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Sun River sun. (Sun River, Mont.) 1884-1885, March 12, 1885, Image 1

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otS in UN RIVEAR S UN. or hne
-trictly In Advance. ~rn ka e foanrv Ie
S, -- oR. i w p ,,
• .nmeo3aLa?;!m k~r~ 85,00_.~__ O_ _ ~ _ e ) o I.tdwth ,nd
rth u r _ Ilv l ape.,I fm .
Paid-.Up Capital..........................300,000
Surplus and Profit....................."..... 280,000
nd4vdual Deposites .-............. ........... 2,000,000
Government Deposits.......... ............ 100,000
A. J. DAVIS, Vice-Pres. S. A. Housoer, A. M. Holtcer, J. M. Ming.
E. W. KNIGHT, Cashies. E. W. Knight T. H. Kleinschmidt, Join
T. H. Kleinschmidt, Asst-Ca C. Cnrtin, R. . Hamilton, C. P. Higgins,
A. J. Davis, H. M. Parchon, T. C. Po;wer.
Associated Banks: ,st Nator., Fort eton. Mrssou,° Naona, Mlseu. a
Total Capital and SurplsM, s760,00
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Montana National Bank
OP ' a.Lm.NA, ILOr..,
C. A. BROADWATER,........Pre
A. 0. CLARKE,.............. ...................... President
... ......... .................................. Vice-President
E. HA PE ................................... .................. Cashier
Paid-Up Capital, . . 8$250,000.00
Surplus and Profits, I .IREC ' 50,000.00
. c. aERT, 3. 1. POTTS, 3. a. WErSTER, RMAN OAS1, a B. CROGS', I. F.GALEN
Of Fort Berton, Montana.
CAPITAL .......... "' -... P....................... 100,000.00
SURPLUS, 870,000.00
W . G. Co.nAD..............Pros I ED. MALA.............. Cashier
Joint W. Powsu,............Vice- " I B. A. Lous,......... Ass't "
New Store! N6W Goods!
New Prices!
Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Boots, Shoes, Etc.,
In a First Class Clothing Establishment.
.)lease call and examine goods and prices,
Oppole Largest nose, Soa Ber JULIUS HIRSHBERG
Books, Stationery, Fruits, Candies,
And decorations in various designs, with borders to match, constantly on
hand and in stock.
Tobacco and Cigars,
Of the choicest and best brands to be had in the market. Smokers should
remember this fact.
Orders by Mail Respectfully Soliced.
CeOOa 00oDS. A .FA PRIC,.O.
J. H. McKnight & Co.,
A Full Assortmet of New and Fresh Goods
Which iuey offer at the lowest market price.
Orders from the surrodnding country solicited
s Ft. Shaw & Floronce Road.
Good accommodations for man
and beast. lBest liguors and cigars.
Give us.a call. espt.,
Times are loosening up just a little.
Robert Ell. was in town one day this
The Fergus county bill has p:assed both
The paymaster will be at Fort iShaw
this week.
Mrs. Mary Ileuly has been quite ill the
past week.
Henry Kelly was over fronm Ulidia one
day last week.
Mrs. Sam OGtz, of Rocky Gap, is quite
sick, we learn
Solitary is very popular among the
bot~y nowadays.
Mrs. J. P. Dyas has gone to i'lldia to
spend a few weeks.
The fine weather seems to have given
an impetus to travel.
The gambling bill peacefully reposes in
tie council cemetery.
Nest Thursday is St. Patrick's Day
"early in tie morning."
H. B. Strong, Clan. Zook and Bud Ford
were at Benton last week.
Railroad or no railroad is the all.absorb
ing talk on the street now.
C'. B. Walker and J. P. Dyas returned
from Helena last Thursday.
Dr. Newman had a professional call
from Chotean last Wednesday.
The. Gibson, of Great Palls, was in
town a few days the past week.
