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ozrsMAsn, PIW
r daf bLTy ft r p e1873
.oor asreen e4 , e71d, .an.d kor' +t s
a.rtBe tnit and other countiioe d tyM rritorh
for subscriptione, E ., to Gtall ti
Local N4e
arsTZaw AtND CAtra.tleIA A Stft4 oia eFsrinne.
Arrivi daliy at 8 p . I leave rat4. close
at :30p. l.
t*a.JA Y'tita.btr ;
For Helena, T)yer .fdgu , Rilackfo't, Missoula,
Fojrt Benton, Fort Shaw, Diimond City, .nouldel
and Jrleerson City- Arrive- daily at 8 p. m.; closes
at 9:30 p. n.; leaves 4 a. m.
For Hamilton, East G llatin, Gall tin City. Madc
ion, ftadershanrg, Sprindville and St. Louis- tr
rie.s :alty at 8 p. m.i closes at 9:30 p. m.; leaves
at a. mn.
For Virginia City, Summit, Nevada City, Juno
tlon and Sherid:n-Arriv se Mondaysa, Wednesdays
and Fridavs at 8 p. min.; leaves Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Iatur lays at 6 a. m.
For Sterling, Willow Creek and Meadow Creek
Arrives Mondaes, Wedesdanvs and Fridays at 8 p.
n ; leaves Tuesday, "nhursdays and re aturdays at
Sa. m ; closes at 9:30 p. In.
Tlas CAst STOwn Is ngakinat prileate mwl and mayl
profits-but they are in greenbacks.
MAJ. PEASr, and Mr. and Mrs. Aylesworth came
in from the Mission yesterday evening.
ELLIs, DAVis & STERLING are supplying the
market with excellent goodts at low figures.
ANorTrEa LARGE Sbtoc.-Col. Blrck expects to
receive to-morrow another large stock of general
ineroirandise amounting to 150,000 pounds.
A. LAMhe & Go. are rapidly disposing of their
large stock of new goods, at price that will hardly
pay for handling them.
RlcaNvrtr the BIlack feet Indians stole about a hun
dred horses from the Crows, who soon discovered
the loss and pursued the Blackfeet so closely that
they recovered about half of their stock.
THE Northern Pacific it. . Surveying party has
now reached the mouth of 25 yard creek, and from
that point they are to have a military escort. The
company are in fine spirits and speak favorably of
the route surveyed.
Fslahing Tackle, Ammunittia, and Sport.
lug Goods, of every description at
1-2 S. L. IIOLZMAN &_ BRO.'S.
CAPT. BAL.r, in command of two companies of
cavalry, left Fort Ellis on Saturday last for the Yel
low stone, to accompany the surveying party of the
Northern Pacific Railroad, and protect them from
any attack by hostile Indians.
GAxE.-Th game law had g been strictly ob
served in this valley, the quantity of game accumu
lated is very large, and presents a tine field for the
sportsman. Gr ose, chickens, ducks, etc., are
abundant down t e v Iley.
All persons Indebted to the undersigned
are earnestly requested to come forward
and settle Immediately.
1-1 L. M. BLACK.
THE old reliable house of Willson & Rich is not
dead, not does it sleep, the wide-awake proprietors
of the firm being busily enga;ged preparing to re
reive the most magniflcient btock of goods ever
brought to this market, the merits of which will be
discussed in a column advertisement of the Cot'
HtERi shortly.
BOZEtMAN h:.s been overcast by a lurid light for
s verali nights, rendering our streets almost as light
as day, proceeding from the adj :cent hills which
have been on fire the past week. he fire reached
almost the town limits, and the fine range southeast
of Bozeman has been destroyed for this season at
least, besides considerable valuable timber has
been burned. t
Ttxs Crow Indians, both Mountain and River
Crows, are nearly all at the Agency. The nation
now numbers about 4,100. They have been receiving
rations of f or, meat, coffee, sugar, &c. They are
in every respect friendly to the Whites, and some of
their soldiers acccmpaiy the Northern Pacific R. R. 1
Surveying party dow. the Yellowstone.
Land Offcle Businers and Conveyancing. I
Those who apply to me directly to make Home
stead and Pre-em pt .i. entries will ave the cost of
administering oaths and getting o!iBcial certificates.
