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Plutarch's Humanity.
For ny part, I cannot but charge
bhis using his servants like so many
beasts of burden, and turning them
off, or selling them when they grow
old, to the account of a mean and un
generous spirit which thinks that the
sole tie between man and man is in
terest or necessity. But goodness
anoves in a larger sphere than justice:
The obligations of law and equity
reach only to mankind, but kindness
iand beneticence should be extended to
creatures of every species; and these
.still flow from the breast of a well
natured man, as streams that issue
from the living fountain. A good
man will take care of his horses and
dogs, not only whije they are young,
but when old and past service. Thus
the people of Athens, when they had
finished the temple called Hecatom
piepou, set at liberty the beasts of bur
den that had been chiefly employed
in the work, sufiering them to pasture
it: large, free from any other service.
ti: is said that one of these afterwards
ename of its own accord to work, and
utrtintg itself at the head of the labor
ing cattle, marched before them to the
Sitadei. This pleasedz the people, and
they made a decree that it should be
.Lspt at the public charge so long as
it lived. The graves of Cimon's
mares. with which he thrice conquer
.i at the Olympic games, are still to
Žze seen near his own tomb. Many
h]ave shown particular marks of re
gard in burying the dogs which they
mad cherished and been fond of; and
rimong the Vantippus of old, whose
dog swam by his galley to Salamis,
when the Athenians were forced to
ibandon their city, and was after
-.vards buried by him upon a proluon
t :ry, which to this day is called the
ghrog's Grave. We certainly ought
eot to treat living creatures like shoes
or household goods, which, when
worn out with use, we throw away;
and were it only to learn benevolence
to humankind, we should be merciful
ito other creatures. For my own part,
I would not sell even an old ox that
had labored for me; much less would
I remove, for the sake of a little
anoney, a man grown old in my service
from his usual lodging and diet--for
to him, poor man! it would be as bad
;s banishment, since he could be of
mno more use to the buyer than he was
ito the seller. But Cato, as if he took
a pride in these things. tells us that
w~hen consul, he left his war horse in
Spain to save the the public the charge
of his conveyance. Whether such
things as these are instances or little
ness of soul let the reader judge for
himself.-[From "Cato the Censor."]
A Pawnee's Bride.
NEW YORR, Aug. 21-Pushaluck,
the Pawnee Indian who ran away
from Buffalo Bill's "Wild. West"'
camp with a pretty young lady hail
ing from Newark, last Sunday, was
sound by Buffalo Bill's searchers
yesterday and arrived at the camp on
Staten Island this morning, bringing
with him Mrs. Pushaluck. The pair
were regularly married by a clergy
man in Philadelphia, and had taken
board in a house on Ninth street fre
quented by human curiosities. The
bJride has some $7,000 in her own
right and is respectably connected.
She seems happy with her choice and
w-ill go to the reservation with him at
the end of the season.
Unfounded Reports.
Butte, August, 28.- The rumors cur
rent in Helena about the closing
down of the Anaconda in consequence
of sales. pools, etc., are perfectly re
diculous. Only a portion-of the com
p)auy's mines are closed. At some of
the works operations are temporarily
suspended. The reports of.the Parrot
closing are absurdly untrue.. Super
intendent Gaylord says this afternoon
that they will not close at all: The
quartz mills, and Clark's Colusa, Col
.orado and Orford smelters and the
Butte Reduction Works are in full
blast The rise in silver is creating a
'much better feeling.
Will Bankrupt Frontiersmen.
Pierre, Dak., special: Frank Cat
tle, one of the most extensive ranch
maen on the Sioux reservation, arrived
to-day. He says the order from the
,commissioner of Indian affairs will
cause the removal of 6,000 head of
cattle within a radius of five miles.
It will also bankrupt a dozen fron
tiersmen. He attributes this work of
the department to the white men and
half-breeds who are working to ad
vance their own interests. The In
dians oppose the order.
Accident to Senator Evarts.
Wr tsnoR, Vt., Aug. 22.-A carriage
-containing Senator Evarts of New
York. Charles C. Perkins of Boston
and Miss Mathews, daughter of Judge
Stanley Matthews of Ohio, was over
turned this evening. MIr. Perkins
was instantly killed and Senator
Evarts and Miss Matthews severely
bruised though not seriously injured.
Mililary Wires to be Sold.
FoRT AssI~sOlNE, Mont., Aug. 31.
Parties are here and believed to be of
[Butte City looking up the military
-telegraph lines strung between here
and Helena with the purpose of bid
ling on them when they shall be ad
vertised for sale, which it is stated
rill be soon.
Strayed--$ 10 Reward.
