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hrulant Harsen las ir1aally Aa
anaeed tlhat He Ia a saGdltid
ftr e-oleetoln.
If Nealatd, Tresaau r astern, His
Splkdemanu, ay's I s e asi lly
Carry Tldiana.
A. iet ts ittDdIlfts Regard.
So Itl noldehaty
Nltw YTo , April 15.-The Sun's
Waesingtonm pOcal says President Har
erion has formall announced that he
will be a candidate for renomination in
181t. His spokesman is the Hon. J. N.
Haston, Itneaurer of the United States
atd chairman of the Republican state
central eomndttd, of Indlanapolis.. Mr.
Husteo declares that Indiana will go
Republicn In 1552, and she will go for
en Harrison.
This aaounnoement Is taken to be very
nigl4aet and official In all respects.
*aether RelIea by seretary Noble
"°'a '-fga 1dsmdtsep .ades.
WAMMr , AprilI.-Secretary No
ble hagrid. sd' n elborate and ex
haSilti decision n the ease of the
NorIfbhAPacl o l a it Mathew Rob
ecaswho claimeod hoenstead rihtes in
seotion 8, township 8, range 2 of the
Hdels (.RtL) district. The cae n
vrlved the rlights f a homesteader an
leds -within the lipit of a rallroad
great on which peittlement had been
made prior to Rlty map of desltn lo
ation. The company held the twem
"homestead settler' could only be ap
piled to those who have made entry in
he lm land ofree of the lands claimed
b-them prior to the wtthidrawt of the
lads granted to aporaton. The see
reiary holds phal$he hsunbtpsder'e-legal
rights date back o time of sttleenmt,
hiatpling In the case .being precisely in
it With the ruling of the de.erten
o' thdrawtls of pubiic lands. The set
Yee ges the lend.
The Masers.
WAeawmoOn, Apriln .-The hou, A.
after the journaml was read, remed con.
drton of the contestd election Ue
of Waddell sgint Wie.
The vote o then minority substitutet"
resolutlon declalng the seat vacant in
the conteted election ae of Waddell
va Wise was defeated.
Th' sm" t. H.
WArmmemro, April 1b.=-The senata
tsed the following tills,:
Providing for the disposal of old .Fort Ja
in Colprdo, to a a sttle"rs under the
yaSw"; .A~pttprriting 905,000
of t b uio dng s ,,Feix N. D.;
apebllera' Oaseu O sommttte.
W Auma.roi, April l1.-Repr.sents- A
ve taal , o Maineo ohearman pro
tern of IsBl promeoth aroud of the
hbop, has appo.ated, n pursuance to
the rsolution` paseed by the .cauons, a
aemmittee onsiot n of Conlger tic
e lof twad.W.hibea, at Oho; alker, o Ti
M .seh.uett; Cnter .of ntna; u om
steck, of Mltnnseutpdtrtine of Nevada fe
Knaupp, of 1e Y.ork; MicKley,i of
Ohio;..Cana, o.f Ulinole; Br" n,. a tai
"arkies .,ur Henderson, I oows;
m.IMcosna, of l term d. This oomn- f
Sis to consult4 wi a snnat ..
Weemznrtoe, April 18.-In the forth- al
couing iver and "harbor bill the ! oo of
eaael will be put in fora small amount, n
with apromise on the part of the oe
mittsn to consider at some later time the
Da"ýl sad the " t",bau
scrtn on te tatthe
.o~orl th ain oathe 'W and enZ mw
port of the somiottee on- batnking and Si
remeived the eSof th e committtee 051
arbitraon. - Seeftle the conference1
will et dap at 11 a. m. and continue
TIn binl t05p1555 . 0
Joneihfl , _ lneeeta,
timerreotnHsMideta jle
* Jiiaeewar Ni k
be wee Istrbetd by eoriary
.gpu onvto~thet aking an appee.
reporar I
aa S
feerc dJ~
I I~ esgelenfthe
th hjper: , reem
Se wJssaI"LlheNOi
.5. 0
SRetarns Fnom All the Wards--Th
Tribeae "Ratra.l"
It did not take long to count the votes
Monday evening. In about ten minutes
after the count at the Third ward, which
was the slowest, because of the four al
dermanic candidates, the Tatneua Is
sued an extra, which gave the full vote
for mayor and aldermen. The "extras"
were eagerly read in stores, hotels and
saloons. They were studied by the local
politicians and were the subject of much
As no party fight was made on the
mayoralty, a small vote was oast. The
vote is much smaller than at previous
The coant in the Second ward was ex
citing. Alderman Bridges received
hearty congratulations when his suceess
by one vote was announced.
