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Great Falls tribune. (Great Falls, Mont.) 1887-1890, March 16, 1889, Semi-weekly Edition, Image 3

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f Bills PaMsed-Govenor
Igned Them All- The
aI1 allan Law
S15.--[pecial to the
hllowing are the bill'
.gielature and approved
eta In ortailn cases.
oty vetorindry sur
Soep inspectors.
aslttion of mayor and
Se" of over 10,000 popula
of noxious drugs.
re 0f Inapector of mines,
e establishment of pa
tection of game and
ractice of medicine.
Justices of the peace.
And towns to incur in
of bottles, boxes, etc.
L ions.
,g and posting of city
na law library.
ril officers.
y treasures regarding
for governor.
er right of insane
in board of county
S10, 18 and 16, 14 of
oads, toll bridges, etc.
elble-minded children.
3e graphers.
orthern boundery of
cipal corporations.
to codify the criminal
nitting practice to ot
hen acts shall take
aion of the jiry.
Sgambling games.
es of t'extl-bdlds;
sf county officers.
assessment of taxes.
d of inspectors for
to practice.
rtam laws.
og of jurors.
and village plats.
Ila Sails.
h 14.--Jake Kilrain
and to join Mitchell,
ill make the tour of
train Mitchell for his
return to America
van May 1st.
ohkt Deal.
rch 14.--It is probable
of Dakota will soon
federal bench. Sen
aof Mitchell, who is
the upper branch of
tate of South Dakota,
ly to be appointed to
4ex-Delegate Frank
ella n.y be elected
instead o Edgerton,
'I ¢Bers a place on the
Bss ee
18 .-The rish of
ee at the White
lesey, of the Indlan
nied by Bishop
resident Gates of
aed interest the
meet to secure a
,ley towerdP tie
14.-There was a
enolnnatlon oft d.
minated today to be
Irvin had justbeen
hal and Senator Ed
omcial propriety was
blunder of this char,
to the president to
and the answer came
.re- [ that Weed
omlnated for district
Serror had been
et of justice,
ie a oeebet
arch 14.- Secretary
he following dispatch
reidler of Jackson
kCole is urged by ciit
igovernor of the tee
Sfriend of mine nd
arch 14 --Russell B.
g all the Mohtlaahip
is selecting men who
,hm in his ahbition
, The Harrieson fam
alt the official records
d .Washburn families
arrison's, reat greaU
son is to be one of the first senators from
the state of Montana.
Reports of Large Deposits at Elliston
Reently Opened.
HELENA, March 14.-Some carbonate
silver ores are displayed here. They
come from the Carbonate King mines
near Elliston, which is in Deer Lodge
coutty. Attention was first directed to
the place about two years ago by the float
prospects, which had come from under
neath the soil,where the ore lay in stratas
between successive stratas of formation
of Weber gritz and gray dyke porphyry.
A shaft was commenced and before many
feet had been sunk a body of carbonates
four feet thick were struck, the lowest
assay of which ran $100. Running
through this, the miners next penetrated
successive layers of formation and then
.Ame upon Is body of I.ineral seven feet
thick, of a more compact character and
higher grade than that previously found.
The work still goes on and they are now
sinking down on the bottom contact,which
will be upwards of twenty feet in thick
ness, and is expected to carry ores run
ning into the thousand ounces; such be
ing the character of the ores on the final
contact ii the Leadville ones. The dis
covery, hitherto held in the closest se
crecy, J s now made knownr. The region
has been carefully gone over, and the
whole of it covered with locations, the
entire numbering 22, or 440 acres of land
underlaid with this body of ore, formed
by the seething mineralized lake which
ost its existence in the early stages of
she earth's formation.
Joseph C. Cramer, formerly of Lead
ille and afterwards superintendent of
the Jay Gould mine, has taken a leading
part In making these explorations.
More Nominations.
WoASHINGTON, March 14.-The Presi
dent sent the following nomination to the
senate today:
J. S. Clarkson of Iowa to be'first assist
ant postmaster general;
Lewis Wolfley of Tucson, Arizona, to
be governor of Arizona;
John A. KIasson of Iowa, William
Walter Phelps of New Jersey and George
IL Bates of Deleware, to be commision
era to represent the United States at the
conference to be held mi Berlin concern
ing affairs in the Samoan Islands;
Albert D. Weed of lontana, to be
United States attorney for Montana;
William Wallace to be postmaster at
James M. Kellog to be postmaster at
Wickes, Mont.;
J. Sullivan of Montana to be collector
of customs for the districts of Montana
and Idaho.
