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Published Weekly by The People's Voice Publishing Co.
at 1205 Lockey Street, Helena, Montana
P. O. Box 838
Entered as Second Class Matter December 7, 1939 at the Post Office at
Helena, Montana, under the Act of March 3, 1879
S. BRUCE, Managing Editor
One week from today the voters of Montana will have made
their choice of candidates for state and county officers on
the slates of the two major parties. Let us hope that each and
every voter, exercised intelligence and reason in casting his
or her ballot — v
Subscription Price; Year $1.00; Six Months 75c.
No Commercial Advertising except from Co-operative Business institu
tions accepted. Rates on application.
The Choice
The policy of the Voice in this campaign, has been and still
is with this "11th hour" issue, to urge the nomination of A. E.
Kathan for governor on the democratic ticket. It has sup
ported no other candidate for any other office, because this
year, above all other years, the election of an independent
thinking, militantly courageous, inflexibly honest man as gov
ernor is of paramount importance. For that reason, the Voice
nas concentrated all of its influence to that end.
Mr. Kathan is not in the race for the nomination for per
sonal reasons. He was not and is not politically ambitious.
It took a great deal of urging on the part of representatives
of large organized groups in the state, to get his consent to
. * e . • j u j u . •
make the race. Once his decision was reached, characters
tically, he immediately started out on a personal campaign
which has taken him into every county in the state, and his
own great efforts together with fine organized efforts support
. ,? , , f. ,, . , j., , ,v j
mg him, have made him the outstanding candidate on the dem
ocratic party and his nomination appears certain as this is
Two outstanding factors have contributed to the successful
. , , , ,, T . . • za r . u • ..
development of Mr. Kathan s campaign. One of these, is the
fact that the people are not so easily misled by propaganda
now as they were a few years ago. We have often urged
the people to be "intelligently selfish" when they select a
candidate to support, and we believe that this year they are
going to be just that; that they are going to place no reliance
on one who has broken promises nor on one whose promises
can be questioned because of his background andl affiliations
They will vote for Kathan, whose record in both houses of
the Montana legislature is a clear, unmarred testimonial to
his keeping faith with the common people of the state.
The other factor which has made for the rapid growth of
sentiment for Kathan on the democratic party ticket, is the
question that has been raised in the public mind in regard to
the candidacy of the other two candidates opposing him for
, . ,.
the nomination.
Ayers' sole claim for consideration for re-election is because
he has "balanced the budget." This has been harped on by
the corporation controlled press, when as a matter of fact, rec
ords do not substantiate the claim. He states that he has con
ducted a "business-like administration." Again we refer you
to the records which proves that he has conducted an adminis
tration of the affairs of the state which has constantly in
creased ill cost to the people of the state.
Mr. Lamey, the other candidate, presided at a party con
vention this year which endorsed the Ayers' administration,
when he (Lamey) was already an announced candidate against
. rr,, ■ .. .. . - , ,. ... , .
This all of activities his
Ayers. tinges Lamey s activities in own can
didacy with the suspicion of being a candidate to help Ayers
defeat Kathan; both Ayers and Lamey being leaders in the
state, party machine.
Moreover, Mr. Lamey's background as attorney for the
Great Northern Railroad and the exploiting Montana-Dakota
Power Company, immediately raises the question in the minds
of the voters: Will Lamey be able to overcome his predilections
of years for the interests of these exploiting utilities; change
completely his usual processes of reasoning and resolve all
questions in favor of the general public. The people are not
convinced that it is possible for Mr. Lamey to even begin to do
it. His sympathies, his thought processes have been condi
tioned in favor of the great corporations for too long a time.
The leopard cannot change its spots.
Ayers points with specious argument to the record made in
office; places so low an estimate on the public intelligence
that he believes it possible, by such means, to sell enough peo
ple the idea of voting for him again. Mr. Lamey makes
of the In his
promises; promises political variety.
background there is absolutely nothing to indicate that they
amount to anything else. He has not committed himself to
any specific program for the betterment of the economic con
dition of the common, working people of the state. He has
made no promises to protect the people of the state against
the greed of the great corporations. He has made no dec
laration that he will safeguard the natural resources of the
state from selfish exploitation by these same corporations.
