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Sun River sun. (Sun River, Mont.) 1884-1885, May 15, 1884, Image 1

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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Sun River Sun. N R t
Aet I o _ UNRIVERhe SunN.
'Tile followni ng m .d gntlem",n uro ngntl. of
the n, p n, sutnUur0 , to ruiove euururip
ioun, 0d tthe~for
T'omaB BOk ........... . ............ l5.in hireor
homa .orha ......... ........... Uliedn
: iiI ........Yl.t. SUN R IV E R (ol
art .....,...ro 'a(1. RiVE-- MO T NAY.___ ---T------U A ------M------- ----AY.-.._- ...- ..1 4 No 14.-.._.__._._. ----------_-
,n-',o ............. SUN RIVER, MONTANA TERR'TORY, THURSDAYMAY 15 1834, No. 14,
..','8'..'..~ ···· ~' ""-." ]'hvt.,n '. --.... .. . . .. ... . .. .......... . ... . . . ... . ......
Ar thur P. Curtin,
--le.ena, 2 3o-ta na,
The leading House in the Territory in
Furniture, Carpet, Wall Paper and
House Burni.hi.ng G"oodo.
Tlhe etok of fr l Ittre ir emhrcnra all ruae and pIrlce, from it cun,,,nn wood .rent elhir to anl
leIgoMt parlor or bed rusa nult; wlhll In thu
Can be found an ilnmmose stock of Velvets, Body and Tap'y Brus
Sels, 8-Plys, Ex-Supers, cotton chaiini, rng., helnpsl, ltaItting.s, etc.,
etc. Smyrna, volvet and tape'try rugs and nints.
Borders and centres to ninth. To all of which may lie added an end
lesn variety of I.l,,l:..h'lTl - ui i ;Ci ,d,::. The wholel cmpridilng together
the In i.t complete stock in the territory.
A cordial invitlain ltendedl to cull. (ot.rln ill re. isr,' ',I n.t1 , sl nluln ord will litl ,dlld
with utmost cure. Yo.ur, e'tc., Arthur P. Curtin.
R. S. Hale Co0.,
W1holhnal and Imeta il D,,n!:'a.t in
rus, Chemicals anl Mltlicins,
Fancy Toilet Articles, Paints, Oils & Brushes.
And all Ronds to be founnl in n thloroughlal y tualrc d droar srlr,. l'art iua)nr att(lntr.l aivo.n , to odlers
frum counttry phl icanr l anl d customnuer. Alll .'(,,dhlin.,. warrnlltal. fr. ai' i slstda aan1aIa1a cIllld
of the beet quality Hore8 and Cattle coandiion apwd, rs; h.vp dl,, ..ll .
Orders by mail will receive prompt attention.
-- RAND- r" . .:~
Fort Benton, Montana. F
The U. 8. Military r'legrap's Office
is located in Hotel.
Feist anl Latgest Hotel In the West. , .
First-olansaocommoda:dtion for trva.l'.re. j
(|od anmple r o'a. raiala fr (IaalanatiP+ri tlv:
mna]u. Vlns bnr stl l ,illalad Il.ll as tolsos t .
tlin. (CIa rgoua rac.oanslahl,...",r
Hunsbergcr & ' r r . s -..-...... ,c".
Isaco Iaurk. Mr. Itlurk,
Hlaving recently rrecivwd a lot of marua lintry from Fti . lotIs, iaia :ttl r prt.p.r d thoan rvrr
to dal 11 Lh ,,I ,
First Class Work.
Scroll work of any kaind nunh, to a rl,. t as I, ind I, ,, m .. d i, ,.,d ,r ;. I t ,art
Cheaper than they can be shipped here.
We can contract chaeatr . xlrn city other aItr n h 'r, :. "" I,, a s11 mail chi:nry in the
Sun River, . Montana
New Firm. Noev Business.
Bourk, Kauffman & Co.,
Salh, Blilld al is Fatory,
Mo!Tli:ng n- '!1 Kinls. lining done to order.
lst ST,, , " f'N ItlVER, 31. T.
TTE I tEýCS1 n In; ,nets n tt,,i'",iil Ail '''Urt'`'" c "''"ti
cumnlrr rlul bralllrh 1 r'(I '1 hc1( " till I rI1' Iullrl
f thnlin titit lun111 fii -' cu1 tir ul uy of tll : 1 1 t
cl n ern tl jilllh-klr(lia l (". CII. ". i'ui (·ii no hilllw.
ý(c 5'(/( bG'ý ý ,G ý h e Haull ol Utlll tie 11I 'ldl '1 i'iru tua' t -
IT. En&olhorn or E. O. Raiisback, t'riuiinilnlH, Jfitiiii I.
J. P-. 'VVIXIT793err .3R0.
Till ohl il," ron lih-I - II,' tllzvluifiii nre of 61 eI p nIt le
3Jn1 tc ll. oi'iit il oll bi s
SIDI *un nlvor, Mont.
iand t. 13it Iii Utitral ciglirt.
