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[From our hegolar Corresponlent.]
WAsmHNrTON, May 30. 1885.
This is a favorite season for a visit
to Mount Vernon. The quaint old
homestead is even lovelier now than
in mid-summer. Thu association of
ladies who manage the W ashington
estate have been in annual session
there for inore than a week, and the
steamer that plys the Potomac daily
between this city and the tomb of
Washington. has been crowded with
pilgrims. It was in 1858 that Col.
John Washington sa that Mount
Vernon would ha.e to go by the auc
tioneer's hammer if something couhd
not he done to save it, and here comes
in the romance of Mount Vernon. A
woman who had been a confirmed in
valid from girlhood, raised a fund of
a2 )0.00t) and ea111odied a plai which
gave the home and tom 'b of Georg:
Washington to the nation. This was
Miss Cinninghain. of South C'arojina.
She had visited the -pot in her child
hood, and when c smpelled to give u
all of life except that which could be I
enjoyed in a sick room, the project of
buying Mount Vernon inspired her.
It was a singular linstallce of energy
and perseverance. From her sick bd
she aroured an enthusiasm. e.pecially
among southern Xwomen, which result
ed in splendid sucess. Edward Ev
erett caught her enthusia.m, and his
lecture on Washington. delivered in
different cities, brought money to the
Mount Yoernoo fund. She interested
Madam' Le Veot. and Mrs. Cora
M-twatt Ritchie. and in 186-) her work
ha 1 he en accomplish 5: the house.
the tomb, the farm of Washington,
including two hundred ares of land,
belonged to a national association.
The Legislature of Virgiiia granted
a charter to the association in perpu
tuity, and no disposition of the prop
erty can be inna'e without the consent
of the Legislature. None of tLe
Washington family were afterwards
interred at Mount Vernon. The key
vault was thrown into the Potomac
river. Within the brie: vault there
are twoa marble tomubs, those of George
arnd Martha Wathington. One looks
at them throough open iron work, and
"hat.; oTl" is the rule at the grave.
Aruntn these t;;mbs is a wooden f o r
intg, which if stepped upon starts an
electric alarm at the hoise. During
the bloodiest days of tho, war, Mount
Vernon was treated as neatralgroan 1.
and soldiers of both armies met 1n11
der the trees that overhang the to:nb.
The different States each have
charge of a room, so far as the rooms
in the old iiinsion hold out in nim
ber. The lady managers are called
Regents. and the Regent of each
State Ins b)een instrumiental ini hav
jug its restored and refurstished 115
nearlyas p ;s sible in the style that pr;'
vailedi at :.Jliit \ernon during G;'n.
Washington's lifetimne Many of his
original article of furniture have
been gathered up1 and placed there
again and many relics of revolution
ary times may he seen in the various
rooms. Hanging in the entrance hall
is the key of the Bastile sent to Gen.
Washington by La Fayette, arid over
the door of the dining room is Wash
ingto s's field glass. said to have been
hung on its peg by his own hand and
naver sinco rem wed. The curious
mar >1e hearth and mantel in the din
ing r >om were sent from France. On
the way, the ship bearing the gift was
captured by ptiraites. When they
found the umarbile was intended for
Washington, they landed it on the
American shore. In a little drawing
room is the harpischord almost us
large as a modern p~iano1, which Wash
ington gave to Nellie Custis as a wed
ding present. The attic room which
Martha Washington occunied after
Gen. Washington's death, becautoe it
commanded a view of the tomb, is in
almost the identical condition in which
she left it.
Only one boat is allowed to land
sight-seers at Mount Vernon. The
round trip fee of one dollar foots up
handsomely at the end of a year. In
the past year 18,000 persons visited
the place. The green houses are aL o
a source of reveoue, a few flowers be
ing a favorite relic of the spot. There
is some complaint. that the managers
of Mount Vernon are making too
much money, and that they do not
sa end their revenues wisely. How
ever that may be, it costs considerable
to keep the estate up in its present
orndition. During the coming year
extensive repairs will have to be made
oa the roof and foundations of the
house, the tomb is to be drained and
a new wharf made, involving in all an
outlay of about $6,000. The R3gents
say that they do not mind unkind
critieisms for the fact that the place
was never before so attractive, never
so meuic v=iite 1.