And the people are satiated with political generalities and
promises of politicians.
Political Assessments
It is the common practice of politicians of the type of
Ayers, occupying places of power, to compel those working
under them to contribute to campaign funds in election years.
Ayers has followed precedent. Not only have workers on
the state payroll had assessments made against them, but
promises to contribute monthly from their pay have been
The Voice knows of one case particularly, where one of the
lowest paid workers on the state payroll, a man with a family,
had to contribute $10 to the Ayers..' campaign to start with,
and agree to give $5 each month to the fund out of his scanty
The name of this man cannot be published. The reasons
are obvious. Nor can any of them make any public protest.
All of them "have to pay and like it." The "Hitler Bill"
administered by a ruthless governor, will get them if they
a ,
Political Spots
Valley county of late has been receiving a great deal of
attention from upstate political candidates of both parties.
Any county with over 6,000 registered voters is naturally a
stopping place for candidates making a state-wide campaign.
Next week the American Legion convention scheduled for
Glasgow will undoubtedly cause a further influx of candidates
who hope to emphasize their affiliation to veteran's organi
zations by being present in Glasgow.
Karl Slebecker, regional director
for Technocracy, Inc., had some perti
nent comments to make on this Con
tinents defense in the present world
He called attention to the need for
cooperation among the National en
titles of North America: stating that
Technocracy's plan for adequate de
fense would be Continental in scope,
with expansion of all naval, army, air
forces and coastal defenses beyond
anything contemplated by our present
SÄäi.niiTXa wl..™"
ln thR July Issue of Technocracy
Mr. Slebecker further stated "that
^ 1 ^ 1 °"^ 'unlesî^he^mora^of^the
men behind the lines is solidly patriot
ic. Unemployment with its concom
ltant of undernourished bodies, and
outlook of a jobIess future are the
most sinister forces that undermine
the patriotism of a people. Therefore
a reaI effort t0 correct whatever
vIfe , jmportance to our defense pro
gra m and deserves the attention of
every patriotic citizen,
"Various organizations throughout
the country purport to have plans to
cure thege evil8 The people sh0 uid
study -them, remaining skeptical of
all; until sure there is no ulterior or
subversive motive behind the organ
izatlon and its activities. The first
gigI1 of unpatrio tic motive is. of
course, that the sponsoring organiza
lion and some or all of its members
'y 111 8tand to profit at the expense of
the common folks, if their program or
remedy ls adopted. You will find that
very few organizations can stand the
searchlight of this sort of skepticism."
" How about Technocracy? i asked,
reglonal director as he went on to
S ay: "Technocracy was started as a
research body back in 1919; purely
0 A ^ H ^ de t a 0 ci uLrö" P C om
tinent It has n0 connections or af
filiations with any foreign organize,
tlon - its study and conclusions are
^iTces^T aTveSb^t
any one
"As an organization it is entirely
different from ail others, ah other
organizations consist of a body of
people banded together for the pur
pose 0 { creating a force within their
organization to bring about a change
outsi(le their organization,
izatlon lnc0 r P orated under the laws ot
the state of New York; it is a group
of people joined together for the pur
pose of studying the forces out
herent in our economic and social
structure, to determine where these
forces are taking us; then to plan a
method of working with these inevit
able scientific forces in order to pro
d UCe and distribute the abundance of
goods our technology makes possible,
"Technocracy lnc„ will be disbanded
whenever their plan is selected by
the people to be put into operation,
and each member will step into what
ever functional capacity he can till
in the social order. Neither the or
ganization nor any of its members will
gain anything more thaii eyeryone e se
will We know the truth of the max
im: 'We can only help ourselves by
he ping everyone else,
"You see Technocracy is not out to
tear down or smash anything. They
... .. „1 „1
are studying the scentific physical
, I- u i 4 - 1 - „
forces which are already doing that,
all too rapidly. From this study they
have formulated a plan to substitute
when our Price System crashes, in
order to avoid chaos and revolution."
