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The Se m -Weeklyy Tribune.
EngIh i tush oats.
We have just re,
ceived an elegant as
sortment of import
ed English Macintosh
coats, with or without
capes. Also a com
plete line of American
manufacture, including
the finest grades of
Gossamer rubber goods
that can be depended
upon to completely
shed water.
This coat is made lC
for teamsters, riders or
any one who drives.
It is made with a com- g
bination pant attach- '
ed that can behuttened1
closely around the legs, l
thus preventing them
from getting wet while
driving. This coat is
made from pure gum
and will last a, man a to
life time. It is beyond a
the best thing in the
shape of a rubber coat
for ranchers, stock and
sheep imen or teamsters
in the market.
Boys RUBIJER Cots.Ra
Rabber JIt. Slikel~rs, Etc
Arew Jessn, Prop'r,
Osesethblr Ioo of She Kilau butfl
'ag, Gveus Mola w. 5O t t
Q*TA8 017Uat. heeth sad i.we
The Butte Workingmen are Meet
ing With Success This
The Well-Known Prospector, Al Mat
lee, is Lost in Lake Creek while
The Spokane Falls Aldermen Be.
come Righteous and Expel
Peter Dueber.
WasuieTron, May 8.-In the house
McKinley took the floor in support of
the tarif bill. He said as a result of the
last political campaign te najbrity in
this house, the presence of Harrison in
the president's chair meant a revislon of
the tariff as demanded by the people.
Al Matl Drowned.
SBoxno FPAts, May 8.-Word has
been received in this city of the drown
ing of Al Matles, a well-known miner
and prospector, in Lake creek, a tribu
tary of upper Kootenai river. Matles
was on a prospeetn trip. e was well
known here, In the Oaeur d'Alene mines
and in Helen, Montana.
aj*r O.eadee Tumasaered.
WAataeruor, May 8.-The war depart
ment has mnoed orders for many changes
(n'thentatfose of osee' l tels'ppl de
partment. MajPr Goe. W. CNudes has
bent rferd.from Helen, Montana,
mentama Sunday Aehool.
Haraxr May 8.-The nrst Sunday
school convention of the state of Mon
tans will convene in Helena May S90i-9.
aes Ball Pr.stens.
HarmA, May 8.--The printers of this
city have orglaiaed a base ball team and
desire in thil manlier to challenge any
club in the city, or picked nine to play
them a game next Sunday at the old
Sgrounds on the motor line.
hree Dollars a Day.
BUrrr, May 8.-The strikers are quiet
ly going ahead with their ork of aeour
ing $8 per day for every laboring man in
Butte and are gaining streangth dsily.
1 Contractors are accepting their terms al
most without exception.
t Eaellsd ar BrIbery.
Srosxa FAuIs, May ..-Alderman
- Peter Debher was expelled from the city
council at a regular meeting tonight by a
vote of two4blhfs of the members.
Thane, the Mslasg Klnar Dfaulter, a
arssns at Porsland, ore.
Poal l, 0fe1 ansi r.-iU, a. s0sae
SN arrese nere'on the charge of em
bezling SI1 o0O from a numbero manu
fcturerm for whom he was lagent at M11
nor, Dota. A attorney for a Chicago
manunfasctsrtns company, with Thone as
his prisoner, has left for thes eat.
Meaeaa's Semtners.
WASEneroxo pecial: Neither of the
Montana senators will htt hoaheep- -
tng until the beglntug of ne=t sesion of
congress, and it is not improbable that rle
Power will continue to live at a hotel w
even then. Mrs. Power's health is not th peal
the beat possible condition, and to take cout
charge of a senatorial! hbinusold means T
much physical wear and tiar, to v noth- aga
tUg of the expe.e. senator sIuders
will rei' s hbs selh tme daring the
gomm a and wItF, 4e.o , opens
sharetouward holding up the socil end of of
Moatel e althe national capital. la
Gereate to loerease Bor Army. per
Baaztt May 6.-The Reichs Anslger 5
ansouhiling the preparation of a bill to
ýnprtse the fld art llery by 70 batterles,
and the army corps by speelal troops, Sat
sthat tlhe state of ting among the the
h~ma.wt do notaddmit of ftl
nse s litxan system
It ir,
eth for the army.