Joseph Ienrkent was in town this week
from his ranlch on tihe Missouri.
Paris Gi bson passed through here Tues.
day on his return from the east.
Our road supervisor has already coin.
menced to repair tile hIiglhways.
Quite a numln r from here will attend
the dance at Greant Falls, the 17th.
A naw turukov has been nponinted for
the fewis and Clarke colunty jail.
A Mr. Drumm, a cattlenlan of Indian
Territory, In bineen here the past week.
The annual talk abHllt the. I1. & Bi. It. It.
Is revived witll thie first spring.like day.
J. H. Duninpl,, of this place, has the
contract to finlsh tile school house at Cho.
T. C. Power's freight teams passed
throlnlrh, this week, loaded for Fort A4lln.
A little fistic encounter enlivened the
dtll rnoutine of events in town the tother
Have you notliced any chnnge in the
'li ,llote since the 4tll of tile month ? Fun.
ny ain't it ?
It is but iuntural to suppose that lientna
is tickled over tihe defeat of the Dearbtorn
county hill.
0. (. Cooper returned front Ihlena nlast
Sunday morning and hna gone to his Du
pluyer ranch.
A delegtionll of Indl:ins fronl the Agen
cy risurd thriough here last week en route
to the Missi.i.
Let there i a fll attendllllnce of horse.
nien at the meeting to be held in Sun
River on the 27th.
Thomas Rose has Ia horizontal bar erect.
ed, onil whic hlie gives exhiblitons dully to
a wondering populace.
The activity manifested in the lumber
trade the past week seeInlS to point to bet
ter times in the near future.
Work on John Largent's new residence
will lie resumed at once, anid will be fil
ished as rapllidly as iossible.
The skating rink is still the (enter of
attraction. The ilmagnetic propensities of
this craze is wonderful to bellhold.
The new church in this place is rapidly
neiPing completion, and is an edifie of
which the town may well feel proud.
We learn that Illon. . . . and rs. Ford
of this lare, and S. C. Ashblly and wife,
of Ielenl, were In Y'astlinUton inlllgurll
thln daiy.
We notictle in n entern journal thlllt
sheep are dyingr by the thousand and tens
of thousands in the far west. %h bt a
whopper I
We acknowledge, with many thanks,
the receipt of tickets to a grand mllsque.
raile b.ll to be given at Fort Sllaw on the
15tl Inst.
Mr. Bray and wife, parents of Mrs. Win.
Mulcahly. who hIave been hero for the patlt
few months, will return shortly to their
home in Maine.
From our Ulldla correspondent we learn
that thl genial J. A. I.arris, of Chestnut,
hlad his pockets picked at the New Or
leans exposition recently.
"Red loy," the property of Ilundley &
Preilltt, probably one of the finest still.
lions in the Territory, anlid fine racer, will
stand tills seasonl at Helena. *
Charles G. (Iriflith, of the firm Grflith
& ingersoll, civil engineers, Fort Blenton,
was here :ilst week doinig Rsome profession.
at work for James C. Adams.
Services it the school house Sabbath
mornilg lt 11 o'clock. Subject: "Popular
Amusements." Let all tirn out antd hear
this interesting sulbject diiscussed.
Quite it numinber of Indian childiren,
front thlle lackfoot Agniey, passed throuhll
town last week, en rilute to St. Peter's
llision, whe're they will lie educated.
W. P. Burcher, Esq., has finished his
contract forl the doors and sash for the
new ci'hurch. We Ilsiutt say the jobi iX a
good one, and( the workmanshilp first.class.
A successful merchant says that trying
to ulichew chao' late canromel with false
teeth and Pssaying tol untie fast knot sha.e
strings with dogaskin gloveson Is very like
trying to do lbusliness without advertising.
III WoodsI, lst a valuable horse one dlay
this week. The animal endeavored to
scale the fence around the corral in which
It was confined, and in some manner the
sharp end of a Imard penetrated its breast,
killing it.
