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, y Tribune.
pEvrything in the shape of oys'a
iste now in . took. n elegant
a of Peine.tos ChOJits, Sattas
lea Flee Plannelst for the "kids."
low cano yue glove, pair
1is light4ansof 4 ad the mmane
a deinblel We have soled lth
blea W have only jw esshed
invoice o6 t Is of.oc ed t
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5 are made from seal pop skin
a Califori oy, whbo make a.
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riwre tadtowe mars Adt and
beyond 4est, thebmstgloev for
purpose ever pleOi on the
rket We ar ale reaunt for
.heu GreatJa'.lls. Drop lb
look t sm, they are beauties
r sake Our stook of ne
Snd dktsot glpoes 1i ponw
Ofatall icsatrm )100 to$*R
heavy grrs ead mitts we tak
lead. Our dogakin, bhavy glove,
rket. Aoca o s lineof
k.,in plygaoth andt 0i p,
Icr~ Snits! Sring, Sut!!=
Ab, Wflj . hir. w~ Sha n aIl'
Au ?e .wht e""ryone who, hit loposed at our
or-made Rte , tu. i ar
000g bona hueulwsab8 t aq
noueeathn bwiaai .they
like go Il aeu T ± sb
ant s nw . aa tbý ý , do"-i~~'
to inapetosýrling bhyiyg,
ante we can oeS, mou.R . a
Well, we ahoul p : eo ,I~t W#ai
ely say -thief thi spr*'$ý
have the MCAe oosaapleib a 1s5
atof od~~U~
hsii aa. 0l etgh ' *
rain~~: ·jctia; d Blt~$ bjtL
in an, hate,. reh& el,bratwmis4
Oakes eeise° ir. Bu4 1ett~wb7'
t uEgltjhgooi . ~raoigbtee
Yea 0oo6m$p Wyt,'igL*
itehemo'e ooads In a! psee. In
ort our ha e tok is e'mpg eke in
SHO 810J8
Ourm 6tahasqre ie'aqw q.ftb.
lets ina*g ' e * tolowest
Andrew Jenben, krop.
More Inter.tlag Details of the Great
Strike In the May & iEdna.
How the Great Mine was Discovered
and How it was Named.
Feats Relative to the Paragon, Ida
May, Iberty, Wallace and Hope.
fat iMgal.
(fseieel flMeinesmof theynzne
Aeana, May 8.-Minlni property In
the Bahker minlng dlstrict has taken quite
a boom In the lens few dayi in cons
e oef of big strike in the May a
. nale, or more m.prpery speaking in
the tueel now belngLun to tap the vein
tr rdepth. The tunnel i now in
boat 800 feet The sill of the lastthree
ste of timbers are set onore,allof which
li Aat-olsms arbonateseined with a ne
grade of lena ore. The ore body I
about SO feet wide at preent writing and
I About 1i feet from the Incline shaft
ne shalt is about 190fTees deep With .oa
of ftlr da carbo·ate ore on the dpmp.
The m are still inaking on the incline
aidre al driving the header, of the
.n.nel with thri shifts. There tI abot
it Soup of oar now on the tunnel dup.
Th ore is all a clean carbonate. There
Sno wa.la there ore ins a eltr hon
tet Apt. T 41. W. Maloney ist highly
e e etrlise made It the mine,
l0 In the Barer mining
umr put mm up stew boarding hus
to a mo t aboyt i n. Thia
Vflea nub nacoimnnn.
Wb hle sptdily of the May 0 Edna I
vI t:rrect a elsteoment made In the
4g-li Of the Blth in regard t the din
coerer Frank Aldidge and PatfMon
agan were.t. unao hen they
eno, to h tohonr at duel
Trhe oe hat soend i the tunnel is
$l i i. dayebe
S y ..Ptn Moneghan aed F. t-.
e to. aok with tein t.tdc'two
4c mine. J. .. Etrphy and
Honor to whom honor to duel
The ore shute ftndo. in the tunnel t
an Independeat'one froi thl ore shut.
In the incline shift, And hi. this writing
dupt.Maloney to p raping to fin-fl -the
snteetoftihe or bldy foohd "In the thO
oe Them e b been some good mining
ionelnl.n drelng of the tunei, .th
gud sn route was bed ground to
?nnaodbatlod, eree bats rde and
togiflie up, they h s river of
ater to or.tnsd with. The tmberlng Is
ell doee. "
&AcnWibe wasib* o* den& stWa
from Ski May & Ulde *1se are a group
of iulpse owoedby Georpge . Allis John
. Qabsier and othens;sat bid fair to be
eond W noos hobt mp. a c w. Iwa at
hO i yesisdgof td 0 t .foot l0O.o .
