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pion Herrick
REAL ESTATE and live stock dealers
FARM LANDS city property
I# your property with us. Commissions right
Dion (Si Herrick
Office Bell Street in rear of Exchange Bank
^Clïàr Glendive, Mont.
—Arrive Depart
Westbound — 5 ; i2 a. M 5:22 A. M.
Vo 1 ........................ 45 P. M. 5:55 P. M.
Vo. 3 ......................... 10:10 P. M. P. M.
Vo. 7 •.................. 6:45 A. M.
V'o. 1^" vn' sfll 6:15 A.M.
Freight No. 801 ......
rjjtbound. 10*55 A. M. 11:05 A. M.
No. 2 ........................ i:55A.M. 2:05 A.M.
Vo. 4 ........................ 5:45 A. M.
Vo. *_„• ....................... 4:05 P. M.
Vo. 188 6:00 A.M.
Fre^ht ^ ^ ^ between Glendive and
St,^ g7 and 188, local between Glendive
and Billing 8 - Val) Branch
Vo 202—Glendive to Sidney, depart
7 i'o A ' 201—Sidney to Glendive, Arrive
4 Northern Pacific Expre.e money ordere
N ,«ie ' Bankable anywhere.
U rt eland, G. P. a., St. Paul. Minn.
M j .BUCHNER, Agent, Glendiva Mont.
CT .—i
Applications received for N.P. lands,
Miller A Jordan.
Forest Hopkins and family of Pax
ton were in town yesterday.
For farm Loans see L. A. Fisher.
Office over Lee's Pool Hall. 48-tf.
Richard Libby of Bluff creek was
in town last week on business.
Are you in love? Ask the Zartoons.
Orpheum theatre this week.
Pete Paulson of Union was in with
a load of grain on Tuesday.
Bill Brody of Bloomfield was in
town Tuesday on business, making the
trip via auto.
Gasoline has advanced one cent.
Price now for filtered gasoline is 20y 2 c.
Haskell Auto & Supply Co. 38-1t
Cap. Ed. LaRue of the Toggery in
Sidney, was a business visitor in the
city on Monday.
Elmer Martineson, justice of the
peace, returned Tuesday morning from
a short visit with relatives at Mercer,
Mrs. Grace Gilmore left on the Val
ley train yesterday morning for Sid
ney, having been advised of illness in
the family of her brother, Ira Ben
Hon. E. A. Thompson, the Lindsay
Literary Light and Knight of the
Shears and Razoo, lias been in town
since last week looking after his in
terests in the city after harvesting a
bumper crop on his homestead.
C. B. Imhoff, the jeweler and optic
ian whose new store is located in the
•teaslev Block, has just received his
display cases and expects to have his
Dew and complete line of jewelry,
matches and silverware in place by the
first of next week.
Sol E. Heren and family of Miles
1 y came in on the train Sunday and
d ter 8pendiD g the day with Mrs. Mack
in family left Monday in a brand new
^little 6, purchased from the Has
Auto & Supply Co.
Jr ur p ^ ot °g ra PHers, have your
• '" g done at home. Films de
3 toe ' 10 cents Per roll; prints from
man fil 1 *" 18 according t0 size. East
or rent mS ^° r ^ Kodaks for sale
hd i, Work call * d for and deliv
8 Studio. Phone 212. 17-tf
Neither a house nor a bank account can be built without some definite and systematic
plan ' an d neither will amount to anything unless the plan is followed.
^ as ^ e in your savings account a fixed sum each month or a certain percentage of
y°ur income and let no temptation induce you to "touch" it. Watch it grow by ac
Cu mulation with interest.
thus each day will amount to over $1,047 in five years. Prove this by experi
C * WTAL * m# WHPIIIS $100,000.00
Member ef «be Federal Keeenre Seek
Try a ton of Owl Creek coal. Mar
tin & Myers. Phone 16. 24-tf.
Guy Lowe was out to Deer Creek
country on Sunday.
Razors keen, towels clean— Houck's
—nuff sed.
W. B. Shepard of Union was in town
last Saturday on business matters.
Have you lost any money? Ask the
Zartoons. Orpheum this week.
