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We wish to say to the people of -Great Falls and vicinity that our New Spring Stook is now in and comprises the
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NO, 8525.
Authorized Capital, $i,ooo,ooo.
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T E. UOLLIS.s . ... President
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A 1 DIctOl RAN, . . . Cashier
D L. Tue, . . . Ass't Cashier
a gters banking btnnee. tMneeted.
atchange drawn on the preincpal point. in the
.tates and Europe.
Prompt attention given to oaleotions.
latrest allowed on time depoldte.
Donald Bradford will take what the
Helena Herald culls thd "relgns" of the
city government in hand on Tuesday,
April 22. He will make no appointments
until then. The republican sheets are
busily engaged in accounting for the de
feat of Davis. They admit that the "old
timer" cry was used too much for Davis.
But the Herald is not cured of that craze
for it still sneers at Bradford In this fash
WxArNED--Proposals for reforming the
city governmeon will be received up to
noon on April 22d inst. All bidders mast
have resided in America at least six
months and in Helena not less than 24
hours. All bids must be accompanied by
certified checks In a satisfactoar sum and
affidavits that the bidders can read and
write the English language and will vote
the straight democratic ticket at the next
election. P'lans and specifications can be
seen at the othee of Donald Bradford,
How much better is the manner m
which Jake Leb regards Bradford's
success. Hle says "the election of Don
ald Bradford as mayor means progress.
It means the influx of foreign capital, of
population, of new life to the city-a city
which needs more and better school
houses, m',re and better means of street
Local causes had something to do with
Bradford's success, but it was also knowl
edge of the Silrer Bow fraud that nerved
the arm of the elector and made him
therewith administer justice tothe alders
and abetters of Sanders.
The public demand for reform in the
national admihistration is strong. It ac
counts ftr the democratic victories which
took Iowa from the republican column
last fall and this spring have elected
mayors and counclls.
The llarrison administration, which
has been in power over a year, has
proved false to the platform on which
the president was elected. Ita s assocliat
ed In men's minds with wanton expend
lture; with war on silver interests, and
with reluctance to reduce the surplus, as
well as with nepotism and intrigues such
as aided and encouraged the Montana
The discontent with President Harris
on in his own party is great. He could
not be renominated If the convention
were to be held today. He would have
no chance of carrying New York, where
the party leaders are dissatisfied with
him and still at war with each other.
The rank and file are dissatisfied with
Platt, who lost the city the exhibition in
the valn hope that he could thus keep
back the tidal wave which In 1892 will
sweep over the country, engulfing Fraud
and Extravagaonce and restoring to the
country the peace, frugality and pros
perity which it lha always enjoyed under
democratic rule.
WE welcome to \hontona the renowned
Bill Nye, fiorurly of Wisconsin, then of
Wyoming, thn otf New York and next
of Europe. This reads like a pedigree
but it is not ineant to be so. Skohegan,
Maine, incurred a great responsibility
when it allowed Bill Nye to wander
around and engage in pen-writing. In
stead of reading Barter's "Saint's Rest"
boys, ant girl, too, persist in reading Bill I
Nye's humorous letters, which, like the t
rain, fall. in the way of the just. We I
hope that Bill Nye will visit Great Falls, t
We hope at least that his'manager will let s
him, for there is a popular impression 1
that when i .ctulrer "signs" he is bound 1
hand and fot as much as a base ball
pitcher or slave of the ante-war period.
We will promise to turn on for Bill the a
cataracts of the Missouri and to give a
special exhitition of the buffaloes and
antelope which Lewis and Clarke saw ti
when they came thin way 86 years ago. ti
Tiss Helenll erald inquires. "If the
election of a democratic mayor in Helena it
was an endorsement of Maginnis' claim
to a seat in the enaote, pray, what is to
be said of the election of Col. Sanders' el
brother by a still treater majority?" The c
people otf telena are intelligent and fair al
enough not to visit the crimes of onenl
brother on another. The Lord himself al
set the examnple. Abel had as bad a c
brother as .l uius Sanders has, but the w
Lord did nuo pliish him therefor. Edwin
Bo.l. h I - . br"iontlier named Wilkes, to
but the Ames. .a' people have never re
garded the gret actor with disfavor on
that account. ''h. fight was on the may-s
oralty. Henie arcl was put to sleep in A
the first round.
