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The One-Price Clothier.
(Inrorormted under the laws of Montan.
April 5, lae.)
S. E. ATKINSON, President
WILL HANKS, - YloIaPresldsnt
F. P. ATKINSON, - Cashier
S. E. ATaINson, JACOB SwrrIan,
A Btural Banklng unsess Transected,
loterest allowed on time deposits.
West Grat lls
Are lo in the Iurket.
or addro
Great Falls Real Estate Exchange
A Bid for a Big Bulidaag-A guarter
Million Dollars Offered in Insuraoae,
Mr. James Haven left for New York
this aftternoon after a visit during which
he did considerable business and pre
pared plans for large trapsactions.
Mr. Haven is convinced that the Equi
table Insurance company, one of the
greatest corporations In the world, may
erect a large building here on receiving
due encouragement. Accordingly he
has consulted leading citizens and goes to.
New York with $290,000 pledged. That
is the citizens of Great Falls agree to
take insurance to the amount of $290,
000 provided the company undertakes to
erect a building here like those which
it has constructed elsewhere.
Twelve citizens promise to take poli
eles for $15,000 each. Thirteen will take
policies of $5,000 each.
Mr. Haven, very liberally, agrees that
any commission accruing from the trans
action shall be devoted to the public
good in Great Falls.
meaos Changes In the law IRelati to
As the assessor has commenced his
annual round among the people, the
changes in the revenue law, under the
constitution, will be of general Interest.
One of the important innovations, and
an excellent one, is the creation of the
state board of equalization. The gover
nor, secretary of state, state treasurer,
state auditor and attorney general consti
tute the board. They have organized as
a board and published their rules and
regulations for the information of the
officers and people of the state.
The duty of the state board of equall
zation, according to the constitution, is
to adjust and equalize the valuation of
taxable property among the several
counties of the state; the duty of the
county boards of equalization is to adjust
and equalize the valuation of taxable I
property within their respective counties.
For example, it will be the duty of the
state board to see that a lke kind of
stock is not assessed at a higher rate in h
Cascade than it Is In Choteau county.
Railroad assessment Is wholly under the t
control of the state board. A county f
board of equalization has no authority to a
uhange any assessment made by the state ti
hoard. a
The reveune law as amended March ri
16th, 1889, providing that "the property d
owned by each individual on the let day e
of April of each year shall be listed and
assessed" is repealed by the constitution. h
The assessor may now list and assess pro- T
pert) found at any time up to the close C
of the assessment year. 1
The exemption in section 11 of the i
revenue law of the Fifteenth Ex. Y'
traordinary Session, provides that" In 0I
making up the amount of credits which ni
any person is required to list, he will be a4
untitled to deduct from the gross amount,
the amount of all bona fide debts owing Pg
by him," has been repealed by the con
stitution, h
Important changes havebeen made in in
the law relating to the assessment of
property belonging to railroad corpora
tions, Assessors will assess all property
of any character, including the franchIse,
Ielonging to any railroad. Lorporatton
operated exclusively within tteir county,
except franchises granted by congress,
which are exempt from taxation.
Assessors will also aspess all the depots
station grounds, shops, buildings, gravel
beds, ad other taxable property sltu- I
,ted vs'hio their counties, of railroad a
Operatli in part within the county, and I1
not included In the franchise, roadway, a
roadbed rails, or rolling stock thereof.
The State Board of Equalization will
assess the franchise, roadway, roadbed,
rails, and rollin stock of all railroads
operated in more than one county in the
Remember you can't buy loon Black
Hoslery only at the New'York Cuash Ba
(From Saturday's Dily.)
Mr. G. L. McGibbon, returned to
Nelhart yesterday, where he will open a
boarding house on the new townsite.
There are now nearly 500 men em
ployed on the Great Falls & Canada rail
road. Grading is in progress from thiseity
as far as the Teton.
The young man Helson Williams, who
was so badly injured by an accident at
Walter's saw mill on Eaglecreek, died at
Bt. Clair hospital at Benton yesteday.
Mrs. Amelia Roehl went to Neihart
yesterday to make arrangements for the
construction of a $5,000 hotel to be built
on the townsite which isowned by several
business men of Great Falls.
Mr. W. C. Kester, a gentleman from the
east, will on May 1st commence thie
publication of a weekly paper at CUhnook
to be called the "Chinook Opinion."
