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* The Tribune.
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88 -:- TIES,
without exaggera.
line of Fine Men's
best in this part of
t, well-fitting, com
urable hand.eewed
in Lace and Con
by the cele
given the best of
Sre we have sold
customer, he has
ebrated Eastwood
fine French - calf
in lace and con
that combine com
ility. They are
oe, but the good,
d durable shoe,
feel at home
em; they are also
corns. We will
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be said in
Sdelebrated Alfred it,
They are made J
o shoddy felt that
as worn only a
preventive from A
are sole agents
ndsewel shoes,
to .O,. are oon to
any shoe of ered Ai
same price.
selling Ladies' a
to sisa6t fre0.
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or aunt. They
room for mens. at
sale in heavy
still in progress,
~f thes good we
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P ow we IA
Also a line * a
M * iblas as i
uat Ii f e l peon
to Fins atrional Dak I
terribly Disatreu (Cellitry Aeeldat
In Monmeuthmhire, Bng.
~orty Dead Bodles Recovered-FLfty p
Still in the Mine--Many of the
Resaued Injured. t
Loanow, Feb. 8.-An explosion il a
colliery at Abersychan, Monmouthshire,
occurred Thureday, by which 800 miners
were imprisoned, Reeouig partles have
succeeded in bringing 00 of the Implri
oned men to the surface, some of whom t
were more or lees injured. The explore.
tion of the mine roceeds in the hope 1
that the other imprisoned men may.be
found and brought oat.
Kalled 3Olsated at 1se.
Rtey bodies A those who have
lbhed have been taken flrom the mine and
fifty of the miners are still entombed.
The owners of the mine estliuae the
number ? killed at 120.
ea.m .me Leant sea.
Boerox, Feb. 8.--The hiJ,msephine,
frm New Ycok fee Daii with eoil,
ieas ditsal d by heavy see Ja. S. FBee
ae were waied overboar and one i
felgfrom thejibbec . Tbo vessel 'rfe
abaedoned Jpll. a sikin odl l
lion, Captaiep tse and seven men, the 1
suio'vivere were tlke off by the steamner
Tbnm, from London, which has
"ut urtlied hhwe.
The senate.
W ssegon, Feb. .--Bills for the
erectlon o a ublic building in Lewis
ton, Mes, and foe. the oonstruction of
d al Burlington Iowa, were pesed,
and the Oklahoma Ul' wase taken up and
I, further considered.
The House.
Wesntoo, Feb. 8.--The journal
was reed and delredti approved by a
vote of 1 r8 to none, the speaker deolar
igueqtuortsm preset.
oMr. .e. en0 from the aommittee on
Sru. rtd the new code of raiues,
whim was oered pited and renoom
mited cmnd a reeolution we adopted
providing for printing 1,000 copie of the
new node.
The rhote direct tax bill we laid be
fore the hbueesand referred to the corn
The cll of slates for the introduotlon
of bills and reaoutions wsU proceeded
with,and an attack was made onthe
immense mee of executive doumentete
d andcoommniceations that have accumu
. ated on the speaker's table during the
put week.
Aabama's golormL Popllaiea Ask for
the rPoae.s of Senator .Ber'.s 5,I
sestisn Bi.
BxI tona l, Ala., Feb. 8.-A mees a
meeting of colored men was held at r
Beesemer, Ala., Tuesday night, and a b
memorial to congrees, asking for the
passage o Senator Butler's negro emit.
grtiaton il was adopted. The memo- I
rial says:
S We, the colored citizens of Beesmer,
Ala, favor a oumplete separation of the
raoe and the enigruatio of the colored
race to the Conhe oFre State, and we
hope Snator Buttr'a bill will be pesed.s
We believe it will be better In every way
for our race to go back to our own
country where we belong. We. are in
5 greatpoliticaltrouble here, but we can
not htlp it. Tim has broughtit ona us. r
Let knowledge have lher wy Know- I
"edge sya go and we will go . the gov- 1
eranent will pes the bill.
