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The Three Thugs That Strangled
the Yount State Ar
Powerful Speech by Turple of Indi
ana as Telegraphed to the
Butte Miner.
The Hooele' Senator Hope the Floor I
Witl th tp State Stealrs-41aders
Uneasy' at the Slorehing
'Wlaietrro, April 9.-This wua one
of the greatest days In the Montana de
bate. The Justice of thbir cause and the,
righteous indigastion they feel seems to
call out the highest eforts of the demo
crati senators. Eachspeech seemed to
surpass its predecessor, though none are
on like lines. The republicans are
annoyed, uneasy and restive and wish to
close or avbld the damaging debate. The
leading republicans ate dissatisfed with
Spooner's defense. It is openly pro
nounced a fallore The democrats pro
poseto continue the exposure. To day
Senator Pugh concluded his great legal I
argument. Not as oratoricl s the other
speakers, his law and logic were !Lke a
woven chain. All speak highly of the
He wea followed by Senator Turpli of
Indisa: on bhltalf of the demooratic
claimants. He made conededly not only
one of the closest legal arguments, hbt a
speech which for cutting sarcasm and
noliahed tivectives stands unsurpaesed
in the annals of the senate, and on its
close he received the warm congratula
tions of the senators, who closed around
him, EMarts among then.
He follop ed se ais tory of the trans
ctiton frott the establishment of the
precinct to the close, followed it up to
the canvas at Butte and denounced JackI
and Hall and taunted the majority with
the fact that nowhere in the cae had the
action of the sMoondrels been attemed I
tobe jnstiled.
"Tas ''rmatn incus."
He followed up to the state canvassing
board whom he designated as the "three
thugs who had strangled the young state."
He proceeded to analyse their action;
they could either receive or reject the re
turn; btthey bad no right to .alter
them. They had no more right to elim
Inate the returns of Precinct thantb hey
had to fill in the blank for. Gregnonn
Springs where no polls were held, with
enough to make the same change. In
either case it was an act of forgery, a
false court and ai fale entry. The word
elimination in their dialect was melhflu
oune prelude for forgery--forery like
cancelling the fliqures on a note or raie
log those on a check.
iAs sonDOx or A coUTYtr OARD."
Never In the history of electio.s wad
asch a crime committedby tbie Sodom of
a county be rd or this Goarmorrah of a
territory board-the chief justice, the
governor, the secretary whose only con
spicuous aot during the brief terms for
which they were appoit"ed, Wle the
commission Of this crime.
After revlewldg sae whole case he
closed with a reflereh ,to the atemupts
to buy up and suborn poerju to cut
doubt on the vote of precinct 4.
He reed several afidavite from the re
ord. When he came to the one where
Power apprmobached Pennycook s said:
'We know nothing of T. 0. Power etoept
what the records sow. He Is a man of
wealth and an old and proinent resit
dent of the territory The reofd" .O
show that he was 'an' nponaful- eoan
didsate fore high oce ast this pasticul
election. This man Power sent a mes
senger to Pennycook to come to Helens
in see him about the vote of treciect'lu
To this Pennycook responded and' then
Power told im'i that he wanted that pre
cin.t thrown out and did not care wh
meane were sed.,, H.e. 'would pay im
(Pe.oyeom) for the time and equtnse
but the CrosnUs of Montana did not have
money enough.
The republican senators wire very nn
easy, gyen Pretender aders ;left the
chair where e ,lia '45 ositensily
sprawlig and' fed o to e cloak room,
where Power was hiding,
Then Teller got up .Ud'aid lie ouly
wanted a few moments sad +v ' would
close the debate.. He thought eough
had been said aend propoaed to take the
vote. hml
John Sherman got up and said te de
bate had gne far enoulgh and that he
wat ready to vote.
Morgpn arcnuse d adminlaiered a maos
twinging and scathing rebuke to Sher
man. He mid that although Senator
Sherman had been to ..e.y, this was
the firt tl be bad hnobe b t dLd
with bli preane ilvds ta l
argument on either le, yet he e
to be readytovorate en saale h he
n.ew noth ab.uk Wa thisthe con
duct of a,1deo wat..lA, jpndcl ,l action?
What woUld he th ",of ifieadber pf
the supreme ourtn Who woula so demean
himslf during the trrlsl ot a erect ounatc
He (Morgan) proposed that the deb
snould go on so that th e tievee wouli b
expoad and branded In the sight of the
whole centry.
A SAy MI.L k TOWr.
