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The Semi Weekly Tribune.
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Gloical Qioleall
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pronounces them beatiad they
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Well, we should sMy:.eel aol a
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ment of nse uad
makes as the a i ltW
have ae slcc t, inelc.
Teg, "Ugat
loyal Iegns Inl A aual Coventilon
at the (cty of Brotherly
The City Brilliantly Decorated Is
RHonr oe the Distlainushed
Exerelaes Cammemorative of the oe
elety's Twenty-bfith Annitver
sary Held.
PEILADmLPtA, April 17.--The Loyal
Legion is in semion here. On the Union
league front there gleee in lette of
ire a welcome to the Loyal Legion of
the United States, and flag flutter as i
itwas a bolitd. It had itlncepttion in
Philadelphia L' a body of eolaer who
organised to attend the .fueral of
Lincoln. It has grown fill it reaches
every state and territory. To-day l,000
military icern, gatheed from ocean to
ocean, shake hands, touch elbows and
swear eay new to the ifeg. E
Prsideat., Ruthford Bf Hayes Is the
s atu rin i a b ui t o n o1the via tor s and
all ho fthlnolpal are drcorated
with dj.
The qttbmnanderybln mat at l14at
''In the hoanlst Etotrbin soit.
s'r nthe sforoon, from 1 to
o'lol w conoerattbe Unbo
b y the tn hnd, of
e the he
it e ldt T.he oation was dliered
Bevt .al. Gin, le. Devos, of
otl ames . Mrdook,
Wcome to i on Daylo
A TOeu Ohlesso Med4t . a0d.4a8t Do
A usew ses enS " t m ey
uw 'Tn, April 17.-A p
oircumstances surrounding the nAei
ro disappearance of Vernon L. ver
iee, a stadqbt at:he Chinago lMedical
oie, ndloato .that .Ump wp set fo
Ih Of~t". . Hve ft; oi rlnnellI,
aI. n,ý.On Ino t hewte
nver treturnedor seen moots cry
wel d !sookti o ooh. ne 7 hr Is
now itoogo tryp o ome clw
whLich wl unravel the myster..
w awr Store.a..P5 D.strlw 'eeded hi
lis.1tib s nu a nale. th
LI0lour, Nab., April 17.--Goeranof
Thery s on soetpt ofn tworthy I is
Loribatloii fro Cheyenne, Bennook and in
other far western Nebraska ountLn
Ilnog an account of a diastrous sto
rinrd ow so herd that grain al
been sown wee blown entrl wrstyti
h pound over thousands of acl o
rum must commtwlw at, bthe hk' go
be** no a condot 'seed Theverb is
tc nceWheatt
for esed wilt be
amner. Was the Winers.
Mrsos 4!aow, Mch.. April 17.--At p
th;e , this city, Billy Levine m
Sarry Gllmorq the noted 'llht. d
f ri we rounds. Queens
Mod, eth two oun lovs,
ýqeon4ItpI01oaM.v AAle
en orm q(r Od d
h'its; . h
aed Dead ia a Oresk.
M rooane,, 8. D., April 17.-The wile
ndrew eoter, R farmer ltving ten
ntwstfMttohell; 'hefound
ise rr lUg'a tre ~od he ase.
aselmeed Wet d by e
Ant' Meeovs e rnI aetlcs f
ra~Iltirngs p wh.n wee
e t. tme h ma sa
Wr o od
Al k1nds c .-To e diffierpe
vs enee hoabrn urnoh These
$or te pole aet?
Sow folks,~a do' raewt u;5
ý,ý1 17. a We
folk lesemoee. Who' outl ofpckt
: -New ToE Cshleseer.I
rwr-o whichl "L
'-New York 0 BwwPrrLalp·r
'30~mb yu ut Coa-mo t ir
siklQ.J" ýiL. ,ý:,... rn ýt..' ? .
Meote Caadltea ALaes With Which Great
r ls WIIi Re aOoueed.
Sr. PAuL, April 15.-A. W. Roes, mem
ber of parhament for Manitoba, says the
prospects for the Hedson Bay railroad
are exceedingly brl.ht, asht u thinks that
the Dominion government will grant the
full amount asked for. "If, as I firmly g
believe," sad Mr. Rose, "the Hudson Bay
road will commence to build this fall,
the Manitobae Southeastern and Calsar
& Edmonton will start, the Lethbridge l
Montana will be completed the Regin
& Long Lake finished to Prince Albert,
the Great Northwest & Central will be
extended, and with extensions of branch
lines of the Canadian Pacific and North
ern Pacific end Manitoba. along with a
vigorous immigration policy, andthatfol
lowed by an abundant harvest, which is t
anticlpated, the Manitoba and the north. I
west are only now on the dawn of p ers
of unparalelled prospenity."
