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Yellowstone monitor. (Glendive, Mont.) 1905-1928, May 27, 1915, Image 5

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0j£* at M eb y given that Walter
1 * : ' ;,ire i8 / nipndive, Montan^w o, o on |
a* hr&r iÄÄs
to establish claim to the^and
Vear.'bribed, before .T. ^ |
IZ-t descry en dive Montana, on
■5mmi9* ione ' - - - 101 s I
Ä"„irS witnesses: W.Uiam
"clilmant names n Fre<1 A . Nelson,
First FsNWtWJ^: 11 J9 ' 1S15 ->
Nd t f »o.io—Serial No. 013321 I
I^nd. Act ** r *
p a1unen\ oMhe I
office at Ml \e ... I
1915- . r
Votice is
given that James
Montana, who, on I
$ "° Proof < to"establish cVm îo
Tfhnve described, before T. Cato,
the land ^4i 0 e n er, at Glendive, Mon
1 S ' - °the 8th day of June, 1915. |
has fil e É
tana. onl " e °ömcs' as witnesses: Alac I
CUlmant n«J« 8 L ^ S ken. John Loeken, I
Murphy. •|°s, ep an of Glendive, Montana.
Kay Handley, ■ A KIRC her, Register.
(First Publica^ -I
n ° t| CE f°r pubuc a t,ON i7<6i
Son-coal— Serial ^ In ° terioi : n s
Office^ Miles City, Montana, April 24,
cice is hereby given that Chester R
ApriI stead
r 4 ^ s i\si^
Meridian, has filed notice of intention
iu make Three l |
daim to the land âbove described, before I
T Cato, U. S. Commissioner, at Glendive, |
£ c Leonard, all of Glendive, Montana.
E C A. KIRCHER, Register.
,First Publication April 29, 1915.)
notice for publication
evil land. Act 6-22-10.— Serial No. 09830.
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land
nfflc e at Miles City, Montana, May 4, 1915.
Notice is hereby given that Anton Libs,
ni Glendive, Montana, who on July 12,
aid m a ( ie Homestead Entry, No. 09830,
for NE *4. m NW%, NE% SE%, Sec
tion 8 Township 14N., Range 53E., M. P.
Meridian, has filed notice of intention to
make Three Year Proof, to establish
daim to the land above described, before
1. caiu, f - i«<c I
J G»if sk Lf a !^ÄnL I
T*cäta Ü! ^"commissioner, at Glendive, I
Montana, on the 28th day of June. 1915. I
Claimant names as witnesses: Fred I
Volkert, W. F. Stutz, Chris W. Roach, all I
of Glendive, Montana, Athoney Voge, of|
Fallon, Montana.
G. W. MYERS, Register
(First Publication May 13, 1915.)
notice for publication
Coal land. Act 6-22-10.— Serial No. 013707.
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land
Office at Miles City, Montana, May 4, 1915.
Notice is hereby given that Luther W.
Curtiss, of Glendive, Montana, who, on I
December 22, 1911, made Homestead En- I
try, No. 013707, for Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, E%
, N v^' D E ^ * s )Yr ' Section 30. Township
16N.. Range 54E., M. P. Meridian, has I
filed notice of intention to make Three
Year Proof, to establish claim to the land |
above described, before T. Cato, U. S.
Commissioner, at Glendive, Montana, on
the 30th day of June 1915.
Claimant names as witnesses: Alac
Murphy, Edward Murphy, Willis G.
Russell, Harvey Mitcheal, all of Glendive,
G. W. MYERS, Register.
(First Publication May 13, 1915.)
Coal land. Act 6-22-10.— Serial No. 011872.
Department of the Interior, U. S. Land
Office at Miles City, Montana, May 6, 1915.
Notice is hereby given that Enoch Bush,
of Bloomfield, Montana, who, on March
24. 1911, made Homestead Entry, No.
