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Barraett May be Hanged - Steet
RHaeirad Frauds n Cbhiego--A
Fight at West Point.
LENA, Jan. 25.--The tenth day of
gislative assenibly was marked by
sessions, thotigh all the business oi
d was disposed of, The council has
more prolific so far on the introduc
of bills, but as every member of the
e has a pet measure, and as the
ers outnumber those of the council,
I1 not be long before the lower house
be in the lead. The council commit
n elections reported that they did
eem it necessary to present any new
sure, as bills have been introduced, or
n preparation, covering the points on
ions now wanting remedy. Among
lls introduced in the councilaere
for amending the criminal pr cticc
ve to separate trials for criminals;
sng sections of the statutes relating
verlising for and making con
Sfor taking care of the aoor;
o regulate the practice of medicine
e house. -
Hunt's gambling bill was referred
e committee on ways and means.
r. Moore gave notice of a registers
r. Haskell's bill concerning license
ordered printed.
joint resolution was introduced
provide a commission for the
Ination of the books
the territorial treasurer and the
r. Brown's bill allowing counties to
itn adcommission to survey and de
:the West-side county lines, was
mmended for passage.
th houses passed the resolution pro=
ngfor the printing of 500 copies of
governor's message in pamphlet
"Kneeking Down" Fars.
HIoAo, Jan. 22.-The officers of the
t side street railroad are investigat
a serious "leakage." One conduator F
rested in the scheme to beat the com- a
confesed and implicated several
rs. One of the men, it seems, dis
ered how to set back the fares regis
d, and managed in the. course of a
r to pay for a house and lot with his
gottengatins. After this had been ac
pli he came to the conclusion
t e could make a good thing by relat
the information among his fellow
ductore. He fixed the price at $25
found many customers, one of whom I
rayed him. Several men have beet
harged and are under surveilance, as
company, expects to prosecute~asome
them. It is claimed the comppaany'
by the -- eelii is upwarvfsa hf
The marretae Deoemed.
IxaeAPOLis, Jan, 25-It is said thou5
ge Diclit·bonlhas completed his de
on in the Barrett boys' case, although I
decision has not yet behn filed. It is I
med that the motions fof a new trial
denied in bothcases, After tb e lii.g
theAecsions, if the motions re denied,
edvefnor will fix a day for the hang
and the efforts for pardons will begin.
Puseglm ast et W eist.
Eiw YOnx, Jan. 22.-The World
a that at West Point on Thursday
ning last, Cadets Langhorne and
rroll fought flive rounds, bare knuck
London prize ring rules, the honors
Ing about evenly divided, both being
etty well disfigured. The affair grew
a dispute concerning the assignment
the colored-cadet, Young, to a seat at
e mess table, presided over by Bar-1
- PawelW' shehme.
A®sHXaemOT, Jan. 25.--Major Powells
ctor of the geological survey, yester- 1
explained to the house committee on
ritories, his plan for the reclamation
arid lands by irrigation. He illustrated
means of a map the locastlonof the
posed raservoir, dams' and coaals in
James river, New Mexico;
The Cousell.
eLEgA, Jan. 2.--Council will ad
rn for the week today.
The 'pmnt oambliln Bill,
Ptsia,Jasq. 25.--Te, T.unt gamb
billpassed the house in committee
e whole yesterday, It exempa faro
round table poker, which games may
Mice.ed and no other.
Attorpey Oeneral Caslaen.
NA, 'Jan. 25.- overnor Leslie
a message to the council 'yesterday
lusting W. I. Collenattorneygeneral
the term eidl.ng the day the present
1,50 ( Ceat Miners stikes
.Ao, Jap. 21,-About 1,800 coal
e~pplhyed by the Spring Valley
mpaayl prlng Valley, Ill held
np.eny eerday and decided to
work"sdli'sbia ais er named Mul
worked la the mines. It seems thdt
'at weeks ago 'the company shut
h twoofi .its iites, tLrowing about
men out'of work, The men in the
shafts which remained in operation
ad to share theirwork withthe men.
very refused to share, his work and
miners applied to tle manager to dls
ge him, but he refused to do so,hence
strike. -_ _ .
A sea of slre
w Yosx, Jan. 2S,-The World says
'serful ,pspany of' capitaliste, s
y orgnauie; with millions of.dollea
nd it, hi( propoasdt to- the. govern
eat - pliatt. . defend the entrance to
a harbor, by. fo ng~t~oleum to the
see of 11*e+ sa Slaaglea-ipas laid,
the bottom for tiat purpose, and igeit
of fire, thrsiieo gla wbi diho~eieney
Imatp ass. The World devotes a
a to a descnription ofthls new mode
ae s.aud astes that an experiment
bb maoe to demonstrate the
ciIty o the plan.