Miss Margaret Brody of Circle was
a visitor in the city this week.
Buy your films at Wing's Studio
and have them developed for 10 cents
a roll. All sizes. 25-tf.
Peter Dryer the big sheepman of
Horse Creek was in town today in his
County Commissioner Andrew Lar
son was out in the Deer Creek coun
try last week inspecting roads.
Auto repairing; battery charging;
engine overhauling; best work; and
prompt service. Statham's Repair
Shop. 20-tf.
Manager R. A. Doty of the Lahr
Motor Sales Co., advises that he re
ceived another car load of Overlands
the 1916 models, on Tuesday.
Remember Wm. Schall's big Auc
tion sale on Monday, Nov. 8th, near
Kinsey on the Glendive-Fallon road.
Nothing reserved. 37-2p.
Orville Osmundson of Bluff creek
was in town last week with Gus
Schlicht of Hungry Point ranch on
Deer Creek, for a short business visit.
Mrs. S. E. Burns and Miss Mary
Barrett entertained at the home of the
former last evening. Whist was played
after which refreshments were par
taken of.
Dr. Riesland, the eyesight special
ist, arrived in town yesterday and
will be at the Hotel Jordan until to
morrow (Friday) treating his many
patients for eye troubles.
R. H. Zempel of Fall Creek, Wis.,
arrived in town yesterday on No. 1 to
look after his land holdings in Daw
son county and to visit his son-in-law,
August Koepke of east of Lindsay,
who came into town to meet him.
No matter what a man's personal
politics may be he certainly ought to
be able to get a few minutes real pleas
ure each week out of Congressman
Tom Stout's weekly letter which ap
pears exclusively in the Monitor—that
is, if he is at all human. ,
M. A. Thorsen, the Circle banker,
was in the city early in the week, leav
ing on Tuesday for Miles City and re
turning today. Mr. Thorsen advises
that the new Circle hotel will be com
pleted and thrown open to the public
in about three weeks' time.
It is understood that the Rev. C. W.
MacWilliams, for the past two years
rector of St. Matthew's Episcopal
church, has resigned his pastorate to
take effect December 1. It is not def
initely known at this time who is to
take his place nor where he will be lo
The great railroad play, "The Jug
gernaut," with Earle Williams and
Anita Stewart in the principal roles,
which was shown at the Orpheum
theatre on Tuesday, drew the largest
crowds that ever attended a moving
picture production on one day in the
history of the city, more than 600 paid
admissions being registered on the
ticket booth machine for the three per
Valuable Papers
shodd be kept ie a safety deposit rault, where they will
be safe from fire aad burglars. We would be (kd to
fnraisb one for $1.75 per year. Other b«nltm g
will be appreciated.
Exchange State Bank of Glendive
CAPITAL, $75,000.00
Have you loet a watch? Ask the Zar
toone. Orpheum this week.
Highest prices paid for all kinds of
hides at the City Meat Market 8-tf
George W. Davison, the Paxton auto
liveryman, was in town last week-end.
Try a cut of the new "Mocha" cake
on Saturday only at Rankin's Sanitary
Bakery. 33 . 1 t
Mrs. Foster, of the Quality Shop has
something new to show her customers
in the way of fancy pillows for holiday
Mrs. M. G. Danskin was operated on
for appendicitis last Friday at the
Glendive General hospital by Dr.
Beach. The patient is getting along
nicely at this writing.
Pat Smith of Brockway, formerly
known as the "Sage of Circle" and an
acknowledged admirer of William Jen
nings Bryan, has been in town since
last Saturday visiting friends and
transacting fall business.
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Sample, parents
of Harry Sample of the Security Loan
& Title Co., arrived in town last Sun
day from their home at Clyde Park,
Mont, for a short visit with the Glen
dive banker. The couple are on their
way to Indiana to visit their old home.
Dr. Riesland, the eye and sight spec
ialist, well known for his superior
ability in fitting eyes and grinding
glasses, will be at the Hotel Jordan
Nov. 3 to 5. See him if you are in
need of the services of a specialist of
ability and long experience. 35-tf.