M1S72, for SE14, Section 8, Township 19N.,
Range 53E., M. P. Meridian, has filed
notice of intention to make Three Year
K W&" 1 bifÄ 1 ". CatS 6 ^
oner ' at Gtendive, Montana, on I
Claimant names as 1 J witnesses - Silas
Ä. JSVo^aii^ÂBÆ
(First Publication mg)'**'
notice for puni ir ATiniu
Coal-Act 6-22-10. Serial No 013275
Departxnent"of the interior, u. s. Land
i9i5 Ce at Mlles Clty ' Montana > 17,
FÄk.'öf SÂÆtaiï' 'who 8 oï
September 29, mi, ' made Homestead
Sn N 2°o
n ., XV« UIC J
Section 20 Township 15N., Range 53E.,
tain to Meri<iian '-' has n °Uce of inten
tabiish* cEf^to 1 th r rian^abwedéscribed' I
u s; Commissioner,
June, 1915 ' Montana * on ^ 29th da Y of
n ame s as witnesses: Andrew
Glassen, Eugene H.
Muntana' To €f Cndem, all of Glendive,
D W. MYERS, Register,
r irst Publication May 20, 1915.)
DemYt* 6 ' 22 - 10 - Serial No. 013500.
Office ^M,! of 7, he Int °rior, U. S. Land
1915 at M es City, Montana, May 17,
Notice is hereby given that Robert Ayre
2-_ ](j a ? ive ' M° ntana * who, on November I
i'-m ^: 8l ^ d nÊÏY' i2â
52E„ m; 1 i N -' I
Sbikh make T hree*Year ProoT to
| b s^
June 6 19] 5 e ' Montana - on the 29th |4,
wi& nt 4 a \ me8 as witnesses: Gene
A ^*t Rinhoi^;,! 1 o^dieSSe 0 ^^' I
------ '
day of June 19] 5 e ' Montana - on the 29th
Âïï nt a" a . n 'e» aa witnesses: Gene
(First P, V.1- 0 W- MYERS, Register.
st 1 ubhcation May 20, 1915.)
Denartm«.* . , Serial No. 015149
Office « of the Interior, U. S. Land
1915. Mlles City, Montana, May 17,
S-Vin* 8 - hereby
given that Bolomon
ff ffr^ 4, M ec Û on „ 4 ' Township
& ri,
M nd abovp ',i7o° asta blish claim to the
l" Com Jf 80ri >ed ' before Tully Cato,
ana - on thP ^H,° n , er * at Glendive. Mon
, limant n? th day of June * l915
!f Lowery as witnesses: Robert
glands w™ E - Lowery, Chas.
Mûn tana ' W iam Rowe, all of Glendive,
(First Pnhii MYERS, Register.
Publication May 20, 1915.)
Offi epart ment t . S * rial No - °" 83
q?r ce at Miles f ou e Il l t « r 'or. U. S. Land
I9ij. City, Montana, May 13,
» io l
M a rson - Of BiSfl ,? iv * n that Louis E.
Dis» 13, W10 mad! 6 «' Montana, who, on
for the w?°« e ? tead Entry, No.
iciian 8 ^ 2( V CÄ° f M S Ä r 4
& T*äS?Jr witnesses: WiUiam
M ietS <!n8y - both l of >n R;'in Simon n Biutyer.
^ore, of' Gleomvf, U MÏS; H
ir,r " Pubi '««M ig^-,{5s5 attr -
Gebhard, ôf Marsh^ Montana^ who J ° hn
| August 13, 1912, made Homeatêad
rÄlÄlrTs^V 0 "^
Montana, on the 22nd day of June,19l!'
| ^Claimant names as witnesses: Christ
I a *«»..
day of June, 1915!
xi ~ am f?, as witnesses: Christ
xvuBçi, N. C. Folger, Dave Gehharri
Adolph Ulrich, all ° f M arco, Montana. '
(First Publication May^^' iof^!) 8ter '
Coal—Act 6-22-10 — « .wit.
I Department Sertor!\r N< s. °2£J
I ^-^pe at Miles City, Montana, May 13 ,
I _ Notice is hereby given that Christ
I SSfil* ® f i¥, ar8 ^_ M ° ntana - who, on
6 * 1910 a 0. d December 6, 1913,
I ij ad „ <> ^iJ ie ? tead . Entries, No. 09379 and
to the d ab d e SC H be d, beforï
T- Cato , U. s ; Commissioner, at Glendive,
Montana, on the 21st day of June, 1915.
| c ,^3?: imaa _ t .._ na "? e8 . as . witnesses: N. C.
I Eoler, Dave Genhard, John Gebhard,
I Adolph Ulrich, all of Marsh. Montana.