No ebseorlptioa r Mrs. Randal.
SPauonitawlU , Feb. 8.-Mr. George
W. Childs, in answer to an inquiry, has
stated tht the minor that friends of S.
.1 taodall headed by himself, were ras- I
ing a ftnof $80,0000 for Mrs. Randall i
was untrue; that there was nothing in t I
A Retired P.gleist Out t a Ch Oblege to
S WAght Ay lain Amerlsa.
Denva, Colo., Feb. ti.-Ed mith who
has not igured in the prie ring since he
fought Geore La Blanhe, bha ieued a
roh. offglw ta fllaht enlng in
Amerlc., white or black, by any rue.,
for i1,00 to $8,000 a aide, In el or eight
weeks from the timeof signing artibs
and within t00 miles of Denver.
ChvOtlnsa to Gooset Nave Arisesa sad
r Teure are Bleag Slaugteeed Is Leare
SArae, Feb. 8.-Advices from Crete
a statethat the Cslidilana have ar isn in
treney ocifd w and are attacking
heTerk., 1mty of whom a emabein
Smurd y. Turkish familee are
Sleeing th tow sandt s feared that
* One Tracs Qt Its Own Threa..
S 1)o, Iowa, Fpb. b,--E ra
nter agp, ofthi city, in prloseof
I. lule staeoo plaster, for the purpte
Sof fong the outside mklls into tht
dpew ne
f a t iom the
-expel to fo.llow
Aoltser plseppensat em t.e vale MII.
ArsIr, Ii Y,, Tab .+ 1e worald's
fatrbil. wee as LdLae ageerbly
ires, lthe ianate ap A "wotn
S>an sared at I oElook aend
Ca -A a rrecaee
ErigRbs Wast scir Ueard.
OQAWA, Oat., Feb. 8-The Knights
q MaWaker, wat ptip mt fo
Il4 ep 910
A dame Simiear to the Cleveland tte.si
Rentdal Developed in the Greek Oharel
in Said Traelseeo.
S ltS PFlAaC.o, Feb. 10.-The troubl
in the Gsiek nhtrt hhere which has been
brewtis.fo.t months is likely to come to
hbad in a few days. Leet Sunday Dr.
Nicholas Buesell, a prominent Rumsiae
physioian, was excommunicated by B
shop Vadihnir refusing to answes
charges of heterodoy.: Russell olained
that he could not attend because he did
not recognize Vladimtir a a worthy head
of the church. Wednesday heswor
out a warrant charging the "bishop with
defalcation of church funds and other
offenses. But the warrant was not
o served, as the judge declined to si it
unlese there was more evidence, Late
Wednesday night Ruseei heard that or
ders had been received from St. Peters.
1 burg suspending Vladimir becaeuse of
" charges against him of the same revolt
long crime that gave rise to the Cleveland c
street scandal. Russell was afraid that d
the bishop wouiq decamp, so he hilred
detectives to g.id the house Wednes
day night, and they will be kept on duty
till the trouble is ended. d
esIpeetoer Heating Por Fase, Whb Wm
Rtu Out of Aberdeen, inln., for .at
tUna Pom an Eagy of aeeretar
Proctor. t
FOOT WAYNE, Ind. Feb. 10.-Inspectos
Hanna. of the secret service, arrived
Shere a few days ago from Washingtoc
auntdr orders of the attorney general tc
locate Henry Fans, the Fort Wayne tin
ner who gained so much notoriety by
r cutting down Secretary Proctor's effigy
s at Aberdeen, Miss., a few weeks ago.
