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he Semi-Weey Tribune.
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ha ae en
Hte CaoN BE DONEthe-s s ?h
He hes too many goods on hak d he
d although the ay have been
ken down below. oost, they R
nt Bell. People ooming into the
. to buy, look at what he offers hs
go out without buying Wheat
tthe reason? Simply this- hies d
on hare tever-oohangldng fafashioned Heis
e of a numeroust lass of meras are
ante who don't keep up with the i
eish," durae sticble to the old aos- ito
nee same tyles that he has parteen
d to selling many years back soo
artdoesn't approve of the newontry.
es in style and pattern, but th
ants his customers to indorse his bs
on. by buying the wstyles heMen
iho they ought to wear. on
Now he finds oadvt his mistake, he ir
efound outo come and goetly nd sad me
perhce that in order to sell his ca
freely he must study the
ant of. his customers, keep post- ing
on the everpudhanging feshion
aoand'buy just sush goods as are
ylish, durable end cheap, and at it
a same time adapted to his part wi
art of the ountry.t customer ds
Our Gents' Frnisy. well-fitting anGood p
yih'tpalor-mede suite in eveimport
and domsetic fabrics are meet- hs
g with wlsonderful suess. Men t
te have bought them have inef
me ludinstanes advised their r
ends to come and get the same h
This fact is's convincing
gurneut in our favor. "It is the e
roof of the pudding." We 'have
et to find the first customer die- .,
atisfied with our clothing, b
Our Gents' Furnishing Goods Ii
pertient is complete in every a
etnil, frourin elegant new-styled t
ilson 'Bros,' Presg : Shirt to the t
ateet 64' in 5lk Handkerchiefs,
eluding solld'blacks, that are,
owall therag&
We have: been selling a great de
many single pants pstely; Those tI
medium- pridh. fine wool Oassi- w
mere Pants have been appreciated,
When 83,75 will buy a neat and sh
dressy pazr of Cassimere pants for
every day wear there is no oca- ea
sion for wearing the old ones any
In our Hat Dppa ent we can
show you almost anything in the f<
market. Au elegant line of the p
latest styles in stiff hats, including p
the celebrated Knox.. Every style
in fine soft hats;, including a com- d
plate line of Stetson's splendid
Come in ad give us a trial,
are feel conz tiat iae arp4able
to fill your' a "~.' pr.ee'tabt
will induceson o . Yours re.
Andrew Jensen, Prep'r,
Next Dow to Fri4 Natibial Bank
i Oce--Third loSof tbs Minot build
111g, QG ipt llr, lt .
'PHE REV. EUO. H., TIt4YEI,. of
Bourho, Ind., says: "both my p.f sad
wife owe omi " W' ai ON
LUMPerION C1IE. to.. M b9
LapeyreBrp ' ',i p , ' by
I s: . "
A Chicago Embeszler Coolly Done Up
for 0160,000 by His Ae
complile. "
Cashier of the Minot, N. D., First Na.
tlonal Bank Mising With t
Rose, the Redwood Falls nurderer
Respited-Bg Jail Delivery at
Spokane Falls-Crime. t
H-ICAOo, April 10.-A morning paper
paper says that the details of a fraud in
connection with the failure in 1887 of
the great barbed wire manufacturers, I
Sherman& Marsh has just come to light.
It appears that Eben J. Masbh, manag
ing partner of the firm, seeing that fail
ure was inevitable, laid his plans to de
ceive the creditors, and to feather his
own nest. He entered into a conspiracy
with Charles H. Lane. a New York
broker to make it appear that he (Marsh)
was speculating heavily in stocks.
Marsh then bought up as much wire on
credit as he possibly could, stored it in I
warehouses and borrowed money on the
receipts. In this way he got together 1
about 0150.000. This was placed in
Lane's hands to be held for Marsh until
after the failure qf the firm. For his
services Lane was to get 826,00.. When
the failure of the firm was announced
Marsh confessed to the creditors that he
had been speculating in stocks and
showed receipts from Lane to prove his
his saeebrtion. While this was being in
vestigated Lane took all of the $150,000
and left the country. Marsh followed
him to Europe, but was unable to find
hips. In the meantime the creditors of
the firm put detectives on Lane's track
and it is understood they found him and
induced him to give up $7,000. Marsh
was also taken in hand by the creditors,
and compelled to turn over to them $26,
000 which be had realizedon some Chicago
real estate. Marsh is now said to.be a
salesman for a lumber firm in Baton
Rouge, La.
wenty Primsoers MLake Their Esapes
From Jail at Opskanoe Fdil.