Plats of all the sulrve v-t lands Of the csunty will s
be found.at my oAle. Plasce of Ibusnets, COurt
House building. Oiice hours, trom 9 A. It. to 4 p.
u. Il. N. MAiGUllEi
1-1 lBozzsAr , M. T.
Dit. C. H. REAx, who has figured so extu'nsirely e
and discreditably in the Paciioc Coast papers with- F
In the last year, is now in Gallitin valley petition- f
ing for a divorce from his wife, who is too good a bi
woman to bear the obloquy of his name.-New Il
Nlortkwest. A
The above we take from the New Northwest, and e:
evidently refers to Charles leahm, of this place, "a
who is quite a different man from D1. C. I. Ream, fc
of wests ide n' toriety. Our Charlie was formerly a a'
citizen of Diamond city, from whieh place he emi- of
grated to Bozeman, and is now the presiding genius H
of the famous Kiyus in this place.
gY-" Attention it called to the large and varier
stock of 'OBA(t;(OS at IIOLZMAN & BRO.'$,
among which will be found the celebrated Atlantic
Cable Twist. Give It a trial, and convince yourself
A GooD PLacE TO WINten.-No other place ei
the Territory presents as many inducements ai
Bozeman for the miner to spend the winter,. Being
the most desirable place in the Tetritory to live, It
possesses another essential attraction--it is the
cheapest. By reference to our market report, it witl
be seen that groceries can be bought as cheap as nt
Helena; while meats, vegetables and wood are much
cheaper. To the overworked miner who wants to
put in a quiet winter in a cheap manner, we say come
to Bozeman; and to him who wishes agreeable so
cilty and to cast his lot among sociable, h., p able
people, we say come tP Baeman.
BANW...sK .arntAs.-The whole tribe of Banna.k
Indinrs, numlbering we should judge by the length
of time required in passingthro.th town, about one
thousand, t hief Tendoy Ip command, arrived in
Boaeman on Sunnday, and are row eneamped near
town. Their dusky forms, some g.lly bedeked
with red flannels, red blankets and num,'rous other
fancy trapping, while occasionafty could be seen a
stolid old squaw with three or four of hereproqgeny
all mounted upon one dilapidated klyue, presented
quite a grotesque appearance passing through our
streets. They had considerable loose stock, and,
as a general thing. It looked well. Prom the num
ber of papoos~ s rml young "nes belonging to the
tribe, we imagine the Bannaeke re considerably
on the inrera e. In a few days they will proceed
to the Yellowstone and Saake river regions where
they will spend the winter hunting.
TEl YELLOWSTONe RAxcn.-We learn from ,
gentleman Just in from the Yellowstone that Mr.
Boteler's ranch has turn,do ut i'Lemikably welt t.his
season, and gives us an assurlage ofMlwS1perIýf
quality of the soil in that valley for agrleultural
purposes. Mr. R. had about eighty-five acres of
ground under ncltivation, and the glild 9f wheat
will average about forty-five buA.e s V. ' 1hMb .,
He also raised a splendid crop of potatoes and other
vegetables. The great desideratum in farthing on
the Yellowstone is the desirable that that Do
was visible on the farm of*X. Bay r antiii, 1*
of this month. Mr. B. Is the pioneer farmer of the
Yellowetone, and we are gratte4 4 atyM
dence of hbs success; 'tbd .the a t.tmt s hiPiIsgii,
that in a short while the lovely valley.of .theb"tlp.
stone will be dotted by beantitfl farin hosoas, and
flourishing ransbes will reward tlhe pleaI se
with abldat a elu
A VAUASLs AoQulvrraow.-A- . It, B R
Esq,, has become eonnept$d with the Moes taui s
associate editor. Mr C.rpentei' la getIene of
Se literary attaialents, an excelld ttseg, t
has good jadgmstt. hiE dSl iss sta IV'*
at the bslaaess, isut be. a e4torIlly
with sieosot the Iaiesj.rSals .of thIeet. hi
IAVA"--""AVAttTYý-W* are trulay ada"'!ce,1
* obliged to our Hel e oets poraries, the Her-b
ad GOasett, forsthe jamrabele muer in which t eý
riave to tsrit the bhigh eneomalms l
ished upon by these sterling journals of the Rock
L. Mountains; but we most decidedly object to
t and amusing play upon the word "a=auat."'