The Canadian Paciic engineers are asl
ready in the field attolenboro torun a line
in a southwesterly direction to Mellta, at
which place t1 i i ntended to have a June.
tion of three roads, the Southeastern, the
Souris and the Manitoba Colonilation I
branchesa. rom Melita the line will be s
run westward to the Souris coal fields.
The advantages of the line are obvious.
It wiltl touch the Scuds coal fields end,
with Mellt a redlatiUg point, it will be
able to distribute coat ll over the prov
nWIato Davis to Wed.
Now Yonx, April 17.-There is an in- I
teresting story from Syracuse in this
morning's Herald which usysthat Winnle
Davis, the daughter of Jeferson Davis,
is engaged to marry Alfred Wilkinson, a
rising young attorney of Syracuse and a
grandson of Samuel J. May the great ab
wtE DERNuID rMEAlT 3U5l N5.
assely nagesutinb-This Is the Place to
aEstablsh it,
To the editor of the Tnmama n: The
people of Helena, are making
special efforts to secure the establish.
ment in that ity of yards and works for
the dressed meat business. So that an
lean we take immediate advantage of
the situation, that particular industry is
liable to be taken up by some other city
less favorably endow'ed with the neces
mary surroundings and the field occupied.
Now the question that the citizens of
this plase should ask themselves is, are
we going to let Helena secure this boul
ness when we are so admirably situated
for just such an enterprise? Great Falls
is the natural center of the great beef
producing region of Northern Montana,
C with all the natural accessories for the
Seconomical handling of all meatproduc
Sing animels. Cattle, sheep hog epnd
1poulltry of all kinds cn be ad re
Is Jbedlrkly In our own county and the
I. outry naturally tributary to thia place.
Why Cannit do stock men who have
l alolarge intereat in this city and conn
y tyorgansie a ointstock company to dress
Stheir bef here and not only save them
Sselves a large argin on the beef that
, the nWsalip to the eastern markets, but
" l ianaae an industry that will un
Sdoubtedly r Into immense propor
Stlons.phe future and acid another lever
oppen of a t he ae hitinge o the
L|potlon of a eat industUril city? It Is
aco·mmonthlto bhear men sy, "Oh,
]the thinp lla~i come in timo if we
i wait" Is it the case with individuals
corporations or communities that these
who wait are the ones who make the
reat p e Hardlyl Its push,
f Igt Enterprise quickened
to ue opportunities end nerve to take
h0 hold of them, will bring success to either
the individual or city.
If one particular indutry or enterprise
lan.huhes they ars quick to direct their
Slener Ie taother, L-chaenel and keep
movng aonward, ad when this spirit pre
Soisinete aeooesas Is a foregone .ioclu
. We havY e enougha ndn-resldent of
our City who' are direcly .ntrested in
stok rowing to bgn n car to
uccgofulise en enterprise of this
Skmd. Let us hear from them on the sub
S Great Flls, April 17, 18i0.
eatis Vaes . eeqead.
Notwithstanding her repeated refusals
to alp into a phonograph, even for re
producing her votee before the Aedemya
of Muscd, MNao. Pattl ws outwitted
duang her egenuaement at San Fraucico,
and her rinderiig of "Home, Sweet
e," well aUsee other sonfg, was
apn on awaen y.linder. The capture
'was rd. y E.a lon's agents who
aetwe placed d th
e _amn the gaaptpJme and made con
' on d i 'w .t mpter'a box, rwhere
John Magotre Ie an route to the city,
oopanId y e ackay, the California
Mllalodlre, who it I said will give Mr'
plre the nea.serl flnancial boaking to
reres th)ejs house f re_ all the obll.
pons held agaldnt it. Mr. Maguire is
epeo to airrive th city sume time
today, whpn he can probably be lInduced
iopera hogee.-Btutte Miner.