CNcINNATai O.n, a5, dueLi
1 earnest took' plad.es . the stage. of
se Standard theater Monday night, be
seen lRu.ng Dper, asn guQin chief,
ard Opt. Jack Crawford, a scout, The
ahdnwas drunk, ando inrthe et.ll scene
attempted o kill Crawford. It' Was a
Siytd 15 eatilfiaght witl hfree5 Ac
cordiug to the play, Crawford should
have taken thie knife from the redskin,
wiho .s Comanche. He refused to give
it up and made some vicious lunges.
After a desperate struggle the scout got
the upper-hand and pricked thie Indian
two or threatimes in the side with the
threat to kill him if made any further
hostile demonstrations. -After the play
the Indian escaped and the police are
t looking for him, fearing he may do some
[from eiday's Daily.]
Col. Broadwater arrived from Helena
by the afternoon tailn.
There was a hail storm last night, but
today is as fine as summer.
Prof. F. W. Anderson will leave soon
for Washington on government business.
"Great Galls" is how the River Press
spells our name. Did you mean it,
Judge Dyas' court records are m'odels
of neatnessand good order. So is his
court room.
r Mrs. Dr. Orutcher and children return
ed from St. Louis today, where they have
been on a visit.
Dan Samples gave a party in compli
ment to Frank Coombs and wife when
they were in Benton.
Letters have been received from Dr.
l Judson C. Brown. The people are be
coming tired of Brown.
J. E. Kenkle leaves today for Chicago,
Boston and New York city, on a business
and pleasure trip. Mr. Kenkal is not sup
posed to-return alone.
The genial face of A. F. Schmitz is
once more seen among us. Mr. Schmitz
has been down to Kanass City and Fort
s Leavenworth on a six weeks' trip, and
returned today.
Mr. Rubottom leaves today for Kansas
City "and Indianapolis, to visit his old
home. He will be away two months.
During his absence E. Wright will attend
to his business.
C. H. Welch of Columbus, Ohio, arriv
ed from the east today to examine the
steam drills at Sand Coulee, which, for
some reason, are not working satisfactor
Ily. He left for SBnd Coulee today.
J. H. Brown, who was passing through
the city on his way to California, became
so impressed with the climate of this
r part of Montaha that he has concluded to
spend the winter here, instead of going
to the Golden state.
Mr. Siefred of Belt creek, is in town.
He says that the miners in the Snow
creek district are hardi at work and are
well pleased with the outlook. The
mines there produce gold, silver and
lead. Some of the ore has assayed 10
per cent in lead, 521 ounces of silver and
20 ouhces of gold to the ton.
Mr. Vaughn is amused at the misre o
ports about the sale of his property. It is
welltknown thathe Sun river ranch has.
about 10 miles of ditching, which forms c
a perfect system of Irrigation in case
such is needed in dry years. Mr. f
Vaughn likewise says that Deep creek
rane through the other wanch. In this
pat of the country, the lower part of
Srith river has always gone by the name
of Deep creek. Sich misreports do not
take 'from the importance of the sale.
The good location of the ranches and the
high value of the stock and horses are
well known here.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan are now in New
York, and will be away about a month. I
Mr. Nathan intenids to buy a large, vri-' I
ed stock for, the summer trade. lince t
he opened4 ist nw store his businaesshas
increased considerably, Ile has an able,
,popular representative in Mr, Kaufman, t
who is untiring in pleasing customers I
whether they purchase on a large or
small scale. During the coa.lng season
Mr. Nathan will add the secon foiber to a
his business establishment in order to
accommodate his growing trade. This
will be the first clothing store in Great
Falls to occupy two floors. Mr. Nathan
is resolved to keep a good assortment of
fine goods as well ra those for general
use. Henaeforth c o ne eed go to
Chicago for superior clothing, shirts, ties i
or gloves.
What might have been a very serious I
accident occurred on the Sand Coulee t
branch of the Montana Central railway
on Wednesday afternoon. A train of
fourteen heavily loaded coal care was
running atthe spt of about 12 miles an
hour qlad at a sharp clurve wo poiles and 1
a half this side of Sand Conlee the lails
were spread so by the soft weather that
the engine was ditohed and three cars
conmpletelydemolished, Happily o oneI
was Injured, although the fireman bad a
very narrow escape. When the engine
Jumped the track tlie next car struc the
tender deflecting it to the rciht, the fol.
lowing car struck the corner of the first I
one sTd lepw to the left of the engine, I
while the 't|ird par pried up on them
both and nearly over on the npgine. The
fireman was seen by an eyeWltpes. to
be standing under the falling car and tha
spectator closed his eyes expecting the
next moment to see his mangled re
mains, but lol when he opened them the
stoker was some 20. feet sway saoe and
sound, How he got there, he says eb
dae not know. had the trai been
bi.inlg a ahigh rate of speed nothing
'could-lave saved the lives of those on the
engine, -The tractisqe beets-pelsaled usol
outside of. the damage to the cars so
other lose was sustained. The roadbed
at this particularpoint has been put in
such a cadition that a like accident is 1
not litbleio oenir gain.