Ithoday. ir news eecive :
N w Yo, f , s k.tt. l? ate tcoo
tinuous i for the championshdp of t
Ameri cand a ,oI; stkeOf . O100 will a
hepled a ..yOtd 1 HIn radman tl
D lthW wer Oro of . uba an
Hs ., or y 6.--The Independent of
M svvtr=o l. hh io l
inµ t 6 ass h. .outlook me far
d y so cheering, now. Daily
p w ic ditvnisa fra
'so lin.touOve sold.
a elr y as.h p "'o onwb
' I Salll e . 5 y 7,-a a lette ir tpb.
l' edtode in the Allaas Thibune, rm
,woosnI the e ur f nanit In n
a l., lHe. says. hk. ,
-n the , arm: q,
{ wp sl rwtholu eir om *he0
asdzeW ills oofp less lkd
Dr. Moanian Given Explanations on the
The grand jury having returned in
dictments against Dr. Monahan and Dr.
Weitman forapracticing medicine without
a state medical certificate. A TRIauxt
reporter sought today the particulars
among the parties concerned. Dr. Mona- 1
han says that when he came here last
November he received a temporary certi
cate from Dr. Crutcher, the secretary of
the medical board, authorizing him to
practice until the board met in April. Dr.
Crutcher promised to notify him of the
meeting. The letter which Dr. Crutcher
sent with such notice was missent to
Helena and remained there 80 days.
Measntime the board had met nnd ad
journed. Dr. Monahan says that Dr.
Crutcher assured him that no action
would be taken by him before the next
meeting of the board. He received that
assurance on asking for a renewal of the
temporary certiticate. He says that he
holdsa diploma trom theim University of
Minnesota which is a medical school of
high standing. His diploma has been
recognized in both New York and Eu
rope. He considers that the present In
dictment is based solely upon technical
grounds and is in conflict with the letter
and spirit of the medical law of Mon
tens. He holds that the issue of the
temporary certificate shows that he has
all the qualifications needed for practice
in Montana.
Dr. Crutcher was seen on the subject
of the indictments. He said that he
would prefer to make no statement until
the matter comes before the court, when
he is.confident that his course which has
been dictated solely by public grounds,
will be vindicated.
A Prtly of Estern CaaptaUists Stop at
Great Walls.
A party of eastern capitalists arrived
today in a special car. They are on their
way to Vancouver whence they will re
turn to Boston by way of San Francisco.
The party comprises William Crowning
shield, J. Morrison Meredith, Fred D.
Hager and Cochrane.
Mr. Codhrane is a large manufacturer.
Mr. Orowntngshield is a member of the
Realty company repreesnted here by
Barne & Oollett. Mr. Meredith isa
stockholder of the BostOn & Montana.
The visitors went no the falls and sub
urbstoday in company with Mr. Parsons.
They may leave town tomorrow for the
far west.
Gibbs on Trial Thursday for Alleged
The case of the state against Gibbs,
a drew a large and appreciative audience
to the district court today. Gibbs is
Scharged with perjury. It is alleged that
in the Loberg "goose case," of famous
memory, Gibbs swore that he was not up
the river at all the day the geese were
a stolen. The prosecution says he was.
Eight wto.... - '..... - -,,ied for t
ppr se ion and seven for due ae nse.
geMeSna. MartIn and Baum appeared for
the state and Mesers. Leslie, Donovan
and Hofman for the defense. Mr. Baum
and Mr. Donovan have each addresed
Lthe jury. Judge Benton will doubtless
s charge the jury this afternoon and they
will then retire to consider their verdict.
Later--Gibbs hae been found guilty.
Proeediapl of t Dotate lt co.ti. Il
State of Montana vs. Jas. W. Gibbs, l ia
perjury. Motion for continuance over- T
ruled and trial ordered. Trial by jury ca
wewa continned today. B
J.. Gregg vs. Charles Brewster, ap- in-1
peal. Contnued until next term of said
a court. tioa
SThe grand ury brought in true bill sel
'ganst Gottleib Wenzk for forgery. ole:
wool ates FlW e. slor
Great Falls, May 7, 1890. lg
er Erron Tlamna: I have been advised ion
of the following rates on wool: car miE
loads, 10,000 pounds, minimum West Sou- ing
perlor to Boston via lake and rail, will be car
r 6 cents per 100 Ibs.; to New York, ..