A.1.p olent of Flower Pota at
Dou't forgttht we are headquartere
Sfancy grooer. Strain Bros., econd
fJ d a e.u i n ife a r og . o r
my c.ep at StoatAm, p..r WO-L
Tndme will be received by me for the
tooiauelltOu ae fnae. ooytae up
toAporl 1 Cat noon. he right m
carved to to FH. M or iA rhec
inmuarZA, Sorse DaovrA, Guaarr:
phile th coluoas of theGneahic are
ppmn tot and all 'th inapbes ad
veIIDement, ye It Ia quote lapeelble
tfr foo speak knowingll of the merits
dvertaed. PartIcularly Is this tre of
. But thre1 a ar w ep
h uand a L or y o.
orfor or five l
I wb aih h hadm aou t wroe a hm ea.:
a s a .iten attended t.
aend th elon amils . a "-
a. of ey nature, -t s ve '
• a , .
I1 1rY FOR A I S iS. al
Naval Appropriation Bill Pamed in
Its Eatrety by the House, T
19t to 10o.
Speaker Reed Proposes to Shut Up
Shop Iune 15-Ris Plan Sharply
W.amuenTox, April 17.--th navy ap
proprlition bill waso clled up and the 0
broo rejected the amendment of the P
committee of the whole, striking out the a
clase providing for the construction of
the three tfat line-of-battle sips, by a P
vote of 104 to 18, and the bill was u
T-o SpeaLer's Pim ] a Adjoner CO ners.m
Cases Livy Dis.eln..
WAemeNOTOI, April 17.-The latest
plan of Thomas B. Reed, the aggressive
speaker of the house of representatives,
has created a lively discumssio in Wash.
ington among Democrats as well as Re
publicans. He has passed along the line
of Republican leaders the statement that
th house will wind up tes buiness for
1890 on June 16. Since this flat has
gone forth there has been both praise
oensure for Mr. Bead. The leaders oft
the majority on the floor epr them. I
selves as highly estslekd. Te new men
in the house are not atisfied. They
t haing that inis a plan to whip the
eira einto ine an" every Important I
measure before the house. In other
worda. t mes. hatao measure is to be I
discubi4 at geet leagth0 and that-thos i
who are ot satisfied wtth the tolinlip
tart bill, for lietenoe, are to be ven
-a!}-reottb ho i. It ia scheme
"Will it work?" ' leding
the opoetion, when q tined rgard
s the m tilr, mid:
"If Reed succede in saourin ad.journ"
meat by Juin l I will aesi. to vote for
him fm preadet, If his a min y ever hon
Shim With a eindrst I've I
nve yetrvotied aythiboabut the stralht I
DemlOraelo ticket.
"Wbendo the Demoormas think ad
ajonrnent wll come .
"If we re able to clare upr hop by
Oot. lIwlll thnk that we are doing
mighty well."
Shi ambitionea in thi direction li o
oomplebed, it may mske hm preadenit
ate than even his moat rdent sdmi
erm heie dalrsd. Mr. R ' actioa in
this direction will certainly be watched
with great interest
The Alert to e . ieae s b e baaee, a eto
Help Pratot the ae W sherie
W~enaloon, Aprel 17.-Order have
been lued by Secretary Tracy to have
the Aert, now at the MaY Island navy
yard, put inrepair with a view to emud
ing her toees at on. The deatination
of theAlert is the Behring a, where
she will crulse all summer and fall in
Krotcclinae a the fml uherleof the Uni-td
aButts. 'Is Aleb br r rggud, carriesm
oer guns and abot 100 men, and is of
1,990 ielm 1 hpmeemon e o
e'nand tuTht. This action in
asudig three mon-of-war to bing
a, taken in connection with the rean
proclamation of the president warning
Sof treespaser, Is regarded here maner
idenoa firm determination to prevent
enoerobhment on American seal fisher
ise this esnmmer. Each vesel will carry
all themensh caneoas to be able to
seed to port any prim craews that may
be captured.
ea Tbhouand Cople d te Add....
frm Wabhtaetea to laee. s 3.
WAaf.Ixoox, April 17.-The house
committee on printing has authordae a
favorable report on the house joint reo
lution authorising the printing of 10,000
coplee of the inaugural addresses in
chranologlaol order from George Weah
rinl a alet lPih sgad Met
Io l to aoW incl Not eJaminHer.
LA a, cvein With April n.-try of -he
0toh Am pcate por has o thopw. dle.
Am"dent del oi n ~o. vo i.e r.
Wa samite, April 17.-Thep
eboi lande commiteer ha. ruwhoerded
Senator Petdiaoew to por favorably
mleberofihna o Lhe e me ed
oin the d o t a le bfn A
Wil,000 p ian th re iwne tel.