Last evsisfngp r sod Mrls ewkias enI'
tertalned a`ltrge'party' at thelir spacious
new home on, oFgrth'venue.Worth. Pro
gressive echure was the order of the
evening and 14 tables were -0llled. The
prizes were taken as follows; Ladies'
head prize, Mrs Powers; gentlemen's
head prisze; Mr L I Harris; ladies pro.
gresoive prize,Miss Witosy ; gentlemen's
rogrees.e 1prpie, Mr Br id.a boobyprize,
Miss Rich; booby prize, Mr McClelland
The inclemency of the weather did not
interfere with the success of the party, as
the house was well filled. The prizes
were very pretty and appmoprlate. Mrs
Hawkifns assisted by her daughter, Miss
May mmade the-aflair very pleasant, Ate
'lat>hbe r the company dispersed, all have
lag hadan ealnoyable time; Those pros
ent were Jtd gean s Mrs. ..aY Pr and
Mrs Ladd, Mr and Mrs Martin, Mr oi
Mrp Hooker Mr ad- Ife Webstef,4t
and Mrs MacClelland, Mr and Mrs Beck=
on, Mr and Mrs Trigg, Mr and Mrs Pow.
, Mrand Mrs Bush, Mr and Mrs Chas
Taylorl Mr and Mrs Coombs, Mr and
Mrs t, Mr and ' Mrs Randall, Mrs
Harris. Misses Mcaurk, Rich, Trigg,
Whitney,Ewmg, Hawkins, White, Lud
i, PWhterry and Gertae Macrtin, Mesors
Dickerman, Webster, Atkinso.n, Wilcox,
McKnight, Kelly, Woolston and Harris of
Helena, Brady, D Huey Tod, Power,
Emmet Hawkins, Powers, Calvert, Verge,
Gso Stanton aend Skinner.
A Sad Story.
The child coughed, The mother ran.
No remedy was near.' Before morning
the poor little sufferer was dead..Moral:
Always keep Dr. Acker's English Rem
edy at hand. Bold by Lapeyre Broo.
Utah's Claims are Also to be Heard
-Dakota anad Washington Ter
ritory Propose Amendments
to the Omnibus mill.
WAsnINoTro, Jan. 24.-The house
committee on territorie* meet today to
determine whether or not action will be
taken at this session of congress on the
bill for the admission of Utah. The sen
ate committee on territories is also called
for today for the purpose of considering
the omnibus bill recently' passed by the
house for the admission of South Dakota
and Montana and the organization of the
territory of North Dakota: The commit
tee will also hear statements from Dakota
and Washington territories in regard to
amendments, they desire to add to the
Trespass by Stock in Grasing.
FonR Donao, Iowa, Jan. 25-The su
preme court of Iowa has just rendered an
important decision disposing of the ques
tion whether owners of unoccupied lands
can recover damages for trespass by stock
in grazing. The decision is thatdamages
can be recovered. For years thousands
of acres of prairie lands in northwestern
Iowa, owned by eastern capitalists and
corporations, have been depended upon
by stock raisers for free forage, resulting
in numerous snug fortunes for stock
The Dead Lock Broken.
CRAaLESTON, W. Va., Jan. 25-The
dead lock in the senate was broken by
electing B. S. Carrgunion labor, senator
from this city, president of the senate.
He received 16 votes, nine of which were
democrats, Who claimed it was their vic
tory. The balance of the organization
will take place tomorrow. The ballot on
which Carr was elected was the 126th.
lVhe dead lock lasted since the 9th in
Sough on Wolves.
HELENA, Jan. 25.-After roll call and
prayer Mr. Garrett presented recently in i
the louse a petition from stockmen of
northern Montana praying for the enact
ment of a law providing a bounty for the
destruction of certain wild animals. The
petition recites that wild animals in the
northern part of the territory are numer
onu and very destructive to the property
of ranchers and stock growers. It there
for prays that a law be enacted providing
bounties in the following amounts for the I
following animals; $2 for wolves, $1 for
coyotes, $2 for mountain lion, $5 for
bear, $1 per head for lynx, $1 perhead
for wild cats, said bounty to be paid by
territory; also to provide for a proper
law for the detection and punibhment of
all frdud or attempted fraud against said
bounty law.
S r,, Gare~t' s Report. ]
HELENA, Jan, 25.-Mr. Garrett from
the obmmittee on towns, counties and
highways, has reptrted that section of the
governor's message relating to timbeor
flsha id game. Tile report recommends
the stringent enforcement of the laws
against the careless setting out of fire,
the chief cause of forest destruction, and
find a Usoure of ceugratplation" that
another cause of dest.rction of forests,
the use of wood for fuel, will soon be in (
a great degree removed by the discovery
of apparently inexhaustible beds of
TIpperary Arused.