SPOAxze FALLS, Wash., April 10.-A
daring and sucdessful attempt to break
jail was made by a number of prisoners
confined in jail here. SuBnday night
when Turnkey Beard made his usual
rounds everything was all right. Imme
diately after bars were wrenched off and
four prisoners crawled through the
break they had made. A lamp burning
on the window sill was turned away up
so that the flame came out of the top of
the chimney. A cry was immediately
raised for the jailer to come and putout
the lamp, Beard responded to the cries
by comingm fro the oflioe. Seeing the
lamp, he made for it. As he dtd sohe
Swas suddenly felled to the floor by a
blow on the head from one of the pri
oners. The 6thers then asileted in bind
mg the jailer with ropes and gagging
h and after liberating nineteen pris
oners in the upper tier, made their se
cape. Three have siMnce been rearreted.
FredMdhurst, of the Pirs Nttlowal Hank
of Minot. N. it., Suppoo d to Ba Ia an- larn
ada,. will
FARGO, N. D., April 10.-From Minot the
it has been reported that Fred Medburst, take
who was cashier of the First National on
bank, had left with $5,000 of the bank's stol
funds.' E. A. Meers, of this city, i ad
president of that bank as well as the Na- a
lional Bank of North Dakota, here.
Be was seen and reported that Medhunt
liad left for parts unknown, but took toe
$,000 instead of the sum named, and Wil'
ears has sent, his personal check to
Minot to cover the defaloatlon and Ma
would notendeavor to follow Medurt, for
who is supposed to be in Uanada. Med- for
hUr-t was highly esteemed.
Treaty of Peat .l igsed oand the
Hatehtot Burled. h
LoutavlLae, Ky., April 10.--The Shur.
-looks, Days and others, representing C
both the Howard and Turner factions th
have held a pow wow, both sides have
agreed to suspend hostilitIes and forever
buory the hatchet. It was also agreed
that should any more bushwhackin rot
take place both side would turn out and
hinttie easainl. h
A WIfe Murderser rtlaewh. lb
ASLANLI., Wls., April 10.-Joseph he
Feusch, who for the last elht months foi
has been wanted on the charge of mur; o
dearng his wife July 1, 1889, was ca,] ft
tured at Buttemnt and brouht to this
cit by Oir hase of GlUden. He an
wae confront d by Officer Hrtand Mr. th
and Mrs. Brranr, the uncle and auntof
the murdered woman, who, in spite of of
Sthefact that Fench lad shave o his isl
moustache ad out his hair las, post. wi
tively Identfid himT. Two other men ts
- aloawore that he was Feuscih at
Respite far Wlilliam Mae. w
ST. PAUL, April 10.-The case of The Pt
State against William iose, who h i
been sentenced to hang on Friday sext 1k
0 for the murder of Hoses Luftln t -~ed. at
wood counnty, came up before th eso
pres ourt on an cider for a-tay Of a
g procdins to allyo the prfl f c.
i. day is granted. The case will os he-0
about the eyxpiro:no . ay.1..
Abetde i a.s ngter er Towmate.
A ' W lsRGIoIO, April 10.-The house ti
Le "pomltte di pblic lands has autor. T
rt a favorable report on tse ill to per. h
-tee.lt thenl1 · berdeen, S. l., to enter ii
- 140 eprea oLaud for towadttpurpes
wit a reervatloa t favor of ý
. .om o f. ]
DIus aO, N. D., April v.-The itt I
pett of United States- senrt for North C
FdiatA i l 10. --Georg Es- I
' Veaere' nta ts ais.
The nmstnuusl examinatson of appli
mnte for teachers' nertilcates in Casuade
county will be held at the brisk school
house ls GiFallsl on saturday, April
19,1K00. E'lV.nation tobeSin at9 a. m.