St.ver Wintfl ed eve4ery c.t tby a
Meveivig MIw,
Banos,, April 10.-Thk e ' ver Pres
says that Hilver W~tllan, while at
Geo. Walter's saw mill, near the head of
Eagle creek, tfll agalat the new and was
frightfully .macgld. ~ieef hlnd wea
severed at the wfist,hist hti~ ban rwa
badly out, and there wasaeborrit woudi,
ten l.cher I- length made egr bis}
breast and deep enough to pieoe the
lungp. Mr. Waltee en O. P. Zortsn.,
who were rugnabg the mill, beP.gdgedhil
wounodethe beat they qu lIdaf telk h .
25 miles to ig Snjin1ý Alu W m It wa
on. Here be vd a tplaeo ut r
Northern tra aen tikes to ~an e
where he wlepl ue
pltdl, At bil . he' reee
skillful aen of . (nl e, itn
he is new tao o c1 adti at s
hyicas thi-isr
nP aaywondl flnerve never compla,
preas o~m lerle o" o
Soel o Jndha n4 o
threeutw. W
ltvinla lowe w' t uae.tsns oni
36 years of aye.
li has lned n o ,erep itn
e lt1h lwh ndng o fhe roars e
on the Butte Gallatin road.
About 1,100 men are being employed in
i gbtiluag the track in shape to enable
trnal to run over it, and It is expected
that in threeor four weeks the entire
road will be completed. The popularity
of the neaw route is already shown by the
large number of people who try to travel
over it dally.
nasarorlal Champions Are Defendtag
Nobly Clark and Matuinis.
WASnHIGTox, April 11.-The fight in
the Montana contest waxes warm.
Hoar lade a slanderous attack
today on the Montana votersa
Voorheen defended them. Keuna
made oar admit that he did not know
what he was talking abtut, lngalls,who
Is president, ruled that the Montana case
is to proceed until disposed of.
Bradsteet's Wool Report,
Naw YOL., April 5.-With steady de
mand, moderate supplies and new wol t
yet soacme time in the future, the wool
markets are naturally unchanged. The
character of the trade, however, is uneat
isfactory. Sales are made chiefly n small
parcels and there are no symptoms of in
creasing buoyancy. Manufacturers heret
and there continue to talk of shutting
down on account of losses or diminishea
profli, and in no department is the out.
ook for goods spaclsllypromising. Texas
and pulled wools, with fair activity, have I
been theprinclpal features of the week.
In Ine fleeces thetrad Is everywhere a
hand to-mouth de.cription. The spring t
Callfonia clip is reported to be about av
erae in quality. Carpet wools are mov
ing but slowly. The agitation has, for
the time being, a depressing influence.
He Did Net Meek the Nomiantlon and
Would Not eream if E tedM .
Pat Kelly, the genial agent of the Great
Northern Ballway, who was nominated
for mayor last evening at a meeting of
clti.ens, requests Tmn Tnlzaux to say a
that he is not a candidate for that office,
and could under no circumstancea accept
either the nomination or the offce. Mr. s
Kelly sauys the duties of his present pai
tioe require his entire time and he has
nobe'to spare to devote to city or other
tnterests., Even if elected he could not
accept the office. While thankful to the
friends who have named him for the hon
orable poeltion of mayor of Great Falls,
he mustrespeotfully declineto accept tle
race and at the same time adds that in
his opinion no better man could be ael
lected than Mr. Dickerman.
* Mr. Kely has filed with Mr. Stanton,
who is acting for city attorney Leslie, in
the ebeence of the latter, the following
communication :
GnRaT ALLS, MoUN., April 11, 1890.
J. 1 Leslie, city attorney,-Dear air,
I desire to state that I will not be a can
didate for mayor, and respectfully re
qtest that you do not publish my name
in.the lilt of nicial nomisatuaon. Yours
truly, P. fKELLY.
truly, P. KELLY.
Row Incialimel ty on a o re an m $eO,000
ote Indiana' t.Veen~.
"I witnessed an act of lndivility once
tat cost over $80,000," remarked Frank
- Sherwip, Jr., tO a News man. "I was em
r Iopled by a big cattle .company in Tezae
to orintand the driving of, their great
herd,4over the trail to Kanaba Oty and
Sotheatb pping paoint. We'"geherally left
Sthe' estern portions of thd state aud
would pa rilght up throungh the Indian
Territry, and in those days it was no
unconlmoneight to see from 5,000 to 10,
S0001ong-hacad Taes steers in's drove
nnthe'Wl. Tholen. wende I
o the trail. Those were pal y daya for
the cntlekings; there wawn unlimited
I ranr .,prIcelwea high mud milliofuire
tcattle er wase thi.k. Itlgenoeally re
quiltd from threelonour iuonth to make
ra drivtLKanaeCty sadl evaenal weeka
SInsdin It.. .tfrequenb y en
a coutered' Idians an they were aways
L kiadandpdceable I a chlrmet me
o and enpressed a wiah for un 'freah
meat, I alwany had threeorfca Isteer
butout of the herd and w d rthe
Sover to him. This was vey a po.
e caution end no old time ctelt ii eer lli
a resfed to give an.Indian a few eer.