Avaet and t "svaat' arWe qite different wordb,
and their meaning as different as the political ooh
victiots of tie firoesan ystal l aptseesadestioe
ear is the orignial French; a compound word;; a
forerunner being the deanition given. Wabstrht
gives the dediaition as a person dispatched before to
aanoea *tbe mipg npaq of 'et t.(Wifi 4d
it ang'ticthd ifi £ "D cttouar7re - t
courier, a harbinger; messenger, or bearer of late
dispatches. And we claim that our name In nat
only not awkward, but peculiarly appropplate, add
at least original, We claim to be a messenger of
civilliation on this frontier outpost, a harbinger 0.
thbegreat bluatoiers FOet0 qilroagLl ih Ilt c
its entrance into the settled portion of Montana $t
Bozeman, and after the 10th 4f October we will lie
the bearer of the laitet 4dspatches to a thousand
paying aubscribeKs and armiisay more readers. Aqd
the watchword of the VAnrr Cotrui in tvery laud
ableenterprise will be "Boater en mooat."
Av und with.yoor mippli ddnin
New, Elegant'& Ctreap Thara aure Comip)tl
Mr. Robert Renanaw, of Virginia City, intends
shipping his ex sive lavoics elegn ture
punirotn 1ori thatus to icy am ih will
boi direct and in.eta d frdi he lic hE p com
i,ries a complete assortment of everyth g to be
had in a irst chiss furniture establishment. This
splendid stock will be opened inside of ten days, in
the new house opposite A te*,I;o.'a1 when
aawdl beathe febut dr4 ý fy v
an opportunity of litting up thet; houses with ele
gant s is of furntittre at H l,.na prioes. 1-.
BALL AT Fo ona LLIs.-.l o ludmasy nlght last
a magnificent ball was given by the ofioers at Fokt
Ellis, on the return of the Helena party of excar
sionists from the Yellowstone, which was a splendid
termi.tation of the delightful time experienced by
the party in their trip to the romantic and pie
turesque region of the Yellowstone Valley. A Jlrge
number of our cit(sens,,,1h. .adbli eaia.r .eman,
were present, and their audition" to the ladies and
gentlemen of the excursion party and those of the
Fort, made the assemblage quite Irage, attractive
and ele.aut. The The.at(e bMtilding atthe Fort was
dercoarted handsomely, festooned and arranged;
the music excellent and the satmptgous supper at 19,
par excellence. The ladies were all dressed in virietd,
elegant taste, forming a phalanx of beauty and
grace-sparkling with vivacity and wit-that we
fear an invidious distinction in attempting a de
scription. The officers were, uintring i'ti.eir ef
for's to render all happy who attended, and nothing
could exceed the courtesy of these chivalrous de
fenders of our mountain homes. All present ex
pressed .themselves highly p'eased, and we are
satisfied that a more delightful time, where not a
single incident occurred to mitr the joy of the oc
casion, never occurre4 in the mountains.
GALLATIS CITI PARTYT.-The party at Gallatin City
on Friday last was a suceess, although not as great
a number ol persons flozn the upper pot tion of the
valley were present as expected., T e, raoetwere
spirited and eiciting-the ponies mikink~g'6d tihne.
T.le entries for the forenoon race were Buckskin
mare, ry uneKe-Jefiny Spears 8.e.'adersbbiig, and
Indian .'lck by G(. 11. Campbell; Buckskin winning
tile race. There were three entries in the afternoon
for a hanid iome purse". Gray (r;nppy by Campnell;
Polly by Miller; bay mare by Pease. Miller's mare
woi. the race, Croppy coming out second best. Af
tec the race a foot race was gotten' uip tietfreeU a
tadersbrug tad altnatin CJtf m.mn, in which Ra
dersburg came out victorious. T ,a. 4ay was wound
up by a splendlid ball.as Ca tpbeLPs itniidsome Ivw
story. There was quite a large attendance of ladlzes
and gentlemen f om the lotwvr G.ilatin, Wiilow
creek and Jefferson c unty. The ;rTaic watexCel
lent and happiness reigned supreme. A flabgnitl
cent supper was spread at Maj. C(Clmpbell's, which
, as hfartily relished by the large conctcurse.