Hiaenmna was in receipt of many telegram t
fron Attorney General Miller instructing t
him by all means to locate his man. The
otier learned Wednesday night that
Fa inz iin Lexington, Teun., and he ac
cordiungly left for that place. The ad
:i i:otrotioii has gone to much trouble
a e.d expense to secure the testimony ao
itttelhund Terminal Absorbing All Its
f(ompetltore---New Line to New O 1
NEw YORx. Feb. 10.-It is reported
that the Richmond Terminal company
a which has gobbled up nearly all the
roads in the South was preparing to in
elude the Erlanger system in its line ofI
roads. This deal is to be brought about 1
through the East Tennessee, Virginia
and OGeorgia, and the Georgia Pacific
Railway companies, the object being to
give the Terminal asystem a direct line of
a its own to New Orleans and up to Cin
dcinnati, to which points the Erlanger
S'roads rtn, as well as to Meridian, Misa.,
a to accomplish this it is proposed to isaue
new stiEck of the Terminal company
a amon.ling to i$4t,000,000 which would
the total stock leed $100,000,000.
Water at a atuandtilt at Portatld- -Bld- Lgi
Is Frloattng Down the WRer. the
PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 9.-The water is Ln4
apparently at a standstill here. It is
waist deep in front of the Pacific Postal
telegraph office.
Later.-The water is rapidly failing Pu
butboate are stlll em on Front street, or0
Both bridge sorem the river here are Tin
now thought to be out of danger. t 1
Walton's Shorge 50,00. th
DALLA., Tex., Feb. 10.-It is now
thought the shortage of Walton, the ab- not
sconding money clerk of the Pacific Ex- skat
pres company, will reach the sum of lab
$80,000. It is now known that Walton, not
notwithstanding the good character he me
bore, was on familiar terms with two ena
notorious women, upon whom he lay. are
ihed large sums of money. It is known li
he went north and deteoti"e aro in pur. tine
suit, but, as he had thirty hours start of wo
the officers, there n little hope of his be.
lag apprehended. for
Assistant Bishop ofr Caltfornts. o
Sae Fasqcnuco, Feb. L.-Rev. W. E. ia
Nichols, remtor of St. James church, st
Philadelphia, has been elected aestant fut
bishop of the diooese of California. He wil
is 49 years old, and received his eduter san
Foal WToara, Tex., Feb. 10.-John L tal
Lonae, at Chicago; Eg . Hartrold and gi8
Robert MCarnt, of Bloomington, Ill,, and a
others hve owrganned the Fort Worth inc
tefrleratiog and Packing company,
witha pFad.in .apital of llrO,0 . .A
majooryol thestock i to h pooled e~
that i ceannot fall into the handosot the "
"Bigg Four."
TaLmtoae Banqaetnd.
Now YoRa, Feb. 10.-About ,000 peo. a
p ttrended a reception in Rev T. De at
Wtth Thlmadge's o onor at the Thirteenth
t ar mory. Mayor Chpin, Oen,
mohertQso, sem. k Benes an many prom-l
ingat dierymen alnd other cithseo were
prment. " Ieechee were made wecone"
Dr. Tlmadge home, and the rever
eumt gentleman esponded Ioqe'ntly.
Make atem la Thetr TSa.
Naw Yoax, Feb. 10.-A smotionto oom
lthe payment of the collateral inhe
eo taxon thelegai received by
vgInsa aln.IahOne ahd retgiony ptitu
mnIe tinuder the wrI oa WTiliam H. Van
i.tn has % aetalnted Fther Symeareky,
d Tahla d ther v er
8A0 Yaaoos , b,Feb. 10,-A o icleo fon
sight t the albiforn the leti mlub. on l
, s tax .o the lteaihets reamSed an
NHeaw instaled Fei r us ymetkt,o
tiPoish itOglvod e Wiroch at Pllmooln.
