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D. D. Hall has olur th::nks for late ('hi
caigo papers.
Murphy, -i:u l:yxv ('o. are doing a rus- fa
ing business.
The past week has bteen an:thing blut
good hay weather. dt
Fite machinists are emloxIed arrang
inc the machinery in the C:etaract oller so
James Gihb, of Sun Hiver, is ma:ing
Lhay on his ranch, about six mile's up the
Mrs. Teruman. Wildoeko,)f is Iy in at the
point of death. a.t Mr. einick,'s, at tlhe al
Bon-;- -To 14 ;r. and l rs. Dr. A. G. Lauld,
of Sand Co'ulee, iWednesdiay, August 26, a
HIolter's a ill a)s hutIt down for a week ca
tn ivre the emilllyes a c(hani e to attend
the Ileiena f:ir.
The first part of this weeik was murky. ra
damp a::nd di-:reat!e: somnertine ot of rI
the usual order of thing for ,Montna. . :.
News from the h nkin state that the no
hail storm did 1but little dam:ar e to the it
wheait crop and ip-poects of a full crop
atr goo, -- -
P:ui (tibsoi of Creat Fails ha. ten h
aloikt oq memb~er of the ]iver ('Con
'vs-tin E,1v t( ov. I:nauser, which meets in
St. Paul on the 3d of ne'xt month.
Ilenr:' Fry has ae:in repaired the front ,
of his saloon, and it i:s proh:ale that any
one (disposed to attep!t. its d(,struction
will meet trith an extremely warmn recep
The lar:e -la:s, for the front of c(;eo'ge i
Itol's tuildin,_ arrived this week, or :,t
le] -t the su(o'.sid ,tl::-s, tut wi peh .po
::il!nu 'itiont proived to te about 10 inche' tlh
to'o short. 6
('oo. Unddlin ton! will .hortiy visit iligih- r"
wood. I:NIt, )Otter Creek, Shonl:in uiand the ih
Judith coulntres. ill the intt(iret of o : F
T1'urtnirv. We trust hlie trill meet witi a ni
cordial re 'eltion, of
L. W. Peck has is:, t ret'urnedl from n s'
week's trip to HIelena. IIe sayas he never io
thtioi"ht ho 10ve0d (I'reat Falls so de'n', tl
until he :cap away fronm it a few days. lie c(
:was paoitively I: ~.: ick. t
Your attentiin is cal ted to the adver- ti
tiSenui'nt of thie Dvine H:totel. Sun Rivr. F
The proplrietior..Tht, 1)vint. is too well i
and favorallt known th;ro,'._h,'ct this see- p
tion to n(-' ::n intriedulctit(n We 1)(etpeak
for himt a fair ihare of the patronag;e of
the publi. a
About a mile up tihe Sun river vallpey
from rreant Falls iv, a small lake. not more
than half a mile in hcnron mference. whichi
is tlhe home of tlhusands and tens of
thrmsands of duck. It is a veritable
unte:r's ara:lis., anld a popular res crt
for the nimro, i of this c(it.
The Boston Advertiser says: "The motst
marked feature of the market is tie active
demand for Territory and Montana wl,,s. I
the sales of such agarecaiting over one I
million pounds. At the close himihler
prices were aske, for oodl round lots of
Montana and other Territory wools. t
The rustling W. 0. Dexter is busy ogt
ting his lumber fr tihe new ferry boat.
This will be 'a reat convenience to the 1
people livin^ south of the Sun river, as it
will save one toll each way and shortens
the distance several miles between (re;:t
Falls and Sun River ('rossinc, Fort Staw,
Eagle lock and Ulidia.
Several gentlemen who have been late
lvaaver t1he nnlLntlry between Belt cr.eek
and Deep creek express themselves na
greatly pleased with the land. Thee say
they have not seen so rich soil a:nd abun
dance of crass anywhere in Dakota. and
state their belief that will lbe only a few I
years before this portion of the Territory c
will be idotted with wheat fields and
sheep ranches.
