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IB S 81 ,0B
Bebellioes Slouax inder Big Iroot Be
15ue to Vaute ,ite Be.
I' oep sent After the toettnlee ,ta
the. SntUre muad Bur.
4 Aa r Odta t ll a nap
p~thg S plWQatbreakt
Among te C ayenmes.
1R> ia, S. . Aptril 1.-A rucnner has
arived b.e froi m OLe. nae, about aev.
e.y attla eWait of bae on the reeerva
tis ouncing the ft othata. band of
adls had got on the warpath and I
we giving the agent at that place con.
de.rable dim ltl . It lear that a bad
chief, fg 1 Pot, with a band o about
t others, deous dither to take up 1
.o to vacate for r ettlere. The agent
ritdested him to do one or the other and I
c 'ot commenced to make trouble. 1
Trop t re sent for to Fort Meade.
Two par.tes of infantry and three
f rt were dis hed to the aeue
MRoeaded in eor the
iand are awaita oarra . tot th e
In. the T.h.prtend Cheeasne
be wt wil be ved froment the
reer4n Big Foat ree wh cate itulate
and aeioas tr. e l fy apo et a.hw ed.
;t :QgNý RUQER'8. ORO %S.
3e er ttveeeae Awefeeate i.
ee ns tnoa e tnortaened C ere tth
d*oW00N. April. l.-Order have
beqoaet fro the war department to
Otso uger to render whatever aselet.
acm lelieoeaeeay to Agent Upebaw at
Tugaue River agency, Montana, to f
eereanK eIdiena The War de
outbreak other thean.t
scgaLned the dlapsdhee d
tIce rrtardeparrt met afnwa~d ta
Am Olnnas Ontiaek In the lPares pDd
Tr.ubles at PittatSpg. :
Pnwnatmo, Pa., April 18.- Nona of
the etploys on any othe railrcad
osw-rlg': in thIe ity hatas yet . ft
thsi wcoghas was inttipated would he m
thieCAe, ,ereTheoilo1T ao of t member of at
the variou brotherhood are omtn~ino, 1 t
ad.hliould the onferle . tie.-sen th
iger l ieanoe Inommittee and the of
railroad o-aalr reu it piinattctollly I
to the grevre oanmttte, It dors not e
aow appr pihle that the ithratened td
tleo-p can be avertd.
Utirsa, Are boati.- O Up Pt
riaoo, Apri, l8.-The Indcsaon or
ere that May I mot of the so celu
miners of Illinois Indian anod Pennayl
. a wll go out on a.strik and that
Sjea ,at . 1s iptnfdy of he
%h ,athe uilpaý hal will be
bth uts received tdere that they
strikes Epaseed4 en the Orer.
Naw TYo, April 1BTl--& pes to
Thii Time ferom mUtie. . t ., ray the w
men in. thitnceare o . bPB -
ie a enS t e on bith ne 0o
York Csentis nd , Rudoneivter mudths
Wst Shore railroads. The men Whons
were recently discharged, nd +hoae e
binied hate had frsoupnt otnierree. ct.
Tir eain men, egrio 7 and.iremen -
se relowtt to talk ton tsua Ion.
BAo, Mt e, April 18.-ATi painters
emanoyed at the Now tmad conem
. t rd, who etru an in
" ll oents day, have re' U
work th morning. The
j ansdan lnasecatt$6 cents
H. Stiapl Jedpl d a Xsard sill.
COmrcAo, April 18.-T Tribune says n
ther m.stery oat.te dhppearsrns of
Velnon`L. rerthe OtChioebo MedIcal
Da 6P
T icmjA , ash,,; Aprilr· 1.-A
emy of xuaio grand. ir, the bi4 i
Ttaolw; 4W6., April
Des .
llrMt.derr ot Mealoan Joe Caught at
isg Timber.
HaLmuA, April 18.-W. M. Rader, un
der sheriff of Meagher county, came in
from White Sulphur Springs on the trail
of Sam Welsh, who is wanted for shoot
lag Mexican Joe, on the Musselshell,
~bout two weeks ago. It appears that
elsh is a bad man with a gun. He was
foreman of W. T. Ford's sheep ranch and
Mezrion Joe was also working on the
matoh, On the morning of the shooting
Joe told Welsh that a man down the val.
lay owed him a sum of money, and that
he Wnlid get his horse and go after it.
