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Sun River sun. (Sun River, Mont.) 1884-1885, January 29, 1885, Image 3

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un River, Montana Territory.
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ea notices in reading matter, 25 cents
Ion If r I mi
~'lll l. Lost j fou te. I ian aotiinrniiila
era, amts pa, r )Ior 1 acI I It , nrton.
isirint aldvrtioments must be paid in ad.
srl ladvertilements to be settled for quar.
.ertislne algents and othler wUIl oave pomtnge
-Aumo, by ogrrfll e ammm.Ipn ofr atro rten,
-ir so EcrcumsOe will We levltO from
-- '7
iount Helena Is I,280 feet high.
We regret to learn that Mrs. Blossom is
'to Ill.
As wego tapres, Mr. James GIlb Is
ed no better.
John Largenut, H. D. Blossom and J. J.
lliB are at Helena.
James OGibson returned from tha. Teton
rountry last Friday.
I Ira W. W. Evans has opened a lan-.
Iry on Largent street.
Sleiglhlng ls first.class In town, but is
rtld not to be outside.
The New Orleans exposltson es sald not
, be a success so far.
Joe Klpp aiss been appointed trader at
te Blackfoot Agency.
Robert Vaughn reporte cattle as look.
.g well on this range.
1. A. Rolin,.on intends to 'isit liol old
mate ir Tipton, Mo., shlortly.
lion. Frank Cooper and lady, of Eagle
*ek, were in town Tuesday.
Rcev. Largent preached to a large and
pprecintivoe adienco last Sunday.
Col. Wheeler lhas been appilnted clerk
If the auys and meanns conmlmittee.
Ir. Authonty, of anud Coulee, was in
swa last week withl a load of coal.
Tile Presbytery of -Montana will meet
a Deer Lodge on the Oth of February.
There is talk of organizing another aid
alety. We have not learned its object.
Will Hanks and J. P. Dyne, of this
ace, have been appointed notaries pub.
1lus Cisudle Clark and nlam II. Ken.
eth were 'asrded in Helena on the 22dl
Over Uf50 names appear on the petition
sking for the organlzation of Deartbrn
We understand that the Martha Wash.
gtun society lateU to hold a fair In the
ar future.
(ol. W. F. Baunders is doing what. heIan
ward the organization of the new county
f Dearbora. r
Our ice men have been improving the
t week of ice weather by gathering nl
el' Ice crop.
Fire bugs are trying to burn Helena;
reral attempts have been made within
a past week.
"Porter Blossom of Sun Iliver Is in the
ty," says the Montaulan. It evidently
as our HI. D.
Itoller skating is becoming quite popu.
r here. A rink will be the next enter.
rise we suppose.
It Is feared that the Indian reservation
the north of us will not he thrown open
Is year after all.
It is reported that Ben Steell has twen
aft $50,000 by a deceased relative. We
nagratulate you, lien.
Bnutt gaumblers are working against tie
'II now before the Legislature for the
lpression of gambling.
It is rumored that a paper is to be satrt.
lit t'hoteau. We beg leave to suggi-st
name, "Talhwee Times."
Mr. James Gibb, of the Largent llouse,
as been very ill during the past week
ith neuralgia of the heart.
Rleports indicate that more live stock
ve,.perlsied from cold weather in Texas
is winter than in Montana.
Service at the school house next lsl'.
timorning, liev. Hunter will preach.
All are cordially invited to attend.
We call attention to l)an Nettekoven's
1., which appears nl this issue. l)an is
tIlrt claws watch and Jeweler repsairer.
le.. Hunter failed to reach Augusta
ott Sunday by reason of the imnpuassable
Sate of the roads. lie preached at Fort
Tihies are imiprioviig noticeably slnce
iadit rt of the new )iiar, and people
" I i-ul"l Imore hopeful thlln they were a
Did you hear the story of the baby and
tle barrel. If not, go to J. W. Nixon and
4 will gladly relate to you the whlole
Ira, gratis.
James Adams and J. P. Ford, who
Ret up to Augusta with one of the new
county petitions succeeded in getting it
ell tilled with unames
liov. hunter is to give a coursel of Iee
1res at Fort Shlaw, comlneneing Wedese.
,Y February 4h, First lecture: "'he
entils of the Age."
AIIr. Morrison, signal service offlcer and
'tlegraph operator at Fort Slhaw, is about
Sretire from the service. lie will be
'uieesctaci by a Ill'. (unlniughiail.