G. w. myers. Register.
(First P ublication May 20, 1915.)
i„te S Â No à°a 6
Office at Miles City, Montana, May 13,
Notice is hereby given that Dot May
May 1 "!®! 191? le ™™' °? !
above described, before T. Cato, U. S.
| commissioner, at Glendive, Montana, on |
I the 2 2nd day of June, 1915.
| Claimant names as wit
I „ T ,; a.a witnesses: r. J.
de%ontt.lSe?. dl i:u J or fflÏÂ
I M °ntana. __________ ' |
G. W. MYERS, Register.
(First Publication May 20, 1915.)
Coal—Act 6-22-10 Serial No. 013379
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at Miles City Montana,
May 19, 1915.
Notice is hereby given that Mrs. L.
B. Hayward, heir of Mattie Weir, for
the Heirs of Mattie Weir, deceased, of
Glendive Montana who on October
v,ieuuive » mouuina, wno, on uctODer
24, 1911, made Homestead^Entry, No.
A1 , JO ., .
013379, for the North-West Quarter of
Section 14, Township 16N., Range
55E., M. P. Meridian, has filed notice of
intention to make Three Year Proof,
to establish claim to the land above
described, before Tully Cato, U. S
Commissioner, at Glendive, Montana,
., .... . , _ i mi*
on the 10th day of July, 1915.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Albert Sattler, Carl Johnson, Albert
Slp p erly> Edwar d Shable, all Of Glen
dive Montana.
G. W. MYERS, Register.
(First Publication May 20, 1915.)
-Act 6-22-10.
Serial No. 012116, No. 021019
Department of the Interior, U. S.
Land Office at Miles City Montana,
May 19, 1915.
Notice is hereby given that George
M * Arnestad ' of Wibau *. Monta na, who,
I on April 13, 1911, and January 27,1
made Homestead Entry, No.
®l 2 " 6, ®f 01 a 9 ;l or
SE% NE%, NE% SEV*, S% SE*4,
NW ^ SE% ' SE% SW% ' Section 3 4 -1
Township 18N., Range 57E., M. P.
Meridiai1 ' has filed noti ce of intention
to make Three Year Proof, to estab
lish claim to the land above described,
betore Walter E - wilUamson - U - S -
Commissioner, at Wibaux, Montana,
Ion the 9th day of July, 1915.
Claimant names as witnesses: |
Ward, Owen
I Thomas Ward, Owen Williams, I
Charles Temple, Chaires Hilton, all
of Intake, Montana. I
G. W. MYERS, Register.
(First Publication May 20, 1915.) |
The Trustees of School District No.
65, Dawson County, Montana, will re
Iceive bids for the construction of a
one-story school building in said dis
trict, the plans and specifications for
which may be seen at any time at the
residence of the clerk of School Dis
Ä|trict"No. 6B. Mr. A. A. Hafele, Section I
|4, Township 15, Range 64.
Bids will be opened on Saturday,
Ma r 29th, 1915, from 2 P. M. until 4
P. M. The Trustees to furnish all the J
4, Township 15, Range 54.
Bids will be opened on Saturday,
material on the ground. I
A certified check of Fifty Dollars,
(650.00) must accompany each bid.
The Trustees reserve the right to re
ject any or all bids.
Dated at Glendive, Montana, this
6th day of May, 1916.
PETER P. RUSS, Chairman,
Send bids to A. A. HAFELE,
Clerk, School Dletrict, No. 66.
Address Bo* «13, Glendive, Dawson
County, Montana. l^t
Came to my place about one year ago
which had been 1
--------- , _
right thigh. The owner have them
bT ^ "horvuxe. '
two grey horses
worked, also were shod with never
8 lip shoes and branded as folio
on left thigh, vented w ith sam e
below original. Also pi[ on
shoulder. One had ^Bfl w
Llamas, Mont
\ The MONTANA Workmen's Com
pensation Act is available to all em
*" hazardous
Toniï m *T wboae ™ plwt
!, °" ly Casual * The
I casual employment
law defines
as something
| ., , , ---- Dumeiuiug
' "not in the usual course of
' ^ :ra ^ e * business, profession or
occupation of the employer," some
I thing out of the ordinary line of work
L*?? V*® employer is engaged in.