DunLor, Jan. 24--The trial of Wm.
O'Brien on the charge of conspiracy be- 1
gag tday .t Cag"rick--pp-Slir, inF ponty I
Tipperary, Thie g.ver.mnent had tssued~
a proclamation forbiddingany demonstra
tion welcoming O'Brien, but despite this
action, 200,000 persons gathered around
the court house. Six hundred policemen I
charged the crowd, using their battons
freely, but were unable to disperse the
gathering, As O'Q1rien entered the court I
hoaus, he was greeted with vociferous
cheers, W .ile O'Brien Wsastriving to
pass through the crowd to enter the court
house, he was seized by the police in
spector. The people, madgenedby this
pressed forward to rescue him. The po
lice, however, repulsed the crowd. .Tim;
othy Healy, who stepped forward to aid I
O'Brien, was methy a bayonet leveled at
ahis breast, A nusmber of reporters were
olale~tp.ti. O'Brien complained to the
udge that the pollpe Ws# atteopting to
incite a bloody riot.
A Heavy.Defaulter.
INpa #orms, Jan. 25.-J. M. Moore, of S
IuPianapoll agent or thg Conneticut I
Mutual Life Associstiopto is defqlllter
to the amount of $500,000.
4 l)gi Hentpg Dfpal,
BHutr, Jan, 24.-A mining deal has
been perfected in the"last few days which
will bring another large copper producer I
into activity. John R. Toole, acting for a
New Yosrk:lai4lcte 1100 bgpbht up the
Bonner, Clipper, tolumbia, Cecill Clip
per Fraction and Ben Lomond claims.
The consideration was $100,000. The
.mines are located in Silver Bow county,
about 10 miles from Butte, and are. none
of them largely developed. The Bonner
and Clipper, however, havet shafts about
.9 feet deep.
The Banama Sepp, I
PAnxAA, Jan. 24.-The government
has taken the necessary precautions to I
prevent any disturbance taking place ]
with paa afjfairs, H. B. M. S. "Lilly,"
has arrive! 4t thle coony1 pp will short.
ly be joined by the .6rowa.,." a( apth- I
aginlo, The !!'cani.," which arrived
some t0e ago, wasojned j the day of
Panama by the. 'wltftasre" and
Two-thirds of all deaths in New York 1
City are from consumption or pneumonia,
The same proportion holds for most I
othey cities. Delays are dangerous.' Dr.
Acker' aBnaglisb h medy fpi Coousumption
will always relieve, and. mt.y save your life.
For sale by'Lapeyre Bros,, '
SHILOH'S V1TILIZER is what you'
need for Coiumptiono, Los of Appetite,
and all symtoms of Dyspeplsia. Price 10
and 75 ceite per bottle. Lapeyre Bros.
quickly cured by Shiloh's cure we guar
antee it. LOpeyre Bros.
Delinquent Tax List.
To all persons, companies or sorporations.
who have or claim any estate, rightor title, or
interest in, or claim tno or lion upon any of the
several tieces or parcels of land in the.liast here
to attached, ake notiee that I wr11, according to
law, offer at public sale t the ooe of the tress
urer of the county of Cascade and
the territory of Montana, ou the 11th
day t of February, 18899, taid esaueeding
days, at tha haour t9 a.a nId day, tOs o
looing desaribed real estatees, ituate ih said
county, on which the taxas for the year 1888 have
not been paid to pay said t4aes, interest and
penalties, to.wit:
Anderson, Joe Ot Falls,persoual.......... 9p09
Armingtone J T, Cora. personal............ 58 45
Adams. Chas, Trly 84 NW00 B'O NEO sen
. tp 17,11. an pesoanl ............ 14 18
Bailey & SBherman, It Falls personal...... 1080
Bak, D W, Helena,lots l. , and4.blk 8
Bun River ................... ......... 7
Backwald, John, Belt, personal............ 7 4
Boston, F M Chestnut, personal............ 8 98
Byerdopf Chas, Gt Fals, personal........ 8 08
Brown. Walter, Gt Fallspersonal . 9 2
Bull, EW Cascade, NBO ,0'< SW SEO seta