Welsh objected and said he should notgo.
Mexican Joe said'he would go, and start
ed after his horse, when Welsh ran in
to the house and picked up a Win- b
chester rifle with which he fired two
shots. The firstehot tailed to take effect,
tat the second one struck the Mexican It
I lathe right thigh, paseing through both in
lr. Kumpe was summoned from the
Springs to attend the Wounded man but '
I the distance from the plringa to Ford's
ranch is about 75 miles, and before he
could arrive the wounded man was in a T
I recaious conditio, and it is presumed
hat he is now dead, as he was very low
at last aecounts.
Welch endeavored to make his etape n
and reached this city day before yeter
day, where he was seen by several peo
ple who ecognized him. He took the C
afternoon train for the east, but telegrams
w ,re nt:eont and be was arrested at Big b
Timbher, here he is now held, awaiting d
the arrivel of Under-therif Rader. n
Helea'sl Tenag Democracy.
Donald Bradford is the name of Hel- a
ena's new mayor, and is one of the rising a
young busines .men of Montana. Our n
people believe in young blood, coupled t
with enezy and ambition, asis evidenced
by the la genumberof young men who
have been truted with high peaitlon,
tand so far all have merited the faith im
poed in them from Governor Teole
diwn.--Boulder Sentinel.
Traepoatneg large Trene.
. tubert W. Furness, of Nebraska, who
i ha had a long experience, advies ,as
Mo llwe in regard to transplanting the i
larger forest trees for ornamental par
S06es: "All above one Inch in diameter,
it .siure nueoree, should ,pe out back to
~1O0 or 9 feet, as tanle may dictate.
,prefer Ai and 8 feet. rune of every
i, tleang the tree, hen planted, a
e .reetermd= .ei tei Wheeedtoff .e
at top and where limbs are cut away,i
tiaey maould be painted over with thick I
0fiimon paint or, better a thickt solution
e of us a.hellba and alcohol. The theory
ointet the firlt onty a transplanted tree
ha to perform i to get hold of and
y identi lteelf gaie with the sil. Every
thing retarding this work should he
avoided. Where limbs are left, leaves
put out sion, and the growthi-work goes
a onin that direction, thus retarding work
Sunder ground."
,They Ought o Send for Jlo kmad Mall.
SThe.Ftruvlan Mlnalter- at Washington
d tbaeaeeived a telegram in which it was
Sannounced that elctione for members of
Sthie board to whicb will be entrusted the
tl counting of the vbtes east for president
t pd off withoutany disturbance. No
y Indlictions were given as to the political
completion of the board,
m le amee olve o0t.
The. sanctum of the IbdLodge Picket it
was illuminated by that pious old galoot G
Orow Davil yesterday afternoon. He
talked the fly-wheel of of our jobber v
and the hair out of the lye brush. We got 0
the foor And movd that the meeting ad- P
our sine dle e.Davi leift:for Laurel. I
-Bed Lodge Pic et.
iean has 80' teachers in the publc
There is talk of sitrttng a new bank in
the Sgth ward, Hellene,
Moutana miners are rdoilnog'that all
verb h gone up to 9ttM.
M, A. eyndom s preeldeut of the d
new Helena athletio lsub, a
Prof. l.egg is abouttogo to the Paciflc
eant afor the esemer eascp,. b
Ott eu ate Carter eomende J. C.
.eepllt orpoetmstw of .nacondas.
C(Bit ilir t i wrisug some spit
lf*i' euc daloglps for the Butte s
x- sene have ;ecscsleed the men
Lts at the Cosmopolitn hotel,
No tee 9f promlsaetoels named in con- L
.,p with thme Seletm took yard
C: lh. Anoeny fed out 1O0 tons of
hey to 1,800 head of attle during the
- Jba J, Eei v died In Sen Francisoco
a waiWell own in the
•:TIe ; ie Mountain produced in
t ei April 8,.0d ouaaes of
10 S10 oes . gold.
9 e take a s.hool at
gsr d U nn a reporter M e
let sfor I
y nd6i the stoc d bma
sd v owdr "otam
were. sak te
# LwrU t
-- e
The Mensure Has at last Reached the s'
Houase-Referred to the Committee
of the Whole.