Welcome. May the enterprise prove
A German family of 12 people came in
today. Their name isWombank and they
intend to engage in hotel busmnese on the
South side. The family includes sin
sisters, all good-looking. They come
from Minnesota.
The Hotel Broadwater and plunge
bath will reopened for business about
the 8th inst. Manager McIntyre has
made arrangements for a week's enter
slnsment for the guests and citizens of
Helena, which, when the programme is
announced, will prove a pleasant our
prise to everyone.
Jonathan Goon says that he has killed
o8 the prairie dogs on his farm by using
strychnine. He puts a bottle and a half
of that poison in a gallon of wheat and
adds some sugar and water. After stew.
ing the mixture he puts some of it at the
prairie dog holes. The dogs eat the staff
readily because of the sugar in it and die.
Messrs White & Matthes, owners of
She Sleeper lode in the vicinity of
Neihart, received a handsome offer
for their property yesterday. This
claim adjoins some of the best developed
mines in Neihart, including the Moulton,
Flag Staff and Dakota. Besides show
ing rich mineral, this claim is valuable
for building purposes.
The stockholders of the Great Falls &
Canada railroad met at the Park hotel to
day. They elected the following direc
tor: Donald Grant, W. A. Barr, D. W.
Orant, A. F. Kinsman and Sam Grant.
The directors organized and elected lion
aid Grant president; W. A. Barr, secre
try, and Sam Grant, treasurer. Mr.
Grunt says the work is going on sattefac
Mr. . H. McLean, superintendent for
A. Y. Bayne & Co., bridge builders of
Minneapolis, is a guest at the Milwaukee
house. The piling for the foundations of
the lower Sun river bridge is about all
driven and the foundations of the bridge
will be completed next week. Two cars
of iron are expected next week. The
bridge will be ready for travel about May
The miners of Snow creek have been at
work all winter and have uncovered some
valuable properties. The Selfred broth
ers have run a 200 foot tunnelin the Jen
nie Whipple and have a large amount of
high grade ore on the dump. They have
been working six men all winter. Mr.
Briggs has over 150 tons of ore on the
dump at the Ripple. Messrs Paul, Roehl
and Klenzie have had four men at work
in their mine during the winter and have
made a splendid showing. The ore found
in this creek is in combination with crys
tat quarts and is free smelting and a por
tion of it free milling.
I From Monday's Daily.)
Some Helena sportsmen recently shot
45 ducks, two swan and a goose near
Dan Holland of Benton, is in the city.
He will probably lceate at Armington
and engage in business there.
Dr. Gelsthorpe of Sand Coulee and J.
K. Clark & Co. of this city, have pur.
chased the Evans ranch in Sand coulee,
within three miles of the city, for $1,g00.
William B. Hundley and Miss Lottie
Moore both of Craig, were marriedos
Thursday eveinog by Judge Blllin's.
The wedding took place at the residence
of D. F. Sticlney where an elegant sup
per was served. Mr. Huddley is station,
agent at Craig.
Al. R. Devine has sold his saloon on
First avenue south to James Jewell and
hereafter it will be known appropriately,
us "The Jewell." Mr. J, proposes to
keep only the best of goods and will
maintain the good reputation of the
house under the former management.
There are about a dozen shacks and
tents at Black Eagle ,fat, as well as e
frame house. The grading has been
completed at the site of the dam but
there are some small trestles to be built
and some grading to be done. Timber
"horses" have been placed alongside the
river and will be used in building the
dam. The river is not flooded and seems
well adapted for carrying on the work
with vigor.
Mr. I. H. Hatfleld, wLo will open a
harness and saddlery establishment on
third street, next door to the Montana
Central Meat Market, is in the city
preparing for business. He has
been located at Dillon for several
years and succeeded in building 1
up a fine business at that nlace. His
goods will arrive here in a day or two
and immediately thereafter he will put
them in place and open his doors to the
purchasing public. Mr. Hattleld is a
practical saddler and knows just what
the Montana cow-boy and rancher wants
In his line.
and BUSINESS LOTS tiy, for a limited time, be prchaseed for TE BEST TO ST.
