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Published at Glendive, Dawson County, Montana
by E. A. MARTIN.
Entered as second-class matter March 3, 1905,
at the postoffice at Glendive, Mont., under the
Act of Congress of March 3. 1879.
THURSDAY. SEPT. 1, - 1910.
A Big Strip Is Taken
Last Friday, County Surveyor Hur
dle brought word to the Monitor Office
of the segregation of over 100,000 acres
of some of the best of Dawson County
land for the benefit of the Turtle Moun
tain tribe of Chippewa Indians, now
living in North Dakota. The land in
question is situated approximately
some 65 miles west of Glendive and
includes some of the choicest town
ships in the county. Indian Allotting
Agent Armstrong has been making
the selections for the tribe in question.
It seems that this matter should be
thoroughly investigated before final
action is taken, and to that end, those
of our citizens interested ought to get
busy and see that no injustice is done
to the settlers in that part of our
great county.
Murder In Cold Blood
The little city of Wlbaux has been
the scene during the past week of
what appears to have been a nmzr
der entirely without provocation.
Frank Nelson, a young man em
ployed lih a livery stable, was shot to
death by Max M. Leakey, a round
up cook. The coroner's inquest
brought out the fact that Leakey
was an alleged bad man and that
Deputy Sheriff Wynn had taken a
gun from him a short time before.
Nelson was employed at Wolf &
Drake's barn. He had been told to
take Leakey's saddle horse, which
had been standing in the street, and
put it in the barn. Leakey became
enraged at not being able to find his
horse when he emerged from a
saloon, and going to the livery barn
he shot young Nelson down. The
young man was hurried to the hos
pital here, but died in a short time.
Leakey was arrested by Deputy
Wynn and brought to Glendive. He
will make his plea before Judge
Sanner tomorrow.
Miss Hackney, county superinten
dent, has granted the petition for a
new school district on the norte fork
of Lone Tree. It will be No. 49 and
Girard will be the possoffice. The
trustees are C. H. Gardner, J. L.
Corkran and H. C. Norton. Mr.
and Mrs. Gardner came in to attend
the hearing.
Services will begin again at the
Congregational church next Sunday.
Morning service at 10:30 a. m., and
evening service at 7:45 p. m. Mr.
Burhans will begin a series of four
illustrated lectures on Ben Hur or a
tale of the Christ. The frst will bE
given next Sunday evening. Each
evening's lecture will be illustrated
by fifteen large views. Seats freE
and everybody invited to attend.
On Tuesday, Aug. 23, at Livings
ton, occurred the marriage of James
Barry and Miss Ethyl Waddingham,
both of this city, Rev. Father Galla
gher performing the ceremony. ThE
young people will reside at GlendivE
where Mr. Barry has long been a
popular man in the train service and
Miss Waddingham has been for sev
eral years an employe of the division
storekeeper's office. Their many
friends unite in congratulations.
Grambs & Peet, the well knowr
plumbing firm, now have a large stockl
of material on hand at their shop ir:
this city, and are prepared to do an5
and all kinds of work in their line.
Remember that this firm installed thE
new Hughes Electric Company heating
system, the plumbing in the new
County High School building, and var
ious other jobs in the city. If yot
will soon have work to be done gel
their prices before letting any con.
racts. 20t1
Sonnets From Savage
(Too late for last week.)
Burt Carson and wife from the Blu4
Mountain country were in Savage th
fore part of the week.
John Devitt Senior of Glendive i:
visiting with his daughter, Mrs. J
Every young person needs a business education and it Our $50.00 Business Course prepares for business life, LThe D. . has ut tOPHr -- a i1,
costs no more to get it at this great Business and Short- or for position as cl>tk or bookkeeper. The new $85.00 square feet) is seated wit illers, -tl e .i
hand Training School, under exact office conditions, course in Commerce and Banking (endorsed by Bankers' writers, adding achines d
than at one of the small questionable ones. The results E ssociation) ll ers or arger E Pupils dea with each 1in s ha
are, however, very different. 350 D. B. C. pupils went concerns and tellers and cashiers for the Northwestern equipped offices, uni tiai e TeNothn
to excellent positions in banks and offices last year-- S banks The Stenographic Course (under a exprt re- ascinaing an racic For ss
over 400 will do so this year. All Fargo banks and 685 porters trains enhigh grade sten(oxphers and court re- school like t n P i Fo
others employ D. B. C. pupils as bookkeepers, tellers, porters. The stenographters for the U.. District Coart, F. LELAND l'
stenographers or cashiers. No other schoof ofers sch Cass County Court are D. B. C. pupils. Can any other
evidence of endorseaecat. school offer you this evidence of superior training? 9.11 EIlHTH STEETSO
Cashier Southwick was a Sidney |v
visitor during the past week. si
Art Keane, the ferryman, is down n
from Glendive. Art says the ferry is b
about compieted, but he is still wait
ing for the engine. Hurry up Art, we n
need that ferry.
