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Devil's Basin Deep Test
Far Past Top of Devonian
Deep test of Bill Clark on the top contours of the Devil's Basin
field is reported drilling past 3925 feet,
of the Devonian formation. Top of the
at 2625, top of the Devonian at 3250. Location is NE NW SW
9-11N-24E. Though Devil's Basin was Montana's first oil field,
yielding small quantities of heavy oil from shallow sands, the well
being drilled by Clark is the first ever to go down for a look at
the deeper horizons, in the entire field.
probably nearing the bast'
Madison in this well was
October Crude Oil Runs
Reported by State Board
Crude oil runs in Montana for October have been reported as
follows by the state oil conservation board;
Field Total Bbls.
Border _ 1,240
Cat Creek.. 38,373
Cut Bank... 364,773
Creek ... 12,778
.... 1,085
.... 10,211
Daily Average
Prannie _
• Gage _
Kevin-Sunburst ...
Lake Basin _
Pondera *_
Sweetgrass Hills.
Operations in Cat Creek and Kevin-Sunburst were slowed con
siderably during the month by bad weather, the report shows.
Production for the Border, Cut Bank, Frânnie, Kevin-Sunburst
and Lake Basin fields and the Sweetgrass Hills area is estimated,
based on incomplete reports from some operators, but is believed
very close to the actual totals.
Cut Bank Lime Area Well
Begins Making Gas Only
The Madison lime producing area of the Cut Bank field as so far
developed is composed of two distinct pools, one north and one
south, separated by an open space about a mile and a quarter in
width, in which there has been ne drilling.
This week the Carter Oil Company, moving toward a juncture
of the two pools, got gas only in a well one location north of the
nearest oil producers in the southern pool.
The well that got the is Car- G
ter's No. 1 H. Howsley, C SE SE
13-36N-6W, a north offset to Carter's
No. 1 M. F. Brown, an oil well.
Howsley well got the top of
the lime at 3060 and bottomed at
3140. With casing run to bottom, it
was perforated with three holes
from 3114 to 3135. There were no
shows. It was then acidized with
1500 gallons. It swabbed 43 barrels
of oil and then began making all
gas, and is now shut in.
Three other wells found gas
flows .In the field during the
week, but these, were in ortho
dox gas areas.
Union-Clapper No. 3, in 34-35N
5W, is cementing pipe after getting
an 800,000-foot flow In the Sunburst
sand and may be deepened. Union
Petters Unit No, 2, CE 44 E44 SE
NW, 30-34N-4W, is registered as a
completion after getting 3,100,
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StonoKnd Cements
At 469, Elk Basin
Stanollnd OU & Gas Company is
/ting oh cement at 469 In Its
ET, C NW SW 27-9S-22E, on
the Montana side of the prolific Elk
Basin field, on the Monta na-Wyo
ming border. Stanollnd, as unit op
erator, recently drilled into produc
tion in the Madison lime in a deep
test a short distance south of the
well now being drilled on the Mon
tana side of the line, opening
producing horizon for this
which has been yielding about
16,000 barrels daily from the Ten
sleep sand. Whether the weU on
the Montana side of the line is to
be drilled to the Madison has not
been announced, but it is believed
likely that It will be.
a new
Weil on Mission
C reek 256 s feet
Richfield Oil Company of Mon
tana this week made hole
feet in its rotary-drilled
the Mission Creek structure near
Livingston, Location te SE SE SW
e past 2
Husky and Stevenson Gassers
Renew Interest In HUls Area
Recent developments on the Kicking Horse structure and on the
Arch Apex structure have focused renewed attention on possibilities
of an area northeast of the Kevin-Sunburst field, in the Sweetgrass
Rock Creek Bench
Rofoty Moved In
Amick Bros., contractors, are re
ported moving In rotary tools for
the wildcat of the Rock Creek Bench
Oil Company on the Rock Creek
Bench structure, about 10 miles
southwest of Lewistown, In Fergus
county. Location is NE NE NÉ NW
corner of the county. No conclusive
tests have ever been drilled in this
general area, most wells going only
to shallow depths.
near the southwestern
Lloydminster Action Mounts
The Lloydminster field on the Alberta-Saskatchewan border,
about 300 miles north of the Montana border, is now the most active
in Canada, With a proven area of about 25 miles in length.
Gravity of the oil is 15, in contrast to the extremely high-gravity
crude produced in the Turner Valley field.
That operators in the Lloydmin
ster field have plenty of optimism—
and that they are having no trouble
and anticipating none, in finding an
outlet for this crude, is evidenced
by this letter from one of their
number, received this week by the
Montana Oil Journal.