A citizen of lliIhwood estimates that
there are about one thousand acres of i
wheat sown on the HIighwood. Hie says
the people there are deeply interested in p
the Great Falls mill. They can get to the
Falls in about the same distance as to
Port Benton and find good crass and plen
ty of water on the way and have no fer
-ilae to nly. lie says the farmers will a
buy a larg, amount of goods at Great
i tils. provided plices are reasonable. a
Anyonee kn ing tie whereabouts of I:
Frederick W. 3I. Phelps, or F. W1. Miller,
or Frank M3iller, should address his rela- a
tives, Mrs. M. 3M. Phelps, Chicago, Ill.,
or Mrs. E. Phelps. Lowell, Lake county.
Indiana. When last heard from he was
at Hunter's HIot Sprineis, Gallatin county.
Hle was known byl the name of Miller at o
or near Sun River. Considerable proper- F
ty awaits him or heirs, bequeathed by his t
father. 1
Those who believe that all timber
claims are fraudulent should pay a visit
to W. E. Frederick's timber claim on k
Box Elder creek and take a back seat. '
Mr. Frederick has seven thousand trees c
set out or sown ttis spring, every one of o
which it from two to four feet high and t,
in a thrifty condition. They consist of
Box Elder, Locust, Balm of Gilead, Elm,
and Silver Leaf Poplar. We learn that n
instead of ten acres 31r. Frederick pro- f
poses to have 15 or 20 acres of trees which I
will be worth a fortune in themselves be- a
fore eight years are gone. We believe a
the Timber Culture Act is a good one and I
that our farmers would be well paid by 1
availing themselves of its requirements. t
There is some talk of a stage line to
run from Helena to Neihart, via Great
Falls. That the enterprise would pay, d
and will be a necessity in the near future,
is more than probable. Neihart is going
to be a lively camp shortly, and the Belt
creek route via Great Falls is the only
practical way of gettine into the camp. s
The other roads are at the best, only poor to
simmer roads, and are utterly impassable d
nine months in the year, while the Belt
creek road can, with a little xpenditure of s
money, be put in fair condition for travel I
at all times of the year. We believe the n
?Meagher county commissioners appointed d
road viewers to go over the route some a
time ago, and that they have handed in g
their report, asking for the meagre sum h
o f .t(0 for its il'.provement. l reat Falls
Sis destined by its situation and advantlages
tIo he the supply point for the camp.
Si Pe. l .h1o have aniy dloubt as to the
1roluctivenes cof the bench lands in this
- 'eetion, should \isit M3r Iunly's ranch just
' i east of town, and take a look at his gar
55 den,in which will be found as finea lot of he
10. vegetatle's and vines as can be produced
1,ts ( in the best cultivated valley gardens. The
garden was subjected to the most ullfa- of
st orable circumt:tanes. Besides depend
ing wholly upon the natural rainfall, the
,1round nws only broken last spring, and
then the hail ,toril in uly cut down ev- WI
ery plant and st:ak that reared its head so
ii above the strfaee. !iO;slite tle t le an dis- (h
i ,iul'lra'.,1emnts. ti' "ucuinhber, squash andf
other vines lhave spr(oute' again, and bid I
b- fair to produce a fair crop, while the oth- no
er vegietabies equa((l, if not surpass both in at
jqu:dity and quantity, those cultivated in ll
git the rich, lo:nay gard.eins in the States, un
der the m1ost favorable conditionls. ie
- - - - tic
S M;r. Wmi. hin, who retides on the Mis- ha
souri, about ten miles abo-e Great Falls, of
is well :cquainted wvith the lay of the miI
i country between Great Falls and Eagle th
h iock, having had occasion to travel over sit
it innumerable times during the past de- as:
he cade. lie says that there is no questioll t
he about the feasilility- of tihe proposed route pa
to Eagle Riock. while it would be of great to
t.d, c1nvl:ience to a large number of tax- re
I i ::yers, who are now deprived of the priv
ilege of 1a lblic road. In Mr. Ulnl's M
cn case, the nearest road to him is ten miles, so
n an:d there are other ranchers still more re- in:
mote. Tle says that from the bench to his
'y, ranch, a distn(ce of about ten miles, the le:
of road is a natural one, and not a dollar will I1
have to Ie expended in improving it. 3I
FroIm his ,lac'e to Eagle lRock, it will be
he necessary to briduie one or two little gi
he streams. Any:one who is acquainted with wi
op 3Ir. lm 111 knows hlie never ventures a I a
opinion in a matter of this kind, uules C'1
he is perfectly satisfied that he is right
n mind can -c.,-stantiato Mis statement if it is,
i- hel.ollles necessary to do so. That this Cl
in road nwill be estallished there is no ques- stl
''Ill. The commissioners dare not deny
tihe taxpay,-ers the right of a public higll- t
nit way in
ny ---- -- th
on Fii0, O ANi) P. ILSITiH EI.