Tom Simmons, formerly head clerk
at the Hotel Jordan but now merely a
poor hard-working homesteading hon
yacker, was in town Monday from his
Hardscrabble ranch for a load of sup
plies. Tom said that his crop this
year far exceeded his most sanguine
expectations, or words to that effect.
Another bubble bursted! No sooner
do we write up the most alluring ar
ticle imaginable on the prospects of
the newly organized school of Short
hand and Typewriting that the princi
pal in the new enterprise is ordered
out of her apartments by the landlord
and out of the city by the police.
Stung again!
One of Luke McLuke's squibs in the
Monitor is so good that we cannot re
frain from re-printing it: "Every now
and then in your wanderings you run
into a man who gives you the impres
sion that he is wearing long silk stock
ings and a gauze undershirt with baby
blue ribbons in it." Officer take him
W. C. Henderson, County Surveyor
R. T. Hurdle and Mrs. I. C. Attix went
in to Miles City last Thursday. Mr.
Henderson spent a few days visiting
with his family and attending to busi
ness matters; Mr. Hurdle went to his
home in Glendive, and Mrs. Attix
spent the time doing some shopping
and visiting with friends. They re
turned to Jordan Monday evening.—
Jordan Gazette.
What is claimed to be the greatest
and most interesting meeting to date
of the Montana State Teachers' associ
ation will be held at Great Falls from
November 22 to 24. Besides the reg
ular sessions of the organization, there
will be meetings of the State Associ
ation of School Trustees, Music Teach
ers' Section, the Montana Council of
Teachers of English, the Parent-Teach
er association, and the Librarians.
Wm. Haw and S. Sleiter of Sullivan
were in town Tuesday with grain.
Is your wife true to you? Ask the
Zartoons. Orpheum this week.
J. C. Harrison of Lindsay bought a
Reo the 6th last Sunday from Has
kell's garage.
A sign in the Rivenes-Wester hard
ware store reads: "If you want to talk
war, join the army and get paid for it,
Cleanliness is next to Godliness—
try Houck's bath tubs for the right
kind of a bath. 38-tf
George Libby of Bluff Creek was in
town last week after a load of gaso
line for his son Raymond.
Lee's Billiard Chips same as cash at
the Sanitary Barber shop in the Dion
block. 25-tf
Tuesday is said to have established
the season's record for the amount of
grain hauled into the three elevators
in this city.
Miss Mabel Williams of Terry, the
Prairie County Superintendent of
Schools, was in town over Sunday
visiting friends and left for her home
the following day.
Ole Wold of Black River Falls, Wis.,
was in town last week and paid a visit
to his farm on Deer Creek which he
has rented to Vernie Jones. Mr. Wold
left for the east on No. 2 yesterday.
Mrs. Charles Hilliard, who recently
underwent a successful operation for
appendicitis, performed by Dr. Dan J
Donohue at the Glendive General hos
pital, left the institution today, com
pletely cured.
Professor R. H. Brown, superintend
ent of the public schools stated that
he would be glad to co-operate with
the city or chamber of commerce to
see that a torch-light parade or mas
querade pageant be gotten up for the
school children next year in the ex
pectation that the usual Hallowe'en
depredations would thus be done away
Next Thursday, November 11th,
there will be held a big auction sale
at the old Heuser ranch on 7-mile
creek, by Mrs. Mary Heuser, admin
istratrix, that promises to be a hum
dinger in the way of a public sale.
The sale, which will be cried by the
popular bonded auctioneer, Bert Hock
ens, will begin at 11 o'clock a. m., and
there will be a free lunch served at
Tip Johnson, Jr., and Oscar Hagan,
Jr. f both of Deer Creek were held up
by a couple of strong arm men in this
city last Wednesday night. Mr. John
son was relieved of a gold watch and
«4 in money, but when Mr. Hagan was
commanded to throw up his hands,
he did so, clutching a roll of bills in
his fist that the highwaymen did not
get. So far no arrests have been made
nor any clues discovered that would
lead to the arrest of the culprits.
