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Sun River sun. [volume] (Sun River, Mont.) 1884-1885, May 01, 1884, Image 1

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SUN rIV ER SUN.__ We ,t nn on ob n with netti
oU, ...4 - -| ,,,,,wm oh. Trhtypel othn, l u k . 1 .
, .. VOL, , SUN RIVER, MONTANA TERRITORY, THURSDAY, MAY 1 1884, No, 12. hefieho dh 11nrnt..mffUd
Arthur P. Curtin,
3elen"a, Mo"tal.,
The leading House in the Torritory in
urniture, Carpet, Wall Paper and
r tnte PUdnsl,,.ins Ooode.
Thr stoak of f nurl turs u ire nfl nraden and prince, front n common wood 'cot chlir to on
lietnt rlor or hod rotmn 'tfti wlde* In th0
Can be found an immense stock of Velvets, Body and Tap'y Brus
els, 8-Plys, Ex-Supers, cotton chains, rags, hemps, mnattings, etc.,
to. Smyrna, velvet and tapestry rugs and mats.
Borders and centres to math. To all of which may be added an end
ess variety of housefurnishing goods. The whole comprising together
the m st complete stock in the territory.
A cordial Invitation extcndrd to call. Ordlcr will nrtive In ml,t attntion and wifl be filled
w.thutmuet a. Younr, tu., Arthur P. Curtin.
R. S. Hale & Co.,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Drugs, Chilicals a Melcines,
Fancy Toilet Articles, Paints, Oils & Brushes.
And all gude to be found in a thorno ldy ,tonokil drug etore. Pnrthulhr Ittentiol given to orrtl e
from country phyalciuna end uotomIPro. All nlicldl rsiCo wrrnmnt,,d frolh ctlt(l II.nentn nd
of the beat quality Horm'ro and Os.ttle condition Itwdr.'eetlsp dip, ac.
Orders by mall will receive prompt attention.
-CRAND- : ;o. "
Fert Benton, Montana.
The U.S. Military relegraph Office
is located in Hotel.
Fiscit and Latiest Hotel Ia the West.
frntdlaea aeummnudtotlon for tr.vel ire.
o,wd somple oom rmoom. for (tolaltonrunll
,nren. Pine baernnd bli.ldl ohell it conllnw
tin. Charyte rttuinahledc.
Hunsberger & Travis. -
ianne lourk. Mr. Ilourk.
laving rooeently received u lot of macldniry from st. I.mol, we are bettor preparl than ever
to do all kinds of
First Class Work.
Meroll work of any kind made to ord,,r. HaNh nld door Imadi to order on ehaort
notice and
Cheaper than they can be shipped here.
';e can roatraet elwcnlr tlhan any olthor /crtlee In Hint liter, aOs wo Iv ti e only mnchinery in thc
rityfur doligall kuds ouf work. N.oltifctiol t(luornntued.
Sun River, . Montana
. . . . ..- .... .- ~ . . . .... . ! :, .. .. .
New Firm, New Business.
Bourk, Kauffman & Co.,
Sash, Blind and Door Facto' y,
Mouldings of all JKinds, Planing done to ordetr.
1st ST,, - . SUN RIVER, M. T.
.- . .
NE El .ft IITii r I'|' .. i"c" 1 . .ill" i'l p"' .itE.' l . .I."'"
|JI id| POII IiV J! ' o |nn Ihrnuhllh n. Thto n+llvl|llllklc k
iU t.ti isl. li iluluun .t. . ' luI J i, liiy oitfl tIhcu. i t
ll in I crn ('olnlu r,lu inl 4' lOvuc.c . ''ulitiou ni Ihilhrr
r x/ 1I v/2i .,l tii lli, other irrt-c"lu ('l,'i ic. i''l * u tI1 I cc.ii t.
Ihoo.ua ui c.l ol.ccir r orf l II'iu irn cru' rie.d hjrcr
-) ccv in t lil, lading Bryant & Stratton ('tlnnier.
AND ENGLISH TRAINING SCHOOL. cidi (c'","''i in t'h. Uvnrin 'ltelt'. himt .
•UU i I uhJD Blo;(-k, in!.'. plci l ty. ('irtltllu.l'
l nirnt rit ct ,h ia t ,it tui I; lncd th lr ntiormltioll will e i sent to iany, ihlr(ei on iapilic.' in to
I. T. Engeilorn or E. O. Rallsback, Principals, Jlncica. 3. i
SHIN LBpo S ccilrlcl0it thc icirdgci tblul.idii
Orders by n nil will irwcele prompt oan(d oreful mitt nioun,
H t Cl S m t ,, Sun River, Mont.
Ft. Shaw & Florenc& Road.
Goon1 acciolnluOllUtioins for 1111111
and hoant. b Ulst li luors and eig s.