There was no trial of strength on the
pat of either democrats or republicans,
neither polled their full vote. om o
ple who restered did notvote. ot
people were, in fact, too busy to give any
time to "olitics.
The new board which will begin work
about May 1 will be composed as follows:
Aldermen Webater, derin Albrecht,
Bridges, Brown, Nathan, Fletcher and
Rowen. The three first named hold over.
The board stands five republicans and
three democrats namely Aldermen Gernn,
albrecht and Bridge.
$1Sxballots were imperfect in the first
1wP republican vote east for aldermen
Was ely 95 more than the democratic
vote. The lg1res were, republIcan, 28;
demcoratic, i16'.
IFor Dickerman.................. 809
Scattering......................... 8
The Vote by Wards.
For Dickerman................... 188
Scatterlng....................... 8
For Dickerman................... 68
Scattering......................... 2
For Dickerman................... 81
Scattering........................ 1
Andrew Jensen (bem.) ............ 6
A. Nathan (Rep.) .................. 84
John Briges (Dem.).............. 84
, R. Wilbur (Rep.) .......... .... 88
(Long Term)
R. Wildehopf (Dem.).............. 14
A. W.Fletcher (Rep.) ............. 2
(Short Term)
James K. Clark (Dem.i... ........ 81
C. W. Rowen (Rep.)............ 51
IBrown (Rep.) ................ .
,Thgg (dem),...................... 18
A OammUs Appointed to M.et Premal-l fi
dea Intll When Ue Oomp. A
In the Board of Trade, last evening, o
Mr. Paris Gibson presiding, the resigna
tion of Secretery Smith was accepted. '
The appoantatmast of a secretary was de
feared. i
After soine reference to postofice mat
tjre, the presatent spoke of the Import
ance of enwcolragtng the establishment
of factories to use the water-power that
There re many sites for factories at
S1"lbf =M*river. He had reeived
es letter whlih he woula4 give.
to ., Ottaler. th' e htrman of tae c
opn mnfactpres. Mr. G(lon
al tedto the Incesed atalty
of s wwe tebn eed to de
`tt whtch can beI
00,d ad apled as motive :
power to machinery. Some of the eleboc
trio I stld In storage batteries, but
the de of the water power here ls
Sch Iatheioces would:dot avail.
S Cr.utol er srpoe of the methods
adopted In youog cites to attract people
and promote business. He Pated to
ti grat iavantages whih Great Falls
-esa.r. Koch, Freeman and Greene
were admitted as members of the board.
ortse's Wedsk- toinred vaeywhahw.
D ;E history repeat Itself in vain?
Let no man doubt that the Loaisiana
StatLottery did, on tueeday, March
1t0;, decdee by the S8al8a Grand Month
ly Drawing who shll get S1,064800 In
sums froms ,000 down. All lnforms
tlln ;Ceabehi " from M. A. Dauphin,
N ew Ont , ai.- Ticket No, 189 drew a
the drt capital prie of 00000; it was I
etlltatIo tehs.. $1 ctwo to 0.
roy, Ashlnd t. Maden, Mas
o to-lr .Wes, dslveetoTea;
q toetsM. Geen, Boston as.; on
to Cls. H. Johnson i0Su hnbury .
ostou Mas. one to taay Poppe,cars I
Ohms. tckto 0al one to Jo- t
·ZpbGOLaUI cretip u~j~ ~N..Snelleab & i
Co.,th and sonth,St ., Phiadelphia, s.;
onetod I. ,Aman, ,s1. Thompson St., I
Phiadelpia. P.; onls toW. oudloley, i
3,31 FalrulBSt., h ll e h, Pa; one
to H, Hudson * H. Kbtttre8rsC. .
esay, O99So. GySt,, Batior, Mid.;
oone o rkilo .lelitmore Md.
ona to Mis harlottede, 8 Second
S(ah of Commerce. Omeba, Oeb.; one to
New lans a N spre, N e COurtln
SgnareS ea of on oto Merehent
Gceeo m lts. Mien.; one
to e otphet, 103 Adess St., Jde1rsn
Mo,; one to . nt t O.