A snow squall of some minutes dura- ar
tion, accompanied by thunder and light no
niag, visited ilelena this afternoon.- er,
Herald. We think it was a tidal wave w
that struck you.
Secretary Blaine has caused some sur
prise by his plan to establish reciprocity
with Mexico, Central and South America.
Of course he is not at Bismarck, who can
enforce his will on the country, but his
suggestion will carry great weight if it is
accompanied by assurances from the
Spanish American countries that they
are willing to enter into the reciprocal
agreement which Mr. Blaine proposes.
Such assurances would make congress
consider seriously the proposal and would
compel the country to discuss it gravely.
The object which Mr. Blaine has in
view is to open the continental markets
to American products. He mentions
breadstuffs, provisions, preserved meats,
fish, vegetables, fruits and all articles of
food, lumber refined and petroleum,
"such other products peculiar to the 1
United States as may be agreed on." In
most, if not all, of the products named
we can already undersell the world, but
Mr. Blaine seeks to promote greater de
mand for them by removing the duties
which enhance their cost to the Spanish
American consumer. Flour, petroleum,
ham and other American products are
now out of the reach of even well-to-do
people in the South American republics
because of the excessive duties which
are placed on them. If such duties were
removed the consumption of our pro- 1
ducts would increase. The foreign res
idents especially would buy freely our 4
flour and canned goods and would dis- 1
play a decided preference for our apples '
to the fruits of tropical climes.
Our sisterrepubhcs will expect to bene
fit by the wider market which this coun
try would afford them for sugar, hides
and wool. They might expect lower
duties on all these, but they will gain by
the certainty of a permanent, open mar
ket which will be growing in importance
all the time.
Secretary Blaine proposes to limit all
the reciprocal trade which may spring
up to merchandise carried in vessels of
of the United States or of the other 1
countries enterinP into the agreement. He t
would doubtless make provision for goods
brought by the Mexican railways or for
traffic over the spinal continental railroad
which some enthusiasts propose.
This scheme accounts for the duty on
hides which New England opposes so
vigorously. The sentiment of American c
brotherhood will do much to bring the
project into public favor, but it Is one
which should be examined closely from
a business point of view. Of course we
feel kindly toward all American states,
but we shuuld avoid all entanglements
and "deals" which do not ensure benefi
cial results to all concerned.
_____________________ t
A few days ago the Inter Mountain
published a rumor to the effect that the
Great Northern employee in this state
who voted against Maginnis at the last
general election would be discharged. In
its issue of the ad inst. it took it all back
and humbly confessed it was mistaken.
We know 'thereof we speak, and the
man or newspaper that says the train
"stopped for hours in order that the reg
istration clerks, * * might register
democrats in time for the election," lies.
That isthe proper word to use. At no
time or at no station did the train step an
hour, or half an hour, or a quarter of an
hour. It arrived at Fort Benton on
schedule.tlime. The Inter Mountain
made this charge last September. Itwas
simply a campaign lie and no one paid
any attention to it. But now that peace
prevails it has a jarring sound and no
one who has any regard for the truth
will seriously repeat it.-River Press.
TiE Rising Sun says: In a late num
ber of the Great Falls Tarsitxa Hon.
Paris Gibson makes the following per
tinent suggestions in regard to the organ.
ization of a state board of immigration.
When that board is formed we would aug
gest the name of Mr. Gibson as its chair
man,for certainly there cannot be found in
Montana a gentleman of broader or more
comprehensive views relating to the sub.
ject than he. The palpable evidence of
his genius and enterprise is illustrated by
the city of Great Falls, which, through
his efforts, from the lonely hamlet upon
the broad prairie by the Missouri, has
assumed the proportions and character
istics of a vigorous metropolis of wealth,
business enterprise and social refine
ment." The Rising Sun then quotes Mr.
Gibson's excellent suggestions on the
-ubjict of immigration.