.b o notel Taiy SIde a 2anYn oftd
way down the at and in the° bottom
Se rulu bodenas The ownera heve
ebout a tow of ore on the dmp,
TER LIIupT? & wALA1u.
There: as been a four loot vein of
gens ore struck on the Liberty & Wal
,ise.,.sat i have not aseen those
prspec.d cannot derabe thetm as fully
SI would ,wish.
Mike Wi son, Hank Horthaem Jur .
per Burnill re sakSl a wice on he
cotant .o thnwe tooempolnkt' a &Cn
dotes mi They are down about 40
fs with evry prospect of strikil the
raln ore body In oo of their levels..
_nghse A. Headrick ar driving their
evel heerd on ti Hopefutl mine, owned
S . tr m is only
Say')Waea sad
The hot yas as
fffrsnen They
There Is 1 '0 Voingprcin d on
up himailup for bO oasni purposes.
lbsp IcJq! in hauling lumhbqr up to
eeW r w'to gt 10515l gtdo boijdloge
that JaAer Wpa ta
aies there was tn
rthe hoilhpe g at
ofcrdk di
XOtI I M r tag.
Meoaetok aB este Woreeks men and
Plalalag Mtll Men Out.
omoCAoo, May t.-The iron moldes
and their helpers in most of the larMe
manufacturing establishments of the
atylincluding the McCormick harvest
inag machine works, "Black Road, the
smene of so much turbulence and rioting
four years ago, went out o strike for
the eight-hoar day and a uniform rate
of wages. The strikers have posted
plckets about the dieremt works and
ay that any attempt to put non-unio
men at work will be met byadeter.
mined resistance. The I1linls Steel
company gra ted its 00 molders the
MAL.-o ar adnd averted a strike.
Fairbank g comany has s-
lned the demandsof Its ý0 "e0mploye
for the eight-ho.r dy, and a strike wil
he insrated oMd Eighty coop
m w In t stabliasen have struck.
Snthe me lof o theolu m i
also sick for the eight o day and
eig er homn py, of or nig t il, e
from e0,000 to a0,000 m an dstike
.aFo hundred employeen C. 3. I.
Meyer & Son's ash door an blind fec
Sstruck for a nIe-hor day and it Is
Sthat the eoplo of.& numbher
oc as factories halve ao .trtck,
makngo the sme demand e the -
dnd the Nebtot . anttherehe Is a ,
1e.of their'aueing uthe a a. un
d O.ua_ ytOnoUg o Mrk a ost.
qnletdering the afternoon onthne sIk
road.' The strking molders have med.
no to pcare a mi with the
afidihe latt' ae in abeolute
of what In demanded. The
bhlkoft men aetodo not seem to
kowthr on'mind, and sy thatthey
struck because ordered b thir leader.
toda.so. The whole afair h. th
peageleof beinga simpls cas of strik
fever. The autborities apprehend no
frther dlsturbsnce bat the neighbor
o 1 wall patroled by officers, and
So far the strike has not
a cessation of work in the other
_dpartments of McCormick's reaper
w ork
Themen employed in the ioodwillie
boa factory stauck for elbgh nthemorn
AM t nc their were so
r togrant: the eight hoar day
Foes hindre menwe, mloyed by Dem
mie a BUrke's fo9niare factory strack
for eight hoar., Seven hundred men
ocorny·fiMe b ed are alsoa
fever sit4 refuse to work unless graatsd
the eig~hcur day.
1k06 kshmwing in the lambsr
e vera l thusan meen
-will quit work. If thee la strike it
will .bat down work in mort of the
end tleap all the alSiowestern
demand. are complied with.