"Yes, you can depelnd upon it Great sip
S:s is now ( eve of 1osperi'ty," sot be
o t gentlemian said to m1e. after it was stated ui
W that the syndic:at hais purchasedl the h.
bonded gclroipe of N ,'il:rt mines. In
- r1lpy to our Cuery, as to wha:t would be
he the immecdiae effect, if any, on Great
1 Fal:ls, he replied: "'\el. of cdurse, I ca0n
I not ayi, as t to the immelllltdi'ate results, but
of what I know of the lmmbl's of the d:.
Ssyndic'ate, I a11 satistied that a large force fo
. of men will be put to work developing to
.x the properly as soon as negotiations are of
lie c(0ilneIsted. Next spring, I think, it is it
thei r intenti.on to colinlenlce the co0usrue- ar
ti.thn of railroad;i froll tiie callimp to Great ill
. Falls: in fact. I know this is their inten- V
ell tion, and if the mines are all that is ex- pl
c- pIc 'ed, and iyou iist not be surlprised to fo
sk e a-rou'nd broken for reduction works, on st;
'o a nmuiiamth scale in G reat Falls, e:rly next do
pring. T'he syndicate is composed M
c wealthly and ente'rprising gentlemen. 1B
are They represent millions of mnoney, and E
ic11 when they once get started, this section se
of of Montala wviii recaive such a shaking oIf
tup that it w ill not soon forget. The plr- to
t hase of this Nt-ili:trt property is but a AS
' preliminariy move of one of the most gi- br
'gantic housiness enterprises ever inaugu- so
r:ated in the west. When the last card is gt
ne pih!yed (Great Falls will be a city--not a iar
icr mnuslhroom city with its myriads of hovels Ot
of and1111 shacks, but a city in every sense of
the word. It will be the city of M(ontana,
inll fact. - ou will see mills and factories
't- giving employment to tho tlhusands of Ihio!r
Sat ers: while its imerc:iintile houses ill sup
be ply this whole ntorthern country with in
it go'ds. I telil youi. the men that are at the
I'a: ck of ( Great Falls knw wlihat tilhey r'e
at doing, and if I do not miss my gueis, you ui
will see CIeople in s1uch a 111hurr1t,) et here
1next sprin1, that t xxev -ill not uike time
to ished their wlinter clothini before they
t start. Well, I mlIllist ie g,"oiing; 1 am iu a
i hurr just now. i faet, this news has
exccild (I Cnc- a 4 ihtle bit: ( ie., ly.
When Colonel Broad1water and Dennis
SIlRyan were up to Neihart. they made some
i inquiries about the road!s leo lin.g into the I
camp. The Colonel accosted a ranchman
concerning one of the roads, when the R
following coloquy took place: it
it "Jim, can the road down Belt to Great
f Falls be made passible ?"
Jim, who owns a ranch off of the pro- a
n posed new road, but near the old one, n
I promptly replied:
"No, it would be impossible."
"Well, can money put the road through ?' g
II asked the Colonel.
it "Y-a s, I 'spose it can," reluctantly ad- ii
mimtted the rancher.