'HE Inter Mountain is again in erup
ion. It Is not pouring forth lava, but
he vilest phrases against all republicans
eho do not bend the knee to the Mantle
dol. It speak] of them as"foul-mouthed
iare and demagogues." They are a "set
f skulking hypocrites and hounds who
hould be avoided on the street by honest
0en. "They are "slim renegades." They
re also "bigoted asses," "corrupt tools,"
,d "blatherskites." The Inter-Mount
in mentions no names, but all these
hoice epithets are for men like Bray, I
Thom it reco,mmended to public favor t
ast fall. How pleasant it is for brethren I
dlwell in unity.
IT affords personal satisfaction in Great
alls that W. L. Steele and C. P. Connolly e
ave been elected aldermen in lIelena. |
Iderman Steele did good work in the '
at state campaign when his duties were
duous and responsible. Alderman Con ii
lIly is a good talker and a graphic writ- ti
He is a masterly stenographer and
oil qualified in all respects to represent
oung Montana in the Helena council. F
Henry Clay was a firm, consistent pro
tectionlist, but he would have laughed to
scorn the attempt of the republicans to
I win votes by increasing the duties on
corn, wheat, rye, cheese, butter and other
farm products. For the first time, prob
e ably, in our tariff history a duty is to be
r placed on eggs. Such duties bring de
I rision on the protectionist movement.
SThey are the acts of demagogues. They
i are not needed as protections for the
I United States is the greatest exporter of
farm products in the world. These du
i ties do not concern farmers In Indiana or
Illinois, but they do concern people in
i Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota,
who are near the Oanadian border and
do not see why they should pay money
, into an over-flowing treasury when they
buy a few dozen Canadian eggs from
their neighbors across the border.
The danger is great that this tariff bill
will demoralize the wool industry at the
time when our wool.growers bring their
clip to market. English advices an
nounce already that manufacturers are
preparing to export wool, in various
forms, in view of the expected increase
in the duty. Raw wool may also be sent
over in quantity so that it may come in
under the present duties, and thus be
worth from 10 to 15 per cent more should
the new duties go into effect. Carpets
may also be exported largely so as to es
cape the increasing durte.. Such im
portations will over-stock the market
They will be used as a pretext for low
prices. The dutlneas and uncertainty of
the 1888 season may be repeated. This
will be paying dearly in order that Mc
Kinley may pose as a defender of the
wool-growers and introduce a tariff bill
which may never be passed.
IT is good news which comes from
New Orleans. A telegram from that city
says: "The steamship Nymphala has ar
rived here from Hamburg, Germany,
loaded with elaborate machinery for a
beet sugar factory now under construc
tion at Grand Island, Nebraska. She
also brought upwards of 50 tons of beet
seeds. Several tons of these seeds go
forward to the agricultural department
atWaehington, as the department has had
applications for seed up to the present
time from over 2,000 farmers, and appli
cations are constantly coming in, which
shows the interest taken regarding this
new and very important industry to the
farmer in America."
is JuDGE TUtPrO of Indiana, one of the
most distinguished lawyers in the United
States senate and in point of ability the
peer of any of the younger members of
that body,it not of the older ones, laid bare
in in the senate yesterday the villainous
1e conspiracy by which the verdict of the
t people of Montana was reversed and, by
at which two men with FRAUDatmlsped on
[n their foreheads are to represent this new
k state in the senate. Judge Turple called
things by their right names and i.listered
to the conspirators in approved Sty:e, from
in Presidens .errison down to Billy Jack.
It was a great speech and ill do mulch
r to impress upon the country the enorms
, ty of the Montana crime. Senator Tur
to pie has earned the everlasting gratitude
, of the Montana democracy.
'a THE Hauser republicans hate Davis
a but they cannot bheat him for the may r.
Soalty of the capital even with the demo
cratic strength behind them.-Inter
e Mountain.
Beat himl Why the democracy
h trashed him within an inch of his life. A
gain of 719 since 1888 is not bad.
"IT is e mere incident that Donald
Bradford is a democrat."-Independent
Tonight our esteemed contemporary
will think it was an accident and a very
had one -Herald.
Another false prophet! The woods
are full of them.