(ltO~n t ctl 7JnIN 31. Sr'iIMI iT
ýw---- w r·wý" · lrrrrrre -rr
Tlln I 1·rfts5ilional tolh~orinl n1·rtkt,
Ini Ma i tctu'o viT d nvt o t ,
OW-vt1"11lly clnut lollllers to the p Inoole of~ this Illnrx
that ho ~llilts ow-w: ?: l Isis uwv\ Il:L1'1~ 11· shnpp 1l111 lr~t)
New Barber Shoprooms In itossbn Idoc'kfiil solii'it shIII of ltit'
I nrlt uujao o tt 0 ublit. It lr-cutting u u n ipjv'liit}. los itossu icnhidn n ipa.
WiniLee ,.ilvl.Aale
(Jnl(lnlll(I llll woj- lll: for p rlvrd f;n!li hlo
BU' N lltu :, us .
suxn nivox Southern Otago Line.
1OE 1110 I ::'lIll.u \ii , ('iIu l'.
Tlnlnopirn Unlitlgu itiigw LIII, 'Ion Two trlips ':l w Tvo u' r i. ;,idi Ii r;·'; t Il,· a," n n tn (to:
inn go n iud ,il ~xir(:,h.i 1 'utid Clidhit. pun .i4 t, ! O.l ltc `I
It May be Your Turn Next. t
Judge not to thtnrely, O my friendl,
Of Idl4m 'our f'llow.mtaul,
But draw the veil olf eltuity
Aloutt him If yeu can.
IHe once , was enll·td n Lhonceot mn.l,
I1-Cfor wOre t ril vYecd:
Ilt la-tpc-tl frolln out thit narrow way -
It malln be lour tlrn nhet.
FI'lntlnl upn the great highway .
A :,lf-'rimc. ,oel dclth li.;
(In Mt-lech-. hi wountd ett liqueenteh hie thirst
Nor inldm I dly bh y.
(,l will no;t brook the swift exc-u',
Ti' t!,oughtlcll -.Vantt r tcr"tex:
•A follow-milrtl bit. th, - du. t -
It nitty hte doutr turn nexit.
'TL., worle in )tad (ttlnteh. wte own,
Ahd anet, netcod mcore ligMi
Y t, wJlht irelovo to ail, lnal we
Ilip in tl (e'Otnul*c of right.
Lift tp It,, neledtl anid t ·', wv ,k,
'Ti woou lhy raj- uterpl,: 'ad.
W ,tll l o.-wltt that to drinlk thi grel
Iti u.)- I' by Iy rtrl n t -xt.
j'eoNristeF FROMe) .LAST WtYFK.
"We\ stpe'edily tldrewv nror the sHt
tion at ithe fric:tier vwher the' C'us
ltni-Honeust ex:ination was tol tao tl
"'I sll]1Ose wNe sItllI, turll olit hLrt
iand give upi our lky',,' grtuthttled M'.
Morton tt l 'e shuclt'c d tl .,t'idl at tilhe
"'Tont ht' tlod dtes;ed eedo ivil
tunr!" called the silver bottuold
guard along the plaltfrm.
"I hmtde'd out one huge drcs:eeing
t s1o and lentilher tatc'hel after aroither
into the chlargi of MIr. Morton. cnitl
theI hits iitted my fair c(,tmpaniotiin to
alight. Whaitt at pretty foot and auki(le
the hItt And would sho reo:tnifully
think ithe p)'(sur of my hand 'tvor
hoer:: ,r1,.( O1 ]nthet, occnsion rlequir'ed?
"rhe(· crowd surged iailou Its, andlll 1
was .portidttl frocm Mr. Morton and
Elainte t weo all entered ithe, Ctn'toni
ollice. Tho mominc t had arrived to
cinvIil:te E n:lai tlhat Sy sWat(eme'nts
antll warning:i wecre ncot atlwttyre to he
:;corued. The trilling honx that I
leat Il:lanneel would do no harm. and
would l'ne:clit lcoo iln e.tabli.thing amy
character for ccCllrntt'y.
'"L'tnolteirvtld by eithler of mly tcral.y
e(lin; c-ompnl:ionv, I touched It C:ute
ti)m"Hounse ollic'er on tLhe shouldhh:.
tn.l whipered to hbai with ta Itnow
inig wi n "'k.....I hnve el';unon to ::l:upect
tht youtng lady of hi'ling mr, :: h,'r
ptoc:ets tliit tihe law ialtl' :s,- lint -
i'lg tIo Eil,iin, it few yawd,- inc advaceil'
of ime. 'I hivi' e yti. to have hoet'
ircied: it will liiy ftr the trlt:ble.'
"B'y this little . rttacngeum laihti,'
wotuld., 1 thought, ie frightoleld out
of hcer feeminine dcesire t ,smiggl',
ctand she wouldi ever' tatut mtoe tg'tin
with Ih ciing ctn over' atxiolts 'lie'r Nanti
cy.' I shottl, ol the contrary, 4artn
her gratittttde itc sparting her humiliti
ti ,it itild ela -grate'.