W* haNite nt hedn haow oll people in
tIUd to celebrate the birthday of the Fatill
'rf our country. Th'lie un IRiver Mii.
sllt lloiildi givo an enlertilnmint.
Northern Pacife trainsare snow.bound,
No eastern tIll hlas reached us for sev.
oral days.
A number of go d whlist.players are
said to be in the city fromn un Iliver.
Independent. You b, t, John, 11.1)., J. J.,
and Uncle J. are hard to beat at that
The Sun River country has settledl as
rapidly that in justice to Its residents and
territory a new county should be formed
from portions of Lewis and Clarke and
tC'hoteau.--MIaiden Argus.
The firm of Johnll W. L.owell Co., who
were extensive dealers in agricultural iml.
ielements rd machinery, have made all
assiglnuent. They had several branch es.
tablishulents in this Territory.
Judge LIIplinsott ihas bought 1 . A.
lIobeirtson's saloon and billird hall in
this pilace. We understand the considler.
atlen was $tUU. The Judge is popular
here and will no doubt do well in his new
It is reported thiat Gen. Brooke is ad.
vising tile cutting down of tile Ft. Shlaw
military reservatiolln. We trust that part
of the reservation will be thrown open to
settlement, but we do not advocate the
abandounmelt of tile post.
Mr. Athey, who has been in this town
for tile past two months representing tlhe
Molltalna National Bank, is sholrtly going
to leave us to return to Kllnsas City. Mr.
Athey has made llany friends during his
sojourn amlllong Ils, anld Ills abllsence will
he regretted.
We ae biy thei 't lIacleoi (lazette that
tile sheepil pirchrsed ti ere lnst spring by
(I. II. IDavics, were sold at public auction
ou the I:Jth ltst., to saltisfy custtoml duties.
It appears Daviees did not pay the dlluty on
hills bland, and1 theretfore will loose a largo
portion of theml, if not all.
A regutlar DIakota blizzard visited us on
Mtlnday afternloon. It did not last long.
but while it was with us it made tllings
lively. Old.timers Slay that it was the
worst storml ever seell in this pilrtion of
Montana, it only lasted i few ihours nu11u
passed away as quickly as it came.
Mr. Warner, of Flat Creek, was in town
last week. lie came in with a load of
express matter from Helena. Mir. Warner
now rlns a regular express line between
Helena and Ulidiam and illtermlediat
ipolnts. lie carries express frol lHelelna
to this place for three (celts per pound.
It Is reported tilhat lion. It. 8. Ford alnd
lady were rol.tbet at St. Paul while en.
route to New Orlelans. The tllieves got
away with Mr. Ford's wtitcrh and also Mrs.
Ford's jewelry. 8ubsequeutly a valuable
necklace, whicll was among the booty ta
ken, was found inll a pawnshop. We have
nlot learned of tany fulrther plrticulnrs.
A chinook was blowing nice anda snooth.
Jy fromn the southwest onil Monday at 8:I30
p. in., wipling away the snow in a umanner
uuasunallng, and at 3 :85 p. in. a northern
blizzard was putting it to us In a manner
heretofore unknown or heard of in thill
quiet varle. It was but one of Mlontauna's
suddt.e and uaexpectedl atmospherhi
White Sulphur Springs' yrung folks
propose to mlock mlarry, to the endl that
they may obtain etntrrance into the "mar.
rled people's dancing clb," of that place.
iThe binahelrm editor of the Hnushandnan
throws rohl water on tile projecct thusly -
"No, don't; ino such foolishness. G(o into
the Irberedihtile sphere for fall its worth,
or not at all. Don't try to grab onto its
pleasures and shrink its responsihilites.
tio it, whole hog or none l lie sure you
are ready alnd want to go, nod thei mauke
a grand rush, like a house a tire."
Jesse F. Taylor, I)emocrtlic iuemlLer
frontm hoteau corunty, was born in Ken.
tucky in 182', and was educated in Uc(.I
tre College, I)auvllle, Kentucky. liH eml.
grated to' Illinois in 18419, and to rMissourl
In 1856, Ihrng engaged in farming in
those States. In 1800 lie went to Denver,
Colorado, and in I18:4 camue to Montana,
settlilg In Lcewis and Clarke county.
