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HIL, II I 1 rh
#'. it. il fl .+. 1 ;'la', err. rt '(N
Al)VE11'fLINU _! A'I'>; 1~L i'NF-AU11:1 ON A I'
Pi IA'_f'ION.
On, c( -,I l, Ii al a'e ........ .. Cnec P 1.. ..............................~ :
Spllilna l.a ............................ I31
Tnhe (a Iiei.ien of rate Tiuav NE in Northlern
den' III IS dthat taiiy pa
pier paubYli:=i~iit t; .''' lrritoin
SaYseribrdri 1 irini ti. i jr raid ass cli inied
nnrt i 'i ,n l s;t l:tfor... .d : hids ; i l atlld be
riiieinier d
4ddretis , .1 ie..,.: P 1 TN l o.
SXTUI[ID45 Y .: RCII 12. 18i87.
brj'htren are (c~rdia~ll et.
if. I 11 4E . .
W. S. WETZEL. : ".
T1lt: Jntersttate eotalllsrco bIill s'eem, ti
be a coimlleta pIvnr;I0 Ii) the railon 1 l men
and lawyers.. Perpiexities ar0' daily - *Ls
ngI IJI eet d t'- it. arid \t", 311:1 dIubtlnletl
see thast let taO; Ti( ii ;t eI iva-v~ise.
iner r' inrt loiii- V`rfrrs ' <ln:Illo atll.
inore piliiii~l mor coip it~ more al{i iLC:l`ls inrOW.tf h
fond more ,toes were in_;(`(' than ev er iA
1115$o S~il .. 1a? +11 1.s tlOlls intro
been tonsilh rel. Fiv ..t;u a1 j ~l~o
tevere unit ii , anti) vet Tittle IC. Zi 1 atlonl for I
thee nefl+it o.teconr attlr wa oi -
Iposd of.
OiT~il, P,*, 11is. h'l0d 1pri rlL atte toi
is fully cOltl;itC off taki' care of (treat
aills and our o0110 intclists. 1'i") t ct
too fly M~r. J-ri cm ou ''% 1 w'i lie hI a ci
whIeni Fort llcotoL ji 1. ·n I
nlow-a hall1 r"iC poi, .
"'T OE ':'n o Ph IC '' It isth ratler
bold title 11
ed 111Lonli 1), 1oil haut`i
the fac _ of Tu'''-, TI:t SilO! Ii? 'at
the hoad o 0hi porn-'*" 111 al.`
with oclt$OC'tl1 n(l ( ' iv; eii to (,0" n.m
makes the S' Tok ) L-I' :i .. I
PE:RHAPS b:'ore W .o ') t -ss ITervy I
WVard lescher :,ill h:. e t his -
,ward. In his n ,,ati, ti' , county wil loe
the greatest a' nmost po, :e .ive pulpit
orator which the present century has seen.
No man rontue:mprne oIs with bhin cc
cupvs such an e:m!ted place inthe estcc-u
of America.
.A TELE(:.IA line we wlant and must have
Our town has frequently sufferr:a from
want of telegraphic comiununication with
the rest of the country. ireat Falls has
already in her mnidst, men of active mind
and ready capi'ta'. They need tolegrams:
they desire inet:u" t c ('amnnicti:on with
their business partn.r,. S:tring t:: a ]ins
from the old !Lnton r~:!, it wi!! pay.
THE 49th ~ O of cnreas h.le com -
pleted its work. As a !egSn ative budy it
"has not done muc:ih for the beneit of the
people. President C leveand a veted
the pension bills, has by his recommnend l
tions so restrictel the ha:rb'r an' river
bills that they are practic:'l!y useless.
However. how much we brag of our den- t
ocratic administzation few of the results c
of it have given much satisfaction to the
country at larrge.
to uC;IsurS after a long and arduous ses- 1
sion, has achieved but little. Our sea coast n
and naval defenses hiae been passed over Ii
in a manner which reticets no credit upon n
the representatives of our national con- r
~tituancy. The harbor and river bills seem a
to have been considerod as matters of no *c
account to the people at large. Another t!
session of Congress will be held in De- n
cember, and perhaps during that session i<
some of the immediate wants of the peo
ple may be consiacred.