Lid- Co. Supt. Schools.
o pefs0ar:;pmoited from dump
iof a -th,%eg. e or rebbtlh In the streets
sador a b s pecial permit of the
byI a A W. ro, Ct.t Dngisner.
9g + :++++?+ ~v'
A Column Added to Each Page to Meet
tile Gtrowig Demands of the
Thursday the TRIBUNE appeared in an
enlarged form. The increase in size has
been rendered necessary by the growth of
sdvektisementa which encroached upon
our news columns.
While the TnrntNE is always desirous
to accomlnodate its patrons,it feels bound
to make space for the current news,
which is every day increasing in import
once and interest. It has recently lssued
supplements to accommodate both adver
tisers and readers, but we are convinced
that the public will prefer the enlarged
sheet which we issue today.
The TRrnBnE is resolved to keep pace
with the growth of this growiug city. It
developed in 1887 from a weekly paper
into a five-column daily, with semi-week
ly editions. It soon became necessary to
enlarge its page to six columns, then to
seven and now to eight columuns. The
sheet which we present today contains 32
columns and is the largest printed in
SMontana, except the papers published in
the more populous cities of Heleua,Bistte
and Anaconda.
The enlarged size of the Tn]isvNur will
be used to render it more interesting ar:1
useful than ever to its numerous readers.
It will continue to keep before the pub
a lic the matchless resources of north lion
l tans, whose development will impart in
s crehsedimportance and wealth to tlis
r portion of the state.
Our semi-weekly paper will also be
I enlarged and will maintain its position
n as the popular favorite of the rural pop.
ulation and miners of north Montana.
The COar all Right.
Scr. P.rT.seBnuis, April 9.-The czar
has entirely recovered and will return to
Getschina on April 20. The oflicilals of
I public instruction and police made in
qiry nto the recent riots among the
students at the technological instiluteand
twenty-eight students will be expelled.
To End Duelling.
BnmLIN, April 9.- It is stated that the
o emperor will appoint a court of honor to
n deal with quarrels between the offllersof
the army. The emperor will only permit
a duel for a blow or insult to a lady rela
tive or fiancee when the soffender refuses
Sto apoloigze.
- Prlnces of Wales D.pa
LONDow, April 9.--The illness of the C
Princess of Wales is causing.considerable t
anxiety. It appears that she has never at]
completely recovered from the influenza. ga
The princess, although only 45, is begin- M
ning to show signs of age and lately has ets
become almost stone deaf. ste
Progreas of the City in Massive Stores and Set
ane Residenes. nat
The wind for the past few days has era
been the worst ever known inGreat Falls, QU
at the building operations have been oc
pushed steadily, although under great elf
disadvantage. The stone and brick
masons and excavators get along very Be
well but toe wind interferes seriously Wi
with the carpenters.
J. D. Gore has eight men at work mov
ing his brick house to make room for his I
large hotel building. This new building lea
will be one of the best in the city. Much of co'
the stone used in its construction will be by
taken out of the basement. Stone found of
on the site is a good quality of gray lime- sir
stone. The structure will be 60x100 feet Tb
and will contain three stories, and a large On
basement. w'
The Paul-Vaughn buildings have re- h
cieved the first floor, and eleven carpen
ters and stone masons are pushing the u
Swork. a
A force of six teams and ten men are ha
making rapid headway on the excavation
for the Gibson block. This will be ready
for the stone work in about a week.
The excavation for Ulm's block is alt. d
most completed. Surveyors made the ar
exact location for the stone this morning o
and stone work will be commenced In
the morning. This will ha no imposing
oieeinre 80xB12 feet two stories high.
The excavautun foe Rolfe's building on bh
g Central avenue is completed, ready for ,
a the foundation. ei
The walls for the Nathan bhilding are
Sup almost to the second floor. Thb walls
d will be finished this week ready for ti.. T
Lapeyre Brothers are having some
trouble to find a foundation for their
block. After excavating about 10 feet V
they have decided to drive piles and im- g
Sbed them in cement, thus securing a solid
s foundation. This work has delayed the o
r' construction. i.