On another page, under the caption "A
Model lonund.up Cook," will be found n
comlunlastion written by a well-known
contributor of this paper. The letter is
trenchant and timely as the round-up sea.
son will soon hI here.
John Largent returned home last tun.
day morning from a seven weeks' stay in
Helena. Mr. Largent did his lest---and
as well as anyonecould- for the proposed
new county, but when the flual vote came
succumtnbed gracefully to the inevitable.
The chances fi r a railroad through this
snction are rosier now than ever before.
While we make no pretension of know.
Ing anything more than anyone else, we
are satistled that a railroad project will he
launched before we are well aware of the
Irev. Hluter will lecture at C'hoteatn.
Saturday, Marchi 21st, and will preach the
22d. morning anttd evening. l.et there Ie
a rally. Cotle one, cinte all. Sulject of
lecture, "PThe MoIel Woman." Thsll Is a
popular theme, and one which deserves a
good house.
"I held her tiny hand in mine, and
clasped her fairy form, and told my tale
of ardent love, in language sweet and
warm. And when I paused for want of
breath, she raised her dimpled chin, and
whispered low, '1 don't catch on, please
sing your snlg again.' "
Invitations were sent to all the horse.
men last week, asking them to attend the
mieting to be held here on the 27th Inst.
If any ntames were missed It was unllnten.
tional, and we trust tihat the fact of not
recteiving an Invitation will not deter any
horseman from being present.
The I elentn BIusiness College i. an ad.
mtirably conductedl institution, and tine
that rellects greilt credit alike upon its
founders and the territory. We are pleas.
ed to notice that the enterprise is meeting
with the success it mierits. Your atten
tion is called to to their advertisemtent in
this paper.
This Is the time of the year when the
splring poet blllsomllt and buds. Fair no.
tice is hereby given to any and all of the
lprting-ltct.pershualnm that they will be
promptly knocked down by our otlice
towel, and gently kicked down the beck
stairs, if they venture within the sacred
portals of the Sc.v lller.
J. MI. lal'gellt wishes to state that lhe
will prechlt aatC(lhestlnut s'lihoo)l hlotuse next
Slaturday night and Sunday. lie regrets
that lie was utllnmhle to get ac.ross tile river
to ilteut hit apploinitmellt lst Sutlnday. The
asubject for SBtrdauy night will be "Our
Literature," and ftr Sunday, "Theit Oh.
servance of a Day of Ieat." Let there
be a large gathering.
Frain'is G0 c, ssw'hom .aIs diown front hills
ranch at the foot of the IolIutUilns In:st
week, 8says there Is no1 8Inow ther'e Ixcept
in the coulees, and that the gasif hIas al.
renldy started, Ibelig in some placel s lanl
lllnch high. M1r. Goss' resHience ill this
sectionl dates Iatk inll the fifties, and hle Is
a veritablel enicycllo)edia of fac'ts con(cerIn
llg the eurly hi.ltory of this Territory.
Suome time dIuring the first of Jnualry
Nathan l ell, of this place started for
HIelena, and after reaching thait Ipl.e
wrote to his wife, who Is visiting friends
in Iowa, that ie was going to lButte ('ity,
Iland sinct that time no word hlie been re
ceived frlom hhl, ilthoug1h his wife lies
inmtde qllllil'les collcnl'ernilg him in nearly
ever town in the Territory. When last
seen, he was in Hlilena ('cuniderahly I3l.
der the "'ilnlllnce," iand Il. lilysterlous
disatlppearance hias cau.ed grlet ianxiety
.amonllig 1118 friends.
FUrinus Il lames.
Jollnstowo wia te sceill nel Ia collltlgr:l.
tiiln yeterda'ly mnroning, whiclh (lestroyel
tille buildling oc'nplled by P'ostillnater E. 11.