"Tice' oflictcr cad ied 'tl with alacrity
iand 1 fell bntek to awuit result:e. Here
steetthiin.g oc.tce're'd wrhich had thet
eftl'ect of bani'il.in.:; eevetn l':hlne frmc
ily miinl for the' ticc Iti( g. Stiwe
ontc, ut t la ltter into tny liend whichi
rittn i:s foll-ows
'')"'.JAn JLI' Old (:; l 1'.1 Ill7
lit to i I oi l( ti.. ii I wC-fi';l l 1 nii.. I: I
viu.e 1100 tlli.' l l upt g af'r:to lhiv,!
WOOi~:!~ i\Tll ii, tti't'il~l tl~lt~lllililit
You 1 \c'vy 1!1i'('1 i ly ll(' illlll to II(, . I
themV'l jOIv, y od clot t]li J1h1i3114111 ii
1)( 01 lI) oio it fiuse(; i: ilit iit-. 'i;lll,
1 rrld I -If \ to t li Il, fo ulit d ;
1111' l.l ,-o t\lb) hidill I Cure; I i w j Ill, l'
"'I tv 3i5l' 131t314iblt 1it 10115,ie'iiid
iinli lusii to i llglilflol. As Iuiuc'nt to
d~ vlitý: ý'l chny fo i ult ncl d ·oudlj ·
tOwit ulge ]Ilrlfi, huoiiioi'd towlilI no.
Coul, M. Liwox,' il' 1rind, tirlok
got'iieI04I I ilvl nut lol you lit (l il
iIy dlulghtor (1niun, tho frowliob oirl.M
- dra1d100 lore hiddweOll Illolti 1(i4l1
found . They havo folyad it, s 11 ld
Clint uoidl'--lntlrlid I nih iof t1 wir otut
ttil, ht wit axik etlly 31131 to w lht ilt
"It 1111 . Do,10'i ' ii , uti CI olilsruii uilile
n Saoud for u:o; thly 1004 olurcly l'wall
We nlt ' 1)1.11111) t of itlflto0. As lIy,
Eilioh.'4 ifllto 1 wheth ery I soul of
"nibmiutv t14 0 toilw for a cwitir in
fatelAlogy, turto, lelcvinu tin, oldl yaIn
I hecw ill liellvre of .Fllrolle. As I
it itiy gazi .Lhiillo ill ch a It of li's-y
llcriiell - handbillg, s, HtC'3-YJltwrs wo
1'0110 rvi 'Ir llg x, lii cis1diiy, 'luiei
MnulIy :utleu gtr Elaie, te folis h girl:3·,(,I(
- -bad o of;olno loco hidden about heric'~~
d1'ese:: . They have f o'lB('nII! it, and T'!
the talel a pieco of lanc 11 nfine asgos
"I tootk in the situation at n glhurce. I
In spite of my warning Eland had e
brought that ill-fated lace- ,he told U
me aftierwards that she had sent the t
clhunlbermnid out for it at til, Iast
molnilit -and had Mlid3len it in her i
drelsst nu:ld I. in my en.rcltess to runaoe
ta good imlpression, hlid brought atill n
this FUfIteirinlg and d~1i.:race upon the F
Ia'utiful sobbing tliicliig. How It
haited nmysilf f',r mah folly. t
"Fortuntitely nn did not hilow n
what a villain I wIu, ant :dhe could not I
understaul it wIrd if what thli p.)- I
ple were saying t'out her. uhe clung
to me as lher i'':-t friend-u- v'rt'ch that I
I was! antll beg"ed me nlot to leave'
her. I intd no desire to loo on: her
clinging arns. an!d I would ihane
tteail rout).d to tll spot. foirelir lilke It
:.t rdly ut:,:, aitI not I woo let. nt,'rin !I,
the, room, ch,'n.,d lly nitleition.
"Onl , ltt I a v,,ry pl licto n - l-i'l .'
nitr dtout him. I:nl ue tclier wa flh it
itlcitil to twli, t I had hit,,d that.
laine t ais itt g tilt llery . How lilth'
odioiut fllhow letired .ii his ganll eolnt
mine,! IHe laii tlI witnew:dll E'line,'s
ritl'turoI: recepition of llll', nulld st(m
cd to think iu strlanger's to t'nahi oth
"'Will youi dlivr your ltli..:".tgLe
that, Fir:' this ru,,, aiid to the min
ill p. lic ain',l r drc*::..
"'lifter you.' til other nltswcretd,
with ia i.til' hlow.
"tl wi coi'rtninly ia ray from mily
lucky star that warmied the police
, iln:i', hior.t into this litih i-bow of
p ,litneu.':' . for his dihlay illn .'p:akintg
plrovd to lie miy salvation. rTht, (lt.
tenm-oiu,.se o,)icial chow ml, to art`
,sil,. oit l:n to ii.y Ilttonli|hllIlt, !ll, isl
ii ait fi.v hlutldrd- fraitc notel into till
I"'ltle infolrmer int such cas.t'lie of d
tieted fi'latd rr,.'cives hai!f tilh fine,' he
said. iii c,.lphtiztioti.
