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Montana Oil Journal
Owned and published by th* Montana OU
Journal, a nrttwnUp. Addraaa all cotn
muntcaUona to SIS First Asanas Bouta.
Great Falla, Montana.
O. I DeSCHON. Publisher
S3 Por Year in Advance—Canada and
«i*n .SutiscrtpUons, <2.SO Per Tear.
$ 1.25 —6 Month*. Foreign 11.78—0 Months.
Published Every Saturday.
Entered as Second Claaa Matter, April 3
1921, at the Postoffice at Oraat Falla, Me
tana.—Under Act of March 3, 1879.
Oil Shortage Grows
Despite High Output
The petroleum industry is pro
ducing 4,400,000 barrels of crude oil
dally, 600,000 barrels above the out
put a year ago, but rising military
and other essential demands are
keeping its inventories at the low
est levels In 20 years.
The stockpile of all refined oil
products recently amounted to
243,900,000 barrels, the lowest since
1923, and 60,000,000 barrels under
the Inventory in December 1941,
just before Pearl Harbor.
Crude oil above ground amount
ed to about 236,000,000 barrels, near
the lowest level since 1923 and
7,000,000 barrels under the inven
tory at the beginning of the war.
Crude and refined products on
the basis of today's demand are
equal to a little better than 100
days' supply, compared with 130
days' supply in November 1941.
Even a sudden end of the war
could not bring immediate relief
because the military supplies are
spread over the far comers of the
earth. Only a part of the stock In
coastal areas could be quickly
turned into civilian channels
should the war end.
New Pay Zone
May Be Opened
In Old Field
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feet below the Dakota in the Elk
Basin field, and the Tensleep
underlies It directly, with the pros
pect the new Ohio well will test the
Tensleep by drilling approximately
1750 feet deeper than has been com
mon practice in this field.
Immense Interest attaches to the
new test, since conditions at Elk
Basin and at Dry Creek are be
lieved approximately similar.
OU Price Bill
Likely to Get
Action Monday
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signed the petition to drag the bill
out of committee and bring it out
on the floor for action. It is ex
pected this bloc of 218, including
Montana's two congressmen who
signed the petition, will stand by
to see that the bill isn't shelved
again, and that it receives full at
tention, as quickly as is possible
under rules of the house.
Crude oil production currently
is running at the record rate of
4,400,000 barrels dally, 600,000 bar
rels above a year ago. However,
rising military and other essential
requirements are holding Inven
tories at the lowest level In 20
Handled by
Dames are pushovers for gay
caballeros. Caballeros are athletes
in Spain. Athletes in Spain throw
the bull for diversion. Therefore
dames are pushovers for bull
• •
It was blue Monday and the artist
was in a critical mood. He gazed
somberly at his model as she
walked into the studio to begin
posing. 'Tve told you to quit wear
We Hope You've Kept Them
We mean, those royalty assign- Up to now, that's been the his- Recognition of this fact is seen
ments on structures once "con- tory of Montana oil fields. in the presence of numerous
demned" by inconclusive shal- Operators generally, if you can seismograph crews in Montana
low tests. get one of them quiet long during the past summer. Corn
Day by day, with a rapidity enough to talk to him, will cheer- panics which had never previ
which is bringing gasps from fully agree that the oil zones of ously operated in this state were
those who have lived with the Cat Creek, Kevin-Sunburst and represented. They were here be
Montana oil industry for more - Pondera, to mention only a few cause of the "deer tracks," the
than 20 years, it becomes appar- of the state's fields, are not the shallow field production which
ent that.the condition we have "source" zones. They know the was absolute assurance of the
been awaiting is near at hand. oil came from "somewhere else," presence of deep oil.
Up to now, the condition of f the *° ne ln which lt 1944 - Montana may reason
Montana has Wn dir^rtiv mm. was being found. ably expect to witness the sec
parable to a mountain area hi „ There . are „ such thin gs as ond step in the inexorable pat
whirh thprp arp a lot of dppr source beds." tern of oil country developm
tracks. No one gets particularly Oil that comes roaring in over -the prospecting of the deeper
excited about a deer track. But- the l °P . of * derrick has to be horizons In which the "real" oil
dppr trarks arp a nrpttv «rood manufactured someplace. The bodies are located.
of a region in which it raw materia l out of which oil is In the southern part of the
miirht nav to hunt dppr made is organic matter in shale, state, the gong has sounded.