ILargent us ill o(fl'e. O:ly time illilo'it
to rell0ve 3mot of the fiurniturlie tIl it plie
of safety before the buillding fell In. l'lhe
fire is spposell d to haive origlnated from a
defective tlue. lierk, In il.s efforts to
subldue the lilamnes, was quilte badly burn.
ed, but we lealln nt serolusly.
Butte hils It lbuilding boom.
An Anacond.l la I nll was recently neairly
beaten to detll.
White Sulphur ihad a billiard tournii.
iielnt last week.
Over .500 mIein are on the pay roll of the
Anllcolllld co'llumpnlly,
igh tailif Is ipropose' on all brides
oist of the Territorhtl line.
Th'le 1111lligs ileri'alhl inulhl:es land plar.
alyzes ArIlitro.ig, the ('row Indan l ad ilgelt.
Jnas. Kirkplltrick, formel' rly postlmaster
at I)lIlon, was arresteil lust week oni a
charge olf lllbezlxing.
The p)enitentiary (convicts in the Iheleolna
jail will be providled with inew s.uits of
clothes of uthe stripedl fisllion,.
A lynamiter hlri thl'realened to Iblow up
the lliitto Mllier, llld thllt jourllnal ees ioff
with the plin that It gets blowed tip every
diiy Iby its ('ltIemporary'
In Anacolnda llst week the wife of a
respectedl citlzein deserted him, cllid enlter.
edtl i house f iil rillieput. Thle Ieview
says the skatling rillk wav t ll,) cau:llse of the
Virginia City, in ali.lisoI coulnty, was
thei' setlle nof I Ilmost atr'ilollus imuder l(st
eekol',. in whic'h a I'resplected citlzen was
killled y onil Mitchllll, Whllo, hi tulrn, was
killedl by a sheri's posse while Ieslstingll
In an Excellent Letter.,-Pe rsonal
ossilp of People at Home and
Ulit.DA, March 8, 1885.
EJltor Su; Ilivitn u.N:
Muirch has opened up as calnl as a lamb
hIut how it will pass out Is for the weather
cocks to predict.
The Missourl river still hohls her ice
hrldge free to all, but err long the old re.
liable ferry will call on the good citizens
to loosen up their purse strings. It is
pretty toughlbn them when oats are sell
ing lit 75e to $1 per hundred poundlls, eggs
110 cents per dozen and other products in
Joel Stanley has been engaged for the
senaon by the Montana National Bank to
steer the staunch ol( boat, and without
doubt will handle her skillfully to the
satisfaction of all. The old rellable Toml
Gorha1m will see that lie does up the job
to the satisfaction of the traveling public.
SThe beef of the valley has al btwen d1is.
posed of at fair figures, except John E.
Morgan's hrdl of over 2.50 head, which
are very fine and large. He will ship east
in August or Septemlber.
Somle of our citizens have taken in the
New Orleans erhibition this winter-W.
C. Swett and wife, John A. lharris and
wife. We expect to welcome them home
again In this or next month. I regret to
say that Mr. J. A. Harris, whilst in New
Orleans, imagined hImself in a round.up
canm annd was relieved of his money, rail.
road ticket, ect One should recollect
that there is a little difference in
the atmosphere here and away down in
Dixie. Conme home, Judge, and take a
few round-up lessons before you start out
again. Our Exposition friends are now
rusticating lat the Arkansas hlot Springs.
Mrs. Janmes, nmother of MIlrs. Joe licrket,
is visiting her daughter who has been sick
for several months. Mrs. James is a citi.
zen of Prickly Pear valley.
Mr. Joe lllckett does till the blackslnith.
ing for all who call upon hin---aund, by
the by, is hard to be.t in repairing guns
and pistols.
Hlenry Schranineek and O. G. Itoble
have secured a large lot of logs and will
soon be turuing out lumber for all who
tlesire to make new and additional int.
provemnents to their homes.