Lowxn W:LLtOW RaExiK.-We understand the
people of Lower Will,.w Creak have in circulation
a petition to the Department asking for mail service
on that route, and the location of a post office in
that community. The prayer of the petitioners
should certainly be granted. While other com
mnnities, sparaly settled, have mail faclities, the
people of this valley, one of the richest and most
thickly settled in the Territory, have to go a iis
_ncee of rlfteen mites to the netat ptodi e.
The peiple of Willow creek 'are cot'posed"tif ihtel
ligent farme-as, who receive a large quantity of mail
matter, and it is noton'y inconvenient, but decided
ly wrong for them to have to. go such a .tptauoe for
their ma-l when other places, not having one-third
the population. hav' mail routes and post-oaices.
We hope to see this petition numerously signed,
and its request granted.
S ATIeLXa roa rT. FVA .--The M. A I~ M As
sociation have made arrsagements" whereby free
transportation will be furnished for articles intend
ed for exhibition at the apiproa'.hing Territorial
Fair, the articles themselves to be sold at the Fair
for the benefit of the Association. Exhibitors de
asiring to take advyantage of t.is arrangement can
leave artijles, seeurely peiked and dirseted te the
Associalion, at any of the stations of the several
express and fast freight liasj. The facilities thus
afforded remove the great barrier which has hereto
fore prevented as full an exhibit as could be desired.
and will secure a creditable displ.yof:the products
of the whole territory. The tare from Bozeman to
Helena will be reduced to twenty dollars fur the
ruund trip, and stages throughout the Territory will
carry passieugers at mucch tIea than usual rates.
MeAMOTra POTATose.-Judge Street has favored
us with two potatot.e ef the Ear&l Nyose variety,
which are beautifu especielltes of Gallatin county
productions. They were grown on the ranch of
AMr. John Street, brother of Judge Street, dbose
farm adjoins the Judge's and aggregate in weight
33 pounds, and weigh respectively 1% and 1%.
Mr. 8. has an acre that will avera e about the
same. liom he aIbave It sp ears ¶'" Vipe" as in
every other matter, is nldstaken in regard to the
failure of the potatoe crop in the valley.
G. IH. CA sPBELL.-We are Indebted to this
sterling friend of the newspaper for a handsome list
of eubscribers, accompanied with the gash, Mr.
Campbell is one of the most enterprising Men in
Montana, and does more-toward the support of
newspapers in his community than any.m m. we
khow of. Those in the vicinity of %Galltin City,
who have not alreapy done so, can ktlbscrlie for
the C.lu-aia wthI Mr. Campbell.
Ma. G. 1. C(aisren., at Gallatin City, has just
completed a substantial..and commodious building
for his store,And will immediarly display hsl large
and attractive stock of merchandise' nader more ~
favorable eircumetiiR . si -ilbt ici al4 iir haviang
Arst.lesagoods, Mr. Campbell ofers to the people
of that section every indutement to 1 ak thf. Itr-
chases in Gallithi ity: -
Mo aTAt WaIs VuI Omo.--A Columbus, Ohio,
dispatch of a recent dlste:*wirua 3$418f -Wshl*,
United States Marshall for Montan, Territory, has
arrived here, brsti$l wi l) iihim aamples of wheat
to be depos6ed in the State Agrfcaril lRoums.
lHe stMt.t~S#th wheaterop in that Territory aver.
ages forty bushelhU)er earo this yeasr. 4 *i atln Vai
Icy Spring wheat has averaged thiLity.. lbtiesT
per acsre for the last *1ix de.4 tti Wheat
sixty-me per ss'e;
n fegle ut t, td a . s
pealalne a of stBrsat and w;sit the ao s
rb that the seil h O s*
count ofea e etve toller rte *n w
;st ss tar t y I
i ig l
li ane..rQ t. D .s.
directors of tr Lseaters Meitana Fair A'-socith*
who visited our town and seatule of the oueat
n chere sthck in trhe aoc wlai ity, -
at tber rses: des W s lersist
Y 'thsie gentlemen were &ighlyesese AllI iR dilpepig
e Wi te eleba amount, wichtr
ln puter aai; laQi places the sneceas o of t
s fair beyond c uehatioseai doubt. The stabise isb
r sued byi sbares ' of s$ aaeh, srty per cent. of
aemo seing c riquairtd of p hdasers at the time if.
