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tous ease" obl Bearhbli the
-State for the Brutal Wielhta,
tan., Eurderer.
le A-- len 1t Harla C0ounty. Ky.
Troops Ordered to Be Beady to
S Sarh to the Beene.
WtoirtAA, Kan.. Jan. 81.-A mob of
oxen called at the jail, at Coldwater,
7 before 10 o'clock to seure Dr.
, who killed Dudley Murphy on
y. They were refused admittance
brke in, wen they were informed
had beou taeo away by the
some time before. Armed orm
0 soon etia~d j.i ne ootne mdt
• dIwn into NoManes Landa , t mn.
t she eri. had gone there. 'Te au.
tie, it is maid; hsvae learned that
SMurphy ehnoged inn scheme with
. trams to dipose of her husband,
db he been airods
Capita Tfa t the chlIkeaew l0tionl
k*lr to cane erlari" .5r.l,
I" , Tens, J-". 81.-Piious
ble 6saticiptsed in the Chikasaw
on the time approaches for the
tion of the per capita tax of 1 lev
on white reaidents for the privilege
g manual labor. This law
.bee the source of much ontention,
aienumber of oaions hm well
e fully 80,000 whites In the na
ripe rip for revolt becaue of
of the legislature in disress
thsm after having enjoyed the
6iihi.p for so many ar,
dttiltt will'be enosraiw;,
Mecrelouns resmlts will be op.
l h oa I. SarI Co aty.
Ey., Jan. 81.-There is
again in Harlano county. OCIrcuit
p ithere in a week ortwo ad
rs., of Lexinglb. are
tob ina rad, ees to ma.chat.
- Sod. This county hame oused
.much s . blleand ,ad,
eofu the dru ou hes
to Inveotlu the came,
O th toope to make teir pro
A WlConsea Treao.ure t eht.
a Wis., Jan, 81.-The bookl of
w Treasure, William Haoplsa,
place, have been examined' by
who found a shortage of $o,21d.
Sweei held for trial at the next
of the circuit court.
ha Conetser a hta at Its hecoan
at, Jr. 81.-The National As
of Builders accomplished a
Amount of work on the eaond day
meeting. Three importat qoe
were partly disposed of. Rleean.
on the lien laws were laid the
until next year. The matter of
Mtrscing wert to the oometittee
utione, aoter a short debate. The
authorised the committee on
surety company to proceed
Its or ganisatien aon the bai po.
by them. The eight-bor day de-o
not concluded. The oommittee
fficers mand l a timer and
the next onsveotio.. It is an
will. name New York the
the next conventio. Theyi
,ttis said, reseat the nameof
J. Tucker, New Yl k ce iy, as
me the Wlnner of the N]vo-iots
lMnhier Gtst the Quaetsc.Mits
on, N. Y., Jan. 81.--Mosh
the quarter-mile skating race,
noghue seoond. Time, 87 1-.
SJoe Donohue won the five
Time, 17 ain. 44 se- no.
second. Donohus won the one
test., Tme, cmin. 98It se. Car
Sus a m.euaie LnOO.
a, imnn., Jan. 81.-The John
wing company, of La Crosse,
leased ground on the Omaha
a warehouse. A large building
oin prohibiton In Sooth Dakota
omalca toube eesn. The Sioux
brewery, which it woe thought
move to Luvmrne,ha been located
- .....or.Pi .o
te vicInity tn suppest thIsem m.
of te Edlaon letralo II
Atoliwiok totedto in.
DeYoung of Then Ilannoio
ewhobo Ihmwb oiauId ' Pl3
by aso emaetuoamed
w2yn mso anee
.'IraPbep wIItoil
liXho Ponrt, lad., aps
ý, = andaa
.o sotNew e ork ho.
e~t 'Al0s u imo
be dote out o
ANºst a 0.U as 1606we e
See.a. A0.aau 0. an 40.3.
. J.. Ud.-The Jame auubas~
- Sad~ -OW -aani be,.
1 . Dcea, Swb r~emitt. of f'iguO
-n the Iwlumiaitat. in London
ý uiss ewricsty so m a eoa.
liras guswpt. albSM~ delve
.. Iw govrnmso aiº
bdko Rwp Ib to t-at d lt
cla taelb dt aL~l r, IQ .
el. eoe.eot..b
eaeu w or wmthoutl go.ng .hrough lM
himeof demanding the reimbursement
eable um expndad upon them, in an
Imnredlbly shobt time.
