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Phil. Gibson has moved his office into
the room occupied by Harris the clothier,
awaiting the completion of Phelps' build
ing, in which he will have elegant apart
ments. tf
Chief Appointed.
E. J. Roberts, civil engineer, formerly
of Billings has been appointed chief en
gineer in the construction of the Manitoba
road from Minot, Dakota, to Great Falls,
A New Road District.
At the last meeting of the county com
missioners, Great Falls road district No.
8, was created, and Joseph Herring ap
pointed supervisor. The lines bounding
the district are: North and west, Mis
souri river; south, county line; east, Belt
creek to its mouth.
Stout Team.
The business announcement of Messrs.
Henry & Randall, law attorneys and bro
kers, will be found on another page of this
issue. As land attorneys they make a
strong team, and by a combination of other
firms, are able to carry a contest to the
highest tribunal at Washington at a mini
mum cost to their clients.
The "Fern."
Col. Wheeler has a letter from Dr.
Davidson, of Twin Bridges, stating that
the machinery for the steamer Fern will
leave St. Paul for Townsend on the 17th.
It will be put in immediately and the
boat will be ready to make its trial trip by
the first of May.--Herldd.
New Market.
P. D. Briggs and Pan Ledgerwood, for
merly partners in the butcher business
here, started Wednesday morning for
Great Falls. Montana. They go to look
over the country and if satisfactory will
locate.-Park Rier (Dak.) Gazedtt.
The gentlemen arrived here last week,
and desires us to state that they will open
a meat, vegetable and produce market in
Huy's building, on Central avenue, about
the 1st of the coming month.
The Saloon Licenses.
The license bill as it was signed by the
governor made the following provisions
as to saloon license:
Saloons not in towns or villages, $100
per annum.
In towns of 300 inhabitants or less,$1S0.
In towns of 1,500 or less, $240.
In towns of 3,500 or less, $320.
In towns of a greater population, $500.
These licenses are payable quarterly in
The law goes into effect on July 1.
Presbyterian Concert and Social.
The ladies of the Presbyterian church
intend to give a combination entertain
ment on Tuesday evening the 29th inst.
The object is to raise the remaining money
required for the-chapel organ now on its
way from the east. Some $770 is yet needed
to clear total cost. From the success of
their last entertainment they have good
reason to expect a large attendance. A
novel addition to the evenings' enjoyment
will be a basket supper, which it is hoped
will conduce to the sociability of all. Full
programme next week.
The Fire Laddies.
A. special meeting of the Pioneer Hlook
and Ladder company was held on last
,londay evening, at which treasurer A. E.
Dickerman reported that since orsanizing
he had received into the treasury :::, of
this $229.G3 had been paid out, leaving a
cash balance on hand of i1...87. On
Tuesday the bell tower was raised by the
boys, the bell for which is on the road via
Helena. The wheels, axles and springs
may come any day. It is the intention of
the firemen to give an entertainment in
the near future. A committee to arrange
- for the performance has been appointed
and will rustle it forward with dispatch.
Another special meeting was held on
Wednesday evening, and further steps
were taken regarding company affairs.
Miles of Material.
A Minot correspondent of the Burling
ton (Dak.) Reporter, says: There is great
activity in each of the various departments
of railroad. Material for the construction
of the line west from here is arriving at
the rate of 75 to 125 carloads per day and
t'is amount will be increased-with con.
tinued good weather. It is estimated that
about thirty-six thousand carloods of ma
terial will be required to build the line
from this point to Great Falls, Montana,
to which place it is the purpose of the
company to lay iron during the present
year. Of course, all of this vast amount of
material will not be unloaded here, but a
great deal of it will be, and all of it will
be checked out through the office of Mr.
Tobby at this place. Mr. G. W. Tobby
has recently been appointed Supt. of Con
struction Material, and for his use very
nice offices have been fitted up at the
western end of the passenger depot, he
also has an assistant. Mr. Tobby comes
from the Canadian Pacific R. R. where he
occupied a similar position to the one he
holds here.
Religious Notes.
Divine service will be held in the school
house tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock;
subject, "How are the Mighty Fallen."
After services the members of the Presby
terian church and congregation will be
requested to remain to transact important
and imperative business.