Tire opposition to the creation of Cas- s,
cade county has been the result of pure tl
jealousy. Anything to prevent the pro- h
gress of Great Falls seems to be the ruling o
idea. We cannot understand why our it
sneighbors should have this feeling when tb
they know beyond any doubt that their is
towns can never be the rivals of Great a
Falls. So rapid will be the growth of the ii
city at the falls, that we expect before a a
year has passed, our neighbors, and Jerry o
Collins especially, will hang their heads
in shame when they remember their fool
ish attempts to retard its progress. He is
dull of comprehension, indeed, who t
knowing something of the powerful com- a
binations that have been made for the de- a
selopment of Great Falls and its rescur- f
.ces cannot see that it will be the foremo~t j
-city of this region.
TIxE Macleotl Gazette has a long article
headed "That Monopoly," and seems to be
in a most uncomfortable condition. Let
the Macleod folks comfort themselves
with the fact that the Manitoba and Mon- 1
tans Central will keep their promises to N
the public. Calgary will, before another (
year rolls over our head, be in communi- s
cation with Great Falls. .Let that suffice t
them for the present. Its not every town c
that can boast (of connection with Great I
Tsar 3-assacihusetta statesman Hoar
has nmet his nmatch. Years ago, and we
have not forgotten it, he played a proni- t
nent part in thei Senate which resulted in
a defeat of a Chinese restriction bill.
rn President Haves, no doubt, though that a t
following of New England's policy was
i'd the correct thing when he vetoed the
(Clshiese restriction bill. I'r. Hoar was
gratified. We have lived into another
era. Mr.1 iar finds that his ungentle
nianly coniduct hs reeie recive reprimand t
at t, handIs and by the voices of Senators
Beck h ad llnc..:burn The ercbuke is well
timed and deserved. Let those old chron
i's from the east learn that mien further
west can attain to sole knowledge of
public affairs, and can publicly expain
what they know.
'T u-E Cicr 1'r.,l: editor, in leading thln
Sthe Benton forlorn hope, has seen fit t,
show extraordinary meanness toward the
Great Pails Townsite Co., as any one can
see who has perused the copies of the i.
r- P. for =ome weeks past. One would natur
d. ally aik, "what has that company done to
, stir" up editor Jerry so badly'?." If we are a
os corre:tly informed he has neither been ill
e- treated'i or abused by the Great Falls Co.
On. the contrary he is said to be consider
ably ai.head tinalcii:ily in conseguence of
tie c:ltis.auce of that compuay. It is the
Sesi nce of meanness doubly distilled, for
SJerry Collins to slur or ridicule the Greai
SFalls Townsite Co., the principle mo1:lu.rn
of which are aabout to ressurrect poor old
Fort Be:iton and breathe lift iinto it, but
o also are, by the building of the _-::h;i
h and Montana Central railroads, about t:
t inaugurate an era of extraordinary gra:::
t anl piroperity in Northern M!1 :tn ',u
Foert Buford to the gates of the nmointai s..
An ordinary sense of gratitude shoid leaiK
the editor to be decenut in his refevene -.
r to the men who are about to lift him an
the HIip Van Winkles of Feot IBatn.. t
' t h e ,i r -oe t .y .
(one b., - €,ntooe ciatize1 tuhet t ).i w,+
few d(Cs dofeate: the (;a.Caice icon!ybiil. i
If tuhis is the c4ae. it is tl'. frstt ?thing the
Iitizen. of B-nton were ever successful in
din' e.cept t keeI) me2n of c-; tal 2'aI
enterpris: out of that ::tiqu::td :it Un:; .
it has hen , c:rdin::O rul` of tI C (on:.J
and tIe .Powers to mIak evl'i:ii!: i
Ch(otea-ca"i 'Oll/t lyd.n tiirvr to them, anlý
stamp the seal of co:1nination t po: i
ev t.r 1athig 0I 1 originated by them, or
'which does not play1 into their pockets
i They learned this style of business in their
dealings with the tndian-, and they k1nw
no other methods. if ::ivone dou( -
let him: ask the average Benton citizen
what makes that town the dullest and
deadiest town in Mont:ana, and he will get
the reply that it is the narrow. pig eared
po!icy of the two ex-Indian trading filmi
of that place. No wonder they oppose the
huilding of a cityat Great Falls and the
deveilopment in northern Montana of the
greatest water power north of Mason and ii
Dixon's line. It is a notorious fact that at
f least one of these firms is bitterly opposed
to the Manitoba road and its far rea.ching
beneficial results for all this section of
the wedt. It is not su.prising that the
citizens of Benton (by which is maont Ba- G
her & (o:., and Power & Bros.) should op- et
pose the formation of any now counties in
northern Montana. .Terry Collins :tates pI
that the creation of Crscad' county had 3
no merit in it, while his brother T. E. Col
lins claims that the measmtre has great t
merit and should have been passed. Jer
ry Collins could not run his paper with
out the support of the Conrad, Power
*combination, while his brother is at liberty '
to be governed by his own good judg
ment. Let the people decide whose opin- .
ion is entitled to the greater weight.