"Thinik of it, boys! I was the re
cihlint of twenlty 1liounds for tolling
tales ignliit't El iiini.
"I wiws wouder'inglwhth,,r I shouldl
cratn lh banttik-auto down t]:l f.'liow's
throat or tour it intlo ai thoanisnd
piets. whbet tlhe' wordii of the' police
htI li caused tel' to caliiiani.l hath
'I have t i hill f'rom tll. -itotr Jall
of llrnr.- ls, tllgtiiist Mtlotusitlr L.nox,
art htuidl,,ht, for Iwtnty liv, poundi,.
\.ft:iionstr Lenox sill pay me that
Ssumn within one hour or bho iuiprituon
oil.' said thil fLuclitio lll ry in biratss bit
' Itll .
I"Howu I blissed thtI Froeu'clhi tlgut,
thtit had to l'more mlaningttill. f'or Ei'hi(i's
i'pretty eis' thn tl It rttckling of
thorins! I huiid ive iitudn ids littire
in lily lputtt', whiclh, with itly ill got
tt'n g(ims, would silnucl, th, nmissir'
'Tifore it:'. 'I'll hisitct, was ttl hoost
price of .i'l l ill' tt iu-t r hirti' t t Viltit
of Ilh litw, f.t iin.; ott hlwittI t,;, 1itili It
.of t lui'thi:r to i: gladl that Ili debt to
ctl ,inhn wa: t ipi d ottl.
'lt ou ht thial tintt. to tilwotr plot
t'I g t ' ni} ' t lifer, tilr tl:lt 1. thril~h
,-lr'iot' dipltiniy, had disminsod
Ohwn. Jilt I will jut dwn1 longtitr
(,i t ,1 ha'i' ' vLnuei, . M r.l'.1ortott
.poil fortty ,ovvr'1gi.s for his dasuggh
tq"'s whltiii hi is 11:+ rich aP4 (Cr'o umilmi
islid did Ili."' mind thl manl ov thanl,
fill al, lroul: tn( tr cuntin
r tu d illu ,],.j,::a y, ono lit lo t.,t -I c ll. ll
oI b'il;, :J , r wa ,v 1 wii or t(1,11 li, wit-'
" MOrh h'. .11l',! annd E';htini <unout
ctl to think thu.L my ol,,tnoeo hall
,vi svl thou) hJiu I i"u,, and J. could
Itnt ('onlVieoa the" to the coiitrary.
( Our tjoitrlny eo!,I,.d, they invitied lio
to their hou'o. itn od w,,lin 1In, ovary
honor itud aittu itti n. Y eo Tumor lht,
'u,,.. A iwolik lflte' our ar'iv;l ill
Thb' New York Tdillr sutoggsi,4 that
plorlalp Staialy, tho gra't AfrieanI
tra.VlVr is (letti(, l to oar~ tho roward
of $100,000 just 'ffierd for tle re:;cite
of Gordionl, who, Ily ,vo ilno of ,s
:n'o fro'mi Khailntoiut i: by th fliuppr
Nile, in oa' of th' half dozo, Htoei.l
orF at hi[i disposal, thi r.beli lhaving
made it impossibleo for him to deso'd
the riveir by JplaOtig aIt hillehry at con
vniietnt places along its lb,.aint. (.or
don can thus reach tho Wilo an o-f
fluent of thio uipper Contgo, and if he
doe. not find Stanlly waiting for himni
with lhoat.s he cmi follow thI, bankI of
the Conigo until he rcia(,hmes lthe sta
tions (Ntiblishi''d by hinilev, iwting
for the King of the l.igiian,, and in
this way gt hoe,. If that is last
iltirnaitive, it is to Io hopoed that the,
Ibrav r:, liir will : il 1: i l ni. lf , ii.
The Dynamite Gun.
A pheounatic gunn to fire projectiles
filled with dynamite hts brtan mutnnt -
te at Fort Hamilton, New York har- 2
bor. This in one of the recent inven- i
tions in war npplar'ttus, The gun is a I
neamnless brass tube, about thirty feet
in length. The inventor of the gun is
Mr. M. D. D. Mifford. The gun weighs
about a ton and works llledr a pros
-ure of from 801) to 1,000 pontlns to
the square inch. It is mlountlod on a
tripod, and connected by a L:o.e with
it fln2k of comtupressetd air near the
breach. and iA fired, not in: guns ullil
, lly tare, by means of a rope or by the
nation of springs, uich a o are used in
the catapult of the (Ireekos and lto
mans,, but by opening a valve and
adunitting compres:ned air.