I Dotwn, et. t0 oket Na.
adrew tshe thl l 1eprie pfe
Sca TiLacket o.
i. naasnwis ll of ta . Tp i
Swhich all Iorm.tion wlI
t d on appinatlos to M. A
iwanhliee telegras There fi ear
Samong somse thesoderate dl.* men
4 tait sepressntetle Cer ise ulaogr
a the dlverptWsr bh. btl advocacy of
gnatall of mlor. Mon ervtie
men alarm thkt the eodtllsd0(shll
will gltaall uwstl lahew of
In of mamble known e l at i, a; hoae
}, great deal of interes, en Ills
w ed t.M.honlidIhta committee agle
t pc fsr nthe honse is cone
wade mIserable
t. h Lebars 101
plp l
New York Bosses Agree to Employ
None Dat Unoln Men and Pay
Union Prices.
Half the Men Have Returned to Work
-Contractors Lose Heavily by
the Strike.
Forty-ive Chicago Builders Will Con
.ade the Demands of the Carpen
toers for Shorter foars.
Nuw YoRx, April 15.-Nearly half of
the men who struck on the buildings in
which Paulsen & Eger, of Green Point,
have been putting iron work, have
resumed work on understandings with
the contractors. No worker, however,
in iron returned. The new World build
ing, in which 500 men were employed, is
the only exception. Work would have
been resumed" here except among thb
iron workers if the contractors had
agreed that only union men would be
employed. The contractors of the union
trust, Lancashire, Brown Bros., Me
chanlcs bank and Orient buildings
agreed toemploy none but union hands
atunion rates, and all but the iron work.
er were busy in thse plac to-day.
None of the iron workers employed by
either Paulsen& gsr or J. B. and M.
Cornell were allowed to work, although
there is no grievance against the latter
firm. Theloe of Pauleen Eger on the
Union Trust and, Lancashire buildings
will not be.much, us they are nsarly
finished, but their ls on other build
ings will be quite large.
eorty-five Bou Cerpeters Will Probeably
Give tSe umen What Threy Demand
CmoAoo, April l.-Forty-flve boes
carpenters and bullders, who are not
members of the Carpenters' and Build
ers' association, have formed an organi
sationto be known as the "Boss Car
senters' and Builders' association," and
adopted resolutions of sympathy for the
Journeymen carpenters and invitinga
conference on the subject of wages and
hours. The sentiment of the meeting
was in favor-of conceding what the
strikers ask, namely: A recognition of
the union, eight hours to constitute a
working day, and the wagesto be 40
cents an hour. The members of the old
organization say that work will proba
bly startup next Monday and afirm a
perfect confidene that tdhey will have
plenty of men willing to work to carry
on all the business demanded.
videao l the BIlythe Will .se Shews
the Old man Mt Have Been a Gay
SAn FlNctsoo, April 15.--Yesterday
evidence was closed in the celebrated
Blythe cas. The contest was begun for
a $4,00000 estate on the 15th of last
July, and yesterday was the 178th day
of actual trial. The strongest case has
been made by Florence Blythe, a 15
year-old girl, whose mother was seduoed
bold Blythebon one of his visits to
England. He acknowleged the girl as
his daughter and correaponded with her,
but did not adopt her according to Cali
fornia law. The other chief claimant is
Alice Edith Diokison, who claims to
have been married to Blythe, bet who
only proved that she was his mistress.
One of the best cases has been made by
what are known as the gypsey Blythes
of Kentucky, who trace their descent
from Betty Salvaige, who married
Blythe's father. As counsel for each of
the claimants will be given a chance for
argument, they will consume fully a
month or more.
Bans Block fron the TrLek.
,TA"OOA, Wash., Aprilll4.-The brake.
O( af8.p.gpeeleotric oar refused to work
andthe car dashed down the Eleventh
stset hill, leaped the track, and, after
datig acros Pacific avenue, stoped
nealy a block away from i track. T
car was full of psseagesm. Among the
inurd are an unknown man whoee leg
Is lrokn, Mrs Dr. Everett, bruised and
book badly injured and Mrs. J. W.
manna face cut and dislocated knee
joint. The conductor and motor man
stoed by their poaste.
me BiWe. Factory Burned.