Giiv us a call. Rlt.,
i JoHn M..Scu'2mer
i ' ho l irofcss itonlt tOltil'ocil artrisft,
[| lh"h tiin poned his, ,,,w I......r ,... , a. ,11,, . + .
Ss l0l. ris in Il s'o blo'k and s lcil, n ..hrt u of fthe
tIirrtunaclo of thI public. Hllir-cutting and ;hnl pooin; II spi ; eltcty. Liluvs hair (ldrinG, a .p..
11d, T wllclry wurk for irlvt talc m slli no.
lcil nul mod sntisf) t hii c iltin te* d.in
lilldry-illcr l.lt l a tiLth.
SUN 11i11'1', . RlONT.
W101 L .13y0 I
Sun River Southern Stago Line.
'lI'rlniurls Unitilll i s Mcll]. I Two tl +ii' ii"'l.r k 'I'i1i+,i l itol ,'riIny-liiic'tO w hin iI iir
gls f+lnir nt tx ii r, . ' it L'lldhn, litei SIccll, I.,"I \..,i
hLaugh and the world Initghl withl 'ou.
Wreepndll you wa.'p nlone;
For tlh and old lEarth mutst horrow its mirth,
Blut iha trouble enoiughi of its own.
illtg, and the hills will nnswer(
higih--It it lost on the dir:
The eclem bound to a joyful soundl,
tlht aire low to the voie of cltrj.
IiJoice, nnd mnol will me ek yout
(Grelov, and tihy turn nnd get:
The'y wntlt full mienureo f your plinfure,
But they do not n dal ytr. wo.
Hle tlnd,tand your friendi nna Imlty:
lk' sad and you l.ooe thm i all:
Thiere are none to decrline your nle brced winl
Hut ailone yon nuit drink llf't gull.
"Yes, that was an exciting dua,
declared Lenox, "the events of which
I shall never forgot ns long as I live.
I fully expected a disastrous ending
to the journey, but it has proved to
be the beginning of a happy, golden
future for me. No wonder I pinch
myself sometimes to see if I am
reanmitlg !"
"You are t Inct y dog! Tell us how
it all camoe about."
"Have another cigar, Jack. And
you, Teddy, take that ea:;y-chair.
M~ke yourselves comfortablel , and I
will tell you the whole story.
"I had been mopig abshout in Brun
sels for ia month or more, low in spirits
short of money, and wanting in cour
age. The Art Acatelmy had refused
aIdmission to omy 'Desdemoulla,' my
Inastorpiece, dashing my proud hol.s
to the grounld, and leaving me in des
patiring doubt as to my next move,.
At this low ebb of my nfitairs Rushn:
brook's letter came; I have it in amy
pocket at this moment, land will read
it to shorten my eXlpllatllion."
DEAn Le:sox: Old M.ortonl and his
daughter wish to cross the Channe'l in
a few days, and need some one to look
after them on the way. "\Who in the
world is old Mortonl And why caun't
he take care of himsctlf ?" I hlar yon
mentally ejacuihte; but whenl I mina
tion that the dunghtter is Elainc Mor
ton, the raved-ovier beauty at Cannes
this seson, you will read the remain
der of my letter with more interetet.
The father is rather a weuk-minded
old party, knows no lunguage save his
native British, and gets flustered on i
journey. Though lie would ne ver
ackn:owledmlg: it, he really ni'ed- rom'
one to conduct hitm and .i,:; lovely
danlghtt'er through the he:dthniish
regiouls lying hietweetn 'lritnlhaort allnl
tlie sealhoardtl. I menlttioned casually
that all English friend of millte ill
B]russels nilluing you. of course
was on the lev of detlartlrll for Loll
don by th(, route that he, (Mr. Mor
toll) had chlosen. The old follow seized
upon the sulggestioll-- ralher to lily
surprise,, its lhe is a trile ernusty land
suspicious- and ashked if lmy friend
would join himt on ithe joureiy. I do
clared unhesitatingly thl.t liothing
would give you greater platsuro: and
I told the old ganllthl-tln thlit ymn
w'r'o to be foudl at the Hotel do
France. Don't Iht this chalnce slip,
my boy. iGuide those hbelples:- oMite
on tlheir dangorous pilgriumaig , give
thuem anI idea of what Ia Chateartialdal
you alre ill very diy lifel, together
with a hint of what you cal accol cc
plish in the studio, and you will will
tlhe hlearts of both father and daugh
ter. Perhaips Miss Mortoni would sit
to you for her portrait, and then your
fortune would be made. What tart
tilhe small di:sco('lllforts ltand exl)(LLN.is of
an unexp)cted trip to Londonll, comli
plretd with the lucky puossibilities it
embrall es? lIt at the IHotel die France
by 11 o'clock to-imorow. Luck is
snliling on you; and you will, I iatm
sure, make thI best of your oppor
tinities, Yours devotedly,
1"ItANC ltesIIBunO(xK.