where he mlnend and farlnlted, alnd for sev
en years was T'reasurer of the county. Inr
1879 he i'rrrnoveld to ('hotran county anlld
engaged in thie strock business. lie is u
wrliower, Ilras thiree sons.---New North
Mr. L'Illl, of Shergnlti, was In town last
week. lie says that there are a great
rlrllnlhr' of tattle atn tile river' below his
place, which have drllfted in there from
the lolrtih t-ide of Sun riverl, antd that the
snow lhas drlftel over thit bhlufs alotng tile
river so that they' cannort got out and ari
therefore getting Ipororer every lay. lut
few have died rye't, Ibut unlless they tire
got out of the sort of pen whlich they arc,
norw in, iianny will die r ftice long. iMr.
tint is very rnacrh in fiavor of tihe organ
lation of a hairsemnen's associa'ntionn here,
anld will do what Ite cr tr ito helpl the llt
ter along.
Adolph Itloeitch, tihe' Fort iraw scout.
trlarlled at thl Si N olllce Wet]dnesdray. Hie
says thiat ihe has received' orders tto stop
peoplle fromll takitng wood from tihe Shiaw
ireservatlion,. It sctllts hIarrl to depllrive
tpeoplet' of the, olppolrtu'ilty of pllkinrg rup
thie tdry nolld diea woodil tlrhat is laying ill
the trimber on the reserve, espelrrially at
tins sIensoIi when wtord is so s-aill ilnd
hlard to get. tora. Rornrrsh vav. thart iar
gr,-een tiniter' has brln i't , ranti w'e hioudit
think that so long aits people tefrailner
frorm doinrg so that theiy mighit hie illowed
tol grlth nr' utp ellnough to llkeepl tlhean froml
Chirtese washelrlian acnlle Into the St;:
ottilce ttrhe other day to purc'hase nsomrre Ipa
pers anid whilte gatlhering in our old ex
('hargesr', lie leked us if we had heard of
the big ('hinauien priz'e tlght rit Sorithl
Fork. Onl our repllying ill the all'iiruative,
Iie helaverd a tdeep lgh anri said: "llhn
('hinanitin allie sutatlr' rirnr fooleL ; hhin
gittee little nolnre, tlhen hint Ilghtae, an'
give all.I sl ii in n to damn lawyerrr)'. f.lr
nIllkee talkee. 'Then Iinl lawyer i tlolo
,m u cht ta lkt e eit at r il)('r ain n i ,irtt ir l ,k e
sianl washe for rnre lllllll, r to giv e hin
big llouf lawyer. All sllmllre' diatll forol
MeRlIrca man." This Ii:;prtlnclar hJh
don't seem to have ia very exnaltl opillni
of the legrntl fraterntity.
Leg Broken.
)oc Smilth, of Chotean, started to go to
Augusta from Choteaul last Monday, on
liorseback, acconlpanied by Mr. Ralston.
When about half way between the two
places his horse stumbled, throwing hint
andtl breaking his leg. Mr. tlalston re.
turned to Clhotean for a sleigh to convey
him back and returned to where e h had
left L)oc Just as the blizzard of that day
(came up and they were forced to lay out
on the prairie all night. 1i)l'sl kg froze
before they reached a place of shelter and
will ihave to be amputated. It Is reported
that the chances are very much against
Doc's recovering from this second mis.
fortune of the same kind. "lies eat sacra
Condition of Stock.
St. RtIViE, II. T., Jan. 24, 1885.
Editor of the SIN:
Hlaving straw off of 80 acres of oats
and wheat I have been for the last two
weeks gathering the poorest cattle to feed.
The last three days I was up and down
Sun River for a distance of 18 mile.s
where from 10,000 to 15,(H.0t head of cat.
tie have been off and on since the cold
weather set in. I have found but seven
head of dead cattle -2 cows, I yoarling
_and 4 calves. Three of the calves had
evidently been killed by wolves. Taking
the cattle on an average, they are in as
good condition as in average winters in
this section, and I have seen to-day what
would be a credit to Montuna if they were
butchered and sent to the New Orleans
exposition. In fact they look as fat as
they were at the fall round-up,
.lltitHT VAcuIIIN.
Chinese ChristmI. .
The 30th instant'is the ('hinese ('hrist
mae, or festival, when they decorate the
gravos of their dead with roast pigs, cups
of tea, rice, confectionery. strips of red
paper and other Chllinese edibles. As in
this country a license tax is aftlxed to al.
iost everything, John got into his collec.
tive head that lie would be required to
take out a license to feed Ills dead, and It
delegution of himl waited upon the city
marshal to enquire "how intuchee licee ?"