Sugar Placed on the Free List and a Ut
Bounty Provided for Home £'
Production. it
Some Importsat Northwestern Noemi.
nations lade by the President
-Washington. o
WAsreNGTON, April 18.-The tariff b
bill has been reported to the house and '
referred to the committee of the whole.
It is understood that the Republican
members of the ways and means com
mittee struck from their bill the para
graph placing hides on the dutiable list
The seaehrise Matter Will Be Admitted
Woea and a Bounty B Given Home a
WAsnmeoron, April 18.-The Republi
can members of the ways and means f
committee have made a change in the
sugar sebedule by providing that sugar
shall be admitted free and allowing a
bounty of two cents for every pound pro. I
duced in this country. The change was
made talate hour and in consequence
of it the tariff bill with the majority and
minority reports on it will not ibe ub
mitted tillate in the afternoon. Mr.
Carlisle was informed of this ohange
and spent several hours modelling the
minority report to suit it A protest
signed by the chairman of the sgar
plnters' delegation has been fled with
the committee. t states that the sugar
men are not in fivor of a bounty and do I
not desire any.
severl Important Onsa Made for Nlrth
wester states.
SWA.manT ox, April 18.-The president
sentto the senate the following nomi
Stephen A. Marine, of Iowa, to be
pension agent at Des Moines, Iowa; H.
A. Williams, of North Dakota, to be
o surveyor general of North Dakota.
Regiters of Land Oges-W.T. Riley,
of Idaho. at Halley, Idaho; J. P. Shupe,
Sof Oregon, at Roseburg, Ore.
Slt e D te of Public honeys-J. K
Sanburn, of Idaho, at Coeur DAlene,
Idaho; R M. MOCala, of Wshiangton
Sat Walla trla, Wash.; J.. Waugh,
of North Dakota, to be agent for the
Indians of the Devils Lake agency, in
SNorth Dakota.
a The Daughter of the Ceonfoder .or A
S ageksd to the Granseon o re Noted Abe
t ittionst.
NEW Yoe a xApril 18.--A speolal to
The Herald from Syracuse, N. Y., tays
that the announcement is made there of
Sthe betrpthal of Misr Winnie Davis,
daught of Jefferson Davis, to Alfred
if Wilkinson, of Syracuse, a grandson of
a the great abolitionist leader. Rev. Sam
it uel J. May. Mr. Wilkinson is a young
c lawyer about 28 years of age, and
i stands very high in the community. He
dfirst met Miss Davis on the occasion of
the visit of that lady to Syracuse about
four years ago. It will be remembered
et that Mis Davis received a very cool re
t ception from one or two families in
Syracuse, and this treatment is said to
i have brought her and Mr. Wilkinson in
r very close relations. He resented the
toolness shown her and gallantly cham
d.pioned herrus The friendship thus
.i. engendered between them blossomed
into love in due time. Some two months
age, Mr. Wilkinson went to Eucape to
see Miss Davis and spent several weeks
*.tbh her.n the oantinnt. The ctual
is time for the wedding has not been set
but it is understood that the date will be
in the near future.
The Wirld's War with Judge Hlito.
NeW Pona, April 18.-The World's
staory about Judge Hilton and his for. c
tonesMiscontinled to-day. The write ll
draws. a picture of Mrs. Stewart in tears a
after her husband's death, and some one h
threatening her witth the words: "I
blest yeur husband's reputation." With I
Sommendable respect, no doubt, fora
the libel laws, it avoids saying who this
ewas uttered by, but in the head.
ne the words are described as a "bold
ireat by the ex-judge" .
Dutroyed Hali Den=s Buildas t.