"Had I wishiti to deeline this ltilce
of circunistances, Inuihbrook left me
but a very small looj-hole, for escape.
Fortunately the ideth pleased lme, and
I repaired to the Hotel do France at
the appointed holm.
'I was uslBred into the prtseitco of
Mr. Morton and his dluiighter, itid,
though I wls lprepared to Ielhold
something a little less than ia divinity,
my expOetations fll fl fr ,hort of the
roelity. In all the rosebud giarhden of
girls I did not believe such itt lovely
flower blossomeild as: Eltinio 'Mortn.
IHer pure profil,, lher hir ;o silky
soft, her beowitehing brown eyes, iand
her perfect figure are Ibeyond descril,
"Miss 1Morton waws .lightly faliguned
and so, for her sake, we decided to
rest a little in Brussels before reuiunm
ing the journey to London. My now
acquaintlance seemed Cuciabll ly dis
posed towards me llushlbrok ilmust
have drawn the 'long bow' when roc
ommending nme to their favor--al1d
together we visited the various points
of intereost in the city, I in the Sovlenth
heaven of delight at being allowed to
walk the' streets and sit ulon the
shalmhby cushions of a cab with Elaine
Juorton. .She w0a:4 fascinating i and
i,],.:.lrtin illn ume:ti rtt'1' ill ' .hik : 0 lt 1
my fato was that of almhost every man
who had five minutes' tote-a-tote with
hbr- -I fell desporately in love. Of
course I did not expect her to return
my adoration --why should she I ut
there was at times a onmething in her
smile and glance which I dared to
hopeo was not bostowe4 npoIl her other
"Naturally enough luy companion
took it for granted that I knew B3rus
sels like a book, and they turned to
me for all mmniner of infortmation con
corning the 'lions' of the place.
Actually I had been so depressed and
out of sorts in the Belgian capital that
my knowledge of the city was very
scant. I did not like to confess this
ignortlatu, anod I frequently found
myself in awkward predicnments.froui
which I weakly extricated myself at
the expliunue of truth. It was easy
enough to humbug the old gentleman:
but I had a suspicion that Miss Elaine
did niot share her father's trust in my
statennts , a8d the thounght was tor
"As Elaine a'"l1 I were sauntering
itlone one day along the lhne d, lha
Madelnine. looking into the very at
tractive sholp windows, my fair com
pmlion suddenly said tb ne:
I') ToE t'ONTINUl:D.
A ,naper in Mi .no.,nta starts out
with. "Our ,latform is the abolitin
of poverty, igliorInice, wickedness,
uiclhastity, drnltluluness, injustice.
lperversionl of law. orSSjio5ln aud
evil." Its .u:'eess is looked for with
feveri;l interest.
A Swede in 'Uth was asked how 1,
c(:oulld 'tnllIn'lt live wives. "Why," ihe
replied in Irloken English. "If I did
not have five wives. 1 would need live
fiurmnhnuld., ttlld the wives only get
board, while the fiarmhhands would re
quire wages alld hoard."
Trho lte:t return of the' nIun.be' of
volumws in tihe British Museum is
just over 1,:30o,000N). There are I10l
miles of shelves, and about twent,I
more miles to he tilled. It is cialcutla
tod that about one toil of literature at
day is sent into that inistitution.
At the last "round up" of cattle in
Montana, 7.50,(t) heand were returned
for taxutinli, iiur, its onlly two thirds
are 've(r retlurlild, it is estimated that
there are fully 1,000,01o0 head in the
Territorv. T, hesumle statistician iesti
mIlteos ti hat cattle owllers cuI co011tttil
Ilu averlage profit of from 25 to tA5 per
A C('oumi il luti's ditr made ur
rangoiiiits to hear Itatlianil o)ri Iby
t'lephol;e, aild wais dilighted1 with
the ('volnillgs 1prforflirulmce. He was
not so welll p)lased, however, to road
in a rival paper next nitornii;g tIht the
people hat the t(,loplho:t, oflic, "set u1p
it jo"' anld etitertained hit with their
own vo'al gyilimnaitics and executio|n
ol a 111moth organ.
('rlntr; smkes tt ediluu s ttre(ngt
eig.u' which he imports from CUbn.
Ho talks whilo smokilng, ((ever lets n
iign.r go .out, nludl lLl k the itubh oin
It woollent toothpic(k. S hlralin sloktos
liorvouily and is aillal,'"s rolightinug
his eigar. Sheridan elujoys a quiet
smoke, but (n't do anything el.e
while ha is smoking. lutther ilarely
lights a cigar, but ca'rils wrong e(nd
in his mouth. Logiul smokes only 1;t
lon"g intervals, but N LoLu ho w;mok's iat
all it is illr es. iantly.
