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Sun River sun. (Sun River, Mont.) 1884-1885, December 04, 1884, Image 6

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---kRi V ER SUN.
The I elusive Briton.
ýi c I told in
fsltlhu to hi.ble habits of
m no'e ntave.L An old Am.
-leen gentleman was traveling from
qmBPahtb London. Three gentle.
me l all ypple4the carriage, and
far an alesrk the train had
"b--a ti numeveronezcohangd
a sllable with another. At last the
American broke silence and said:
"Ge , ,r . D-. I have
sham z.o, .ue- Iam
eheat , .years am
and, lie a great many of my ountry
have oe is ad I cannot
read for, 6 ' pthel rain. rar
gm, t, Itrust,gentle- I
f look upon m as a
this one otf the gen.
disala' dý at his card-case and
gae him hiseard. This eample was r
handieput re. d by th ether.
a" "ari4 Mdte Amern- ;
thes' letue ltroduceyo," ead with a
that he moused his armsand presented q
the other. This b
ofna war andl oog th
ate Field lecItured hlt week in
l' s., o 'The Iormon
Huison Huieq,' editor of U.. b
waslagion Post has been elected tor
L 10agb nae ý wherehe h as a
-a~~iii~L>L1i n
TqIIgC/rierLk.I at,.hre, Eng
lead laniggaiatobs. Al
yers old she is
S tiin height, weighs
has perely Just
thecapea.lg hs
ibe s*ate on town
with other people
da Cone touotn these
men who ap
S that Mr.
ea~ t about
tibiit during thp
15*Um-e*t ,hlawever, has
ai.i pe nsiono of $74000 a
L Wtias them is no immediate'
a k goiiug over the hill to
T lobinson, a bewitch
iiiA esW of Boston, wentout
ilmti8 e W. w biea short
mu the laSjr .in the Teri
eL, and the pople now talk of mak
h-era-,i edam Po l rtia
an daily be
eanoethest eseof Marshdaid, Wis.,
wpa boaid t eL tn Peninsula
i, blit beeia one of As
"upur traders, and his mother a
squaw. e servled as a sout and in- I
epserr in the war of 1819, and was
a soldls qbmostu the eampaign in
Melsico F, arladey-Iv. years he has
usmaed tobaeo, and will accept any
*mg that comes handy in the way of
In the "Halthele" show in Eng
ind there is lady who pours water
ea veisPai of silk and of velvet,
ptaa about like qaulk
doeD not<esp rate even
tbgh the meshes of the veil. She
says that ink or a basin of soup might
gbe 4Pf *,tlý~rtips sbjectedto o
the p.ees without leaving stain.
Shehtelf nevr goes about with an
umw- sl ad beven the feather in
-blle aý opeloted by the heaviest
dowgprs... .
A Grma paper estimates that
. toq niits 6ea00 miles on
the W ot arlcan Coast, England 850
mile,or after the annexation of the
wIgtleoAlheNiger delt, 1,800 miles;
Paoi gl,D lilies, the Republic of
.lIS 0 'inidviim and Germany 750
miles. The remaini g 900 miles is
ownedby the nativet, bat will doubt
hias saeised by therEuropean powers
lnir dulttime. Thei coat is chiefly
aluable a opening a way into the
rtle interior.
oAt dl thriving little girl babe
In aW ` ok City has neither any
rati r Qcre The little waif is thus
ba representative of the
New Sun: "When seen it pre
essti.'tlieirpoiter the appearance
of aasp a y healthy, handsome,
and oped baby. Its face is
dimpled and very pretty, and its eyes
are black as sloes. The trunk, too, is
pluplfd well proportioned, and on
the place where the left leg should be
Isa small toe, which will certainly be
asapwhepsahter for purposes of lo
aemot , ' ; uagall, round lump, about
the }t, but Indfforontly
on fp the right leg.
T6 mare soft and nice
ly 1 dl bultno feels in vain for
e*4p1i Malhe~ s- u·e-developed armr.
tP4'ul eleis, wbothUer L a w
4i I n~·I.·; r
SSsebhlsg Ambldestrous neamaueltp
Ina masines 0ellegea.