Unntono'o To turn that organic matter into There, major oil companies, In
Montana s deer tracks have crude oil requires heat and pres- fierce competition, paid WORLD
r- 1 S sure. RECORD prices this week for
» « u n rP?. w cf: Montana has very marvelous government leases in the Elk
equipment for the providing of Basin field,
more than $100,000.000, it might the needed heat and pressure.
be said In passing. But whatever Tou ri8ts who loo k at this equip
the sum, and despite the fact it m ent call it the Rocky moun- new location in the Dry Creek
^ a f,P' ou ^u. t ^ealth to man y op - tains. Geologists who look at It, field. This well will test the Ten
eratore and many royalty own- the Lewis overthrust. For that's sleep sand, the fabulous horizon
f55j! $. s m?.. TT? what the mountains are—a which is producing multl-thou
track in the snow pointing the break in the earth's surface sand barrel wells in the Elk
way to real game. which allowed a section to tele- Basin field. Several years ago,
Those who have followed the scope eastward, pushing across our members were offered—and
course of events in Montana the prairies for a distance of purchased—royalty on a tract
since the first discovery well more than 40 miles. very close to the new Ohio well,
have become more and more con- This overthrust has provided The many who bought have had
vinced that the state's shallow sufficient heat and pressure to a long wait Their reward seems
oil fields really don't mean much distill ALL of the organic matter near.
in themselves. And they don't in the shales beneath, and to During the next 12 months, we
They have been profitable, and convert it into oil expect to be able to repeat this
many have made money by drill- Oil has one unfailing charac- word of cheer again and again,
ing wells in them, and by own- teristic — it migrates upward, ALL of the royalties purchased
ing royalties on the acreage on usually driven by water pres- by our members have been based
which this drilling was done. sure. on good geology. Despite disap
But, In comparison with the Most of Montana's fields have pointments of shallow drilling,
potentialities revealed by them, found their production at the top the geology still holds good. We
the returns so far have been of the 800-foot Madison lime, or
trifling. in sands above. The lime, obvi
Now, so swiftly it can hardly ously. hasn't been the source of
?ed by those who have the oiL Its source has been obvi
ith it so long, the Mon- ously some of the deeper hori- drilling,
Just where these deeper hori
zons will lie, with res
productive areas of
Following swiftly, the Ohio Oil
company this week anounced a
believe 1944 will bring pleasant
surprises to many who have
been discouraged by the results
of shallow and Inconclusive
tana oil Industry appears about
ready to come Into Its own, to
follow the same inevitable
course as in other states.
In these other states, there
To all of you who have been
thus disappointed, we bring one
to the
pect 1
has mapped, is problematical.
been set up an inexorable pat- But, geologists are generally You've felt badly because look
tem. First, establishment of the agreed that there ARE such ing at a deer track didn't put
productivity of a shallow hori- horizons. And, they can't be meat in the larder. Conditions
zon which might reasonably be ascertained by surface mappings, have c
expected to carry oil when because surface strata and deep ing is
drilled on a local "high." sub-surface strata are NOT ex
Then, for years, exploitation of actly parallel. Surface mapping is proved" your royalty didn't
the full possibilities of this hori- good up to a certain point, but mean a thing. Walt and see what
zon. no further. 1944 brings you.
your house in order. Be
sure you have your assignments.
ed. Some deer hunt
ly under way. The
shallow dry hole that
Landowners Royalties Company
In Our Twenty-first Year
ing those round garters—they leave
marks on your legs," he snapped.
And as she walked past him, he
added bitterly, "And quit sitting on
those cane bottom chairs."
Two recruits from the Atlantic
coast were assigned to a camp in
California. On their first Saturday's
leave, they were gazing across the
blue water of the Pacific.
"Just think," said one of them,
"this here Pacific ocean is over
twice as big as the Atlantic."
The second one shaded his eyes
and scanned the empty waters dili
gently. After a moment he spoke.
"It sure is," he said.
The teacher was testing the
moron who registered in her class.
"What would happen to you If
your nose was cut off?"
"I couldn't smell."
"That's right. Now what if your
ears were cut off?"
"I couldn't see."
"Why couldn't you see if your
ears were cut off?"
"My hat would slip down over
my eyes.

Speaking of children, a group of
ladies were discussing the old
superstition that events or acci
dents during pregnancy leave their
effects on the children. One lady,
however, disagreed and stated in
support of her stand:
"Just before I was bom, my
mother was going downstairs with
a stack of phonograph records. Half
way down she tripped and fell to
the bottom, breaking all the records
to pieces, but it did not affect me—
affect me—affect me—affect me—"
Two little negro boys were loiter
ing on a street comer, when one
said to the other: "How old is you?"
"Ah's five," was the reply. "How
old is you?"
"Ah don' know," said the first.
"You don' know how old you is?"
"Does women botha' you?"
"Youse fo'."
* • ♦
It will be the same after this war,
I reckon—10 percent trying to build
up foreign trade and the other 90
percent working to gyp the for
1 eigriers.

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