The olficer gave tihenm pernissalo to hold
their festival without money and without
price, and on the day mentioned the'
graves will be decorated in accordance
with the Chinese custom, suilt the coyotes
will stand in for a feed thereafter.
iose Eytlige write's from Montana to
the Dramatic News that tile handonest
house, the only brick one, at I)eer Lodge,
in fact, belongs to a Butte City gambler.
itemarking upon it to her escort, who
was a local pioneer, lie said: "Industry
ulnd economy evidently lead to wealth
here as well as anywhere else." "Ye'mn.
was the reply; "'specially if ye deal a
square game and travel well heeled."
The actress did not waste any mnore prov.
erbs in that direction.
The prnfessions, trades and huisnees
cwcpntlions are reprlesentcdl I the meine
b.rs of the Legisliture as follows: Stock
growers, 54: lawyers. 8; mirning, U; Iier
clumnts, :3 physiciun, 1 : editor, I lhum.
her dealer, 1 ; no ocncupatlo, I; und not a
single one engaged in farming except In
counertlon with stock growing.
School IReport.
Hoxewith is submitted a report of
Sun River school for the month end
ing January 23. 1885. Counting out
the holidays, there were but 18 days
of school.
' Number of days present, 166.5; days
tardy, 74; number of pupils enrolled
during the mouth, 33 - boys, 15; girls,
18. Average daily attendance, 26.28,
a falling off from last month on ac
count of the bad weather.
Visitors:-- E. D. Hastie, H. D.
Blossom, Thomas Rose, Rev. Hunter,
(2), Miss Emma Brownson, S. M. Cor
son, (2), A. C. Brothers, (3). -
Magglie Hopler.... 18 1 100 97
Maggie Manix.... 7 3 100' 97
Maggio Evans .... 101.' 2 100 913
Mollie Largent, ... 18 0 99 9f
Annie Manix..... 15 10 100, 95
Ella Largent.... . 18 5 100 97
Lilly Bronson....... 18 2 100 98
Lillie Newman.... 18 2 100 97
Florl.lco Morganu ' 13 2 99 98
Minnie Wiouigaud. 14: 3 100 90
Clara Wiegand.. . '8 2 100 9(1
Annie Devol...... 11 4 99' 96
Maggie (iibb ..... 18 1 1(00 95
Lena Lux...... 10 0 100 97
Lula Lux........ 17 0 100 '97
Ida Large.nt ...... 18 2 100 95
(Sruaci]e Judson .. . 3 1 99 97
Fannie Weigand. . 9 5 !100 99
Walter Giblh......i 18 2 100 97
Charlie Hepleor.... 1.8 1 ' 99 98
Robert Strong ... . 18 1 97 97
Eddie Adams..... 15 0 (100 97
Richard Adams.... 15 0 97 97
Frankie Wyatt.... 18 0 100 97
Johnny Wiegand.. 7 2 99 99
Thomas Munix.... 15 10 R 98 95
Lor Lux ........ . 17 1 99 0097
Charlos Bull...... 17 0 100 9
Thomas Healy.... 14 j! 4 99 98
George Bull...... 11 0 100 07
Albert Strong..... 9 0 I10 07
Arthur Strong .... 13 00 11 98
Leopold Slehmidt.l. 8 2 100 94
As the report for last month was
lost and did not appear, we sul)mit
here a "brief" in place of it:
Number of dlays present, 551; tardy,
78: pupils enrolled, 35 15 boys and
20 girls; average daily attendance, 29,
making the best average we have had
notwithstanding the severe weather.
Once in a while a pupil drops off, but
a now one soon takes his place and
we contilue much enllolUraged and
hopeful. Still we need sympathy
from without.
J~'Tut. , L ,'uo",r, 'L'eeeher.
BIurglars.are operating at Butte.
Ialites are nill the rage in Billllings.
J. L. Perkins, of Ulidia, is at Helena.
Fort Ellis mIlters only 146 men, all told.
Billings is annoyed iy nightly shooting.
ilendive has just swung its first church
Curd wood is worth' r8.10) per cord at
At Billings they sell twenty.four loaves
iof bread for $t.
Itunlch eggs are worth $1 per dozen at
Fort Mluginlnis.
Beef steers are quoted at $4i ill the
lHelena market.
A number of families are reported in
want at HIelenI.
Billings wants a city charter similar to
that of Bozemnanu.
Ilillings and Helena have both artesian
wells for sale cheap.
Whistllaying is becoming a popular
amusement at ileletts.