WeaNmatea Ue. Atteke4 Watlke.s with
- um.,,W · waemI un
Vsecko, May 5.-ayertlyafter 1 p.m.
a numbe of nonuanion moldme who
were baizg conveyed in a bus to McCr
mick's barrvat r works, were attacked
t h the eehe to the
b.ot a int to the IIUl~s ead Dtwilet asO
Cnortko, May,,---There will obe no
mthors me o ds in anyda the northern o
middle, or in some of the southern co
ulol. This is th. resnlt of Ike t-de
dTe' onteene cbtweena o pbritore
Tms do hleadil. a lashing wer
and miners which hes ben in progre
at the oal E e this city. the
the joib t cosqonistet I win thought
amnearle . tlse .ent or nal. erWnao e
otowesnhe two pertli and so prevent
gaystr oie dur inga the ree torper
hiddlr orin oe o thbeouthersn ooan
bestfict of st ninn for to Indefinite pr
ria.y too led to hae- ietrlte of the
d onference between te wieh athe
anrd miners which ha s ofbeen Inp
at the Goal eia4g s Ip cty. Wen
thatall it bad to to · bt
; ýin? hrad to Pal tae eei
teorle isore frthat they Dhadlet ot
#lr M ei teis 0 notin be.
plis bet
v-p.' """"
OUT past M a
People eo I.wae nlesesta ad
Daltet Iltulied by a Cele..
tidl Vlditor.
It Was Bright6r Th"M the Smu
and Made a Noise Like
larest lire. pae lag i Wirsoula
and Nine.ota pine Intsr
Towns in Duger.
De Mons, Iowa, MaY 6.--A plecl
to the Leader from metsburg, Iowa,
eape: "At 8:80 p. m. the northeeta
heavens beasce uddenly illmnlnatd,
ndi amediately all eye Were cast in
that directio. A large ball of bing
Sr, traveling with i Lght.ng ke rap
ty towards the earth, leaving In its
paths beautull wreath of enoke, which
emained an object of cariodty tar
rveral minute. afterward. Several
m tte aftter the appearance of the
m aet ohdreport weue ard which
vigaronaly and etartled the citleene.
SioX OCIT, Iowa, May 8-6About
6:06 m. a meteor of large ulea.w
Snumber of oltises of thi
Peen nerthwewt of the city.
about sdre5 ndsad tinrnee
4asedoMa vn o if from o m
urg and Sheldn e the .m
phenomenon at about te e m e
Araol&, Iowa, lEay 8.-Alargeiete
-d wa e at i p..m.m a,
Ifa ntng it madea sole meab lihe
uow IT ooESS To iot ma e*l
ovrthi lae about e'lolok, eoam
pante by-a una likethunder. It we.
very bright aoglthough the an waseit
g mattetlm., tlan of blue emohe
eered be.ind it.
. arget meteor af ll t of th i y ~e
t~ was. pu .brig day. lh. g
Se . _ wasl iy and "lafta X
long trall emnoe, which wIa. .
time diapparaing,
Oveat, May 5.-A meteor fell .o th
60 dag.eaetfromhereat sil p. m.,fall
PUT Ta en n In TEN BEAD,
&ouxFaua, L . D 'ey1...,.Ametgor
at the time, but. ý bodthe W'metor
warn brighter and war painly seen. It
The vlidtant war of immenee propor
*blse-41evera Twssn I. llipasg
r LoA, Wis., Nay 5.-Ts west
n part .thd cty . s oni: e, caugrht
fmr t wood. -oi bey . A
steamer from local e tl lAn hr
U~th easlrlo lrislrrk~n~: AU
ire ~11Aare
.oo t manV ould 96s 0
wrin the erm.m h indb i
from the th and verthituga dry.
IWM ay ha-S ionre Luocust
of the.se Much dame.tt, IMec
done around Meson, along the Omaha
road, where the `woods are ablae and
two or three houses in the town burned.
A ie i-,thue ndsamps er
spread with great rapidity' alpelg
1. ti~- . .1.
eectlnuoreedehrn on the mins hrem
_ tor four ins e urs t, stia tr
o s·or uina'ootyrr T .
Cu1!LAND May iLuorat firs are
raking iixan er evrydretinds rl
cm. city. Several hundred' cord of
wood and several hi have already
been burned. eacron , six mileis
north, lain great d w wer.
.hesa ISdeei wnIe Ne N. no e
• ea ms a lat ea l s e sa e j1au r
reed 4neoher.
Mnrewous, May S.,-m ,,a
Schmidt, the young Geman girl whore
disappearane a aport thiu ego ae ed
her friends o much anxiety, turned up
sagain rldysvening and renewemd the
interest in her cae hy shooting Morris
M. Durnham through through the trig
lang. About ,the tittl of the gof
former disappearance D~uruhsm We
marri-edtoal aet Northhleld. d th
es to ths caud et
tait. Abot S o'pieMue vsi
shs ·mp doth Do~onddnshf
hnfed at a side door it was open
s Dur uham. anot kowithout u
~shota ~lni the be e~esirthn
will prove yoyfetal.