The] Stupremlf court of thie 'Unitd
Stiit' 1halls ldecided that L ILLImall whol is
iaccusto('Mt.L to havinllg I'more thtLIn ol('
lpair of b.'",ehclh. s may bring a Nsecond
hair hoo with him fro,. a foreOig
country without paying duily o tlhoi'
'Vol1 if he hazIs nll)t wOrll thiiii; IilanI so
with his wit't plo'ttieoo.di. 3But the
poor devil iid his ifs, 5 ho are not
1u('stomed to haviingi, 1..' crloth Is,
IuIIIst pay diIty oni what thi'y doii't
woLt]'; they cannot brlhig into the
country mnore' tluu thoir rdi i ,ry sill)
pily. Th'l tru'itl ik, no respoI'clet.r of
l'.erois. 'Toi hu whoI hthih, it wink
,thi ut his abunrda.ie; to him who
Jadh n1ot, it iusi!,totilh upon his lvorty
)(11 d(]eclatreth extra la'c.(.hes it i-llli ;
,LEdward \Vhymlpir, h.the wel I ll know
Alpi)o explor'or' ald Andeon climtber,
assertsl that t lhe' glac ir cld i intehrior of
(ircon'lltnl d iii llt'iit o s(vi'inty by sov
iouty-oni, dogr'iis con sitldribly ihxoi'ids
1,)0,0 li' t. HoI d~c'('ribs it isl pro
sinting from sixty-eight degreies and
thirty minutl,,S to seventy-ono by of
tooll degri's the ch'lmti'lt('eritiis of it
high i.nid tiniily level ridge', s-o ibso
I1tohly cver'd by snow thatt lnot ia rock
or el'ag Ibriaks the lino. The c('ountry
on the i'coi,at of Davis Strait hits ,:x
pl'rioinced 'l Ant uphi(av,,l in colnlmiira
tiv,,ly rec!'lit tiiiw's, iilitl mtiiily of the
hiighest mouitu.itiiis li' 'tro'wn with
drifttd rocks to their stunuits. Ho
dlso founid liunluty plahit I'tlnsuliLit, giv
ing ihltultlnhlt ovidc' e ofhl doif is' lain
ii)'.:il'httlt f,.r: .t ; r,,wrth !,, t]h pi~ty.
Precautions Taken in Africa Againt
Theft of these Precious Stones.
"The dimnonld police of Mouth Af
rica form ia wonderful institution," at
gentlemlan lately from the diamond
mines at Cape Colony tnid. "They
ar incorrunptible, although you may
hardly believe it. John Fry their
chief, is a lnost remarknble man and
hit: the bent memory of ally man I
have over met. 1oHe was formerl'y 11
Jnud1e. Hins present position is one
of the greatest importance in South
Africa. He in about 15t years of age
and very quiet in his manner. lHe
has under him many white detectivt~,
each of whom employs forty or fifty
bhlack men anud wonien to aid them in
discovering the theft of diamonds
from the mines."
"Art nillny diamonduls ,toltnm"
"Iit tilt, thirteent yeoar that the dia
llondtl mines around the Cape have
Ion) worked. molr than t$13,I0)0,00
worth of ditunonds have been stolen.
The miners are Caffr~s, who steal the
dialilonds every chanlce they get.
Take. for instu.ne, thediamolnli mlin.s
in Kinlb'rlhy, which alre two miles
in dilineter. in them are forty or flifty
inillg colmpi ies arnd ilearly 2t) .00
inuners and other eminlohyee,. The
diliimondl i are imlllddel d in ia dlrk-col
ored rock, which isn llasted out. The
frl'agnilts containingli the 1emlls art.
spralld out on ni level lihld and left
to the lactionl of the totlilolphere. In
a few weteks the rocks crubllle away
and the liatnolnds are galthereld. In
blulting out the' I'rocks there are often
found tfroe dilonllds. whlichl the nmi
n1l'rti try to steall. Tile afltirs are di
vitled inlto squalllld of tell or fifteen,
wichili illidter ait whit overeeo', who
never tllurns his bailck on threm. If one
of the, lltilrs c pill cik ulp a free diin
'imond without bLillg seen., he inlllne
diately swillowsI it. Thait in the only
wvyl tl(ey call colcreail it, as they lire
snrIrched I, bfore land alfter they go into
thile linii."'
"\ht' are lr they seatl ched?"
"Iin houslnes buiilt for the ipurlnose.
\\'llhii li 11ia11 goesn to work he first
eioters the soearcllillg houses, as they
latret, cailledll, where he is colnpelledl to
re'iove all Ili girmenits and to put on
canvas trouser alliil a jacket which
have nli pockits ill tllhem. On their
retuirnl froilm work they are agaliln
neartedlll, after whichi they are allow
ed to chlnge the canvass siit for their
own clothilng. Theil searchers receive
41U ai week sailairy. inut tllese pr'clilni
tiouslly no nitltlls ltrovetl the statl
ilng, hit tihme. plr'titttiols koelep the
s(te:liigs do\101 to 11 very la'rgoe xtent.