Tirpe, Ohio, April 15.-The O'Brien
wagon works, a large three-story brick
structure, was destroyed by fire at an
early hourin themorning, ivolving a
loe of $80,000, insured for $82,000.
Nothing wa saved except a few unfin
Ished wagons. Seventy-five men are
throwne ut of employment and the prob
abiliies ame thoe fictory will not be
eForets Firn In Orehurda
Aaneso~a, han, April 15.-A dias.
tr forest fire occurred on the banksof
Whisky creek, two milee aouth of this
city. Itostatd about noon in the under
trah and fanned b a heavy wind,
ae along the crem k for two or three
miles before it ouald ee controlled. The
fire spread to several fruit frms ... ddid
eat damage to thetree At mdnight
he fire wase under control
FatS ilsuur. Drive.
ALerlns, Ohio, April 1l.--Ms. O.
Levering and ler guest, Mlie Emellne
Hill of Nteddiore, Pa., were drivingat
Freteridktown, soth of the city, when
"he horse ra baay, ithrowing both
adies out of the buggy. M Hill was
: itantly illed dMr! . Levering prob
ably f Dtlly l 3jurel.
WarA A.sa gadmpeds.
QoLrYhEIU d:, AApril 1.-f-Neor this
pity a lot of h~aet upon a heifaer an a
younJgcalf and devoured them. In an
SdIoI.nIOEO 'W drove ofcatle he.
czae Infu iited* the smell of bloo4,
broke down the tear anid oharged upon
the .ogs, killing Se of theAnd wolud
Lig many more.
publicy ersekippesd a ataseem .
lamarota , lG., April 1.-State eap.
reastative Davis was publicly home.
whipped hiere by J. L. Harper, the a1
rleaon alon blles lt JDavis had a.d
somethlne to a lady whIt h Harper Mrep
resented. Davis ofered no reltance,
buhot 4el will probaly follow.
Notle has beengtveatbt the Wllaad
meal ron Tu illt .
Onctce, April 15,-The frienls of the
late Dr. Protln will hold a mass meeting
on May 8, the first aniveranry of his
murder. O the following day the body
will betransferred, under escort of Iris
and secrtLetsetles.tothe lot purchased by
the memorial association. A mo.umset
will mark the spot.
a ight Aesdeet.
Blusia, Aprl 16.--An aecident hep
poled to afrseIght, It on the Montaneqs
Central railway at olok unday morn
ing near Alitbr es.sP . But littl:
damage w done and no one hurt.
Hog-Packing and mined 410.4.0,
light $4.e4.0s , heavy $4I84s1, skips
a mlatnipus
p~w Netroo 101a10Sll
see f eSa~W5
s5te of tha Old Bl.lbee Ptlere Property
on eolf Creek.
Steve Pierse of Neibart sold Tuesday to
E R. Clingan, D. L. Tracy, William Ulm,
Dnne Muadonald, P. H. Ilugihes and
Uhurchill, Webster and Bush the Gold
Dust, Dry Wolf and Any lodes on Wolf
creek for 7,000 cash. These are the old
Higbee & Pserse properties and are justly
ranked among the best silver-lead wines
in the Belt mountains. They have been
developed extensively and show a large
body of One ore which runs high in both a
silver and lead. The present owners will ts
at once apply for a patent and will put ,a
on a force of men to push development
work as rapidly as possible. They have 0
a splendid property and beyond question ol
will make a good thing out of it, whether p
they work the mine themselves or s-ll it tl
to others after It has been put in better
shape. Six and seven years ago the t
Higbee dG Pierse wasconsidered one of d
the best prospects in the Belt mountains.
About seven Hundred Tons of Coal Ttaken
Out Daily.
J. Freeman, who went back to Sweden
on a visit last fall, returned to Sand Cou
Iee a few days ago. On his way back he 11
stopped in Minnesota abd was acctc pan- ,
led from there by his wife's sIster, Miss
Johnstone, who will spend the summer
In the camp.
The coal company ois taking out abot II
700 tons of coal per day. Business has
been good for the past few days on ac.
count of the liberal pay roll.