(Pttaburg Dqpateh.g
"I ambidexstrous or left hand writing
2 taught much nowadays? a reporter
f ocollege wbhrrhe Wsstudy of pnnsshi is
m. onef the pret fatures.
- "Yes" was the reply. "There ls not
a.- n !.ttutef pomahip ilnthis elt
- that does not devote alrmno as much
ad tim to the devlopment of the hiro
ad t eaido mtol f the Idt hand asto
S. t preli notion that the a
he of the musles that lndued the form.
ha drnaloe. In nthe rels
Splace it is a w.known ft tihat pe.
Son who train their le hand a.wa
bomN mor z t in pen
in tthe eraie who earn their living by
o- the thepen tobe aleo writo
a with ot. hands. Pena' part, th
es nknown, ad i n t thooident
os hould train to o he other is al.
detlets. When they are of In
Mrit. thr .ooy, of the Western Union
Sto the woan thhir sright b
the wie sth penhis leftto don it
Swpl bthe V handy, es .ita
t left hnd isdyng out, as t should." I
Mr. H.a. , son of the tounder i
f the system of pey manh tired of
was seen bthe reporter amblextrol
Swritingth oinh a study. th
"rW iht hepon last foury th said he,
"the number pupils whom I have I
taught sT.euesly to s th. en with right
Sbrae hnds may be counted mthoe tn-h
th as, an d may be eno lntet ain ar
eo.y of the Unit Ve Statndy, it
result. there r no u o oth
deveopment of left hand writing. All ti
I dois im py to instruct the upil to
write ft isha ture with hisout, t ald
a penoll d then g over it ink with
his lew t This t s the commencement.
tthe sature is written without
Sestimate of th number of ambdx h
eriste throughout the Unlonl Well, h
n yafew yearsago I "ta class in
Wasmhgton of 800 one inatlmore of
100, and one in Glveton of 00, iand
instruoted several thousand ohildren in
Sam only one of the many taeahes on
Sthe t sinessr you may altun. sy
Asu mpertas. No, sene e n eruerth I
development o let badriting. ll Vl
Virs.l Impb tv.) nterprisl to
serite i he catuseoth hs right when hea
undo a tew hi l, Thit he eo enment.
wseth .ke, turhe die oin a thesbotId
With the woundedImb l splint. Until
Majod udi the surgicalt pofeeon has -
trey haden aoppotuned to study th
ttheiss trougnout the wheonr Well,
wounaded arm was amttod.
The tal ta was prton of 900,e Itnd
intructed 'svel thousand childrenin
foot adJnmet of tmedtls hase not
ed n deimed ap olut elyeeo ear to per.
ii arsarmth, " and prca
(Vt e has a k er.e iute nwie
to ydly the work oepderet adjustmnt.
Inhis aem i them c no of u Tier i he
asbrknaol, ade e anlsd to k lt
hadbeen -b out aisb te he ofr aatu
wth the woun[lacna i snrplt s. Uonil
Majorn died the r l proeon on haitudy o
de omonstas not only theat su ery is a
wrlbe t fof oo adplei n ndewrae
amits.n ooIn s wshur erueokl aorrthe
Ptro.nesie smenee, but ais tte It is
no thne ditht s wo rtuse to wohc
mand be put s the hallt ot f him.
Ahe To wsoleNo as . Ore oIt
nexplodd nntl th ulrer, lo
liThe oeld had pr ie s Kentu ad V.
brlan is the poienou at sur of
ithe andst t own the sunes has eep.
tionally hext, or from .ny cause they
havee a per utlar solaly inestry to work
lea of tobacco and place It under their
mpits~InFr n hour after doing so the
s gest among them will be seiedal
with a huddering, h isfae will grow
pnotl as dath, his mules refuse to an wt
d ateralntimehe fonlls to the bground
s teatl mep t of the lnjy , Thi dis
eneraslly exus from work byonl thet ur i
provrerser; bnut if the ef i retained in
pmtion may put tlenginth of time it is
wes eeafore the man thIs able unto te up
his old dutiesI.
Larvaet Arllselal HStem.
(Atlanta Coustltution.)