A fire which burned a hole in the lin
oleum and floor under an over-heated
kitchen range in the residence occu
pied by H. F. Burkart and family, at
the corner of River avenue and Ben
ham street last Saturday morning at
10:15 o'clock, resulted in an alarm be
ing tooted by the fire whistle to which
the fire department responded in good
time. "Burk" had the fire under con
trol, however, by the time the appar
atus arrived on the scene. There was
only a few dollars damage done.
It is rumored that the Daughters of
Isabella are on the lookout for a hall
or suite of rooms to be used as the
organization's permanent headquar
ters. It is more than likely that they
will secure the old Dawson County
club rooms In the Helms & Volkert
building on west Bell street, which will
be suitably painted and decorated for
their benefit. If these quarters are se
cured by this popular ladies organiza
tion, they will probably sub-rent the
rooms to other women's lodges and
clubs on nights that they are not using
them themselves.
It is conservatively estimated that
several hundred dollars worth of dam
age was done to private and city prop
erty last Saturday and Sunday nights
by the Hallowe'en rowdies. Besides
the destruction of sheds, fences, gates,
wood walks and out buildings, consid
erable damage was done to fine plate
glass windows by the gritty soap
which in many cases left disfiguring
scratches. If the youth of this town
need some sort of exercise to work out
a superabundance of life and exuber
ance, it has been suggested that they
be introduced to a wood pile and a saw
buck, which form of exercise is cer
tainly not conducive to rowdyism or
any other form of lawlessness.
The most complete line of Funeral Sup
plies carried in eastern Montana. For
prompt attention
Plume No. 15» or No. 22 or No. 2€>B
Glendive» Mont.
Is your husband true to you? Ask
the Zartoons... Orpheum this week.
Fred Pust of Burns was a Gate City
visitor yesterday.
An Auto Livery that you can depend
on to get there and back on time.
Statham's Auto Repair Shop. 20-tf.
Attorney Andrew of Beach was a
professional visitor in the City Mon
Have you tried Rankin's tasty and
wholesome Potato Bread? If not, why
not? 38.1t
Mr. Daniels, representing a large
Minneapolis Fur concern, is exhibiting
a fine line of goods at the Moore Mil
linery Shop.
Highest prices paid for Coyote
bounty, Wolf hides, Cow hides and all
other kinds of hides, B. F. Daw
son. 39-tf
George Pederson, the Circle auto
dealer and agent for the Empire car,
was in the city last Friday and Satur
day on business.
Wm. Schaal is going to have a big
Auction sale on Nov. 8th at his farm
limites southwest of Glendive on the
Glendive-Fallon road. 37-2p
We know a lot of people who, no
matter how hard they try, will ever
be able to say real fast: "Flesh of
freshly fried fish." Try it yourself and
Walter Halvorson, formerly connect
ed with the Toggery at Sidney, is ex
pected in today to take charge of the
clothing department of J. H. Miskim
en's store.
Frank Petterson of Terry bought a
Reo the 5th last Friday from the Has
kell Auto & Supply Co., and had it
driven home for him to the Prairie
county seat by Miss Aurilla Drum
John M. Holmquist and Mary Erick
son, both of Reeder, N. D„ were united
in marriage Tuesday afternoon by Jus
tice of the Peace Elmer Martineson.
The couple left for the east yesterday
on No. Z
C. R. Hansen, formerly connected
with the Glendive State bank in this
city, but recently assistant cashier of
one of the Fairview banking institu
tions, was in town last week and this.
Mr. Hillburn of Glendive and Liv
ingston is at the Glendive General
hospital undergoing medical treat
ment for rheumatism and is getting
along as well as can be expected.
The county commissioners met at
the court house on Monday and Tues
day of this week for a brief session,
the principal business being county
road matters.
J. J. Moriarity of Circle, who has
been confined to the Glendive General
hospital for several weeks past suf
fering from a severe attack of typhoid,
is reported as improving rapidly and
will soon be discharged.
Little Elizabeth Baker, aged 7 years,
daughter of Mayor A. A. Baker, had
the misfortune of breaking a bone in
her forearm last week. The injured
member was set by Dr. A L. Hammer
el and the little one is getting along
William E. Steinman and Miss Ma
hala E. Bryan were united in marri
age yesterday in this city and will be
at home to their friends in Union,
Mont., after November 15th. The Mon
itor extends congratulations to the
happy couple.