'Tlhin lir ir stored in large reservoirs
which are placeud in a fort or in the
hold of a t-hip. and fromi them a;t utllh
vint .tmu:tt for a single ,lischargo is
,'udtlenly lilbratedth into tho gun
through a connmoeting pipe, by moans
of an automllatic valve. This valve
ilny 1h regul'ated to 'opi' and clo:cein
the tenth of a :,sico, Ialmittitg of
diucwharges in quick sncce,;ion. The
engines which complre.ss the air are
securly located in the s ubterranean
detllhs of the fort. Tihe gun is dis
c('hlrged without noise:, and thie lmis
sile proptlled with groitt force, con
voying the powe'rfuIl explosive suib
stiuntr within it, which i is i:ited at
tilhe instant of contract with the object
iupoln whichl it Atrikas.
If the pri'omlises which have been
iuadit by the itnventor prove trite, a
single projectile of this dis:ecription.
with its 100 potntIls of dlynamuitae, will
iiisl nutly sink the heaviest iroli clad
alloat. The projectile is in the sihblij
of a dart, unit its tail end is called by
the inventor the feather. The feather
is it couliel lpiece of turned widutl or
hollow brLis. The pile, whichl c2on
taiins the dynamite or lursting chalrge
is ai havieor t2bte of iron or lbrasis.
STlhe tendency of the wind to eaulse ia
divergence of the prlojtctile from ia
direct line2 is. to a great degree over
,tcaoit iaind the preulsmure of the wind,
I whether light or houiLVy. is mail to
react inll proportionu t its force I1upon
the ililhle, anldt to direct its Ilight in
the line of original Irojection.
Broncho Sam.
Hpl'cktling aulbout cowlhoyi, Htoam
Stowalrt, kntown from Montana to Old
M~iIxico ts "B'lronl,.o Suam," was tlh
chicf. His i pteciatl diligiht was to
hn,lb k tho war'likl he.u'lot of the viciuj
wild poty of tif pth inos atut mutkoe him
thec ser1vantt of man1I.
b1ho ,r tll~llo; L )[ \VLl lll, ''tlll \.iJ
'rlti' may he, .i'Y i in wt 'ild gtllop
ner-o;s the, Ioun lh..s plainhs, in ithe
islp loltri g, 11 tithl bitik of it olot.
brotioho; bat whn yot rIturn with
"'ur rili stitlng tlhrotgh yotr" vint,,
tol I|it Ilntat youlr noilih .ottId, hits ro,
turi'old to town twito holuirs ttli'h(d of
p.'~~~~~~~~~~ii:ti;'to lo'Li.Iiu't ii
yon, tlihr ist) l i Ii; etitdill oiit itl
Inicl. Ah' ttho ii, howvtr madi Ii
llecilly I" doin. t l the ridin,,g' hint
1Ii. ]h, w tt u hz t 'ln · .itlt 1111', toil ',uttl -d
rill~ 110 wouldn'\~I1tY enr tinto anyl iulcoin
Bill Ny'.·
lrmiii i nti allow thio htii'g , tI, ridt ,
1hinlt , JIi, la.,.1, wi h l!iot 1;u hofi' ,'-,
ti( lt 1l'Ii Ita h. ct uhld ilnut nlow'
twl. oln p 1. at111 Th a' uittl, it. Swa:n
nI,vr lftk wat.1O '. Thi. flu a i tr'Ilii ill a
dta'lIh, niigi. \u ik, of tlimlurt d titi,
lrnthiol d; thi 1Lilt ithhy , a .d aer
thl itig to trnt ltilut thig Thuttii' it;e
.h' niii(ll. (f Que(,,)nlbur'y itil..s. A;;
th]i, )-l).t' ipa,,.',, ou.t. h in slidl dow)\
oif hi,. arouniid thrl h;;,'h hiin!,. I i'oa, 1-'
tihotl " Wllllyr , t iit l, o (h hiII i l ntii l hI L,
,i-h)t , IIo iti'd l Iu.in i 3'l fpotll doinii in ih( ,
luifulo zi.t', , ' hih luit, rI q, ' il pi'u i
ollt , r t hel') blu. I,' hol(rl ison, '.hI,,ok hi .
fail convnisivly\(,, swelediupsuIll). y ill d
diel. It tioo;k *talml fouril dlys tow\'lk
back~l. A ,''0. bill loo ks Ia.. ]ll'rg to)
illl it> thli tr spangil']) l ul.l, hanlui(r, I-inlie.
tinwsi,) bulti tha't IaVt'lli, of w\( ltlh
r'id] It hulzz .it\ It( $2> at daiy andl( founlldt
13ill .Ny,,.
who ius('( to) go thro~ug.h th(, htets'~~i- of
H-ffield, Mils)., with his ntoddllll :',r-
liolUhited by), ai womhii'1s Iphsh halt. th,;
ortedt,( w'ith a. stuiffed !tiM, ]:i'w al
halwk friomi ia ]ilaidsitw lfite' a'll. Siilh
uiiithod w,'a,. th(,re ill hi,. mlladii,,,sw lith t.
he left. 81O0,000 to foundl~ at hoi,'itall
fori Il ia ndligent .,ic'k at .N'or'thmaptolt .)
ilitfeldc h nd lit.W\hallth.