, j Under the head of hazardous
fw"?*" 1 ' ** * S 0Dly fair to assume
on | that the only exception in addition to
I the
causal" laborer, would be farm
. °" d ° me8tic servants, and
possibl Y clerks, bookkeepers and em
1 '
ployes in stores, business houses and
mercantile establishments and nrar
| h „ q11t , ol1 " meni S> ana prac '
I " cally occupations where no power
machinery of any kind is used.
I terstate railroads do not come under
6 the Unions of the Act.
Both employer and employe, except
as to public corporations, can exer
! cise their pleasu re as to which of the
|sire ' and wm s ° not " y ,he industriai
| When the employer elects not to
—— ""J piaus, uui lu
out - affirmative defenses in
' | action for damages, consisting
negligence of the employe (unless
willful) negligence of a fellow em
ploye, and assumed risk, are excluded
or denied him.
When the employer elects to come
in and the employe elects to stay
out, the present law governs. When
both elect to come in, the provisions
of the Act are exclusive. The em
ploye is bound by the plan selected
IT* *" T" rTT
7 h ® employer ' un less he elects to
stay out altogether.
It is the intention of the Act that
any employer engaged in hazardous
occupations as defined herein shall,
before being bound by either of the
Compensation Plans therein pro
vided, elect to be so bound
thereby, and that the employe shall
be presumed to have elected to be
subject to, and bound by the pro
visions of the particular plan which
may have been adopted by his em
ployer, unless such employe shall
affirmatively elect not to be bound
by the Act. Neither can come in with
out the consent and co-operation of
the other.
The compensation for permanent
total disability is fifty per cent of the
employe's wages at the time of the
I accident, not exceeding ten dollars
I p er week, for temporary total disabil
I ^y ( flfty per cent for three hundred
I weeks, not exceeding ten dollars per
week; partial disability, half the dif
fer ence between the wages received
a t time of the injury and wages
ke can afterwards earn, not exceed
howeyer ' the d,fference betwee "
suc h wages and the maximum amount
allowed for totally disability, provided
said amount earned and paid must
equal the minimum compensation al
lowed for total disability, for a period
0 f one hundred and fifty weeks in case
Of permanent partial disability, aad
fifty weeks in case of temporary par
t ial disability.
| j n caS e of death fifty per cent of
I the employe's wages to his beneficiary ;
f or ty per cent to major dependents,
I and thirty per cent to minor depend
en ts, subject to a maximum of ten
| dollars per week for four hundred
weeks. Alien beneficiaries receive
j flfty per cent of the statutory com
pensation. Burial expenses seventy
five dollars, and First Aid expenses
fifty dollars, if not otherwise provid
e d for. No compensation for the first
two weeks beyond the First Aid ex
penses allowed.
The loss of both hands, or arms, or
feet, or legs, or eyes, or any two
thereof, shall constitute total per
manent disability. The loss of mem
bers of the body are graded from three
weeks for the loss of the end i° iat of
the little finger up to two hundred
manent disability. The loss or mem
bers of the body are graded from three
weeks for the loss of an arm at or
near the shoulder.
Compensation payments shall ®
made monthly and are non-assignable
and non-attachable and the liability o
compensation payment can not
waived. All accidents must be
promptly reported to the Board,
all claims for compensation must be
filed with the board,at the earliest poss
ible date, and are barred If not pre
eented within si* months from
date of happening.
Three plana of compensation »
available to the parties electing to
come under same.
PLAN NO. 1 contemplates an ar*
rangement whereby the employer can
^ compensation payments
directly to the employe as they may
come due under the terms of the Act
The employer must furnish conclus-
ive proof of solvency tP d ability to
m qir« the payments and furnish secur-
ity for same.
plan NO. 2 contemplates an ar
rangemeilt whereby an employer may
in any insurance company authorized
to transact business in the state. The
employer must satisfy the Board as
to the amount of insurance he takes,
and file the policies with the Board.
PLAN NO. 3 contemplates an ar
rangement whereby the state does the
insuring, based on a certain percent
age of the annual pay-roll of the em
ployer, to be paid into the State
Treasury. The percentage of the pay
roll to be paid into the state under this
arrangement is based on a sliding scale
according to the classification that the
employer's business comes under.
There are twenty-six classifications
of hazardous employment, and the
percentage of the pay-roll runs from
sixty-five one hundredths of one per
cent, under Class No. 1, covering
theatre employers, moving picture
operators, jewelry manufacturers,
electrotyping, engraving, sterotyping,
embossing, lithographing, book bind
ing, printing, and similar occupations,
up to Class No. 26, covering the man
ufacture of powder, dynamite and oth
er explosives, on which the rate is ten
per cent.