Strayed form Wm. '.evins' ranch at the mouth
of Highwood, one sorrel horse, white strip in
forehead, brandd BB on left shoulder, weighs
about 902 pounds. Addre, s
WX,. .i.INS,
Ft. Bienton, Mont.
Noti'e i' Final Entry.
L.: ( t).-Fcz A T HtI-.'SA Mo.r., )
'ug sit l', 115. I
Notice is hereby t iv'en that the following-nam
ed sttler has filed notiice oi: Ie intt7tiun to
make final proof iii sipt,,:r:t of !.is clain, and
that s :id prno.o wi b made i . :-re 'has. L.
Spencer Probate .ajud,; Cdhot ain Co. M. T., at
Fort Benton. on (!ctobt-r 12th, a!1;!M, viz: Ben
jamin K. Shuml nnt miho r'de r-i '-m'ttiot D S No.
120ftfortheN." N.E, e. :' NA,W 8.W
14 See. 1. -Pp. n t , . e wi'nes the
foilowing; wtu. . : : ntinnon:s rc,
idenie upit:', '' c, a ti, s ' i. land, viz:
Robert . ital, .-d: . . ,p. John Ben
nett ":l li.!i i;. 'E:lins al a (reat Falls,
S. W. Lasa(con F., Register.
Settee ofX'inan I-ttry.
Notic is !aereby gttiven that the following
nanetid - tth.t r :ts fih'd ntin e of t .it intenltiton to
naie final triof in su1lt!por±t of his rltim. and
tiit said tproof will ble' mad bt-for, C'hhas. L.
i'ii:itn"er Probat . .,dg- Li c.ihoa .', luntl y at Fort
l:nton, on !trbr 't. L1siu, vi': William
HaSk-haw who mat d t ' lu lf . ,'1 f'r the Si of
NWL &t L'tI ... oti n'e ' , T;: 't. N a l E .
tiL n.an0,s .ts' fill, in: wetnr . t-e prtoe his
cntitiinus retsidn:ni unonc , : andi ! .;t i.on of,
sond aiid, v'i i i z:
\ihmam iAti r lhc. I , in rt t i. '1'c. Robrt
Willianms an(d Dletos ii_. :wen, al teat Falls.
S. WS. LAL.os:NE, oRetister.
Notice of Final Entroy.
\tu Miust I-4. 1 5.
Notice is herebhy iven ihat the follo-twing.nanm
ed settler has filed notile of his intantiotn to
make, final proof in supprt of his cla:im, and
that said proof will be made before Cha'.r L.
Spe-ncer, l'rca:te Jud. I 'h.teRn counlty. it Fort
Bento., ont., on October c 1er, 1;z: Willia z:J. Wit
ttier, who min:d Preuinption D. . No. 1i. i for the
th Lot i N .E . d L.ES.,W tt N.W1 i S.Pe. . 3, Tp. 2
0, North . 3 E. lHe nam.s thie feollowinsg wit
ness to provet his cont:noiuou residauci upon, an
and cultivation of. said, id z: v
William a. inkshtaw. Willim:n Anlelýer. lobert
Chilliamw and Delos il. liCioseni of lt FallGra
M.lls, Montana.
S. W. LANGHORNE, le gitterr.
Notiee of Final Proof.
Au'-. 2.y, I i. .
Notice is hereby given that tih following nam
ed settler has tiled notice of his intention to
make tinma proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before Chas. L.
Spencer, Probate Judge, ('hoteau county at Fort
Benton, Mont., on October!9, 188. viz: William
Anheier who made Preemption D.S, No. 751T for
the Lot 4, Sec. 2. and Lots 1 & 2 Sec. 3, Tp. 20.
N lRange 3 East. He names the following witness
to prove his continuous residence upon, and
cultivation of. said Lund, viz:
William J. Winters, William Hackshaw. Dolos
Chowen and Robert Williams all of Great Falls,
L. W. LANGtHORNE, Register.
Notice of Final Entry.
Land Office at Helena, Montana
Aug. 5, 1886.
Notice is hereby given that the following
nraeed settler has flied notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will he made before Charles L.
Sp neer, Probate Judge for Choteau county,
at Fort Bonton. on September 18th. 1886, viz:
(er.:.', W. Armstrong who made Preemption
D. S. No. 6912. for the NWI I NHi¾ See. 12. &
Lots 6 & 7, & W%, SE1' Sec. 1. Tp. 19. NR 3E.
He names the following witnesses to prove
continuous residence upon, and cultivation
of said land, viz:
Charles II. Hemp. Joseph Keough, Robert
Burns and Frank Norman, all of Great Falls,
S. W. LANGHORNa, Register.
July 22, las18.