Itav . t oalon: g 'demnde the
wold neat trest oaotheir own0,00le
aase the Pelne CaProlih rot . aet
W n , Pao , Feb. 10.--Brtice p pfo
Q ghVt· ath Istlledo Athletic cluboln
5,000twoues lgead bh Jack MlAtILhe of en
New Voek.and Jimmy Cdarrol, of tie
roI ale, 0,--The pope le hmioned
a Op ¶ ionaa i'n fI
~~p 0l,85# d p
Iareh for the Ieies of Miners to Qu
Abersychan M! tF agland, Is
Horribly t.geeeeslM. Ph
One Hundred and Henty Mangled and tly
Mutilated Cor o Already Found an
-More in.lb Mine. an
LoNmoN, Feb. l0.--Work of recovering o
the dead in the hbersychan mine a,
is being carried am an rapidly
as posaable. Th sunccessful ree
teration of the venti. of the pit has
resulted in simpltfyin the work of ev
eral parties. Many i .tong scene ore
constantly witneseed..among them, the l
discovery of the grcled bodies of a ig
father and five son Suffocation had pri
caused their death. and, as they lay an
disfigured by the flanmes, they appeared
to be peacefully slumbering. As a result mi
of the handling of thebeprned bodies se- e
eral of the workers hi) been made ill,
and have been compeled to return to
the month of the mine The number of
beies now recovered i 170, apd it is eti or
mated that twenty moie remain. A vast tio
nmoant of labor is requiredto lear away
the debris and recover tIe bodies that
remain. The bodies ktken out are so
hoeribly mutilated that except in two or
three anees
onition being rend d do y do ubt- Ia
l b the fact that the men, owing to
Sthe olse and heated atmosphere of the
mine wore no clothing whatever except
-heay boots to protect te efr feet from
he flinty bottom. It ie ertsined that
the mine has beenin a dangerous ondi- Ti
tion for some time past. Not long ago
an explosion occurred in an adjoining
pit, by which five men were killed. The
damaged pit was flooded and the water
gradually forced the gas into the pit
which was the scene of this dsu er.
Upon this information it i already sug
gested that the owners of the mine rbe s
d prosecuted for criminal negligenee. at
ders exploded, killing two of the crew
c and injuring ten others. ra
Worknigmen Orgaulsing a Finano.ia De
partment to Carry on It.ikes Suw es.s
BosTon, Feb. 10.-A morning paper
states apparently on the arthlrity of the
leaders of the modeinent, that there to 0
be organized in this country previous to
the eight-hour strikes of May 1, 1890, a
gigantic labor-financial alliance within C
the ranks of the American Federation of
Labor. It is proposed to accumalate w
A Joint SBto Flad u
of at least $200,000 before May 80, to be
placed at the disposal of any tradewhose
orafts may be on strike or locked out. ,
The organisation of this alliance is said
to be already well under way, although u
the matter has been kept as seeret as tl
possible. The leaders claim that labor I
organizations have practically given
nothing but sentiment, and the past lis J
strewn with innumerable wrecks of
labor associations whose members had H
not learned that an empty pocket book
meant hunger and that hunger always
enabled the employers to winm. There
are affiliated with the American Federa- t
tion of Labor 750,000 workers. Allowing It
that this number of men average forty a
working weeks in a year, that w
Would Give 83,,0M,00
fora joint fund by each man -ving 10
eents a week. It is claimedthat the
insurance of workmen against a loas of
wages will increase the numerical
strength of labor organizations, and ri
future oonventions of national unions Or
will represent millions instead of thou- ti
sands of workers. This placing of is
$8,000,000 at the disposal of a single w
trad does not mean a multiplication of 1,
strikes, nor it is claimed a rule or rum to
olicy. It means that fewer strikes or W
ckouts will occur, and the suffering of i
families of workmen shall never agatin
take place. The article in conclusion
gives the views of several well known
abor leaders, all of whom speak approv
ingly of the project. T
The Governor General of Cuba Expires,
After a Short Illnes. n
NEW yora, Feb. 10.-A private dis
patch from Havana states that Gen. Sal
amano, governor general of Cuba, died
at midnight after a short illness.