Brunsawickl. Balks Callendero Co, Allen A
Co agt, dt Fals, personal............... 2040
18t R1 E s 8l WWE 8W1 sc 9,tp 18,
iT . and peroal ....................... 4070
Burbank, A A, Traly, imp on pub land
and personal ........................... 2089
Boston. Wv J, Ttruly, Ey NE" I NE0 SEO
NW SBY, seol,, tp 17, R 2 E, and per- 0
sonal .. . .. .. ...... . . ......... 28.18
Burch,J L.Chestnut, personal............. 88
Buorges, JpulestUtimp ab land and
personal N . R.C....ra..pe.. l m ..................... 1 54
Brown, N Ora, personal .............. 11 68
Battler, 8 PJ (orham, WOO S8E .E80 8E
senea , tp 17, B 1 and personal......... 1i S
Bllp, C orhanm. imp pub land and
personal. .. ...................... 10 79
Bundy & Headerbaiter, Klbby, imp pub
landand p.rsosala . .................... 45 BO
Barnum, A C, t Falls, imp pub ladand nd
prsonal................................ 4 57
Bauer F F., t Falls, personal ............ 8 91
Bain. Wn, Cora. imp pab land and per
soual. .................................. 1 83
Balker I sll & Co,Ft Benton, asnal... 4 80
Blackbarn CA Truly, E BOs 0s, to 1,4p
8,t RW W SWO, so 1utpt1,2 W.l1, 00
Benson & iouttnsr, Gt Falls, personal...... 12 72
Coyle, Joea Ut Falls, 7 int lots 1 and 2, sea
7, 8, ................. . 1792
Collett, Abraham. Taly. NWX [qEY and
NEO NW0 she 1. tp 0, It Ean per... t2 82
Crooksh, Wam. Gst Fa, personal............ 8 40
Casey Lester, '" ............ 158
Carter, Thet H, Helena loats 8,4l 81,
28 and 29 blk 7. lot 17 blk 2lot21, blkr 2
lot 9, blk 2, all in teel's add to San
Hier................ .. 180
Creap, WT,Coio,,BW14 BE~aaa 84 BW i
9Eys ý S. as 2d atp'18, 7 E and2 r. 2124
C2X 1 2E 82 8a 2 828atp~l
Csmpoell., s.·Kl e ,personal........... 656
Carlisle. aJa, 1ay imp on pub lands and
pa aa 2 12~" emna1..... 812
personal ...........r ...................... 925
Carroll, Mat, Helena, lotal29, 80, 81, 22, blk
28, Baa River. ................ 22
Coope OG Chateau, t 9blk 11 ,Sn River 18 72
Cate W K, bheat2ut, NW2 ae 28, tp 17, R
1 W andpeal aaa.....:.................. 24 11
Campbellm ' Frank Cas ad persoaala........ 7 27
Doapaga, tisE, BresjatFl~a lot 1a21,blk1924, 884
Da0 dsaa,. D. Twia Bridge, steamar
"Fen,' pernal ..................... 25 20
Davenport, W H Gt Fals2,personal........ 8 1
Danan I., CO2anenidaa0e2onsl............ 7 29
Donaa e W H, Gt Falls, imponpublic
land...'........................... ... 7 92
Dokery, Harrison Jr Cora, amp on public
lands sad parsonal, lot 18, blk 505........ 2 94
Dockery, H, Coia, inap on public landsand
personal ....... ...... 7 42
Dougher ty A Cacade personal ....... 828"
DubueEd t Falls imp o pub lands 7982
Doam.W W, !ft Peter. persnal. .............. 7 99
DOaey E 0, Greatisa , a2mp on pub
l ds. .. ..8......... .. 98
Davas *W8. Gorham, impon 'pub' lands
and. .prsoal .. 7 25
Depier-.W O.Great F.Us, .lot 1, bik 40 end
personal, Glt Falls .:......... , ............ 82 51
Dickanon 2H B, Great Falls personal.... 18 80
Day C T, GreataFlah, peonal............ 8 70
Deaoap 7 W Cheatnut, E. , lots 6 and0
s81, lots01,4 aay 5sa7,eo ,tp 17, R 1
and peronal. ...................... 52 97
Elkins A B, Great Falls, imps on pub
lada anda personal ............... 15 27
Eiokeiman 8, Heleaa, lot 6, blk 246,Gt Fals 984
Flaai an Merrall, Gorham, personal...... 1 6988
Frost G N Co,raton, mp on land anad
personal .................................. 88 40
Frame A T. Greant Falls, lo2 108 k18 8 and
persanal "Gt28 ,F,.,. ............ 27 12
Fellers Eu0j28arty, Bala 2022, 04laot '8, bil
10.8 2l8. ... , .. 6 818
For Edmona4-est Fall, aroo ..,........ 15 16
Fowler H 8, sete2) Aaos age ad.e inia.