Sunday school at 2 p. m.; "come and
see." Sabbath evening aervice at 7:30
o'clock; subject, lecture III upon the book
of Daniel "The King's Dream or Mystery
and Revelation."
The increasing attendance upon this
course is most encouraging, and there is
abundant reason why the temporary
church project should receive substantial
support, as with larger population and
finer weather, the present accommodation
will be much too limited.
"Do you know," said a prominent cow
man to me one day this week, "that a
great many cattle are now dying from the
effects of thawing of the fat which sur
round their kidneys, which froze during
the intense cold last winter. I killed
a reasonably fat cow recently, and
found the fat along her back frozen, and
since then have noticed that a number of
fat cattle have died since the warm weath
er set in. You may think I am joshing,
but I am not, it is a fact."
I went up the river with numerous oth
ers last Sunday, to take a look at the ice
gorge which formed near Jimmy East
man's ranch, and extended up the river
for several miles. It was an unpleasant
sight. Upon its bosom were countless rail
road ties and saw logs. The awful power
of an ice gorge can only be appreciated
when it is in motion. Then its power is
manifest. Heavy timbers will be snap
ped in twain, or twisted into fantastic
I met a gentleman who has been a
hanger-on during the session just adjourn
ed. lie was telling me about Todd, one
of the supes of the lower house, who, he
said, would have been fired bodily from
the house had the session lasted ten days
longer, owing to his disagreeable officious
ness. He said Todd swelled around like
a big fat toad, sticking his nose into every
ones business, and not attending to his
Great flocks of wild geese are daily to
be seen flying northward.
The excavation for the Park hotel an
nex foundation is proceeding steadily.
The stage coaches from Helena are now
bringing the mail nearly on time.
Hamilton & Eaton are having an ar
tesian well bored alongside their stable.
Great Falls will soon have a telegraph
office. The arrangements are completed.
The lower ferry boat is hauled up on the
opposite side of the river undergoing re
Cattlemen are looking happy and report
that no such losses as were predicted have
Now that spring has come our citizens
have their doors open and their windows
raised so as to fully enjoy the delicious
Visitors from the east continue to arrive
daily, and are all well pleased with Great
Falls. Many of them will take up their
residence here.
The Pioneer Club held a social dance
on St. Patrick's night at Spitzley & Ring
wald's, which was a most enjoyable affair,
and was well patronized.
W. M. Cairns, general manager of the
telegraph company, returned on Thursday
from his Assinaboine trip. He reports
the roads good and business looking up.
The TRIBUNE is steadily going to the
front, and is much sought after by'persons
in other localities. The subscription list
has incrersed twenty-five sice the first of
the month; nearly half of these have been
added during the past week.
Following is a complete synopsis of the
bills which have passed and were approv
ed by the governor during the whole ses
Kennedy's election law.
Giving the public administrator prefer
ence over other creditors.
Kennedy's printing law, requiring the
publication by the treasurer of all licenses
issued, and also the proceedings of the
commissioners, who are authorized to con
tract with papers to do the same.
Repealing the section which limits cor
porations to 640 acres of land.
Relating to the manner of paying jurors
and witnesses.
Creating the county of Park.
Collins' bill relating to the punishment
of persons bringing stcien property from
another state, territory or country.
Collins' banking bill.
Kennedy's bill providing a territorial
board of arbitration to settle the differ
ences between employers and employes,
the governor appointing R. A. Eddy of
Missoula, W. J. Penrose of Butte, and I.
V. Kirtley of Helena.
Sutherlin's arbor culture bill.
Relating to the adoption of children.
For the relief of Samuel Snyder, asses
sor of Meagher county.
Preventing the making -,f false pitd
grees of stock.
increasing the salaries of territorih.
auditor and treasurer to $2,500 each.
Authorizing the district court to change
the names of persons and places.
Providing who may and who may not
adopt children.
Thompson's revenue law, to take effect
December 1, 1587, making a complete
change in the system of assessment of
property and collection of taxes, and pro
viding for a territorial board of equaliza
tion for the assessment of railroads and to
equalize the assessment on stock, real es
tate, etc.
Authorizing the governor and territorial
superintendent of public instruction to
maintain school for a l:gnger term than
now provided by law: at te*-itorial ex
Prohibiting the sal- of liquor within
two miles of a railro ! under course of
Kennedy's marriage law, rsquiring a
license, that minors obtain the consent of
their parents, and forbidding the marriage
of first cousins.