The Bw government has become
nwar that 1 'iL aI matter of vital import
be to .edeem its iron ways from ier.
smi control, even at a considerable
satlty for such necensary independence,
but it may be expected that Germany
will throw every obstacle in the way of
Sommrmatioa so desirable for the re
One RSighly Prosproous-Now Banhkrupt.
PHILADZLPHIA, Jan. 81.-The Indus
trial Co-operative society formed by
Kensington workingmen fifteen years
ago, and which became the most pro
porous enterprise of the hind in this
country, s defunct. The liabilities are
about $8,000; asset, $618,000. At one
time the organization had eight stores
runaing on npaying basis, and had
$100,000 surplusi an bank, but for the
five years the business has rapidly
Psutesater General Waeamakere a Pob
abl eCadidate for the VUnted States
WAm rox, Jan. 81.-The mention
of Postmaster General Wanamaker as a
probable successor of Senator Cameron
in the United States senate is referred
to by many who call upon Mr. Wana
maker in the postofioe department. His
manner of treating such references de
pendr very much upon the source from
w-hiohthey come; butas a rule Sbemnles,
and looking the uestioners squares In
the face says: 'Somebody sftrtsd hat
rumer, I guoes, to find out wht people
would say about it." To pe=monl re
quantagoe he adds that, o h couisea d
is not acandidate. In conversation he
endorsed what Postmaster Field, of Phil
adlphia, is reported to have said in an
interview-that If the office came to Mr.
Wanamakr unsought he would accept
Now I. Thhis
N1w YOBx, Jan. 81.-The Sun ays
that a package from the Artistic Weav
ing company, of Saxony, to its New
York agent, Mr. Kluge, wan seised in
the New York petofoe for violation of
the customs laws, and, on being opened,
was found ti contain silk ribbon with
the words, "John Wanasnaker, coe
tmes, Philadelphia," wovet in it. Mr.
Kluge dencl.es that Mr. Wanamaker
knew nothing of the use of his name,
the company having used it without
Calilg i S the Natiooal Cash.
WAsinTrON, Jan. 81.- Secretary
Windom has issued a second call on
national bank depositories for a surren
der of 10 per cent. of government funds
held by them. The conditions of the gall
are similar to those of the first call with
the exception that banks that hold less
than the minimum of government de
posits (P0,000) will be called upon to
surrender al and close uptheir account.
with the government. There are about
oix or eight banks of this elas.
Some Ceanss upervlsorsn.
WAnsmrteoN, Jan. 81.-The president
among others, sent to the senate the fol
lowing nominations of supervisors of
Wisconsin--First, Ernst Demin; sec
and, John C. Metcalf; third, Andre J.
Illinois-First distriot, Frank Gilbert.
Minnesota-H. J. Miller, first district;
third, W. H. Johnson.
Penlaat Herr.lson Will Attend.
WAsmarooN, Jan. 81.-President Har
leson has decided to go to New York next
week to attend the judioifal centenary
o be celebrate the. Heand Attorney
General Miller. Secretary Tracy and
Seoretary Noble will leavoe Wasiington
at p. m. n board of a special train,
reaching New York in the evening.
There will be a largenumber of senators
and representatives on the same train,
besides the members of the supreme
court, who will go overin a body.
To Consnot Lakee uperior and iehibogn.
WAsameoro, Jan. 81.-A bill has been
introduced in congrese appropriating
f$0,000 to survey a rut for a ship canal
connect Ing ake Michigan and Lake Su
perior. The bill w pepaed by Will
,am H. Morrall, the ohid promoter of
this canal, who is now here. The scheme
hae been endorsed by the legislatures of
Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin.
Beeeptlon at )he White House.
WAsnereroN, Jan. 81.-The president
and Mrs Harrison, assisted by Mrs. Mor.
ton and the ladies of the cabinet, gave a
reception to the members of ongree at
the White House from 8 to 11 p. m.
A Neo tfor Re.ord of Deeds.
WAsmaror, Jan. 81.-Blanche K
Bmre, of the Dltriotof Columbia, w
ppointed recorder of deeds of the Die
trot of Columbia.
Presbyter Will Bevals the Greed.
STACuae, N. Y., Jan. 81.--The gen
eral Presbyteriane asembly voted unani
mnsl tor revision, and will report
that they favor a simple an more oath
olic creed but hope thai the old confes
sion offaith will be allowed to stand as
a historio monument.
Seven Peses Drwnesd.
Bssau. Jan. 81.-By the capsalang of
a ferrybot at Orimlanghusan seven per
sons were drowqod.