"Tell me how you can get members
without some sort of bait?" I queried.
"There is plenty of bait," replied
this Technocrat, "if people will just
look into Technocracy a little they
soon see that America's ability to
produce is so great that all can have
anything and everything they wish.
Very few have that today, and those
who have, can plainly see that their
present holdings will be valueless,
when the inevitable scientific forces
within the Price System itself, de
stroy it."
"What class ot people are interest
ed in Technocracy?" I questioned.
"It appeals to a type of mind, not
to classes, either economic or social,
nor to any particular profession, the
analytical type of mind is more apt
to be Interested. We exclude only one
class: The politician and the dues
paying member of a political party.
This excludes the 'radicals' for Tech
nocracy Is 100 per cent against Naz
ism. Facism and Communism.
"This eschewing of anything poli
tical is reflected in a letter to a post
office employee of San Diego, Calif.,
who had written to the U. S. Civil
Service Commission as to his status in
The American Legion being non-political, does not, how
ever, endorse any particular party or candidate,
for Americanism and the right for freedom of expression in
conformance with true American principles.
Steam-roller tactics such as were employed in Helena at the
Democratic state convention are the very reverse of such prin
ciples and most assuredly would not meet with the approval
of the Legion even though it was conducted by one of their
, number who is at present in the political spotlight.
With world conditions such as they are, with subversive
groups active in every country, including our own, the Amer
ican Legion may play a major part in retaining for America
those liberties which have been obtained through centuries of
strenuous effort.
In the majority of cases the qualifications of candidates for
office can be better judged by their previous performance
rather than by their membership in any organization, no mat
ter how patriotic in principle that, organization may be.
has often been said, the leopard does not change its spots,
neither does a corporation lawyer lessen his allegiance to his
ployers just because he dons the uniform of a patriotic
body, or runs for office.—Nashua Messenger.
It stands
Head of Packard Motor Car Co.
says that his firm will manufacture
airplane motors for Uncle Sam "it
there's money In it- for us," and that
"we are not going Into this thing for
our health."
doesn't count.
Uncle Sam's health
Draft Roosevelt Campaign Started;
Wheeler Out for Nomination
President Roosevelt has the political
prognosticators further up a tree right
now than ever before.
As this is written, FDR, so far as
anybody is aware, has not communi
cated his third term thoughts to a
living soul. That there will be a great
effort to force the democratic nomina
tion upon him is regarded as a cer
tainty—by everybody except Mon
tana's isolationist Senator Wheeler.
he and he
will be
alone can bring victory to his party.
The draft campaign is under way.
jWill he be able to resist the pleas
of his friends?
That the new deal inner circle ex
pects he will consent to run again
is Indicated by the fact that neither
of their two favorities in the event
Roosevelt does not run—Supreme
Court Justice Douglas and Attorney
General Jackson — has recently been
"spotlighted" to any great degree.
Douglas has bden mentioned as a
running mate for the President.
The only prospective candidate for
the democratic nomination who seems
to be making an active campaign at
this time is Senator Wheeler. He is
reliably reported to have told inti
mates that FDR may not be able to
get the nomination even if he wants
it and that his own chances are ex
ceedingly bright.
Wheeler currently is holding a club
over the democratic convention with
the threat of launching an anti-war
party if the convention does not adopt
a satisfactory peace plank—meaning
a peace plank satisfactory to the Mon
tana senator. While the democrats
undoubtedly will adopt a keep out of
the war plank, it is not likely that a
convention dominated by Roosevelt
will do anything to give aid and com
fort to Herr Hitler. And the liberals
of America do not want them to.