The cattlemien as well us the sheep
owners are all well satistled. Their losses
are no inore than would occur through
the summlner months. 'lilis is lno boast. It
is true.
Thl'e bridge over Deep creek between
L'lhll. and Sand Coulee has beeol reuilt
anlti is ready for traveling public.
Mr. Milligan, of Trout creek, liha sent
a long petitionll to Wlashington for a imail
route froml Fort Logan to 'l'ruley.
The Monitano Nationli link keeps the
Geuirge Steeil store at Ullhila stocked up
with a good line of grocerles and at renal.
nablllle prices for n('h.
There Is plenty of No. I olts In this
valley for $1 per hundred pounds.
II. 1V. Kelly runs a giold eating house
ait L'ldli with the most efliclent crook, Juis.
Thloll psol; also a billiard saloon fitted
ilu in good style.
lolter Blros. has a Inrge lot of dry l.m.
ber, slhingles, etc., in the care of Thous. L.
Ali'. 'Thos. Shhll y has a nice raunch half
aI mile from the ferry, which lie wishes to
dispose of at reasonabllle figures.
lIce heIalth1 of the a'lle'y tIhe past winter
ihas ien giul. Mr. FiIIrank lstotn had a
ttharpl attack oif laute rIheunl:itisulll a shorllt
timle since, bilt olne vit by I l)r. Newiman
has set iil on fl loot agluin. lust one lllook
and a little tlk talk tccm that skillful pl'hysi
clllln Is enough-you will soon lle IIarounid.
Jus.t c few thullpis ltiiut your ('hest, andlll
the circulation take.n dble i' revolutioin,
and then you are sare from siur ittacks.
The widow Ilyvec, of IlllllIgsC, puid Lci'
villey ci vailt a short tlime ninle tlid ul).
pe:ar'edl t io lie thie 'elltl'c t al ttraction lll
linle of O 'lll younIg mnlll whil].t hiri.
Y~'llcutg widowus kncow cholw to |lhatter the
boys. ' hr lli' s gci , n c c lnIc l Ict i lll"oi ng siglhs
arei tile cillln.e ellliln'e.
iOne sctgell. i Itoll homIe grollwerj s hlcfor'c
clo~llug. ialt youi' Ihorle rl u ic'al'y aind
they will soon llllarn to mel faI' r It. I iti
w'IIe , tll t il , I they' '..'t ton I cll '1ih :I all i.
.l' illu Inn sli l , cc1 usc1 etlllll tl dise seul s
Islonlng range hol'rses. MrAl Y A...
Ill the licad.
The New Orleanis T cimes-Dei)cocrat in a
recent issue devotes coilderable space to
tise resol(t'lese andil wunllctlh of this Territory.
Woe eoxtrt',c thle focllowing:
Whlllle other ctites are o'lhibiltin gr.at.
er vclrletleis iof potates, nI(on eqal Mon.
tcun:i 1i the size and nuitlitios lcpropelrtlis
of her groundIil frtuit. l the waI of cllore'
ll, thl exhibilt siiews whalint, bIclley, peIs,
inctl oither via'ieilctslI i perfecticon of flr.
itllt ion'. jEvery grai I fully inutlcred.
According to the census statstcls elcn.
tulahis tlil i the lo in the IInumber if ii.tl.
iels f whelcllt plier .lre, s.ill5h tug thie ri(e
prmiuctvlll'enllrc ess of ithe sui. Wool, IcItillc
ree from burtlls nd excess of gr iose, is Il-.
so shown, rIl'seltics g cintanoll ther of thic'
gr.a't I industi'les.
An In dan Battlehield.