There wa no'demand madebtlt wb
dangero notu to eed a auggeion, for
One timas out of too the Indtna wouldi
Sbysme mms atuees astempede of the i
Slrre,dasad ao dollsar world be
'. Int the e.it r ghi on e.a ,
'Qn fatLd aboutd phed on
Sthe trail. .dll after we goifairly Into
i the lla.ntti e Iy,-I rode ahead of the
Sd war nd The third dayst
i itg'h ofb about o,000 _t sea I
' belonging to what is Iknown ase'on-u
Sandle tattle company. The foroman of
the herd wu a young aamrt aleok, who
had cometo America fron London. ,He
thought he knew It all. Wong in.the
Sfi'ernoon a ofe I Ubea approached
r th foreman. Tie chipf, who wee a ge
naturedlnokig Induia, remarked, "UIgh!
Indien bUn muoch fat cattle"
f a wtagl asiude ea the ae'
e a man toe44d ecornfully at
thediskind t In to the de
viand f Qa to give hi.e ateer.
tikt t awabuo there weu
n o on theif.l.nOe. That
aSt', herd ap mstem
c 'atd" had about hea.d
tat ° 'ha'e.. eaceII'. iia
reeeed. wee' d into pat to
rojdnpcaitlne ýsstampeded by.leina In
own otanniy.. Wilen I arrrved m
with myc herd Ibid 400 or
macea lh.aI eu ted. some of
the w~,ede caiUe had joined my
-e ynlUsjpimue eUnuAuT.
f Sorin er held a conferenac Friday
with 8f btu ndhreuat.
AI, Winnipen i a workes d up
: O, e11nd 60 *hah Ri a , O
,y ia le cetal figuore.
'º , u havq died wonltla- ef atc.of
a laaineeerd by as eacant glrl
" GIerai 'tMile a.mles beeo pmoteei d to
rO he ' Qeneral n4 Coloine
Ori Trthcaalry, irsai Brtga.
" + "h eato daggr.
SA o t h liege bce been
a epel f an utdresde.
the ches l dli e
0'hl combating e +rcink
impportation ci sIc
actea ~1b
I"Iel h
Kore Reports of Destruction Ia North.
era Ohio and Illinois by the
Lest Tornado.
A Score ol Houses Demolished at Sha.
ron, Ohio, and Ten People Re.
ported Killed.
Ulhland Park, Ills., a Seene of Ruln
Serious Disaster at Norwalk,
CLUVaLAND, Ohio, April 11.-A special
to The Prpae from Akron, Ohio says a
report comes from Sharon, Medina
county, Ohio, that a tornado struck
that village, tearing it to tatters and
killing ten people, besidae injuring many
more. The storm swept through Spring
field township, Summit county, where
Scott Sweitzer's house was demolished.
The family got into the cellar just as
the house was whisked away from over
their heads. Barns aid outbuildings
were blown all over that section of the
county. Great damage is also reported
from Krumroy.
Later-It is now known that twenty
houses were demolished at Sharon aod
from ten to a doan deople killed. oHubr
Faulk a well-known faomer, was among
those killed. His ife was seriously in
jured. The names of the other people
who were killed are not yet obtainable.
Mlny Bnlldnaps Unrmofed r Otherwise
Badly DMarmnged.
HIbnLArs PA.K, Ill, April 11.-One
of the fiercest storms ever known in
Illinois swept over this place at 11 o'clock
p.m. and did heavy damage to prop
irty. Though only one was injured, a
number had narrow escapes, The wind
camne from the northwest, and the path
of destruction was about hal a mile
wide. The Catholic church, a large
structure, gave way before the blast and
ell into a shapeless nras. The houses
f M. Rafferty and Martin Blettel,which
idjoined the church on the west, were
i.ea blown over, their occupants for
tunately escaping in their night clothes
:vitout injury. The roof was lifted off
re. Collins' large residence and hurled
te the lot and
D..hed unto Splinter,.
he residence occupied by U. Stoker and
is family was unroofed and otherwise
,amaged. Mr. Kreiger'e residence suf
ered similar damage, and an old lady
n the house was ser1n..;y burt by a
irge piece of wood whir., trLuck her in
,oe side. Pitts' blaoksioitbshop, a large
ied frame structure, w"ýa picked up by
is wind, carried twenty leet and torn
o pieces. Theroof wasoblown off the
,rge agrocery store of Tiihius Evansthe
ullding was badly shattered, andserious
omage was done to his stock. The
'ont of Goldberg's store was blown in
.ud the
Staok Scattered is All Directionl
he Central hotel lost nearly all its
iinds and was otherwise damaged. The
'ont of Mrs. Kenney's store was crushed
: ry the wind and a large portion of
or stock was ruined. Outbuildings and
races all over the place were blown
own, trees were prostrated and the
1 ,wo was slaken up generally. The
I corm came directly from the northwest,
i :sking in half a mile wide. The damage
t annot he accurately estimated, but,
ay good authorities it will not be much
esa than $40,000.