The militia law.
The municipal incorporation a;:t.
The suppressio:n of diseases among
Giving the inmates of the insane asylum
postal rights, etc.
Requiring the owners of barbed wire
fences to keep them in repair
CAuthorizing the governor t> restore the
rights of citizenship to discharged con
* Authorizing the governor to discharge
any person from the insane asylum who
has recovered reason, said person to re
ceive $20 in cash and a comfortable suit
of clothes.
Modifying section 194, 4th division of
the revised statutes, red.leing the penalty
so as to make conviction possible-this re
lates to the killing of domnestic animals by
persons not owning the .'ne.
Making it a misdemeanor for a person
to wear the badge of a society to which i:e
does not belong.
Apportiouni t, n:,n: : :
so as to g"-:- -h _ni Fer'-gs ,
each, Gallatii two and;.i arii: cn,:'.
Authorizina t e c'n:ty t, 'es
to build jails and lock- -,, in town (,ther
than county seats at an expsn-'e not e~
ceeding 1,(.,O--introduced to provi.de jaili
for the towns of Choteau and (.re:t F lls,
but the law had to be made gene.r:. in its
character to avoid condiict wvith the re
strictive act.
Defining rape and its punishment.
Authorizing the governor to execute
bonds for arms of militia.
Concerninig the rights of married wo
Amending the ghg law and repealing
sections 21 and 22.
Providing a new seal fbr the territory.
Protecting the wages of wage workers
to the amount of $200, making the same a
prior claim over all other claims except
liens filed sixty days before attachment,
assignment or death.
Preventing the branding of cattle in
certain seasons of the year.
Preventing the sale of intoxicants in va
,riety theatres or any place where women
or minor's are empn!oyed or congregate.
ChaI:ing the time for holding terms of
the suprerme court.
Requiring th-n use of safety cages in
Providing comipensatic.. i:' i rgus
county officers.
Regulatin. gambling.
Amending section 31(. article 3, revised
Permitting foreign railroad corporations
to build in the territory and consolidate
their branches under one management.
Concerning trustees of religious corpor
Amending the bounty law by adding a
bounty for prairie dogs and ground squir
Concerning the liens of mechanics and
Thompson's general license law.
Allowing deputy treasurers in counties
with $7,000,000 of assessable property
affects only Silver Bow and Lewis and
Gorhaun's bill concerning roads and
Concerning chattel mortgages.
The new fence law.
Concerning meetings of county com
Concerning the fees of jurors in civil
Preventing rams running at large be
tween August 1st and December 1st.
Armstrong's fee bill.
Amending the probate practice act.
Forbidding the mailing of obscene lit
Authorizing the compilation of the gen
eral laws of the territory.
Concerning the organization of build
ing and loan associations.
Amending the act creating Yellowstone
Rleorganizing and consolidating the
Mont:ina library and appropriating $3,000
for that purpose.
Concerning the representation of quartz
Permitting Lewis and Clarke to issue
additional court house bonds.
Amending the act authorizing county
commissioners to issue bonds to redeem
outstancing indebtedness.
Concerning the publication of sum
Page's local option law, requiring peti
tion of one-third of the veters to call an
Alienation of mining property by cor
Mlakiing cheating a felony.
Amending section 106 and 110, 5th di
vision of the revised statutes.
Providing stenographers for district
Amending the game law.
Concerning the sale of poisonous drugs
and requiring the keeping of records.
Prohibiting diseased animals running
at large on the ranges.
Preventing the poisoning of dogs and
of domestic animals.
Regulating savings banks, trust deposits
and security associations.
Fixing the compensation of sheriffs for
board of prisoners.
mnendinug the act for the better protec
tion of live stock.
Amending section 299, 5th division of
the revised statutes relative to incorpora
Amen,!ig sections 534, and 594, chapter
U?. !h div ision of the revised statutes.
Amrendiin" section 16, first division of
srei.:d statutes.
'ro:ding for keping military stores.
(.,n cernicag pri oners in city jails.
t ,, ý,<rning," registration of voters in in
corpor :ated citie:.
-;;r:lrý.:sg the school law in many par
.,rncingl the law relating to contagious
dis.e::'s amlong cattle.