NOTICE is hereby girvn .that the fllo wing
nmned settler has fil d n:ticeof his by unton
to make final proof in supp:,.t of his clai i. and
that said proof will :e inmd before (C'h~rls L.
Spencer. Probate Judge, ('hoteou count-, Mont.,
[t Fort Benton. Mont.. on September 4. I a, : vi:
William P. Beachley who made Preem; ti.n D.S.
No. 68dt for the SE M14 c. :r' T. .20 N. i a1s:e 4
East. He names the followvins. witne.-:, r>, prove
his continuous residence upon, and culC:rvtion
of, said land, viz:
Jamis E. Walker, Josiah Peeper, Phillip Gib
son and Herbert O. Chowen, all of Great Falls,
S. W. LANcHORNx. Register.
Aug, lId. 184.
NOTICE is hereby given that the following
named settlerhas filnd notice of his intention
to make final proof in supp':rt of.rthi- cli:. and
that said proof will be :mad. before Re:;*'k·r and
Receiver at Helena, Montna, on Octobter 4th,
1886, viz: John Z. Comer. who made Pre-emp
tion D S No. 6197 for the NWtA of NEr, Sec. 12,
Lots 1. 5, 8, 9, Sec. 1, Township 19, N 1H 2 E.
He names the following witnesses so p ove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
said land, viz:
Jeptha J. Comer. Conrad Gtlger, Perry Getts
of Sun River, Montana, and Robert S. Ells, of
Helena, Montana.
S. W. LAGHOENE, Register.
Aug. 23d, 1886,
NOTICE is hereby given that the following
names settlers have filed their notice of in
tention to make final proof in support of their
respective claims and that said 1proof will be
made before Charles L. Spencer, Deputy Clerk,
Fourth Judicial District 'ourt in and for ('ho
teau county, Montana Territory, at Fort Benton.
October 2d 1888, viz:
Joseph lieough, who made Pre-emyption D S
No. 7540. for Lot ,. SE-'- NW'4, SW 4 NEt Sect
4, Tp. 20, N R 4 E. Witnesses-Richard Mans
field, Ephram Aylwin', D:,!os Chown and Geo.
D. Budington. all of Great Falls, Mntanna.
Richard Mansfie'.d, wvh, medl; Prc -, 4t0,;'n DR
No. 7511 Lots ..."'I .; NE'{ S I... l, 1 ,
NR 4 E. Witn: . -,J'ph K .:,,. Ep:ram
Ogilvie. Geu. D. /.,: li%: : and iDc C-,owen,
all of Great Falls, :don-n,. .
Ephram Ogilvie, -ho "made Pre-emption D S
No. 753, for W754 SW' v' NWI & Lot 4. Sec.
4, 'p. d20, N R 4 E,. Witnesses-Ric -hrd H-ins
field, Joseph Keongh, G- o. D. Budington and
Delos Chowen, all ot Groet 1F !.l Montana.
H. P. ihoFE. W. . La.t ,nioa .
Att'y. for Claimant... tgister.
U. 8. LAn Orsc:: AT HFLEIr;. A. M. T,
Aug. 5th. 186. t
Complaidt having been entered at this office
by Wilson E. Cascadden against Judith M.
Clarke for failure to comply with law as to
Timber-Culture Entry No. 1190, dated January
221, 1885, upon the El NWI4 & Eta SW'1 Sec. 15.
Township 201 North Range 3 E, in Choteau
County, Montana, with a view to the canceila
cion of said entry: contestant alleging that the
said Judith M. Clarke has failed to break or
cause to be broken five acres of land the first
year and up to the present time failed to comply
with the requirements of the Timber-Culture
law, now therefore, the said parties are hereby
summoned to appear at this Office on the 15th
day of September, 1888, at 10 o'clock a. in., to
respond and furnish testimony concerning -said
alleged failure. Said testimony to be takon be
fore (tee. E. Huy, Notary Public, at Great Falls,
Montana, the 8th day of September. 1886.
13. W. fiLte nosnr, Register.
Not wishing to carry over any summer stock, I
have marked my stock down to prices never be
fore offered in this market; call and examine pri
ces before purchasing elsewhere.
St. Lous Block fi's Blahl1u.
HELENA. Great Fails
New Hardware Store.
Have just opened the finest assortment of
Shelf and Heavy -ardware,
in Great Falls, at prices which defy Competi-tion.
All kinds of tin work done to order Call and get prices.