The largest artiofal stone in the
world is the one just finished and which
is to form the foundation for Bartholdi's
statue of Liberty on Bedloe's island in
New York harbor. The stone is made
of broken trap rook, sand, American and
foreigh oement mixed, and water.
Twenty thousand barrels of oement were
used. The mixture for the stone was
emptied into the "Jacket," or mold and
then the surplus water was squeezed out.
The stone rapidly hardened and will now
bear 100 tons to the square foot.
A prooess has boon discovered by
which artificial ivory can be utade from
the bones of sheep and goats and the
waste of white skins.
Longfellow: Fame comes only whenl
deserved, and than is inov:;,t le as dtt,
tiny, for it is destin:.
Holland Afral4 of Germany.
IBrcok yn Union.J
As Aloxander, prince of Orange, has
boon nn invalid all his lifo, his serious
illness is exlcstcd to result fatally, and
iilnllnd is disturbed lest the inheritance
r of the Iutilch ithone by the children of
the king's sister may prepare the way
for tLhe abwrption of their eountry by
(Ilrnl. ally.
mashtn for Ilesah.
A good cleansing of the entire boed
with soap and warm water once a week
is all the bathing the human system re
quires for purposes of health, in ordi.
i ; or rre mstannes.
I Thb W.adewful Thlieee orheame a
aunemoed .dd4.
(Clnealnatl Nws.JonrnaLj
g 'Any man in this abop," satd the
r goldIeater,"can beat gold dollar into
Slla squaeres of four Inla lo eah. That
is would make 4W ajslare inches, or
thirty.three and one-third equ re feet.
At To put the matter s that t may be
amopreheded b: nay one, we may 7
that two rooms, each uNteen ad one.
. third feet a ijusr, a . be carpeted with
Salaiwles ceeos of ,l luesten from cue
Ssingle dollar. Rather a thin oarpetl
a Well, , rather. It has be
t hti a th 2eo,0 sheete of goldI
Sll go to make ro Insh. 1 wo tuadred
a sefh of uecommonly thin witing
Spaper will make the esme tidkeesne,
w show as that t will . quire
a 1,4W sheets of geld leaf, placed one on
Sth . etuer, to make a..t as thek as
thin paper.
W I bty am rold in theo sape dJ
dgrain ad moll it in my own otpdbles
t and fummace, right hber o this room.
The molten metal is poured into molds,
Swhiht sunsy is into bars about an
i a h wide and six or sevae Iach long.
Sies fe a bar that! made this morang.
SIt i worth I.-u
SThe bar was irregulr in hpe, and
of a blurred and d.n~ o elor. t dwould
have been acoreda by a replcke i
dlaovered among tho rubbish on the
alt dump.
lbeae brawe ra through rollka
nomber of times nat . they are as thin
as ordinary paper, whoan they are ul
up into pieces a, ,nlh square, and
headed over to the beakrs to be beaten
by hand into their proper thlokess.
Two hundred and lt y shoets are
beaten at one time. The sheets as
placed in what is known as a mold,
which is simply 6., sheets of parebh.
meat, Inolosed inn enter wrapper.
The gold and she parchment aro inter
laved, the whole forming a baudloue
inchlo thick by fo.tr inrhe s juare. T'hli
bundle is then p acsed n the boater's
slab, which must have a solid foundsl
tion extending some feet into the
rouand, and the whole is beateA, withs
heavy iron hammer. The hammer.,
range in weight frIm four to sixteen J]
pounds. When tile flrt beating ib
oomplete the original oinh square
have become four inch squares. Theo
are now taken from the mol.l and each
sheet is out into four pieceo, to undergo
exactly the same process as at hast,
This is ontinued autil the leaf Il as
thin as we may safely make it." et
Aug sta H:u:e!
The patronage of the public re
spectfully solicited.
Stable in connection.
HENRY WIEGAND, Proprietor.
Jacso0 Hotel,
Old Agency, Montana,
Fiast.Olass in Every
Whmwe wl be ed ofs e bootlhoist lquor
James W. Armstrong, Prop.
Sc loon,
John larran, Prop.