G!eOess Cray, ills, April 18.-A fire
which started in a restaurant here
pred to the adjolning building. Be.
fore the fire could be ohecked six frame
beeito ss boildi were destroyed, in
cind usgttses lcturat waOrehouse of
J.J.Bbes h iw h was filled with Mo
ies Swept Away Mal.tae square.
livery barn in the bhe of the city. Is
swept, half a blok l and melted
,Jahse'is' New hubts.
ooarom, April 18.-Arthur Warren
cables trom London to The H ld that
oP that, fnea, pls lmaser Jnes
wh has been bet from his o for
defaulter to the ton of
sptthe. money in Ottes
o wr As-A
pp alt , N o. , A ou 8
t y attended meeting of employing
mbers, brick usoen
a, ,
o PoJIWm hU Aprl 8.-Ald reman
i aci~ er *ondM~owa and ly clerk
gteP 'v. been indicted on charges ot
'et nld dictment, were mnada
notivme ed to appea at
is4. 'tidlow.
Northwest tat up ales that
4hcletonad l Thomass
4 Ya . ' trea
The New bheep-Shains Maehine. a
Several Correspondents.-The Wolseley w
sheep-shearing machlne has been moat p
extensively tested by the Australian n
squatters The plan has, however, al
ready been initiated in England to mount
these machines in sheep-shearing sheds
centrally located-where the small flocks b
of neighbors may be shorn with advan- p
tage both to the owners and the small
farmers. It isclaimed that the first cost
of she machine and accessories complete b
is covered by the economy effected in p
shearing 600 sheep. Single hand-power
machines are also provided, which may
be worked in barn or open field, The av
erage tally of one man with Weoleley's It
machine shears, it is clatned, is about ti
one hundred and fifteen sheep per day.
The machines generally can be driven by
hand, horse or water power, but prefers. g
bly in larresheds by steam, gas or kero- I
sene engines.
From The iMslng San.
The mode of connecting Sun River d
with the Great Falls & Canada railway
a distance of nine miles-has not yet
been determined. Some suggest a steam
motor line, others a cable road, while the
majority seem to favor the electric system n
of locomotion. I
The successtul bidders Monday 'for a
furnishing Fort Shaw with forage and s
fuel, consist of the following gentlemen:
Quail, coal;Burgy, corn and wood; Smith,
oatasnd hay; Adams possibly may get
hay, andit is thought M. L. Strong's bid
for timothy hay will be favorably con-0
Friday afternoon as accident occured
on the bridge Which came within a hair's
breadth of resulting seriously if not fatal
ly. Mr. Ish was crossing the bridge with
a heavy load of hay, mounted upon the
top of which was Sharp Thomas. When
about the center of the bridge the
outfit was struck by one of the gentle
zephyrs that have been frolicking
around here during the past week, and
suddenly capsized. Sharp Thomas was
given no time to pray, but was rudely
tifted from his comfortable seat-thrown
bodily over the truss of the bridge and
landed head-first in the river, thirty feet I
below. Fortunately for Thomab he hap
pened to strike where the water was
deep, and thus his life was saved-indeed
he escaped without a scratch. Theshock
to his neronus system was of course se
vere, but the natural strength of'hte con
stition will pull him through. A year ago
last winter Sharp was cutting ice and
slipped osf a cake into the river. The
current carried him some distance under i
the ice, and his companions gave him up
for lost, when to their joy and atenish
meat Sharp bobbed up at an air hole and
was saved. From this it is clear to the
discerning mind that Sharp Thomas was
not born to be drowned-in Sun river.
[From Wednesday's Dalyr.]
Harry R. Taylor purchased 5 lots in
West Great Falls yesterday for $2,000.
Doctors Gordon and Newman have
formed a partnership. Their office will
be in the room now occupied by DrrGor
don. Both are popular physipisqq and
will have large practice.
J. M. McAdow and C. E. Buell arrived
here today with three, car loads of milk
cows. These cows are thoroughbreds
fand high grades of the Short Horn and
I Jersey breeds and are fine specimoens.
About thirty of the cows have calvesanid
the rem.inder will have calves in a short
Stime. Persons desiring ood milk. cows
I will do well as call at the Eclipse and see
this herd. Some of the cows have a rNc
ord of 2I pounds of butter per day.
Messre. Nelson and Brant of the Mess
tans Smelting eompany force, .returned
todaytothecity. For thepsat two wees
Sthey have been engaged indriving a
d band of horses from the Tiger Butte
range to Wolf creek, to the ranch of Mr.