Japanese Journalism. L
Newspaper editors in Japan have to V
send their first proofs of every edition to th
the mikado's minister of state, who draws
his blue pencil through anything that is bi
objectionable. Every paper has a jail ed
itor. He is a dummy. The paper is of- se
ten involved in suits, and when a process I
is sued out the officer enters the sanctum
and takes away with him the dummy ed- tl
itor, who answers all purposes and whose t
absence does not deprive the paper of any
of its working force.-Chicago Tribune.
Railway Seat Spring: be
A new form of railway seat spring has til
been devised in England, andd is highly A
spoken of. The entire seat is carried on tt
a coiled spring of peoaliar form, and is
free to move in all directions, so thatevery s.
jerk mia oscilation that the carcareceive b
is taken up. ' ...
E United States senator-elect George
s- Hearst, of California is going to the senate 1
0 with a sound policy in view. While in
r Chicago on his way to Washington to be
- sworn in in, he is reported as having said
e that lie will be in the senate to effect some
i changes in the currency denomination.
it lie wants gold coin to be issued in tenanom
inations of not less than $20, so that all the
greater monied transactions can ine made
tr with gold. lIe wants silver to be made to
Sfill the mediumn of "small change." Todo t
t:is, lie desires that silver certilicates be
issued in denominations ,f :5 'an 10 -
nu't lower--and ha e silver half .'s to
take the place of the silver doll I'le
silver dollar and the silver certificates, he
s:y.s, are a nuisance, whereas the silver
ha;lf dollar etacs the convenience of all.
t i ('ievelad. he claims, is more of a silver
i.an; tody than he ':;as wheniie firt went
to the capitol.
Heart is a minining man of long and I
t:fI r :ui h expe.rience. A sterliug friend J
of silvi.l :ma of western int'erest's in gen
er::. Iial viewts on: the money qaestion
are i'ractic' al utl he will dou!t!ess be suc
ceo-sful in urging themn to pa sage in con
Colorado's Red Headed Statesman.
"Is there ncything in the constitution
or i lkws of Colorado," said a staicsnan
:r.icetl. "t'- r ,at es the et1ices the represenuttives
of that :state in congress to have red hair?
i knosw that the word Colorado means red
ta::d hi:ve often wondered, when I have
1 "ten n. nes, whether there wasn't some
lisuch roi.iu. At lea.±, the precedent is
resperctd, it is not established in rlw.
I tnd there is another curious thing about
it. Tihe Hdis of Colorado congressmen
eo'p getting redder and reldder. There I
w. (s ('hil:,. I e was a delegate. The
hair ot hiii; ad, before it turned gray and
Ifll out, was sandy. with red lights in it
i:.:t opal. Then came the l.om, Thos.
Sioie'r 'on l atter son, whose caput was atu
:r . and f:,llw ing in his fcotst,'p'- was
ihe urnI, Belford, whete head was the
tt ,'' a Philsdelphia pressed brick . T'hen
if you will t.aie a glance at :ynles, you
ill notice that a ,,arlot goraxniumn would
-i:k dui'll besidie his scalp. His hair is
Is,,at the color ('f a prairie fire. i twonder
, he'' they will find a reddir headed man
i i.::c.ed hth: Thie people . of Colorado
will .ava to kep Symes in or break the
J. o. ._ ru, ..,. I,,-, ''.,.
Easy for Tiem.
A c, rri' r,'eporler, who has been up
;, 'ing, Sir, tells how some of the more
no,,t,ircu:s inni:tes ::re getting along. lFer
ihnu-d Ward is running a little 'steami
i'i:nting pries that prints labils for cigar
and tobacco packages, and notices to be
poted about the prison, liis mind is not
ii hiii work , his keepers say he worries
ll ithe time. _-x-Alderman Jachne is
wrappin. up tobacco packages for con
victs. lre I. is but one companion :u the
r'.e:n with him. Ai.c'r. "c i
ou!:1ilg shirts in the laundry uio;artmneet.