,aNertithav'ol 4N Comae Hee
Four CoM., Mopt., Mey 5.-.pant.
J. Sweet, with his compay -D,
wety4fth ry-aooopnled by
J. A. .campb, have lof lFrtr
purpose of marng Othe. is aspi
- Phe st L t t s unndred
L p.re and mem of his commend fell
June U, 1Mgc.
h OesQetise ofrmtaaesss.
] l.weum , Kay 6.-A basetjng cf
June' nt tab 4. hi ohni5div ly nw
*1 ee sot a otionto e
inleese sllflhiseee
WAouanuevoms, MegL
ment for ther, s! tP vl
Coses-See th. beet Cbotrsei Is tb.
Too lovely fee sIlo bOt uo the
~5 'you--our Ibeeesedswl
orb is (lee haesse
Jper Bra.rros
tof Plqe et
.. 44 { .AVM V.0,
nld ..eeS d-i B.eishly-The OGand
and Trialjreors.
"H I hear yel" said Deputy Bher.
Il Monda) and then proceeded
to 1an that the court for the eighth
judicla was now open. Judge
B-eton on the bench, Clerk Cockrll
as mi deakLand lawyers filled the in
ner con M. ne.s proceeded briskly.
The of the vrand jurymen were
oalled ,:,1orii and all answered
enrqpt j Cuetner. The seven are
a'foll 0 1 Austin, John T Athey,
aJulis t,, J0ieph Lestard, J F Weg
ner, JoI K.~sinet and James G An
The the calendar was beguan
yJ ,In regard to some
ae in h inas rea ted e maid
that he wili/ Judge Dories
of Deer g to act,butif ounesi would
agree .oa~oe member of the Cascade
county for each cae it would do as
Mr I le said that in the case of Hunt
vs Co.It, a Cncade county lawyer
would ptble as o udge.
Mr. I ntisated that a lhke ar
ramlet would do satifactory to him,
b hi b weld wish to consult his
Mr. Sttn said that on his part he
was . occept Mr. Leslie n one
S ,. n in another.
The---.g went over until tomorrow
Te i jurors for this term are as
o J itliedumd, N T Lewe, HH Ne
Ii soaJTsaiqeAE
70 oikngt Herr, F W Junkins,
Joseph'y Jli A Mathews, M McDan
erk LB Ho Rederlcý MoLeod,
SMo M e eadTU Collins.
'ona g Goon being at the asylum
cannot ase trial juror.
City ofreat Flls vs omseph Hamilton.
ppea mjudgt city cosr Tobedia
Sate ,of' Montan vs David Graham.
ga-."of on.na, v James W Gibbs.
Perjury. For t.l.
et Montna ie Frank tmey. Per
~jtid eeeiur eontinpance by defend.
of it Do~n*avaLemnurnesa May.
o otena vs William T Brown.
wh. inte4nt to murder. Pleads
uand betlry-acceperd.
ormL caraLUDA.
An a ,vs Charles MuL Tme -
is o Ln. Default 'entmled for
irby the tie set by the
time t To ..
ot omlns r p To be SledReee to
Note-Attomest. To beP Dwiet
ShT Mrphy, a t al, v William Rob
erts, et a. Action on econnt-.Attaech
oent. Settled out of court.
Johrn L Mesrs t afton N Frot. In
unction. Reply-to e flied-Referee to
City of Great Falls vs Ira Mye, at ar.
Inuncton. Set forB pi m today.
W Roden ve C PDownie sherd.
on for damages. Dsm ed t plain
cr ea6t.
urphy, Malaly A Co. .a Thoa Geer.
on on account--Attachmnt. Service
ot complete.
lurphy, Molay & Co. vs T M Bab
bsloa. Action on accont-Attachmeont.
nSer a complete.
4. Nathn TI The Leader Publlshin
CoC Inounctlon-Damr( ge. Settled ou
f Aourrt.
Northern Pea . R vs J K Clark,
Treuurer. Injunotlon-Demumer. De
urmer to be withdrawn sad answer sfled
during term; to be submitted to court on
-d-on Keith, at a. vs M A Arnold.