A Wommas' diCe
You moe have numesous Olubs to
which you can goand spend your leisure
houne whie we-poor creatures-are
supposed to spend our spare time at
bhree. I have been long thinking of
foesbiog eee seet of organisastio for
le sT where they mayo in the after.
qerasdb hve a good jut like the
stauier s. In the evening we could
have nceptions fon our geslemen
friends O course, we ld hve no
ear or smoking room, bt would have
ten and eee rooms instead. A club of
that sot would be heartily indoed by
- o. n well eas sna1st leaders.
-SoMiet Belle in S. Louis Utlobeb m
lownarn 14ttb4010Stes ion this
hs ttte tba oirdral tower, whighl
en t d seesit, . nd, stn as, to se
p edsd b'lhe otherpe of the strun
tenm. But a length, rl thgabove but.
tnaseed wll, aeliach, andp and
a.wa it wtats et ow likne a sparln
s - e l hinW ke a .-r
a Itlt eve g . when the rea ofbe
pilas enelopdin darkness. S-Laove
hbers isemojds by the other graces,
and divides the honors wih theml but
a will hAveelt the wrap of nigbtndl
daks when it will shine, luminous,
l athy of sternity. -aenry
Willson wil-w
An Outrageoeu, High.Hamsed PYroeedlng
on the Part of the Speaker-Time
Honored Rules Overturned to
Promote Party End,.
W.~autrorox, Jan. 81.--In the house
yesterday Speaker Reed declared a reso
lution carried which did not receive a
majority of the votes. He held that
members who are present but not voting
may be counted to form a quorum. This
revolutionary act was denounced by the
democrate. The house was a bedlam of
King Convleted.
BoanDER, Jan. 81.-King has been
found guilty of murder in the first degree.
It was he who killed Fogarty.
A New Propeal.
HELmNA, Jan. 81.-Representative
Wallace wants the legislature to adjourn
sine die and that a general election he
Baven Not n Majority.
HELEaUA, Jan. 81.-The dead-lock con
tinues, although more plans are being
considered. Rickards has practically re
versed his ruling that eight is majority.
This makes the democratic position se
.e RMptees Judie Beeto. 5n Seine
(An Wherein the Latter Wea
In the case of Paul Savage, the jury
convicted him, yesterday afternoon, of
the minor offense of assault and battery.
E.-Governor Leslie is to preside on the
bench during the trial of cases in
which Judge Benton had been attorney
prior to his election. It was quite a
compliment to Judge Leslie that he was
accepted readily by both sides. Judge
Leslie has had a long judicial career. He
was for a long time a leading lawyer
with 4arge practice in the Kentucky
courts. He was the contemporary and
assoclate of the Marshalls, Breckenridges,
and others, He was judge of the Seventh
judicial court which has the largest dis
trict in the state. He held this position
six years. He was also at times repreata
tive and senator. Previous to ascending
the bench he was governor of Kentucky
from 1870 to 1875. As lawyer, governor
and judge, Preston H. LesliB won the es
teem of the bar, the public and the judi
Blossom, of Sun River, is free. It was
said that he intended to plead his
own case, but he changed his mind and
retained Geo. W. Taylor. The proof
that Blossom sold liquor on election day
was so weak that Judge Benton directed
the lury to acquit him.
The trial jurors are discharged. Clerk
Ulockrll gave them their vouchers and
they went away happy.
State vs. Ernest-continued to next
term; ball reduced to $250.
State vs. Ida Golden-malicious mis.
chief; demurrer to indictment sustained
and defendant held to answer before the
ezxtgrand jury.
J. Ingraham vs. Downing; motion
made to quash summons for defective
returns; sustained.
W. J. Lease vs. W. P. Butcher et al;
motion to dismiss appeal overruled;
Chestnut valley lodge, garnishee, allow
ed to ile answer,
A Lawyer-It was absurd of the su
preme court to assume that the ordin.
ances which could not have been adopted
in advance of the constitution did away
with the express terms of the Montana
A Citizen-I don't understand why the
city council want to stop the main sewer
at the alley between First and Second
avenues south. There are a large num
ber of tax-payers south of this limit who
will be compelled to pay their proportios
of the tax and should receive a part o
the benefit. Besides the worst nuisances
in the city and the most diffcult to drain
are the hotels and livery stables located
south of this limit. If this main sewer
were extended to Third avenue South, it
would be an easy matter to drain the
.Ilwaukee house, Minneapolis house,
Electric light plant, Eclipse stables
Vance's stables, Blacks stables, the Park
stables, County jail and Pence's stables,
all of which will not be reached-if the
aeweqextende only as far as suggested at
the last council meeting. All these es
tablishments are difficult to drain and
when the sewer goes in it should be ex
tended so as to give them the advantage.