° The alderman nominated last evening
at the convention are entitled to hearty
support. They are all well known citi
zens who are closely interested in the
welfare of the city. They are men who
enjoy the confidence of their own wards
and of the citizens at large. Let their be
a full registry and a hearty vote.
THE republicans of the Iouse will en
deavor to enforce the gag law tnd limit
debate on the McKinley turiff bill to one
week. They fear a free and open dis
cussion of this great question ansid Speak
er Reed will doubtless claim the privi
lege of squelching democratic members
at his pleasure.
DOnALD BRanDRD encouraged work
men to come to Helena. So said his op
ponents. Donald, we forgive you in
view of the good run you made. But
don't do it again. Send them to Great
Falls, where the laborer is always wel
EvanY indication points to a sweeping
republican victory today. Let no repub
lican, however, relax his vigilance until
the polls close at 7 o'clock. Then it will
he time enough to take a rest.--Helena
lHerald. You may rest now all you line.
DAvis' majority for mayor is variously
estimated from 200 to 850 majority.
Herald. Poor old Crazy Horsel Who
will mourn for Joe?
How would the Helena republicans t
like to see Rickard's tactics applied in
the city council, which is a tie?
CARRYv the news to Carter. Sanders,
Power and Jack.
Cincinnati overwhelmingly demcrc'lc
on Monday last.
Cleveland overwhelmingly democratic
on Monday last.
Indianapolis overwhelmingly demo
cratic on Monday last.
Fort Wayne overwhelmingly demo
cratic on Monday last
Columbus overwhelmingly democratic
on Monday last.
The Michigan cities overwhelmingly
democratic on Monday last.
The Kansas cities overwhelmingly dem
ocratic on Monday last.
Helena overwhelmingly democratic on
Monday last.
Butte overwhelmingly democratic on
Monday last.-Butte Miner.
SENATOR VANCE is a humorist, but he
is not a buffoon. He employs humor as
Swift did to denounce fraud and perfidy.
Ite made an apt comparison when he de
scribed Sanders, like criminals of old,
fleeing to the White House as to a city of
refuge. Spooner with an eye to self in
terest, defended the president, but he
could not explain away the suspicuous
circumstances connected with the hur.
ried admission of Montana to statehood.
Vance warned tho republicans that this af
fair will sicken them; that they will never
live long enough to hear the last of the
big steal. Gray and Vance are thus ex
posing the vile conspiracy to the execra
tion of all honest men.
THE Herald began to hedge about 8 p.
m. thus:
It is a notorious fact that the democrats
have bought and paid for the Dago
vote In the First ward and will vote this
delectable class solid for Bradford. TLhe
very fact that such an element is support
ing the demm ritic ticket should make all
the respectable democrats vote for Jos
eph Davis, the republican candidate.
Yes; what a lovely record Joe hasl
That Dago vote Is a chestnut.
VicToRY is in the air. Grand Rapids,
and other Michigan cities have gone sol
Idly democratic.
WHAT a solemn silence the organs are
observing on that Helena vlctoryl
"THE people are great when they are
roused." Joe Davis thinks so.
THE Helena Journal can eat crow but
it does not hanker after It.
What It (.ots
Must be carefully considered bythegreat
majority of people, in buying even ne
cessities of life. Hood's Sarsaparilla
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While the column of the Graphic are
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patent medmlcneo. bu, there are excep
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vailing influenza and the stubborn cough
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A practical farmer and stockman would
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Remember you can't buy Coon Black
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It is that impurity In the blood, whIch,
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esltesnhsgpon the luapgeanasaasnmuptioa
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ow Can CURED
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y dasaolhterifa ywuasffiotedwlths sref
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chld" J. . CmLIu , nr aunlgh I.J.
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500 Doses One DO dlr
Louisiana State Lottery Co
Intoo rrated by the Legislature for Educe
ilon and COharite p purcaes. and it. ft neh, i
made a par of the preeent State onatitttion, ini
LLby ano nwrain larae
,,, ,... ..,· ,
by anuauy buer aDaertv _
Stake place in h of the other tn
lthS of the Pcar, an arc all drawn in pub.
tic, st the Aoeaaemy of Mode, New Orleas La
SFAMEits Drawingand Pra. pt ynEA t of rizset
Atteeted as follews:
"We do hereby certtlfthat we nrtm n thet ar.
ran eto far all the Maonthl and Se.l.