Wm. Roberts will soon have a large a
force of men at work on the Park hotel f,
is annex. 'Teams are hauling material for
r. the building.
if The foundations and basement walls
f of Matt Dunn's building are about fin- f
s ished. Mr. Dunn wisely made these e
. walls so heavy that they will support a
n ten-story building, although only three
stories will be erected at present.
Frank Coombe has finished the brick
work on the Germs nma house and the car
s poueters and plasterers are putting on the
a finishingtouches. He has also completed
at the brick work on the Boardman block, I
d adolsnisg the poltofilce.
Work op J. N. iridges' block on Third
of avenue South has been suspended on ac
of count of a lack of material.
he John Germ's brick building on South
thy First street is completed and occupied.
s- One room is used for a saloon and the
at other for a restaurant.
re The buildings mentioned above will
all be solid structures, and will give the
stranger viewing our city for the first
i time the idea of solidlty and stability.
or- There is no question as to whether the
en lavestmehts will be profitable, for nearly
tr 11i the rooms are rented at good figures
e. before the buildings are contracted.
g On the north side of town Theo. Gib
son's large residence commands the at
tention of the observer. J. B. Driver's
residence is also a notable object In the
t landscape. Among other houses nearing
rt eompletion in this part of town are those
id. of E. E. Bywater, Wm. E. Kern, Dr.Gels
Sbe horpe, A. W. Paul, C. F. Fullerton, M.
Kauloman, A. J. Lowe, A. F. Ney, S. A.
Baessett and others.
On the south side a still greater num
ber of resldences are building and that
partofthe city is being filled more rap
' idly than the north aide. With good
weather our contractors will push the
construction of the houses already gtartad
,p[. and will commence many more within
ad the next month.
pril The finest Oranges and Lemons in the
m. city at Frank Ervln's.
Is. . Too lovely for anything, but.just the
thing for you-our Drea Godawe mste.
mp- -New York Cash Bazaear.
rests orrugatesd Iron'eaMoon at Basih, Co7
the *Co's _
r. Have you sen thwe French Dress
Patterns at the New Yik Cash BaU r?
Ib b ~ ~ iiO.~~
Prophetstown, Ills., Visited by a Fear
tel Windstorm-Great Ruin
First Reports Indicate Heavy Loss of
Life, But This Has Not Been
At Harper's Ferry, Ky., Not a House
Was Left Standing-Three Killed
-Seven Injured.
BT. LouIs, Mo., April 10.-A special
received here says the village of Proph
etstown, Ills., has been blown from the
face of the earth by a tornado. Particu
lars are meagre concerning the terriblei
calamity, owing to the fact that the
wires are down in all directions. Thc
only definite news obtainable was re
ceived from the train hands on a stock
train which pulled out of Prophetstow n
just after the disaster. The town con
tained about 400 inhabitants and is lo
cated about forty miles from purlington,
Iowa, on a small branch of the Clhiitgo,
Burlington and Quincy road. The train
hands say that either a tornado or
cyclone swept down upon the town and
the ruin was terrible. They say that
Fifty Lives M·st tave Ber. Lort.
The railroad depot was blown flown and
the station agent was buried beneath re
ruins. A small Presbyterian church on
the main street was blown down and the
steeple carried fully 100 yards. The only
names of the dead now obtainable are:
William Vance, station. agent. huled
I buried in the ruins of the depot: Charles
Murray, an old man, who worked gr
the railroad, killed by a treighlt car beicg
blown over on him; Frank Wilson, (or
Nelson) a railroad man who lived near
the depot, killed in the ruins of his owu
3 house. The train men think that the
f eight persons in the Wilson mor NelsOn
house have b.en killed.
Later.-A telegram just received say a
that forty or fifty people were killed at
Prophetstown. The news has been vern
fied by a short message.
A SDozen Hilldlngs Wrecked.
CHICAGo, April 1 .-A conductor on
e the Burlington railroad who left Mendota
at 4o'clock, says the damage reported
at Prophetstown, Ills., has been exag
gerated. The telegraph manager at
Mendota, in communication with Proph
etstown, reported that a railway depot,
one elevator and several frame buildingh
had been destroyed. He saya that ther
had been
No Los of Life.