The tey Bros. are at work on the
bank building. The walls and roof of
which are finished. The builders are
putting in the interior wood work ready
for the plasterers.
Mr. Dunn has re-opened the restaurant
formerly managedby Win. Beavely.
The candinavian Literary society is m
a ourishing condition. The members
meet every Saturday night and debate
some ive question or listen to papers
read by members. The library has been
increased in value by the addition of a
number of new books lately, and it is
gratifying to note that the members are
making good use of this meanrof ad
Olf Johnson has just opened a bakery
and confectionery and is doing a good
Knute Higbee has sold his saloon to
Talgo & Anderson, who will continue at
the old stand.
A disastrous prairie fire swept over a
large portion of the country south of
here yesterday afternoon. No definite
information in regaid to the damage has
yet come in.
WMat a Caadlan Jeosal says en te I
Owing to the heavier fall of snow this
winter it is not likely that the opportuni- I
ties for miing on the river in the spring
will be favorable as last season, as the
water will probably be higher. There
will, however, be a considerable number
of miners at work in any case, and no
doubt if high water covers some of the
bars so as to prevent their being worked
it will permit the working of others
which could not be worked in low water.
It is estimated that te last season be
tween $15,000 and $.0,000 worth of gold
dust was taken from the Saskatehewan of
which about $6,000 was taken from the
immediate vicinity of Fort Saskatche
Several hundred dollars also
were taken from the Macleod river, a
tributary of the Athabaaska, about 125
miles west of Edmonton on the trail to
Jasper House. The gold of the Macleed
is in even lighter flakes and is of lighter
yellow color than the gold of the Sas
katchewan. The skimmings of its bare
ard fairly rich, but it does not promie as
permanent or extensive diggings as the
Saskatchewan. Thos. Smith of Edmon
ton is now in eastern Canada preparing to
make another attempt at mining on the
Saskatchewan by machinery. The at
tempts hitherto made havt always fldM
but as Mr. Smith has more practical
knowledge of the requirements of the
case than other promoters of like enter
primse, he has that much better chance of
SWashaenlen etuaeaelr epses.m
Washington Star: Of late the fad of
collecting odd silver spoons has taken a
strong hold on people who have plenty of P
money to spend. Lots of people who P
have recently returned from Europe are
showing admiring friends the collections h'
they have made while abroad. No. two 1
spoons should ever come from the same c1
town, and eqch should have as much of a
story as possible connected withtheplace p
where it was bought and the manner of
getting it. It should be marked with the
name of the place and the date. It is
rather a pretty idea, and the spoons make
plenasnt mementos of one's travels and h
experiances. Washington Jewelers havey
noticed the demand and are not to be be
hind in answering the cll. One of them
has something quite original in this line.
In answer to the question: "Havn't 1you
something novel sn spoone something
characteristic of the city you know?" the
would be purchaser is shown a lot of E
Washington spoons. These are rather d
large and heavy and- have a medallion
head of the first president met in thebowl. o
The head is agood one and is a much b
prettier setting for a spoon than one
would at first suppose. Then there are
others that are exact simites of teaapoo C
that belonged to Mrs. Washington. These ii
are odd and decidedly popular. Others o
still have genuine coins of a century ago
set in the bowl, and a set of a dozen punch t
s Ions sve a set of small gold coins B
Sas many different countries., All
these different kinds of spoons have
Washington and the data of purchase en
graved on the hback. These Washington
spoons are especially popula with for
eigners, and almost every one stopping
for any length of time in thls city takese
somathing of the sort home with him.
AlMrnd by a m.rnk.
The report comes from Oakland that a
number of people there are selling their t
homes at a asor;fice preparatory to leav.
ing the country to escape the earthquake I
which Errickson, the relgious crank,
predicted would occur next Monday.
The fanatics who believe in Errickson i
have been hbolding daly prayer meetings I
for weeks past. It des' require a man
of brains to make such apredction, but I
it would certainly seem, in this enlight.
ened perlodthat only meb without any I
brains whatever would take stock m theo
prophecy. The world has witoessed
many vereties of fanatlmcsm In the pesl,
but it Is doubtful If any of the old fails
raes had less foundation than this-
Anaconda Standard.
Amseris to n arops.