The poor fats met with defeat a
Tuesday night by the score of 8 to 3. a
There was no chance for the heavy E
men to blame the hot weather, as it I
was cold enough, even for a fat man. c
Dr. Johnson is back in Savage once i
more. The doctor has his office in the t
Exchange Hotel.
Savage is still on the way upward.
Eight more lots sold during the week.
Rev. Dr. Sloane held services in
the new market on Sunday evening, C
choosing for his subject the humility E
in the birth of Christ. Rev. Sloane E
held the attention of his hearers from a
beginning to end.
Stipek Notes
W. E. Barnum of Crawford, Neb.,
brother-in-law of J. J. Stipek, was
a visitor at Stipek last week. He is
thinking very much of opening a
bank there in the near future, and
was also looking over the country
for horses for the government, to
be delivered at Pine Ridge, Neb.
The livery barn is complete and
will be ready for business in a few
James Palwec of Lincoln, Neb.,
made a visit of two weeks at Stipek.
He is contemplating opening up a
meat market here soon.
Next Sunday there will be Sunday
school at 3 o'clock and services will
be held at 4 at the Deer creek
schoolhouse No. 2.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Lemon are re
joicing over a daughter, born to
them on Aug. 28.
Otto Adamak, proprietor of the
livery barn, went to Glendive Wed
nesday on business.
Leslie White and Mr. Burkhbelder
were visitors at Stipek Sunday.
Fine Prize For Lady Winner
The following letter fr:gm the
Scheffer & Rossum Co., of St. Paul,
explains itself. Certain it is that
the winner of the ladies' re~ay race
will draw a splendid prize in addi
tion to the money consideration.
The letter follows:
St. Paul, Aug. 27, 1910.
' J. J. Stipek, Esq.,
e Glendive, Mont.
Friend Stipek:
With great pleasure we are send
ing you today by express, all char
k ges prepaid, a special prize lady's
d astride saddle, with bridle alnd sad
e dle blanket complete, which we
would thank you to unpack, exam
Sine and deliver in good condition to
the Dawson County Club of your
e city, with our compliments and best
. wishes.
d This saddle is to be contested for
on'the occasion of your County fair,
a in a special equestrian running race,
e by any of the brave young women
h of your section that may wish to en
d ter, under whatever rules or re
strictions that may be imposed.
In sending this prize, we do so in
recognition of that grand character,
our Western girl, who love's God's
- noblest animal, the horse, and in ap
e preciation of the friendly hospitality
e shown our Mr. Scheffer by the Daw
d son County Club upon his visit to
7 Glendive last year, and, further
n more, at the request of the superin
Y tendent and men of our saddle fac
tory, who wish to place before you
n all, a specimen of their department
k product, which they aver is of the
n best material and workmanship, so
Sfar as they can judge, to the best of
their ability.
The red, white and blue rosettes,
w which cover the permanent white
r- leather rosettes of the bridle, were
u placed there to add to the festive
at appearance upon the auspicious oc
- casion, and can be removed by cut
tf ting the thread inside of the bridle
front, and can serve as a troph3
which can be hung on the wall ol
the victor's room, if she so pleases.
The bit was selected by us for the
e grace of its form, and the qualit3
and strength of the material. Shouic
is a lighter bit or a different form b
I. desirable, another bit may be selec.
ted from our recent catalogue,
which you have. Should covered
stirrups be desirable, those sent
may be exchanged for such as may
be desired, upon writing us.
It is our wish that the victor, im
mediately after the race, place the
new outfit upor_ her horse, mount it
and ride up before the grandstand,
and that a photograph be taken of
her, mounted on her horse, if possi
ble large enough to show the figure
of the horse to be six and one-half
inches long, from the outside of the
tail in a straight line to the outside
of the shoulder, such photograph to
be hung up in our office.
We should like to hear of all the
details of the race, the number of
entries and the final result, as we
are much interested in the pretty
affair. We presume a program will
be issued.
In the meantime we send the
young woman that may enter the
race, the members of the Dawson
County Club, and you, our friendly
Thanking you for attending to the
matter for us, we are,
Very Truly Yours,
Per Herman Scheffer, President.
Owrners of steam plow and gaso
line pow outfits are requested to
meet at the office of the Glendive
Implement Co., on the morning of
the second day of the Dawson
County Fair. 2t28
Light bay gelding, weight 1,300,
bu4ld face and two white hind feet.