Several persons were injured, but no tir
names could be obtained. At the gen. g
eral offices of the Chicago. Burlington &
Quincy railroad a report of the disaster nee
was received by th: superintendent at 11 der
o'clock a. m. The report was to the for
effect that the newsrlaper reports and cat
Pirst Vsersions W-Rae Exangerated. 5s
But few buildings were parthilly
wrecked and but six peresons were lot
slightly injured. No deaths will result.
Har;er's Ferry )remolishbed. pa
Louis'iLrol, Ky., Al)ril 10.-It is jut t!
learned here that Harper's Ferry. Henry car
county, was almostcr mpletelydestroyed trb
by the tornado. The village, composed tee
of less than two dozen houses. is a con mr
siderable distance from any railroad. mo
The houses were not far apart and every ho
one of them directly in tile course of the br
tornado. Men, women and children Ili
were buried beneath the ruins. Not a
house remained standing, and the whole be
surrounding country was covered with
wreckage. Three people were killed
and seven or eight were badly injured,
but none fatally.
To Settle Granlt & Wurd'r Afrairs. Iei
NEW YORK, April 10.--Justice An- co
dres, of tie supreme court, ha. rigned
an order for the settlement of tire affairs by
of Grant & Ward. of
ThEe EEquitallr Winds Up. I
New YORKn, April 10.-The Equitable ht
bank will wind uLp t. uffairs. It has ci
reade no oney" since the bank wrec.ing
episode some tlme ago.
The Ex-Spaekuker Colditlon 1is .Pe
neirererd irpelesm.
NEW YORK, April 10.-The Tribune's
Washington special says that ex-Speaker
Randall is in a dying condition, and that rr
his devoted wife, who has hitherto been h
strong in hope, is now prepared for the G
inevitable. Mr. Randall has notrecog- d
nieed any member of the family for t
Iforty.eight hours. h
Dented by the Family. C
WVAsINo'roO, April 10.-Mr. Randalls a
family say that he is not in a critical tl
c ondition as has baen reported; that he I
pennd a very comfortable night, and II
that he is better than le wes last week.
ciailns Insanity.
a case against Dr. Harrison Wagner for
I his lilelous shits against the Adams i
E. .re.so company, came up before thed
circuit crourt rf Stafford county. Judge
dBarton dismissed tihe civil cgees, and
Wagners counsel have filed a plea of in
.mnity in the criminal ases,C
I County C.rmMiinonerun uspsnd.
BLroMARCK, N. D., April 10.--Judge
Winchester has suspended County Com
II missioners Ecklund and Healy, pending
e the determination of th case against I
it them. An attempt wa made to ap- I
point temporary cowmissioners, ad
e Guy W. Johnsonand MC Eppinger were
Y named, Eppinger will not quali fy
Te Repay South Dakoth
- W HseINovoN, April 10.-The senate
t committee on territories has reported
Sfavorably the bill repaying South Da- I
Skota for the expense of the legllative
B wioa last Otober. The amount is re
Sduoed from $19,000 to$14,000.
. Astreonmer proctor's aon Insane.
L. NEW YoaI, April 10.-The World'e
St Joseph special says that Richard
o- P ter, aged 2, only son of the ate
at faihoha asonomer, R. A. Procto.. has
Sbecome inwae and it .habe decided
A fine assortment of Buffalo horns at
In Frank Ervin's.
All kinds of touse Furnishings at the
he Bee Hive.
SHILOH'S COUGH and Consumption
he oae is sold by us on a guarantee. It
en. cures Consumpto. Forsale by Lapeyre
* WHY WILL YOU cough when
BShlohbs Cure will give a immedlate re
e" le. r 10 octt, a 0 eta., and $. For
_.. wN 'iiý . - .:sain4ý1iFsýl.!w
Notes on That Thriving Mining Camp
More Homues Building.
Il. Grannis of Barker spent a week in
the foot hills bear hunting. The object
of the sportsman was to get a bear to
stuff and add to his already large collec
tion of stuffed animals. One of the boys
who was out with him says that he ran
on to an old bear, but fearing she was
going to use him for stuffing, he left her
for some other taxidermist and came
Over 40 stone placer claims have been
located in Barker in the last month and
the locations are not yet half done.