An additional class, known as Class
No. 27, is also provided for, whereby
any employer and employe engaged in
non-hazardous work may, by their
joint election, filed with and approved
by the Board accept the provisions of
compensation under Plan No. 3, at
rate of assessment of the pay-roll of
one-half of one per cent.
CLASS NO. 5 covers operating brew
eries, bottling works, grain ware
houses, grain elevators, operating ma
chine shop; installing interior electri
al apparatus; concrete laying and
street paving; at the rate of one and
five tenths per cent. The operating of
power laundries, dying, bleaching, and
cleaning works, also the operating of
flour mills, chop mills and feed mills
are included in Class No. 6, which has
a rate of one and six tenths per cent.
The operating of sugar facturies, tan
neries, erecting fire proof doors and
shutters inside of buildings, installing
ventilating systems, setting glass,
manufacturing brick, pottery and tile
are included in Class No. 7, with a
rate of one and eight tenths per cent.
CLASS NO. 12, with a rate of two
and three tenths per cent, includes the
operation of smelters, blast furnaces,
planing mills, cement manufacturing
and the manufacturing of iron and
CLASS NO 14, with a rate of two and
five tenths per cent, includes the oper
ation of and work in all mines other
than coal, the concentrating and am
algamating of ores, operating gravel
pits, operating wood-saws, painting ex
terior work, operating boiler works,
boilers, operating saw mills and lath
CLASS NO. 16, with a rate of three
per cent, covers the operating of coal
mines, dredges, steam railways, in
cluding logging railways, construction
of telephone and telegraph systems,
construction of dams and reservoirs,
electric light and power plants, water
works and water systems, installing
furnaces and constructing blasting
CLASS NO. 17, with a rate of three
and one fourth per cent, covers electric
railway construction, without rock
work or blasting, railway construction,
including street cable railways, with
out rock work or blasting, installing
freight or passenger elevators, opera
tion of telephone and telegraph sys
CLASS NO. 18, with a rate of three
and one half per cent, includes the
construction of grain elevators, not
metal framed, steam, electric and
cable construction, with rock work or
blasting, construction of logging rail
ways with rock or blasting operation
and maintenance of electric and
street railways, all systems, operation
and maintenance of electric light and
power plants, including transmission
systems and extension of lines.
It is undoubtedly the intent and pur
pose of Compensation Plan No. 3 that
each industry, trade occupation or
employment coming under the pro
visions of this Act shall be liable for
all injuries happening to employes
coming under the provisions of the
plan, and that all sums collected by
assessment, as the law provides, shall
be devoted exclusively to the payment
of valid claims for injuries happening
in each industry.
The Act provides that there shall be
collected from all classes, as initial
payment into the Industrial Accident
Fund, on or before July 15th, 1915,
one-fourth of the premium of assess
ment for that fiscal year, and one
twelfth thereof at the first of each
month, beginning with October 1st,
1915. The first payment is to be col
lected upon the pay-roll of the months
of April, May and June, 1915.
The Act provides that where a pub
lic corporation is the employer, or any
contractor working for same on any
public works, that the terms, condi
tions and provisions of Compensation
Plan No. 3 shall be exclusive, com
pulsory and obligatory upon the part
of both employer and employe. By
"public corporation" is meant the
state, or any county, municipal cor
poration, school district, city, city un
der commission form of government
or special charter, town or village.
The law relative to public corpora
tions is mandatory, and the govern
ing body of such public corporation
shall make an appropriation of and
pay such funds into the accident or ad
ministation fund, as the case may be,
at the time and in the manner provid
ed for in this Act. They shall furnish
the Board with a full statement of the
public corporation of which they are
the governing body.
The advantages of the act to both
employer and employe are generally
conceded and co-operation with the
Board on the part of both factions
will undoubtedly result in much good.
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All employers of labor, in hasardons
occupations, should at once notify the
Board what plan they wish to come
under to the end that they may have
the full benefit of the compensation
feature of the law when it goes into
effect July 1st, next.
$5.00 REWARD
We will pay $5.00 in cash for proof
of parties who removed or destroyed
all metal fence signs "FEDERAL
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