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t in the Califernla Gold
resed Beef Dealers
a the NewI.
ana Law.
arch 16.-The Journal
S& Winnipeg land grab
11 probably have to
ia nvestigated the more
s. And if it cap only be
ager Jim Hill will build
ants without any grant,
eratlons in the est are
Gota Olelds.
SCal., 7ach . .-Pros
vingin large numbers
Two pack trains from
dlstricts left overland
zextraoerdinary strikes
the New Law.
nd., March 18.-It is
a recent law requirlng
d porkto be inspected
Sd for food will be test
by Interested parties,
a Natioa.
vited down ton Bob's
ng Room to have a
I John L. Sullivan soup
ik's day. - e
r .sh Flag.
tlo cli 18.-Mayor Grant
y rcously signed petition
sh flag be.notdisplayed
nday. Mayor Grant
for the reason that the
flag with the Ameri
lck's day is not an In
gnity of American cti
seen the customt6i'lis
. occai.ion reterired to,
el tO deviate from the
arch 18.-It is an
Sn Wednesday last an R
ewas made for the An
ry and it was reject- at
James Campbell, a
d broker of t. Louis, Ic
derwood, a banker of
ye 44presuts-thn e
n Rothchild, offer- ic
,00'0 in cash for the
as promptly declln- to
1,000,000 was ut up
of the ofder.
at Choteau county's Ir
1t$80,000 case with B
collect the interest
Dated' by the decision
as well as the costs l
histess. 1
e ltenlnes. o
10.--Warden Tom b
fered his resignation
take effect on April
r. Irvin receiveshis
ted s8tatts a arshal o
It is seported hbre 8
iime charge of the
at he will bring his a
s from Butte for ati
ill Low. I
15-Bar silver 98c;
d nominial. Lake
ad-Firmer and in to
Market. e1
-Cattle-Receipts at
S100l pwer,
@4100 480; C
ker sad- feeders k
le, cows, bulls and A
0.-n his arti- al
telngarrcoDa-l vi
i downof thei
ipes which are a
-properteos here.
searyby tfhen
and temtpiorarily it
QIrk. TPhe sixty-., t
anis will con iop
ower concentrator
rated. Mr, Daly e
e furnaces at the
of matte can be
hat it was before.
ncemeat as to the h
py until he has bad
J. B. Haggin, the
works. The loss P
at least $1000,0000.
carry a dollar of
butlding destroyed w
lt~enaºonsod Its
Of the eompanys' It
een between $%00,
cotpltr'farty of ei
or roasting furnaces.
nell has sentenqe
rY gust,( in Helena;
550 will manage
lag of trotters this F
wrtes that he is U
tnt? Shiloah's Vitl- ro
tt cure you. For sale al
loe of the leading
, Iowa, saye tht h
M~. iremedy is tlie besti
he ever used and re- fr
wltykout hesitation.
Such II the Helena Conbination for
to In Helena the Independent has found
a prophet-a republican prophet-who
beats fortune-tellers and clairvoyants all
to.pieces. He predicts that B. F. White
d is to be governor. He says that Colonel
McCutcheon has gone to Washington at
the request of Russell B. Harrison and
that the new governor will be sprung on
the piblic this week. Mr. White is a
business man of good standing, who has
a been promtnent in politics, but no'one
tb supposed that he would be the scapegoat
o who was to bear the burden of the Hele
r na republicans' blckerings. The new
a prophet goes further and thus deals with
d the senatorial question with true Helena
t complacency:
"What if things don't turn out as you
have predicted?"
"But they will. The others may squirm
and twist as much as they please, but
n Russell B. and Isaac D. are going to run
a this territory."
d "I suppose Russell has senatorial aspir
"He certainly has, and he would make
a good senator. People are wont to make
light of Russell's abilities, but they make
a mistake when they do so. Russell is a
man of broader eulture than even his
most intimate associates imagine, and
Montana would do herself proud by i
electing him tO the United States senate,
and he will be elected."
"Who will be the other senator?"
"Lee Mantle, of course."