F. L. Harpaler-I have been talking
Great Falls all winter and think there
will be a large immigration from Illinois
out here this spring. A party of six
business men left Leroy, Ill, on Jan. 28.
They expect to locate In Great Falls, but
went out to Oregon asd Washington
first. After looking around there they
will come back here. If they are satis
fied a colony of 90 of the best families
will come out immediately. I notice
several improvements since my visit last
fall and have strong faith in the future
of this place.
A Oitizen-if congress does away with
the quorum rule, which has been in force
for over a century, then grave abuses will
creep In and we will be on the high road
to despotism and one man power.
AContractor and Builder-I have my
hands full now-a-days "figuring" on
buildings of all kinds. I believe that
several hundred mechanics will be em
ployed during the entire season on the
buldingkoto be erected here this year.
Will Webber, who is in charge of
Qap. Couch's Smith river ranch-Our
stock is all in good condition, but we find
it necessary to eed all our cattle. The
surrounding range is bare, and as it was
neemasry to turn the cattle into the pas
tur early in the winter, that is also eaten
down. But we have plenty of hay and to
Alderman Bridges-I do not think that
clause relative to free electric light for
the oily can be set aside as it is in the
nature of a contract. If it s, I will pro
pose that all such provisions shall be
struek out of all the francliess.
A citisen-It is the height of nonsense
to propose to give back to the Electric
Llght'company the light which they
ajr-ed to iivthe town. Mr. Parsone
ofered to give a tower and lights and
made no bones about it. I hold that it is
perfectly right to exact some return from
companies for any public priviis.ee
whj05 they receive, I hav no sympathy
with that squeamishness that would let
companies go scott free. Alderman Ger
hi's proposal reminds me of the boey who
was sent to buy a horse, He esid: "Fath
er told me to-ofer you $70 and if you
would not take that to give you $80."
John Hopkins, Truly-Stockmen n eer
district are brinng in their cattle to feed
them. All the old lange on Smith river
is played out. There is not enough gram
to feed a sheep.
Jesse F. Taylor--The TasUNcE is just
right. The democrats at Helena should
not compromise except on the basis of
the rumps joining the regular house at
tihe court house. It don't believe In com
promising with fraud.
Robt Vaughn-I bought a piece of land
near Great Falls about a year ago for
$5,000; people thought I was going crazy
to pay so much money for it. I expect
to sell that tract before the summer wanes
for 20,000. That will be a good profit,
won't it?
So1. Cohen-I am going east to see
what is on the market. Our country
about Choteau is prospering. We have
been located in Choteau about six years
and our business has had a rapid growth,
but the increase was larger last year
than in any two years before. We want
more settlers and a railroad.
John Burk, Cascade hotel-The house
is full and I frequently have to turn peo
ple away. Business was never better. I
didn't get the house enlarged any too
soon. There will be more business than
we can all attend to by April 1.
M. E. Milner of the Shonkin-I am of
the opinion that cattle will be from 10 to
15 per cent. higher this year. Western
farmers have more feed on hand and are
holding back cattle for better prices. Cat
tie went into winter in poor condition
owing to the exceptional summer drouth,
but owing to the mild weather, the losses
will not exceed the average and the cat
tle will be in prime condition by ship
plng time.
F. I. Whitney, general passenger
agent of the Manitoba, writes-- Permit
me to congratulate you upon the make-up
and contents of the Annual Tastran.
It will do your region great good. From
advlces and inquiries received at this of
fice, I look for a heavy immigration into
Northern Montana this spring.
rIrom Wednesdar's DalpI.l
Thos Matthews, stock Inspector for the
Montana Stock association, is in the city
enjoying a visit with some of the boys.
Mrs. P. Rivers of Sand Coulee arrived
from Minot, North Dakota, this morning,
where she had been visiting during the
past week.
A. F. Schmltz & Co. have finishedtheir
ice harvest and have stored over1000 tons
of crystalized aqua In anticipation of a
warm suapmer.
Thy magic lantern show at Arlon hall
last night attracted a large crowd. The
show was fair asd pronounced satisfactory
by the audience.
Captain Jensen returned this morning
from the east, where he selected a large
stock of spring goods that will commence
arriving in a few days.
Joe Conrad, of the reliable dry goods
house, is making arrangements to open
Is Great Falls the largest stock of clothlng
and cents furnishing goods ever brought
to Montana.
The gentle chinook is removing the
last traces of winter. Even the snow on
the north side of the houses has melted
away. The thermometer stood 46 above
at noon today.
It would appear from the Leader's re
port that Judge Harwood paused in his
decision to remark that "the following
newspaper decisions may be of interest
to our subscribers. etc."