52% cents per 100 lbs.; to Philadelphts, knu
d0 cents per 100 lbs.y includilg Insur- for
asge. The rates from Great Fslls, Big ut
I, Sandy and Benton to West Superior or be
I the same as last year, via: $1.5. Yours R w
if truly, P. KrLY, Agent. tir
e The aomre of Tedn Bakie Aetive steps in
to eesme One From uaete Sam. peo
At the meeting of the Board of Trade c00
Tuesday, the prtncipal, topic consider
ed was that relating to securing a govern
Smet building for this city. Letters and ao
[ telegrams had been received from Carter
e and Power n refreence to the matter, ms
both pledging to give such a bill warm b,
support. After some discussion the en- a,
of tire subject wIas tefered to a committee fh
l sodaalatll o'lock at H.0. to
, won s. offl and after • dc
a d wiwth Ore 5enota- th
a sw um Mon- Be
rpo an d to usere as favor- se
for Grea IllFto pe I b
a s lcapital Saturday after
8m D goTv, GaPmoW tl
the oolus of o ho rphicm are
to p aid ll uobeotlonable adf
*19, ]et Is quite impossible
fo s to spea p knowingly of the merits
e of the vArlo articles of merchandise
aldveritise&PAo aly is this true of d
pate ftlii ee. Bui there are excep
µb tIlonso ocoasloaally nod a noteworthy ea- I
as cepten'e'th e teleboated Chamberblain
I.. - ely. Th now universally a
.'abii r has been advertised In
!a lll p snllh f or Oir yeal. bout
In- hit1 Uey had we any personal
kow of Ite wonderful effcacy,
law wbtehu . about throug. th; e pro
.-in. a annd the stubborn cough
,-' W frtt luly llns medicine hason v
eruIJ-, Si' winter, crued a tough
Mi a ,s. all other remedies
the epumnier of familles In Kimball
ý I wit like efclr ts attests to its
. valmp Is a speofic for coughs and colds
Sotleve y nature. For sle by Lapeyre
- Frank Ervin has jult received a large c
dag Invoice of trout q sh&n fekle, flies, reels
' and everything sIeei by theisermam . I
hln p ;'. heh i c. wlth special ;of
Sthey se to rpmelemente In thie sec-5
wa/s thsfr iAr, ni is himself a famous
hfor .aes.. .lad lnspect the goods be
owe- freo bui.gt
nev- folks r mo.ey. Who's out of polket?
.) --ew Yak (5 Besar.
Terrible Destruction Left In the W ,e
of a Cyclone In Hood County,
Fifteen People Instantly Killed and 0
Several Others Fatally
A Score or More of Dwellings Wrecked
--Crops and Fruit Completely ,
GuRANTBURn, Tex., Maly A.-Abumt 01
p. m., Sunday, at destructive cyrcl'ne vi
ited Salt Creek. in the eastern porlitia -
Hood county. At the residen.o of Lrte
Rhodes. twelve miles east of that place. a
twenty persons were assembtol,, whet I1
the cyclone struck the builling. Theo
killed were: Della Carmichlel. r.ged 1i.
Mary Carmichael, aged 1 yea:.r and a a
child of Mrs. Gibbs. The injurtd are
Mrs. Rhodes, her 12-year-old dauighter
Nora, Mrs. Gibbs, her 10-year-old
daughter Tillie. The abovoe are seri
ously hurt and may die. Other chil- t
dren in the house were bruised. At ii
Fall Creek, a little farther south, Johb.
s Manley's house was wrecked and Ite
I was seriously injured; Charles Honas
ton's house was demolished. and Mrs.
SIRushing hurt; Mrs. Campbell's hout.
was blown away; Mrs. Serkley's resi
dence was destroyed and her arm broker
in two places; Mr. McClung's houte
was blown down and his wife and chil, I
a badly hurt; Mr. Robertson's house we: 1
demolished and Mrs. Payne hurt. Five
other houses were wrecked. The dam
age to fences, crops and timber is vern
Fifteen People Killad.