"'Don't you think there are others old
er, wiser and better men in your party n
you could honor?"n
"There are a number of old fogies who v
imagine they have a grip on the party
and can swing it any way they want, but 0
they can't do it. There was a time when n
they could, but there is too much young P
and vigorous blood in Montana at the
present time to permit the old fossils to e(
run the republican party. With Russell 10
B. Harrison and Lee Mantle as United 'c
Statessesiators, I think Montana could to
consistently ask for an additional star on a
the flag." tti
Five, 10, 15 and 20 cent counters at the
Bee Hive. te
You can find most any thing you want
at the Bee Hive. -
House and rooms to rent in choice so
localities. Phil Gibson.
Go to the yIae Store for Glass,
Font Sst4YaAtsibiskofa ýSits,' turnish
ing goods. tcoat N. Nalbach.
'Gelsthorpe & Bohn just received a st
large stock of spring and summer goods.
To Rent--Houses in all parts of town. St
Enquire of James Lawler, Houise Agent, &
2d ave, south.
For sle-A bedroom suit complete.
Inquire of A, Goodwin at Park Hotel t
Hath Rooms. - o
FoR Rr.--Two houses on Fourth ave- itu
nue South and Seventh street. Apply to an
Barnes & Collett,
FOR RENT--Two-story brick building N
on Central avenue. Apply to Wm. Al- he
brecht, opposite Park hotel. t r,
FOR ReNT-A three-room house on cor- oa
ner of Fitth avenue South and Fifth ot
street. Enquire of J. A. Pfefferly. the
A coal and wood office has just been Tu
openedup at C. T. G rove's grocery store, Ita
_c ave.and 4thst, ~eave orders. sot
Orders for coal and wood given prompt
attention, when leit with C. F. Fuller
ton, two doors west of the postoflice.
Rooms to Let-Nicely furnished rooms
to-let en suite or single. Terms moderate.
Inquire up stairs, Kingsbury block.
Leave orders for coal and wood with
Emmett Race, next to Lapeyre's driug
store-same will be promptly attended
Calvert & Son, contractors and build
ers. House work a specialty. Ofice,
corner of Eighth avenue South and Third
Call on E. W. King in basement of
Cascade Steam Laundry if you want any
kind o1 Plumbing or steam fitting done.
All kinds of supplies on hand.
The Headquarters saloon has opened
on First avenue south with a complete
stock of wines, liquors and cigars. Music
and singing every night. The public in
vited to come and see us.
m* Lowia & Co., Props.
It is very important in this age of vast
mateilal progress that a remedy be pleas
ing to the taste and to the eye, easily
etalen; acceptable to the stomach and
.lealthy in its nature and effects. Possess
Ingthese qualitiee,Syrup of Figs is the one
rfect laxative and most gentle diuretic
Joe Herring will run his horse herd
here this summer at reasonable rates.
The following from the pen of Mr. L.
P. Bardwell, editor of the Marion (Iowa)
Plot, will, we believe, be of interest to
many of our readers. He says: "It is
with pleasure that I certify to the real
merits of Chamberlain's cbugh remedy. I
have used it in my family for years anm
have always found it most excellent, and
especially for colds, croup and sore throat.
Itls safe and effective. For sale by
Lapeyre Bros.
Hol Ranehersi Look Heret
'Don't you want a good wind mill
to pump water for your stock, to Irrigate
your garden, yard etc.? If so, call on or
address J. M. daunt, Cascade, M. T.,
who handles the old reliable Ha!liday.
Ferry Buening.
w:O. Dexter has now his ferry In good
running order across the Missouri river,
above the mouth of Sun River.
J. B, Beaucamp, Proprietor.
CATARAH CURED, health and sweet
breath secure by Shiloh's Catarah Re
medy. Price t0 cents. A nasal injector
free. For sale at Lapeyre Bros.
Fl.ger Seeds at Lapeyre Bros,
IWhite is Now the Favorlte-Hershfleld
t Almost Out of the Rae--X. Hbldler
Rewarded at
HELENA, March 18.-[Special to the
TmscuNIE.]-There is no new light on the
territorrial appointments but the sum
mons of Colonel McCutcheon to Wash
ington so hastily and unexpectedly pres
ages the defeat of Mr. Hershfleld's hopes.
