing company
wants profitable prices for Its pro
ducts comes when a competitor
posts a half-cent advance for gaso
. Big West Dahlquist No. 10 la
rated as a 300-barrel well,
pumping and flowing, following
acidization. It shows no water.
It is regarded ns one of the beet
wells in the high gravity pool
northwest of Kevin.
What appears to be the best well
in the north extension of the hUfh
gravity oil pool north of Kevin was
completed this week by Big West
Oil company on its No. 10 Dahlquist
location in center south line, SWÿ
SEV4 21-3 5-3 W.
Finding oil enough to give a
natural production of from 20 to
1 will be treated with hydrochloric
j acid. The contact showed about
nine barrels of production, with no
water, and the first "break" at
1790 is more promising. The Dahl
j quist No. 8 flowed 12,000 barrels
j of oil in three weeks and then de
j veloped water. The Fulton well,
j 4 40 feet away, showed no water,
j giving substantiation to the theory
! that the No. 8 is on or near a fault
or lime fracture, which allowed
j water intrusion.
Crabtree-Thompson No. I, NE
SEV4 NW M 35-35-2W, is drilling
at 1495, having made 60 feet dur
ing the past week, with several
showings of oil in the lime. It will
be carried on down until more oil
or water is encountered, and will
then acidize.
30 barrels, with considerable gas
In the first "break" In the lime at
1763 to 1765 It was treated with
1,000 gallons of acid. It quickly
returned the oil used In treating
and an additional 40 barrels In a,
short test, when it was shut down
to install pumping unit.
It Is understood that Big West
will immediately move one location
east for Its No. 11 location, in SE
SWV4SEV4 21-36-3W.
Fulton Misses
Water Horizon
Goeddertz & Agen-Krause No. 2,
SE SBH8EH 9-35-3W, north off
set to the Campbell discovery well.
was acidized with 760 gallons of
acid but It did not increase the
7-barrel production.
Huso Brothers-ElHngson No, I.
C SE44NW44 14-35-3W. is drilling
at 1495 feet.
Pfabe & Engleklng-Hurley No. 8,
CEL NE y 4 NW 14 8-34-2W, was ad
dlzed with 650 gallons and is now
Fqlton Petroleum-Thompson No.
8. SE NE14NW14 28-35-3W. off
setting the sensational Dahlquist
No. 8 on the west, drilled to 1825
feet before getting a showing of
water and bridged back to 1790 to
the first "break" in the lime, which
Acid Fails To
Help This One
testing. This is the first comple
tion of the year in the vicinity of.
the old Queen City pool. !
Ramona-Gorernment No. 8, CEL
NE 14NW 14 12-35-3W, Is preparing
to shoot the Sunburst sand with j
nitro glycerin, at 1663 feet.
Plotkc-Ward No. 8, CWL SW*4 ;
SW14 28-35-3W, is drilling ait 180 :
Three new wells were started In ;
Kevin field during the past week.
Pfabe & Kngleklng spotted Gov
eminent No. 12 in center NE % NE *4
29-36-2W, east of the Stewart pool, i
Coolldge & Coolldge-fihaw No. 7.
in NE corner SE 14NB »4 35-36-2W r , j
is drilling at 982 feet.
T * l.i x. . .
r rA nn TYrillin tr
\xruup in.* v«
Lewistown Ryndlcate-Solberg No.
1, in SE SE^NWtt 20-35-3W. has
rig up. Sid Porter has the drilling
contract. This firm is a new en- j
trant into the field. The location
Is in the Rimrock pool, near the
well drilled by Nepstad and Van
derpas several years ago. The lat
ter well had considerable gas and
oil but never produced in commer
cial quantities. That was before
the technique of handling Rimrock
pool wells had been perfected.
W. E. Rice is spudding his Rlee
Kearns No. 4 , NE NE«4SB<14 17-35
2W, at 80 feet. This well is 1350
feet north of the south Une and
1100 feet west of the east line of
the section. It to in the vicinity of
the Gunderson pool.
'W^xxxxr VI 7 pile
* ,ucc f C 18
Staid; At KCVin
'Santa Rita Prodncer
Makes 16-bbl. Per Hour
in Initial Production
Another 250-barrel well was completed this week in
Cut Bank oil field south and cast of the town of Cut
Bank, this time by Santa Rita Oil company.
It is Santa Rita-Stahl No. 2, in center NWJ4SWJ4
21-33-5W, a short distance north and west of the Glacier
Production-Corrigeau No. 3. the second largest well in
the field.
The Stahl had only a showing of oil in the Sun-
burst sand where the Corrigeai! had commercial produc-
tion getting most of its oil in the bottom of the Cut Bank
The Sunburst sand from 2895 to 2900 with a
shale break and a second sand from 2915 to 2930 with
Upper Cut Bank from 2948 to 2975
a showing of oil.
