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CASPER. —Most interesting news of the week in Wyoming oil
circles is announcement that Stanolind is planning a Madison lime
stone test on the apex of the Tensleep sand producing area, by
deepening a well now producing from the Tensleep sand horizon.
The well to be deepened, accord- ♦
Ing to the report, is on the Wyo
ming side of the line, less than a
quarter of a mile south of the boun
dary line, in NE SE NE 24-58N
The entire field is now unitized
and Stanolind will conduct the drill
ing as the unit operator.
If Madison lime producion is
found, it will open up the third dra
matic chapter m the history' of this
two-state field.
The fifst chapter was written a
quarter of a century ago, when high
gravity oil and large quantities of
gas were produced from wells that
went only to the Frontier sand
depths of around 1750 feet.
The field then languished until
1943, when deep drilling, in excess
of 5000 feet, resulted in trie bringing
in of an unbroken chain of pro
ducers from the Tensleep sand
The Tensleep was found to be
gently folded than the over
lying Frontier, with the result that
the area of Tensleep sand produc
tion is much greater than that of
the Frontier. Whether the condition
will be accentuated with depth and
whether the Madison, if oil-bearing,
will yield crude over a much wider
area than the Tensleep is something
still to be determined.
The deep test planned by Carter,
as far as is known, will be the first
attempt in this field to ascertain oil
possibilities of the Madison lime.
, at
The full Wyoming report:
Airport Area
(Natrona Gouty)
Coaunerclal OU Rnblsh No. 1
NE NE SE 36-35N-S0W
Waiting on orders, 3034.
Alkali Butte
(Fremont Gouty)
Texaco Unit No. 8
SW' NE NW 1-33N-85W
To test Madison lime, expected at about
8,000; lop FronUer, 2736. Drilling, 2845.
Antelope Plain Structure
(Fremont County)
General Pet. Gov't. 45-25
NE NE SW 25-27N-84W
Spudded 7-15-46; drilling, 4100.
Badger Basin
( I'ark Gonnty)
Keeoiate-N. P. No. 9
C NW SE 7-67N-101W
Drilling, 5292.
Bcdley Dome
(Carbon Gouty)
tVasateb-Cameroa No. 1
CWL SW SW 18-26N-89W
Top first FronUer, 8172; Dakota.
4450; cored silty sand. 4900-10: i
stain In upper 2 feet; T.D., 6972. Casing
set, 6715. P.B., 6940. Shot 503 qta. nltro,
6920-6945. Flowed 100 bbls., half oil,
then went dead. Swabbed dry In Ten
sleep after cleaning ont following 628
qt. shot. TJX, 6972. P. A A.
Beaver Creek
(Fremont Gouty)
Stanollad-Ualt No. 3
C NW NE 14-33N-86W
Drilling, 8886.
Staaoliad-Calt No. 4
C NE SW 10-33N-96W
Drilling, 1565.
Big Horn Structure
( Big Horn Gouty)
Hagnua-Poad-HaalOB N# 1 Herron
NE SE NE 31-63N-82W
Standing, 1810.
Big Hollow Held
(Albany Gouty)
Okie. OU Co^U. P.-Feller No. 5
SE NW NW 7-15N-75W
Shut down. Orders. 998.
Okie. OU CO.-Ü. P. Fallrr No. 4
NW SE NW 7-15N-76W
Standing. 760.
We Make Your Oilfield Requirements
Our Specialty
American Pipe and Supply Co.
Dealers in new and used tubular goods,
pumping equipment and drilling supplies
Cut Bank
Of Symbol *
To «are time, ■
Here's what they
BOPU—barrels at oU per 4ay.
BOPH—barrels of oil par bear.
B8 A W—baste sediment and watar.
KJ8.T. or DOT—drill
M IKT—moving la rotary tools.
PB or P.1
T,D. or T
np rotary tools.
Big Muddy
(Converse Gouty)
Continental-Whiteside No. 64
NW SE NW 9-33N-76W
T. D. 4363. Bailing 3BOPH. Installing
pump. Top Dakota, 4362.