SGleason. These horses were purchased
b by Val Laubenheimer and Mr. Gleason
d from Harry Child. Nelson and Brant
i have purchased Mr. Child's eattle (rang
a ing near Tiger butte) and wilt move
them to "Squaw" Johnson's ranch near
Kibbey, which they recently purchased.
It s a settled fact among knowing
ones that the Northern Pacific Rair
company will be compelled to extend a
line to Great Falls during the coming
summer. 'The'route from Billings north
h.a already been surveyed and is easy of in
construction and would command a greet m
local trade. The best route, however, wi
between the Yellowstone and the Cater- wI
act city is via Shields river, White Sul
This would abe shaorand e.y, buti
probable, after all that hau been said h
abont this and the Judth valley route
that the road will go from Helena.-Hue-s
Bradetreat's report on the wool market
has been received in town. It is dated T
Saturday ndsays: "More buoyancy ep
poare in the Boston wool marketthan for
several weeks past. New YorLk and
Philadelphia, however, show no change p
from the uncertainty and depreslon
which have prevailed for so long. Even
at Boston the Improvement is more en
anticipltion of greater activity than in
any at~ual gain. Valeus hold stetly
throughout the list. Fine fleces ae
darll. Woot of the spring clip in Cell
fornia is solling on last eer's le el.* h
Shearing is In progress in Tdxs, nd the o
condition of the output is said to be ex- tl
cellent. Carpet wool has soit to r cn
aiderable extent in the Nw York market
The Helena Journal says that "Great t
Falls came proudly to thefront yesterday
cleoting the entire republican municipal
ticket-by an overwhelming majority.0
Both, partis made an earnest fiht for
victory but the bourbor were badly di
terced. The Journal is wrong. We
charitably hope that ltsuffers nly from I
avineible Ignorance. In the first place
Atlderman Bridges, a democrat, was
elected. In the next place there was no
"enst fight on either side. The re
pblican led only S votes for alder
men; the democrate only l5o. The decm
oerati endorsed Mr. Dickermnu because
of his personal popularity and fituO s,
whloh showed that there was no "fight."
The Journal had better call the whole
contest "a draw."
It is an open secret that the Great
peorthen railway magnet have an eye
upon the great'mineral field of Smith
river and willpush forward from Nei
I art to White Sulphur Springs and UCtle
I before the snow files. Stch a road
I would lay through a continous mineral
belt from the time it reached artin's
ranch and would enjoy the plen d local
travel of Barker, Nelhart, lddle Fork,
Newland creek, Vopperopolls. Castle,
Murray and Birch creek, whieh would be
i large in the shipment of oresn besidue
a would control the lve million pounds of
merchandise required annually for the
supply of the trade of White Sulphur
po Spns. The move forward from Bet
iart will, however, probably aot be made
unntil the grade between Neihert and
Martin's is finihed.-Hsbandman.
Mr. J.mes Deonoven of this city leaves
t nx Tuesday for Great Fells, Montene,
a where he expects to locate. MG. Don
ova came to Holyoke in 1881, when the
i town flcatterted and has been in active
practice of law ever since, and his fIF"a
tiet ha not been confren to Phlybeen
M coU alone but he has frequntly bee
n, heard`i Yum, L./gan and Washington
o , olorado,amd in aiacent oca
ties of Nebraska. About one yeer a
. Donovan defend Miles Henry i
Senry murder trl at Impe~q
., nd saved Henry from han .
thi das a he mde one of the
lee ver heard h western Nebr
the famouso white p ce in thi
sty, Mr. Donovan was the leading ae
y for the defenda.st and his speech
·- -:
abiltty. He leaves behind him a host of
warm personal friends who regret his de
parture, and has the best wishes of the
people of Phillips county for his future
uccess.--Holyoke, Col., State Herald.
[From Thurndar's Daily.]
Reson and ajamiberlaoi will start a ho
tel at Armingn about May 15. They are
building a substantial house there forthat
A man who gave the name of T.
Murphy was held for grand larceny today
by Judge Dys, who as justice of the
peace heard the complaint.
