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One c:py I yer, " i de~vaace) ............... V. 09
O eopy i o 'bh ........................... 1.50
One op y 3 moI s......................... .. 1.i)
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i.di»tly in ad ance.
The ahaslak..n of the T'm.mn in Nortiernh
MemoIns is xuarautood to excstd that of a..y pa
per published in the eioritory.
Subscrib:nrA duairinE their address changed
maSt s:,nd A air fo .uar addresu; thid should Ie
Addresx, Tso nrn PuuJJsINGso Co.
Dolegate to Congre.s.s.......JOSEPH K. TOOLE
Council ................... ...T. E. ('OLL S
Iioulee ................... ji..J. .SE F. ?AYl(i:.
A. W. KiN(G -'W1, I
(Clerk :anl Lerd-. ........... A 5. E. R(OGR;S
Tr.aoar. r. ..................'. j(). G. I:.. ' LAY
County Ao,..: ,y ............... 1. -I. MIO!Nt li4 t
Proleate sJ:dr . .............. ). 'W. TAt'rAAN
.Sherif . ......JOH N .................
Assee.or .'I............... ..... . . HAM (I N
e8apt. Pub. -: h., ...... M1i, 't. h'. FINNEiitAN
Public Admlni~ ra:I. ........ . F. ;EA
Coroner ......................?l('HIAEl LYSC'li
SATUEDA.:Y, OCT. 2, 18~i.
A voTE fr Sanders is -avote i.ainst
Great Falls an the Manitoba railroad.
BEFORE Sanders made his speech
here he had three friends; now he has
TIE heirs of Samuel J. Tilden don't
seem to know when they are well off.
It is to be hoped that they will lcst
their own money and the sui+.
THREE thoasand, ead" of cattle have
been condemned to slaughter by the
live stock comnmission in Chicago.
Their disease is i)leuro-pnenmonia.
DELEGATE i.FFOED, of Dakota, has
been re-nominated for congress and
will be elected without doubt, He
and Toole will be togother there for
another term.
-I--- --~-
Ex-SENX.ArM McDonald is talked of
for the Antrian, mission. "Old Sad
dle Bags" is :always talked of for
sonmething bat never seems to get
there of late ~-e:ars.
ADn still we have no fire depart
ment in G;reat Falls. Hias all the val
or and patriotism van is,,ed frami our
citizens. If this leth;argy continues
there will be weeping and gnashing
of teeth.
AS:T::1;; good man gone wrong.
Bartholomnew the distinguished roper
in of numerous Hartford suckers has
fled, leaving a $2,000,000 monument
in the shape of debts. Hurry up the
extradition treaty before we lose all
our bankers.
TOOLE is gaining in strength every
day in Northern Montana. Let no
one be deceived in regard to his in
terests. Toole is the man to repre
sent Montana in congress. He is
pledged to work for the development
of this section of the country. He
does not want to go to Washington as
the attorney for any corporation.
PnoF. MoTrsox has been authorized
by the county commissioners of
Meagher county to put up guide-posts
at all the cross-roads in upper Sand
coulee which are included in that
county. This is an excellent idea and
one worthy of emulation by our own
commissioners. There are very few
landmarks along most of the roads
and consequently a traveller is quite
apt to become bewildered in the midst
of the labyrinth of coulees. We hope
rhLt the next board will do something
for Chotean county roads.
FRAiK LESLIE'S Of last week has a
very apt cartoon illustrating the treat
ment of the bloody Geronimo by the
United States. The savage has been
run through all the various tonsorial
ramifications and clothed in purple
and fine linen. He is represented re
clining in a hammock, with a cigar in
his mouth and a bottle of "old rye"
on a table conveniently near. Uncle
Sam is his faithful attendant. Dress
ed up in the style of a French waite.
he stands by Geronimo's side fanning
the old wretch who has murdered it
cold blood so many of Uncle Sam's
white wards who lie in unmarkec
graves on the frontier. Under the
picture is inscribed the legend, "Tirec
of Murder.-A Siesta in Florida."