Big Sandy Field
(Sweetwater Gouty)
British-American Oil Prodaetag Co, No. 1
Sec. 17-26N-86W
Byron Field
(Big Horn Gouty)
Male Creek-Llodsay No. 1
Lot 47-56N-97W
Tensleep topped,
PH. Fishing, 6627.
Ohlo-Abraham No. 8
Lot 47 B-56N-97W
Set 7-lnch at 6398. WOC 5406.
Canyon Creek Field
(Crook Gouty)
H. D. Miller-Miller No. 1
NE NW 9-52N-61W
Standing, 468.
Castle Creek
(Natrona Gouty)
British American Gov't Davis No. 8
SW NW NE 24-38N-81W
6472. Swabbed 20 BO
pany reports cemented plug a
. filled up to 1180; T. D. 1808.
sat at
Church Butte Structure
(Uinta County)
Mountain Fuel Supply
NE 22-17N-112W
Drilling, 3191.
No. t
Circle Ridge Held
(Fremont Gouty)
Contlnental-Sboebone No. 4
SE SW NW 6-6N-2W
Straightening hole, 883.
Cole Creek
•oneral Pel.-Well No. 74X-81-G
Sec. 21, T. 36N, R. 77W
Drilling, 6109.
Corley Unit
(Hot Springs Gouty)
Continental Oort No. 8
NE SE NE 8-43N-83W
Crooks Gap
(Washakie Gouty)
Sinclair-Wyoming No. 5
NW N E Ï8-28N 4)2 W
Drilling, 4756.
NW SE SW 18-28N-82W
No. 8
Dewey District
(Weston COuty)
P. N. Portln-Gov't N<
WV4 14-42N-62W
Moving on.
o. l
East Cherokee Ridge
(Sweetwater Gouty)
Cities Borvtce-Geier No, 1
SW SE NW 1-12N-86W
COMPLETION. Dry, P. A A. TJX. 6601.
Top Fort Union, 6072.
East Lance Creek
(Niobrara Gouty)
Cob tinea tal-Bowmaa No. 8
SB NW SE 26-36N-46W
WOC, 3862.
Elk Basin Field —
(Park Gouty)
Carter-Well Ho. 88 Unit
NE SB NE 24-68N-100W
To deepen to Madison. (First report).
No. 4
Spudded 8-14-46: top Dakota, 8300; drill
ing, 5484.
a Goodstetn
KMS7N hew
Flv« MU« Structure
(Big Horn Gouty)
Carter-Ooltnuaa No. 1
C NW SW 30148N-83W
Location. (First report).
Frannle Field
(Park Gouty)
Continental Man F-t No. i
NW NW BW 35-68N-88W
Spudded 7-13-46; coring, 2943.
CoatinenlakOean D No. 3
NE SE SE 26-68N-08W
Garland Field—
(Big Horn Gouty)
Ohio-Kinney Coastal
NWNWNE 24-66-88
Completion In Tensleep for 206 b/d,
pumping. Top Tensleep. 4261.
Ho. U
Drilling, 2176.
Gebo Dome
(Hot Springs Gouty)
Gebo Unit No. IS
SW NE SW 23-44N-85W
Drilling, 2806.
Groybull Field
(Big Horn Gouty)
i. W. Osbom-Kreager No. 1
NW NW NW 3062 N4J3W
T.D., 5228, 200 ft In Deadwood. Plugging
back to test Em bar and Tensleep. P.B,
Hamilton Dome
(Hot Springs Oounty )
Argo Rs thron No. 8
NE NW NW 24-44N-98W
Drilling. (No report).
Argo Rcwablk) No. 8«
CSL NW NE 14-44N-88W
Empire State-Coanagfaan
SW 8W NE 13-44N-88W
Drilling, 1600, last report.
No. 1
Home Field
(Carbon Gouty)
Swartoat et sl-Horse No. 8
NW SW 22-22N-78W
Standing, 4362.
Kirby Creek
(Hot Springs Gouty)
Hagermaa-Plsber No. 1
NE NE NB 20-43N-82W
WOC. 366.