Id-Attchment. Default of defend
1lll1m Ulm ov John M Hilburn.
Noe. Servtlc by publication.
lrpby, Maolay & C. v W J Lese,
at d. Aoeunt--.ttachment. Diemlued
at lsintire caost and request.
e Randall vs George W Spawforth.
Acton on contract. Settled out of court.
Shomas Riley ve Marion F Gleason.
Acconunt-Demurrer. Set for toda
Ilavlleh B Strong vs John J Healey,
dmt'r, at al. Action to correct error in
d. Continued forterm for service.
' y Ronesy v RinopkB one, Divorce.
e of summons by psbl.g lon.
William Stennet.t a Marie Stennuett.
Dlvrce. .Servioe by publieation; answer
WillinmnT Nelsonvs MalWino Nelson.
Divorc. Deb 'Intl ,court,.
DenS AdM'v Frrank A Dowd. Ac.
coit-Attaohment. Notice of motion to
in heard tomorrow.
Mrp]hy, MacOlay & Co. vs Harrson
Docary. Acount-Attechment Set
tled out of cort.
frst Nat'l Buek of Fort Benton vs W
- ok. Suit on note. Settled out of
Mtrphy, Maclay & Co. vs John M
t.eee. Accouyt-Attachment Settled
M sbald McArthur vs ldwatd D
ic Ieta. Dahaes Demurrerwith
; answer to be filed Thursday, 9
ihsjeudell, Larson A Co. vs GriMbth A
Da.*.. Aount-Attachment Set for
SWarneck. vs Great. Falls Wet.
Pow' AT. Ca. . demnatlon proceed
-S Odel is Dunn A Ucheuck. Ac
sount-Attsbentt. Settled outof court.
Gaet.O .pusvs P Dpwniug. Dem
.e-,Demur. Sat te tomorrow, 4
Jo~n Coo.s WC LDowing. Dauqes
-Demurrer. Sbet for w, tot
ono e urrr Rer tNa r Di
WilliVaUns vs Cts l weIl. Ac
cou~pi 55Wl s lfl"
Joks'tlSi~wi'Chale e Note
-Detrrr. Submitted without srgn
Blipm A Dates v obert Di
Charlolne vs Peer Paterson.
Ellen Tudor vs 1$ 0 Clhow. Con
trClt. r wthdrwn.
Bolte].rubeobr Co. vs Jeo B Bhelter.
Forqloiis' of Lieu. itstni sd for
epper. ltkeealt i a.
,~eL~~Fu. d, a
Lelsd Lyon vsJoseph Garrigan. Ac
count-Attachment. Service by publl
Holter Lumber Co. vs Thos J Jones, a
al. Foreclosure on mechanls's lien. De
fault entered.
There are eight divorce suits on thi
calendar. The strife and unhaplness It
each case generally occured before the
parutes came here.
The number of spectators was small to
dahe term may be shbort.
Impre.sesl of an Obssat Reser
afstos fr Generl OGidance.
Great Falls Is the metropohs of North
ern Montana, an infant city full of life
and movilln the direction of a greal
It has the Great Northern railwa.
from Bt. Paul to Great Falls; the Mon
tana Central, which runs from Great
Falls to Helena, Butte and the coast; the
Telhart and Barker road, soon to be
completed into rich mining regions; the
Great Falls A Canada, to be fnished
by September to Lethbridge, 200 miles
torthwest; two smelters, immense water
power, great mining interests, plenty of
land and money. All these will certainly
make a city.
There are now from 75 to 100 buildings
In course of construction, to cost $50,
000or more. The city now has electrie
lights and waterworks. Two thousand
shade trees have been put out. Work on
the dam for the new smelter is progress.
ing, also excavation for the smelter build
ings, and work on the street railway has
bean commenced.
The business houses show a better
quality of goods and prices are some
what higher than in older states. Many
things sell Just as cheap here as In
Evansvilie. It would not be profitable
to buy anything whatever, in view of
coming here. Articles on sale here are
better adapted to the needs of this coun
try. Extensive wholesale business is
carried on, supplying surrounding vil
ages and stockmen and ranchers with
goods in every variety and quantity.
Montana, city or country, cannot be
fally described. Demand and supply,
ways and means, are all so different that
one at a distance cannot form a correct
picture. But this country is worth see
ing. 'the varied scensry of mountains or
plain., springs, waterfalls, mines and
wonder of nature will amply repay a
visit to this state.