The .un riler 'valley is prolific of it h
tIcic lorei, and mIancy are thie bittles which
I've, hi ticees long ag1o, hoie fluglht
throughout its Plength andl blr'eldtlh, ie.
twieon the lieglcns andl their ,ienemies, the
C('rows. Muiny storie.s of Interest ire still
relited of the tattles waged betweenc
these two Iationlls, for supriliIeIciiy', by' the
extntoldctichiier'; storiesi which aboulillci ill
a superfluity c)f iblood aind thunderi', icll
mnckc onei.i's hali' stand lilperpedlcIulr.
Within ic few cilll.c of iSun lltiver, both
uip iiand down the rihver" numeirous ibottles
werei fioughlt it differenit times. (.hi the
fi-irm of Johnl T'laxier was once thie scenei
oif onw' of thlese bacttles, tand while plow.
eg, ) Mr. Traxler' freilentily eaxhiles piarts
if skeletons, which no tliciht lid goodi
serivhie witllh the war club, until coniiipelleul
to submit to the inevitable, and the once
proud and noble warrior went over the
range to the Happy Hunting Grounds,
with his Inst resting place unmarked and
uncared for.
We, the undersigned horsemen of Sun
River, South Fork, Missouri, Teton, Dear.
born, D)upuyer, and Maris, belietingthnt
the time is ripe for the orgunlzation of
those engaged in the industry of horne
raising, for the better protection of our
rights, the establishment of a system of
round·ups, which will further the interest
of the members of the association. and
for an exchange of ideas relative to the
horse industry, we therefore call upon all
those engaged in this industry within the
following Imundlries, vzi: From site
mouth of the Prickly Pear canyon to the
Maris, on the north, and from the isa.
sourl to the main range of the Rocky
Mountains on the west to meet at Sunn
River Crossing on
18:5, for the I)purpose of taking the neces.
sary action for the formation of a hlorse.
man's Assocrlation.
We earnestly desire the t cooperation of
every horseman, and trust that every
horse ranch will Ie represented at the
meeting. lRespectfully,
O.0. . COOPER,.
Condition of Stoek.
The condition of stock throughout the
Territory at this writing is very flattering.
There are no losses in this section-other
than natural reported, thus far. The
continued fine weather during this month
has been a God-send, giving the stock an
opportunity to recuperate from the effect
the continued cold of the past winter.
Reports from othersections are equally
as flattering. The Billings Herald says:
"Ike Morgann arrived in town from the
Musse.shell on Thursday evening. liHe
sa:ys that the cattle are in splendid condi.
tion, and that the snow which fell last
week will not do them sany harm. On the
contrary they will be the better for it.
Speaking of the system of driving the
cattle back from the Isittoms, which
has been pursued in the Yellowstone and
blusselshell country this. season, lie ex.
presses the linion that itit las resulted in
theii saving of great numbers of cattle and
Ielievet that it will be found expedient
anld enetficial to employ a larger number
of range riders in the future."
(Glendive Times: "Ton Ituslh, of Bear.
er Valley, came in Mionday and reported
stock In the valley iii good coniditain."
The ilvintiston Entterlprise says: Though
the snowfall this whiter in the Upper
Yellowstonte valley reached an utiprece.
deited depth, the loss to cuttle in tihat re.
glon will not exceed three per cent.
Yellowstone Journal : Wm. Warren, of
Sand creek, came in yesterday, lie re.
ports stock in that section aus being away
tupl, and asuerts that out of every seven
hundred head lie canl cut out fifty beeves
for thie imarket.
The liusbanlllllilnanu slays the stock out.
look is extremely Ilatterilng.
The Northwest Live Stock Journail,
ipullished at Cheyenne, in a long i.ticle
relative to the conditionl of stock through.
out the range ctounitty, says that reports
are highly satisf:actory. In regard to tlhe
weathter it slys: The ratnge c(ountry .has
been blessed with goodtl weather ilur'ing
the Itast week. As a rule it llhas been
plesanst, itand we hear of no severe weath
er I liany secltion. There tins Ieetltn no
snow, except II slight fall in two or three
limuited districts, as a whole the weather
for the week hIlls been quite os good as
could be expected.