An offer of $12,500 for an undivided
one-half interest in a Great Falls corner
lot was offered and refused today. So
one of our real estate agents says, and
they never prevaricate.
Ex-Mayor Sullivan, the handsome and
gifted Je.tersonian statesman, came over
Irom Helena Monday night to rejoice
with the Butte Democracy over the vic
tory achieved.-Butte Miner.
The Gre it Northern express train was
delayed today by the burning of the
bridge across Beaver creek near Ashfield
which Is about 50 miles west of Glasgow.
The bridge is being rebuilt actively.
The hearing in the land contest of
Travis vs. Perry, residents of the Chest
nut valley, was concluded to-day. The
testimony now goes to IHelena and after
wards to Washington, so that it will be
saome time before a decision is reached.
Mr. Hankey has returned from Helena
and is preparing to make the sewer pipe
for which his company has the contract.
He expects to turn out 90 feet per day.
He will have three moulding outfits at
work. He will locate the works near the
wool warehouse.
C. N. Dickinson of the Great Falle
meat market, has purchased and received
05 heed of fine beef cattle from the Spen
cer Bros., whose range is in the vicinity
of the Sweet Grass hills. They are four,
five and six year olds and as fine a lot of
cattle as have ever been brought to this
market. They were taken right from the
Wells a Busch have their candy factory
in good running order and are making ll
kinds of delicious candies such as fruit
slices, angela food, dipped creams, bon
bons, not creams, cocoa nut balls, nut
candles, fruit creams, marsh mallows, etc.
A sample box which was kindly sent to
the TarBnwn office proves that their can
dies are first class.
Great Falls should agitate for the ex
cursion trains from Butte which Mr. T.
E. Collins suggested at the last meeting
of the Board of Trade. It would paythe
Montana Central to have a sleeper leave
Butte Baturday night and arrivehere Sun
day. Passengers could leave here Sun
day evening and arrive in Butte next
morning in time for business.
Within a few days, work will be in full
blast on the Boston a Montana smelter.
Mr. Parsons has his plans all arranged,
his forces organized, the material re
quired purchased and much of it on the
way to the city. With the work on the
dam in full progress at the same time, it
I ie evident that things will hum at and
about the Black Eagle falls.
Doctors Gordon and Newman have
formed a partnership and have their
office in the Dunn block. Both physi
Ibians are well and favorably known to
the public. Dr. Gordon isa graduate of
the Edinburg university which enjoys
world-wide fame. Dr. Newman is a
graduate of the university of Maryland
and was for a long time in the medical
service of the United States army. He
has many friends among old-timers and
recent settlers here and in the Sun river
valley. We wish the new firm much
Dr. J. L. Witeman returned from the
east to-day. During the winter he tok a
peet graduate course at the beet college
tin New York oily. Be also learned all
the mysteries of the art a'd science of
hsaling staught in Philadelphia. After
his work was finished he returned to his
old home-Milleraburg, Ohio, where 'e
aspent afew days visiting the friends of
i boyhood days. He is accompanted
by his sister, Maiss Lucy, who will isit
Miss Trigg and Misn Gremm have
have Initiated a subscription list for the
beneft of the distressed farmers in
Pierce county, N. Dakota. The poverty
qif the farmers and the irresistible power
of the collectors have resulted in a gen
erous response.
The contractors on Wm. Ulm's build
ing are pushing the work. Ten stone
masons were noticed laying stone on one
walil this morning, while nine helpers 1
were kept busy.
C. N. Dickinson has purchased Joe
hllin & Son's herd of cattle, about 100
head in all, ranging in the vicinity of
Band Coulee. The consideration is pri
An infant child of Mr. and Mrs.Locke,
Ilang south of town, died yesterday.
The funeral occurred today, Rev. W. B.
Coombe offciating.
Thirty families of Mennonites have
selected homes on Box Elder, a short C
ditance west of Fort Asslniboine.
Ierom Ivedar's DaI ,.]
Mr. Bayne and other bridge men left
tday for Lewlastown tobid on the bridges
to be built by Fergus county.