LAsT Monday evening after young
Mr. Craven had finished his ante Ial
lum "reprint" speech Col. Sanders
took the floor and entertained his
hearers for two hours. While the ad
dress was interesting on aeconat of
the speaker's oratorical powers it was
a great disappointment to the republic
ans. His plea was based almost en
tirely upon national issucs. NeverI
had a candidate for popular favor a
grander opportunitýy to put himself
on record and win votes than did Col.
Sanders last Monday evening. Never
was there a more complete failure to
grasp the situation. After listening
attentively for an hour and forty -seven
minutes to his discussion of the issues
between the national ipari -, every
one waited w.ih carnest, solicitation
for the grand climax wh-n ihe old
war horse would ste) out flat-footed
and declare himself for N;,rtlern Mcn
tans and its: great railroad interests.
Then was his supreme m.Ipment to havey
placed hi ealt in a position, to at
least claim some of the votes of Great
Falls. But he did not dare, in the
face of his well hknown alliance with
the X. P. to dwell upon the ail-absorb
ing topic of interest to us. Hitherto
we had been inclined to the belief that
his insulting reference to J. J. Hill,
our great patron, at the recent mem
orable banquet in Helena. was the re
suit of an ill-advis:ed attempt at face
tiousness. But now we can see that
it was a uremeditated, deliberate at
te'mpt to belittle the great railroad
magnate. Not once during Col. San
ders' speech here the other evening
did he rcfer to the Manitoba i. 1'.,
nor to IJr. Hi!l. It seems strange
that a person as anxious for offce as
Sanders is, cannot smother his vindic
tive spirit even during the campaign.
It only goes further to show that if
by any misfortune, he should happen
to be sent to Washington he would
take that opportunity to favor his par
ticular friends and pay oil all his old
grcdg es against those rwho have at
any time been conscientiously opposed
to him. or who have ever been in com
petition with his great cpoporation
Of course Sanders had to make a
few spiteful flings at the TRIBUNE be
cause it happens to be advocating
Toole's election. We are in favor of
the latter first, last and all the time
because we conscientiously believe
that he can do more for the interests
of Great Falls and Northern , ontana,
than. anyone else.
The TRIBU. E dislikes to engage in
any personal flings and has carefully
endeavored to do justice to friends
and foes alike. But any candidate
who believes that when he smites us
on the one cheek, we will turn to him
the other also, is sadly off on his rec
Sanders sarcastically referred to the
TmIBUSE as "Gov. Houser's paper."
None of those connected with the
TRIBUNE are acquainted with Mr.
Houser. He does not own a dollar of
stock in this paper, has never paid it
a cent and (we are sorry the Gov's ed
ucation is so sadly neglected) is not
even a subscriber to this paper.
A sample of Sander's arguments, is
this one: "I like to see a man stand
firm for his convictions no matter
what opposition he meets. Cleveland
stood by his convictions in vetoing
bills passed by congress. Hence the
theorem: you shouldn't vote for
Another one was about as follows:
Sparks is a crank etc., opposed to the
interests of Montana. Ira Myers is
in favor of Joe Toole, therefore Ira is
not entitled to even a piece of bark,
unless it may be the bark of a prairie
dog, to saw up in his mill. Very few
geniuses could pun in the midst of
such a logical deduction as tat.
Those who have been in the Terri
torial Legislature with Col. Sanders
say that he was always ready to jump
to his feet andspeak on any subject,
r but that he was no earthly good in
committee work. One gentleman said
that he wouldn't put in an hours work
with the committee in a month.
Sees the Republican Mistake.
Out of 22 men- arrested by the :N. P.
Coal company at Timberline, on changes
of intimidation, carrying and flourishing
deadly weapons, etc., all were discharge'
a on the preliminary hearing except four
1 earnan, M[addea, Crissop and Taylor
rs These were held to appear before t h,
grand jury, and it is doubtful whether:
is true bill will be found against any one o
I- them. So much in regard to the intimit
ation business, and the efforts of the N
P. Coal comnpany tob tnancially ruin Gal
!s latin county.-hoze l. n.~i,'.
c- .e regard Col. Sanders' legil and! pro
fess"onal connectiou with tie NoitiherI
P aciic Coal company as the .most serio)l
r drawback to his can.lidacr at tee pL:'sac
a t*ime.- 'znta C(J-ic,.