raliroy Olrli (Ia the rd a Norwalk,
SOht6 ' aete-One Nllad-Maiy In
V.ICiNvLAND, Ohio, April 11.-A oy
alone struck Norwaplk, Ohio, about 5
o'clock p. m. The storm came from the
Northwest and swept a track about half
a mile wide from the eastern limits of
thes ity quite a long distance in the
Sountry. The umbrella factory of
is pslgue' French was in the path of
tme oone A part of the buildi, in
whih about thirty youn women were
e mpl e..d, was orued lk egg shell.
wouy of the girls escpe, but other
I were cauglt in the failing hnildiug.
Dora Paluter, aged 19, received fatal t
s jur and diedin a shor time 3 Her
skuNwp ontoheed. Nellie mrin s wa
Iel pchrou d ashout the head and up
isper jitofit body. Bru sh lhd
eher ollar bone broken and was other
Swise injured. Several other girle
whose names not otbe leared, r ve
Sinjuries. A domn barns were blown
down and other small buildings were
f wrerced. Trees were uprooted and
Sfences torn down in 1[ dlretlons.
he foroof the wind was unprecedented
in this section. At 7 o'clock in t ven
ig another tearie. storm visited the
iy, the wind blowing and hail ones
a large as hickory nuts falling, smash
g windows and demolishig green
ie !esuses.
Ah dLeato f rom Collins, Ohio, a fnw
t miles rom Norwalk, esys: A v"e
heavy and serilus o lones se
throeh s.g s ta a t 5 o'eolna p.om. Be
tween fifteen and twenty huildino.,
t mostly dwellngs, were. compMtel7
1. wrecked, and several people inju;j.,
D ir. oolff and dugh5terw m55
- hurt. There I terrbl eLtslmet
Sthroughout the osmmunity.
ZM orado a' Measarol.
" MouNT CAsRLL, Ilk., April 11.-
Sterrible storm struck here about a2
C hadual ii ll afocus alt t enado
' wBa . d 5ian toal ,~iao.t ,sls
where they waled for their houses to
blow . T wMas t, wost
I er hosrcd p sidnoes the 0odne of
I u c drlae was dons the
Yfddeba1r ls Aehme.
W Daa, Ind., Ap. 11',-The town of
,. d enln . occupi by
t lass i iet5JD^b, pamtly Is.
ter L h Wth Ohuth Gle.e ad
I. Meeks Hstem.
' BoTr., April 10.-A Washingto
ipeisll to the Miner saysl The house
t coamit1te our publc butldinzgs and
d grouds kite!l4ed that Mo.lana can
_ nt b.vp ~0e than ons publc buildIng
b. bllt p sd, ne u as rter was the
rbliar, oJ oPa he jumped into the
Sins aind sentiBtoe's chances
: a w Tou, April 10.-The ale.a.Is
Scbejsty 'arrived last night. She: eset
ti qqp ske ma..dq pasuaga 4tod
s Iris, t an hu sad taelty ml lee.
O. eM a plaa.SU 00
Wu lpIorN, April 10.--R-las o· I
ql eight bt o tl ,
lIone e '. bbe e , t ;
isenui osdeyS
Denver (Col.) Republican ,sya. A,:rowd
ed house greeted the initial performance
of the Oakes ~omedy Sketch Club and
Swiss Bell Ringers at the Denver theatre
last night. The musical part of the pro
gramme was by flr thu bIsat we have seen
for many a day. ' he pert.rmnce of
John and Alice Oakes on the musical
glasses was simply wondertul, and well
eiserved the enror, the.v reelved. Mr.
Frank tiollister'a (F. -h1. Vesch) ounlo
solo w.s received with a storm of ap
plause, being called back the third time.
Harry HEdes, in his representation of the
various people we meet and his imperson
ation of "Nobody's Child," showed him
to be an actor of unusual ability.
HELENA, April 11.-The citizens are
taking steps to raise $I00,000 to be ex
pended in advertising Helena.
[From Frida's Dalir.]
The western train brought in a large
number of home seekers yesterday.
Patents for desert land entries have
been received at the Helena land office
for the following: OG.. Coopbr, Cih
teen county; F. D. Cooper, Cascade
The people of Kibbey held a meeting
last Sunday, at which the sentiment in
favor of removing the postoitice back to
its old place was very strong. As ar
ranged at present the office S not con
venient for a number of people.