We have come here to stay, and will open our store in a few days
with a complete stock. This will be the only Store North of Helena
carrying a Full Line of Goods. Look for next week's advertisement,
[No. 35251
Washington, July 1st, 1886.-Whereas by satlo
fact')ry evidence presented to the undersigned,
it has been made to appear that the First
National Iank of Great Falls, in the town of
Great Falls, in the county of Choteau and
territory of Mortana, has complied with all the
provisions of the statutes of the United States,
required to be complied with before an associa
tion shall be authorized to commence the busi
ness of banking.
Now ftherefore, I, William L. Trenholm,
comptroller of the currency, do hereby certify
that the First National Bank of Great Falls. in
the town of Great Falls in the county of
Chotean and territory of Montana, is authoriz
ed to commence the business of banking as pro
vided in section fifty-one-hundrrc and sixty
nine, of the revised statutes of the U .ited States.
In testimony whereof, witness miy hand and
seal of office this let day of .July 1886.
Comptroller of the Currency.
[No. 3525]
Consolidated Notice of Final Entry.
August 14th, 1886.
NOTICE is hereby given that that the follow
ing named settlers have filed notice of their in
tention to make final proof on their respective
claims before Charles L. Spencer, Deputy Clerk
Third Judicial DistrictCourt in and for Chorean
County, Montana, at his office in Fort Benton,
on Saturday, September 28th, 1886, via:
Silas A. Beachley, Administrator of Estate of
Edward Ball, (deceased) who made Pre-emption
D. S. No. 7381. for the S'. SE,i S½ 8W'4 Sec. 4,
Tp. 2W. N. R. 3 East. Witnesses, Robert S. Wil
lian. Delos H. Chowen, George D. Budington
and Ira Hickory. all of Great Falls, Montana.
Robert S. Williams, who made PrP-emption
D. S. No. 7382, for N'4 SW':i, NV- S21 Sec. 4,
Tp. 20, N. R. S3 E. Witnesses-Silas A. Beacrley
Delos H. Chowen. George D. Budington and
Fred. Anderson, all of Great Falls, Montana.
Delos II. Chowen, who made Preemption D. 8.
No. 7577, for th.i.S NE i. 8' NWi Sec. 4. Tp.
'M. N. R. 3 .tsr. Witnesses-.ilas A. Beachley.
Robert S. Williams, George D. Budington and
Ira Hickory, all of Great Falls, Montana.
Attorney for Claimants. Register.
July 22.1886. 5
Notice is hereby given that the following nam
ed settler hasfiled notice of his intention to make
final proof in support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before Chas. Spencer, Pro.
hate Judeg, Choteen county, Montana at Fort
Benton, Mont., on September 4, 1886, viz: Jos iab
Peeper. who made Preemption D. 8., 3016 for the
Lots 1 & 2 and 8% NE See- 2. Tp. 2 N. Range 4:
East. He names the following witness a to
prove his continuous residence upon, and culti
vation of, said land. viz:
William P. Benley, James g. Walker, Albert
T. Hay mnd William Wnamer, all of Great Falls.
g. W. LAienoKxnE Regi.tpr
I National Bank
Of Great Falls, M. T.
CAPITAL, $50,000
A general Banking business transacted. Exchange drawn on the principal points in the United
States and Europe. Prompt attention given collections. Interest paid on Time Deposits.
BANKING HOURS, 9 A. hM., 3 P. M.
D. C. EHRHART, Proprietor.
Pontet & Mathews,
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
1st Ave. South, Great Falls, - - - Montana
Aug. 188. , 1* L a.i OOFFic ATHEItFXA, Moxt., }
NOTICE is hereby given that the following- Aug. 23d, 186. I
named settler has filed notice of his inten- I OTICEishereby given that the foolwing
tions to maike final proof in support of his 'named settler has filed notice of his intention
claim, and said proof will be made before Chas. to make final proof in support of his claim, and
L. Spencer, Probate Judge of Choteau county at that said proof will be made before Register and
Fort Benton, on October 24, -1888 via Joel V. Receiver at Helena, Mont, on October 4th, 1886,
Standley whomnade Preemption D 3 No. 753, for viz: Conrad Geiger. who made Pre-emption D
theSBI NW% N , W 811 Sees.22 Tp20, NB4E. No.5i, for thceSW NW% Sec.%SR,$E 3 1E d
Henames the following witneeses to provehis lets 6&7 Sec. 3,Tp. 19N R2E,.
continuous residence apon, and cultivation of, He names the following witnesses t prov his
said land, viz: continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
John T. Eatnn, William Warner, GeoCrge said lanud, vi:
Armstrong and Win. 0. Hickery, all of Great John Z. Corer Jepther-J.lCnr, r Feliz Duf s
Falls, Montana. and Wilson $ Um.-all o nRiver I,~.t

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