Wholseale Plunder.
SBPOxKN FALLs, March 14.-Colonel
Sam Vinson, special agent of the general
land department, came in last night from
Badger mountain, where he was ordered
to investigate the charge of timber depre.
dations of government lands. He found
three saw mills in operation and timber
cutting progressing on a large scale. The
timber taken will aggregate several mil
lion feet. The parties will be sued and
doubtlessly be indicted.
Bryson Testfies.
-BoyPjRn, March 15.-George Duncan
Bryson, the irri.oner, testfiled yesterday'
n his own behalf, He swore that he
left Mca. Lundetrom at the depot on her
vay to Butte and that that was the last he
saw of her. The arguments are in pro.
gress today.
[Prom Friday'eDaily.]
Goodyear, Cook & Dillon's minstrels
arrived this afternoon and will play to
night at the Park. Be sure to see them.
Everything orderly and refined.
The friends here of Messrs. Webb, Sul
livan and Preuitt are glad that theyare to
hold over. They can now remain in office
until statehood comes round, except re
moved for cause.
A largm number of passengers will ar
rive from St. Paul tomorrow. They are
comingto settle here. The Manitoba
passenger traffic is increasing rapidly.
ieitlers arewell pleased with the outlook
School district No. 1, which includes
this city, will hold its annual meeting on
April 8, at the school house. The polls
will be opened from 2 p. m. until sunset.
A member of the board of trustees is to
be elected.
Missourians in Great Falls and around
itsare looking for a five,column article in
the St. Louis Republic of to morrow that
is to tell all about "the Missourians in
Montana." It may have a good deal to
say about Diamond R days. -
SThe politicians are preparing tor the
city election which will take place on
Monday, April 8. A mayor, city clerk,
treasurer, police magistrate and board of
alderman are to tos chosen. Two alder
men are to be elected from each ward.
Hon: Jesse Taylor-tells a good story of
X. Beldler. He says that the veteran
vigilante is indignant at the "manner in
wJich the legislature has treated him
and says publicly: "The cattlemen's legis
lature gave me a vote of thanks; the
ground squirrel legislature offered me
nothing, but this sheep-herders' legisla
ture wants to send me to the peniten
tiary." This refers to the legislature's
proposal to recommend him for a situa
tion in the penitentiary.
Judge Dyes has rece'ved a certilfied
copy of the bounty law. The bounties
are as follows: Each mountain lion, bear,
wolf or coyote, $2; each wild cat, lynx or
bob cat, 50 cents. The bounty does not
apply to skins of animals killed prior to
Feb. 20, 1889. The law is long, but for
prtiglcpl purposes it may be summed ug
tihlsi."First catch your mountain lion or
other bounty paying animal and call with
the skin on Judge Dyas. He will ex
plain the entire routine.'
The Great Falls Tlmnutx has issued a
handsome and very expensive annual
number, in magazine form, filled with il
lustrations and descriptive letter press of
the Falls and vicinity. There is at least
something practical and business-like in
this method of building up a town. It is
money invested with every prospect of a
reasonable return, and in a way that is
characteristic of western push and energy.
Let tiae property holders of neighboring
towns read the Great Falls Annual and
leant something.-Choteau Calumet.
She Is "Gratefal."
"I saved the life of my little girl by a
prompt use of Dr. Acker's Englis Remedy
for Consumptlon."-Mrs. Wa. V. H.A
anssxu, New York For sale by Lapeyre
int, have a printed guarantee on every
e of Shlloh's Vitilstzer. It never
fiiii to cure, For sale by Lapeyre Bros.
It Will Give Great Falls a Bee Line to
West Superior and the Eact-Im
portant Changes Must Result
CHICAGo, March 12.--What is consider
ed perfectly reliable information has been
received to the effect that Presidents Hill
and Minot of the Manitoba and the East
ern Minnesota railways, left St. Paul on
Tuesday last for Boston almost immedi
ately after the passage of the Duluth &
Winnipeg extension act by the Minnesota
house of representatives, for the purpose
of completing a loan of $5,000,000 for the
construction of a line across northern
Minnesota from Orookston to West Su
perior. If they accomplish the purpose
of their errand they will act at once, com
mence the work of construction from
both ends of the proposed line, surveys
for which are already in the hands of the
Manitoba railway at St. Paul.