Thomad W. Murphy and others met in
Arlon hall last evening and nominated
Pat Kelly for mayor. Mr. Murphy after
ward put the nomination an record with
Acting City Clerk Stanton. Mr. Kelly
declines the nomination, being reluctant
to engage in politics.
Cbief Justice Lee of Kibby, has had
several cases before him lately. One of
which parties were charged with theseri
ous ofence of re-branding certain range
stock. The Judge fined the alleged
branders $0.00 and costs, which is con
sidered a very mild punishment.
The storm to-day is not so bad as yes.
terday's and may not last so long. It to
a common remark that this season is re
markable for cyclones, hurricanes and
storms of more or less severity. Montana
is receiving her share. The storm here
however, fell short in force of those that
have visited Missouri, Kentucky, lowa,
Illinois and Michigan. In Montana the
great mountain ranges stand as nertinels
to guard the homestead and the city.
They break the force of the wind and ren
der needless cyclone cellars. It may be
confidently expected that the storms will
soon cease; that the rains of heaven will
descend, and that the grass-the carpetol
the earth-will grow luxuriantly for the
benefit of flocks and herds.
Architect F. M. Morgan today adver
tises for bids for the construction of
block for Lepley & Collins, which Is tc
be built on Third street, between Central
avenue and First avenue South. Thle
block will be handsome in design and
elaborately flinshed. The basement will
contain two large rooms, one oi
which will be used as a barber shop. The
first floor will comprise three large store
rooms. The design calls for a three
story bullding by 71 feet, to be bull
of brick and stone and to contain abshoalu
40 rooms. This building will undoubt
edly rank among the handsomest strut
tures in the city.
Dr. J. B. Newman has decided to make
Great Falls his permanent abiding place
IHe is fully satlesfied with a year's e
perience en the Pacific coast and says he
knows of no better climate and regios
than that of this city and vicinity. Dr
Newman served as surgeon in the U. S
army and was stationed for a time a
Fort Shaw. He also practiced his pro
feasion for a number of years at San
River, and is well and favorably knows
in this portion of the state. The doctor's
office for the present is room 22, Par'
Prof. Geo. B. Swan, county superln
tendent, arrived yesterday from his home
in the upper-Belt region. To-morrow he
will hold the regular semi annual exam
Ination of teachers, for certificates. E
large attendance is expected. This ex
ammation should be made a thorougl
teat of the knowledge and fitness of al
e applicants.
d Mr. O.O. Gay, an old acquaintance anu
friend of conductor Corcoran, from Fris
co, has been in the city on a visit for th
Speat week. Mr. Gayls greatly smpresses
at the activity and riae of real eetate is
+ our city.
A big prare fire swept everything be
fore it yesterday in the vicinity of Chi
noomk. andthe town was for a tite in hs
minent danger.
E W Foster, Miss Brown, Choteau; E
Brassey, Cottonwood; J O Walker, Oho
s. teaU; M O'Brien, Faribault, Minn; L G
d Rice, MinneapollO; A Levy, St Paul; F
Baker, W G. Sherwood, Wauseon, 0; EL
Burton, WA Haven, W White, Helena;
E Knober, East Saginaw, Mich; J F
' Weimeseary, Chicago; E R Clingan, Belt
B J A Hackshaw, Armington LThc
ABurns Mine;RK ear, Seattle; 'B Live
, ton; Cincinnti;W DOugherty, Butte; J
W Bauenan, Mnesolis; Phl HBau
senan Minneapol.|! R Kloght, Malden;
.0Ge Willismls, Chinook; 4 Sites, Ana
t oonda; H Sherry, Minnsapol COhau
McGibbon Neihart; H Rogere.Fort As
sinhibone; IL Donaldson, Fort Aietholne;
H Hill, Fort Auniniboine; N Naylor,
A Lewlstown, W Graham, F (adow, Got
k dow, Nebraska.
SMcKanalie, Carrington; E- Williams,
SSt Paul; T H M!colm, Norath Dkota;
i, D Moor Juas Cline, Casseton;D Holland,
to Benton; H L ltsd, Helena; L Kemp. T
o ahl. errB, Washr 0 W Bem
Sgate G e; Bartlett Mrs Bart
She et, Bartlett, Nebraska; ýD Ca.mp
SI Deatrborn; A Hi Fox, England; HT
Duekett. Utica; S Sharpe, Beait.
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by' terthan Ohambertain'sa Pain Balm. 'Ihe
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SAnd se ihen. rven, how they ran.
SThmush woadad eadsn , dm . shed. and sun,
Sometsims wift, aimtmm slow.