The banker has the endtrsement of Del
elate Carter who was pressifig the for
mer so hard that "young Mr. Harrison"
deemed it best to send for his ally and
friend, the Colonel. It is believed here
now that the latter or a compromise can
didate-probably Hon. B. F. White of
Dillon-will carry oft the prize. The con
test is becoming anything but a friendly
one, and the lack of harmonyin the ranks
and among the leaders is very evident.
It is generally believed that Russell B.
Harrison desires to fix things so that he
can go to the senate in case the republi
cans are successful next fall and the fact
is not at all agreeable to Colonel Sau
ders and other old time leaders of the
X. Beidler who failed mn getting relief
from the legislature has received from
United States Marshal Irvin the appoint
meat as deputy marshal and he will
make his headquarters in the Crow reser
vation country.
Dr. Swallow, who has been appointed
mine inspector under the new law has
opt fully made up his mind to accept the
Much interest is already manifest
ed over the forthcoming city elect- b
ion. T. H. Kleinschmidt Who is a stand
ing candidate for the mayorality is likely
to be the republican nominee, and either ti
Jacob Leob or Marcus Lisser will make
the race on the deniocratic side.
Wm, M. Thompson of Deer Lodge who
was the republican leader in the council,
Ms likely to be appointed secretary of the ft
territory. ft
South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana,
On February .o, -eo, o presldent
%.t..a iih-.--ar- ureatiug Soutrh'-atcoa,
North,Dakota, Montana and Washington
states of the union.
tovUT DAKOTA-The great Prairie
State, to which the St. Paul, Minneapolis
& Manitoba railway has three main lines,
reaching Ellendale, Aberdeen, Water
town and Sioux Falls. Go to South Da
kota via the St. Paul, Minneapolis& Man
itoba railway and pass through St. Paul
and Minneapolis en route.
NORTH DAKOTA-Where is grown the
No. 1 hard Scotch fife wheat; whose
healthful climate nurtures the most vig
orous and brainy civilization on earth;
where single counties raise more wheat,
oats and barley than entire states; the
soil of whose fertile prairies is richer
than the valley of the Nile; where the
Turtle Mountain, Minot and Devils Lake
land districts invite the home seeker to
secure a free hoome. Magnificent daily
train service to Fargo Grand Forks,
Grafton, Devils Lake, Bottinean, and all
other important points.
her mines of precious metals; wealth in
her 4,000,000 head of live stock; profit in
her fertile fields, producing a largeryleld
of crops than any other state or territory;
the richest country per inhabitant on
earth; where prosperity is universal;
which has the best paid labor in the
world; a balmy winter climate, caused by
warm winds from the Pacific. The St.
Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba railway is
the only railroad passing through a con
tlnuous agricultural country from St.
Paul and Minneapolis to the Rocky moun
tains. It runs through the great reserva
tion of 18,000,00 acres of land, free to
Bettlers, in the Milk river valley. Wood,
water and coal in abundance; no irriga
tion required; the only line passing
through Great Falls, with its 1,000,000
horse power cataracts; immense coal
veins, and surrounding farming country
of free land; through Helena, the capitol
city and commercial centre of Montana,
and Butte, the richest mining camp on
earth, to San Francisco by the Columbia
River Valley, Portland and Shasta route,
or Ogden, Utah, to California points. Re
member this is the only line runningdin
ing cars, sleeping cars and free colonist
sleepers of its own from St. Paul and
Minneapolis to Great Falls, Helena and
Budte. It is also the shortest line to
WAs.eINoeo-The country of tall tim
ber, indented by Puget Sound, the Medi
terranean of the Pacific. Do not forget
that the St. Paul, Minneapolis & Manito
ba railway is the only line which offers a
choice of three routes to the Pacific
coast. The Manitoba-Pacific route is the
only line by which passengers en route
for Tacoma, Portland and an Francisco
can pass through Port Townsend and
Seattle, Free colonist sleepers run
through without change or delay. Dis
tance to the Pacific coast is same as by
other lines, but prices of tickets are five
and ten dollars less. Take the Seattle
For further information, maps, rates
and publications in regard to the re
sources of the four new states, write or
apply to F. I. Whitney general passenger
and ticket agent, St. P., M. & M. Ry., St.