Subecribc for the T'."
Holter Bro.'s lumber raft arrived
Wednesday afternoon.
.J F. PWilton, formerly of Benton, in
tends erecting a residence here this sum
Ira ylvers s Co.'s mill is working nice
ly now and taey' are doing slome beautiful
Great Fulls has a new ton s ia1 urtist.
We don't remenbei' the gentleman's
n:::, but 'il say that he is a first-class
uot'k man.
Chas. Wegier, agent for A. H. Molter
& Ito., attni'ed here thiis week to ('Ittal n
permianeintly to look after his company's
interests lie intends building, and will
renmove his famtily here in a few months.
The stor:.i last Saturday, while doing a
world of good,: lso did considerable dam
age. Near the mountains it snowed to
the depth of nearly Ii[tetie iacies. We
ttndersta lI quite a iimu or of stockmien
ttstaitied more or less lhss.
It seems that Great Fails is attracting
t'tltsi.l'rltlle attention atminO the mtionet
m1tt( of the east. Hardly a day pass's
but that some eastern mtan drops in
among us. Wthut kIo ks Ilatteritg is that
the; all tmake somte i ivestmtnts.
A htse hall nitne has l(been organized
hero, with the intention of ''doing ip'
any nine in the Torritorv that has the sand
to cross hats with them. A match g:ante
will proIatlut be one of the features of
tie l'otrth of July progrtan. We give
all cltits wtaiitng that (=reat Falls h:as a
hall shooter, that call twist the cover of
the ball if itecessalr', and is ably 'acked
by a double-riv(ted, ast-iron h:tdi stopper.
Those who were fortunate enough to
glance up at the glistening snow-hedecked
Baldx of the Belt rang,, at a time just he
fore stiui:o:n Tue:'day eveniigz witnessed
one of the Ic."st gorgeous nild magnificent
lheltn.muenas of nature. A rai '.'o'.1 which I
arsos apparently t at thu foot of t..e mtotul
tains gracefully curved over the side of
old Ilildd, and for an instant the fast re
trteatil g solm peeped forth from behind a
dark and somire cloud. an 1 reelected the
blantiful and varied colors of the rai-l
how against the snow. The grand spec
tacle was visible for only ani iist it. lbut
its snprleme itani ticence: atill woionderons
beauty impressed itself c pon the observer
as one of the mist grand of nat ure's many
Dr. Fair]el 1 is located in Great Falls.*
S. ('. Ashbv, of S. C. Aslihv & Co., of
Relent, was in town one ilan this week.
Ile is in this section looking after the
implement trade.
A 1r. Blanlch r.i of Minnoapo~is, arrivel
here last ulnday, and we understand will
make souoe investments -nd locate per
mianentl, in (ret Falls.
Ir. IHuIoh Patten, of Sun River. visited
Great Falls one day this week. He was
surpii C-it the evident existence of life
hire, liu\ rI! laboirled uili r the mistaken
iimi rezsion that' Great Falls exited siml
ply in nmane only.
Mr. Arthur Hoy, of Minneapolis, a
rived here last Sunday for a brief vilit
SitNi his father and brother. Mr. I ul is
assi tant manaer of the Grand O()era
Ilouse, Minuolpolis. lie was a guest of
the conductor.; and railroad oflicials who
recently visited the National Park, and
took advantage ef the opportunity to visit
this section.
In a p; i sate letter from C eo. C. Davis,
of )lupiover, which, while not intended
for publication, we take the Iliberty of ex
traicting from it the following concerning
the sheep industry:
The Illniming season is jist about finish
ed; everybody has had remarkable sue
cess--f5 an 1 1(O per cent. I have never
seen a year whei so many pairs of twins
<.oue. We had over one hoondred pairs
of twins, good, large lanths. All the sheep
uteri speak of it. it was the general
opinion that the very cold weather in a.
cimber would make the launb crop a sina]
one, but it was it i1nistal;e. This has been
a g iod vear for sheep, with all the storms
is I cold.