UH P. Brooks, "overnor of the bad p
lasd," purchased ,&)0 head of sleep on f
bun river this week and will remove
them to Sandy for the summer.-Inds
Prof. Mortson, special cenius agent on
the minerals of Montana will visit Cho
jeau,Blynnm, Augustaand other points in c
western Choteau and Cascade counties
next week.
Mr. O. Whittaker is in from the Upper
iBelt region, one of the richest spots in
Montana. He is a new settler in that re
lion and is pleased with the outlook.
'Parmers there are making active prepar
ationa for putting in large crops of grain.
Mr. and Mrs H. R. Curtis and children
arrived today from Bunker Hill, Ind.
They expected to meet two grown sons
who preceded them to this couutry and
located in the vicinity of Evans, but were
tilippolnted. If any persons know where
uay or Uran urtis are located, they will
favor Mr. Curtis by leaving word at the
Tarlmuue office.
Sam Welch, who was arrested yester
day for the shooting of Mexican Joe,
worked in this vicinity last year, and is
an oldrlmer known to many of our
i resders. An acconnt of his exploits with
1 the gun appears elsewhere.
Jno. Gelatigorpe has established a tail
oring establishment in the front room of
Dan. Condon's brick block, where he has
displayed some elegant sultings, and ma
Sterdial for dress trousers.
f Mr. I. H. Hatflel4, the new harness
* dealer, reoeived his stock of goods and
tools yesterday and is busy arranging his
shop on Boith Third street.
d orue Iron n ose ast Bash, eory
a co's
is Remember you can't buy Coon Black
a, Hosiery only at the New York Cash Ba
If you want something for a bad old,
r try the old f iouCd Roarhound candy
at the Candy F atory. Wells A Busch.
'n Too lovely for anything, but lust the
Sthing for you--our Dress ooda,we mean.
--'Maw York d Bazar.
S All inds of House Furnishings at the
P Reeive.
st SHILOH'S COUGH and Consumption
Cure is sold by us on a guarantee. It
cures Consumption. Fprsale by Lapeyre
Hy WILL YOU courgh when
h's Cure Wll* give a immsediate re
bv~a.psp.~~a Hrc
Only a few months ago these romping, e.
eeked luanes werepuny delircate, pile, o
ris. By the aid of Dr. Plerces world-famed
hvoePre crlptlnUn, they hare blssomed
out into beautlful, plump, ake hearty, trong
young women.
"Favorite Prenscorlptln" an lnvinrating,
tatoratlve tonlo and u a rqegulator and pro
moter of ftnetionl anotIon at that critical
perioed of ehtnce from girlhood to rwoman
hood it I a pereoatly safd remedial argnt and
m produce only good results It is car
ful eompndsed, bl an experlenced and
skilful physician, an• adapted to woman's
delicate organization. It is purelr velvtabhi
to ft` comp, rtion and perfectly IarmlombIn
any conditon of the system. It Impart
Strength to the whole system. For over.
worked, "worn-out," "run-down," deattitated  
ho. miliner,. dremnakers, mametrmese,
"ahp..rtl, houlekeeper, nuring mother,
and feeble woman generally Dr. Plerae'
Favorite Prescription is the greatest eartbhly
boon, being uneqtlualed as an appotizing oor.
dial and restorative tonoic. It Ia the only
maedicine for women, sold by druggist. undle
a polilva unranlte from the manufaoturersn,
that i ltmlim give snatfaton , every case
or money will be refunded. 'his guarantee
bean frthfiully carrlied out tfor many yel.
COpyrilhtb, 8, hby WoaL.n's a o16 . amlA"'n.
lsO a OFrrERED
n ly the manuahetur
ere o~f 7r. ",°"t !'111' .11 P ,, l i++m dy, for
If you want good
Harness, Saddles or Saddlery Goods
Ofa ay decription, oall at
I, HATFIELD'S, 2d St, bet, 2d & 3d Ave S
The gelebrated French gure,
....W e APHRODITINE" r " n
nlltmofur Poereinplellywh+hil no
t P renform oa nne.os %a b
W diTlNalU, or au or e t.0
r diwunder of thi rnelt
geueretiva or"
re treec. in oats of l teh ioler
sex whethelr arl·!