I subscribing.
We are eformed that lumber for the erection atf
suitable buildings sas been contracted, groypo$
t locate ad `surveyed, dunqatstieably the mast
Sbeauithl in the Territory, and every arrangement
r made to haveeverythiag as it should be by th e last of
SOctober. The race track at Gallatin City, conneet
ed with the fair tground, celebrated as being the
finest in the%# '~t si iajetyJSali I mproved
° and put iid $ne condxt oni. ihl ilay of blooded
stock, of which that section abounds, will be an
equated by aay previous far in Montana; and oati'
vegetable and grain productions stann pre-emineat
Por excellent quality and abundant quantity.
The people ofGalittin City deserve encouragement
for the enterprise manifested in an undertaking
which will redound alike to tbs good of every pot
tion of the county and district.
The key-note to progress and development' lies n
scources of our .igiiily' favor~ed-intyi'tr eon
lned to the limits of intermediate neighborhoods,
will never attract the attention of those beyond our
Territory, and no other means can be so effectirly
employed as through the medium of our fairs. Be
sides, the laudable competition exhibited gives a
stimulus to new energy and enterprise. The inter
change of ideas ia regard to ptock raising, experi
ce in cultivation, etc., all tend to improve the
condition of things, saving time, labor and expense.
Too much enthusiasm cannot be displayed in this
matter, and we hope to see every man and woman
(we are all interested) not only aid this enterprise.
but bring something to the fair for exhibition.
Pr mium lists etc., will be printed and circulated
s.oi.; and we offer, as special premiums s:ix copies
of the AVArr Counmza for one year, as follows:
`or th belt`W ilslil it e Vheats ." .4 g ,Wiepy
products .................................,, ,,
For the best package of butter............ ,,,,
,, ,, ,, dairy cow....................... ,, ,,
Holsumanm & Br. have just received a mag~
niticent assortment-of Wall Paper, of the very la
test styles and patterns, which they otter to custo
mers at remarkably low ii. ures. Now is the time
to adorn your houses with bandsome interiors.
Thosen who Lave nti"a1 fl.ta qe e5tqtisite ple'asre of
loking through the botatom of tile celebrated Shoo
Fly giassa.s at Cnariie Raehm's Kiyus Saloon should
d~ l.o at once. All the varigated beauties ot the
rainbow are perceptiblle, and gtre generous konk c
tions that assist in teidling addlitional appreciaticn
of the view will also add strength to the stomach
nerve to the palsiedl arm, qulcken the intellect andl
cause the most seui;idi brain to revel in visions of
love, poetry and nmusice. ry a bundle. 1-2
R ,inagRAnLu POTATOzs.-Mr. Guy, of this place
who is always producing some vegetable wonder,
h:as laid upo e Aur tll ote vine, about
eighrteen ia6leaitui ldagitn h c "i~iabiins on it, and
its several r.anches, inaumerable potatoes, some
nearlyas large as a hen eg: , bes:des the mammoth
p trent left in the ground. It is produced from the
E:rly Yorkshire, and presenlts certainly aremark
able instance il domestic ve;etation. We have heard
of the wonderful cabbage trees of California, which
grow to a height of eighteen or twenty fret, bearing
otn their bIranches numarrous cabbages, but this is the
first ihstance we inow of where bons fide potatoes
*(nq:r of your wayrts) lI.tiate on the vine, besides
pt"1 46g lite liet atlk ground
Bozzwax was almost literally crowded on Sun
day, and ha 1 the appearance of a new mining camp
or county court day in a Kentucky town. We no.
ticed a good many strange faces. The day passed
off quirtly; only one fight and a wrestle. From
among this large crowd, quite a numper dropped i'i
and subscribed for the Coc.uI.a. That's right.
Don't wait T h4isasked, but corn up and support
Sjtr i sujpap.jCr, and if you caen at c me yourself
send in by s in ,-e y else.