tbelr persao a ,,,.., 2. 720
2081abdv1 20 Edger, (1t oi'lpaaon 1820
t0eorea David 0a.2a8e, impa aa paub lanad
4 }1d Herao." ...... ........ 'pa 89
G o , 0. i...aona ... ...... .. ..... 49
Graham Ro .obo; , Personal ............. 9 0
Gates H E, Gorham, imp on pub lands and
persona ..................... ......... 11 58
Grant Eugene, Great Falls, imps on pub
lands ...... ................. 886
Goslin Louis,. Cle enin, I... {1 p.ll
landsaed a , ... :..... . ... 8 08
28 o2182 R' list2 impa on pab lauds
and personal,,... .. ...... 0 7
Griffitb & Ingersoll, Great Falls 2ersonal:. 85 64
Gehring Firnk, Great Falls, Fa .Et 21a,
see 25, NE2, N288, seao tRp 2014E-
lot 1 sec 30, lot s 81, tp 0 R 5 E-lot ,
7 bl 4, Oreat Fals ..................... 8 09
Go2 Kina Calbert, Great Falls, lot 12,
Caner Jn, 8t Paul, lot ' 1ii: ~ ib' '.,.. Gt
a e .: ... ............................48 00
Rassnwell G T, Truly, imps 55 pub lands
an ronal ....... .......... . -11 5
pos sNA Iý`ltý,1t ~'Snpro ~ ,,, ,. 27 00
11ammar Q' , iA t Falls yyiap pn Bub land.. 008
HorgbeolC a.Sun ,River, personal.... 11 91
Harabla bha, St Peter, imp on pub land
and so ............. .................. 980
sn PsstFrla essnnl. 90
Henderson. M, Gt Falls, personal...... 10 51
,, Do .... l ' '..:. lOs 9
,B ~er~p, Dlr Andrew St Paul lots s and
Baloail 1 .......100 60
Hlsby, antSe, at e a5js e.... :.. 600
II oasolloallG , P97 .aldP pUb la adan 1
Henle t Gsastl y se. 9 s 82
e , lit 0 pa~a 10'blk 8ý7, lot 12,
a99~t i a so a p
b 4 t'lls.... ,...... . 700
u .Gt Fallg, lot , blkS479Gt Falls 700
er8 J, t Eallasots and 1, E2
18N a t R 4 E,20 acres.......... 0 00 a
H ,nMida ke, Cascade, persdnal..... 900
p ln, Helt eonal................ . 1
dobaean,Cn.E, Kibbp, imp pub lands
Jot m 10 78
ad M.me "" _ _ ,imspa puann
i e i.n.... ....... ....... l..-...... .89 7
n0a',Ohoteau, lots'l, 2 and 9; see
5 ,R 2E ;.' ...... : ............ : ......... "9 20
JahnsnanJas, Geat Falls, lot 2, blk 449 F 20 88'
JasonJ J, Great Falls, imp on townlot. 8 7
irk , Casade. imps on pub lands.:... 0 89
. .A, Ulm er. o ........ 1 60
I 1. , .. .. l. . . s 4
4'ýltcrt a, Groeat ý1., l~raoaa Imp on 00
.,,, ,,,., ...........009o4
LewIs o, asreat <Falls, lot 4, blk 480, at
Falls......... . . . 11 28
Lawen.' '.. S Pater, imp .so. land and
peraonal...:, ...... 1...009
LsallAndew, Great Falls, imp on town
.rs7ona a ... . ....s.8 B8
a p a l,,,., ,,.,, ....,,,,,,,,, ,,... 88l
Wla nd, bsyf. W ass .:,:,E½ "NW9 35W9 6,
29 tl, 1 lt 1 E and rso:al.27 00
Man h , ( imp on pb land and
persoasan.:. ,.. 24800
Mtsonaass.Ssl "Great Vals, rope al...... 9412
Mslinnls, John. G so.n ...... 984
ManI Albert, ea personal .... 8 78
M onlJ C Geat _eH8E1,989
N e lots 0 s 7 t, o F7?
Moi~ ~ ~~~~~E728E9 006dbr. pip~~a::: 7
g ariunaey, G ,Teat .lB,- imps
Moay os Grat Falls personal:::..:: 7 17
M a r s ,7 , Tul.. . , . . 0.. . . . . . . . .,
a rt n uy,H , W e re at ll , person al......17 9
NstsEdwin lO, Great 541ns 28E7 ase 10,
tN. 285084, 9WZ secs1,p2 us20,816E. 80052
a an, k F Clendendnn, psosement on.
In s Praý E l4 kofc79
N ,laa Osar, Heonsa, p.sonal ... 100 4
Neit chardeery, Gleat personal .... 798
Nutr wnG reat alsOF0010
tp0NREW el,tp2 EE 87
Nt R, Kibb: Cendenin, personal.. .... 91
Nlo Bar,.lea, prsonl.. ........... 10..
0lok, 160H, ersonal........ 180
tno , 2 BGrat Falls. personal ........ 6 7
P . JosOt FallA. lot 1 blk 0GtFals5 745l
Pi eGo F, Great Falls, W BE1 see
94,cw see 85, tp 19, R 4, E .... ,........ 11 52
Qaesueli, Thos, Great Falls, E lot 14.
br , 991 t Falls ......................... 27 79
,Jao R., Great Falls, imps of pub
d .......... ,.. . ......................i
B H E Grtall, , imps .............. 868
ppgRýýýewp Ny30,1.8l_8F~ imps................ 12'24
wE GC}t Fau's personal............ 11
2, W A. Great Fall personal......... 08,!