World's Far Committee Can't Ag·r
AIasNY, N. Y., Feb. 10,-The an- p
pouocemeat was made at 9tt a. m.
that the assembly world's fair onference a
committee had been unable to agree end
so adjourned until Monday afternoon at h
So'olock. It is now expected that the C
eommittee will arrive at an agreement by
Monday afternoon and report to the leg
islature the same evening.
Hill eItorues the elons.
ALaAaN, N. Y., Feb. 10.-.overnor
Hill has seat the legislature a mesage
ponrerning world's fair legislation, in
which be saysheis ready to sig.the
original bill, and appeals to theleglst 2
re to lay aside poltical considerations b
andltposa the bill as it was originally 9
presented. _ ___
Caadlla Farmers Want Free Csov, a
Toao0ro, Ont,, Fel. 8,-The Fames' t
ltltltte held an important session here.
Among the questions disecueed was that
of United States free corn, It was con.
tended by a number of the members that
corn cennot be raised at s profit, end I
is cheaper to import American orn. On
the other sad thoe who adopted the
protectionist theory said that this would
he giving the brews a monopoly: A
motion advocating "reoorn" 'was car
t rcld, The question of fostering barley
I e r xportint sa me to lanld fo
unanimous support of . .aeslea.
Otanler ASed iSy A£hsvrer.
tClhlo, Feb. 10..-Hentr , ltanley was i
rtvl at daer by Eugene ,
Usirytr United .ttes consul. A large
umber of promtuet p ons were prse
NavaJo lndian o., the War lath in
Southern Coloreado.
DURANuo, Coli., Feb. 8.-Frank H.
a Quinm arrived here from the San Juan
river and brought the news that the
nettlors along the San Juan, Animu s and
Platte rivers are in fear of a general
maesacre by the Navajo Indians, A
few days agothe Navajoa drove the fam
I ly of Joseph lterrit from their home
and ran off ten head of hores. The
sheriff recovered the horses but the Indi
ans are now threatening to lean out all
the white people in the dietrlt. At
present W00 N.avajo warrios a- en
camped about siaxy miles south f
Durangeo, and have Hout all their squaws
and papooses hack to the reservation.
Canadlans Are After the Moranmea,
OTTAWA, Ont., Feb. 8.-Senator Mc
Donald, of British Columbia, has given
notice of his intention to introduce a bill
ie amend the act respecting ofenses re
Slating to laws of marriage. It is de
Ssigned more pertiearlyto prevent the
d practice of poIygay by the ormone of
. Caristn and otherplIo. ithmeterri
tories. The punishment provided for
t poyamy or a~isting a polygamous
marrige is imprisonment for a term not
r. exreeding two years, or a line not ei
seding.5OO, or oth. The bill also pro
Spoeestodisqualify tny person guity of
an offense under the set from voting at
any election in the Northwest Territories
i or.beinga candidate for any public posi
it tion.
S.Insultlan Remarks of a North Care
lina Minister Results in a
it Fatal Fight,
STwo Partlelpants Klled-Three More
g Seriously Injured in the
r CHALOTTEva, N. C., Feb. 8.-During
Sservices in a Virginia country church,
about thirty miles from Sparta, N. C.,
lsnt Sunday, the Rev. Joseph Strook,
during the course of his remarks said:
"There is a man in this congregation
who is ao mean and unfaithful to his
wife that it is a wonder God does not
rain down fire and brimstone upon his
head and consume him."
The preacher pointed his fager toward
Thomas Coleman, who occupied a seat
near the pulpit, and as he did so that in
dividual jumped to his feet to inquire
or if the parson meant to be personal in his
Shis remarks. No sooner was Coleman
on his feet than half a dozen deacons
were up, demandiag that he sit down.
Everything was in an uproar, and an at
tempt was made to ejeot Coleman.