A NEW ENTElRPaIx.-Of the various enterprises
anl improvements contemplated in Bz!:man, we
knowof none that will contribute more to her mate
rial growth than the establishment of a large pl aning
mill, which ir. goingto be done as soon as te exten
sive machinery, which has been ordered, ariives.
Mr. Reunen Foster, who eateblighec4.!a.4t.ncess
tully run, the mill now 'a# Sl1ring41 1T,' ir this
county, is the gentleman who is getting up this en
terprise, and his well known energy and superior
mechanical knowledge and skill mngaresIts early
establishment and successful operation.
Fix Tnsut.-Several of the small crossings on .
Main street need r'pairiug0, ai~ a little timely nc
tice may ie .e A iii~ . orses ante riders.
THE new residence of Mr. Rapdall, a beautiful
two story gothic, and that of Mr. Odell, on Btack
street, are last approahling completion. The hand
some new building designed for the CourtER office,
on the same street, will be finished next week.
.TT~ErgT9Y.-We call the attention of business
men to~ti'superior facilities fordoshg all kinds of
job printing. We will print bill heads for almost
the price paid for the paper.
E says for Teing leai, on great SOCIAl.
EVILS and ABUSES, which interfere with MAn
I. IA n, with sure means of relief for the Erring and
UInfor e, aed and4bilitated. Sett free ef
A4 No h lPre Phc
l.mmnallamt ¢ i the PFot Ollee at Beoomat,
M. T, Septeamber 13, 1871.
Alexander M Foster Fred McFartand Mrs B
Anderson B Foremaun B - Miller August
Arbackle Frazier i W A Mullen Mich.el
Blood Beni M ,'urgerson Mrs A McCollumn eo
Bradshaw Win Gerduer E T Norris J 9
Bry.on N G Gittiens Mary Pdlmer James -
S 'irarrd Mihbstl Fe betMLtsiias
nCicy Jolni "Gt ia.shoff Jacob PPatier iH B
Cather Iowa Eardwick G W Reaves Mre C
Clatre Mrs Illa Itlenry Jobu C Sill 0 D
Cooper A W Harlow Al 5pratt William
iiekerson t'erry Jones G W 2 b.inger Harry
11~e Hub rt Lewis Gi S Tomtiiuson J J 3.
EdliW Thoe B Lux A C I Trangott John E
lliot Wm Lyman iH B Tullock M A
FlandersGeo W Manahan GS Weaver FF G
J. . 'TAYLOR J. M.
'. s. 8. W. Co.x.
B. e "R AN, M. T.,
Are fally psratae to do all inds of
P e t
w:~~ · eu,
i&i * *~7LZA 4)a o*-N &#LM"I
"w r h l<' ids dal ' , 18 L
our last Issue. New tour in quaatitltes has mac
ragea 4 u0amaketin .ab . Asrtepe tm
Wh'ilh mttstple hIas tdownawisr Iea4acy, and i
The g quotIs ae based 'upon sein
Slessat eruenny rta(e. The letlS prlierange to
rtwessty pert teath ·r
rowng as ..ck. . .. . ., ............. .88 o0018
Extra C ......................... ...............
ra w . ..... 4... ..r..... . ..... .. .... 22 0
Rio, choice.............. . ........ ........ ....... 0
Old Gvrnmet Jar ............................ 8a 0
1 ... ...................... 1 $
t powUc er ............................... . i a
Jute . ..... ................... ............... a
mani Ton . ... " ... ...........
Assorted, dosea ..........................8...$00 -
100"6 saroh.ot, ... . ... ....1....I 10
t. Loauis, pri.e, I ib [email protected] 2
CAxpass. ,
tr boxe................. .........o.............S.... 0
No 1 Pa lm..................................... . 11
Bon Ton........ .........................2..... 1(
CAx aE eOObs.