The First Baptist church will begin,
tonight, to hold its regular weekly prayer
meeting in the new church edifice; con
tinuing it every Wednesday night at 7:80
o'clock. The meeting will be conducted
by the pastor and all classes are cordially
invited to attend.
A. B. Keeler, a former resident of Fort
Benton and Great Falls, but now of Spo
kane Falls, arrived today from Benton
and will remain a short time. Mr. K.
has many friends here who will be pleas
ed to know that he prospered in his home
on the west coast.
Contractors White & Latta were today
awarded the contract for Dr. Gelsthorpe's (
residence on North Fourth street. Work
will commence on the building at once
and when completed it will be one of the
neatest properties in the city. Water,
heat, sewerage and sanitary arrange
ments are all included in the contract.
Last night Judge Race joined in the
bonds of matrimony Jas. L. Young and
Miss Anna Shell. Both parties came
here from Grand Forks about one year
ao and while here have made many
friends. Afterthe ceremony the Park
theatre band gave them a fine serenade t
at the close of which wine and toasts
were in order. Mr. and Mrs. Young have
lately accepted the management of the
Germania house and as landlord Jim
my is achieving quite a reputation.
Postmaster Taylor yesterday received
the blaiks, books, etc., necessary to es
toblish a through reistered mail service I
between Helena andGreat Falls. The
through hag is distinguished by being
striped like the American flag and is pro
vlded' with duplex looks, which register
the number of times the bag is opened.
The service will go into operation tomor
row and hereafter the mail in this baro
will not be exanuned by anyone but the I
postmasters at Great Falls and Helena.
Firom 1tharday's Dall.1
Jno. Evans, of Goodman coulee, is in
for a load of supplies.
M. L. Strong and J. C. Adams, from the
classic town of SBun River, are in thecity.
John Largent, of Ulm, is in the city
looking for some fine, young stock cattle.
Good horses are in demand at good
figures. A. W. Paul sold a team this
week at $876.
Hon. R. 5. Ford and wife left Helena
for Kansas City, yesterday, over the
Northern Pacific.
Contractors are figurlng on a large
number of residence buildings. Among
them is a $4,000 dwelling on the north
The citizens of Choteau have organised
a coal company. They propose to find
out all about the coal deposits in their
vicinity and may strike something rich.
The four aldermen whose terms end
this year are Clinton, Bridges, Albrecht
and Rotchkise. The other four have
long terms.
Win. J. Kennedy bought a relinquish
ment on the Sun river bench and is build
ing a residence on it. Be will farm dur
Itg the coming season.
Tihe Tunolasi A3INUAL is in great de
mand. It states plainly the varied re
sources of Cascade county and is the best
compendium of Information for settlers
ever published.
E. W. King, superintendent of the
water works, Is making arrangements to
sow 110 acres of grain on his bench land
farm west of town. He has the utmost
faith in the productiveness of our lands
and is becoming quite a farmer.
W. A. Webster has purchased of the
Townsite company a lot on Fourth ave.
North and will build a residence on the
same this spring, commencing work as
soon as the spring time comes in good
Hf. H. Nelson, the rustling sheepman
of Cascade, Big Sandy and all along the
line, went down to Sandy today. From
there he will start for St. Paul on Satur
day to visit a brother, lie will be gone
about a month.
Sol. Cohen of the firm of Sillverman &
Cohen, merchants at Choteau, started east
today. He will visit the large jobbers in
New York, Philadelphia and other east
ern cities and select a large stock of
spring and summer goods for the people
of western Choteau.
S. D. Cone, of Lidgerwood, N. D., has
been investigating the advantages of vari
ous western cities including Helena,
Butte, Missoula and others. His private
opinion of all these places may be in
ferred from the fact that he will buy a
lot here and build a residence, and go
into business in the county.
A. W. Paul, the liveryman, is noted as
being one of the best "rustlers" In Great
Falls. Yesterday he gave White & Latta
the contract for a residence to be built on
the lot which he lately bought on the
north side. The house is to be built of
brick and will contain five large rooms
with plenty of closets and pantries and
all the modern Improvements.
In order that some of our eastern
readers may have a better idea of wilat
the livery and feed business amounts to
in Great Falls, we give a few facts: Front
August lst, 1889, to January 1st, 1890, A.
W. Paul, late of the Eclipse stable, fed
942 tons of hay. Daring the months of
August, September, October and Novem
ber the number of horses fed daily aver
aged over 100. Mr. Williams, who lately
purchased the stable, will give the same
attention that has heretofore made the
establishment so popular.