JThe searchiing, howeverl', is onily It
smatll ilatter compared with tlhetlher
pL'''em t iotI ."ll
"\\ ilht wr', they i"
"Ulihv: the dlilliOllid can be dis
posed of lifter they are stolen there is
little good in stealing them, and
to prevelnt the satle of sltolell dimillionds
tlhe diluitm l police have done wieh.
E1ich diulallnOld blyier, selleor, cutter
illIlL brokerl ilutist l\'have a licellnse frolll
thiie (liovermellitllt. Th'e licensetd dia
ilond buyer musI il ve it 1 registerl', ill
which he is rlelluired to enlter the size,
weight illl uppelliranill'ei of (1ich dill
lliliid tliht lie lllys, the liilie of the
llpers'tlonli fril whom hloe buys it ianlid tlhe
p'rico lpaiid. l0 mUlliit ailso titer otn
thinl snle re'gistehr IeLch ililllllld thliit
I.he sells 11d th1 e iin11e11 of tilt lersoll to
whom lll he sells it. if he is suspliectetd
of buyilig sitoil lilllln dinnds, thel dill
ilulul lllce qt luietly noutl tllup his plee
ailld complllllll' Iih ill tok 1111d1 tlhe records
oi11 thile register'. f Ithly (lo toIt tlllly,
itnll1 it is alllt,ijltelt ie has bl11 buIyigll
stolen diainilllds, lile is notlit to tilhe
.risoni to iiwiiit trial. If it, is roliviet
ed, h'e unily be seutiuced anywhere
from live to twenty yeoril'' illprl'isol
uelltt. If ii inui bulllys or sells dili
Ilslolltn witllout it licellise lie is subjec't
to the ils peality.''
"\ halt is the colst of licenllse "'
"Th hehii ite itshlf cists ;1,01t)0 ait
your, but in tdditioi the ipiplirlitut
mllsllt deposHit 110,(1i00 to be 1used as biil
for hlillmself if arrl'ted."
",iow oftre lire thel' registers exlull
hild ;"
"At theo ed r of anell mmoittlh thoy ain'
wilt to Mr. F'ry, who examinleS tnd
complros them. If si'm.ll of thorn pl,
]pun'r suspicious ill ,ilen, Fry hstx tllsi
right to losol ulp thi, di(1der,' pihne
tlItd to (examint thlr' istok. Ilabt
al i tho tpolttrof iSjmii.irate. He it
s(o kiurpl tlhatt ]i ,nhit d,,ettt a diocep
Ill('y lit it i tll(' e." l
"Js it Iut, possil, to buy oitl swal
stolen Littitol(ti without it.iogi tfomud
out ("
l"Aythiii' is possiblel , ibut thrrii is
ita hireit riltk. II a ptr,-sotd without It
lilcens buys orl' slls iI single l diamolln,
"iy 'pass tilt next liftuii yr.. ,t'Of his
lij't (hind the prison ti. us.. 'itheo dif
11itnd ])'J(.hpo l Ie , 11,e serot 'l'entis, both
of stealing iitul ti'lli, or tor Itor of
to.,( se(':rot pity'ts 1li( ho told to wVttc'h
lh t., 'J'ht rti i'lil iiT .t',, thte m iner's
II(.|l i tallce', 11 ( . 0. l V y, V 1ins.
001 idonu(, nd ( as him h0(4k4d up.
A 1y d iit-l brokov who is susp,)'t
e, (If buying a stol,,t diniand it also
wat(,he(d. The, police send it K~tlir
, hO is ill their empnlo. to him with it
dimUolnd to sell. ].f tho brokor hly.;
it he is ilne'iattly arreste d 1tl1(l th,,
di.unond fotud in his lpossession is
u1e4d as woideneo agait.t hhn on his
"I-hvo the1se ('limuot1d police any
thing to (lo with tho det(,etioh of
,rimes other than the stooling of diut
,"No, It is it dpllUrtmont ostablish
plre (,f iprotcting the diatmoneo coln
plwlui(: , who pay to the, (loverntmont
for this luotectiont 10 I",' cent. of the
,. ,: . 11. il -."
Progress of Work on the Great Marble
Cenotaph at Washligton.
Seventy anon are at work on the
Washington Monument grounds, cut
ting anti dressing tlh stones prepara
tory to placing them in position on
the monument. These men have been
at work, when practicable, since the
suspension of setting stone last win
ter, when the structure had reached a
height of 410 feet. It is not intended
to resume the work of setting until
the first of May, althotugh there is a
sufficaieit quantity of stone now
dressed and ready to be placed in
position to raise the monument thirty
additional feet. It is necessary, how
ever, to have plenty of material on
hand when the work is once com
menced to preclude the possibility of
its being stopped for want of material;
and, therefore, by May 1st it is in
tended to have stone enough to raise
the :monument 470 fett. Nearly
enough st] n is already on the ground.