At the town of Acton on the line of
Parker and Hood counties, four people I
were killed and a number serionusly in
I. jured. A good many houses were de
molished in that vicinity. At Robin
Creek in Hood county, eight perons
were killed, five of whom belonged to
Sthe family of Dr. George Griffin, mak
eing in all flifteen people killed at the
Sthree places. A heavy hail storm fel
throughount this section, doing immense
damage to cropsn News from Graham,
Sin Young county, says that a heavy hail
storm fell there. The hail completely
ruined crops and vegetation, wheat oats I
and corn being completely beaten into .1
tIhe ground. The fruit crop in that sec
tint will be ruined.
Many Buildings Burned.
CuroAGo, May 8.-A special from
Monticello, Ills., says fire started in
0 Horn's hardware store at Latlham, and I
a spread to the adjacent buildings, de- I
at tecying the buildings owned by James
tB . Gaaway and occupied by C. A.
Holdridge as a drug store, Allison's bar
P her ehop. S. A. Parish's building, J. P.
-e Simpson's building. A mannamed Buo
skirk fell from one of the burning build
ina i .and was badl . The loss is
a-t. ., , ., ac *e not k1o-it,
)r .eta Neroel er.
c BIRMINGHAM, May 8.-In a general
u row among the negroes at Champion
d minas Sunday night six were shot. Johnt
mAlexander is dead and Bill Richards and
Y Joe Thompson are fatally wounded.
SPistols, clubs and stones were used
Civil sIrvlee Commin·ioner Rioosevelt and f
Thompson Vindicated---Lyman May Re Gie
Cosaured. Z
BALTIOORaE, Md.. May 8.-A Wash- Mih
ington special to The Sun says: It is in
said, upon what is claimed to be unques- ant
tionable authority, that the committee 1
selected to investigate the practices and ant
operations of the civil service commis- t
sion will submit a report fully vindicat
ing Commissioners Roosevelt and r
Thompson, There is a division of opin- los
ion regarding the charges against Com- 0'
missioner Lyman, as it was shown dur-m
log the investigation that he committed sn
certain indesoretions before Messrs. .
Roosevelt and Thompson became identi
tied with the commission. It is nt so
known whether Mr. Lyman will be fai
formally censured by the committee, of
but enough has been said by the mem- t
hers to indicate that, in their opinion, ho be
was sometimes careless or he miscon- ini
str.ed the law. Mesrs. Roosevelt anid s
Thompson made a most favorable inr- as
prersion upon the members of the con,- th
mittee by theit statements lat Satulrday, ll
and Comumisioner Thompson was es- it
pecially eloquent in his defense of the
commission and its methods.
An Incident Illustrative of Life and Jle
tiMe in tie t Wet.
CaPRvEN , Wyo., May 8.--On the Tre
mont cattle range, on Sunday, a half
breed named Tait accused H. M. Pierce,
a white man, of stealing a saddle from
Shim. Tait succeeded in "getting the M
drop" on Pierce, and forced him to ride po
tothe Tait ranch, where he would in ali
robability have been murdered. 1 i
hey were dismounting Pirce cau~hl Itc
the half-breed off his uard, and quick d
sent bullet throagh his ody. Tnit
scrambled to his eet and shot at Pierce,
but missed him. Tait then ran too al
ulump of bushes and was dead when: he
pked up. The shooting occurred on
hereservation, but Pierce reached the Ii
county oeat in safety and surrendered to
i the authorities. O
S Ahead or Tim sin M1le5.
" LAian, Colo., May S.-J. S.Harrman, O
Swho is tryingtowalk from Wabash,
SInd., to San Francisco within sixty-five
if days, on a wgerof $10,000. arrived here
at1 o'clock rp.m. He is now 1,498 iles
from the starting oinat, and 820 miles
ahead of schedule time. H5e is looking
wall and shows no appearance o¶
at tigue, although he has lost twelve
el hes arflteeh d Ie srted.
. Laekout follows ta i trlew b
Ba].u, may 8.--Sven hundred work.