The foregoing from a staunch re
hr publican paper like the Courier i:
to strong evidence of the disaffectior
wihch exists in the republican ranks
5I aj. Alderson with strict impartialiti
discerns the weakness of Col. Sander,
as candidate for delegate to Congress
n He did all he could to prevent the
nom1ina'ion and now feels that h:
d must stand by the result of the con
vention. But the 2Major candidly ad
nmits that Sanders cannot be electeo
"eaectse of his un:avory connaectio
with the unjust N. P. Coal company
at As agent, attorney and confidentia
t, adviser of that corx)ration Col. Sanu
d ers is responsible for the Timberlin(
troubles. There are few cases o:
to greater tyranny than that exerciseL
at by the powerful N. P. Coal compa.n3
over the poor, defenseless laborer:
_whom its officers thought they ha,
under their heels.
Te THE enthusiasm of Northern Mon
aL tana people for Toole is simply tun
- bounded. Saturday evening a grant
°`x gathering of the clans will take pllact
in honor of Collins, Tattan and Buck
g It will be a praise :meeting worth at
is Co:-: :, ss::iat Abram S. Hewitt de
c- clines to go back io congress. His
n absence will create a great vaconcy
if in his party's forces.
Struck i Rock.
Gria'r2., Mont., Selt. 27tta.-A half milh
r- below here the steamer Bachelor struck r
Id rock on the evening of the 25th which
at broke six holes tlrosgh her bottom unde
ad the starboard boilerbeam, but she got o,
, a bar before thit water got over the tim
1 hers. Carpenters ire busy building
m hbolkhead and ;t is thought she will lImov
up very soon. No freight nw.s damaged
Drmocratic Selectipns in Deer Lodge
I)ET·:n Lonni:R. Sepi. 23rd.-The county
slemocr'atic: central d mmitto met here to
day and placed A. G. Wilhelm of Pioneer
on the ticket for county commissioner.
(. W. Carleton declined the nomination
for public administrator and G. II. Hanna
ford was nominated h his stead. Out of
rourteen members of~the central coummit
tee eleven were prei'nt.
- -4---- ---
Lost an Arm.
Boz..r:N, Sept. 23rd.-George Osborn
while lnuling grail cone mile from Boze
man fr:om the thresler, to-day, fell from
the w:':on. The temm becoming frighten
erd, r:man over his right arm, causing a com
pound fracture.- [1# was removed to the
county hospital andlhe limb amputated
below the sloulder.J He has no friends
in this vicinity.
Granville Stu irn the Field.
Li.~o,-Irowx, Mcm , Sept. 20.-The-dem
ocratic central ca mittee of Fergus
county met here to-Jay and elected David
Hilger chairman., s the democratic cen
tral committee of eagher county with
drew one of their n uinees for represent
ative to the legislate in favor of a Fer
gus county man, he Hon. Granville
Stuart was nomi ed instead and his
name will be pl ed on the Meagher
county ticket. N. andidates were plac
ed in the field for omnty attorney or for
county surveyor.
The Canadian T ber Depredations.
For some time t Canadian lumber
men, it is alleged, yve,made a business
of systematically rying timber from
the United States t he Northwest Terri
tory. The St. Mar lake district, south
of the forty-ninth allel in Montana, has
most suffered fro these depredations.
Millions of feet of he choicest lumber
has been cut and fi ted down Belly river
to Lethbridge, w re it is sawed up.
Over four hundre borers were engaged
in this work all aI inter and men are
being engaged f similar work this
A House Divi d against Itself.
BUTTE, Sept. .--Early in August
Thomas Moore fe ully-beat his wife at
a Butte lodging . use, was fined $100
and was jailed est 19th. He broke
jail and escaped a was'not seen till to
day, when he ret to finish killing
his wife, first ertaken in August.