Great Falls lies west of the reservation
opened two years ago and is five years
old, but the country about It khas been
open to settlement longer. Home seek.
ere re constantly coming. Landisbeing
taken rapidly. Two weeks ago thirty
farmers came to Toledo on the lMlk river
fromKaess and Nebraska. A committee
spent two months last summer prospect.
in and seventy more familes are expect
ed son.'The "squatter" is occupying
nnsnrveyed land, and soon the desirable
reaches will be taken.
Those unused to frontier life would do
well, to have a guolde, for two reasons:
This country cannot be seen from a train,
a dome others; It will not show np sex
~cied, nor present itself favorably to a
stranger who has heard such faboulous
r-.- .It as have been circulated some
up of the country must be taken into ac
Many persons will surely come and
ind a lving, and competence. There is
room for thousands to proaper. Stodk,
graIn, garden, laor, mechanics, real es
tate and mining open avenues for new
Yesterday I saw the finest quarters I
have ever seen in a butcher shop. They
were large and fat; these cattle had been
on the range all winter without grain or
The more I see and hear of this region
the stranger it seems, indeed paradoxical.
J. F. McGacon.
A Coanflet Between CttlWe and Sheop Me
in the Judith.
The usually peaceable township of
Ubet has been torn by internal dissension,
and the sturdy stookmen have been brac
ing their nerves (with 40-rod pizen) for
the savage throes of threatened warfare.
Blood was in every eye and sulphur in
the air, and something was bound to hap
pen. The cause of this smouldering vol.
cano was the entrance and location of a
band of sheep belonging to Mr. Charles
Severance of Oka, upon the range be
tween Buffalo and Trout creeks in the
Basin. The range was one used and de
sired by a number of local cattlemen,
whose herds aggregate nearly 1,000 head,
and while often grazed upon by bands of
sheep belonging in the neighborhood.
this invasion from without seemed to
them to call for a vigorous protest.
Onone or two occasions the cattle and
sheep became more or leas mixed. No
sheep were injured, no threats indulged
in, tlt the result was an excited sheep
herder and an irate sheep foreman. The
latter lodged a complaint with Justice
Redding of Ubet for disturbing the peace,
a warrant was iasued and five of the cat
tie owners were arrested forthwith. Ex
citement ran high. Deer Lodge threat
ened the bold cattlemen. The neighbor.
hood could hear or talk of nothing else.
Monday, the 21st, was appointed fpr the
But to and behold! Upon opening of
court no complint was to be found.
Prosecuting Attorney BSith then ofered
a so-called amended complaint, which,
against the vigorous protest of the attor
ney for the defense, was admitted by the
court. The crowded court room (the Ubet
dining room) was full to overflowing.
After some legl wrangling the court
arose and calmy stated tha the demurrer
of the defense was sustained anddhe pris.
oners discharged. Great was the jubila
tion of thecattlementhereat. Theorowd
was pleased with what they had and
wanted more, but the struggle was over
for the time being. The flag of the cat
tile princes flat triumphant, the sheep
foreman is perplexed and the future is
tull of promise for further developments.
-Fergus County Argus.
The seaewa Law.
BLaCK RIvan F.LLS, Wis., May 2.-It
is universally conceded that the political
campaign in Wiscopsin this fail will be
one of the most hotly contested everseen
in the state. It is believed that the prin
oiples underlying the Bennet law will be
the real isue of the Oampalgn. The
prohtbitionists are almost universally is
favor of sustaining the principles of the
law, though mcay of them tinks the law
should be smeded so e.to belae ob
jectionable in certain ca4so.
Any er g any informatiolt of
the wh of George Cooke,'
Wluipe. l'Dublin, realand, will
greatl ki rend, F. A. S., T.s
usa on ý reet Fails.
We will sell all of our
Colored Dress Brillianines
Our regular price for these goods i: 75c
per yard, and they are
Seasonable Goods
One Week Only!
They will be sold at the
55c Per Yard!
Central Avenue, - Gre
i ,Sheep Skins, Frs an Tlow.
aEtn mrket priAe. paid for all the above tock." PI a. est
pien to ll m ipments m-ad to m. Quotation frnished e ..qiplicon.
SWarehouseon B. B. trac and Third ae. Sounth. Ofc qpceitke
Theo. Gibson, Great Faih M. '.

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