REF a young fom othe Ae TER
e I arlite usoe of Stimulants, ''1bohacc u ulium.
Sug h yuoAhRoDl I di, clretionl, over f re Addlg
Sen loatoiiulo, as Los oflo tin Poiaer, Wtaoouli
Soenearttdlnow PaPaHRO o tPe BorokINemfuta
WeI a eu,ni)artha, iervnous Prniooatlotu n
a · Emissions, LIeucornea, Dizziness, Weaki M eem
nry, ltoaa Pooer or OImTonrerr, whiri, I ne
g leoted often lel to pyreotarons., aoIea Ioal
its Pri'o l.t.0n0 box.Oiiouott al4o. naS' by
A WlOO ff rts5. 0e
rderyr ta roland the moroy If + Ita, eD
mane inanot atnlic. Terat.ilsal of trsriiooiai
boom old or' ynong. of both ngno' paontonetly
! .urdbeAPrnoan TInS. Cirula tfree Addresa
1 wamnnue
For oale by LapeyGreBros., Great Fall
-O the
The Mammoth DDwing for May.
sapital Prize, $800,000.
Ooors May 18th.
Address by ordinary lettl r containing
noney orders Issued by express conm
tanies, exchange, draft o0 postal note, mo
or tickets, circulars and all information,
John Renner,
Great Falls, Mont.
Address Registered Letters contaning
urrency to the First National IBank,
}reat Falls, Mont.
A School of Thorough Practical Buot
ness Training.
Bookkeeplng. Arithmetic, Penmanship, Banka
ine, Bnsines and Legal Forms. Teneerap
Correepondenoe, Typewriting, Spelling ana l
the English Branohes.
Penmanship taunht by mail; trial lesson, $1.
L Persin Phonogranho by mail
cGrnlpe of easyerienoed teachers. Day and
evening eessisna. For referenoes and portion
lame ad "BatneEsgducator" or adress
Prineipal and Proprietor.
Helena. mon.
Edward O'Reilly, Proprietor,
Budge & Kenkel, Props.
iaond-Sed Shoes
Just teceivel
in Elegast Line of
Qýýr t!ý-IN
Tan, Ooze Calf and
French Kid.
IREAT FALLS. - - - - - MONT,
Great Falls, Montana.
OA Crockery,
ý, Stoves and
Phis stoce is all new goods of the best grades only. We buy everything in car lots
from first hands and our prices cannot be met West
of the Missouri river.
We are Sole 'Agents for the Celebrated Charter Oak and Universal Stoves and
ranges; California Powder Co., and for Thompson's cOrrugated Iron
Rooting; also Mining and Blacksmith Supplies.
wIai Headquarters for Builders and General Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
Rushford Steel Skein and Tubular Axle Wagons
Buck-Boards, Road Carts, John Deere Plows, Harrows and Farming ImplementE.
Tents and Wagon Sheets, H ind Mills and Pumps. Cooper's Sheep Dip. Team and
Buggy Harness, Saddles and Whips.
Central Ase., near Third ntrt, . Great Falls.
We have In our hands and for sale a large and desirable lot of city and
country ,roperty.
Psn in diffar oerents sections of the surroundl- lo -room hou Or sle.
iss 0oosatri. tsey Ont -roo m hoes for sale.
One large satock ranch of some 5,OO soce 00er0 On nine-room he for sale.
cheap. h c c buardmg hoase and one reitasnt for
Onegood sheep ranoh, well locsted. ii ls.
OAea rropertohoi a s iBnt sto instiall- ioy goo ,i bhatimas tos that are god insot
m anin-roo house, stable, eto.. for rent. o esidon, los i diffeEent Drt iof the aityr.
,ntso .roo h usef h oa alfo Ir tall us and seewhatwe haae that n ou mar
One eight-room house for sale. at.
Ioor l , Vauughn E=uild.ing.
Central Avenue, - -- - Creat Falls, Mont.
J. K. CLARK & CQ.,
S. . If you want to buy or siell Real Estate of any kind call and see us;
some bargains in city and outside property now on the list.
S. . Exclusive attention to Real Estate. List your properfy with us.
Room 1, Vaugahu Block, Centrel Ave., JRIEAT FALLS

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