It is noticeable that the writers who
helped put Wendell Willkie over are
trying to create the impression—for
FDR's benefit, no doubt—that it is no
longer necessary for the president to
make the race since Willkle's views
on preparedness and foreign affairs
are similar to his own. While Willkie
is chanting. "I want to take on nobody
but the champ himself," his managers
are frantically trying to arrange a
bout with anybody but the champ.
Their game is obvious and does not
The very thought of
fool many.
Roosevelt running again gives the re
They would
publicans a nightmare,
enter the campaign against him in
much the same state of mind that
Joe Louis' opponents are in when they
climb into the ring against the dusky
Cartel Plan Meets
Opposition At Home
The foreign ministers of the West
ern Hemisphere countries will meet
i at Havana on July 20 to take up,
'among other things, the cartel or trade
monopoly plan to meet successfully
regard to affiliating with and taking
lui activities ot Technoc
: p Under date of June 13> 1939
*' clvU service Commission,
care f ul consideration" gave U.
Government clvll Service Era
government livh o
ployees the 'green light as far as
* , . „„„„„.J >•
Technocracy is concerned,
"Where can a fellow find out about
Technocracy?" I enquired.
"You've been finding out a little,
I hope," smiled the Regional Direc
tor. "For further information Techno
cracy invites you to step into any
of its section headquarters, which are
scattered from Panama to
San Francisco to New York. Read
some of the ten continentally-wide
circulated magazines. Attend the lec
tures, which are delivered daily or
nightly in hundreds of places; here
in Montana a lecturer spoke in Hel
ena July 2nd and in Billings July 3rd.
Another will speak In Livingston July
16th, Butte the 16th or 18th, Helena
the 19th, Great Falls the 20th and
Missoula the 22nd.
Locally here in Helena you can hear
discussions every week at the sec
tion headquarters, 14 S. Main St.
If you wish more there are study
classes in all these and many other
places, every week.
"Our meetings are open to the pub
lic; for Technocracy in its origin, its
design, its aims and its organization
is 100 per cent American. Techno
cracy is the only social design origin
ating wholly in America; it is planned
for the conditions here, and Is not at
present applicable to any other part
of the world. WE INVITE INVESTI
the Hitler barter economy after the
But the plan seems to be experi
encing some difficulties. It proposes
a sort of giant corporation in which
all the countries of this hemisphere
will pool their surplus agricultural and
Industrial products as well as rew ma
terials for export. Such control of
exports, it is thought, will enable the
Western Hemisphere to sell Its goods
at an advantage, rather than at a dis
advantage which would be the case if
each country pursues an independent
Under the plan, as now conceived,
growers and manufacturers would re
ceive subsidies for that part of the
surplus withheld from the market—
and Uncle Sam would be expected to
foot either all or the major share of
the bill. Hence the opposition to the
plan that is developing here. How
ever, economists, it Is pointed out,
have as yet not devised a better plan.
The old procedure would be to dump
goods withheld from the market into
the ocean,
gency has brought home to many real
ization of the fact that an economy
based on scarcity adds neither to our
national strength nor to the material
well-being of the great masses of our
people. So maybe, if the plan goes
through, the old order of things may
be reversed and the hungry people will
be given the food rather than the
fishes in the sea.
But the national emer
Would Tax Intangible Wealth
A new tax proposal is to be sub
mitted to congress by Rep. Knute Hill,
Washington, for a 6-mill yearly levy by
the federal government on all intangi
ble wealth (stocks, bonds, securities,
moneys and credits, etc.) in excess ot
$50,000 designed to raise from $800,
000,000 to $1,000,000,000 annually for
defense purposes. It would do away
with tax-exempt securities.
The purpose of the new tax scheme
is aimed at bringing tax relief to the
consumer, making wealth bear a more
proportionate share of the tax burden,
and incentive for
ulation of idle wealth.