I Wav.e soneiedla wave, ther go."
i-d There are so many attractive features
sn- to bhenoted in a journey along the Upper
g Mlisamsippi by a traveler who is fortunate
the enough tobe carried in luxury on the el
ihe egast trains of "The Burlington," thatone
tea cannot mention half of them to a para
g.raph. It i, however, surprising to uark
the anumbero small rivers that empty
Into h great strm, al swift, spakling
and clear. From the high bluffs at East
Dubuque to So. Paul there Is oono
stent successton of lthee streams, manyof
which rewell use gateways for the
| long industry. For information re
ga ing this sectlon, ticketo, etc. call on
i1 railrod aents, or write to W. J. C.
pO Ge. ~* s. Agent C., B. & N. R,
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Solie be doing such a good busness
re We reply that we sell goods
- .1flse. and am to keeap the Snest
o, , Strain Bros., Seond seet.
e 4V ea#
A quartet of Murdererns trung Up
n for Thrir Crimes in Pennsyl.
i1 -*--
Bartholemew at Easton, Andrews at
Bellefost, Taylor at Waynesburg,
Carter at Cambria.
' "Woman," as Usual, the nacentive In
Every Case But One-A Ken.
tacky Murder.
EASeTo, Pa., April 11. - William
Bartholemew was hanged here for the s
murder of Aaron W. Dilliard. The drop
fell at 10:10 a. m. Bartholomew walked
quietly to the scaffold, but after reach
e ing it becanr:e violent and cursed his
accusers and his accomplice, Mrs. Dil
e liard, demanding that the latter be
e hanged. His last words were oaths. A
few moments after the drop fell Bar.
e tholemew was pronounced dead. Early
in the morning religious services were
g held in Bartholemew's cell but be re
n fused to join in them, declaring that he
0 was innocent of the crime charged to
bhis account.
The crime for which William Barthol
omew was executed was the cold
blooded murder of his friend Aron W.
d Billiard, on Friday, Sept. 0, 188, after
r- having led his wife astray. The prep
.h ations were made with ooolnesa, Barthol
h omew making bold his plans to Mrs.
t illiard. At first she would not list
to him, but finally he persuaded her to
play her part in the tearribe crime by
sending the victim to a certain plae at
Snight, where ths assassn lay in wait for
_ him. inestligatlon by detectiee led to
I the arrest of the murderers. Mrs. Dil -
d Bard turned state's evidence, and her
a testimony, with that of others, caused
the conviction of Bartholomew and her
self. Her sentence was commuted to
is imprisonment for life and she is now
confined in the Eastarn peitentiry at
t Philadelphia.
at s noh Taylor ollow His AceonpliUes to
the ae anold.
e WAYInsaOto, Pa., April 11.--Zch
Is Taylor was hanged here at 12:12 am.
.I He walked firmly upon the scaffold and
n- wa brave to the last. In a speech he
said he was innocent hihe never saw the
lum who was murdered, and that he
o we oindhome to Jresus. After rehligous
ervicoes aylor shackled his own aniThler.
a lie ade and kissed allh present good-bye.
When all was ready, at 11:12 he dropped
r- a white handkerchief as a signal to
'a pring the trap. His fal waethree feet
toand his nek was broken. His bodyws
al cofined and taken to his home in Meon
Is town, Fayette county. P
ad On Saturday, Sept. 10,1887, William
iI DlcCausland, a well-to-do stock dealer of
of Allegheny City, was murdered in Cam.
beriand township, Green county. GeOorge
re Clark and ZEach Taylor were convicted
a. of the crime. Clark was hanged Feb.
,It Oil, last.
nt Penalty or nHis Panions
It- BrELL rONTE, Pa., April 11.-At 10'40
Sa. m. Alfred Andrews was hanged here
in the presence of about 500 people. His
e neck was not broken.
:e. T e crime for which he was huaed
woas the murder of MiSa Clars Price,
he aged 10 years, of unblemished oharac
ontr, the daughter.of respectable and
)r. well-to-doparents, residing at Kurhhens,
S. Center county, on Nov. 18, 1809. Three
at hunters discovered the body of the
.o- young lady lying face downward in the
n ubltc highway, half a mile from her
ehome. She had been bshot to death da
ra fending her honor. The murderer can
rk fomoed.
Last of a Family or Crilmines.
PTrrSBURO, Pa., April l.--Charles
Carter wee hanged at Cambria for the
murder of a man named Matthews. W
They were both rivals for the favors of
Emma Dunn, a disreputable white girl.
Carter was about 22 years of age, a
natire of Richmond, Va., and a rather
good looking negro. He had a very bad
reputation and came from a family of
criminals. His brother, Jeas. Carter,
wan hanged in Allegheny count several
years ago for the murder of a man
named Foster. Another brother is now
rorving a term in the Western peniten- *
Liar for killing a man in Clark's iron
works, Pittsburg, two years ago.
shot the fatber of HiM Br ido.