A ranchinan near Helena had two horses
frozen to death recently.
Helena has had five incendiary tires
within the past two weeks.
Ira Myers w.s reported at'tho Graud
Pacilic, Chicago, on the 22d.
Madison is said to be tile most lightly
taxed county in the T'etrltory.
The Third lHouse, or the House of
Lords, hals been organized In Helena.
A five.~ent soup house Is among the
semi-charitable institutions of ltelenn.
The thermlometer at Miles ('ity regist.
ered 48 tlegrees Ielow zero on the l:kl.
The chaplain of the coeuncil gets $t, per
day for praying for the solons every maolr
The citizens of Helena will reorgauize
the old 8.7.77 and go for the firebugs
Jesse Arlnitage has connlected himself
with (C. B. Jacquenlin & Co., jewelers, of
The Northern Paceiic Elevator Co. Is
paying forty cents per bushel for wheat
at Mllsoula.
The Legislature is composed of twenty.
six married men and eleven bachelors by
actual counltt.
A handear ineair Billings collided with
Spotted Tall's squaw, serinusly dantagihg
her tmake.up.l
Milres McNally, of BIutte, has matched
his Ilighting dog for a battle with a wild
cit at :lissoula.
Hiumior says D)elegate tMaginnsll will be
given a foreign nmissioi unlder the Cleve.
land administration.
Advices fro Washllington states that
the desert land act was not repealed, but
only passed the llouse.
The Colorado sylndiate have raised
their bid for the Crow reserviation froml
$30t,000 to $90,1000 a year.
The Blutte Mier thlllnks it would be a
good idea to pay ctoulity conllmmisslioners a
fixed salary of $1,000 per year.
Onle hIundred anld twellty niotries plll.
li, have heen appointed for Monitana by
the Legislature now in session.
There are but seven plrisoners in the
(lallatin corunty jail, the lowest number
reachel ini the past three years.
The spurting fraterntlly of lhutte tire
anxiously awaiting the fite of the Potts
iutihl-'rize lighting bill In1 the LegIlaluatiur.
Joe Keeney, oif ltiozemiai, has invented
a shot gun shell, for the patent of which
he has lbeen offered $4,000 and ia royallty.
The ciunterfelt silver dollars that have
Ieenl pilut iin circlllatio nt utIIIte and ihl.
eia ii're sall to mniluifactiredit I ilendive.
The Itllcky illoultailn If aululliiiiu ays
that i lendives has fillin into Iite Illd ild
Morality rll t and iloses ill storer He il tti.
The Ittuky Jiountain lIun handansn ad.
vocates tile pIassalge of a law Inlreasiig
the saltarie: of coilnty clerks to 41,00t0 a
Yellowstone2 tllmty Iitu* j 1.2 contracte't2d
for the ho,0hrd2 of Nit paa;ios at $8.40 a
week per cap1dba, al8o for burIaIl at 420
2~iic Ii,
A telephone122 Ilint' I2 liv' ing strunlag he.
twean IIvin22gst1on2 and Giadiner by tihe
14ellowstone m2ill2ing co20 pa)222y of tr3ar
'I'1r242 sePrious accu~idets fromt faill ing
Ihure Re( lcurred a 1t t 1)1t112 D ,Ilo ,oll krt1kating
rillk Ilnte 2'2'ry shocnrt ti222e .1in(c' It wA'n
F'rom22 11t241 nt24r.I1 2212122,2 we 24.' eain t122at
thle D)4nvler & 1112 (t 1i22!24 221a2crilro ad vwll
exte'nd2 Its li2o to4 Montana the2 2122o22I2g
'Ihe Ihlitt. tire 122-IodIe' Is repr,2t2ed to he
Iin exiceliit s412222222( w it 222mbersh221ip of
)24242222y2122', of who2222 tlfty-tw4o rJn12 1with(
It 2t2 sta222 t1ha1t1t tthe Northern Pacific
has Inv1ited1 t12e LeglI8latItre In a body' t22
vlolt tit. P'ad1 12n1d take In the aIlgIie of
the4 cap2ito1l c(ity.
1In t12e Yo2go2 22021tfl12224 be2tw4een i12 1t24
Slp12r t(22i22g2 21) 1 and i2)lrtI a it crevic
In the 22ock w01)2h 52ee22s bo2ttomle62ss, 211)d
at nl~ght em22its a lun2iI22222l gas4.