On Monday afternoon a regular bliz
zard visited the Belt mountainsand about
eight inches of snow fell in four hours.
Prospectors from all the camps are
packing toto the Logging creek district y
to prospect thel new field. di
At Ilst it e.,ms that the intricate web B
that has been so long thrown over the cr
(tlendenin smelter and ":'ver Bell mine
will be removed as the property will be m
sold on May 3. Report has it that a pri- ua
vate offer was made for the property be- 6C
fore it was offered for sale.
liuild'ng still continues at Barker
and six new buildings are under con
At the rchool election in Barker on ye
Saturday Pete May andt H.Northamwere
elected trustees by almost an unanimous
Mliss Ellen bM. Ross of Illinois is teach- k
ing the present term of four months. b
Among the new enterprises of Barker
is a saw mill, which has been kept busy
ever since it started up three weeks ago
supplysmg lumber for the new buildings. a
A readty sale is found for all they can
saw at $20 per thousand.
The new brewery of Joe Winker is
now running and the first lot of beer will
be turned out today.
All the Notes and News of Valley and C
Next Sunday is itev. Little's day here. h
Though many changes are taking
place, new-comers are numerous and r
there is but one vacant house in the a
The residence of Billy Devine that e
Judge Dyas accupled at $25 per month,
(two years ago) now, rents for about one
third that sum.
Opportunities at the metropolis have
a called hence our last real estate agent.
SMrs. J. Freer will raffle three lots and
a house (which cost her over $1,600) on
the 10th of May for $1,000-200 chances at
$5 a chance.
Mr. Robertson is the employee of the
a atone store, who bought out Mr. Crone. I
He is receiving new goods to increase
the stock and his new, attractive loca
o tion coupled with extended acquaintance
Sguarantees him success.
Sladore Crone is one of our best busi- I
o ness men, a solid citizen, and leading
1 democrat. He visited Great Falls the
e fore part of the week with a view to lo
cating. He also has an eye on Neihart
and Helena. We hope he will settle
,esraw to his old vocation in Cascade
Scounty. He has boee a brave inspiring
leader of the democracy of thain vicinity.
tMises E!la Largent of the ladies' fishing
party was triumphantoverall. Mesdames
,t Athey, Quail, Voorhes and Kellison also
-y caught splendid trout.
Last Saturday the patrons of this dis
trict re-elected Mr. H. D. Blossom trus
tee. The present board of trustees merit
n much praise fr the interest they have
d. manifested in the schools. No school
ry house in the county has so large a li.
e brary nor better equipments than Sun
n River. And the exhibhitiun to be given
by the school on the 1st day of May will
be the grandest affair of the season.
Harper's Ferry Demnollhedt. tl
LotIsVILLE, April 7.-It has just been
learned that Harper's Ferry, Henry he
county, was almost completely destroyed Ho
by a tornado. The village is composed per
of less than two dozen houses, and is con- p
siderable distance from any railroad. All me
the houses were blown down and the in- r
habitants buried beneath the .,ioa . Two ty
orsnvured nitier and seven or eight cia
nuy lonjuresd. wo
Another Sniclde in Butte-A Surprise For
the Husband.
BuTTE, April 7.-When Frank Scott An
woke up this morning at7 o'clock in a
room on the second floor of the Garrison
house, on the corner of Wyoming and ly
Galena, he shook his wife by the shoul- Ca
der and told her it was time to get up if aft
they were goling to Mlsasoula this morn
ing. It only took him a minlute to dis- by
cover that he had been lying in bed with He
acorpse. Ilia wife was quite dead and Ye
there was a white froth on her lips. On eat
the table was some paper in which a lit
tie morphine remained still which made
evident the cause of her death. Bhe was Le
addicted to drink. a
Victory in Bismarck.
BIsMARcK, N. D., April 9.--I. P. Baker fir
has teen elected mayor. He is the first wl
democratic mayor.