GJoiln tao the ]eicihltag., Illilinarlk is.
gualrdit as cI- lo'..aly as. thia Carll whenl
heo uppe.arlll' inl pulie.~lu Polick'( ll.a'ntt
in plainti elothu' r re o lt).,d ill] ialonig
the waly frlini his houslet illni ev\(I hin
the chalmberi~l it:,alf', ianid Ino olie no(
e'Venl II relarl~ll igovorlllmiet. epllhy,,(
i;; adm~litte~d to) alny parlYt o tho'li'build
ing~ w,\ithoutl at .l,,,cil perm'tti' .As;
I':oonl ast.hi, (hancel-o' ilacl '*i(he hi,.
desk.], al+ttetdant,. ipluml Ibefore' himl
hallf it alo n wl vl ,qhir'tot .,,l n)n, lo<; ;
When ia manl of promuinence, with
the exp*,ctation of bettering himself
in the possession of worldly goods,
makes it change in location for pursu
ing his avocation, he generally expects
n kind and lneflcial recommendation
from his home nlewspnlpr, and gets it.
When the brighte:t annshine of social
light radicate.s at the home of Mr. this
or that one, the newspaper man is cx
ported to shimlne forth with a personal
mention of the affair, nod he comuplies.
When the shadows of grief or trouble
darken every window of Mr. That one
or This, the editor is expected to put
on mourning, and sany good and tender
words approprinte for the occasion,and
no journalist of merit will do other
wise. The newspaper man hits to le
a being who ealli Itulgh, cry, whistle,
sing, dlnce. and be pious, all at the
iUnm1e time, nlod if he fails in tiny one
particular he's unlit for the po)tition
lie ties to fi!l. No newsnlmper mnan
shoultl osvr gel imd nlo lattter what
u:imles he is eallcd. or how innoclet of
a charge mnade agtlitilt hinm. The local
editor noe.ds only one thing (if born
with good I5sense) Innd thnt i a mnind of
his own, and he should. exercise the
right of using it at all timles. No jour
nulist will carry persoonul difficulty in
to print, any further thin justice
would demitll, allny one who takes ex
ception to a fair newspaper article, llind
undeirtlres to iqilelclh the truth by
2i wiilhdraiwtil of pltronalge loses his
lpurplose, for what didple.ses Olln tick
le. tlnother. The gip made in a lipa
lupr by one is never noticed it is filled
with business of anlother. iBut the
business minlt never allows the "other"
man to fill his gap he keeps it filled
himself. -- Ex.
People j lli y lnow go faster from one
distant point to ainother over the
water than over the land. The Now
York Hun says: "If there were a
stretch of water from New York to
Sntl Francisco, there is no train on
the present schedule between which
the Oregon would no leave behind."
Est.ray Notice.
('IlI:l.l i~i II¥ rlill/llJ~l 11|.I .\1l.;Jl·gt 11' rtlll i¢Ii|)tJ11r
:1411 r. Ik.Ii.r *'tlI~V 1111, L liy~~,),l Idlr'll1~ll *tl~pll,ut,
4 tan .\oli..v ', -., .h f 1Atr. l1 I . ( . tl,:tll taItIIo,
Dissolutioii Notice.
S.·,Ih',· in ll.r,ry Fir·;n tl~la If., pl-lrtllirr'lhII
II.,1' II~lIl'd. l~kirt/lIK JIcIt~.rlwq J. ,NI, glr~ ld tllld(,l
J,. Ihll l Is th.n dito dliinrlvvd Ii) mllttllil cillctnt.
.li,,l) fur rt'..|o
t N Ilvl.<.,.1pr.,fh. I1. L., IIUI.L.,
J. 41. '0(01l.
$20.00 REWARD.
ThI' ie,. nlnii,rIm wnill Ic, nut t,, ciy unit flail.
Sr. |)llir.l l ltfl i' Jlt. I('ntt .. thullttaui'¥ ulgth tnill
I' thli molull th,,,.t (il, i1.i IAIIN otl
J. IL .. I ELi.),
Iollr · ~i· 1I tIt'tI Cft~l It'Ii.L 4,I~ll f. llll·W rl(l
IXutieim'r f the. tot.
!,llllt Ii. IIltl. r lTll:L ITi T I.Ii
N ,r, . .i( h 21. i' fll,. NIi(l L N ,Lh T i ''lll.IIIr l
t ,ih li lh, ,.l rl. i' I1 ., t , . il IIltO l li.ll tll ir.
Il.l.i ,,, Ill .l,-Iv*. l, i llI tIi ll! rr,'dlhrI l ll ll llt I uj t 1 i ll P'
itrnlllsi h h I lhid ih"lru t intl r r~t
14.1)i Iil ' ifn.iIh. ;lf .l ii lll t Iit 'rIfn ll
II.1i I: ii i,, m it l i, h .ltll1 N lllh l r ll II r7l,. .