The Lee company, of Massachusetts;
which was at lirst awarded the con
tract last year, ansucceeded in supplying
but twelve suitable blocks, and at an
expenseo of $16,000. Owing to their
failure to furnish a sutfficiont quantity
their contract was annulled, and
awarded to Hsgh Sisson, of Maryland
Hto expects to supply a'lout 200 blocks
a month, and at that rate there will
be a sufficient quantity on hand to
make the monument's heighlt 5600 foot
and, if this is accomplished, it is ex
pteted that all of it will be set by the
middle of August. All that will re
main then will be to erect the pyra
midnil marble summit of fifty feet,
making tile monument 550 feet high.
When tile structure reaches 400 feet,
there will bI, a change in the manner
of setting the stone, in order to pro
l)re a sure foundation for this sum
mit. Instead of .being set with a
smooth interior surface, the blocks
will be bracketed. The first course
above 470 feet just about six inches,
and these corbels or projections will
,e increamsd graldually up to the
height of 500 feet. There will then
be a firm foundation for the summit,
which will be upheld by arches. rest
ing upon these colhels.
The catffoltl on which John Brown
wais hanged, was recently sold to a
syndicate of relic hunters for $900.
Estray Notice.
('llolo 1f) Iry anra!,|el Ileot AAugut. oao roan aaraM,
: whit' feet, ,l rilp ile lrem', i)rael l i o ln 11.ft sloul.
alr. IwIa r rall Virt. hu alnfe' by pLtying xt'aallrui.
()Ol, AEiNGr, Ic. '., Apr. I). J. . l(.a.uIxu.
Dissolution Notlce.
t.atic' Is Ilh re,'hy given tiet tie' co..laertnarehl l
hler'l fre,,r ahXu, linak lIuwee,, J. .l. \VW1d and II.
,. 11111 i taidl eiy, diloeelve by aatuln cuneont.
ii, haj furl' 4l5|'.
,i N ItrlV .a,Alpr..5. I. .. I. 'I.L,
J. 1. W)1't)OI).
$10.00 REWARD.
'lhie, uIlneoV r(ewIrad will ie' paadl to any one, lind.
lto. lite' feelieewlaec dleerileice horcrea aned noetlfylang
a.. Ie ), ' .eaea hcJre., braeeaIeld 0Q aa left shoueiller
lucd ilthigh, Ifd td Iellet' o erelhr edef1d 0ea Io .l iltt h llel.
irl*. Ie.ed ill tice Neeiall '( e '(llelIc clalar) oU ille' lot lia
of thieiec e clcti, ( .;ct':), e N I,
J. P. O"111).
In Ilia IIu ll| lr Iof th ll l, ':hhln '
N)TIlt I', lc hcreiby egiven hyth li teaelerlxnetd.l
Ade l aiitrtrix of Ihc eI,. te, lo uinLou II. Her.
ihalle,'te', dce,'e' d t.e tee i etill, r of und e o e ill
;eerircl hivil laMII.S HELEN Dteii e(LOTE,
.io 'xhhl|rtrit i wthcee iI,' l I' I. n .Oec er)' Vaelltie'rloe .
wi, l lnelc l I elletf llh k aflf--r Ilce lih't I ai eJl noIattiee oI
tl.. IIIe 1, 1 ',p t l ice' .ul l A) l lll llc llra teix cl t et ' rc'fe.
Hiciee eil i"lnereV('e IcIllow rwitnI a It l akelrea llety
ilencll , e tllleie. , ' IIon alacl, lee lci a, 1 l i e, feeO,'o l.iho ra I
altlll ef l: ice llr lehs Iicofce a idni l 'tal itcy.
\dl.i ltrt rix f 1 thie'.talu of lewi . I iherthla.
e)11. l e thie, 5f1l wlcey fel Al tril, ( i t . r
111 'lllel c fe , l tll) r llf a l rl ceatof cl i 1icealel , aceeni
thplhllt ecei¢ | fece wliIl lee' e ele. e-foera' Ine ar ilhcz ,ett
N OTll' I'Cte it l ICe AOg'F Fia ll EN Y.al ty l1,
It'il. vie : John ,I, lactel1 e wh e ro reee'ee.1 eIcOll
es ce 5,'l fee lic Nw ,I N E, NWi , lM-I Wi), IW
1.1, 'I 11 l: Nitfl W . e"
Ile ) cecelec' .ilel' edJlewi llee e'lt'lehae'e lo prfr 1e Illc1
lilt reeei allll . ccIccitllllce ae d tela l fi alt lllill ea
:,icll . vi,.vlll, i: .feeaac'u Ii lleih'e AIb) la.''Knigit
' .cllellc.ci Ileec iced I'illiil ia f al ae ilI ,lea, all. ( lIl.