Blaine Offers to Make a Free Trade Deas pt
With Amerian States. of
WasamurTOa, April .--There has been
a great deal of rumor in connection with
the tariff schedules, and Secretary hi
ilatne's influences in order to establish di
reciprocity with South and Central t(
American countries. The secretary has o1
submitted to the majority members of the
ways and means committee a proposition
relative to the South American imports,
p which if as f hllows:
The preslaent shall by proclamation
declare all po ts of the VUnited States free u
to all products or any independent nation
on the American hemisphere upon which a
export duties are now levied so long as
such nations admit free of all duties r
breadstuffs, provisions, preserved meats,
fish, vegetables, fruits, and in factall ar
ticles of food, lumber, refined petroleum,
and such other products peculiar to the
United States as may be agreed upon:
provided, however, that this concession t
shall apply . rely to merchandise trans
ported in vessels of the United States or
of the other countries entering into this I
The school election on Saturday alter
noonwas the most spirited ever seen in
In Butte, 2,188 votes having been cast.
It Mleny ladies were out to exercise their
re prvilege of voting at schaol elections.
There was a Jam about the polls a.l dasy,
and it took on gn average as hour for a
n voter to get biel ballot de osited. There
.wee ,,188 votes cast and 2. M. Tresk re
r ceved a majority of 268 vota.i-lnter
M pia-ia.
It is Announced in the United States
Senate Very Oppor
Senator Hoar of the Bay State Admits
That the Victory is a Strong
Democratic Argument.
Tom Carter is Considerably Puzzled
-Col. Sanders Knows All
About it, But Won't Tell.
WAsmnrtoTON, April 7.--In the senate
yesterday Voorhees sent to the clerk's
desk and had read a telegram from
Helena, Mont., stating that the demo
crats had elected their mayor by 30)i
majority, sad that the republicans, wh.,
usually had a majority of whom 400 tai
600, had carried only one ward.
Spooner's comment upon the telegram
was, "That ought to settle it," and I aer's
was, "That is the strongest argment
yet produced on the democratic side."
Carter said it was beyond his compre
hension, while Col. Sanders said he
knew why the result turned out as it did,
but did not propose to give away the se.
cret. A. J. Seligman, who started home
some time ago has unexpectedly turned
up again.
The North Carolina Senator Exposes the
Montana Steal.
WASHINOTOw, April 7.-lf the republi
can senators ever were crucified it oc
corred today when Senator Vance of
North Carolina made his speech in be
half of Senators Clark and Maginnls.
Vance opened up with cleverly ar
ranged statement of the facts and law
on which every hearer could understand
-and when that had been done he pour
t ed out the vials of his wrath upon the
malignant majority, who feared not
God, neither regarded man.
With floiend vehemence he insisted that
there was a conspiracy, the ramifications
of which extended from Silver Bow to
to this city, to upset the vote of precinct
84 or any other precinct that stood in the
it way of republican supremacy.
Very skillfully did he depict Sanders
and Powers as fugitives from justice B
s. fleeing to the city of refuge, fleeing from
e the law of Montana; from the writ of its
own judiciary, and Montana, as repre
sented by the two republican candidates,
1. rushed for the sanctuary. The gate was
e open, he said, held open by the president 1
e of the United States, who beckoned them
to hasten onward, breathless, knowing
le the avenger with flaming sword was on
le the letrack. They moved with accelerated
ge spead.
At10:40 a. m. on the 8th of November,
they lthrew themselves within the door
that was held open for Montana to come
into the union.
The flat had gone forth, the republican
contestants would be seated; the Judges
on the other side had come to that conclu
sion. They were not listening to testi
re nony or argument, they were out attend
ol ing to private business. (At that time
li. there were only four senators on the re
iH publican side.)
"Thip thing,' said Senator Vance, ad
ll dressing the other side, "will make you
sicker than it will us. He then warned
the republicans never to say a word about
the suppression of votes in the South, for
if they did democrats would simply need
to say: "Who stole Precinct 84?"
n "You have long lives ahead of you, I
ry hope," said he to Spooner, Teller and
id Hoar, "but you will never live long
ed snough to hear the last ol the stealing of
Precinct 84, and you oughtn't to."
i He briefly showed sn. e republican
Smethoda ii i ontana and in the 6enate
in- paralleled but did not eclipse the duplic
WO ity practiced In the Tilden afair and
ht closed by sayingthatthe democratic party
would have no reason to regret the de
cision which the republicans had already
come to in this case.