Officials Here
On Inspection
High officials of the
Eagle division of the Socony-Vac
uum Oil company were visitors in
Montana this week, on their first
official tour of Inspection of com
pany properties and interests in
Montana since the start of con
struction of the Socony-Vacuum un
it of the Glacier Production com
pany refinery at Cut Bank
In the party are L. L. Marcell, ac
companied by Mrs. Marcell, R. R.
Irwin. R. D. Merlng and C. A
Lewers. Mr. Marcell was chairman
of the board of White Eagle cor
poration and is now general man
ager of western division of Socony
Vacuum. Mr. Irwin. formerly pres
ident of White Eagle. Is assistant
general manager and manager of
manfacturing and transportation.
Mr. Mering is director of sales and
Mr. Lewers Is assistant director of
sales In White Eagle division.
They were met at Butte by B. O.
Stevenson, of Great Falls, Mon
tana division manager, and In
Great Falls they were greeted by
j. w. Johnson, president of Pro
ducers Refining Co., who conduct
ed the party through the Kevin and
Cut Bank fields and through the
Gut Rank refinery now under con
struction. The Cut Bank plant will
j} 6 ready for operation next month.
The visitors will spend the week
en( j j n Glacier National Park Mr.
an( j Mrs. Marcell continuing on
north to the Canadian Rockies,
wh ne other members of the party
will rl .f„ rn to Great Falls where
j, e y w ju confer on the broadened
SPO pe of the company's business,
The Gut Rank refinery will refine
from j ono to 2.000 barrels per
day 0 f Gut Bank and Kevin oil
from leases of members of Produc
ers Refining Co.
The Cut Bank re fi nery win e n
CO mpass with the Duibbs process
the features required for the pro
ductlon of distinctive Socony
Vacuum products.
The plant consists of combination
skimming and 2-coll selective Dubbs
cracking units, with a U.O.P. cata
lytic polymerization unit to make
polymer gasoline from the cracked
The units will have a rated crude
capacity of 3300 barrels a day, and
daily cracking capacity of 2125
barrels. The poly unit will be de
signed to process 460,000 cubic
fe «t of gas per day.
The refinery is the result of an
agreement among the Glacier Pro
ductlon Company. Socony-Vacuum
011 company, and a group of inde
pen(lent producers.
y 1 p ° e
Oil and gas leases on govern
ment lands are arriving at the
Great Falls land office in increasing
numbers as the final time for ex
changing permits approaches. Per
mit applicants have all been given
30 days in which to file applica
tions and bonds under the new law.
Failure to file such applications
(Coatis o«<i m Pas* r»»(
from the lower Cut Bank sand from
2975 to 2991, the Ellis contact.
Hole bottoms at 2996.
The well swabbed 24 7 barrels In
15 hours after which the standard
rig was removed and smaller ma
chine took over the swabbing. In
the last 24 hours reported it was
still swabbing 10 barrels per hour.
Pumping unit is being Installed
on the Corrigeau No. 3 well.
Santa Rita immediately moved
over to Stahl No. 3 location, off
setting Corrigeau No. 3 on the
north. It is in center NE 44 SW *4
21-3 3-5 W.
Cobb-Jackaoi» No. 4 , o SW «4
NE «4 5-32-5W, had a crooked hole
this week and is now going ahead
at 150 feet.
Glacier Product Ion-Jaeger No. 1.
C fiyjy 4 NWV4 15-32-5W, is fish
lag at 2670 feet,
Glacier Product ion-Hendriekson
No. I, C NW44 NE 14 28-33-5W, is
drilling at 2275.
Glacier ProducUon-Ha|| No. 2
C NE >4 SW>4 35-36-6W, south of
ibis company's Larson No. 1, which
had an initial of 225 barrels per
'lay- fs drilling at 1370 feet. It
found Colorado shale at 670 and
»et surface pipe at 707.
Glacier Productloo'Larson No. I
to Installing pumping unit and ex
tending pipeline three quarters of a
mile north from the Hall No. 1
It. 4'. Tarrant completed a pro
ducing well on the Getty Farm No.
H location, in CWL NWV4SEK 15
3'4-CW, on tin- west side of Wild
cat Springs coulee, in the Fulton
pool of west Cut Bank, not far from
a dry hole drilled by Common
wealth Oil Co. The Getty No. 8
swabbed 25 barrels Jn seven hours.
It had Sunburst sand from 2865 to
2875; dry; upper Cut Bank from
2885 to 2940 and lower Cut Bank
from 2940 to 2962, continuing into
the Ellis to 2970. Oil rose 600
feet from the bottom 22 feet of the
Kistner- W*4*on-Brltu»n
SW SE14 SE>4 14-34-6W. Is drill
inK at w 'here 10-Inch casing
was Bpt after Retting Colorado
«hale at 505.