1 i i ,i I I. ,jr i dI ,fivl ill . h. 1 '·1 . A illl u ',
LAND( O!rict :Ujl lil() il t rast I11II ., I I~(l' l)
A t i'), . I':.
2i2llll l t .2i .li Ii' l.l, ' i: ' ila, i l, l1 F I , riii l _n
i·,'ltlilt in thfi lhi'' til,, f ,uii. ii 2.flll~ irlIi% i
'·I. .hl ih lir I~rlir~xill.cl 1 th,.lito1 1 \.(..l ··~i I. IIt(.r ii
hFl, I,,.,,.:.. Ild.tr
Ii 12 !' AL' lila iN, I M I I.
a" ()' li 'li, I 1' i ii,, 2' oll ) III',L ii,,' | lhi, '' f h ln' .
i h·lN :llll .{i, li'o iih , I I.. iii'[1, 1n JIlll n
11 the. Y 11 wIil i ni(. l~, J l n.i ii fl.tl r i t.hr v hiI
:;:1ih:n11 I th rd tl .. W i lians Johwla , all h o f (11 i
No.ice of Final Enlt ry.
|'1,,,'1, Ii'lilkl·l' ) llI lh[ i , 1 I ,I~ ill 11 II1, Iliv. r .%1.Til
h!i J ll ', :: , t.. . ~i': I ~l ip,.~.! I<.il il~l.l'l, w ,. Ii1#,1 i
H''i'I > Ii' , f%; i:x. , iii f1 .v.l , I N I
lI;, ii'111~.," 1\·, f,,.1 l:l,,ilrr \Vill .lllli.l t.) ill·(I'l,%ll lt
illi.ili!, f.rll, i' ,,) 'il f, l' I' i ll\4'lf:.I I. Iiiul h, fi
b / ' , 2".s '4I22lil. 11 tHtII , I il .',ilc, I , 'll.
oflll I' ·', , i'. h " V. A0K P ilNON, tlin. lil 1r.
L A wl l tl-''l I: %'1 I!.l et t, .l.) rl .
.'l lli,{ I I il .
l >li i s.ii I 1 1,.* viz ilit ilinin E. Iv Ni. . I h mit lell
I , I. vl:h l~,,. lh ilicw. i i,; . ,',rt ,w. ,," a lli-t m
i~tliill '~.id b ,I b : ( l 'd . ii lt, I eorge 11ll rt uhnlk, l
'.t l lil ld d.. ,l i'i r, h i'. , > s i s ', 1 ]h l iverh
Job Printing a Specialty.
The materia for this department hasbap
Wrwe are p3JrW ý
anrknr of Job nr1 nw snit d s
tach rteypo le of eh iatae styi1 [ inena..
fatolir, av'lng bees sand olreouL fie the
woll known type fotir e ot and n
('hic n. Show pp~rintin, bil h lete
rave spasr, rends, cemnte ^.ct'oikl
oIn the eholrlr~t n,,coan i n l aata
Wo rrepscttully k all b .ln, men toal
risttllti our soatrtls.
San lIivor, . - Montana.
Wi:ll Rivn eprrlal attention to conveyaltrlng
the Unitead l tau Lnnd 0111cc.
orrzOa: CIALUN nLOcE, UazWm*.
Omre: MaoS Nt., PuFo of Jlrontway, Hellea, MT.
W. is. emm". 0. W. IKOI.
11r. It)tSrQM, U. T.
Will prrtlro In nil ithe ('noute of thoTerreitory
itoy. molt nod :naov. rnt estate, inun·gand town
ir,.trrty. ('Itlia t(,no r nil kitsa rromntlly
attundld to. OtJi': C'rucr Rein and Itnn and e.
('unvl3 not. .a till legI l ieni on p romptly
ir'tv on otiliealtto. iKv.tpe ooztltpntul o
I'mod ill ltt'mttry Iblatlks for otriginalt Si
land wings. I.tinrrt'alslttie tollotted.
T. o. WoCos.
Hurvoelopg prtoomptly attendledI to.
Yl2onylr.u r.. oontas.
('Indrniog andl repairing donse with neatamse
end dptilctrl. itmnrgea renatonair.
1411ie illttek, SUN Buy,., MarT.
efnASTV Ip. Xogzn Uy P tnT V. VZW3
T'it Law of Rem1 3Cstw4tA and water
rights nuate a op lty.
VA tOnxgf awosx-soa. MAis AND BIOADWAT,
I.ANi OliIt v. AT ICIi.LNA Ma* ni.,
t April & l180.1. f
Mettlhr Ibye Ilh'd notleo of hil intentho to mak
lIud iroof hin elnpot of hit claim. 4U0 tlht "M
Ironll will he rein 1 before h. h Wolln a Nta
,'utllc IIIt hen Itlvor, i. T., on A lay 24, 184e . via:
11'Iw(IlIn J .IMttlltl'·· w, W reO Utled l| pitliun Da
e 11n 1m0e1 t1he followina witnree to peove hIa
LlloitiUllOli l'llldiilOOc ulpon, anti autivatiu.xp of,
ucold hloud, viz: John Il. iutrait, A eutlna Wd.
worllh i(;oepel llckett antd Imw¶l Olbor all,
f Ulhlla, Molllalln.