T1'he presient IegI24I2tiv22e bod2y of M1ott
ta12 is 242212 22 122 to e com0 2sed of tihe fltest
1222ok Ing lot 22222a ttint hlave~ (eve2 gIr2acce
the2 T'I'n'iltoriA l LegIslativ 222 11111q,
Mrisoula wa2nts28 t c2oun2ty jail a)nd21 will
sak the JPgl)212t22224 to 1222ss) 2212111 tbillaut r.
chI hg 1nty 4 )' 222223' to 22222bow 4s hor 2' 2 2h T 2(rpoe,
At H1ele a 2n t1ho 7t2, h2T IoeftrFeb ru., $5i..
72222 (par valu122) of 'J'erri2torial warran22ts
will b~e solil at auct~ion to pay the Decent.1
bIur a2222 .18222i22 2r' expenses of the Deoer
ILolige penlitenltiary.
A woma22n nelar ('anv'o22 cr222k In2 Ye41llow.
.tu2222 222222213' 12Is ling in destitu2te c~th'e ij
stanc22e2 witho22ut fo2od T o22 fuel, Ibllt re4Tfuses
to go to th2e p2oor2 1l2'ula , e22y12ng s4122e would1
rathe2'r s41ar2(2e t122an 22 12oin2ted2 out us a
R', te. De)x2221, af 221erltl offe211 to2 do.
cap~acity·, condiltioned~c uponi the cltizens ofc~
tint tow2n furnish2in2g 05,0(22 ffr t2'12 122'.
c22a22' of22h4 22e2'.sasr2v 22242InIUfry'
What Our Lanw-.Mtkers IHave leen
Doing Durilng l e I'ust Week.
Among the hills initroduetd In the Laclttltiro,
Is on' by Mr Ilhdet, "tod-tltit hedntto if Ito.'
ty oinmnlisiners," It irquioir ei-lninittl.,.rr
to intak nut . t eluh ritllttr muiting a i full s.tait
tuienlt of it' .li t notd i'en'litrii of IaI*-o
ius throe tluntha. ilnd thI asmount of debt or
ony' onil hind, which shliaill be publillohid In a
nelplilpellr, id then t then t Matrlirh nssiil on to
mako a lmllar stllte lt folr Itie year ipreeltidlig
('olliltnll RKetlitith Il lilt It ridU du it 't rint.
lng hill which Is an tniprovtmnt onil the prtleelit
law, It ullnkes a slight ridultion in rater andl
throws the pubiill printing nid advertislug opon
to eoipetitioin,
ntrrett Introdtlcid it bill to divlid the counties
into three conltli.loner' di.trictr.
I't'omanitnl ltrioduced t bill Imakinl It a mild -
nmtnnor to kill for market 'r iietilatiton lpuros.
as any hulTfflo, mouose, dIr, nlmountnlll heep,l
Rocky Muntain goilt oir ntii--lie.
Tingle Ill tilictur d it bill which, mtilko nuiler.
ons amltOndmentsl to thel.prtent nlaw regardinl t.,o
levying alnd icllectionli of taxis.
Flrgus hlm introdu.i dl is "I'llunc:,l 1111 No 1"
a propolllitin to appoit it oitmis'olliolnlt of two
>portuio frolm echlll Judihlal 1)ltrhl t ti "szilllminl
sttll an.eertain lithe ltiiritrptiy of the Telrritory,
the present and probablel dltributlun oif LI e
populliioln iantl re( ourera, anlld reiort at the nextt
sesalon ulsch rearringmlitll. of county lines Ito
willai nrmmdtntn tiht valrious rrmtlunithnlli of
tot Terrltolry with county senlt within i rowsi. a.
ble distneo therano, and ixltre glotlter rconvent.
oie ne to th itizen In ill, tll minisrtrlti u of
cotnty fnfro .0, it dure the a xpneotcif the utlimin.
tranllltil of lthl law, andi si far ao posblllle proli
IIdu uniformllty of ti lis hI of cuntiliniiitd unllity
of Intlertets of Ih. people therefl."
The followintg bills have n"i' l'd both lihuuser:
I'. II. No 4, hnlgllit tihe nie tolf Will IltrkL i
m0nl to WillI (t'L.v, rsldlng at Minoulit; intro.
dluel id h Will Keinidy.
II. J. IIt. No . in ri.llt il to Lirttldl, n-noen s tllt
ai naitional cattle trail; litrodnued l lby ('unrnd
II. J. It. No I, to nlliprprintlo i5,it0 toward dit.
fraying thl, eixlpio.o f Slituikittt at till ow itr.
lioan Exposition: ltoilruitted by 4. J. t'oliggian.