APCamlcoW'., April 17.-h S
etim hgs aersons who elrevetaod t"
pabicanda dcmiatteeit saa arIna
mebn er of stharapti
Therlte tlw i o pat Ias aoo.deoayr
uinm u er athlh eýo te
hinelacgv the tpit the rmains
81,t0 artiee an toe rerat=n feorbo
t b a. en o ther d inmtwit.
msl o fu mthns in _ _
b"alladfe thoMa 'LAngaitne
illhedradRs plndian rwho elervd. TIe
,lsgoivi toth l.tlata waitingfo
81,000ce inhthe iresieanr Ca
all band made, other W illand
wiedaa li esn°Vualars.
Hew fYoal we'n 1ý7.-A J 6a= k
T *h r was obliged tarremovelt
ft M end·ofthey i o
erscJ; WIodworth Gpdal
)ovqldyO franIg the
g1Mrdon.; Care, io, 1
Cheap Fuel, Abundanae of Water and
Good Railroad Naeilltle Tell.
Ross & Cronkhlte have taken the con- '
tract for the Helena Cement Pipe and
Tile company's building.
This will be a large frme structure
90 feet long by 2 feet wide.
It will stand on the railroad company's
land near the wool depot.
The company will equip it with ma
chiney7 and moulds for the manufacture I
of pipe for the main sewer.
They have ordered large quantities of
cement and have also taken means to
prdcure the proper kind of sand in
It is believed that this factory will be a
permanent addition to the local menu
factures. The demand foe tiles and pipe
will be large enough to warrant the com
pany in remaining here. The nearness
of the building to the railroad track and
the abundance of water and coal, make t
this the best place for the company to
carry on its business.
Now Every Indusetaom an .ay Own
a Rouse of hi Own is Orest 5ls.
The Great Falls Buildng and Improve
ment Company has been formed to en
able people to build and own houses. It
has ample capital and is able to pot
thrifty peopleinthe way of owning com
fortable residences.
The saving is great. T4ke the ase of
a man who rents a three roomed house
and .pays $10 per month for it. The
house may coat $80 and the lot (25 feet)
$150. At the end of the year the tenant I
will have paid $40 or nearly half the ori
gil. coat
How much better it would be for this
mah to build a house of his own Which
will be a permanent investaent for him
self End family. He ges to Secretary
Hanks and pays say $100 down. The
company defrays the coat of the lot and
building and gives him all the ttue he
want to pay for t, provided he pays ten
per cent, yearly on the balane due. At
the nd of the year he will have paid
$186.67 which will Include the $100 paid
at the start and $8.67 for Iereet. If he
see fit he can pay E more of the princi
pal and in that way redu"f the interest
In this way he will ownas own home
at the end of two or three years. He
Will have something to siow for his
money. He will benefit by the advance
La property which Is certalhin a growing
city Ilke Great Fall. No. on, can dd -
turbhim or "raise the roet". If he re -
moves to the mines on elsewhere be can
sell his interest In the hbpa if thie be
any balance due and may thus get back
morethanhepald. Mr. Ha is ready
to talk over the matter with.any one who
wants to own a comfortable home.
lCRTorEu mHONlQLi .
Amethr Imumaper mt las Zaeursa
Mate Coal Daseeveem.
esrs. Haven, Allen an Buskarion,
I ciil englneers have been ying a
line for a ditch which Brt nd Allen
desire to take out from the ea, about
rear milee above i.,n & wi n
Irrmgate about 8,000 acres of ine land.
The gentlemen at the head of this enter
prise propose to make one of the beet
horse ranches in Montana and stock it
with thoroughbreds.
A fire was seen raging outtowardTger
butte last night. No particulsrs have
r beenheard.
SAnother important discovery of coal.
Swas made a shabort time ago by Messrs.
Corson and Duschout. The find is about
three miles from town, and conslami of a
90 Inch vien of bitnmnous coal of a fair
quality. The coal Ik found between a
layer of lom and resting on and. A cut
is being pushed to find the bed rock,
where it is expected the vein will widen.
e Our schools are running alona smooth
a ly under the management of Prof. Bair,
a. and the children are doing veil.
0 The farmers in this county are prepar
u g to seed a larger acreago.o ein than
ever before, and have alreaM made good
Our merchants, Silverman& Cohen and
SJos. Hirschberg & Co., are dolng a big
s business. Their houses are 'ull of people
who are buying large quanities of goods.
There lived a certain maldecin a certain
little town,
She was slender, she was teller, and her
name was Sally Brown;
She was witty, she was prep, (as to feat
uresl) and she knew
All the schools could tehd a maiden,
while her heart was wrm and true;
In short-except for one ad lack, she
would have been perfetion,
But 0, she had a dredlfdly unloyaly,
dull complezion.