Paul, Minn.
Miss Bessie H. Bedloe, of Burlington,
Vt., had a disease of the scalp which
caused her hair to become very harsh and
dry and to fall so freely she scarcely dared
comb it. Ayer's Hair Vigor gave her
a healthy scalp and made the hair beauti
fully thick and glossy.
ble by that terrible cough. Shiloh a Cure
is the remedy for you. Lapeyre Bros.
Bronchitis immediately cured by Shiloh's
.ure, For sale at Lapeyre Bros.
Malden Said to Hac ve ttIthest Mine it
Hon. Granville Stuta who arrived in
the city from Maiden o Tuesday, states
the Maginnis mining pr pertles have nol
been worked for some Oo months, owing
to a scarcity of water. Work will re
sume as soon as a supply can be procur
ed. Speaking of the Slotted Horse mine
Mr. Stuart said:
"The Spotted Horse is a wonderful
property. The mill has not been rnnineg
e to its full capacity owing to a scarcity of
. water, but still is netting the owner of
the mine a daily incomeof $600 to $1,000,
tter paying all expeil es. incidental to
the mining and milling of the ore. The
mineral is gold-bearing, aed there seems
a. to be a mountain of it. At the greatest
depth yet attained, solething over 800
feet, there has been sep a edge thir
Sty-Ofive feet wide, anti the only wall on
a either side is vein dotr. The Spotted
i orse is the biggest ri he in Montana."
"Do you think it).iUl hold out?" he
inewas asked.
S"Iknow of no rch n why the ein
should not continue. ohe width has not
Wlyet been ascertained and as our claim
f adjoins the Spotted H.es, I am hopeful
that it continues to widen with depth and
extends clear througpih to China. The
S Spotted Horse is a tlenanza and one of
great magnitude.-Recprd.
Scarlet Fever t. Dakota.
SSonUX FaLL, Dak., Ma rch 16,--In De
lapere township, Hutc lnson county, ten
miles from this city, arlet fever is rag
ing. One family hatlost three children
and three others ar4 down. The com
munity is terror-strickon. No one knows
how many are afraid t visit those afflicts
ed. Fatal results ab e known by seeing
coffins carried to cemetery. The
schools are still open.~ o t
chinese Lfeavlnii Milwaukeen
MIIWAUKEaE, March .1S.--The Chinese
are leaving Millwaukee. Fourteen left
todoy. All the Chinese laindries of
Walkott street and 'ycinity have been
abando\ed. Sam Ring Lee, a well to-do
Chinaman, who has bhen aiding his coun
trymen, r eived a sortof White Cap
warning to y advising him and his
friends to got of the city.
Sequ s to the .anle.
PAucs, March --Seventy.Ove million
francs ($151.000, have been taken out
from the ank oFrance in addition to
the 100,000,000 fr cý .($20,000,000) ad
vanced to the Comp ti Des Compte. It
is supposed to indica that other credit
deposit banks havebo' ad to dis
count their papf'Nef "" o...
tX- --iW7di&Jteuyt a Hoene.
CYcuIInAH Ky., March 16.--Ga. Valen
tine of Pleatanton, Cat., has purchased of
W. H. Wilson of Abdallah Park, Cyn
thiana, My., the fast four-ye.r-olu Duko
Simmon, first dam by Strathmore, second
dam by Clark Chief, third dam by Stra.
der's Clay.
A Prelhitoric Monstoer.
LovrINSoTON, Nob., March 15.-The re
mains of a prehistoric monster have been
discovered here, at a depth of 04 feet by
a well digger. One of the teeth is 11
inches long by four inbreadth. Fragments
of what appear to be huge fins were also
found, together with a portion of the skull
between the eyes of which is a hornabout
two feet in length.
There are just five bedrooms in the
White House.
Capt. R. Urick is the tallest man in
Colorado. His height is seven feet and
seven inches.