I man lave been locked out by a Hanover -
p' mll . '1 e mill protested against I
fh ti a on th ground. that as seesn-,
reiu" ene ofa strike of thetr em- I
ll yes seaterl$ ad becoamse o c as
N: otlce to Conttaotor.
re Bid will be received at my office up to
noon, May the 10thll, for the erection of
one three-story brick building, to 0"'
`:erected for T. E. Collins and John eleI
Iley. Rightto reject any andall bids Is re
f served. Plans and specifications can be
pe seen on application.
ss F. M. MORoA, Architect.
s Joust reeilved-another large assort
ment of Fsench Satlaes-at Joe Conrad's.
at BJjyour shoes from Stain Bres. They
a i.Obeapast
Pllisbury Mea Strike.
MINNAPLotI, May 8.-The "striking'
fever broke out and became epidemic
down among the tail-races at the flour
ing mills, where about 150 men are em
ployed in making improvements under
the direction of the Pillsbury-Washburn
Flooring Mill company. The men went
out without warning, many hardly
knowing a strike was on. They want
higher wages. The company nays they
can get plenty more men. T
Higher Wags. sad No Ovemrtae.
GaaND RAPIDs, Mich., May 8.-The
trouble between the employing brewers
and their men has been settled bye com
promise by which the weekl wage scale
e raied $1 all around. Overtime is
abolished, the hours of beginning sad
quitting fixed to suit the men and the
Iboses are allowed to hire union men
from other cities. The carvers are still
out and likely to remain.
Minneapolls Plumbmn' MtrLke Ended.
MINNrAPOLm, May 8.-The plumbers
strike is at an end. The master plumb
ers agreed that nine hours should con
stitnte a day's work: that the same rate l
of wages ato bfore should prevail, and a
that the men should make an agree
ment not to mako any other demand for
a year. This was accepted by the men.
Wrllam Opened the Relehestg.
BBEtorN. May 8.-The emperor in per
son opened the reichstag. The imperial
opening address declared that the efforts
to maintain the peace of Europe are be
ting perseverod in and will be continued.
The emperor expressed his confidence in
Shis ability to command the confidence of
the gaeae powers in Germany's desire to
maintain pacific relations with all the
Enngland'a Reveneesa.
LONDON, May 8.--The official state
ment shows the revenues of the United
Kingdom for the year ended March 31.
1800, to have been 88,304,316 pounds.
while the expenditures for the same pe
riod were 83,083,314 pounds.
Three thousand seven hundred and
t seventy-eight immigrants arrived at
o New York Monday.
t- A bill providing for weekly payment
by employers of wages earned by em
Splyes has passed the New York ~ m
sembly--10 to 1.
0 The Democrats of Maconpin county,
Ills., have declared their indorsement of
Il John M. Palmer for the United States
t, At New Orleans, Tommy Morgan, of
il Chicago, was knocked out in a twenty
y six round fight, by Tommy Miller, of
SIndianapolis. The purse was $600, a
a third going to the loser.
oCapt. Abdon K. Gove, one of Bston's
oldest pilots, died Monday. In 1880Capt
(ove was engaged by Gen. Butler on
his yacht America. in her cruise to Ice
land and Greenland. Later he was ap
n pointed navigator of the United States
d sdhool ship Saratoga in her North Atlan
-tie cruise. Far the pest two vears he
has acted as pilot between Boston and
. Bar Harbor.
r A special to The New York Herald
from Philadelphia says Robert Adams,
Jr., United States minister to Brazil,
who returned Ihome upon a leave of
Sabsence a short timeago, is likBly to run
indorsed him for the nomination. The
n Democratic nomination lies between
n State Senator McAleer and Representa
td tive Gentner. -
S Fories. Ton
Cant. Castalin, the Italian, has en a
tered the service of Germany in Africa.
A German-American trust, with a
capital of 20,000,000 marks, has been M
formed for the sale of American loans inT
The London Spectator has paid M
Michael Davitt 210 pounds, with costs, hn
in confession of its recnt libelous utter- Loo
anee against him. The
At Soling, Rhenish Prussia, the roof
and floor of a large warehouse used for
thestorage of steel bars fell without
warning, killing several workmen. Twu
The American silver bill is being
oloesty watched in Germany. Some
newspapers give a list of the American T
secorites which are dealt in in Europe, crn
msaking distilnctions in the currencyn in
which interest on capital is payable.