Pete Nelson of Antigo, Wis., togeth
er with his family, arrived in town on
Tuesday morning to make Glendive
their permanent home. Through the
good offices of Ed. Healy of Healy's
Cigar store, Mr. Nelson was induced to
leave his old home in the east and ac
cept one of the chairs in Bill Houck's
barber shop for the time being at least.
Mr. Nelson is said to be one of the best
barbers that ever wielded tonsorial
tools and both he and his family are
heartily welcomed to our midst.
Enterprise Furniture And
Undertaking Co.
E. D. Giftner
Boautlfui Chapel—and Complete Line of Funeral Supplies
Phone—Day No. 122 Night—No. 71-R or No. 1S-B
A. Evenrud of Bloomfield was in
town yesterday with a load of grain.
Don't throw away your tires and
tubes. We make them as good as new.
Red Trail Vulcanizing Co. 3-tf.
Guy Stephens, the Circle auto livery
man, was in town Monday on busi
Senator George McCone and family
of McCone Heights were in town this
week and expect to leave for home to
Make your tonsorial headquarters
in the new Sanitary Barber Shop in
the Dion Block. Everything mod
ern. 13-tf
We have no objection to the wind,
but for the life of us we can't figure
out why it waits until every Sunday
to go into full force and effect.
Developing free if we finish. 24-hour
photo service. Full line of kodaks, film
and photographic supplies. Foster's
Quality Shop, Beasley Block. 37-tf.
The cause of woman suffrage receiv
ed a severe set-back in New York,
Massachusetts and Pennsylvania on
Tuesday when the vote went in some
precincts as high as ten to one against
the movement. Several weeks ago the
state of New Jersey, despite the advo
cacy of President Wilson, went 60,000
agffinst equal suffrage.
TRADE—Wanted to trade, my new
Player Piano, standard make, for a
good upright piano. P. O. Box 683,
Glendive, Mont. 28-tf.
WANTED—Girl for general house
work. Apply Mrs. H. N. Dion, 601
Kendrick Ave. 27-tf.
FOR SALE—1911 Thomas Flyer
Roadster, at a bargain. Art Rawson,
Hotel Jordan, Glendive, Mont. 28
FOR SALE—Three shares of stock in
Glendive State bank. E. W. Sullivan,
48 Mountain Ave., Hamilton, Ont.
Canada. 38-3t.
FOR SALE—Office desk and chair,
rocker, steel couch and folding bed.
C. W. MacWilliams, 204 S. Douglas
Street. ' 38-3t.
HOUSE to RENT—Four rooms, bath,
range and furnace, 204 S. Douglas
St. Apply to Rev. C. W. MacWilliams
during forenoons. 35
FOR RENT—Three nicely furnished
rooms for light housekeeping. Call
on Mrs. Clayton, 203 S. Kendrick
Ave. 32-tf.
TO TRADE—A 25-volume cloth bound
set of DuBalzac in exchange for a
complete set of Shakespeare in good
condition. Address Editor, The Mon
itor. 32-tf.
LOST—Hereford cow and calf, brand
ed — 3N on right hip, range on Deer
creek. $10 reward for information
leading to recovery. H. J. Nye, Glen
dive, Mont. 38-lp.
mare, dark brown, branded 6A — on
right shoulder, with colt branded A—
on right shoulder. Last seen on Sheep
mountain about 2 months ago. $25.00
reward paid for information leading
to their recovery. Address I. I. Had
land, Horse Creek, Mont. 37-3p.
$5.00 REWARD—for information lead
ing to the arrest and conviction of
the party or parties who maliciously
removed the road sign posts from the
county roads leading to the city of
Glendive, the property of Eustrom &
Sinclair, produce commission mer
chants. Address information confiden
tially to Eustrom & Sinclair or The
Editor, Yellowstone Monitor. 34-tf.
LOST—Two weeks ago, ring with 3
keys. Return to Monitor. Reward.

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