Rase, Emmet, Groat F; ,ls personal...... . 2828
Riokard, M 2 Gret Falls, personal........ 11 18
Rhode: GE .lrtFals, spersonal....... 16 85
BRisser, ly WO 8`124 s, 1,4, Wl
NEl se 28 t 18, R 12 ..... ... 17 52
Rolfe, HP, Lnreat Falls, 100 8WIA BY
"NWY seo, tp2, R E, 160 aores, rr
sonaandt, l2t 1, blk 118, Gt FSd,..21 8866
Rolfe, H P. a.ent Great Falls. E2, SWI/4
NW448(I4 N 81kE46 ecE 8. 2 tp222 , l,4 E.. 841
Sommers, Besse, Grea Falls .. ....... .40
She & MCaorthy . Great Falls., N6 811E14 E
8111d 2R2,p.n6 1 ...........1............. 28 10
Bellew, W R, Great Falls personal........ A 51
attndJW Fort El ten toS , personal.... 21 66
haphrld, nEli W8h22lo. l2an1 . 14 16
ahsn do 4 7 'E t 1 8 O . . . . ... . . l . . . . . . . . 1 4 1 8
andmLeeibb, personal .................... 7 80
Theouen, Wa, Great Falls, personal..... 5 78
Sina. Michaele hest, imps 9W. 2lots
9,10 a~60 sa02 1,1tp 8218 ,1n p22E......... 1 44
Ut2hpson, Ed S1, Cora imps andgersonal. 28 C1
2mmers, _T, Core, imps end personal.... 188
S StErlaNEI. C n H rlyotpsI and 2 soac 5 7 tp
Shno Ths''tyF/ p ,2 0
Jee remiah NEak2tp 177, i 10
n d , na ....................... 1 2O
Tatt9,, J W, Fort6Benton, lot e. 1k 162 lt
alls, Rand.1 81at alls 1 s nd04, 2l ,20
andrsE 180...,.......... ........ .. 1 80
Thoms2on, Jv, Kibbr , imps. on publand
a rs nal ............................. 715
ThrogChmans, a, Chetnut, personal.... 64 78
Trap,,, an, 110226222 81164 68664 lts 8,
, 1hand411,os a , tp 16, rl .......... 1946
Utah6Live2S22,k C,, Dan MorriAst, C,2
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WP , Peer Kibby, personalls ........ o .
ad GetA m, N ersondalos............... 4 d, O
18, - 1 Great 8all. 9sn9, ... / 2*64
81 8a 81e6 l 91, G %. Flls a 1
SW, NW6% 812664 .ac 14, to 18, 21 W
Spereonale.............. ...0222.........
Wolfr, Jrmiath, 1Gr1eat Fal,, 2ra2 ona
la,4,d 2n,2222,21... i....... 660..95
Wh2tEn, 1 D, (6222 F2212, m2120 02 1an
and personal ............................. 82
Wig~22E .E C. Great Falls, imp.. 221 ]an
Rn8 p e....................... .............. 71 45
Wris Awers, Great Falls, personal.... 12
1o. blO D7, CGt , peFalls ................... 27
W y Those AKibbyter. l............o 10 d
2WarnerP W, ibby, mp. and porona1... 8 20
Wall, C tFbbyl personal ................ . 4 8
W, etar, , Kidbype,.onal............ B26,
Watt, , orhaerson ............2. 24 0
Znle,E, GreaTr2allsupern2.......... 122 1 1
Zimmerman & Lynoh, 1422at Fa162, per,'a, 12 .
Zeiglgr, yo Helena267, 1 nalfractional 7272
Cha ler. ate, Urest Falloo, fractioal
228t ou w81 ant a 17tp 212, R211
totiuponw part NW!4 yorsock2, to Ipr2
Kouer,, A B, Spok1ne Falls, al6 N W seo2
9,andtp20,.1 .... . 29
(d6r2s C P GauntF ,, 816tp 208 ,
12216....... 2622'
Hw,2,6 HA thra 2222,11lol.1d 6 blk 414, lot21
Bry. Thsl, cheap-Fallsf, 1int2ees 2i 8k
248, 1,t2 4 26d W6, lot 5, 61k 982, ,t 24,
bik 482, GFalls................... 2,8 76
Treasurer Casoade oney...
H02l l anahers2 Loo4k Here I
Don't you want a good i ind mill2
to plep water for your stock, to irrigate
your garden, yard e.? IfE so, call on or
address J. M. daunt, Cascade, 1. T.,
who handles the old reliable Halliday.
For sale cheap-Half interest in the
saloon fi2tures now 1n use in the Pioneer.