Bui deni eik, the "skin" builder, is too old
and feeble to work. lie spends most of
his time in the hall. Occasionally hetrun
dles a wheelbarrow around the yard and
does a little cleaning, Cowles, the book
keeper of Cl!:fla & Co., who killed a
hrckutan in a Broadway sainon last sum
inmer, is keeping books in the shoe shops.
lrockway, the notorious forger, spends
his time chiefly in the dispensary, where (
he reads alternately works oa comparative
anatomy and theology.
The trotting stock of the late Alden
Goldsmith was recently sold at the Ameri
can horse exchange, New York.
Death has taken from C:alifornia two of
her most distinguished judges, Samuel
Beli MeKee and Chsif Justice Morrison.
Senator George Hearst has transfered
the S.n Francisco E'rxaioeric to his son,
Wiin. !. Ilearst.
Benjamin F. Taylor, a gifted poet and
journalist of Cleveland, Ohio, died within
three hours after having read the last
proof sheet of his latest novel Theophilius
At a meeting called by the mayor of
Liverpool to raise funds for the Queen
Victoria jubilee, only four persons besides
the newspaper reporters were present.
The people of Newfoundland want to
be annexed to the United States.
In Providence, R. I., a petition repre
senting $40,000,000 asks the general as
sembly to repeal the prohibition law.
The treasury department has decided
that a Chinese laborer's wife has no right
to land in the United States.
The bill for the redemption of trade
dollars and the anti-polygamy bill have
become laws. The president did not re
turn them with objections to congress
within ten days, so that without his signa
ture they have materialized.
Mark Twain is said to have $1,000,000
safely invested in such a way that he can't
be taxed a red cent on it, and his wife
can't marry again if he dies and enjoy a
' dollar of it. He isn't funny any more.
He doesn't have to be.
The Crow Indians in Montana have d
e made about $10,000 during the past year
by charging cattlemen for the privilege of n
a driving stock across their reservation.
A statistician declares that, while the e
e annual increase of population is less than el
2 per cent, the annual increase of physi- a
clan:s is more than 51-2 per cent." ti
e Ensign ioward, the young explorer of "
e =a:.ka, has brought back from that deso- P
late territory two tusks of mamnoths,each h
o tusk being sixteen feet long. C
e A tiny silver plated representation of a
champagne bottle has a wick out of the
'' cork, holds alcohol and is cailled a cigar
lighter. o:
e b
SExactly 150 lives have been lost so far
in the con construction of the new Croton is
aqueduct near New York city.
t A prodigious number of chiidren are 31
be'ing christened ictoria or Victor in w
1 E3glani thiu year in memory of the queen's ri
1 jubilee. " t;
A Ghastly Trophy.
One of the most remarkable sights was
described to me some years ago by a Geor
gian. A party were out deer Iunting
when an animal was started that was seen
to lnve a round white object attached to
els horns. It was finally shot, and impal
ed upon one of the points was the skull of
a human being, probably a hunter that
the buck had turned upon and struck so
f violently that its horns had completely
penetrated the skul and tile ghastly trophy
had been worn ever since.--San Fr'ancise
Oscillation of Chimneys.
The extent or degree of the oscillation
of chimneys has been exactly measured
by observation of the shadows cast by the
sun upon the ground. An instance in point
is that of a chimney 113 feet high and 4
feet in'eiameter externally at the top, near
Marseilles, France, the oscilations of
which were observed by the shadow du
ring a high wind to attain a maximum of
twenty inches.-- c ,-. Y0,k Saln.
Real Estate Agency.
.arry Ringwald will make investments for non-residents,
collect rents, pay taxes and negotiate loans for any wishing
to inve t. Bet of references given. Correspondence sol
icited. P. 0. Box, 23
Roal Estto aund
nea r Io . om is on
t.. E1 o .otel,
First-Class in Every Respect.
Centrally Locaied and Good Accommodations.
Mesdames Dickinson & Dupont Proprietors.
N = ear Corner of 1st Ave. S. & 2d St..
Frank Huy has Building Rock
for sale of the very best quality.
Orders left with Judge Hluy will
receive immediate attention.
and Cigars.
S U j Wm. Crooks, Prop.
Sf" Patricl Dance
The Pioneer Club will Give a Grand Ball on the
I 7th, at the
On the Evening of
St. Patrick's Day, March 7, 1887.
Jas. J. Gibbons, E. V. Rubottom, Will J. Kennedy,
J. C. Johnson, J. K. Clark, Chas Wegner.
Joe Herring W. J. Winters, Wm. Roberts.
Tickets, $2 including Supper
Good Music will be in Attendance. All are
Cordially Invited to Attend.

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