A. Nathan, the clothier, comes to the
top today with some news that is of in
terest to all buyers. As soon as the
weather will permit his business house
will be enlarged by an addition extending
back 65 feet and twostorieshigh. Messrs.
Nathan and Kauffman will each build a
neat residence on their lots on Fourth
avenue North and wily reside in these,
while the entire second floor of their
business house will be fitted up as a mer
chant tailoring establishment. Arrange
ments are already made for a force of
first-class workmen. Before the build
ings are completed Mr. Nathan will re
ceive the largest and best stock of cloth.
ing and gento' furnisning goods ever
shown in Montana, while his New York
buyer will miss no opportunity to secure
the finest English and French suitinge
for the merchant tailoring department.
A. Nathan never does things by halves, so
the public may look out for bargains.
He will more than ever before give spec
ial attention ihis season to the jobbing
[From Frddy's Daily.]
F. M. Gleason is in from the Lakes to
G. R. Pyle of Highwood Is at the Mil
waukee hpuse.
The local demand for heavy horses is
good at fair prices.
E. F. Hense), the popular merchant of
Utica, is enjoying the pleasures of city
i. E. Clowes and John W. Hopkins of
Truly are registered at the Milwaukee
Chas. Brewster, who has been out
along the Belt railroad for 15 days, re
turned to his home near Truly, today.
The Gerin was opened with due festi
vity last evening. The works of art were
admired and the slot machine was kept
The excavation for the basement of
Paul & Vaughn's stable on First avenue
South is progressing rapidly. These
gentlemen will push the work on their
uilding. See notice to contractors in
another column.
The grand jury report recommecding
that Rolfe be compelled to write up the
records of the probate court for his term
which ended over a year ago was adopted
unanimously. Yet the Holfe abuses E.
G. Maclay and Robert Blankenbaker.
"The Helena," the new hotel at the
capital, will be opened to the public
Monday, Feb. 8, for dinner, at 5:80 p m.
The TtIBuex acknowledges an invitation
to be present. The Helena is a new and
modern first-class hotel. The proprie
tors are Dr. Cole, H. N. Willey and L.
A. Walker.
Gus Senmeur has returned from Helena
where he listened by the hourto the soft
talk of the real estate agents. He came
away convinced that Great Falls offers
the best inducements to contractors,
builders and dealers in real estate gener
ally. He looks for a very busy building
season here.
Fred L. Harpeter arrived this morn
ing from Clinton, Ill. Last fall Mr.
Harpster came out and looked over the
country between Great Falls and the
coast. On returning east he sold out his
mercantile business and brought his trunk
with him this time. When business men,
after investigating the claims of all the
northwestern towns, come back to Great
Falls and settle here, it speaks more for
this place than the most attractive adver
L. Burke and J. J. O'Connor. constitu
ting the f1rm of Burke & O'Connor, con
tractors and builders from Helena, are in
the city. These gentlemen have had
large experience in stone and brick build
lug, having erected a number of import
ant buildings in Helena, among which
may be mentioned the electric light
building, Gates block and the university
buildings. They propose to look over
our town thoroughly and may locate here
At a regular meeting of Star of Hope
Lodge No. S, I. O. Good Templars, the
following oflcers were elected for the
coming quarter: Rev. Wan. Coombe,
chief templar; Miss MoHenaie, vice tem
plar; Win. B. Pyper, secretary; E. Rose,
finanlcial secretary; Frank Burleigh,treeas
urer; Miss Bloom organist; John A. Mc
Kenzie, marshal; Rtev. John Reid, chap
lain; Mrs. Gucris, guard; Ed. Cronkhite,
sentinel. The repott of the officersshow
that the lodge is making steady progress.
Thursday neat the installation of officers
will take place, when a very interesting
programme will be presented.
OSome of the school children are mak
tug life nisertablh for a little girl who has
come to Lewistown to get an education.
Many da s, says the Fergus County Ar
f gus, she has gone to her home where she
is temporarily stopping with hers yesred
from crying, so bitter and stinging have
been the taunts and jeers of the oter
children, who amre supposed to be brought
up in Chrihtin homes. She Is called the
g"dude girl" because hqr dress is a little
quaint or her stockings different in color
or material than those of her town assocl
ates-If associates is the proper word.
Senator Clark says the registry law
should ie amended.
The Anllconda smelter handles 1,850
tons per day and when in fill blast 2,750
Willim O0. .pe:r, the new supervisor
of the census for Montana is t Butte law
P. Vaughan, F. Strauss an E. Carlbach
have formed the Gloster Mlning com
The Ladies Relief committeeof Helena
held its annual meeting yesterday.