The tax bill has been drawn by
Robert Bell, Jr., son of Federal Judge
Robert Bell, Minnesota. Explains At
torney Bell: "Most of the fortunes to
day are represented by intangible per
sonal property. Income taxes cannot
reach such property. In most states
the property taxes on a million dollars
in Intangibles is less than the proper
ty tax on a $20,000 home. It would
be very desirable to even up the in
equalities of our tax structure in order
to obtain a wider distribution of mass
purchasing power. This is what a na
tional tax on intangibles would do."
The only difficulty with getting this
tax bill through congress is that the
majority in congress are more inter
ested in tax inequality than they are
in equalizing taxation.
Witness the failure of all past ef
forts to do away with tax exempt sec
urities, which is scandalous favoritism
shown to the wealthy investor.
Enter Profiteering
Enter Profiteering
Proof of profiteering on the part of
local business groups in shipbuilding
centers where work on government
contracts is being done was submitted
last week to members of the National
Defense Committee and other govern
ment officials.
The evidence was gathered by union
representatives and involve such
places as Camden and Kerney, New
Jersey; New London, Conn.; Quincy,
Mass.; Bath, Me., New Orleans, La.,
and other shipbuilding localities.
According to the union spokesmen,
local businessmen, taking advantage
of the fact that workers are now
given steady employment at the pri
vate shipyards, although at no in
crease in pay, have boosted rents,
prices of food staples, and - everything
that enters into living costs out of all
proportion. Similar Increase in living
costs in other sections of the coun
try, a check shows, have not occurred,
establishing definitely that it repre
sents unadulterated profiteering by
local merchants.
Government officials are looking
into the situation in an effort to avoid
labor difficulties resulting from in
cerased wage demands justified under
the circumstances.
current Capital Chatter
It has been suggested that prisoners
in the various penitentiaries be put
to work making munitions for Uncle
Sam. Seems to us that there are
plenty of people not in prisons look
ing for work to do ... . One of the
busiest offices on Capitol Hill these
days Is that of Rep. Abe Murdock,
Utah. Murdock, who is a candidate
for the United States Senate, is one
of the few men whose record is both
100 percent labor and farmer . . . .
The Willkie people accuse those who
call attention to the fact that their
candidate is a public utilities magnate
as "throwing mud." Are they ashamed
how Mr. Willkie has been earning
The Chamber of
Commerce of the State of New York
is making a very vigorous campaign
in the senate in behalf of the Smith
amendments to the NLRB, already
passed by the house.
With Minnesota's Governor Stassen
named as chairman of Willkie's ad
visory campaign committee, you can
be sure that the advice the republican
nominee will receive will be, "Talk
like a liberal, but act like a conserva
tive when you are elected." .... No
body can give more than a $5,000 gift
to the GOP campaign cheat,
there is no rule against a fellow send
ing a $5,000 contribution for his sten
ographers and office boys and for each
of his poor relations .... People who
know Wendell Willkie say that his
hatred of FDR borders on the patho
logical .... Fear that victory for
Adolf Hitler means a fascist Europe
is borne out by the fact that France
is going over to the fascists lock,
stock, and barrel.
A few weeks ago they were not
giving the British even a remote fight
his livelihood?
Publication ot communications under this heading, does not imply that the
Voice agrees or disagrees with thé opinions expressed. Letters submitted
for this department should be brief and the subject matter discussed, to
some degree at least, objectively.
Editor, People's Voice, Open Forum:
After reading Doherty's splendid
editorial I am moved to acclaim and
add my bit to help out.
Why fear an invasion of Germany?
Hitler may aspire to be master of
Europe but he still has two-thirds of
it to conquer. Why suspect him ot
having designs on America before he
gets his way in Europe? As others
have said America is too isolated to
be easily attacked either by sea or
air. The countries of South America
may choose their own dictators but
why should they wish to take their
orders from Hitler?
Many people are puzzled by Hitler.
The British believed the German peo
ple would rebel against Hitler if en
couraged so they planted propaganda.