All lovers of choiceo Liquors and Cligars
will And this the "boss place."
Gout, Neuralgia & Sciatica
Quickly and Permanently Cured by.
The Great Common Senco
Internal remedyl Strictly Vegetable
Six years establish3ed and never known
to fall in a single ease, acute or chron
le. Sent for elrtifloates of the cured
Immediate relief warranted.
Permanent cure guaranteed
The only diolver of the polonogus urio sold
weohil elits in the blood of rleumnt
to and gouty patients.
SALIOYLIOA s orks with m elous ffect on
this aeld, and a+ removes tie disorder, At is now
oxiur.lvel )y d Ly cli celebratoed ic of
Amri, aal d ,"a pHighest iMedscd Anaem
of Parle reports t per cent. cures in three days.
SALIOYOA is known as an common sense rem.
dy, Iecuess It etl, ke directly It th!!e caruse of
rheumatiam, rmot nia neurnalgia while so many
so.-eaed s woenesfand opposeil pannoes only
treat locally tie enwrt
That SALICYLICA is a certain cure
for Rheumatism in all its various
forms, also Neuralgia, Sciatica,
Gravel, Diabetes, Fevers, Blood.
Poisoning, and Kidney disases.
IL , Bo I Bent free by mail on
6Bose for tive dollars recelpt o money
Ask your Drufiglet for It.
Wot do not tbke imsitettons or P n.otiute,. or
something rerommenads "Just ns mood!" Insist
on tlssIgenulewlin i th noem WA65U55 A 00 on
each box, which In gounrteed chemically pare
'a(lr or o i.einltarr, an nd lsacnsiahi rcqostt to
iaare .snmess in the tiretmet. Take no other
or endtnl us,
Washburn & Co. Proprietor"
1r7 ereedway, ·cr. ues., Saw feesE
A ocod uit Cfcr $6.00, - - Costing Elsewhere $9.00
THROUGHanhonestendeavorto A getter uit for $9.00, - Coating Elsewhere. $16,00 tho miar of crtain old
please the public we have stepped A First-oas Suit for $15.00, Costing Elsewhere, $18.00 who brut dare otir bl"
at once into the front ranks of the A Z Stfr$.00, Coinls r, $8.00
Clothing Trada We are selling ALL PRIOES, GRADES AND QUALITIES. Wehaveiostocke.vi.r
FOR CASH more goods in our line A Good Overcoat for $56, - Costing Elewhere, $9.00 byma or boy, and no.
thanayothehu in or hen a-oohlone .is I
than any other house in Helena, A stter Overooat for $.00, - Coating Elseuhare $12.00 toy. Evers rtialem ~ u ih'
this has been aceomplised by bring- A Finer Overcoat or $1.0.00, Coating Elsewhere, $18.00 selling figures, from hsh't
ing prices down to the proper level, To each purhaser of an Overcoat at $18.00 or upwards we present a tively make no deviatio.. ft
while in so doing we have ncurred GOOD WATCH to induce purchase in a good olass of goods.
Gents' Furnishing Goods, California Blankets, Underwear, Hats; &
-ail Ord.es wrill eceive COaze R i. Attez .t.io..
Post Traders and Dealers in
Fort Shaw, Montana,
HIave on hand a large and varied stock of Goods bought for CASH
and which we offer at Bottom Prices. Our stock
consists in part of
Staple a Fucy Grocrins,
3 or o00o, lolotin, BOota ill Skeet, Clothlil HtrdwSir, Stoves aI Tlwtfrl, GOll
Amalislit Woeler Ware, Crockerl 08Ies, Lamps, Hlirne an
SaeSlrfy, Wool SacltS d T.aln, 'fints at WaIe Sheets.
Consisting in part of ihe Celebrated Wood Self-Binders and Mow
ers Tiger Rakes, Iulky, Gang and Walkng Plows, Harrcws, Wheel
barrows and Pumps.
We are agent for these celebrated wagons, which fare conceded to be
the best wagons made for the West rn country. We respect
fully invite our old friends and patrons to give as a
call and examine goods and prices. Respt.,
Feb. 6,'84. J. H. McKnight & Co.