"W\\ell, then, the road will be built," said fi
lf Prood, as he turned on his heel.
r, Ever ince then the rancher has been
alternately chewing his ear and kicking "
himself, for saying "'-e-s," where he P
ought to have said "no." tl
I amin of the opinion that the prosperity in
it of Great Falls is a making several other it
r- towns mighty sick. The disease is known o
is to the profession asdry rot, and is caused tl
by inactivity, jealousy and ignorance. sl
it Most every inhabitant in this section
n knows Ike Kingsbury and John Lepley.
t. They are considered pretty well informed
is concerning the lay of the country through- c
if out northern Montana from the Dearborn
d to the international boundary. Well,what
I am going to say is this: Both of these
it gentlemen say that a road can be built
a- from the mouth of Sun river across to
h Eagle Rock for an insignificant sum of
m- oney, and also that it would be a better h
e and shorter route than by the present road. a
d I ventutre to say that there is no one that
' is better acquainted with the country
s. through which the road will run than a
these gentlemen.i
Tie head man in the new celestial laun
dry just opened here was telling me of a
h his experience since he came to "Melica." C
He belongs to the "Big Six Co.," of San
y Francisco, and after leaving that city he
. steered for Benton, and from there drifted a
' to the Sun river metropolis. He has evi- fr
dently been a victim of hard times, as he
said "me no makee grub, in bothe placed
l1 Bery still, bothe places allee samee. Chi
e naman washee plenty; shirtees muchee to
d dirty, muchee hard workee, no money
e standee Chinaman off. Melican man then
u go putee on clean shirtee, and me no know tl
n him after that, so losee allee money." hl
ills NNE£IiA T TO THI FI NT. it
Broadw ater. I:an and (ihers. I'r- a
tile 'ics a rLar g ltertst in the
his Montain lBelle GriouLp.
'Col. IEroadwater and Mr. liyan arrived C
here Saturday afternoon from Neilbart,
ianld Ihe samle day's coclh brountt in a
he Messrs. Melntosih and Wells, part owners
of the leads at Neihart which had been mn
nd bonded last spring by the former gentle- str
the men and other capitalists for $250,000. po
intd The parties were uncommunicative, but up
ev- we have since learned from mot reliable cr<
tl sources that Broadwater et. al. have pum
lis- lhatsed the interests of McIntosh and Pr
W' Viells andt that the deeds to the same are el
>tl- now on record in the county clerk's office ý'
I in at the Springs. We did not learn the ex- ni
in act figures of the consideration, but un- fli
derstand that they are in the neighbor- afm
hood of 960,000. As Colonel Brciadwater T.
Us- has letters of administration on the estate be
l1s, of Wallace Bell, deceased partner in these to
the mines, the present ipurchase leaves only
gle the interest of James Chamuberlain out- Sa
-er side of his, and gives Broadwater and his at
de- associates a large controling interest in lii
ion the property. The purchase moniey was
ute paid in Helena on Monday, and we expect ho
'eat to see operations on this group of mines
ax- resumned immediately. K,
rin- Parties lately from the camp report the Ik
mi's Mountain Chief mine, owned by the II tud- l
les, son Mining Co., as hiowing up line, with
re- immense bodies of rich tore in the levels.
his We could learn but little of the other
tie leads in that vicinity excepting of the
vill Biack Chief, owned by the Snow Creek
b Mining Co., and lying right among the
ttie group of mines purchased by the Broad- so
ith water syndicate. Capt. McIntosh informs na
au a Tranchant representative that Mr. he
i Choa.te, one of thes company, has just tin- tb
itiahed representation work on the Black
lis Chief, and that just before he finished he a
i;- truck a tine body of rich ore. The Cap- i
i tain says that, so far as present develop
ments indicate, this mint is asgood a::
those of the Montal;a Belle group.
John McCormick and ('ol. Boone canme
in from Neihart last night auld state that Is
eat since thie fact of the ,re, out purclhase ha
SO become known there Nei!art has braced hi
te iu and mine owners are feeling more t
the hopeful than ex er before.- ''Tr.m :chat.
Inl --- --.-- .
eat - ----- -i
[Pillings (;azotte. j
Madam de Ilores arrived in town Sun
day morning and left by tile evening train
for Medora. Shie had been on a hunting
tour to northern Wyoming, the special
object of her search being bear. ~She was
under the guidance of that famous hunter ai
and scout, Vie. Smith. On Mee-teetse
mountain the lady shot four bears, and N
Vic shot two, which were comling un- C
pleasantly near the intrepid hunters. In
four days they saw seventeen hears. When
starting to return her barouche broke
down and was temporarily abandoned. -
Madam de Mores riding the whole way to
Billings, 170 miles, in the mess wagon.