The red-cheeked girls altclously had
dubbed her sallow Brow,
With their laughing and their obhang
was her spirit broken town;
While to marry none wold tarry after
gazing on her face,
But depart to wed some other without
half her inward gram
Till it wmn't shy wondr she resolved
with desperation,
She woud cover with cosetics all her sad
For she rather would bhe done it-vul
gar us the practloe i
Than endure the'mpurepidermlo of her
But a city friend took py and deolared
to her one day,
The Suaprill mnadby Hood would
drive her woes awq,
"Take my adile" sherrote, "and if you
follow the dlreoliq
You will curse aod n not cover your
unfortunate comprion.
Soon the, rls were ma with envy, and
the las with sec.c pain,
Could but wonder atP blunder of sup
And . l or rpWl g all the words
Now A' th feltas of her brow,the
brilliance of hertheek,
And ellie was forglng and behaved
with olmrumspenn,
iBut rouldn s qlute ce the past from
other reoll~ten.
Theb l ein owlted mother known as
Ms. ' Vroeeut alte
T'al .,t , t, ,i.it, society's de
I Wheoptsm prals.'n other days was
SL Sailow Utwn,
Iled ly treat b the striplings of
And. i-- J Iw l e heed dear girl,
JIst, t toward properly Im
1 yQ mplesion.
S ', for a bad cold,
try ed.orhor d candy
aty. wells Bsh.
I, inr. t ousr Mna tore,
Iseaobn d snieet
The Assistant Postmaster of Butte
Missing for Some Time.
His Accounts Show a Shortage of
Nearly Two Thousand
M. C. Winninger Acquitted of Murder
at Missoula-n-Important Tes
timony Excluded.
Burun, April 16.-Postofflce Inspector
C. tCackett, of Helena, has been in this
city since Sunday last, examining the ace
counts of Assistant Postmaster W. S.
Jones, who disappeared so mysteriously
a week ago last Sunday. When seen last
evening Sackett claimed to have discov
ered a shortage of $1,970 in Jones' ac
counts and stated that to be .4ll that
could be found against him to dace. Jones
was brought here a short time since by
Postmaster Evans from Lanuing, Mich.
Last Honors WIll be Paid to the Dead
statesman Tomorrow,
WAsm.neoox, April 16.-The funeral
service of Samuel J. Randall will take
place tomorrow. The arrangements will
be in charge of a congressional commit
tee to be appointed tomorrow morning.
Mrs. Handal prefers that the services
shall be held in the church of which Mr.
Randall was a member and not in the I
house of representatives. This church is
the Metropolitan Presbyterian church,
D. Cheater pastor, at the corner of Fourth
and B streets southeast. Nine or ten
o'clock will be the hour fixed for the
services. After the services the funeral
party will take a special train over the
Pennsylvania railroad to Philadelphia,
where the interment will take place in
the Randall family vault in Laurel Hill
cemetery. Briet services will be held
Samel Jackson Randall was born in
Philadelphia on Oct. 10, 1898. He came
tacopdblc life ata very early age asa
Democrat and has never since been re
tired, even temporarily. He served tour
years in the common councils of his na
tive city, and one term--185d-5--in the
Pennsylvania legislature as astate sen
ator. Mr. Randall was Set elected to
congresa in 1802. He commenced his
congresonal life n December, 1868, in
the ThIrty-eighth congress tin which
an.a J asa U o Blacn served his first
term(, only two years after hisoold friend
hut lisceoiionmuent of thirty ye '
Msanding-tb site William D. Kelley
bad commenced a career in congress
that lasted nearly thirty years. Mr.
andall was returned at every sunuesd
election, and at t time of his death
had served twenty-six yearsM in congress,
or through thirteen congresses. He was
elected for a fourteenth term, but
though he took the th and qualified ar
a member he was not able, because
offailing health, to take his seat in the
ndt d fo .skgpf the Forty-fourth
u. -in;aW ,hl wa dslslw byo
Michl C. Kerr, by whom he was ap
pointedl chairman of the committee on
t prni allusAt the second session
the same oongrs e Mr. Randall was
chosen speaker, Mr. Kerr having died
during the reces. Mr Randall was re
elected speaker in the Forty.fifth con
Sin 167. By reason of long service
au nd close attention to his duties Mr.
Randall beceme the mest expert perli
m ntaran t the Democratic side of the
house. In familiarity with the ruls and
all branches of parilmeutary law, he
perhaps had no sperior in either party,
and as f bacLas 1875, when the great
cotest orover the forcebill took place at
the olce of the Forty-third congress Mr.