The Panama canal commission re- pla
nort, after expressing regret at the nn- Wa
favoable prospect considering the oat Tns
of finishing the work, concluded that o
the best solution of the diffculty weuld
be for maritime states to guarantee the t
interest on the investment. This, it ly
says, would restore confidence, be a afe. bui
g uard to the interests of the original ly
shareholders, and secure for the canal .
the dimensions required for an intern- "C
ttonal highway. eas
Gleaning From Mniing Fields--eports of
RItlh Strikes, Now Prompeets and St
General Mining Neat.
The bullion output of the Black Hills
mines for the first half of April was
$150,000. T
The coal .lands belonging to the
Montana Coalcomaniy are advertised for d
sale by the sheriff of Park county. ho
Some very valuable mining properties na
have been discovered in Idaho couuot, ell
t Idaho, and there is a big rush in that tv
Y direction.
Placer minine on the Swawh, Julst
above Ellensburg, Washington, has re
ceived a new impetus this spring, and Li
a many experlenceld miners are flocking ac
into that region. is
0 The Arlington Mining Co. of Portland, fr,
Ore., as resumino operations and will
shortly complete their 1lt-ton milling t
plant, located near Ruby City , Okan- li
i, ogan. m
An expedition of forty miners, led w
by E. B. Cushing of Tacoma, has been w
v equippedby eastern capitalists to pros
Spect for mines in Alaska, to be worked
B for cre to be shipped to Tacoma for the L
Ityan smelters. a
e Co el Bryan intend to light the lied
Elephant group of mines by electricity.
For this purpose he will use starage
battery system which is claimed to be
f. the bet of any before the public. If it
or works well and cheaply at the Red Ele
at phant, the system will doubtless be
. adopted in all oar producing mines.-- I
n. Wood River Times. t
s The Paradise Mining company ha a
been prospecting its mines to a consider- i
able extent during the winter, says the
Nevada Silver State. In the Wild Goose
to they sank shafts and ran drifts in new
of ground and discovered three fine chim
, nueys of ore in different 1lvels, one -I
I deep as the 100-foot level. 0
be The erection of a large smelting plant
is practically secured for Spokane Falls, r
says the Wnashington Mining Jouronl.
Negotiations for 80 acre ofland about I
vi four miles down the Spokane river from i
.'s. the city are about completed and it is on- I
nounced that the construction of build- I
toy lpgs will begin immediately upon the I
consummation of the real etate deal.
A Helena ('ommittee Goes to St.
Paul to Discusa Ore
The Northern Pacific Will Build to
Castle and White tnlphnlr
Springs at Oncm.
J. B. Walker Will Receive the Helena
Postoffiee Plum. Notwithstand
ilng Prince Russell's
HELENA, May 7.--[Special to the
TRaonuE.l--Messrs. H. W. Child, Parch
en, HIolter, Cory, Davidson and Allen
have gone to St. Paul to discuss matters
concerning the mining and smelting in
terests of Montana with the "4orthern
Pacific officials. The interest, of the
Great Falls silver smelter wi'1 receive
special attention and efforts . ill be made
to counteract the scheme ,o the Omaha
smelters in the CUeur d'Alene region.
LATIR.-Mr. Child did not go with the
smelter patty.
Will Build to (astle and the Springs.
Messrs. Folsom andAnderson have re
turned from St. Paul and report that the
road from Livingston to Castle and White
Sulphur Springs will be built without
Walker for Postmaster.
Blaine and the Montana delegation are
backing Jas. B. Walker for the pontoffice.
Russel Harrison shows some hostility.
but Walker will get the plum.
Capital Coming.
Gee Martin says that there will be a
large influx of capitalists to Barker and
Neihart as soon as the railroad is com
A Cowboy Elopement.
William Gordon, a cowboy, has eloped
with Miss Mollie Gimly of Smith River
Governor Toole and Mi.Os Rtaeann
Married at 11 O'clock Today.