Elk, antelope, deer and other game were
seen in abundance, bunt as the latly was
after bear, she would allow no other game
to be shot than was necessary for food.
She is an excellent shot, and shines as
brilliantly in the field as in the cultivated
society in which she is an ornament. Her
guide, Vic. Smith, was a scout for Terry
and Miles in some of their most danger
ous campaigns, and is a famous shot.
Ira ilickory is laid up with a catarrh
in his hand. C
HI. P. Rolfe started for Ilelena last Sat
urday to be absent a week.
Geo. Warner, the rustling express man,
made Great Falls a visit this week.
E. B. Largent expects to visit Neilihart
next week, to look after his interests in -
that camp.
Billy Devine, of Sun River, is at Great
Falls. lie coitemplates locating here
Richard Graham:, of Minneapolis, the
miller who will have charge of the flour
mill at this place, arrived last week.
Miss Junkin, Mrs. Nat McGitlin's sister,
who has been spending the summer here,
will return to her home in Fairfield, Iowa,
next week.
Mrs. Jere Sullivan and children and
Miss Meytendorf of Fort Benton,were the _
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jones, of this
place, last Sunday. Mrs. Sullivan is the
hostess of the Choteau House, whose
friends and patrons are many.
lMr. Winm. Ulm while in Great Falls last
week made the TRtriuNE office a very
pleasant visit. If there is one man more
than another on our subscription book
who we have a tender feeling for, that
man is Mr. Ulm. Since our first venture
in Moutana newspaperdom he has been
one of our best friends and patrons, and
the TInBUnE truly appreciates his friend
Bears are numerous in Missoula county.
One was killed recently near the town of
It costs one almighty dollar to indulge
in the luxury of a watermelon in Billings. c
We pass. N
It is understood that Major Armstrong '
has been bounced from the Crow Indian
Deer Lodge complains of the extreme
warm weather.
While in Deer Lodge, Clara Louise
Kellogg visited the Territorial peniten
tiary and at the solicitation of the "birds" E
sang them two songs. Kind-hearted
Benton is excitel over the report that
surveyors are in the field surveying a line
from the Canadian Pacific to their town.
A very little railroad news excites Benton
John Robinson's circus will visit Mon
Messrs. Ryan & Brunton have received
the contract for building the new court
house in Helena. They receive $137,- JI
The Cosnopolit::n lhotel in IIelena had
- a narrow escape from being burned.
Tihursday Itacek sold a fifty-dollar sad
dle to a Crow Indian and received tihe
, cash for the same. This is good evidence
t, that the tribe are not all thriftless.-
H G(azette.
ms On Tuesday, a well-developed and well
mI muscled female performed on a tightrope
stretched from the stump of the liberty
10. pole to a peg in the ground. She cleaned
ut cup t10 in two-bit contributions from the
le crowd .-Tribune.
A large cinnamon bear was seen in the
ad Prickly Pear valley last night. 1ie cross
re ed the creek near the ranch of Thomas &
('e 1\hitcomib, and his tracks were found this
x- morning in many of the surrounding
n- farms. ie killed a ca:f belonging to the
- aforesaid Iparties and devoured part of it.
e' The ra nchmlien are on the track of the
to bear ati it is expected he will ie killed
so to-nigh t.--lerild.
l Al. Hmarrison arrived fro,'m Denton on
t- Sunday with Antelope Shirt, iUlood Shot
is and lind Shot, three Piegatn Indians, who
have voluntarily testified against thenm
as selves -in fact, were rather proud of their
hlorse stealing abilities--and were bound
0' over in the sunm of $500 apiece. Big
linot-ou-the-iHead is still a:t !arge. The
Be benton authorities glaadly gave up Ante
lope Shirt, con,- ned for nearly six months
it in their jail.-- Chronicle.
S' N I!vi:a;, Aug. 24, 1885.
e D)epuly c heriff Wilson p:tassed through
ad- Sun River with a w-arrant to arrest a man
is n:unted Adams for run;ner- oiT fourteen
[r. heal of cattle belonging to Charlie Mar
n- tin, of Meagher county.