Pardo-Tribal 17 I No. 8. CWL
SR, 4 sw, 4 7-32-6W. Is drilling at
18 °- having spudded oh July 11.
^r Oil-Tribal 170 No. 2, SW
SW 14 7-32-5W, is drilling at
775 Triis well had Colorado shale
^ 0:i anf l ® e i 10-inch pipe at 500.
0 îîn ml Ü f non
29-33-5W. Is drilling at 2,000
Tarranl-Ynnck No. 8. SW SWV4
NW>4 12-34-6W, is drilling at 2500
Texaco-State No. 4 C NW V 4 NW 'A
16-32-5W. 1« drilling at 2485.
Texaeo-Cnrran No. 4 C NE 14
NE % 8-32-5W, is drilling at 2840.
A different angle on the Mexi
can oil situation is provided by Es
mundo C. Switzer, native Montanan
who is head of an Independent oil
company In old Mexico, Switzer
is visiting friends in Great Falls.
Head of El Trlmnpho Oil Co. he
says oil men of Mexico, outside of
two large companies, have been un
molested by the government and
that friendly relations exist between
the government and the oil In
dustry in general.
The general impression that Mex
ico confiscated all oil properties to
ln error, he atatea.
Indications of a possibly large
producing Sunburst sand area in
North Cut Bank were afforded this
week by the finding of some 26
feet of saturated Sunburst sand in
the Huher-Montana-Kruger No. 1
well in center east line. SW *4 SB14
11-37-5W, north of tho Yukon dis
covery well In the Darling pool.
The presence of the saturation
was established by rotnrv cores,
complete sections of which were
taken before the well was drilled
in. The Sunburst sand was found
from 2600 to 2642 feet, showing
heavy saturation from 2611 to 2617
all the way from 2621 to 2642.
There was every indication that the
whole 4 2-foot sand section would
produce. After It was drilled in
and the rotary mud was circulated
out with water, however, no oil came
Into the hole. The well Is being al
lowed to stand until today • Satur
day) in the hope that the water
which may have penetrated the for
mation may drain out and allow
the oil to start flowing. Either a
side wall scraper or a abot of
nitro glycerin may otherwise be
necessary to open the flow Chan
This company's Crowley No. 2
well, lower on structure on the
Darling pool. In SW«4 NWlJ 24,
is a commercial oil producer In the
Sunburst sand. The Sunburst sand
'production apparently has accu
mulated above the hydrostatic table,
lower on structure than Cut Bank
sand production.
Glacier Production company re
cently completed a Sunburst sand
producer which is likewise down
structure, south and west of the
Darling pool. It is known as Lar
son No. 1. in the center of the
NV4N4 Section 35-36-6W. It Is con
sidered possible that an extensive
Sunburst sand area may be opened
up on the north slope.
The Kruger No. 1 well had Moul
ton sand from 2450 to 2530, where
gas was expected, but It was dry.
This well Is 30 feet higher struc
turally than this company's Hint
rager No. I, which had a flow of
4 2,500.000 cubic feet of gas daily
from the Moulton sand.
(V.bh-Vargo No. I. C SE V4 NE %
19-37-4W, drilled- to the Cut Bank
sand and found water, after hav
ing a flow of 7,000,000 cubic feet
of gas In the Sunburst sand. This
well, a short distance north from
a 40.000,000-foot Moulton sand gag
ser, missed production In the Moul
ton sand from 2600 to 2625. It had
Sunburst sand from 2660 to 2686
with a showing of oil at 2664
where casing was set. The upper
Cut Bank from 2718 to 2740 was
dry but there was a showing of oil
in the lower Cut Bank from 2721 to
2725. Water appeared at 2740,
coming up 700 feet and It began
(Continued on Pam Vivo)
HELENA—Arguments In the ap
peal of the Montana-Dakota Utili
ties Co. to enjoin Havre from con- •
structing a municipal gas system
has been heard in district court
and submitted for decision.
The city sought a loan and grant
from the public works administra
tion to build a plant and lines to
supersede the utilities company, now
supplying the city.
The utility lost its injunction pe
tition In Hill county district court.
In its appeal, the Montana-Dakota
maintained (1) their franchise is a
valuable property right and entitled
to protection from unlawful com
petition; (2) a proposed bond issue
Is illegal because It never was sub
mitted to Havre voters; (3) the
contract with the PWA runs more
than three years and Is void because
It was not submitted to & vote of
taxpayers; (4) the contract bet
tween the dty and the trustee for
the proposed gas lines is void be
oaule the trustee is an employe of
the city.
District Court Judges Ralph L.
Arnold, Missoula, and Steward Mc
Conochle, Le wist own. were sitting
In for supreme court Justices C.
F. Morris sad 8. V. Stewart, dis-

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