F. AD)IUN&so, lepitor.
Notice of Final Entry.
NTI make fiCeu Oilf in Alluprt of llE ctl ar
t llr too ,I r hcrl, nle L. . ll.,
o Notary ll .bil, Il null for Lewih and Clarke
Ilounty, Millitulla at LBull ltivtr Nontmua, 0 Jtne
lilt, lStl, viz: ''htollluw Cain who filed u no 4A
fuIr thI, NIl-I of Ni.I.t 011 lut 1 so 26 NWI-4
NWI-. tare 1ai ndt IWl. SWI ottioug tp 618
ii lli r ill. w lt.t.
I h ltnuo w the following wit:atma to prove his
contltinuolll rhliene I 1o, and cultIatiltl of,
aid landl, viz: £dwlwrd lull. James Gbb,Th omea
Ihtrlly ImUi 1, . ('oro n, nll of n rliyer,Moat.
V. ADKINOON, itglnter.
lay Ii, 1..t4. "
N l ? m Ine. iher el., oivrn thnt tio fullowi.
Ilnlllltl n vltlt r li thild Ia ll ltentlon t
Slal (,rf , In hn1lrt iof hf11Y clulm, and that ead
InrlP, will b, Imiluds Ibdor'l'. JI. Woodil, a Notary
]'ili: t in tie for I tle nuid Clarke, county, Mia.
T., it fri*rir"u MN . 'I'., on Juno 14, list, via:
(l)'.(l r. !Innltoy, lwhol IItn preemption D. I.
N. :III, for tih NWlI .114'-I N'4 IW-.4 m. 1
Nr:l-4 sirl-1 Meeq. s, ttlh. Ni of I 6 w.
itll 1.1.111. thle fullo: wlig 1 n1110tot prove him
cehtihtVnll rll nsdelteu.lin Ialld eultivution of
M,,shi, .ollltrlif lug und Jiamla turmlan, all of
'luirurt, Mi. T. F. ADKINbON. iegiater.
Il, t.ll OI,'lCC AT llIL'NA, MONT.,
April II 1t 1i1.
111(11 ''l .' n IrlhW inu whit, o tha. tho Pfoluw11l
wo '. . .d l,d n",l. hM illll, d |li, of litis hlut (it lu
1 t s kIl i/ull, II.i.l 1i ll tl1 Irt Of hill Jos llin, and
111 rid ,r~l . will AI KIN I, ON,, ti ilist ter.
hdl',Notice of Fina . l Entry. H u
1,T'I', nn l 1.yl, "'i. I-l, vii: IIl II. L nluir who
il , ::"-."i iipti,,n J). H. No. 511 it1 for thlt m -
nhV,, Nl:'t, h ,J,, ,,,d , i ,t ,. ,,.. .5, 1 ,U . i 30 N of I
Ii- :alllt 1t,., f.l-3wlng w1tlnlt tio proove hi
L,,,..h.1; , 'd'e . M,' ien. d u ,1111 t111ll otivlion ofa
;. i ll ,. sIl: \ illIl, (II B t,ol dr ant brum oo lr
I i of .I".'! niil, M. iT., I isi 1'h1 . ,n John 1on a1d
Phil''ruv ll of Ulidi, Mi1F. ADKI.NSON, glater.
Notice of Final Entry,
lilt.:, ll'B)r' AT ICIKLENA, MO)NT.,
MAY 3, 1afX41.
ll nl ,d : " tIj:I. 'r I:ll flldl, lIt O 0o ll s o h intOll.a
lion w i! llli.;* nlil. lltl tiatill t Il, hll e c lai m ando
tiin ,t1id pru:f will I.o uutd befori the 0r, oylg
llll I ('iV:1 1 Io ll i h'Iit:, A .lib T., i ll l JunIWl ttl 8t .
(lih'ithm fur tic,+ Nli iEI.i Nh'I d. NWAIN5Ot, i ac.
:1. I c ' )0 I It LiNA 311 Iw
II' · lt lllltl r(hh'aue opus, till \illdl ul li ttl orlolu of
atilld hlld viz: William H. lHeskel end (leorl
WV. Smith of I|l,,x, A~L:.,rt Luput, and Rtobert
i 1l. "l 1 1 iI+'lIIo r I' lS"!eII t th lhe fI lhln ow, 3n a edllll n
Ii llt 3 r:Itr laa: fI llrl'01ic ol) " I r I l Olllr to ncke
:,'-,, .l'ill b ,' 11h l A, 1 ' 1x ac n Jo ltu l \1'. " t',lhn Pro .
ton, 1 I. to n I,,, , vii: John (. Ernst.
Il I n N'!" l, " . ; 1 , :1 , ,.1 i H. O1 I t ON O. til9 U
1 J..\IINSON, TRgLter,

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