legs than HALF THE PEICE of other property uot so well lo- T. Immense Dam is now under con.trattobeongtu
catd. Prioes only 5100 to $850 for 5U feet front Terms esasy The BOSTON & MONTANA COMPANY have sec the Missouri River ahove $.IOhkR, G- . REcAT
Send for maps and other information to NOIRTH REAT FaLLS as the site of their IMMENSE A FALLS ta caoost of a Halt . ý . ta- ,-NORTHl- GA T .,
J. 0. GREGG, Park Hotel, Great Falls, Mont. OESw hichill funwiaousti ment to ill tead L QorkIme wu AS e ATiT RSa INr V. aIs y US
enmonth whoseinbC andAE cirularoote ae alls wildl " fro arwsaiad~6owi=. r 1880 will hU' in NORTh i'i re
Or A. K. BARBOUR, Helena, Mont. NORTH GREAT FALLS and vicinity. In a few aintstr' wa of NR a TH whisif with he M1 Z4Qhtemi,,,
.r. :,1 Ag w 4r
Yesterday afternoon Charles McGeady
was driving in a buggyaccross the wagon
bridge when about half way across one
of the horses became restletii 'Mr.
McGeady made a strong effort to ebdtrol
him and hurt his hands severely ih doing
so. In a few moments both horse be
came unmanageable and broke away
from the buggy which fell to pieces
throwing out Mr. Mcteady and Mrs.
Tillie Sheridan. People came promptly
to their asslsttsce and tound that Mr.
McGeady had received severe injuries on
the head. Mrs. Sheridan's 'ar was
broken below the elbow. Dr. Newman
rendered surgical aid to both and they
are making fair progress. The hones
kept running as far as Black Eagle falls
where they were stopped. There was a
wagon on the west side of the bridge at
the time of the accident, but the horses
kept clear of it in their wild canter. It
is supposed that the stringer in the
bridge startled the first horse that be
came unruly, but there is no reason why
it did not do so at the outset as well s
in the middle of the bridge. As in mast
run-a-way accidents, the cause will al.
ways be in doubt. The buggy and team
were from the Eclipse stable.
Measrs. Freeman and Tock of Flush
ing, Mich., who are already large real en
tate owners mn Great Falls, bought to-day
trom Barnes & Collett an undivided one
half interest in 100 feet, front on Central
Avenue, at the corner of Fifth street, for
$19,00 cash. This property is Just west
of that of the New England Realty com
pany, on which a large and handsome
brick black i to be erected the present
season, the second story. of which hba
been leaaed fora court room and county
offices. Our Michigan frie-ds are liberal
investors and they manage invariably to
make first clas selectlions. The property
they bought to-day will sell for double the
money inside of two years.
C. J. McNamara has on exhabition In
Crowley's stable, Lewistown, four of his.
handsome Clydeedale colts, one five and
thre four year-olds. Though taken right
o- from the range the colts are in .ine
condition. They all have fine disposi
tions, being gentle and kind as household
pets. One four-year-oid is a perfect
beauty that would be hard to beat in any
country. They are specimens of what
Montana can produce in the way of
Richard Evans of Sand Coulee says
that some thelf or thieves have carried off
from his house on the road to the coal
banks, furniture and fixtures worth over
$.0.00. They have actually taken the
doors and windows. The hotse was un
cecupied tore time. Mr. Evans is natur
ally indignant that any person sbonld act
someanly, and would make it hot for the
theives if he knew them.
On Tuesday April 8 Judge Cr H. Ben
ton nited In marriage Miss Annie Weld
ettand Mr. George . Weidman, both of
Lewistown. Mr. Weidman has been con
nected with T. C. Power & Bro., for a
nuhber of years. The couple went to
housekeseping immedistely Inthe groom's
new residence.
Work was commenced today moving
the log and frame houses that are to be
replaced by the handsome brick block to
be erected by John Lepley and T. E.
Collins on Third street.
The driving of piles for the foudati on
of the Lapeyre block to-day attracted a
large crowd. The work is progressing
Capt. John H. Evans of Sand Coulee,
is In the city to-day buying supplies and
getting ready for the spring work.
For rheumatism there is nothing bet
ter than Chambertain's Pain Balm. Ihe
prompt relief it affords Is alone worth
many times its cost, which is but fifty
cents per bottle. Many very bad cases
have been permanently cured by it. For
sale by Lapeyre Bros.
A practical farmer and stockmatn would
like a position on a ranchb for hinmself and
wife. inquire at the TRniUNEa office.
aorrunated Iron tRouonl at laih. Coar
a Co,
Grand Exhibition !