Ft .\IIKINSON, IlReisler.
Notice of Final Entry.
I .dc OI'a"IC':, Ih t.eN : , 'Mllc T I
iFteel e '. I i " (
N (i'rlc(': I ,t, r'l by gilv' ti et lice fcliewleng.
IwI i se11.ll'l r lh s l ell ccd irl of his. lillat.
ilee teo ctcice' lilnal proiole f ien lullplo't )f hil tl ici ,.
clcd tietd adlllle .le'af wll i e nlalct Iceleeir, I, 14,
Wellc ie Neelery iPel!: let Hue .ti lclvr I M. 'IT. Ic
l eed ill a led fr leeiec ectec liharke 'eealcciy, c1.ca.
Mi' yl l vi li: litcerlhk I Il uci.d whet ccdee
I)','.' 1, ) 11. Ne,:c. e iforfcr litc' a)i Ml:': 0N1c,
N.ec,.; ,.Wec 145' i See 5e wev 'I N Ief racnd g.e'': IC.
iil ececllll e tllle i elll l, i ci vI I if d 'c 'la' In pecvee his
. hi . ih.: Ilcaveai Da id I. I't re'iilI. le. . l ie, ih ,r.
hn l ic, e'eh., liual ell ceei (holnt II, fM.Keae,. ell
.AND) OI'TlI'cv'l' laT.ELENA, .MIONT.,)
April It, 1tel",
NO 1 ,'i¶ I l hcerrby egiven iht tcle' foclcowing
1011,14 rl .,llhr hlft filcc'd netiee f his i tet1c.
ti e,)tc elc'w. ek1, lnel creedf in heetl ort of hicelclc,
c c,)€i] t lmt eec? wiii Iee i l cld befet ' Joll
K'rl'.r. Netecri adle],i ice anci for [ee.wiu c111e
'hee Ii., e'lcllccty, t)eltleeteec, leel .e te liver, Mode tnlal,
.,11 mel I[2. c',c viz: Willcec I1, Na'lii. 1ca] ae Ilcl a
jn' *.lpli icc. 1), Neo. 573'2, tee' tihe wi.: N i-i .w
5,1", 11). l1,l N. efe Ic'R2 r.
Ilie n'c el ic the' fle]lwijl ",v riine'seee to prove cis
cl,.id hod, v: ('licei lhcit. h lherge' lloernaiee'k,
I.hh \1'11-1 1:'11 (1' ll..r" l Vh .I I . ii, ell f StiII hlh'e r,
, 1.'I'. t", \[I1 1NIX.I N , Ii": -I. r
Nun River, Meomams.
Will gIvme p"lal attntion t. famvala.
olletsonto, fler rihts an I
the Unite Statem Land OSae.
or011W:OALM U LOCl, . ]~If3IA.
01Q*: Main St., Pont of Broadway, Helm, L.,
w. 3. KaIiSL e. w.. WmaIi.
rr. savox, U. T.
W ill y , .1 1 t h e oa urtaa e f l al t tr.
irnpuart,. CVoltIona of all_ j1ad. DVOUIIII
attended to. I Ca: nofair mnd ail Elb.
('nts anee s a~ a1 papeas
tIn., nl ih dnlt autbursed to Fa" e
land ca0n. ('orreapodncc soite
T. 0. WOODS.
Hurveyrin promptlyr attended to.
S lorence, Montana.
('leaning nd repairing doae with /aaaee
and diNpatch. ('hiargu nasubel.
AElls Block, B. lIlRvs, MorT.
aalraul D. IDOWI·ro. BLUTS D. IIIn.
TheI.aw of.at~f . and waler
LAND Orraci AT "HILL A Mie ,
otice i hereby given toint t lut d
sfln prot in uP nit t of hi.tiný d tma htI
Irto Awill h D m O WorerL t. , m a Notl.r
Lubl"i at nuleRiv"r, fl. T., op May , 1 e, i. VI
Thonma J. hiattitl i.a4O Bin duf'4Ir.-. .
MW', soe I11t, ll nf aI E.
II. amine tlhe folowing wit ne oetoo
rotnlnnli:l reidrnee upon, and aultuio hi
aul Ulldl, rimo.nti.
of Ulida Nna. F. ADINISON, Regiter.
Notice of Final Entry.
S• named nuttel r ueA notice o . i el l
to m,,ke final prmrtin suppo.rt tfb.o
tlht said iroof will _x _ _lde Mol/re I. . ,
aNotaryl Public, In and for Iewl antI €l
countyMontana, at iun R|iver Nontpna. Ol8 t
4tin 1, vi: Thomna CLan a w. Sltl Dea no I.
for fire Ki-4 of NKI - and lotI ese 7 .U NI.