Bill to Prevent Allen Oceupatlon of
Pubilec Lands.
The committee on public lands report
ed to the Senate with amlelndldinets the hill
to prevenlt ullensl from acquiring lllnds ill
the T'erritories. As an.ended It provides
tlhat hreafter it hllll Ie unIIwfIul for per.
.lsln not citizens of the United .States, or
who lave not declared their iltentlon to
hecomle such, or forl forelljn corlorpoltionls
to hold real estate In the 'i erritories. The
blill also iprovides that no railroad, turn.
pike or callll corporation shull hereafter
acquire or own lands in the 'Territories,
except such as are necesIsairy for theilr oc.
cupantion, or as lhs belOll granted Iby Con.
gress, (lnd all suIch lands, whIethe'r acqulir
ed before or after the pI.sage of this act,
which Is not neIesarun y to the operation of
the colinlllliesu , shallll be disposed of with.
in ten yrias ulter the la /ailage of thlis ist,
and if not (lllspowd otl it shall le forfeit.
edl to the nlited States. All Iprilierty ac.
quireld in violation of this act shall be
forfeited to the United Sttat:s.
John Devine and wife were out in the
vicinity of RIocky ulap visiting a few days
thli week,
Joh.i Largent has received the colitract
for c!arryljig the mIll bhetween here and
Johliunstliown anlld G(reat Falls.
Gelneral Ilrooke, eoliniandler lit Fort
Sihaw, is expciite to arrive lit his post of
dutly labout the 20th inst. The Genlieral
hits been elast.
lein Steellll nd Fred Moinroo were try.
irng to paint the tih town pale blue yesterldiay.
It is ii int exactly tile iiopular color, but
they doli't care.
PIeter Nelsonll, the right hanlid of Phil
lltllix, Augusta, was in town thiis week.
Pete says times are as dull u ill that
counltry as they rtie tily Iplace.
A hail will be given nt reailt Falls on
the eveninig of lt. Patitck's Da,)l the 17th,
in ti.i (Ureiit Falls ilorhiin Ill]. A cor'
dial Invitltrltio i is extellded to all.
Lollntonsllelless pri)evaili tig to an ilarmir.
Ilg extnlit in town at prllesellt. Notling
less thlai ii railrolald will haIIve iy effect
to clheckl the spreadit o thie dise.a.
A Terpsicorean Entertainment In th
Mountainu--At nhterestIng .etrkw.
Tnour CRUEK, M. T.gMaini 6,'S4.
Editor SBtx IRtvn S x:
The terpelcorean entertalflmelt~ dtl4
by Mr. James Lee, the coarteoun proMrj.
tor of the Bird Tall House, on tha gdO
nit., was one of the most pleasung eeti$l
tainments it has been my good fortune to
attend. The Dearborn, Flat creek, ad
Trout creek were well rqpresente4,atthe
colosal edifice of Mr. Lee. tl w, ppq,
nounced an enjoyable' and gran4 a#ar,
Too much cannot be said iaprals" or thei
manner in which she prepared the bend;
an excellent collation, assisted by' a hbi
of Misses who did all in their power tb'
make it pOlesant for the - oets. 'Vie
musia rendered by the stringband, oanda
the leadership of the elmcient Mr. Ja.es
Cummings, was all that could be desired.
The beautiful and bewitehing stradin of
the best composers was rendered In that
brilliant style for which the professor i.
so justly famed.
The permanent residents of Trouit creek
are ten souls-six men, two lidleis ad'
two children, three mules, one borse,three
dlogs and a sheep, which is the propertyi
of Mr. James Oummings.
Uncle Jim Stubbarts paid us a visit on
the 211th.
Mr. Chris Tellison arrived on the Id
inst. These two gentlemen willply the,
rued betwtpn this place and Sun River.