One could not forget his own country
when traveling in Europe if he was ever
so disposed. Of course the American has
constant reminders of his country when
he is oi London, Parli, Berlin or Vienal.
a But when he has left those plsew of
clviliation and plunges into unknown
cites and towns--I mban those that are
unknown to us in America--he is trill re
minded that the United States Is getting
Salong and breaking over the boundary
lines of State and Empires ouf thoia
i World. Tt. au two names wtiob th;
0Am ,ican linds elaing him it sa faco
Swherever he namls-Slungr, thM eenq
machine umt and Phil Armour. don
k now whichi in the lead. I so both
names in Indla In Ohim and through
Japus In s#,lsmr. was enar~dl a day
ist1 f I ab se me
oI " '+ or silo ene
*+ + -. "
Demouratie Viltoey In Butte, MlsmoUla
and Analo nda-Oenat Rjoletang in
the Silver now Oetaopolla.
BurE, April 15.-The city is rejoicing
over the great decisive victory won yes
terday. The democrats have made a
clean sweep. They have elected Valiton
mayor by 887 majority, and have chosen
six out the seven aldermen. The one re
publican alderman managed to squeeze
through with the miserable majority of
three votes. In the Fourth ward Lynch
defeated the strongest republican by 45
The precinct 84 outrage was the main
issue. The people have administered a
telling rebuke to all who took part in it.
The loyal and patriotic democrats were
out in force and did noble work. There
were many surprises, among them being
thle glorious victory of James H. Lynch
in the Fourth ward; the overwhelming
majority of Alderman McDermott in the
Third; the unexpected and flattering unc
ceas of J. M. Steward in the Seventh,
-which has been conceded to be a repub
lican ward, and best of all the complete
and sweeping victory of the entire demo
cratic ticket In every ward save one.
The Miner says editorially today: No
where are the facts of the republican
steal of precinct 84 so well known as
here, for the scene of the conspiracy was
here. The world knows now what the
people of Butte think of the merits of the
precinct 84 controversy. They spoke at
the polls yesterday in language that can
uot be misunderstood. There can be no
higher expression than that of yesterday,
and it declares with unanimity and
emphasis that Sanders and Power are
pretenders and that Clark and Maginnis
are the true senators from Montana.
:Precinct 84 was theonly issue of yester
day. The republican organs have always
declared that this is a republican city.
Their party nominated its most popular
men, hoping that their personal populari
ty would obacure and defeat the real ie
uue, but that and every other attempt to
appease the popular indignation which
Sthe steal of Precinct U4 evoked were of no
Alderman McDermott sent the follow
ing jubilant greeting to Hon. W. A.
Clark, Washington, D. C:
Hurrah for honest citizens who vindi.
cate the right!
Hurrah for law and liberty-the people
won the fight.
Republican corruptionists went weeping
to their fate,
i- For the voters placed the brand upon
the men who stole the state.
a We whipped them in the north of town,
we whipped them in toe south;
We whipped the man who "worked" the
state and hsm who worked his
o mouth;
e We whipped them in the west of town,
we whipped them in the east,
And we've placed a little tombstone o'er
the grave of the deceased.
. lhemourners speak in whispers--there's
crape upon the door;
The Q. O. P. was killed by stealing Pre
c ict Thirty-four. BaILY MoDnBaorr,
i Alderman Third ward by 111 majority.
SThe entire ticket elected with the e
r ception of one alderman. He lost by
three votes.
a lopd with a tolored Waiter
SCtUarrnlen, Ohio, April 11.- Miss
r Campbell, the only daughter of Steward
Or . H. Campbell of the Continental hotel,
5- left home last week and was supposed
a to have gone to Berea to visit friends.
.The next day after her departure one of
a- the hotel waiters, a colored man, was also
missing, and it is now known that they
eo both went to Cleveland and were marri
-. ed. Mis Campbell was one of the leand
era of Creatline's beat society.. Of the
a negro little is known, as he has only been
Sin the employ of the hotel people eight
r- or nine months. It Is said that Mr. Camp
af bell has received a letter from his
daughter stating that they were married
andwould reside at Cleveland.
f usaoeula Goen Delmorate.
SMSaonma, April 15.-The election here
of passed of quietly and a large vote was
to polled.
n W . Kennedy,propietor of the Rodgers
* hotel, democrat, was elected by 21 major.
ro ty over D. D. Bogart, the present county
te clerk.