NWI.lme MandhlW..4SWL4Ofm Ou tp U N
of nrang I welt.
li la anme thi followiung witmeam to. prol I.a
cootnlnlus. r.hioince h puc n and culMtivlai or,
mldd hlad.vlz: Edward Bult Jaml
Shrilay and I. :;.- cr1n.o- }1 all o Mýitvet.Meet.
LAND Omoe, uLraN oMN.4
uar. , 1I8.
Nt,Tt'II. IN herby given that the followingl
nanwd ettler has led hId Intention to make
fHll n'rroolf I msu.apOrt her eali, and at aid
l't-f! will lea anuda blefore Ine N. HamleI a a.
rali. in and for Chntaeu ounntl, lln ,
at Old Aglrnly, V. T.,o an ay 11i I114, vael
H. ,lwenu, whit nl prte.eamtlon D.m. Ia. HiS.
for thl .2 Mwl-i, l-:2 owl., am 5, tp. 31, N$ w
slhe nnumr the following witlnuemto prov hay
coalllnuollaa rnialenrm upon, anal ultivatlon of
wild land vipi: Willilom Ii. ramnaom. Jmame .
Evanl. Jialn Knenndy )' l Robert (i. umen.
rI of Obd Agnoy. F. DK1INlON. llmiater.
April 1~. .,
'nI'('. i n tha)t i J llow!
n ontid ,wtticer his >tie notice Et hrio |tyealo
to inmake fInal proof in sniptoft h of Ill elm nd *ithid
thit vaid lJrot" will Ah , whd o m d f the r
niNd ItH5iv ser of the U :. d IH P fd t 'l 3 atl
a. n - un , lls, a iith, .t1 I.,;
whomdh lere,. em>ption D. ol. lo. aiand, o r e 1 I.tt
ip Nl"ai liltds Slid lot II, eO. $ tp. 1 N of J<
ilt nlilils ho following witnesses to parve his
conrtinuous reiidnce upon and cultivatlon of.i
olid land viz: Wiliamn ectket and Ablam Co.l
llt of lolbln. T., and 'Charleo Johnotn man
l. ADKINBON, lkglitnr.
Noticeof Final Entry
Mort'h Ml, 1114 5
Titi* it, h'reiv given thit the fuiowia nadm*rad
rile r IIIra tilthd nnoice ot'hits intiontif -to maku
iar;ll I rolfin suIpod rt of his citi, anild that sail
Ilpr·r will he ide bfowre the aegllier and htceiver
if the i'. . i.lnd Oflice't Ileleno, hM. nt. on Mayv S
iii, v: Itellllldu I Iolkils, who inode prei.emptplta
ivs .' io.. for the Sit NE4( NX ' Et4 -icell
SW i4- NW VI.t rc.l2 ipli N ol RI E.
ItI. tnll'l thin following witlnaecc to prove his
cliltillilnUlo r ideluntu upon, nod cultivation of.
stll linid. rill: John ll!.. Flnt, lulin II. Mlln It.
levittli'.wiaig, and tHrum It. o}m.lta all Of i .
,:laI. .i)KI.tSnO., Register.
.aiv OYrr1., AT ILZNA, D Mit., I
Mharch MiT, ati, f
Li.tic I hvrichv giten that the illnwilnLg namenrd
.'tkI tthht'h .iloeJiintice of Lil intOntion to mlake
ittl ltroofhl tlliport rof hi cllnla, and thalt soluil
lrl'fwiI hIie tidc Iicfr Jolion 'IV. TlotLon, IPro
b itte tll ii o .'llil. i tioti n ity, Lont, at Port BItI.
toi, ,T., nil May ta, issl." vii: Jolin 0. Ernst,
wllho Inodu re'etlmiitloi D NO4I.9 ots i and a nsr 7
ii 19 N tt R$ t.k, ttuiat ore I a!;, NC lp 19N Ofr
Il lle l mte t lhwte tollowitg wltnllcten to prlove Ilis.
tooltiilt'o, relidetnce Ulpolln, tind ctilivatlln of siw
Itilll, Viz. J.llnus A, Walker, Attit ErierlLwit,
Itobrt Pllrice aitd Eliurt E. Itytwlrtr ill of 0ut
Ti, tll whlio it mlty tonIeroI. that we thi' untilir
aklil'tI ll'lit'incn ofl l'hih iiti cqounty, flrlhild iny
lll lllli I pittio frolt!r ri iuoa b it upIn olr rantil a
fir thIe tiotjllotse' t aitoottiting, aind tiny pie.oli eta
tierutin, dtinit tt wilo t.W l imsc'ti 4 ta lira fnULt
Iextet of tlle t.g, M. B. STRONG..
t. B. TRAxLERli
J.. 0.ADAMQ,

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