Oysters (Field's) case............... . $8 .t
Peche ........... ......... $ [email protected] 0(
Y a r o b.ttb... .................1.:... IX.-10
Tomatoes ..............................07 650 8 0(
Strawberries ........................ ........ 10 0(
Pine Apple ............ . 10.. . . 51
Lima Bnsa...... .:.:........ . 10 0(
Green Pes ........... .......................... 900
California Pears, 2 lb cans................. 13 00
"P u ....Ap. . .e ' .............. [email protected] 0
" Blap berries " .................. 13 00
gg Plums....................................11 0.
ranberr... ... ........... .. .................. 14 0
Bl ckberries ... ................................ 5
Z te Currat ............ .................... e2
Prunes ......................... ...... . .. 820
e" P sb box.......................6.. 7
SPearsDooley... .................................. 2 25
fl9spberries. ...41
airbinks, 2 in caddy's .........................6 60
don... box ... .......... ........... [email protected] 0
Slbbox...... ....................... 1 0
Pr10esllton BMerrilh's, doe.....................$18 0
o ley' ......... ....................... 200
Fairbnucket's, three hcaddy'oop ... ..................... 025
Aldozan., .............................86000 00
c grOse... ...................... $7 00
10 gallon keg, Be.cher's..................... .818 00
5 gallon . .... ............... 100
Silver drip,0 case o. 5 lons ...al .............. 10-00
Bucketse, three hoop...: . ..................... 00
All ies, V keg«.. ...1 00
Singross ..................................... $50
ndy, import... ed ......................$12 0 00
COR ...... AL. 00
; 1801b Rack ........$1o 00 ominy, Ilb...... 16
Coal, gallon................:..............$1 00
Soda.1 itb ............................18
. .i.e ic ...........: ... .......... 18
Ginger Nuts................................... 25
Whisky, eomqton...:...... .........$1 75i01225
B ouebon and Rye, No 1...:...6...&t1800
Brandy, iportd.....................'12 00
Domestic ........................3 [email protected] 00
To protect the public against imposition and bad
butter notice is herebigtren that I have changed
my old print. Hereafter, and until further notice,
all my butter--in pound and half pound prints-
will be:stamped lt h STRAWBERRY LEAVES and
FRUIT, with the initials of my name on the margin.
Preailum BUtter and Cheese
always on hand at my Iatry, one mile south of
.+ QUrders left with Willson & Rich will recetve
Manufacturers and Dealers in
Doors, Sash, Blinds
Floorings;, Sidings
-All Kinds of Dressed Lumber
Constantly o hinid.
Single and, Double Planing
a - alane,
A(DTHOr -nZs Ar R I k
a 51
Every description of wo* ouar tIe does in
tla et maHner and . t low rates. 34 .;
+ +++.., " + + I. +;.. . +L "+ #+ .. .+, + "3.+'-+ .+ +.-+"
W a. &S,"dq-be%
gbJ~ow:'jk 4 ~~~~
:> r ~r"I
$_A4 _ gi- ai B r -ii '.{gý uswZ, .E
RP(x ,4 boqic +aeqp eTA `vt or
J :or oor, qed ~t l a sfcnc~ under
s stan i~t. V.A hye; will ask us o
- -
n or ; to e/harge ,goo As¶ 4 oqur me .e a re
? imited1 4os w frmtwe a I ar iars ae dtis
in f4 Q w ewoet id havW e out .'ma rj cot
e'lari and .of coursea lam.o som.e, dEouse'
gyentty woud avet et a * Wle higher.
XI is for CASH we sal, and we cord ially n
vier, .the attentin of' .11 iing t makeCASU
Pt1BCLASES. 4. C~gxs So s Giadi
counsty has long been needed. It wilt stop many
from going to geiena; vwill eseo~Irage people to
come hcre, and wilt be the ca*u.G o~f every mer
chantherscilling more pods.
Wec do not wish to trespqsa on the rig/tst of
anyma ut of thisyou $a~ . assured, toe
rwill sell our 'opde at .uch price. that no man
ean a 'ord.to charge them.,
Shen you came fir town please
Observe the sign s
U&SI ST0I~tE!,
Wh~ere ietis no trouble to show good., but we
u.vsll take pleasure in showing them to y'ou.
.Respectfully, :yo~cra,
FAit E R i
Sthe`citilens or Geilatin Valley tth't i am noW
running a
New 10 Horae Powet Threshing
And am prepared to do threshlin in a satisfactory
amenelr, at the usual rates.