Wild predictions were made about his
economic strength,
going strong, seeming to have in
spired his followers with a "do or
die" spirit that has made thousands
of German martyrs. If his soldiers
really worship him fet us hope that
he will soon show the rest of Europe
might spell the end of European wars
even under a dictator.
The great danger to our country as
many have said is the fifth column.
By voting intelligently everyone can
help to keep the country out of war.
Fifth columns cannot flourish if we
put men and women into office who
will see that there are no empty
stomachs and idle hands to populate
the devil's workshop. Hitler will not
attack unless he finds the way open.
Our candidates must promise that it
will not be open.
In choosing any candidate we must
make sure of his principles, qualifica
tions, record, degree of religion. It is
not so Important to know a man's
party as it is to know whether he is
liberal or reactionary,
plenty of both in all parties. People
who believe in "my party, right or
wrong" cannot be classed as progres
Yet he is still
A United States of Europe
There are
sives. Clever, selfish politicians are
found everywhere. Many endorse the
platform of the party before election
and forget it entirely later.
We need to know the age and con
dition of health of every candidate
that there may be few appointments.
We need to know something of a
man's character and record that we
may decide whether his campaign
pledges have meaning. For instance,
Senator Wheeler has pledged his ef
forts to keep us out of war. We have
a right to assume from his stand on
the Supreme Court question that he
will keep his campaign pledge, even
though we may not have approved
of that stand. If we vote for Wheeler
for president (let us hope we may
have that privilege) then we should
in all consistency vote for a congress
that will stand with him. We must
have a governor and state officers
wbo will give him their support,
County officials must be chosen care
fully and watched in order that we
may help promote the deserving ones.
Lastly we need to know the degree of
a man's religion. His special church
matters not but if he is religious to
the point of fanaticism we should
Fanatics forget that we
know it.
have laws for the separation ot church
and state, for the separation of state
schools and religious schools. Some
believe Hitler is a religious fanatic
as he often allies himself with God
in his book "Mein Kampf." This may
explain the blind worship of the Ger
mans for the new Mars.
How can we learn these things
about our candidates? It is not as
easy as it should be in a democratic
country. If people are to vote they
must be pre-educated by free publica
tions of unbiased facts such as the
voting records ot the legislators.
Otherwise too many people will vote
for moronic reasons only and cor
rupt officials will hold the offices.
Let us hope and vote for more rep
resentatives like Mrs. Martin of Fer
gus County who wasn't afraid to de
clare herself in favor of publishing
voting records of legislators.—Mrs.
Ella V. Archer, Grass Range, Mont.
The new deal made a brave effort
under Roosevelt to solve the depres
sion, and still retain the money scarc
ity system in vogue—or in fact the
money monopoly system,
have accomplished some progress and
more efficient results, if reactionaries
and obstructionists had co-operated
with Roosevelt, which they did not.
However all new deal efforts priming
the pump from the top down instead
of from the bottom up, which policy
in itself was a wrong theory and was
doomed to failure and to leave 15
million yet unemployed, with their de
pendents in economic misery. In the
very beginning in 1933—five million
WPA should have been put to work
public works or a military, ocean to
ocean highway at not less than $100
It could
a month annual income. That group
would now be solvent, healthy people;
asset with accumulated re
a war
sources, many of them home owners.
Whereas now, they are on under
$50 a month job, are in the jails, un
der-nourished and worse economic
burdens than before, and all of the
ing chance. Now they are beginning
to believe that Britain will not be such
an easy nut to crack
the part of some members of congress
that unless they can get back home
and do some campaigning they will
be defeated next November may force
adjournment of congress this summer
. . . . Rep. Rankin, Mississippi, says
that the republican party has been
"blitzkrieged" by the Power Trust . . .
According to "Facts in Review," a
nazi publication, Hitler is conquering
his neighbors in order to raise "their
low living standards." Just how that
squares with the fact that the living
standards in the Scandinavian coun
tries is much higher than in Hitler's
reich is not explained.