We are in receipt of a letter addressed
".to the Editor of the Eagle Hock Paper,
M intana," from a "widdy" in Kansa: , who
wants a roan. We give the letter verba
timii-only suppressing the name of the
lady- for the ' ceft of ( ur h: c'ie:o; re;.d
ers, any of whoii that fuel interested, may
learn lier name by calling at this ottliee:
MxY the 20th, 1835.
I am a lIdy living very lonely; bien a
widow 8 years--eight years since I buried
my husband, having nothing left the but
40 acres of lin. Have been working I y
the week for my support; urn only 33
years old. If I can find some one able to
take care me rnd me of him, I mean to
marry. If there is some one in your part
who wishes a wife who can do all kinds
of work. If they wish to correspond with
ire I will do so. Amn one who has no in
coiibranee. If there is any respectable
gentleman who will correspond with m
I will make him a good wife. Can send
references If wished.
- Melvern P. C.
Usage Coonty, Kansas.
Theates, June 8, 188i.
Editor Tarncsx:
At the late meeting of the Board of
County C'on iusioners the Great Falls
township was established and tIeorge E.
!illy was appointed Justice of the Peace.
This township i, hounded by the south
boundary of the county. Box Elder creek
and the Missourt river. A school district
was established with the same boundaries,
to he called ,Number Nine."
Mlessrt. Blankenbakor, Rolfe and Allen
were appolm.t41 viewers to lay out the
rutad easterly t:ome Central Avenue to
Robert Blankenbaker's place on Box El
der and thence to led Coulee.
Actlna', upon the new road via Bull's
Head was delayed temporarily, -the com
aidestaner frothSinRtIher havlng oppsed.
We hope, however, no sectional feeling
will inter fore with this matter. It is a
matter of benefit tothe whole county and
is desired by a large numiber of citizens
who pay no small amount of the taxes,
and who have the right to ask that their
share of taxes he applied as they desire.
We are in receipt of a circular from -
the wool coumiission hotme of Walter
Brown & Co., in which they say: 'Our
representatives in ).ontaina, Vymoinuiag, B
(iliorai o, and other Territories, report an 01
improved condition of the wool over last tl
year. Particularly is this the case in Met:
tana where last year there was an unusual P
ainolut of weak stapled wool, whereas
this year, so far as we have learned, the
wool is sound and will prove very desira
hie as a substitute for eastern tfceces. The
most important feature in the wools from
this Territory, is the establishing during
the past season of the ine delaine grade,
which heretefor.' the worsted mills lhav.
felt could ontly be obtained from washed
fIleecs. As this selection coo:mands from
two to three cents per pound more tin:n
the clothing wools, the iierease in the
average price obtained will be readily op. n
preciated. The importance with wti Ich ft
Montana wools are now regarded by man- fr
ufacturers and t In' wool trade generally,
has led as to classify them separately in p
our q uotationis:
Fine DIteaine..........23(a2 4 21(r23
Fine ('lothliig.......... (.: 21 16 a IS
M edium.... .........'.0th23 1h 2"0
Coarse and Low........15p 17 1(a 15
A novel wager wa.; made in Middle- -
town, N. Y., the other day beiween a
young lawyer and a gentleman en
gaged in business in New York. Each
is the father of a boy baby, of which
he is very proud. and the conteroatien
lhappening to turn oil the youngsters,
each father was emnphatic in hi ass -
tions that his child was larger and
more promising than that of his
friend. The outcome of the talk was
an agreement that each should de')osit
S$10 in the savings bank, th; r: to r
main. prinaitial and intere - i ito ch
oJ. until the balWh. attain the ag' of j
tw toty-one y 's. On attar' i tg lt'ir
majority each of the Labes i. to fe
we gh d. and the one tipping the
scales at the greatest weight is to be
entitled to the 6O) and interest.
L"I -
Absolutely Pure.
This powder n vrr varils. A marvei of purity3
ntren gth and whok somne. MN- Sore economical
thi n ti ordinary kind(, and cannot b1 sold in
c1mpm titin01with thtiomnultitideof lowt--st. shr.
weighit. alum or phispirt piwder.,. boldouly in
c mns. HOn XL 11 t.No PowumRF t(o..107 Wall st.,
MNw York.
Hcrman Wildekpt
Ka~suiiiii iFiig
Intcri r Decorating and Paper-Hang
ing done to order.