WasaoneTON, May 7.-[Special to the
TRIUnrEu.]--The marriage of Miss Lilly
Rosecrans, daughter of Gen. Rosecrans
and Gov. Toole was solemnized at the
rectory of St. Matthew's Catholic church
I at 11 o'clock today. The bride-elect wore
a traveling dress of dark green cloth,
brocaded in black, with small toque to
match. Immediately after the ceremony
I Gov. Toole took his bride to the sea
shore for a stay of a fortnight. They
will then go to Montana. Among the
many elegant presents received are a set
ScQgefsltla Pt.r5iOanJ ,tfrom Mr. and Mss.
Mrs. Toole.
The Jones' Hill Agreed Upon.
WAsaIN..ON, May 7.-[-pecial to the
TRIBNEc.]-The republican senators have
agreed do the Jones' silver bill.
Lunatics at Large.
MONTREAL, May 7.--lSpecial to the
TRusIBN.]--Much terror is felt around
Montreal because of the escape of many
hundred lunatics from the assylum of
Long Paint during the fire yesterday.
The number burned is estimated at 150.
Two Safe Robberies at the Capital
HELENA, May 7.-[Special to the
TRIBUNE].-Helena Is over-run with
crooks and burglars. This a. m. two
safe robberies are reported. One took
place in Fowler's store; the other in the
Walla Walla building on Main street.
The work is that of experts and the
police are ata loss to locate the thieves.
Citizens are becoming indignant especial
l ly as many small robberies and
burglaries are taking place hour
ly. People are talking of organizing the
"Committee." These crooks are moving
eastward and citizens at Great Falls had
better be on the lookout for them.
St Paul Re-Elects Smith Mayor-Large
Majority of the Aldermen are
HELENA, May 7.-[Special to the
TRIBUNEJ.-Victory has alighted on the
i democratic banner in St. Paul after a red
hot compaign, which turned largely on
national issues. The democrats have re
elected Mayor Smith and a large irajoli
it ty of the aldermen.
S Millionels Back of It.
e. KANSAS CITY, May 5.-A dispatch from
d Leavenworth, Kansas, says a big railroad
g scheme, with millions to back it,
is on foot for a transcontinental short line
i from New York to the P".,: The en
g terprise is in the hands of . Jody of Eng
i lish capitalists and American railroad
men. A syndicate has been secretly at
ad work for a long time. From Leaven
in worth to Denver a route surveyed two
. ears ago and known as the Denver Short
d Line, and more recently as the Denver,
he Leavenworth & Utah short line will be
used. This survey is 80 miles shorter
than any existing line of railroad now
y running. From Denver to Salt Lake
City, by a continuation of thissurvey, 200
miles are saved. *
It About Irrlgatlon.
be WAsHINOTON, May 5.-Senator Plumb
has reported a bill for the suspension of
the survey of irrigable lands and the sub
is stitution of a survey of the artesian basin
sr- in all the territory lying east on Montana
the and Colerado. Major Powell's first re
se port on irrigation is just out. He esti
mates that the entire survey can be com
a pleted in six years at an estimate cost of
g0,000,000. This will cover the location
and survey of all reseevoirs and canals,
ant and of all irrigable lands and the desig
is, nation of all laids that should be irrigat
el. d for settlement, During the pasty ear
out 80 000,000 acres of such lands have been
om selected and 127 reservoir sites, measur
an- ing 2,600 square miles. About 48,000
id- square miles have been surveyed and
the mapped at a cost of less than $4 per
We will, sell all of our
Colored Dress Brilliantines
55 C -AT
Our regular price for these goods is 75c
per yard, and they are
Seasonable Goods
-BUT'r FOR- -
One Week Only!
They will be sold at the
u --OF.
55c Per Yard !
s Central Avenue, - Great Falls.
f ides, Sheep Skins, Fkrs and Tallow,
SEastern market prices paid for all the above stok. Prompt attention
ur given to all shipments made to me. Quotations furnished on application.
Warehouse on R. B. track and Third ave. South. Offie opposite the
and Park Hotel. Addres,at a .
per Theo. Gibson, Great Falls, M. T.

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