Mayor Kenyon of Butte favors a gener
al shaking up of the police force, which
is badly disorganized.
A white mineral which looks like silk
en fibres has been found in the Gagnon
mine at Butte.
Montana miners are pleased at the
steady advance of silver to 97%c.
The Helena board of trade has sent a
memorial to congress for it public build
The Gallatin Masonic lodge has pas.oed
resolutions of regret for the late Lewis
It is suggested that an out meal mill
would pay in the Gallatin valley.
The ioeraman Chronicle prints a -ick
list of 13--ominous number.
Twenty-one mineral l,,d patents were
received by Mr. Laugh : ne on Monday.
None were for the rt counties.
There is one for L. Rotwitt for the Lon
don lode, Montana district, Meagher
Benjamin B. Th..yer and Miss Marie
iRenonard were married with great splen
dor in Butte the other day.
The Butte Washington guards will give
a grand ball Feb. 14.
A land warrant based on service in the
war of 1812 was received in Helena on
Louisiana State. Lottery Co
Incoronrated by the Legislatnre for Eduoe
tio and Charitable parpoees. and its franbhise
oted a part of the pretsent State Conetittion, in
Wi7, by an overwheleng wpunar vote.
lt. MAMMOTH DRAWNOS take pince
semi-annally (Jene end Dee e and
INGB take place in each of the other ten
nonth of the yearo, andre il drawnin pub
ie, at the Aademyof Meti, New Orleans, La,
of its Drawings, oad Prompt Payment of Prizes,
Atteated as follows:
"We do hereby ceritfy that we eupenrse the ar.
esngemeneta for all the Monthly and Semi.
bannnl Drawings of the Louisiana State Lottery
Compaenn, and in person manage and control the
drawtng themselves, and that the same are con
deoted with honesty, fairness, and in good faith
toward all nrtios, and we authorize the com
ney to ate this ototite with fnoeimilen of
nar signatnree attached in Its ndoeteooonte."
We the undersigned banks and bankers will
any all nriyee drown in the Louisiana State Lot
terye which many be presented at or oounters:
R dl. Walmsley..Pres. Louisiana National Bank
'ierre Lanaux......... Pres. State National Rank
A. Baldwin....Pres. New Orleans National Bantk
Carln ohak e.......Pres. Union National Bank.
Grand Monthly Draw.ng,
At the Academy of Music, New Orleans,
TteMday, February t11. 1890.
0,00 tickets at 120 each; halvee$10; qanarters
$1; tenths $2; twentiethe $1S.
I PRIE OF P00,000 M............... $ 800000
1 PRIZE OF 00,0MO is............... 1000
SPRIZE OF 0E0 Is ........... 50,00
1 PRIZE OF 2M,000 is.. ..... ,000
IPRIESOF 100 are .............. 0,000
SPRIZ OF 5,000 ae ............. 25,000
SPRIZES OF ,000 are .............. ,000
00 PRIZES OF 5O ate .............. 50.00
E0 PRIZES OF 800 are .............. Z0,000
60 PRIZES OF 200re.............. 100,00L
IMP pimtof $5 are ............... . .0I
t1 do ES e.................... ..0,0(
EOO do 0 anre ................... 2Ooo
999 do re...................... $ S,9
999 do 100 are ..................0.. 1,,
,1li Pries, amouonting to.............. $1,014,00
Nure.-Tioktte drnwina Capital Prizes are not
entitled to terminal Prites.
'Ftc ebtb rtte.s or any fnthoer inforea
tlion desired. write egisbly to the andoersigned,
clearly stating your etidonoee, with State. Cotn
t raStreet n.dinmber. Morerapidretturn mail
daever wll be aured by yor inoloaeng n en.
velope oearing your full address,
Addresat . A. DAUPHIN.
Nlew Orleans, L,
Wahlato.a. D. C.
y ordtinry letter, containing Money Order is.
tedhby all expresas compaies, New York ex.
aftor poetel nots
d Registered Letters containing our
reney to ew l Oleas National Bank, New Or.
te"R a.
R5MfMfaiBER that the pamenat of prizes is
= =byantsdb foar national bahks of New Or
. ~ite tickets are signed by the president
of an tinnstiton waose thartered rights are
etoogeied in the highest courts; therefore be
ware of all imitations ranoymo t tus sohee."
ONE DOLLAR it the price of the smeallest
pt or anetion of a tickeot issuri by u in any
dawieL Anothine in our mnen offered for less
than a dollar is a ewilndle.
Prof. Loisette's.