Out of eight aldermen the republicans
secured but two.
o The ight was well made by both sides.
Ass.eem e I.l Into Liu.
ANACONDA, April 15.-The democrats
have elected the mayor and most of the
IFrom Tu.sday a laily.1
Geo. N. Foreaith and Charles N.
Hoage proved up on their ranches to.
Mr. Rice, who is in charge of the work
on the smelter branch, says the road will
be ready for the rails this week.
Several car load of brick from BSand
Coulee are unloaded here every day and
it is difeaOlt to keep up with the demand
of the builders.
Lewis and Gibson are laying founda
tions to-day for a one story brick building
60x60 feet, to contain three store rooms,
on First avenue south.
Great Falls parties recently purchased
a steam hoist from the Hollin hardware
house for the Moulton mine at Neihart,
which property will be developed on an
extensive scale.
Mr. L. 8. Wells says it is likely that (
Bach, Cory 4 Co., will soon begin the I
erection of their block at the corner of
Central avenue and Park drive, opposite
the Park hotel.
Donald Grant, the great railroad
builder, and his partner Mr. Ross, went
out today to examine the grade of the
Greet Palls & Canada. Mr. Grant says
that he has been over the route for 40
miles. Graders are busy all the way.
He as that about 60 cam laden with
as are on the way. Agent Kelly
is reving advices daily of these cars.
Mr. ieant says thathe will lay from three
to four miles of track daily when he be
A plan has been formed to tap Belt
creek near the sluice boxes and take the
water across the bench land to Box Elder
and thence to Sand Coulee. Englneers
state that this plan is entirely feasible, the
otty question being whether the creek
ill supply enough water to do any good.
If this plan could he successfully carried
out it would make crops certain on a
large trank of land and would largely in
crease the wealth of the county.
J. J. Richardson, a new addition to our
fpoe of contractors and buoders, Is put
agup buaiding Ox40 teet to cc.t ..
5ion Fifth avenue south, which he will
use as a shop. The house will be two
Sstories high the second foor will contain
8 roms. Mr. Richardson will fit the
shop up with all machinery necesaary in
I the namufature of doors, sash, door
p r t'amse , sd will have it in opera,
Stlo ta a short time,
Sa H. Nichols, who formerly resided
here Is the republlcan candidate for con.
troller in 9. Paul. The Pioneer Pren
opposes the whole ticket which most
people agree is doomed to defeat.
Mr. Paris Gibeon and hiba etent aids
e observed Arbor day by pleating many
tte oaron in . , asps. Ofoe-Room B,
rkB Hotel. freot Falls, otb."
Office in the ew Crother building, Central
venaue, Great Fails, Meontane.
PeHTscIAN, SuooeNe AND ACCucO.rm..
GradNate of Bellevue Hospital Medical Col.
lepe. New York city.
Ofteeo-ver Cilt Meat Market, Central Ave.,
Greet Yalls.
Geo. W. Taylor. Even B. McCord.
Office in Chowen building, opposite Part
Hotel, Great Falls, Mont.
Cruther building. - Great Falls. Mont.
Sureulg of aellc lec, Keepc plate and
abetrace f all deirable lands In Cacade
Eaontl, ompelete to date. Special attention
Sven to looation of settlers on tcie pble iclnds.
Correspondence solicited. Office No. 8 Dcnc
block, Great Falls.
OMiee-opposite the Park hotel, Great Falls,
AT Occeee-AT-LAW.
Will pac ticla all th, courts ofi the state
Otice over Bat & Co.'s store. Great Falls,
Offic in the Ctrtehe building, over the Bee
oive store, Great Fells, Mont.
CIV.L EecIeea AcMr S.uaneeo.
Mineal aerveo and ornamental drafltig.
Surverc for irrleatton ad location of settler on
public bunds •ecn lalty.
S(e-Over W.B. laleigh & Co.'e store, Great
Idle. Ment.
Offce over Bach. Crp A Co.'s store, Great
Falls. Moet.
Offce over Bach, Cery & Co.'. sare., Grmt
Fall.. Mont.
- Pnmaur AND Bmeaox.
Ofle at the Citty Drcg store, Ceatral avenue,
Great alll.. Mont.