Anaul Drawin of the Louisiana itate Lottr
aompeny, and in peron peroae and eontrol th
dral~n.temsel, etndsthug tsame reec
daoted with honatet, aqr andn Chodgfnlt
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uar signatures attached In its advtelmeent.'
We the endersigned banks and bankers will
ear all ..ees drawn in the Louislana State Lot
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Bat. Watlmeley..Pree. Louisiana National Bank
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CarlKohn.......... Pres. Unaion Natilol Bank.
Grand Monthly Drawing,
At the Academy of Mede. New Orlesm,.
Tuesday, April 15, 18e0.
CAPITAL PRIZE, $800,000.
0.0,0 tioket. at $0 each; halaes$0ll; quares
SI; tenthe 5; twentiat. t1.
I PRIZE OF $P00,s ...............$ 00m,000
1 PRIZE OF 100,0001 ...............1,0
PR oF . . ............... . 0,1m
1 PIZM OF .000 i ................ ,
OPBRI OF 10,000 ae .............. 80,0l
5 PRl OF 600 wp .............. 860O0
as PhZES OP ,0 taret :::*: 86.1.0(0
SP OE .............. Oo0,
SPRI OF 0 .............. 0000
IN60 PRIZE OF 800 are .............. I100,;0
100 d o $60D are ................... O. I o.
100 o 00 are ................ 10,0
RIO de Z ate........... 31,m
099 do 00 re...................... 1,a00e
O9 do 1o are .................. . 900
116 Prie, amounting to .............. $15tM,00
Naae--Tiokett drawna Capital Priat nra not
entitled to tearminal Priz.
Sit' te to rta c mall
Stryt~l umer borr inioto an sn.
n A ddrenisn pertl Adi..DUHN
AddiemK. a. DUaPHINt
flew Orlens., la
'or . A. DAUPBIN
Waahlngtea, D.. .
B ordarr d letter, ontinig tloney Orde. .
oen byal express acesp e, sew York ex:
ehn ANC. deftR or postal not. or u
rmAt New irlean attanal ltaahk New Iii.
*'Rig1EMBRU that the payment of prIZE. is
guaranteed by our national banks of aew (r
Imea Snd. tohe tcket tare edr praldet
an tn a w ha rrtered riht.
nennised in the hbighet enurta; therefore eI
are all imitatoas aianoaymouaeschemes.
ONS DOLLAR i the prteasof the smalleet
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Oils, Glass, Lamps, Wall Paper, Stationery, &o., ao.
Prescriptions a Specialty. Lail Orders Receive Prompt Attentiot
A. M. HoLan, President. M. M. HOLTam, Vioe-President. J. W. McLKon, Secretary-Treasurer
CHARLES WEGNER, General Manager.
Inuoporatn. Slhla, si1,Mm.
Lumber, Flooring, Siding, Shingles, Lath, Doors,
Windows, time and Building Material.
For sal. by J. M. GAUNT. Bruit Falls
Pmre- Brad i.llal Stalll.
No. 289 Dominion Btud-Book.
This animal is a bright bay with
black points. He weighs 1,800 lba,
and has superior action. Will stand
during the season at Pence's stables
and at Nelson Bros' ranch, Portage
Coulee. For terms address
P. O. Box 81, - Great Falls, Mont.
Farm for Sale.
AM m .n a ns s or; aid; ro smr
I w' be in Great Falls about
the F1th oa April with FOUB
da lihrhan grades of the beat
ustwf~id for family use. Don't
hry tl yo see theae.
J. M. AeDOW,
l thy, Is,
Budge & Kenkel, Props.
Haod-Sewed Shoes,
Just ,reedea d
Tan, Ooze Calf and
Frenho, Kid.r
-- P"w 80WN. . ..AM'
Merchant Millers.
Uaau.t . ,. o1 w ttouo s ds.. eg a i bo ug .
Diamond, Gold Dust,
Cataract, Silver Lef.
Golden Fleece.

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