Coleman resisted, and aeisag a stick of
of wood lying near the stove, he began to
wield it hard and fast, knocking four
men to the floor, and fatally wounding
bJeremiah Ferguson. One man wrenched
the dub from Coleman and dealt him a
deadly blow across the head. He then
It walked out of the church and has not
id been seen since. The piot lasted six min
hb utes and was participated in by many of
as the congregation, wrho used clubs as
o weapons.
n The killed were: Thomas Coleman,
s Jeremiah Ferguson.
of The injured are: Edward Olausen,
SRobert Edwards, John Peeby.
One Ws Sarved-Two Drow.ne.
BosToN, Feb. 8.-A boeat containing
three men was capsized in a squall near
Melville Garden. One of the men, Rich
r ard Remington, chung to the boat and
was saved, but the other two, Augustus
Higgins and Dennis McAuliffe, were
drowned. Both were unmarried.
Corn ti hee in Kansas
1 WIHITA, Ka., Feb. 8.-In a decision
I rendered Wednesday a justice held corn
Sto be fuel. A thousand bushels of corn
belonging to a farmer named Steadman
had been attached. Steadman said he
was using the corn for fuel and that
1,000 bushels was not more than enough
ntolast nycar. The justice ruled that
under the law exemptig a year's fuel,
the attachment could not hold.
I trikers Paid and Ordered to Leave.
aIsenrIrno, Mich., Feb. 8.-The riot at
the Volunteer mine has been quelled.
The striking Finns were paid off and
ordered to leave the locality. It was
Wound imposible to arrest the ring
leaders. A strong guard armed wieh
rile was left at the mine to protect
property. Twenty Finns have struck at
the South Buffalo. They demanded a40
per centincrease in wages. They were
hpaid ofe and discharged.
We . xCrook Just the Sanm.
Dove, Me., Feb. 8. -County Attorney
Paren ha reeived a dispatch from
Birmingham, Ala., stating that the man
remted there on luspicion of being Hall
the Lake Onaway, Mbe., murderer,proves
tobe another peon, who is wanted n
Carmii, White county, Illinois,
Admiral Kraotz, the minister of ma
Sine, proposes important additions to the
Frenola navy for the year 1801. His
plaus include the onstruction of 18 new
Scraft, of which there will be 10 heavy
Sironclads, 11 cruisers of varus classee,
N 2 torpedo rrulserp, I torpedo dispatch
p boats, 12 sea-gob torpedo bhats, and Hl
F first lass torpedo boats. Thegreaten,
laagp..ent of the torpedo service in this
ddition of 54 torpedo boats of various
types is regrateal as a sign of the times.
The influenzea epidemic i increasing In
Mexico. Whole settlements of Indians
thave been attacked and the death rate is
t high, In uadalajuma the disease is es
peolally prevalent, The military hospi
t tats are unable to accommodate the largo
' number of sick,
1 Wyoming is disposed to innovate in
San interesting way, if nt iro matte of
r the most immedlial maaguitude: A biU
is under eonmidelratio in the legslature
ti t a U spI baldge of disproval upon the
Stngcl p whn a~r such persistently. If
Stheydo not marry by the eag of it they
are to mbe taxte V'.:,( l"r ycti,
The house comioittee on public build.
a lo.g and glrounda have authorized favor
able rpor'ts o the bills making appro.
pnatlons for the erection of publio
buildings at Atohiseon, Ki.; Lansing.
Mlch,; Galesbu'g, Ilis.; Aahland, Wi.;
r4u BRids, Iowa,
We Have Piles of Them.
To be placed on sale
reM ofdfay Fe b. 10,
II At prices which will make an
i Tttýo &t di Rm ll sa,
Silks, Velvets and Plushes,
Dress Goods and Ginghams,
Calico and Tickings,
Ribbons, Etc.,
Table Linen,
Oilcloths, Etc.,
And Other Goods too Numerous
to Mention.
This will be a
Great Falls, Mont.

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