In sptte of odtlttet laitannen which ait the
the mr, an tealpmtao taothe , ebatnsouldbe
mdobte ny.tlooe.n tntaof ewI" od n i aring)
tW.,e.I both Snher t mhea p poei in
Oniolmofpsp sl ol at lO nale at,
tall stdied Teg el e nor e , .w
that -b grOeeatt detnIeId dd
Ot/toetmt .rd. teijiteart etred.&o Fo~rnPeoetoae
The gelebrated French Cure.
We ew ' " APHRODITINE" o', :IN
O 0o toe O.OD o
et o teoe.n
AormolueruoA e. .
dleraae, or guy
disorder of the
dgene rat e or
gnus of either
ea wheoher or
5. i roTent the A TfRe r
tencetvete naf ntttimtlanlnt Tobacco or opium,
tithrough youtbful inditeretio, over indulg.
nto, Ac.., oh at Ies of Brain Power, WlAkeaul.
noes, salearing down Pea In the Baet. Dtetnal
Wenhetat. ihynterinn, norot Prostratioe Neeturn
at Bmeleule,. Ineuenrrheon, DIfiueen, Wea k emo
eoy,Lonate Powner~ oItopowtetoy, onhich If aco
alet, often let d to pren.antre o Sdoace end bysaua
li.Price $.0abox, a baxac L r 65.09 Se by
avi u eep of pie
eder - refund the he mousy it tetPe n eu
ctee ih noteled. Th otandaof taetooooielt
ntold t' yonoeg, l atth sents p annnnteotlr
.cedhbyA AtRnnetl7na. tjtrlrne treo. Atnr,,
For tale by Lspeyrt Bros,, Qrest Follt
the result i. t colllion whether "oomineg
thie' the rye," or not. Life is fullo ofoll
ions. We are oonstantly oollldn with sntome.
bo;y or something. If it Im t with our
• elghbr It i with some dread diseases that
"knocks u o off the track" and perhaps di
hbln us for life. Women espelllyltleei
have to bear the brunt of more collesons and
mictloons than mankind. In all tas of
nervouenees, bearing-down toent .n, ten.
dernee., periodlcal paine. sick headache., mn.
on, loruinflammation, or uloeration and all
'remale irrogulaitns" and weakn "
Dr. Pierce' Favorite Prescription comes t
the reseue of women as no other medicine
does. It is the only medicine for women, sold
by druggecytet. under a positive guarantee.
from the manufacturers, that It will give
atilsfactlon In every cnse, or money paid for
t will be refunded. See geurmnws on bottle.
Oaofrlbht, Mu. by We.at'. Din. Ma.m eaL,
-egulate and leans the liver stiomach and
bowels. They are purely vsteable end per.
otly harmless. One a UD a Bold by
busgilM. B eoas a vial s
iI -t-Mi v 9,
For sale by J. M. GAUNT. Great Falls.
"Look on this picture and then on that." The
above faces are exact reproductlion of photo.
graphs taken from life of Mrs. Morton D. Her.
lan, who resides at No. West 25th Street, New
York City. The first one mas taken In Novem
her, 107, while in the last stages of coneump.
toen, abandooed by physicians and mourned by
friends. The other was taken in December.
1888, when completely recovered. and entirely
through the use of Dr. Aoker'sa Englsh Remedy
for Consumption. The above pictures are wood
euts, but they are true to Ufe and the original
photographs, taken from lfe, can be seen at all
the dreug steres. Mrs. Hanrlan' consumptlon
began ans consumption usually does, with a
cough in the morning, raisinQ of phlegm, tired
and depressed ferllnli, a lack of appetite, the
loss of dash and panns throughout the body.
She did not realize her extreme danger until it
became almost tNo late, but she is in perfect
health today. Dr. Acker's English Remedy
for Consumption is saold by all reputable drug.
lstes. You can't afford to de wit.out it.
For sdale by Lacyre RBros., Great Falls, Mont.
sthe epsby
Who are the Largest
sedmen in the world.
D. MI. FRY &Co's
Beautifully Illustrated, Desnfre
or be mailed FREE all
aaplicants, ·nd to lest season's cut
mer. Its betterthn ever. E.
on uri Garden Flower
r ld SBsDBhouldsend fort.
North Greot Falls Lots
0OFFICE-Central avenue, oppo
ite Park Hotel.
SIILLOH'S COUGI1 and Cosusmption
Core is s.l byt us on a guarantee. It
treo ('onsumption. Forsalre by Lnpeyre
IBronchitls immediately releivedtl by
Sllioh's Cure. For sale by Lapeyre Bros

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