II. J. II. No 5, fti the, relIlef of lInk IlIron.
tlnmndeidtl litrudlneeld by A. I. .illilltnlln.
11. J. II. No:. for r-lltf of W. A. ('lark: Intro.
dtlucd Iby.t. lFirhli.
II. J. M. No. 1, to 'ongress, praying thal stlep
he taken tll prevent tlllh llnsing ior dinposing of
thi (lrow danllll reervntionl; ntrudincud by W.
S1i. Fiortoin.
A. J. II, No I. to prilvli the Judilenry and
\Viys and Menusnll t'lmlliw w~tnl ui tlrk:liintro
dlnietd by A. J. elerlmanll
S ('. I. N.l 14, amtud an alt to incorporalte the
lt riy of llenl-i.
Now tills Introduced:
Ily IliHatcl. T'io amendlll an art relltivt to the
lolunlty nill l'l lanimalsl .
It y Jurleola -Ai Iet for the totator protet ton of
female mniployees
By loitinutil A hill ionuterlillng wilt.r rlghts
I yl' Tihylor Tlo eratblish tith iuntily of Dear
Ily Kiltrn- To supllpreslls aid preoven the di.
otllinatllonll of u'ntageousl dise.ma amnitig cttlui
1 Ily F.ke -A hill rgulaltng tthe fees of Jurors
I and witnast.
Iy JurgeulU--A bill to preenlt doutble tilationl
on iuortliguaid tproe.rty
I ly lot.1 A bill liitend d to limit thesulmipei.
Naltionl of ceirtalu llhuiters
Iy Forbat -A bill to slllpr*ss gamblinl
Ily htIllgman -A bill to replntl the travelingh
t men's litcensr
--- a -·~
TheIre was a whllist galme goltlg on downi
street when a hell tapped. Two of the
players were memblllers of Fire Co. No. 1,
antd pringing to their feet, excluaied:
"There's the town Iire bell." JBut one
with more acute ears. dlistinguishing it as
a churchl bell remarked: "llold on, boys;
that's the hell fire bell!" and tile gaiame
wenlt oi.- New Northwest.
We alalln wlish to cal t l iataatla.an at fll t 1 hrttes
1till awvngi aeoualt , 1 tl'. baloka. tof leorg,
Ht'al, DIyl. & Jlurnay Ilual (i.'org'. Etelli .I C'.,
liuan liver, aaad (lIaa'' NSatel , lllta, ihMuntaau.
that Wa axpua't as+al|a+. rry aaaathtlmtullla to :'a
Il la a witlhoit fuIrlit a' dJalaay, lull IIt 1v yuurla',lvu.
troaublel' laaaa atanaruaa'.
tui Rliv r, llllllllaltlaa .
Junl _i I",5 JOIIN T. A'T'I"EY. Agent.
NoV. alh onl , aa iaa ll, hilly hutaaa' wiltl ataar loa fora..
.lhad a"r. OaVaa 'a .tll irta his. l at" aaa l alal'llo iad aaa rliulltit
TI. KIAlthAlIE'St Northa F'ak IKuI lithar, rand
pIyng i ha. rl0,Jpa. Dluwa
Notice of Final Entry.
I, tia (ta'raI:a AT uaIIII :NA, M. i '., 1
atOT'l('l' a In hIrrey t aivea that Ihl, fltaawingl
unu'l d 'l W tl I lr lau. lib ai nolha'i ao lais aita.tioaa
taiaaaaaka' I tta aa aa.aaf o ar laiat aaaa t alit , lhila . laaaaad
Inht .id 'a', l itf will I llaalla a ft'aa.frla T. O. Woods
Nllal)'y 1'Illi' in talland for l,,'win l la ('allrk, rl 'o .
aIh aal I tlaam 'aama, aaataaaa 'aall al, arlarya.t'+,
lI1.ai,, i: i Alllaaa ('Iu ',.t,, hVIa. 1111a 0 I Illl 1
It) No Ot 7, fra' ltha' N, It N S ail'i N.l' aar: 7 t.
a1 Nrit i7WV
I,. 'aasaaaa tahe followin a ilaa l , ta la iaaaa a proa v a is
aitld I aaail. al, : W; illiaa it . a I'lr .l t t f at' b rni t ' ,
lhioianla, nai William Iltharfur. I'lair'k i)oraua
I., ADIirL NsO.. Ihelit tr.