Railroad men here speak of it as the
most important railroad move for West
Superior and Duluth that has ever been
projected. They say that it will put the
wheat of Red river valley and of Mon
tana and Northern Dakota into the Lake
Superior elevator, free of dangerous com.
petition from Minneapolis millers, who
will have to pay a premium for the trans
portation or lose the grain, which will
probably amount hereafter to a total of
upwards of 40,000,000 bushels for export.
The lack of local traffic on the new pro
posed line, they say, will compel the
Manitoba to give a lower through rate to
West Superior than it can afford to give
to Minneapolis over its other lines where
local traffic Is heavy."
[The step above announced is of the
highest importance to Great Falls and all
northern Montana. It will provide this
city with a short direct route to West Su
perior, the head of navigation on the
lakes, on which Mr. Hill has placed a
fleet of steamers. It means lower rates
and ouicker time both ways, between
Great Falls and New England, New York
and the eastern states in general. The
new road will build up at West Superior
it big city that must overshadow St. Paul
and Minneapolis as the trade center for
the northwest. It will alsoestablish flour
milling on the St. Louis river near West
Superior, causing dangerous rivalry with
Minneapolis, which will be at a disadvan
tage in freights, fuel and shipping faclli
ties. This masterly stroke will enable
Mr. Hill to hold his own and down all
opposition in Duluth and elsewhere. ED.]
Another Negro Exodus.
RALEIGHt, N. C., March 15.-Southern
agents, moving negro families to Arkan
sas, are quietly but successfully at work.
Their operations are thus far confined to
a few counties along the railroad lines.
From Goldsboro several thousand persons
have already gone. Many large planta
tions are almost entirely deserted. Negro
drummers are paid five dollars for each
family secured. The entire expense of
transportation to Little Rock is paid by
the agents. The negroes say they are
promised 40 acres of land, a brick house,
a cow and a dollar and a half a day for
labor. They know nothing of their des
tinations. The removal is by families.
The planters in the country affected are
greatly embarrassed at this loss of farm
hands at the beginning of the planting
Imprisoned in a Mine.
MT. CARMEL, Pa., March '14.-Intense
excitement prevails In the Black Dia
mond colliery, whereby six miners are
imprisoned. Two men were rescued by
a heading, but the other four have n.t
yet been reached.
Released on Bail.
BoULDER, March 14.-Freeman, who
was indicted for manslaughter at the
present term of court for killing Robert
Hlossfeldt, January 10, at Radersburg,
was released on hail today.
A Prominent Baltimorean Dead,
BALTIMORE, March 15.-Hon. John A.
Campbell, ex-justice of the supreme court
of the United States and assistant confed.
erate secretary of war is dead.
A Goat Disturbs A HnFase- It...bmen All
[Correspondence of the TaraUsa.]
An accident took place near here the
other day. Mrs. E. R. Clingan and fam
ily and Miss Addle Steele while out for
a drive, passed near a farm house. A
goat ran out and frightened the horse.
A long rope that was attached to the goat
got under the horse and tangled arouud
his legs. The horse became frightened
and tried to run away, but was-over pow
ered by the driver, Miss Steele who gave
the lines to her companion, and getting out
cut the rope fronm the horses feet with a
penknife. The party returned home
much frightened, but no one was hurt.
The goat is an old timer from Great Falls
that has been here some time.
Dr. Campbell of Great Falls is on Belt
for the purpose of finding a location for
practice. He is much pleased with the
place. He will revisit the Falls in a few
A social party of young gentlemen and
ladies of this vicinity lately favored Mr.
Blankenbaker, with a supprlse. All hiad
a Jollj'time and Mr. William Wood'saband
favored the party with splendid music
for this merry hop,
All the farmers are very industrious at
spring work, hoping for a large crop and
ready sale next fail.
There was quite a lively time at Belt
the other day. As it was a lovely day
some of the gentlemen favored the town
with horse-racing. Walter Kennedy the
noted Jockey rode his Bell Boy Pinto
with much pride and success, SPy.
Take It In Tame.
"For want of a nail, a sh'e was lost;
for want of a shoe, a horse was lost; for
want of a horse, a rider was lost." Never
neglect small things. The first signs of
pneumonia and consumption can posl.
lively be checked by Dr. Acker's English
Remedy for Consumption. Sold by La
peyre Bro.