The wife liveson izona street. To-day
he walked in and n clubbing his wife.
Dr. Goodwin, ne door, heard the up
roar, went in and arated them, the man
cursing and howl , the woman scream.
ing, children join in the rumpus The
doctor found bot Ife and husband covy
ered with cuts, b and blood, and a
little boy six ye ld with leg broken in
the melee. Ma Jolly arrived and
took Moore to a in. Mrs. Moore Li
A few days ago I overheard a man who
pretends to be something of a politician
state publicly that if he had an opportuni
ty to take money from the coffers of Un
cle Sam without being detected, he
would n't hesitate a moment. He said
that was n't stealing, because whatever be
- long to tlhe government was public and
subject to l:e plundlred by the shrewdest
man that gt insidie lir- ring. I would not
trust that men with any business of mine.
lie would be pretty apt to carry Socialistic
ide.1s into all his dealings with his fellow
men. With such inen as that avowed thief
in of.ice, our govermnent would soon be
reduced to anarchy.
The same flag iloats over the just and un
just alike in this country. The beautiful
one which fair hands made for the cele
bration of our Glorious Fourth, waved a
welcome to J. K. Toole and Wilbur F.
S::nders from the balcony of the Park ho
I remember once of reai:.ng about an
invention something after the phonograph,
by means of which speeches could be bot
tied and and served up not only with the same
words, but with the exact tone of voice,
and inflections as originally delivered. I
think that young Mr. Craven must have
gone to his side-board in the dark and un
corked the wrong bottle. The one he tap
ped for the other evening was marked
"Speech delivered by a bIackwoods iel)ub
lican in 1Pi60." Some bottled goods im
prove with age but this was a back numn
her which tasted rather stale.
I am pleased to learn the extremely f'a
voralb!e comnuments which all guests of the
Park make concerning their entertainment.
I have yet to hear a complaint. There is
- not a better hotel in Montana. Its table is
i.adoned with all the delicacies which this
market affords. It is no small undertak
ing to eater satisfactorily for a hotel so far
removed from a railroad.
I amn daily in receipt of letters of inqui
ry about Great Falls. It is wo'od ~efultc what
a world-wide reputation this town is win
(out.-flting point lfr sportsmen in the :west.
Alreadv hunting and fishing I:rties ar"
scouring, the country and drn the
stre:-n- fir ''one and fish. 'h;y all re
turn <i :ied with their recreation and vo'
th::. th v will come every s:eason here: -
I took a drive down to the Sulphur
springs on the other side of the river, a
few days .e'o and found a, regular sulphur
Sr:mich a short di:jstance this side of the well
known springs. For about a quarter of a
mile along the river, water strolngly im
iupr'gnated with sulphur oozes out of the
high rocky bank. One can tap a sulphur
vein with a pen-knife almost anywhere
aliong there. While climbing about the
rocks we r:n into a large cave formed by
the over-hanging ledge and almost clos
ed in front by the sediment thrown up by
the rushing river in times of high water.
This must be the place where the gallant
young Indian lover carried away the dusky
maiden to whom lie was clandestinely be
trothed. The legend recites that owing to
tribal hostilities the alliance was stren
uously opposed by the patriarchs.
I But love laughs at patriarchs as well as
at prison walls. The young warrior knew
of this "mystic cave" which was not dis
closed to the other noble reds. The water
of the river flowed along past what was ap
parently a solid wall. But the lover had
r accidently discovered that the floor of this
- cavern was above the level of the water.
So he takes his willing bride in a canoe
and when he arrives at the point where he
knows the cave to be, he grasps bride,
dives into the water and swims under into
the cave where he made his happy abiding
place for many moons. This of course
took place when the water was high.
The Young Men's Democratic Club.
r One of the patent influences in the cam
paign is the Young Men's Democratic
1 club of this town. On the 23d inst. an or
e ganization was effected with the following
8 well known officers:
President-Chas. Wegner.