Great Falls, - - Mont
The undersigned offers for sale, or
will trade for cattle
Ont Spa of Good Mules.
For further information apply to-
Great Falls.
A4 itr~iea knowiag themelvesei
the aun IN Bridge Co., for toll
to call and settl' for eaueto Apfritia
out further notice.
April L,. 1M.
We uain whh to sill atte t'on of all
Still owaing acencata on the boolk of
Stseed Thmat a Murriq and Georg. Lit -eli &
Sun Mye~r, and (icoWSen, e-l Ulidla, Mon
that we expect a t tl1(tary Mettlemeast. to
i ad exter dJle, an! say ?ourst4wy
t ezpeMana.
Fa~ enrn:;.2t -Q1 .'TJ ,Art
I have for sale One IHuidreil and Forty Thoroughbred Delaine Merino a
Ramns of the well known Campbell stock. They were shipped from Vermont
one year ago, and arc' all two years old. For onality and length of wool,
these sheep cannot be excelled. I will sell them at prices to suit the times.
This flock of thoromghbreci sheecp can he soon at (rcat Ir nr the
present snmm:r.
Great Falls, SPARIS GIBS
May 15, 1885
tee1D % WdULROAD
HIS (7 nmpan is atain in the l Bil seeki'fr S 'har of ou patronage. Our
line exten ds fromi Maple ('reelk, N. W. T., to (IIicng , St. Louis and all points
East. Our stock cars :re no e and of the latest improved pattern. Our track is
fir.t-olass and our trains mlake fast tihe. out- yards are large, water laid on. We
furnie folter 'Ft lfist cost, which omakes the price enu-ptionally cheap, and our
I freight rates are low.
You ieed not fear any troulile A itS the Custnms, as our arrangemerts are made to
prevent delay or allno iance.
To those who patronized us last seas'%u we oiler our thanks :1nd ask a repetition of
their favors, and to those 'a ho did not favor us ii the past we ask you to give the
ely line a trial tl:is year.
ROBr. KEli,
(b-si Freigilt Agenit,
nd e .rices on Gcds Discon
tinu~ed at the
Ep~ ~ ~~~~, R( 011'id f 1 oMk ee itn ,l1
Mail (_ rer F rom Respoýý(nsilde Partieis Solicited.
Su cesor t
Main treeS-n Rive n IMone
Thedor FiBWaier,
amen, SockSadles CCharto
Briles Facy Sp )s, it rtc
t Hrakn anes oo ok anshp are ioarteed. a~
Cootim andeatiog
st veueoTi nd Rofighn Spotingt
F GEC. HELOT e,T -Vnon kita .ft desr
Secrct.rr '
P. O. Address-Ft. Sha', M r.
1ar 1 iqnarecrrep ribtt
HANGE--South side of Sin narks :ouad redrts in left
lHorstqbraed tdin c't '. uld"r, Ii r.ct b cn rigkti igL
Also ownsr- of ccali I. tca G
A. PamLru 1. James Adams
4M ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~[ :Fsasss( i tnie
F S Coss,
Hlrres brand =amecas
. .ý - ANGE-South .
gý`?f« ~ PO Address
;4,I~s Florence
Owner of fol
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ ewinr brands
Thomas Clary. Won bref h -i
y ed same as .ut.
R "r
Po-t onc:- Joan La rd
=un d ivcr
S P 0 Address
- j ý- Flarence, M
OAnml hrand d same as above on left jaw]
Owner of L band on lift hip.
The Cochrane Ranche Co.
Hain Office, T ntreaL U Q
Pr sil.nt .. ...Hon M H Cochrane
Vice-Pres.................... James A ('oahrans
Alo L C on left Shoulder. S.c and ra ::............... JH Browning
= on left hip. Underbit oat
P rn le~t lill of left ear of
I i: -1" !ton. Will, w (riek and D ep r k. lves branded
lP. <i. lr a ('<te tOO aL liit m3.e `' _ up to 1882.
C~flt',lti3nflhandardfi rll'',5Double dew
can tantly on hand and for s te lap on calves
--- -oranded after
Will H Clarke Vet-Invert
ed C on left hip
SHorses brand
I e- -dRonleftjaw
Vent-Invei tid K on left hip.