$15.00 reward. D. J. Brown, care
T. F. Wren. 4t28p
Following is a list of letters remain
ing uncalled for at the Glendive post
office on Sept. 3, 1910:
Jack Anderson, E. J. Baley, Wade
Buntoms, Mike Bolta, Ben C. Brick
heimer, W. H. Brown, Harry Covnor,
A. B. Chaissen, Henry De Riddler,
John Eimer, Mrs. Elva Farnum, John
Gausland, Ralph Griggs, Mrs. C. E.
Gates, Michal Horace, Edward Iver
son, Mrs. Sven Idland, H. H. John
son, B. F. Johnson, Zelden E. King,
L. B. Lundy, Mrs. Pearl Loundes,
Lewis E. Larson 2, Pete Murdton, H.
P. McClanahan, Peter Maulzolf, Con
rad Mendir, John Ohtonow, Ralph J.
Payne, James M. Peirson, Mrs. Augusi
Pense, Mrs. Jackson Robbins, Mrs.
Stella Rothe, Estella Schlecker, Wm
- Svalson, Silas Severance, Tom Turley
- John Turnball. B. Times, Mark
s Wukasevich, J. R. Welch, Miss Tessit
e Letters remaining uncalled for af
ter Sept. 17, 1910, will be sent t
the Dead Letter Office.
When calling for the above pleas
r say "advertised" and give date.
John C. Sorenson, postmaster
Hamline, September 5-10
National Conservation Congress
St. Paul, September 6-7-8
Plan to attend both. Minnesota's State Fair has a national reputation
of being one of the greatest attractions of its kind held in the United
States and the Hamline grounds are nowhere surpassed in any feature.
The Conservation Congress being a national movement for the preserva
tion of our resources, the subject is of vital importance to every one.
President Taft, Ex-President Roosevelt and many other prominent men
will speak. The combination of two so important events affords an ex
ceptional opportunity, that will provide attractions for all. Fix the dates
and plan to go. You will profit. Several trains daily, going and coming.
W. J. BUCHNER, Agent, Glendive, Mont.
º0 Northern Pacific Ry.
--~~ r11 -e '.qPI Ilia
Notice To Auto Public
I wish to announce to the auto
,ublic that I have secured the ser
Dices of Frank Brady, a pastmaster o
n auto building and repairing, who a
nas had twelve years of auto exper- v
fence. If you are interested in keep
ing the best automobile man in the
northwest in Glendive, give me a
share of your work. A trial will be I
sufficient to verify my claim. All
work will be done under his super- 1
vision. Mr. Brady will take charge ¬
June 6.
15tf Per W. H. Frank.
Score cards for sale at the Monitor
Estrayed on April 1 from my
place five miles south of Circle, one
gray mare, weight about 1,150,
branded on left; jaw and
on left hip. Finder no
tify me and I will come
and get the horse.
4t25p Circle, Mont.
Notice To Bidders
Notice is hereby given that the
trustees of the Dawson County Free
High School, and the trustees of
School District No. 1 will on the 20th
and 21st day of September, respec
tively, at 8 o'clock p. m., consider
bids for the furnishing of coal for
the District School and the Dawson
County Free High School for one
Bids to be separate and to state
what mine the coal will be furnished
A bond will be required from the
successful bidder.
Our bushelman can fix rips, tears
and worn spots so well that they will
look all right. In addition to repair
ing we will dry clean any garment.
Our prices are reasonable.
It Is EIconomy
to have your clothes cleaned by us.
With modern machinery and experi
ence combined we do good work.
I hereby announce myself as a
candidate for the office of Treasurer
of Dawson county, subject to the
action of the republican county con
Estrayed or stolen, one buckskin
mare three years old, weight about
1,000, branded on right shoul
der. Address E. A. Manley,
Poplar, Montana. 22tf
Passengers and Exress.
Leave Glendive Leave Sidney
8:00 A. M. 8:00 A. M.
Monday Tuesday
Wednesday Thursday
Friday Saturday
Special Equipment for Picnic and Fishing Parties
Agents for Rapid Motor Vehicle Co's Commercial Cars.
A oDICKMAN & HASK ELL, Proprietors:
'PHONE 166A G endive, Montan.
I The
..Samaritan Ho itaL
Ls - -------.------ --------LL~~~k)B1Bk~~aBuB~I ~lll
Solicits Your Patronage. New Equipment. First Class
Nurses. Fine Private Rooms. Ward Rates Moderate.
Miss A. M. SCOTT, Supt.
Dan J. Donohue, M. D.
J. H. Hunt, M. D.
A. L Hammerel, M. D.
Miss A. M. Scott,
Steam armRgs
If you want the best Steam Plow outfits and
Threshing Machines buy the
. -I
R ocai Agene,
Glendive, MonfV
S)ot Mande
g· 'N:
C:i) 3- Trust
E-I .'i ii:
1 - ¶11

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