The two Messrs. Judson idtend to ret
miin in this locality for an indefnite,pe.:
rind. Their old quarters will resand
with mirth and music agatin (for the
have their little hatchets, you know.)
E.gg for Hathlinar., ,.:
Eggs for hatching from very choie and
select Plymouth Rock fowls. Yoenlig
fowls for sale in the fall. Apply to
Mus. J. B. Nzwoux, Sun River.
feb20 St
No More Buffalo.
This is the first winter in the histdry of
Montane that nothing bhas been heard of
buffalo hunting-no large herds seen on
the runges, no Indian parties following
their favorite game. The herd of bison
or mountalu buffalo that has losfg Inhabl.
ted the Yellowstone mountain slopes and
valleys was seen to number two or three
hundred in the Park this winter and that
is the largest herd reported this winter
south of the British lino.-Enterprise.
The Right Mqtal.
The fo!lowing letter from a promineat
Benton horseman is self-explanatory, and
we are glad to see it, and hope all others
engaged in this great Industry will follow
BIGNrox, March 7,1885.
MXI. RIonEarT VAUvon -
Dl)I.t Sm--I rec'd your Invitation to at.
tend tile Ilorsemen's Association. I will
not be able to attend,'but would'llie to
be a mnember. Please state to the commit
tee that I will abide by any laws they see
lit to make, and will share in the expense.
* Yours, &c., W. S.'STooxzxp.
Change of Name.
The Montana Stock and MiningJournat,!
published by Geo. Boos & Co., Helena,
has been succeeded by the LAve Stock
Jounrnal. Thie change is a good one, and,
'we are pleased to see It. 'The proprletors,
In making the change, say: The course of'
the Journal is changed and It will hern.
after be conducted in the interest of the
stcikgrower, more especially. Not that
we shall drop out mining entirely, for we
shall always be glad to chronicle success
In that direction and say a good word for
the industry; but to conduct it as a stock
mnid mining paper together wasi Iomewhat
embIlar'rass.ing with the two Interests so
wide aupart.
County C'ommissioners..-Jal.
The county commissioners of the county
are hard at work. A large amount of
business is Imfore them. Mr. C. F. Wha"
lcy, of the firm of Sparks & Whaley,
bllnneplolis, agents for tile Paulsy pat.
ent jlail, who put in the Lewis and Clarke
couty Jail last summer, came before the
Board and stated that he would use his
inlluence to have his house put on doors
to the two bath rooms in the Jail, free of'
cost to the county. It will be remember.
ed that these bath rooms were the hiding
places of Con Murphy and Edmonson
previous to their escape, and the comple.
tion of the jail as intended, would pre.
vent any like succesful attempt at Jail
--- 0~--
The Cochran Ranch.
We are in receipt of a letter fromn Mr.
W. F. Cochrane, of the Cochrane Ranch,
near Fort Macleod, Northwest Territory,
In which we learn that stock-particular.
ly cattle-are doing finely,no losses worth
imenutionlug, so far, although the weather
there 'luring the pnst winter having been
severe, the temperature reaching as low
as 48 o delow.
The Cochrane Ranch company is the
wealthihst and best managed company in
the Nortlhwest Territory, they having re.
cently declared a dividend of 10 per cent,
which amnoumnts to something like $85,000
or $00,000. The company has recently
been reorganized, with the following ex.
colient otliaers: President, Hoe. M. II.
Cochrane; Vice President, Jas, IH. Coch.
ranne; Secretry anld Treasurer, J. M.
Helena is being badly burglarized.
Virginia City had an inauguration ball.
Diphtheria is raging in the vicinity of
The First National Bank of Helena will
erect a $80,000 aelck next summer.
A couple of Crow chiefs put a head on
thela agent, Armstrong, and It took two
companies of military to arrest them.
Sullivan, charged with numeroua
crimes, amlong others, that of killing Dr.
Cartlin, writes a very plausible letter to
the Argus, explaining his side of tlheICse.

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