A committee of the Rhode Island
house of representatives reported in
faver of repealing the prohibitory amend
The Connecticut senate has passed a
bill making it a misdemeanor to tap a b
telegraph or telephone wire for detective n
purposes. A
The whole number of hogs packed in si
Cincinnati for the winter season from b
Nov. 1, 1888, to March 1,1889, was 800,
082. T
It is announced that the discovery has
been made in Peru that the juice, or sap,
of Peusos or maguey leaves will cure
The Woman's Suffrage league at New
York, Thursday, arranged for a national $
convention of Woman Suffrrage leagues, a
to be held in that city April 27 and 28. '9
It is stated that upward of $1,000,000 bt
has been subscribed by American bood- A
lers in Canada to defeat the Canadian
anti-boodle bill, which would keep out r
American fugitives. ti
A Georgia couple, believing in the say
ing that frult cake improves with age,
kept their wedding cake until last week,
when, with their children, they ate it. P
The cake was 16 years old. sl
How Doctors Conquer Death. A
Doctor Walter K. Hammond says: p
After a long experience I have come to the ci
conclusion that twothirds of all deaths
from coughs, pneumonia and consumqtion
,might be avoided if DR. Acker's ng
lish Remedy for Consumption were only
carefully used in time. This wonderful
Remedy issold underapositive guarantee
by Lapeyre Bros. E
When a person tells you they never had
such a cold in their life take their word
for it and adyise them to use Chamber
lain's cough remedy and cure it. For F
coughs, colds and hoarseness it has no o
equal. Sold by Lapeyre Bros.
Milch Cows for gale.
Car load gentle, fresh milch cows, will
sell separately if desired. S. M. Donn. p
quickly cured by Shiloh's cure we guar
antee it. Lapeyre Bros.
Bad blood causes dyspepsia and dyspep
sia reacts by causing bad blood. So both b
go on, growing worse, until the whole tl
system Is poisoned. The surest means of a
relief for the victim is a thorough and 0
persistent course of Ayers Barsaparilla. b
SHILOH'S COUGH and Consumption
Cure is sold by us for use on a guarantee. lI
It cures Consumption. Lapeyre Bros. si
Snel's Mnurderer Caught on the Shore
of Lake Wilnnlpeg-,He Saild
That He Was Going to
WINNEIPE, March 15.--A dispatch
from West Selkirk says: '!Tascott has
been captured near Lake Winnipeg."
ST. PAUL, March 15.-The Pioneer
Press Winnipeg special gives the follow
ing statement of the capture of Tascott:
"Some Indians arrived by dog train at
two o'clock today from West Selkirk, a
place twenty miles from this city, convey- Ti
ing the news that Tascott, the murderer
of Snell,the Chicago millionare,had been
captured on lake Winnepeg by Chicago
detectives, who, accompanied by relatives
of the murdered man had been following
a strong clue for the past few weeks.
They arrived near here just after Tas
cott left his work to go, he said, to Dako
ta. The detectives are now reported to riO
be on their way to Winnipeg with the all
captured murderer. as,
Death of Dooley.
DEER LODGE, IMont., March 15.-Pat
rick Dooley, who was shot by Thomas
Milroy, died at 12 o'clock yesterday.
Dooley was shot Tuesday morning and
how he managed to cling to life with a
hale almost two inches in diamater en
tirely through his body is regarded by
physilcians as little short of a miracle
aais ante-mortem statement does not differ
materially from the story published.
A Triple Execution.
LITTLE ROCK, Ark., March 15.-Three
negroes, Dan Jones, Anderson Mitchell
and Willie Grem, the latter a preacher
were executed at Arkakee, Phla., today, a,
for the murder of Arthur Morton (colorei)
Sept. 27, 1887.
Ex-Alderman Kerr Acquitted.
NEW YonK, March 15.--District Attor
ney Fellows finished his address to the
jury yesterday in the case of Thomas B.
Kerr, charged with bribery. When L
Judge Daniels had concluded his charge,
the jury retired and returned with a
verdict of not guilty at a few minutes
past five o'clock.