Vice-President--C. P. Thomson.
t Secretary-Geo. W. Taylor.
t Treasurer-W. P. Wren.
o Executive Committee-Messrs. Matkins,
e Clark, Kennedy. Murphy, Largent, Wilde
kopf, Huy, Spurgin, Ringwald and Phil
t. This is supplemented with an outside
committee consisting of Messrs Blanken
a. baker, Wilson and Ain.
The club makes its headquarters at the
a brick building recently occupied by Spitz
ley & Ringwald, the use of the same be
r- eing kindly donated by Mr. Paris Gibson.
a Last Saturdaiy evening the club met and
Slaid out their plan of action. A constita
is tion and by-laws for the govermnet of
the association were framed and adopted.
There are already about fifty members ant
nearly as many more have signified their
desire to join. Excellent work may beex
pected from the energetic members of this
club, who propose to do all in their power
to elect the ticket which will most benefit
Northern Montana. Money has freely
been contributed by the enthusiastic mem
bers of the club to defray all necessary ex
penses. Let the good work go on.
A Rattling Crop.
A. Hello, L. what kind of a crop did
you get this year?
B. Oh! I got a r.=ttlis,g old crop.
A. Is that so, and this dry season too?
B. You bet, it was a stin gvr, enough to
make a bonanza farmer's eves stick out.
A. What dil it go to the acre?
B. About 3i7.
A. What voi g.ivin;r us?
B. Fact, I killed over three hundred in
one day right in front of my shack. If
you don't believe it come along and I'll
show you the rattles.
A. \Nuf sed; you'd better come and
taklea couple of gallons of somethin' be
fore you retire to that cheerful retreat of
The Paris exhibition guarantee fund has
been fully subscribed.
Gladstone will receive an Irish depu
tation at Hawarden, Oct. 4th.
The conscience fund in the national
treasury aggregates nearly $250,005.
A great international cooKery exhibi
tion will be held at Leipsic in January.
There is a society in California whichl
insures its members against horse thieves
Forty-two new chemical elements have
been discovered in the past ten years.
Specialists claim that alumnium will
eventually supersede iron in usefulness.
Immense beds of oysters are said to
have been found off the coast of North
The old firm of Raveena, at Ravigo,
Italy, has failed, with liabilities of £100,
Out of thirty-two state senators elected
recently in Vernuout only two are lawyers.
Several houses-have been built in New
York that are univ rifteen feet wide.
The production of quicksilver in (Cali
fornia has dropped to the lowest point
known for imany years.
BaI:ns :andl other buildings in Ohio were
destroyed by lightning during a storm:
last week.
The mo-it wonderful copper mines in.
the world have recently been discovered.
near Sudbuury .function, Ont.
Jehn Xairney was sentenced at Belfast
to (one ye'ar's imprisonment at bward labor
for rioing and asting and assaulting tihe police.
A fashionable lady at Saratoga is said
to have spent $300 for doctors' hils for
attend,:tnce on her pet dog, which was re
cently taken sick.
The Democratic state ticket in Missouri
is made up entirely of ex-rebel soldiers,
while the Republican ticket is composed
of ex-federals.
A lNexican in the city of Aguas Calien
tes, Mex.. is said to have pawned one of
his children for $1 in order to obtain
money to buy pu!que.
France has restored to King Norodon
the entire administration of affairs in Cam
bodia, except the control of the opium
monopoly and customs.
Charles A. W. Herrman of New York,
importer and dealer in chemicals and
drugs, made an assignment yesterday.
The liabilities are over $115,000.
The continued depression in the Ger--,
man iron trade, especially in rails, is said
to be due to English competition, and the
outlook is extremely gloomy.
A German has invented an incandescent
lamp that does not require a vacuum.
The lighting part is a mixture of con
ducting and non-conducting elements.
At the national museum suitable cases
are being prepared for the exhibition of
the great relics presented to the govern
ment by Mr. Vanderbilt and Mrs. Grant.
and entrusted to the museum by act of
Democratic Rally
Saturday vening, Oct. 2,86
Young Men's Democartie ChlIb

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