Doors open from 7 a m. to 9 p. n., where will be seen one of the finest
displays of furniture ever placed on exhibition in Montana. A fine line of
Parlor, Bedroom and Dining-room Sete, in all styles and prices; fine Steel
Engraved Pictures, mounted in the latest style of frames, at very low
figures. Bookcases, Writing desks, Sideboards, Sofas, Bed-lounges, Kitchen
Cupboards and a hundred different varieties of tables. Chairs and Rookers
enouog to seat even more women and children than are in Cascade county
One hundred thousand babies wanted to use the Adjustable Baby Car
riages. Don't miss them. We are the only agents for Montana.
Mall Orders Promptly Attended to.
Kingsbury block, - Great Falls, Mont.
"Look en thi pldu· am th on tIhat" The
ahoR faces are exact rproduotons of photo
paphs taken from lt of si Mortion D. Ear
I1s4 who r.idR No. M WoesO Nh Rt8eet New
ork ity. The t oaew take In Noaom
er, l, whle In the o tge of oonn.
abond fndoned bey pysluans and mound b
r Th othwas tabe toi .ombr,.
ptm. wa OM Rec Bottoh Rdtirsyd
fo anompt0lon. Ti Rbove ptols Gow
r1m1at true to R e s thse oatlin
R Udn J.o st . Irn , an e sew a.
ot. .,.I thro.ghOt ba . odyt
g did Rot ogolien her ntoenh dBoager nnl I
iealt t ody t Ahokm g st e blloh --_
t pr .oDm U. ipi . i roooahlo drut
Nor osal by TapOyre Bros, GrOat Falo. Mont
arimfd Sararh and RSe.
Rich mo r Iu qn not.
ohoedlae of uoe latU.r
O aiioa fopall who Vur.
s 0 ous n the olu i orlno
uuL.. Inum of lit:, Ws
"n olotue yoe and urnish yom with
ual the neoe atlry ad aoaoe r
mappliono t reth.e prbAuid. ent P
or o ,y I horme. M In ttiOe sRme
a D. ad etttte. MUst dinre out
mat ins a imo them, Lui
D. aMgU. M gsa Dm an fO, r
GUTDU, whiot hwil he mat upon
mictpt of ;0 Ost to Per po.toge.
U1114 ont;h AvOnu. Ohu. anlo.L
The College of Montana.
Full course in tho ola.sic, soence. ,
music add art. Instrumente. apparatu
and furniture now osd complete. Every
reasonable ,omfortl l the boarding de
partment a coot. Both sexes admitted
on equnl terms. For catalogueR nd in.
formation, addreo the proident;
Rut. D, J. MuMIIAI, I. D.
Farm fOr Sald.
Afneow obloh0n oroe nselllo fs d l
glsnoeot of Itonarob tlb t.r.nInns lqBelt
hxlthof ow. j arTiid our
toculaoraddress theTsbnnoune loe an
-----BUY 'LOTS--
AT - LF - P CE
For a Few Days
North Greatk Falls.
Apply to Or
Room 18, Bailey Block, PARK HOTEL,
HELENA, . . MONTANA. Great Falls, - - Monta
First. It is within easy resob of the business center.
Second. Our Lots are sightly, with a fie view of the city ana siurrounding country.
Third, Our Lots are large, 6Ox180Q fee, wth Wied Streets ad d U eys. .nud last,
not least, our PRIOES ARE 80 LOW that anybody can buy.
From $50 Upward-Small Paym~nt Dow
balance on long time at Low rate of interest., The present prices wl be raised short
WILCOX & DeCAMP, Dunn block,
Lots for Sale in this Fine Property at Low Rates and Easy Terms.
Toa't Forget that NO] th GIret Fm+ , :TLots ae
The Best Paying Investment in Great Fa
And are Situated Right Adjoining the Dam and Boston & Montana Smelt
OFFICE--In Albrceht's Furniture Store, Oposite Park Hotel ,.
Booksellers and Stationers, o lur ....... .lllbZ:lild
,lao a completa line of Newspaper and Novaltila, hltpes, etc. Orde Cental Aveue and Park Div
. rom outide o the c. y l be g.iren prompt.at , ro Drive.
NExT DOOM To THU ]PoSTOIO, . - " " OET L.L, IoI, J!iULIUs ,QORST, Proprietor.

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