Says the letter, in part:
"Note your comments and espe
cially your comments on Lloydmm
oil. You say you are wondering
what we do with this heavy oil
That question would lead to a long
argument that I would not even
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eO° x€ ^
Number S3
Great Falla, Montana. November 16, 1946
Install Tanks for Testing
Cham! lain Cat Creek Well
in's flowing well on the West Dome of the Cat
Creek field, la \ deep sand well so far completed on that dome,
had not been 4 production test as the week ended, though
tankage was be. stalled.
Further tests, V& 'ding to field reports, indicate that the flow
is increasing, wit \% prospect the well will flow in excess of 500
barrels daily whé,' sand has cleaned itself of drilling mud.

R. E. Chan i
Deep BowJâm
Test Strikes
Amsden lime
Most northerly logged occur
rence of the Amsden lime in
Montana was reported this
week by the Texaco deep test
on Bowdoin dome, which is be
lieved to have topped this zone
at 2843.
Rotary table elevation of this well
is 2210 feet.
Tops so far'reported are Eagle,
70; Colorado, 190; Kootenai, 2181;
Morrison, 2345; and Amsden, 2845.
Total depth of the hole was reported
at 3350 feet as the week ended,
with reaming under way at 2510
Depth and occurrence of sedimen
beds in this well are of tremen
doua interest to the oil industry,
inasmuch as this is one of the few
deep holes ever drilled In an area
embracing thousands of square
miles, in northeastern Montana, and
the first well ever started in this
area with the intent of making a
penetration of all likely producing
Hills district.
On Kicking
ly completed
Horse, Husky recent
a gas well and is now
moving in tools for another, on the
McDermott ranch, in C E44 SW SW
Twelve miles to the east ,L. C.
Stevenson (Arch Apex Oil Co.) has
just completed a gasser at 2007 feet,
with an initial estimated by com
S any officials at from 7 to
on feet daily. Flow is logged
coming from what is called the Bow
Island sand in southern Alberta,
and on this side of the border a
sandy section of the Black Leaf
member of the Colorado shale. Prev
iously, the same interests had com
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10 mil
Sidetracking Bit
In Warren Wildcat
Wildcat of A. B. Chase apd others
on the Warren structure, north of
the Frannie field on the Wyomlng
Montana border, is reported side
tracking lost bit at 1875 feet, in or
near the top of the Madison lime
deep sand, the Morrison, and for
the time being no attempt will be
made to produce this well from the
lower deep sand, the Ellis, though
good oil saturation was cored in
this sand before drilling ceased.
Miles away to the gontheast,
on the field's East Dome, two
extremely interesting opera
tion* are under way. both by
Bill Hanlon.
One is his No. 8 Government, a
direct north offset to the original
discovery well drilled by him on
this dome. It was last reported mak
ing hole past 1475 feet with rotary
The other Is a new location by
Hanlon, his Government No. 9, a
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Lacking For
North Field
<Completion* were lacking in
the Kevin-Hunburst field during
the week, with many operations
hampered by bad road condi
tion«, due to heavy snowfall
followed bj; thawing weather.
No new locations were an
nounced. I
The Texas^Cothpany Is working
on its No. 9 Helmerichs, SE SE NE
21-35N-2W, after getting a showing
of oil at the top of the limé. It
wouldn't take acid, was shot with
20 quarts, and is now cleaning out
preparatory to reacidization.
Also a near completion Is Hannah
Porter-Ridle No. 1, in the gas area
being developed by the Hannah
Porter interests a few miles north
east of Shelby, In C SW NE 30-32N
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Wildcat 1200
Apparently In the top of the Ellis,
wildcat of BUI Burks et a! on the
Teigen ranch, on the McDonald
Creek anticline in Petroleum coun
ty, is cementing at 1200 feet to stop
cave. Top of the Ellis was logged
at 1190.
Ten-Inch pipe was landed in this
well at 976, after what appeared to
be the third Cat Creek sand was
drilled through, from 825 to 955.
This sand flowed about 800 barrels
of water dally. Morrison sands were
dry in this well.
The antlcUne on which this weU
is drilling is mapped as paralleling
the Cat Creek anticline, though
considerably lower structurally.
Devil's Basin Flank
Test Standing, 990
WUdcat of the Lucky Six Oil
pany on the southeast flank of
Devil's Basin field is reported
standing at 990 feet, after getting
water with a show of oil In the
first Cat Creek sand at 974. It Is
about nine miles southeast of the
deep test being drilled by Bill Clark,
on the apex of the structure.
Mon-0-Co Got Lime
At Depth of 4560
Mon-O-Co Oil Corp. got the top of,
the Madison lime at 4560 feet In its
wildcat on the Harlo Dome section
of the Sbawmut anticline, completed
last week as a dry hole/Bills was
topped at 2896 and Amsden at 3097.

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