WHY WILL YOU cough when Shi.
loh's Cure will give immediate relief.
Price 10 and 50 cents and $1. Forsale by
Lapeyre Bros., druggists.
Tree Seeds at Lapeyre Bro,.
Prize Distribution
To take place:publiely in the
Court House, at Billings, Mont.,
MONDAY, APRIL 15, 1889.
FIRST PRIZE---The well-known and popular
VALUED AT $64,000.
NOTE.-A Warranty Deed for the Hotel and Residence, free from any
and all incumnrrance, i:as been placed on deposit in the First National
Bank of Billings, to be d~livered to the persons holding the lucky numbers
on the day of drawing. H. H. MUND, Cashier,
HARRY OLDHAM, Asst. .Cash.
VALUED AT $5,000.
One - Steinway - Grand - Piano,
VALUED AT $1,000.
1 Cash Prize ... ............. ....... ..................$ 500
10 . Prizes, at $100 each ..................................... 1,000
0 520 . .................................... 1,000
50 20 " " 0 " ..................................... 1,000
100 " " " 10 . ............... 1,000
100 " " " 5 " ......................... ........... 500
Aggregate Prizes, $75,000, 15,000 tickets at $5 each.
r" The President of the Legislative Council, the Speaker of the
House of Representatives, and a third person to be selected by the vo s of
those ticket-holders present at the drawing, will superintend the drawig.
The numbers corresponding with those on the tickets, printed on separate cards,
will be placed in one wheel, The 284 prizes similarly printed on separate cards will
be placed in another wheel. The wheel will be revolved and the tickets thoroughly
mixed, and a number will then be drawn from the wheel of numbers by a child.
The numbers and prizes drawn from the other wheel by another child. The num
bers and prizes drawn will be exhibited to the audience and registered by the com
mittee, the prize being placed against the number drawn. This operation will be
repeated until the prizes are drawn out
Agents wanted in every town in the Territory, at good commissleos. Address
all commumcations to
J, J. NICKEY, Box 178, Billings M. T.
C A. BROADWATER, President. C. M. WEBSTER, Secretary.
PARIS GIBSON, Vice-President A. E. DICKERMAN, Treasulex
at&-over w & Townsite Co,
Industrial City.
GREAT FALLS, having the greatest available water-power on the American
cpntinent, is destined to be the chief industrial city of the northwest. The Montana
Smelting Company is now erecting here the largest works for the redaction of ores
in the United States, and other extensive manufacturing enterprises will soon be
GREAT FALLS is now the terminus of three railroads-the St. Paul, Minne
apolis & iMIanitoba, the IMontana Central and the Great Falls and Sand Coulee line.
It is the Commercial Center of Northern Montana.
It has a population of 2,000 and is growing rapidly. Enterprises now under way
and to be inaugurated will more than double the population this year.
No town in the Rocky Mountain region offers greater inducements to the settler
or investor, and all such are respectfully invited to come and see for themselves.
For information regarding GREAT FALLS and surrounding country, address
CHAS. M. WEBSTER, Secretary,
Great Falls, Montana.
Murphy, Maclay & Co.,
Heavy Hardware,
President. Vice-President. BSec o Treas.
Merchant Millers.
Manufatertre of the following Brands of High-Grade Flour:
Diamond, Gold Dust,
Cataract, Silver Leaf.
Golden Fleece.
OFFICE - At Mill, foot ofI Central Avenue, Great Falls, Mont.
Northiestern Fuel Company.
$4.50 C O A L 4.0
Per Ton. Per Ton.
Delivered Direct from the Mines.
Pennsylvania Hard Coal, Sand Coulee Coal and Belt Creek Coal.
Merchandiso and Furniture moved to and from the care and to any part of the oity,
Office Central avenue corner Fourth street.
Ringwald & Carrier,
Diamonds, Fine Gold and Silver Watches,
Rich Jewelry Field Glasses, Etc. Fine Watch
RepiringN t pecialty. Centrl nv., GoretFalls.
President. Vioe-President: Cashier.
Bank of,Great Falls,
A General Banking Bua ness Transacted
Sells exchange on all ite principal cities. Cor. Central Ave, and Third St.
Interest potd on time deposits.
Accouos itoliooted. Great Falls, Mont.
Specinl attention given to collections.

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