Lobarge Held
(Snblette Gouty)
Texsoo-F. X. Unit No. 4
SW SE NW 27-27N-113W
Drilling, 901.
Lake Creek Held
(Hot Springs Gouty)
Continental-Gov't No. 8
SW SE BW 27-48N-91W
Spudded 7-2-46; drilling, 2680.
Lamb Structure
(Big Horn Gouty)
Hsge m sn , Fond A Haaloa-Oov*t No. 1
NE SB 1A61A8
Standing. 8668.
Lance Creek
(Niobrara Gouty)
NE SW SB 26-S8N-66W
Drilling, 2860.
Little Buffalo Basin—
(Park Gonnty)
StanoUnd 1S-TP
NE SW NW X2-47N-100W
Drilling, 2336.
0vAl-£-£mblem of £xcelleiKa
in Petroleum Products (S
Little Buck Creek
Co» tinea tahWright No. 4
SE SW NW 2&36N-64W
WOC. 8884.
Lost Soldier
(Sweetwater Gouty)
NB NE NW 10-26N-90W
Drilling. 477».
Sinclair-104 A
SW SB SE U-26N-80W
Drilling, 3637.
Lysite Unit
(Fremont Gouty)
Hinclalr No. 1
NE NE NW 85-39N-81W
Spudded 6-8-48; drilling. 7460.
Middle Baxter
(Sweetwater Gouty)
Moantata Fuel Sapply
SE SE SB 6-18N1103
T.D, 5835. P.B., 380; set whipstock, 880.
P. B. 2707. Est. 18,000,000 ft. gas. Test
-Hetzier No. 8

Mill Creek
(Carbon Gonnty)
Texas Co. Unit No. 1
NE NE NE 14-20N-81W.
Drilling, 2050.
Mush Creek Field
(Weston Gouty)
Mash Creek SyntL-Oor't No. 1
NE SW 1-43N-63W
Running casing, 3882.
Synd.-Go'r't No, 1
Mnah Creek
Moving In.
Nieber Dome
(Washakie Gouty)
Parker Broe.-CaUfornla CocHis b er No. 1
Lot 8 Sec. 19-46-82
Rig burned by large gas flow at 6847.
Gas In Cody shale, est 20.000,000 cu. ft
to test Tensleep, expected at 10.000.
Set 9% -In. casing at 6688; drilling, 9468.
North Baxter
(Sweetwater Gouty'
Mountain Fuel Supply-C. P. No. 8
NW NW NW Sec. 13-19N-104W
DST 5950-76, 30 min., rac. 2,754 M sour
gas; 2,000 lbs. pressure. Drilling, 6189.
Tranacal-U. P. No. 8
NE SE NW 11-19N-104W
Top Tensleep, 4004. T.D., 4282. DST—
Packer at 4081, open 20 min., 1,500,000
bbls. oU. Testing.
Transcsl-Csmeron No. 4
NW NW SE U-19N-104W
cu. ft and 16.7
Oil Mountain Field
(Natrona Gouty)
Texaco-Clarfc No. 1
NE NE SW 36-3SN-82W
TJX, 3416; P.B.. 2676. Tasting. Avarag
Ing 17.6 bbls. oll per day; 1% water.
Old Woman Creek
(Niobrara Gouty)
Later-Mountain Pet. Gov't. No. 1
NE 8-36N-62W
Drilling, 660.
Oregon Basin—
* (Park Gouty)
Ohio- Bas ton B No. 1
NW NE NE 8-60-100
T. D., 4131; completion. Pumping
b/d from Tensleep, topped at 4020.
Ohlo-Hallene No. •
SE SE SW 29-6 IN-100
Drilling, 4120.
SE SE SE 29-51N-100W
Top Tensleep,
fluid per hr.,
pump. TJX. 3816.
(Continued on Page 7)
No. 7
3780. Swabbed 81H bbls.
80% water. Installing
£. Byers Emrick
Examinations. Reports, Appraisal!
Estimates of Reserves
Seismic Surveys
United States and Canada
Residence CONRAD Office
Phone 168 MONTANA Phone 180

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