Bad for Edison.
decent elecic light patent held by the
Edisone electric light company, has been
declared null and void in Canada on the
ground of failure to comply with the pat
ent regulations, which provide that any
article thus patented must be inanufac
ured in Canada within one year from the
issue of patent, and the importation of
same patent from the United States must
cease within two years. This is the decis
ion reached in the famous patent suit by
Richard Pope, commissioner of patents,
and his decision will be announced to
morrow. Appellants were the United
States Electric Lighting and Westing
house Electric companies.
Fish and Game Preserve.
NEW YORK, March 16.-The Paradise
Club of Anglers of this city, of which
Judge Gildersleeve is president, has just
completed the purchase of 70,000 acres of
forest and fifty trout lakes in various
parts of the country. This makes the
largest fish and game preserve in the
A Narrow Esoape.
Col. W. K. Nelson, came home one
evening, feeling a peculiar tightness in
the chest. Before retiring, he tried to draw
a long breath but fond it almost impossi
ble. He suffered four days from pneu.
monea, and the doctors gave him up. Dr
Ascker's English Remedy for Consumption
saved him and he is well to-day. For sale
by Lapeyre Bros.
$60,000 For $1-$00,00 For $5.
Send $1 to $5 to the Montana Invest
ment company, Helena, Montana, for a
chance in the prize distribution. The
$800,000 Aborn House, Des Ioins, Iowsa,
and 158 cash prizes from $10 to $500.
Whole tickets, $5; fifths, $1. Remem
ber that the deed to the capital prize, the
Aborn House is now in escrow at the
First National bank, Helena, Montana,
ready to be turned over to the holder of
the winning ticket.
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby given that the firm of
Paul & Fletcher have dissolved partner
ship. The business is to be carried on by
A. W. Paul, who will pay all indebtedness
and collect all bills due the firm. All
persons owing said firm are requested to
call andl settle by March let, 1889.
Great Falls, Feb. 7, 188.
Coal and Wood Offie.
Leave orders for coal and wood with
Dunlap & Mitchell. Lowest prices and
best quality guaranteed.
Wood Sawing.
I will soon put in operation at Great
Falls a machine for sawing wood. Will
contract to saw from one to 1,000 cords.
Ranches for Sale.
Houses to rent. Lots to sell and buy.
Ranches bought and sold. A. P. Miller,
successor to Miller & Lowe, law, real
estate and employment office, Central
avenue, Great Falls.
A person is seldom sick, when their
bowels are regular and never well when
they are Irregular. Bear this in mind
and keep your bowels regular by an oc
casional dase of St. Patrick's pills. Sold
by Lapeyre Bros.
For lame back, tide or chest, use Shi
loh's Porous Plaster. Price 25 cents, Fqr
sale at Lapeyre Bros,
Great Falls, Montana.
Groceries, ardiare, Crockery,
Stoves and Tinware.
We carry the largest stock of Groceries and
Hardware in Northern Montana.
This stock is all new goods of the best grdes only. We buy everything in car lots
from first hands and our prices cannot be met west
of the Missouri river.
Hardware Department.
This is the largest and most complete stock carried in this portion of the terri
ritory. Thisstock includes Mlining .tools, Steel, Iron, etc., Blackomith Supplies of
all kinds, Builder's and General Hardware, Heatiog and Cooking Stoves s od s full
assortment of Tin and Granilte Ware.
Ladies' - Shoes !
We will from to-day begin a Clearance Sale of Ladies Shoes,
as we intend positively to close out our stock of Ladies' Shoes and
Slippers at Cost.
Call Early Before Lots and Sizes are Broken.
The Leading Dry Goods House.
We respectfully announce the arrival of a large shipment of
which were selected by our Mr. Raleigh, who has been in New York for the
past four weeks. These are the most stylish goods ever brought to this sec
tion of the country. Come early and get first choice.
Remember that we are the only house in town where fin Dress Goods
can be had. Small dealers who do not visit Eastern markets from season
to season, and who are compelled to buy from samples, cannot supply you
with the latest styles, nor give you as close figeres.
&_ New goods are now arriving daily.
Samples Sent on Application.
Expert Tonsorial Artist. Park Hotel, Great Falls.
In Connection, the Best-Appointed Bath-Rooms in the City

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