- Phil. A. Manix has .ordered his stock of
he goods in his store here to be removed to
hl his store at Augusta.
IMr. Irownini. the laundryman here,
is about to leave, for want of trade.
ne Siun River is a good place for a good
lawyer to stay away from.
I have some lots to dispose of cheap.
ed But I want to inu'orm anyone about to buy
., that they are li:lb,le to come along solne
day and find a lot of water.
With best wishes for the success of the
Gl:.vrT FAc.Is T'nies., I remain yours
withi great respec-t. loiN )Evi'E.
t Notice of Final E try.
Ii Lnd ()tce at 'cnnt, lMont n. i
a Au: :at t3 ;. 1
N OTIC-is harsr y civ i n that, the f,,flohvi.Ig
l natmed s t;l1,,r l-s'tilhd notic of his iuntnlli;on
S to make linal pr-:if in support of his claim, an:ii
that said pr-oou will be mad,, i.for, the i,., S t r
er and tleceiver of the U. b. Land oai.e at nelena,
Montani. 3I T, on aSpt :ubt,< ".,a5. viz:
:Se (eorge L. liarv,, : made pr,,emption D. ,
nNo57-3:for tl.h S: ''tsve 17 and tae1 .% E',
secA ,tp 5 N lit
in- Mae natues the folhvoing w:tnss.es to (rve hiis
coutinuousr sidence° upottt, andt ctuLt.,v: -l.On ,
In :id land. viz: henry i. \V:: de :nd torge W.
Kinnevy o ' (:ott'eu, M nt't t -lt ani . r In W iWde
Sand John W Eddy of it I ena. l,,nti .i
I.e Y'. .-! .N.l:.. l . ,I; t, r.
i, -'
To Wheat Growers!
t Es
Poles and Posts
E. W. Dahlogreen & Co.,
--Satisfaction Guaranteed.-
Give Me a Call
THOS. ROSE, - an River, Mont.
Came to my place, in Sand Coulee. Choateau
county, Montana, in August. 18184, one small bay
horse, 10 or 12 years old; black mane and tail.
No brands. The owner can have the horse by
proving property and paying charges.
SJuly 2, 1585. GEORGE WREN.
Obtained, and all PATENT BUSINESS at home
EVor abroad atLtended to for MODERATE FE
Our ofic is opposite the U. 8. Patent Office,
SUN RIVER - - MONTANA and wecanobtain patentsinles timethanthose
remote from WAHLNGTON.
Send MODEL OR DRAWING. We advise as to
patentability free of chrr-; and we CHARGE
Best meals and Most comfortable rooms of any o E ULES PAT a. I SALWEDR
We refer here to the Postmaster, the Srpt. of
Hotel between Benton and Helena. Piano in Par- MoneyOrderDiv., and to ofciais o the U.S.
Patent Office. For circulars advice, terms, and
lor for use of guests. references to actual clients in your own State or
county, write to
C. A. SNOW & CO.,
RATES---Room and Board, $1.50 per Day. OppositePatentOfie. Washington,I4.C.
Parties Travelling Will Please Not Hesitate to Wake me at any CARTER & CLAYBERG,
Hour of the Night. AWroWM-a-P-Aw,
Oice:Main St., Footof EBroadway, Helena,. .T.
- 1..-~: ·· · :.i
d1 a4 -
te I have for sale One Hundred and Forty Thoroughl:bred Delaine Merino
Rams of the we!l--known Campbell stock. They were shipped from Vermont
one year ago, and are all two years old. For uluality and length of wool,
these sheep cannot be excelled. I will sell them at prices to suit the times.
- This flock of thoroughbred sheep can be seen at Great Falls during the -
present summer.
is Great Falls, PARIS GIBSON.
I' May 15, 1885
Tir IIIS Company is again in the field seeking for a share of your patronage. Our
id line extends from Maple (Creek, N. WV. T., to Chicago, St. Louis and all points
East. Our stock cars are new and of the latest improved pattern. Our tiack is
- first-class and our tra:ns make fast time. Our yards are large, water laid on. iWe
furnish fodder at first cost, which makes the price exceptionally cheap, and our
freight rates are low.