Boom e, Dean block, . Great Fall.
J. .L Tod. E. W. Kelly.
PU'BL AooAn A~ m A Aurroas.
Great Falls, Montanac
County Sarveyor. U. . Deputy Mineral occy'r
W M. . KERN.
( e. M eemana.
8urvres rache. ditche, etc. Plance epei
-atin. etemcats ancd eperinteadnce ed
"rdes, cnals. wsater M , s . ria
c1cminiegt cwael t e blockeeaimp toeme
nd In, out of t itee.
I s-llina blck, Central avene, Great
SBarVEmo AoD COIL Meolma.
Ofle--Oppositethe Park Hotel, Great Falls.
D-. B. P. B. GORDON,
Pa e P aN Ar eSucMMon .
Late o. Edinburgh. Seotland. Office No. .,
ArG. LADD. M. D.
PYSar. C arD eSmemoe.
Ome at =OBrl a.g stori a 4 p..m. Oe.
Pamccan Ar. Suaeoe.
Great l.seala, ta.
Accam c Ace Coeesec AT Law
o ram No.1 in the McKnight building,
Grat YW.. Montn .
J, O.PaAeUa. N.J. MCeeCou.L.
Anate ANDc SeremcutenNDee.
Iaqre at eoloe o Phil Gibson's, or addre
firm a t Rec..
"New Home"
For ,ale by I
Wm. Albrecht,
Opposite Park Hotel.
Furniture, Carpets & Wall Paper
City Horse-Shoelg Sho'
Makes a Specialty of Corns, Quarter
Crack, Thrush and other diseases of the
Ir First-class work guaranteed. Shoe
ing gentlemen's drivers a specialty.
Shop opposite Park Theater.
I will be in Great Falls about
the 15th of April with FOUR
all fine Durham grades of the best
Just suited for family use. Don't
buy until you see these.
Webster City, Is.
Leased at reasonable rates for concerts,
balls, celebrations, etc. Has a seating
capacity of aboot 200.
iel a erts,. tsp tl
Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and
wlf4 owe out lives to SHILOH'S CON
BUMPTION CURE. For sale by
Lapeyre Bros."
All kinds of House ua luiogsat* the
Great Falls, Montana.
OA Crockery,
Stoves and
his mtoc is all new goods of the best grades only. Mc buy everything in car let.
from first hands and our prices cannot e met west
of the Missouri river.
We are Bole 'Agents for the Celebrated Charter Oak and Universal Rtoves and
ranges; California Powder Co., and for Thompson's Corrugated Iron
Rooting; also Mining and Tlacksmith Supplies.
sii Headquarters for Builders and General Shelf and Hlavy Hardware.
1. C. Asavy. C. A. MEOADWAT*a.
S. C. ASHBY & CO.,
Common - Sense Bob - Sleighs,
Fine Carriages, Buggies, Phitons, Cutters,
Ur We carry in stock a full line of Team ald Buggy Harness, Saddler'
Bridles, Whips, Lap Robes, Curry Combs, Brushes, Also Acme, Disc, Sprin,
l'ooth and Drag Harrows, Hoosier Drills and Seeders, fiI rior Drill, Planet Jr. Gar
don Cultivators and Drills, Wall Tent., Wagon Cover. eed Mills, Barb Wire, etc.
Furst & Bradly's Sulky, Gang and Walking Plows
I= .
Rushford Steel Skein and Tubular Bxle Wagons
Buck-Boards, Road Carts, John Deere Plows, Harrows and Farming Implements.
Tents and Wagon Sheets, Wind Mills anti Pumps. Cooper's Sheep Dip. Team and
Buggy Harness, Saddles and Whips.
Cotli Aw., eorm Third det, . GO at FalI.
The Fielity a asualty .
Cash Capital, - - 2o0,000
Assets, - - - - 890,000
U. S. bonds deposited with the N. Y. Insurance Dept. 200,000
Acoident Plate Glass, ideolity anid Steam Boiler Departments.
PHIL GIBSON, State Agt Great Falls Mont.
Silvermn Bros. & Co.
JAB. MoXILLe a& co,
MIinneapolis Sheepskin Tannery
Ginseng and ~ene Reoot.
Shipmsntae ao01lit90 WVst.to ia r ssroasw.
_ . .

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