Amening section 535, chapter 3 1st di
vision revised statutes.
Amending sections 5S7, 589, 590 and 596,
code of civil procedure, concerning emin
ent domain.
Concerning mortgages on both real and
personal property of incorporations-must
be recorded in rvery county where any of
the property exists.
Providing for compiling, and indexing
the general laws in force at the end of this
session and appropriating $2,500 for that
Providing for the payment of stock kill
ed by railroads.
Merchant Tailoring.
I am now showing the finest and nobby
eat line of samples for custom suits in the
territory. Perfect fit guaranteed. Call
and examine samples, prices, etc.
T-e Residence of Jos. Jelica, Entirely
Consumed by Fire, Together
With a Portion of its
Last Tuesday evening about 10 o'clock,
loud cries of "fire! fire! fire!" accompanied
by the sharp report of a revolver; startled
everybody about town and set them to
looking for the cause of the disturbance.
They were not long kept in ignorance, for
in a moment the smothered flames burst
through the roof of the residence of Joseph
Jelica, in the north part of town. By the
time the fire company arrived at the scene,
the entire interior of the main building
was a mass of flames, and past control, and
every effort was directed toward saving
such of the household goods as could be
got at. and confining the flames to the
building. The adjoining house was man
ned by a detachment of the company, and
kept soaked with water. Fortunately there
was no wind, other wise that whole portion
of town would have been jeapordized. As
it was the fire was confined to the build
ing, and it was allowed to complete its de
struction under guard of a platoon of fire
men, who watched it until the following
The origin of the fire is a mystery. Mr.
Jelica informs as that himself and family
were sitting in the kitchen, and becoming
conscious of the presence of smoke, he
opened the door leading into the main
part of the dwelling, when the smoke
rushed out and almost suffocated him. He
immediately closed the door, and gave the
alarm. His loss is entirely covered by in
surance, in Phil. Gibson's agency.
Where was Chief Frame?
The work of the Fire company, was
commendable. The company to a man,
worked like beavers, and although at a
disadvantage, they did more than could
reasonable have been expected of them
under the circumstances. There is no oc
casion for personal mention of any mem
ber of of the company, as every man did
his duty.
Fortunately no accidents occured, al
though Phil. Gibson had a narrow escape
from being buried beneath a falling chim
Ike Manery arrived a short time after
the alarm was given, with his water wagon
with the tank loaded.
To the Public.
Anyone who has ever lived in St. Louis
knows that the firm of Mills & Averill are
recognized as the owners of the most fash
ionable tailoring establishment in the city.
This firm pays three of its cutters ten
thousand dollars a piece each. It is not a
job house, like most of those represented
in this country are. I have samples from
this great house and will take measures
and guarantee as good a fit as canbe given
by any tailor in the United States and
charge less for the goods.
C. P. THoMsoNr.
Central Ave., Great Falls. tf
Extensive Wheat Culture.
The Tonnsite Company of Great Falls
commenced sowing wheat on Monday
last. They expect to seed 200 acres in
different places on the benches and prair
ies. Experiments so far made, show that
our prairies and high lands are capable of
growing large fields of wheat without ir
rigation, and the Townsite Company will
test the question more thoroughly for two
or three years to come.
Real Estate Transfers.
Townsite company to Robert Vaughn,
lot S, block 311-$2,200; lot 5, block 31-
$1,800; lot 5, block 368--$1,800.
Lot 7, block 398, Phelps & Co. to Fair
fax i& Greely-$2,500.
Lots 1 and 2 in block 314, Townsite Co.
to H. E. Randall-- 4,000.
Lot 14, block 449, Townsite Co. to Sailor
West J( of lot 13, block 312 Townsite
Co. to Webster, Dickerman & Co.-$1,000.
All subject to building improvements.
Meat and Vegetable Market.
The Excelsior Meat Co., is the style of a
firm which has opened in Wren's building
on 1st Ave. south a meat and vegetable mar
ket,in which they will keep at all times a,
bountiful supply of meats. During the
season they will also handle green vege
Thos. Moore the man who was wounded
by the explosion on the railroad last week
is doing excellently. His Injuries are
chielly about his head and eyes. He will
not however lose his sight, though he will
probably bear the marks of his injuries
for life.

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