An Interesrtig leeting of Callifornia Co
CoFicaco, April 9.-The regular month
ly meeting of the Western association of
California Pioneers was held yesterday
afternoon In this city. It was addressed
by Col. Brewerton of San Francisco, and
Hon. T. N. Hutchinson, the discoverer of
Yosemite valley, who gave many inter
esting incidents of early life in California.
Both gentlemen, together withMrs.Frank
Lewis of Santa Cruz county, Cahlifornia,
a survivor of the Major Donner party,
were unanimously made honorary mem
bers. Col. Brewerton wasn antain in the to
first regiment of the United States army
which reached the Pacific coast, being
accompanied byp Kit Carson. In a brief
eulogy of Hutchinson, Secretary Jackson
stated that it was through the former's
that the state legislature finally gave a
pension to T. W. Marshall, the discoverer of
of gold in California.
Bouman Goes Demoeratl.
BOZraaNa, April 9.-The city election
has resulted in a democratic victory. The
democrats elected Pease tor mayor by
S10 majority. They also elected the rest
of the city ticket and two aldermen.
The Riverside addition to North Great
Falls takes a good share of space in the
enlarged Tanoic today. Mr. Imlblk
who headquarters at the Park hotel, will
tell you all about it.
Wilcox & DeCamp give some good
a reasons in big type today ehy you should
, buy lots in the Wilcox addition. This
property is near the fair grounds and is
very favorably situated.
S Quite a force of men are employed on
the dam now. The work so far is pre
Sparatery, but al soon as the smelter
Sbranch completed a large force will he
is put o.
"Every Spring,"
Says one of the best housewives in New
England, "we feel the necessaty of taking
in a good medicine to purily the blood, and
at. we all take Hood's Sarsaparilla. It keeps
ir the children free from humors, my hus
is. band says it gives him a good appetite,
iy, and for myself 1 am sure I could never
a do all my work if was not for this splen
ra did medicine. It makes me feel strong
re- and cheerful, and I am never troubled
tfr with headache or that tired feeling, as I
used to be."
Spring Openiag!
Believing; that Great Falls is on the eve of an uVprecedented
growth, and wishing to help the cause, I have with a large outlay put
in a stock of
'Dry Goods, Notions, C.ppets,
S. . wnich I believe cannot be surpassed in Montana. My stock
includes full lines of
Colored, Fancy and Black Silk.
. . I would like to call particular attention to the latter; I can
give you the newest novelties and most reliable goods in the market.
G . . I can show the latest Parisians Styles aswell as the cheapea t
et Domestic Goods and at prices which defy compeittcn.
, In the best French and Domestics. made in the newest pat
terns at popular prices.
Ginghams, White Goods, Challies, Prints, Etc
. In these goods I have a wonderful assortmenA in Prices,
Patterns and Qualities.
... In my stock of
House Furnishings
. I take a pardonable pride, as we can please any one in the
Table Linens, Napkins, Quilts, Curtains, Laces, Towels, Towling,
Sheeting, Muslins, Carpets, Comfortables, Blankets, etc.
. . Our stock of
Notions, Hosiery, Buttons, Rushings, Corsets,
S. , Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Jewelry, Toilet Artieles, etc., are as
complete as experience and money can make them
Carpets and Oil Cloth
. We are compelled to keep in our basement, but at prices
which makes it an attractive place for close buyers.
. . Before closing we] wish to draw the attention of the Public
to our
Shoe Department.
a . . Here will be found nothing but the best Standard makes
r of shoes to be procured in the United States. Goods that we can
warrant every time.
Reliable Dry Goods House.
ad jes, Sheep Skins, UFur o iTallow.
ver Eastern market prices paid for all the above stockl,, m pt attention
e- given to all shipments made to me. Quotations fur. on application.
Warehouse on R. R. track and Third ave. South. , ce opposite the
I Park Hotel. Address,s, - . .
Theo. Gibson, G r lbllfIs, M. T.

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