.A.DDL ,
arlnei, Chaps, File Callforl8e SPUar, Bltts, tc,
All goods warranted as represented and satisfaction guaranteed or
money refunded.
JUDITH BASIN, Mont. T., July 20, 188
I. GELENA, enton . T.
Pad -Up talhe Judith........ B n...... h n use ou................. r ... addl.. 30 or th0,000
Surplus andt uor to others for...........................ur..abilt, and workmanshi....p nd or 0,000
Individual Deposites ................................2,000,000
E. W. KNIGHT, Cashier. EB W. Knig T. JlmN . Kleiohn Cnmidt, Jo
p vi A. J. Dai , H. M. mpche ll, Wm. ower
WTOrdsro bh m.il will reoeive prompt attention. Send for price list and pheots of saddles.
Sadses to order a spe:ial.y. F ort L en t,no ul.at.
Paid-Up Capital ............................8300,000
urplu and ProfitSurplus, $750..........................0000,000
Individual epoites, Ranges...................... ,000,000
Government Deposits. ............... 100,000
Te A. HAUSER, President, DIREC"TORS;
anA. . DAVIS, Vi Houser, nishi.ng Holter, J. M.Goods
El W KNIGHT, Cashies. e W. Knight, T. u H. Kleinecr idtP Jon
T. H. Klenschmdt, Asmt-Ca C. Curtin, i. L. Hamilton, C. P. Higgins,
... J. Davis, H. M. Parchen, T. A. O lwerT
Associated IBanks: It Nat.loal, ot Senton,.MLsolaNatlonal Mlsoula.
Total Capital and Surplus, $760,000
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Universal Stoves, Ranges
and House Furnishing Goods
Tinners' Supplies a Specialty.
Solo Agentz bz' the Oelebrstted Buokye Poros Pumps
Beet inthe World,
oc. ,Min.,r .. . HELENA, MONT
oor.M~lnI Ldicd t!
-Blacksmith - and - Wagon - Shop.
. 'White, Wheelwright.
Sun River, - - Moniana.
Billiard Parlor,
Of Kelley & Robertson,
Will be found a fine awsortment of wines, liquors and eigars.
Ktsselpaugh, Carter & Co.,
Would announce to the people of Sun liver and the surrounding,
try that they have opened a Lumber yard here.
First-Class Lumber and Building Material at
$30. per m.
Contractors and Builders will do well to examine therestock
Make any contracts for Lumber until you have figured with thin
gentlemen. Remember they will not be undersold.
E. W. ory, Ag~t.
Offer For Sale to Meet any Competion at
Sun River Crossing,
Sun River Ferry,
Ulidia, and
Landings on the Mo.,
A complete stock of
, mreEsed L L '.ber, -
Dressed and Matched Flooring
Windows, Doors, Blinds & Mouldings.
Parties desiring to purchase will save money by addressing our ageut.
Thomas Rose, Thomas Gorham,
Sun River, Ulidia,
E.D Davis, David Churchill,
Sun River Ferry. Shergold.
A. M. HOLTER & BRO., ,..T,, ,
Have for sale a complete line of
For bottom figures on Hardware, address
A. M. Holter & Bro., Helena.
1364. 1664.
Clarke, Conrad AI Curtin,
LBo Agents for Prigse ily
Loya Acorn, DBr!d ,. Iluorh & LI. i
"Ss wrerlor" ('ooking stoves.
Ff8:ER & CO.'s
Ordons solicited. whith will ro.
elv, promnpt and curtful autL.
62. 54 & 66 MAIN Tr.
Helena, Mont.
New Firm. New Business.
Kauffman & Ellis,
Sas, Bid and Door Factory,
Mouldings of all Kinds. Planing done to order.
slit ST., . - SUN RIVER, M. T
Wolf -:- Creek -:- Planing -:- Mill.
All kinds of
Beaded Waiascoatllg, Panel Doors and Bash made to order.
'-x-celaior S. loon,
CHAS. DARLING, Proprietor.
Fine Wines, Liquors and Oigars Kept in stock
Fineet Billiard Pirlor and Club Rooms in the C'ity.

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