.LA:ara a t''a tra i fa I a, I,
Juanula ry II, It.a I (
Nao ie'W is hl.rl,'v tai'N alall Iti' h1l.,,,, 11:11 il litd
m nlll n do-fihl .11 .,I, iht , I,' 1, , it l llu h ata in a .all
ia td ' ai l vill I . " Il l. I. t Iat ra' 1tillt' ll' .t ' aala I t .
a0aiv'ta of thl a U.:i, ". , ,aa tttia' at al ti lra lla .. I,
ailtl ,I 'iiiir 'ITo )l, leI a, ila: Wlillia u Maillll'aa, whoaa
tIll aa'a iia'taitaa l ) aS Na. l'+l, afill' 1he \\I''
a a' , I 7.a ah 7.l l, u I I. , N hl r u l
aidh ,, t5la aalal, 'lta witl Iah ar'Ia t mr e ral
ulri f L t aia, r aalOna t , t aeral td i aTtm aal altah,
iati 'hullataallla H ol 'rwit,' t'ar tala',a 1' .l,,'tla i
I'. Ai)K(IN.ON,. ttcgilter.
Noiice of Final Entry.
L,.AatD ta t'a'ai A .lti a.1.. a, ilt. A'. a
H.LlNr : IOIIa tal. f
_N I(I'l'l II a ntnar ty tatn a 'a t Ite fo llowhett -
- aaa'a a'itta l.a i. d . iila'aa ait' airi 'aat. Ia.
Ilo ta ataIaa a'.o i tll ot llllllll' o 1.1. 1 ii a t id
aaad Ila taat taila aro f ' will I' atalaa' iha tala W'A'a.
At'mkat , Naotary laatataah Sat t aIii or, ' 1l I'..a i
tW ' +a uilata : -l, i'i' p:111t IA N '," It I :
th, t aallaillll a h a followaia'aail' a' tlllal ril l at 'l aaa
iFila O l Ia LHLs tiIa ' I Irat O ia f N it la 1 lI llut'ti,
satil liua via. d'watv rda I hll, I'rana k aill a auad
I a'iray Wta'a'lilltil af eaaaa Ilata a iliat's l' m aaata d l 'tiaaai.
F. AI)KIN(i)N, t'taaiaar.
At..a.ra'gaalta it.a.ta raipa'aaaeatat over
A.'aaonaag aatha'r a'aaaaa aataalaar - .I raalaaal Ilif,a oa New
lattak. ' a'ala'll lurtta' Ataaelaa a ' a h lalataord,
(Faire I [a.aataaa'.a I'a, aif aoo l'htlao ta aata rlaiva,
J, t.I tY.\ , l,.a.,' It agent.
noaana I.ir ar, M'7,
New Store! New Goods!
New. Prices!
Clothing, Gent's Furnishing Goods,
And overything foutnd in a
First Class Clothing Establishment.
.3lease call and examine goods and prices,
O,,,o..iLt L.tnt ou..s, Sun8a JULIUS HIRSHBEG
------'- --z -r-E -
Montana National Bank
Hnviing assumed eoutrol'of'tho stock of goods formerly owned
by the firm of
Are now offering
In prices iu
.6.11 "DepasXttrets.
Are now arriving daily, and patrons will find a full and oomplets
stock to select from. L.J
Will find, as heretofore, a full stock of
General Merchandise.
We would be pleased to see all the formtor patroms of thestore sad wvi
assure them Fair Dealing and Low Price i.
JNO. T. ATHEY, Agent,
School 7I Nuts,
Books, Fruit,
Stationery Candies
Leading Books by
Weekly S All the
Periodicals - Leading
For Sale. Authors
Livery, FEED & SALe Stablesi
J. W. Nixon, Prop.
The finest Turnouts in the Territory will be found at
these Stables.
Charges Reasonable
Give me a Call,
tprelel ndouenieltl offered to the T rutworthy lriver will!be turlllued wlth iw .
Travuline i'hlIlic, tuod 'lrwoute furnlih, out. whut dielred.
by thu duy, wouk or wmort. I Horses boarded at reasonable raWle.
t'or. lurkly Ave. & (arIroll tit. 8n MIter, 3.?
Sun River Meat Market.
QTUAIL & 00 Proprietore,
t'reaoh Mutsl, consistii f Beef Mutton, Pork. , EtO., con.mlutly o l.and.
6lli- St., . it Rier, M, T

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