CATT.LsssuBo, Ky., April 11.-Floyd t
county comes to the front with another t
murder. Saturday last Talt Hall, aged a
21, eloped with the 18-year-old daughter
of his vietim. Thecouple were followed
by the father, Cannes Turner, a constable
1t Goodloe. They were overtaken, but
Hall refused to deliver up the girl. Fire
commenced immediately. Turner was
lned. Hfll caped and in still at largse.
Cashier and All the Men~u Aes
Fo.r MonoAN, Colo., April 11.-The
Bank of Fort Morgan has made an as
signment. Assets are placed at $40,000,
with liabilities of over $80,000. There
wian on deposit 11,000 of.oonty funds.
There was no money in the afe ewhea
theasignee took charge. Cashier Bart
lert left Fort Morgan lest Thursday for
Denver to secure orreoncy, and all that
has been heard from him has been sev
eiral checks drawn on Denver banks,
which of course, were not paid.
Destared a Drae .
CaonCAo,Aprl 11l.-The longexpected
fight between Abe Cougle and James
Dohony, both of Chicago, for $00 a side
and 78 and 25 per cent. of the gate re
reiptc and the ghampionship of Illinois,
came o at Shely, Ind., and wan de
clared a draw In the fifty-third reund,
after a most stumbborn contest, latini
almost four hour. The atte t ocare
in barn near the NewAltny track, in
whioh a twenty-four foot ring was
d tohend and was witnesed by nerly
1,N00 people.
sae sateo In .mssu.
ATO.vos, anu., April 11.-Railroad
dispatches from the Misoul Paciic
country, in the weatero pt. of lasas
lay a heavry mndterm prevailed all day
T dy The wind was blowin a
fuern gels and erded with t itese
queitis of sand. BLnems in the
smaller towns wn entirely suspended
and the inhabitants were closely hoed I
noeunnuma LOCALs
Gls anoi Queenaware In endless var
Iety at the Bee Hive.
Call on Hotchkiss & Hawkins If you
want any kind ot Plumbing or steam t
ting done. All kinds of supplies on hand.
For Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver
ware, Spectacles and repairing of fine
watches, call on J. A. Robinson, Kings
bury block.
Lovers of. danooing who want a good
time should not fail to attend the ball
and supper given by Wialter McGill et
his reotaurant in Sand Coulee, April 14.
If your watch needs repaIrsl or you are
not satisfied with work already done on
It, send It to T. A. Jones' Jewelry store,on
Second street, and K. M. oeeves wilt put
it in perfect order.
Llttrell A Noble, well drillers, who
have been In the Belt mountains all the
winter have returned and aoe prepared
to drl'll wells. They hare a full equip
ment and guarantee good work.
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1 e orkiltak Bezaar.
I and In lthe
o q eshs,
"If a woman petty,.
To me 'tie no m attr.
Do she blonde or abrnetl ,
lo she let me loo kat her.
e nehnthy woman Ia rarely, If n
heatL . The pol eur e to wich.p
lD of the sex er subject, ar aro
1o1f pa alCow faeo, blotohed withh o
ulalmopldullr lunthcls eyes an , ers.
muicnd~ ar. nstrume~rontnts
esoa orm, women o affited, can be par.
Prsrtion; and wit the hrestortion of
health comes that beauty which, combinedi
with Good qoettlaof head and heart, makes
WARRaTED. t. the •L medLine D f
oan sod bydrnm
uaranlee from the
manuftutores, that it willl give atlsfaotlo
a mverst... o or money will be refunded. It
l..al dIo tet for all the painful donr.
regarteo and weaka.n n with whis
n many womn are amlttd.
eorldte O1aL by WoLD'S D110. n aa'Sl
PMrely Veg o bl I
PerfbUy Hrnmihl I
mmAcLm U· A A v.R PULI
OneteM tint aek
s ut eo o Headache. onat.ýo
eg ýo las of t y r tl sa. d, DaOwe
lssued MYoeth ed Bept,
each year. It Inm enoy.
alopatla of useful ilfor.
matlln for all who pur.
chase the luoxrie or the
eeonnaitiet of life. We
ean alothe onu and furntah you with
Tll he ecea ary and unnMoenary
appliance to ridte wallk, dmone, sleep,
eat, akse hnt, workl. so to church,
or stay at home, and In varioe ate.
ntyle auid quentiten. cmt figure out
what so requled to do all theo thaingde
COeFOaTtBLtr and you can makeafali.
etimatie aore valute of the BUYEe
GUID, which will he sent upon
reeipt ofl 10 oente to pay peetege,
111-114 Michigan Avenue, OhiceegoIIL
The College of Montana.