You need not fear any trouble with tuhe Customls, as our arr'ag.ments are m:.id to
prevenut delay or snnoyaut:ce.
To those who patronized us last season we ofer our thankI s aud ask a4 repetition of
their favors, and to those who did not favor us in the past we ask you to give the
new line a trial this year.
hi Corrsspondsnce solirited
en nGen' 1 Frei"r t Agent,
Otll -SoIe i"sror to
q" iei-exr in
SIronware, Coal & Waoo
Cook ar ll r atil .
Force Pumps, Hose, Etc.
Tin Roofing and Spouting
A .peciabty
Sun River, Mont
1 .- . . . . . . . . . . . . - - _ - -- - - -- _ . _ . . . . .
And Dealer in ý ý S PM~o:%taun Tier,
C, N. Dickinson, .Prop. w
A Choice Lie o1 I" IS ihe Cofstallty o( tiajd,
J. H . McKnioght & Co.,
Dealers in General Merchandise. e7
We have just received a full assortment of new and fresh goods, which were
bought cheap for cash and we are now selling at the lowest price. har
-:Order Fromthe Surrounding Country So!ioitem. -
We are agents for Woods Mowers and Self-Binding reapers, Hollingsworth
Sulky Rakes and the celebrated Cooper farm wagons. We keep in
stock Gang, Sulky and Walking Plows, Harrows,,
Wheel-barrows, Pumps & Barb-wire.
.July 4, 1885. J. 11. McKSNIGII T & CO.
Blacksmiths AND Repairers.
Horse Shoeing a Spebialty.
We desire to thank our friends for past favors and will be thank
ful for a liberal remembrance in the future.
Real Estate aru [nsuranc Aent.
Corner I st Avenue, North and 4th Street.
A. Pambrui.
S ~ Range-' tge-outh
side oun rivir.
Ear marks
same as cut
r V Addres
Ft. Shaw.
il1orses brand -ae as
dames Adams
Past O-se
t ýFork
s k P 0 Addrms
Owner of fel
l lowing brands
? "G on left kip
W on left hip
o 7ib l forses brand
_ -A ed same as rat.
he The Cochrane Ranche Co.
Main Office, Montreal, P Q
President ..................Hon M H Cochrano
Vice-Pres .................... James A Cochrane
Sec and Treas ............... J M Browning
SUnderbit out
Sof left ear of
calves branded
Double dew
lap on calves
branded after
ed Con lefthip
Horses brand
edRonleft jaw
SVent--nverterd R on left hip.
A:,ns- Hetw~-Bwen Kootenai and Belly river.
Ad res -Ftort Macleod. N. W. T.
NAlsn o~w;:rs of cattle iwith double dewlap end
square and compass on right hip.
o Mount Head Ranch Company.
gary, N. W. T,
Marks- Dew
lap and :down
ng cut.
Horse brand
-HL coun ct
nt hed on left
W. P. Turner& Sons.
Yearling Bulls For Sale.
PRICE $60.00
Al.o owners of the following brands:
Pon lift ribs.
WT on lkft shoulder.
W on left choulder
T on Jft thigh.
1.ANGN-Marias Valley.
P. 0. Address-Fort Conrad, via Ft. Bantun.
]3rarnd-d same as cut
Al soo wzsr of horsefhraoIed onlft thigh -
lange between North fork of Sun river anp Deep
P;st office -Augusta,. Montana
V-nt -Brand inverted.
COR SALE: Well broken saddle, draft and
driving horses.
Also several blooded stallions from 14 to 16
hands high
Ed. Mathews.
Vent same as brand
onleft shoulder
Range-Botkh ef
Squsare Butts p
SP.O. hAddra-Bas
At Dupee
RANGE: South ForkSun River.
P. O. Address,Florence, M. T.
Also L C on left Shoulder.
on left hip.
P on left hip.
Range-Teton, WillowCreek and Deep Creek.
P. O. Address-Choteau, Montana.
Well broken saddle, draft and bOgy boses
constantly on hand and for sale
For Sale at the "Titbne Office"

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