Randallwa by common consent assigned
the leSdersbip of the Democrats.
Mr. Randal was poorman. Hewas
twentysix years an active member of
the house vet no one has ever been
found to redect even in the slightest de
gre upon his integrity or honesty. He
Swasre wasprobably poorer in purse when
he died than when he came to Washing.
I ton away back in the Thirty-eighth con
grin. He owned the modest residence
in which he lived on Capitol Hill. It
is not worth more than 80,000, and rp
resents the savings of nearly half life
time. Out of his salary he always met
lothe expenses incident to his elec
tion; and while there were com
partively light, and would pass
the severeet scrutiny they were, never
thelesu , a heavy drain upon his meagre
income. He made it a uniform practice
to return all contributions made by
friends towards these expenses, which,
with characteristic independence, he
preferredto bear himself rather than
pIlae himself under obligations to any
one. When asked, once, if he did not
carry his independence or indifference
Sin sch matters to an extreme, he re
plied: "No; there is no middle ground
I in such matters. Idraw the line at the
beginning." His comparative poverty is
a monument to his sterling integrity.
By thedeath of tepresentative Kelley,
t Mr. Randall was entitled to succeed him
as tbhe "Fatherof the house," by reason
of longest continuous service. It may
be said of him that he died in the har
I ner, a public man absolutely without e
Olsed Down.
HxL.zeA. April 16.-(Special to the
TIauuxa.)-The Helena smelter has
closed down. -;Beason not stated.
coaming to a clse..
WAsBunvoic, April 16.-It is deemed
acertain that the senate will vote on the
Montana election case this afternoon.
Sanders and Power expect to win. Sen
ator Clark says the whole case may be
i sent back.
Aequited at Massema..
MIsousA, April l15.-M. C. Wininger,
a who has been confined min the county jail
for some months, charged with the mur
Sder of Joseph Schriver, was today ac
OQuin, Neb., April 16.--eFir at 8:80
s o'clock yesterday morning destroyed the
clothing 0tore of Browning, King & Co.,
and damaged the stock of N. R. Falconer,
dry goods, end Mrs. J. Benson, millinery;
loss 115,000. insut once 575,000.
Labor and capalas.
caBosTo, Aprsl 16.--Organicers reperte
at the meeting of the Carpenters' district
council that every trade orgasixation in
the state promises financial support to
the carpmnters in their eight and nine
hour demands. The district carpenters
in the state comber 6,800 and they are
urged by their leaders to make every
Seffort to scurs the concession without a
tl ,trlks.
Soring Opening!
1890-0F-18F 8
Believing that Great Falls is on the eve of an unprecedented
growth, and wishing to help the cause, I have with a large outlay put
in a stock of
Dry Goods, Notions, Carpets,
... wnich I believe cannot be surpassed in Montana. My stock
includes full lines of
Colored, Fancy and Black Silk.
S. . I would like to call particular attention to the latter; I can
give you the newest novelties and most reliable goods itthe market.
... I can show the latest Parisians Styles as well asa.he cheapest
Domestic Goods and at prices which defy competitidil
. In the best French and Domestics, made in the newest pat
terns at popular prices.
Ginghams, White Goods, Challies, Prints, Etc.
. In these goods I have a wonderful assortment in Prices,
Patterns and Qualities
S. . In my stock of
House Furnishings
* . I take a pardonable pride, as we can please any one in the
Table Linens, Napkins, Quilts, Curtains, Laces, Towels, Towling,
Sheeting, Musline, Carpets, Comfortables, Blankets, etc.
S. . Our stock of
Notions, Hosiery, Buttons, Rushings, Corsets,
. Gloves, Handkerchiefs, Jewelry, Toilet Articles, etc., are as
complete as experience and money can make them
Carpets and Oil Cloth
. We are compelled to keep in our basement, but at prices
which makes it an attractive place for close buyers.
... Before closing we' wish to draw th: attention of the Public
to our
Shoe Department.
... Here will be found nothing but the best Standard makes
of shoes to be procured in the United States, Goods that we can
warrant every time.
Reliable Dry Goods House.
Hides, Sheep Skins, hrs anl Tallow.
Eastern market prices paid for all the above stock Picsmpt attention
given to all shipments made to me. Quotations furnashed on application
Warehouse on R. . track and Third ave. South. Ois apposite the
Park HotsL Address,
Theo. Gibson, Great Falls. Mi. T.

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