Jg Orders- left at nthe store, ,4 L, M.. Býo ill.
receive prompt auttntldrn. ..
&v err i n h,
BERRY PLANTS this fall should Je them now.
It is generally known that we furnished our mar
ket with as fine strawberries, last stummer, as can
be raised in any country.
We will till a' orders at FITT*N+E PrP.
PLANt", or
Persons at a d asc i c ms r y p geiving
plants in good onihflon.
f- Send in your orders to
So t :GRA',
1-If 'atYT, M. T. T.
Sina! Guns! msS!
Cuns, Pistols and Ammunition
Second door beao ,L. M3.Black ' store,
All kinds of repairing neatly and promptlt done.
rp I B D 9I+3 DMI) l&kieY iOR
. for sale a large quantity o
Excellent Lime.
Parties wishia In purch u ~sc an do so, at a rsewil
ebo °price; bi-ideliw lt~ glace, * oyp1 tb b is
on the eat side of Bsoeman.
1-1 Im J. C. HUGHES.
.A.dam Fi .l ore,
tOppiett the Sirklge, Main atses,
jerytkfnrytrrFnge to mit the tasto of tham'0 t
ousidmit lh. ra'tihs fimt. .l. o $ou~tj -
suit their interest hby iP mf s' .o ... 1
on the 1ertEf ;Jl l tlMsl
u.4itwolsuet~aa .fae$. q~i nbyte we
indrmU l he paid to ls lr~as*t viemtrGaI~et *I
@5cc.1. N ARES
.. 31`. T'w
Spfs edou 3il
tin , ý..t
fo h s h V
4.t e M A f 00 t e
hue b c4 : u4*o ;* U r ear
a z ,., -.- B-.. .. . . ýi#. -.,i a. { .-.> . .
,. - ,
did .ii, ,.' O - ý ^ ý. -d :.:- .`+f, llll F .-'_
:ti 0
S, ti..ofC, g . .
z otwnor go sruwnow.
i-1 L , . W !D.,
S T Agl:,isti ; I"'~~.~."i;:g (ii; ·
$tW.Rý Opp. Wihson l Rch's,
I kghtfYe m d.d mj' ssba ¶1trsrt k l~4. MitebA to
Be~st ETV yjF, &d ~edetes
_.I have pur bmsd
`akit i~rý'ýot es ii\ti D~et c' P fees
I,,, hgi .1
a ooK toa.elW.iihm4 MW t&.l kitea to al
.ae 1 ea SS w~ill havy. an
ktmrzder TI DAr:
rý.crU Wt :a 0.14
I- . ,
Thl1tsrbps,.fa at;;1 * dw kii d
t.bsfbmiam& yt utbb.e in tep uam of
fe orabiy kb*wA to all In Gals aUf
1.1 C. L. @LARE.
Livery, re.aid i
4MAN mmsrr - = t
yi '' . 4
- T
r "5rt r'.
n40 wrwe e
sma ssa... asa . a ls.r.
ai ,r 4 r;tTa
4 "' ",,l,4 ~t~~t~ ri 'a'ýs r':ý. .-;, `4 +i, .. r ·r t c · · ;: : a .
Tha' rt A Other -E Iii
ION I f 1rH t
T, lo- o :
"hi rc oi sok
tnt- Mr.ýs"nats Is lbs Mvkn.,
aM in
Tha Anyi Other·. Market i th
B~lt·.o icPlaqc.wa ~
1-1 Ila9·a·~ Yr~t
air3I y{ W . U ir,
Lower end of MAb, Stret,
i d kr~ee IT ed to ali t ý

1-iIQt~$jl ~·,'··i
P. W. McADOW & BlO.+,.
Ft T jai a "ftli ':!' ; "
Or bra of ler alws
,, r 4 - n . r
GAL7perle atL n MtIl lS
e -
Our brad oflourer s aboetlsea
" P. W..n"+ "4 ,B"
Wa Levi1 al om t qle .
t Ml . , hiv
. + . . .... . +.++ ý. mw +,am. , D a ; .
1..4 . P. W. MeAD IIII.oW S "
0AA Il
i.+. ý '. } '.. i i-ýZ '.. l* ' .4? •.i.. '+,
1 +,+a.+ t i

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