R" awe --. t :ewen 1iost -nai and Relly river.
Ad lrsl-1 ot Mac 'i, N. W. T. T]
At-o uno rs o` cattle with -' uble dowlnp and
quart and coinlass on right hip.
-- Mount Head Ranch Company.
-" ý ,ý ý,, rivr
s. y r ýg ry.N. W T,
3u =lap and down
__ I ~ Horse .brand
A-1I'. >-L connect
R1NGr Sun River ed on left
11l0o nee of !,rend on lcu' 'l i r - shoulder.
Wi11 roken s addl hors,,. d -ii in ' u an y
teams always onhi a 1d for -t .Gl faoig(
re-ptond-ne, s o'-"' Id. \ddress A. (Ci..- .00.r(. L-v-'toz, Mara sr
or WILL It. LAIIKI? I el a
1885 SEASON 18E5 W. P. Turner&Sons.
Th' followi ng higlu hr d Paitt on and iuni
ning "ItIhins will iike tin ii 0. of l's t ealn U S r a .
PROSPFE CT. Also owners of the following brands:
color-Park hay: one hind toot whit. e maill WTio if .honid~r.
star on forelteed. whit . snip (in ohs ; st nd' lit W in left shoulder
hutnds high: weighs 100tlls: sired hr hlood 'Ihief. I nlf hc
he by lilood's Illack lliwk; d ni Sut-an .Jnneo T ii leftN arhasVall
ChieufrFee.so l) Memirino P. 0. Addr¶'ss-Fort Conrad. via Ft. Benton..
Color-A rich s' al hriiwn. ten flanks and muzzle;
slands l?, hands thoi:h xv igs 147::lbs. Sired by
ii noral K'iox.1 Jr.. he liy ti-nirail Knox; dam, tie
thilds mtale: hi e ding :: okntiwn.
Awe i$2. season.
ICiilor-ltrin'ht bay: foaled ill: one hind fiot
whit.'to fetlock: small star in forehead. Sired
hyt'onsul by Almnot. d.un by 'uainings' .c-n of
lt nry (lluy.
F'ee 125 season rnddwmscu
I, ~Atsoont r ot liirss braadrd on loft thigh
A LL DfA N CE. Rangi I ctween North fork of Sun river anplDeep
Color Bay: foal. d I1 1. star and rtmall strip in Post otiii - Aucurta. Montana
ruck. Sred. by Suit lad n'e. yWr f ancehet by F OR SAL Well broken saddle, iiraft and
Le n vt2 am IdAlwo byeveral Vark Aded stallions from 1U to 16
Fee 25 i'asiiihands high
Thi, Norman '-ttllion ti 'ignt~ ears old, stands tEd. Mathews.
IT har'ds high. weighs Itialtis: ctoiir. d irk Irtn
gray, and is in ievery way a fine reprasentative
stieciment of his race. Fe ao:3s ason.
All mares not proven with foal cnn be returned ~ 'Vent same as-brand
next season free of charge. Mfaras kept fitr ?: per . - onleftabc'ulder.
month. Accident.s*and escapes at owneri' risk, Ran fe-'-outi 1e1
hut 'are will be taken to prevent thte same Apad At tt
Se-ason Canuntences May 1tIstl ad Elnds River
August 1st.
For fnrther information apply to ___________________
Sun River, Molnt. A ue
lelenia & BlletollStage Lne1
Coach for Helena leaVes Smi Riv
er every eVening at 8 o'clock, 2-
except Sunday evening. a -
Coach for Fort Benton leaves Sun -
River every morning ,at 4 o'
clock, except Monday imorning
ti M POWERS, Manager. ..es
RA NSGE South Fork Sun River.
PATNTSP. O0 Addres't IFlorsrce, M. T,
Obtained, ond all PAT8N4'1 BU51INESS at borne
or abtattnde eoo H 8lRF PK o.
and we can obtain inl~ess time thtan those
Sd ODELOR DR1AW1 w1.e..
Wo-refer. heereto thte Poetwttster, the Seupt. of
Moneyr ()l.r Div., and to officials of the U.8.
PaetO~e o helravctrs B lan k
- eppoeitcAntW x: . . t'or Sile at t!I 'Tribune" 9Mce

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