Full course in the classico, ilenca,
mosic ed art. Instrumects, -pparatut
and ftmrture n ew and complete. Every
reasonable iomfort In the boarding de
partmeot a cost. Beth sexes admitted
on equal term. For catalogue nd I
formation, address the president,
RIP. 0, J. MSMILLN, 0. 0.
Deer Lodge, Montana.
hoTare the Larg
dIlde in t IbIdd.
cD y t Ieatritnd mmllt
SThe elebrated French Sure,
. cure i ru.l~ll.|.
ro oa ra an
geueratlve or- e
ganm of eitherl
dlsex whethler a
rF " fe5n, feml te A TER ,
asoleev use of ttlmulante, Tolebacc or Oplnm.
erthronh oulthlul indlarertlon, over lodulg
ucc I., &u bch a Loe of Branlo Power, Wakeful
ee, eia down pai Lu the Back, eminaa
aW Ea sol Ne, o terlaNervou oratio Noestm
at EmlssMlo. leuaornonhrma, Dizziness, Weak em
,slouolPower ar Impotecy, which If oe
.looted otten lead to prematre eid llt l n nau
d ala ol leselp o a prrae t
WBTrgN GIr RA N." for every5,0
0 rd t orweInd thi moey a( • 'erimuse
Ise O~ noel eted. Tho s-wds of terlmoulall
oles.s ms O , of both see permanesutly
6.resdb Aerolttegl. Clrellar free Addres
e. For sale by Lapeyre Bros., Great Fall
A School of Thoro.gh Practical BuI.
ins Tralnlng,
a Bookkeepinsg. Arlthmetl. Penmanshlp, Bank
lIe. Bssinses and Leal Iorms. Teleora
St'orrespdoaene, Typewreitins, spelling b
Sthe English Branhese.
Penmanshbip tasoght by mall; trial leson. j1.
Peralin Phonoeraphw by mall
SfallU cori of experlenoed teachers. Day and
ead veninalsu.lo. r or referenes and parties
Sle read "Basinase Eduator" or addres
Prlnolpal and Proprietor.
Helenh, Mlont.
Iortgae _- Loalis
i Guaranty
Loan Co.
f Capital, _ $2,000,000.
red Bhort and long time loans on im".
Ip- proved town property aud farm
let, H. 0. CHOWEN & CO,, Agfa,
ee Ofe opput.t Park Hatel.
it? BHILOH'8 COUGH and Consumption
COure is sold by us on a uarantee. II
cthe ares Oonsumptoa. Forsale by Lapeyr
Great Falls, Montana.
OA rockery,
Stoves and
Tinw re.
This 8socK is all new goods of the best grades only. We buy everylSl~ g in car lots
from first hands and our prices cannol be met west
of the Missouri river.
We are Sole 'Agents for the Celebrated Charter Oak and Universal Stoves and
ranges; California Powder Co., and for Thomlpsno' C, rrugated Iron
Rooting; also Mining and Blacksnmith S.upiies.
ai Headquarters for Builders and General Shelf and Hhea Hardwilt,
S. C. Assay. U. A. BnoAowaTeS.
S. C. ASHBY & CO.,
"Common - Sense Bob - Sleighs,
Fine Carriages, Buggies, Phatons, Cutters,
ea We carry in stock a full line of Team anid Buggy Hrss s, Saddler'
BIridles, Whips, Lop Robes, Curry Combs, Brushes, etc. Also Acme' Dioc, Sprir.
T'ooth and Drag lr.rrows, Hoosier Drills and Seeilers, Superior Drill,utanet Jr. (ai
den Cultivators ..d Drills, Wall Tents, Wagon Covers, Feed Mille Blab Wire, etc
Forst & Bradly's Sulky, Gaig and Waiing Plows
J. H. McKNIGHT & O10.,
Duck-Boards, Road Carts, John Deere Plows, Harro)'ws and Farming Implements.
Tents and Wagon Sheets, Wind Mills and Pumps. Coopler's Sheep Dip. Team and
Huggy Harness, Saddles and Whrps.
Cosril Av.. , ri Thd sm e. G ret Falhl.
1 he Filelity a Caal t .
Assets, . 890,000
t. en. bonds deposited with the N. Y. Inuracper D ept. ip. 200,000
Accident Plate Glass, Fidelity and Steam Boiler Departments.
PHIL GISON, State Agt ThirdGreat Flls Mont.
SSilvermlit Bros. Co.
R. Cash Capital, - MO 00,000
IIinneapolis Sheepskin Tannery
Ginseng and Seneca Root.
t to, , U s aS b on sdepai t wi eN. Y i. Inuace D t . 2100,0A
$r Shiment..klio.er. WBtro. & Coi.r

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