Everything in good condition. Fixtureo
complete. Price low for cash.
A Pleasing Sense of Health c
and Strength Renewed, and
of Ease and Comfort
Follows the use of Syrup of Figs, as it
acts gently on the
Effectually Cleansing the System when
Lestive or Bilious, Dispelling
Colds, Headaches and Fevers
and permanently curing
without weakening or irritating the ore
gans on rhiolt it acts,
or Sale in 0oe and 81.00 Bottles by
S uall Leading Druggist.
SAee FeBAuosCI (Ae,
eemanlyae,l, eW Yoe a . Y.
Administrator's Notice,
NotLee is hereby given th1ati. pueeane of an
ceeer of the prciat tprlt o the counte of Cas
cade, territory o ontana, cede on the 10th day
of Jaeeu 188e , Ia the matter of the estate of
Mattlle Nwdtwle, deceased. the undersigned, the
dministrator of the estate of said Matilda
Beet, dceased, atwil sell ht private sale, to the
highest bidder for rash, ntd subject to confirm
ation by said robate court, on Satarday, the th -
day of February 1889, at 10 o'clock a. t., at the
tate residence of deceased, in tun River valley,
in tipe contYt of sade allthe rightt tie, in
terestand estate of the said lMatilda iiowte at
the time of her death, and l the right, title and
interest that the said tehas, by oaeration of
law tor otherwise, atolred other than or in ad
-dition to tlht of rho said Matilda owles at the
time of her death, iandtoall that cerai ot
eiede or ptareel ofland itaate, lying and being
inathe said county of Caslade territoryof Mon
tean, and bounded and desAribed as follows, to
. Tie 8% of SWut, esetitR , t0owe ship 21
lori hrae e dt as awill also sell the following
described personal property, te-wit:
5 meet h eows.
9 range aows.
t2-yeear-ol stess,
- tear-l heifers,
1l l.pesjr{veslh steer
epyg ealvstees-lesrsts.
geldings, t9 ears old.
I bedroom sauit--l pieces.
4 oheirs.
4 carpets.
. s r re, bedsteaed,e washstand and glass.
1 set melor furnttre--9 pieces,
5 menter tables,
Spiecas parlor furniture-mirror and wha tnot
I heatine stove complete.
t set dining chairse-.
I safe.
Idining table.
t desk or seoretary.
1 wcorkstand.
1 clock,
se doan . d forks.
54 doyen spoons,
l cook stove and utensils.
bhand lamps.
SbedrEoom suit-bedstead,wasthstad and glass,
1 ice chest.
s dozen milk pans.
l ice cream fre. r .
wle as t--waser, wringer sad tub,
Terms and conditions of sale: Cash on the
day of sale and on confermation of sale by said
probate court. Deed at eawuae of purhaser.,
Addisisteator of the estatte of Matilda Rotwles,
First publication Jan. 10th, 1889.
Stephns, Lyall& Co
Coffee House and Grocery.
We e.ee epodm to supply the wants of the camp
OlI US A CAb,,
O A. BROADWATER, President. C. M. WEBSTER, Secretary.
PARIS GIBSON, Vice-President A. E. DICKERMAN, Treasur e
Vater-Power & Townsite Co
Industrial City.
GREAT FALLS, having the greatest available water-power on the American
continent, is destined to be the chief industrial city of the northwest. The Montana
Smelting Company is now erecting here the largest works for the redaction of ores
in the United States, and other extensive manufacturing enterprises will soon be
GREAT FALLS is now the terminus of three railroads-the St. Paul, Minne
apolis & Manitoba, the Montana Central and the Great Falls and Sand Coulee line.
It is the Commercial Center of Northern Montana.
It has a population of 2,000 and is growing rapidly. Enterprises now under way
and to be inaugurated will more than double the population this year.
No town in the Rocky Mountain region offers greater inducements to the settler
or investor, and all sucll are respectfully invited to come and see for themselves.
For information regarding GREAT FALLS and surrounding country, address
CHAS. M. WEBSTER, Secretary,
Great Falls, Montana.
Murphy, Maclay & Co.,
Heavy . Hardware,
Merchant Millers.
Manufacturers of the following Brands of High-Grade Flour:
Diamond, Gold Dust,
Cataract, Silver Leaf.
OFFICE - Cent Avenue, .near corner of Park Drive. MILL - Foot of Central Avenue.
-. Ringwald & Carrier,
Watchmakers, Jewelers and
Diamonds. Fine Gold and Silver Watches,
Rich Jewelry Field olasses, Etc. Fine Watch
Repairing a specialty. Ventral av., Great Falls.
Furniture, Parlor Goods
,. TNIARSTONWatchaker & Jeweler
Sfall line constantly on hand at low prices.
All wsork received trom a distace promptly atteanded to. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Secotct street, - Iletween Central Ave. and First Ave. Sotth

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