Fear on
20 billion dollars pump priming money
from the top down—is back in the
bankers hands: idle stagnant money,
which only 1% of the people can ever
reach the use of again. This was the
Brain Trusters goal and they sure
made the goal. We must have the
Townsend 60-60 plan and 10 million
unemployed must be put to work at
$100 a month, the least decent mini
mum standard of American living.
An ocean to ocean military highway
10 feet wide with trailor house camps
30 miles apart must be launched to
give this work to unemployed. Then
purchasing power will soon move con
sumer goods, solve the farm problem
and make democracy work for all the
people. I would issue 10 billion, no
basic metal treasury green backs like
Lincoln did in 1860, based on national
resources to finance this job.
As to Montana's part in the plan,
we must nominate and elect Kathan
for governor—A. L. Sutherland, Great
Falls, Mont.
St. gnatlus, Montana.
June 22, 1940.
"The People's Voice:
Helena, Montana.
Mr. Editor:
With a growing ambition the war
lords of the United States are trying
to stir up the people into a frenzy, and
it appears now is the proper time to
balance the question of life and money
by declaring all bonds now held
against the government null and void
and all industry subject to seizure
during the war in case man power is
conscripted. If the poor man's life
is of no consequence to American
holders of wealth then wealth is of
no consequence*to the poor man or any
of our people who must offer life as
a sacrifice,
money and life must stand on equal
footing in case of war and no prefer
ence shown in either.
Stop this war chatter by placing
Is it not time to say
mongers on losing
as completely as the soldier in the
field and see how quickly the talk
ot war will change. Let wealth and
poverty both be placed on equal foot
ing for once and for all in devotion
to our country's good. That would
prove the patriotism of a united
Yours truly,
(Continued From Paare One)
year were $171,326.78 more than they
were in the fiscal year ending June 30,
1938, but the expenditures for water
conservation were $451,647.73 less in
the last fiscal year than they were
for the fiscal year ending June 30,
both funds into consideration, was
$280,221.95. What was done with this
money? How many salaried machine
politicians got in on that take?
So the net reduction taking
During the fiscal year of 1936-1937
when Ayers went into office, the re
ceipts of the General fund increased
more than three quarters of a million
dollars over the receipts of the pre
vious fiscal year. The following year
it increased another $1,113,803.60: the
following year, ending June 30, 1939,
a further Increase over the year end
ing June 30, 1937, amounting to $1,
892,951.13. It was during this year
that relief had to be slashed and
water conservation curtailed,
was done with the money, Mr. Ayers?
How many more employes were placed
on the state payroll just to strengthen
the political machine you had built,
using this money for that purpose?
These are questions that have oc
curred to the voters and their dissatis
faction with the explanations given
by the governor will be registered at
the polls next week. The people can
not be fooled all of the time.
During the fiscal year just ended,
the state general fund received $1,
508,820.80 more than in the fiscal year
ending June 30, 1937, the first year of
Mr. Ayers' administration when the
receipts were already more by $760,
126.79 than the year before,
average yearly increase in the general
fund during the Ayers administration
has been $1,501,858.51.
The next item mentioned in the pub
licity is teachers' retirement as one
of the features which has taken up
the increase in revenue to the general
fund. This is a false statement, and
if Mr. Ayers does not know it, inas
much as he offers it as an excuse,
there is certainly no excuse why ho
should not be familiar with the facts.
The teachers' retirement funds never
get into the general fund and are not
expended out of the general fund. All
in all, that is perhaps good fortune for
this fund.
The next item mentioned is old age
Ayers knows or should
know, that old age pensions are ac
counted in the public welfare account.
Finally, what "other hew or ex
panded services" are there. You will
not find them on the record. Ayers
probably has reference to the services
of the swarm of extra employees
whose sole functions appear to be to
campaign for him.
The King was with the
liquor board
Shaking up a deal;
The Queen was in the
Giving orders to a heel;
The Prince was in the
Hauling in the take;
The taxpayers were sbeep
But won't they ever
—Meagher County Voter

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