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Se TSemi- eekly Tribune.
n Elegant Line of StramHats
just reeived:
Does everybody knew tlit we
ave just received the largest and
eost comply1S t of at t.
dr & ribe' aid04t9ea
own in (elA6t Fik? This:as
rtment comprie the newest
apes, lates sty % and riobest
esigns the aaisiad6t af fl r
ay and Jose inn -~ssieer. yl
I odds the" richest tie fI t'.e.
rket t. . s-pg is the "dOeie
ma ij *e s rnew bows
e " Fonur.i-hand," the "Wind
rs" and "Flowing Ends" If
rs for negligee shirt. in almoo
ndless vaiety, If you n tie
or everyday wear we coab aas
on aline at froam 6 -tiOer
hat are beauties, ful~ ay gt~iaes
re sold from 50 to 76 cee .else
Lotahof newrtiin e th iu is lino
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ow you the pliatt ln~e e of
shirts, inoluding such cele.
ted makes as Outter & Cros.
tte's and Wilson Bros.' et prioes
at will sell them. .We warraut
wvery shirt. :
In this department .we show yoti
he latest styles for spring and
Have youseenthe oew "Fedora" ? b
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ighter and o ~es tlisa s si hat,
nd equally as dreesy. We show.
complete line of them in bl'ok t
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Our line of sofra rater
priced goods from 11.951
are "beateM ' b at are e
value evse'V o t."
The juttlj eelebrated Kn s.tif
hats, in Spring baps, are .. ,A
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Has anybody told yop ae *
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enough a n .._ ..*p . t. i.
Our 88,., 6.80a e4 ur 58,I0li.es
are "corkt"
In head s, 564 a; Gdooa g
welts we tew thpea l.
Mail o :ti tt town
given t "
tlu, , . .I... -:-M ....7
Pe H6·:~· ~
t1M ý iý ,~
Bose McKinley Applies the fag and
the Final Vote is Taken.
laedlam Reigns During the Closing
Hour of the Bill's Considera
Several Republicans Vote With the
Democrats on Amendments
Offered to the Bill.
WASmnsron, May 21.-When the com
mittee of the , whole arose and
reported the McKinley tarif bill
to the house McKinley moved
third reading on which he demanded the
previous question, which was ordered by
a vote of 157 to 148, Coleman voting with
the democrats .i+ the negative. A vote
was taken on such amendments of the
committee as increased the duty. Tin
plate had a nitrow escape,the duty being
inedeased by a vote of 150 to 149. An
demon of K.nsass Butterworth, Hender
oat of Iowa, Kelly, Mason and Mudd
and Taylor of Illinois, voted
in the negaive with the dem
ocrate. Lind and Thomas of Wis
conaien lst voted in the negative but
iltaigeithetr votes at the last moment,
theisidtlittii the ametsdment. Theonly
esrendpeet of the committee defeated
wee* tdhat -.Jjte yarn. The committea
it 8, pe cent. but by a vote of
x iU w left st 80 per cent that
been prnqted inoorreotly s in
t end by thýi'tdO el ein fixed
e. Rep who voted in the
Sedtn n.,
t elly Li'nd d Taylor of
Ill lic and Reendereon of
a, 4 e, Kerr d.d Dlnuel.
S vidingthat on woolen
and w and all dsaustfaoures
o s d not otherwit! pro
viedoorgvaled'at not more than thirty
Serttrpe~rj.ad. , there shall be imnpoied a
t f three times the duty imposed on
i of unwased woof of first class
foetiper cent advahloret. werejected,
eds I0 141. Thin lebaes the
t..tlee -.the dtLty on un
e w tld 40 pelt dvalorem.
o, Donnell mn . and with 10
others voted with the deocnrats in the
IAn.en. dmret to the patagraph im- il
penlgoidtyoif lDper-oentattvaiorem ofe
at) mnhzuIlactturemn of elib Vwt
mt tt rers of silk .t a dllr of
s fechtlgel b or otr 11 ill edo iN
14" .m u irn :n l, , aft reed to, to
u na 14. l r idlent
Taiawas the "lent amendinet end en
uat d third readin of bill hav- I
dg"Wý i ktll (inG i~e %entuch, t
tl~adthd#olre Wlpin aebhid a {p 0
wibltle nay o m d by-ibtutt o h
e*h beW . as to redoue the h renuer ofI
the government reducing the burdens I
.of taixon on t people;inntad of re- h
dulingl dtiee by itpitngi prohibitory C
rnte of taoution upon imported goods r
[Democratic appla.te.] .
Ph. resolution was defeated-yeae 14 u
uMys l44-amid applause on both sides of
the hod6e, the democratic applause being
derisve in its charactertbr, Tvhe T(lW a
peCy vote with the excepttbn oUfC dhoa
andJeatbert*one, who voted with the d
demortn. i
The last hour of the considitrlion of a
the trit bill in the housea regular pan- C
t * t tOn oth chaira and ppuerently
all we' talkiog ind wildly geetitulating
at once. fUw.w a nee only rarely wit- c
seeed in that body.
(chaJtie amed c.veeonee.
BALxIOnS, May l1.-The last day's f
businesl of the seventeenth natiolil con
ference of ha.itiles fui cortedtio wMi
beans this ionolleg at hlufl pat OYiolook;
The international conferenceto be held b
tin Q!btago Il connection with the world's
tal, i lIookd firward to with much to -
L, el._ ib el-r,. itneut d 1
e d Y Pbl ' work o r talon r
ia '151 counitry will be grea ae
Svayorl papers ' reed tl iit Otor4li.
ol yg tI o weree oted:
nr.eld v..e aer' Mlusltoch of
4n t leun, .hi1
SW 4.P veh VoL: O6.,r Craib,
,ee a ,reWW. P.ete worthw BPoi Ct
c earI &ltw'ieJoh I
Garl ohil . i V*a th4
y e s a¶?~a bennal
Plower Ptea
eports From the Leading Commercial
New YonU May 21.-Money closed
ranging form 4 to 8 per cent; last loan 4.
Paper [email protected] Sterling exchange quiet and
steady at 4.884 tor 60 day bills 4.883(
for demand.
MINNEAPOuLs, May 21.-Receipts of
wheat today werell7 cars; shipments .8
cars. There was a good demand for No.
1 northern wheat today. No. 1 hard was
loving some better. Low grades did
not keep up with grade wheat and were
generally called slow. Offerings were
moderate. Elevators were the largest
buyers. Local millers and buyers for
outside account bought rather eparingly.
Closlngquotstlons: No. 1 hard, May,
21%; June, 982%; July, 98%; on track,
92%. No. 1 northern, May, 91; June,
0l%; July, 98; on track, i. No. 2
northern, May, 88; June, 89; July, 90; on
Nlew YORK, May 21. - Burlington,
10j)(; Missouri Pacific, 75: Northern Pa
cific, 879, preferred 85%; Northwest
ern, 1158, preferred 14%; it.Poul, 75%,
preferred 1201: Manitoba, 118%; Oma
han, 85%, preferred 917 ; St, Paul. 87%;
Wisconsin Central, 20,; preferred, 82.
DUrsu.H, May 91.-Wheat was slow un
til near close, when It becomue very active
and July opened at 96, sold down to 9631
up'to 97, down to 95, up, to 96%; closead
at 96.
Cnmrao, May 21.-The Drover's Jour
nal report: Cattle receipts, 17,000; Ship
ments, 4,OOOr market dull and five to ten
cent lower. Beeves, [email protected]; steers
$8.0004.10; stockers and feeders 6(8
4 90; ews, bulls and mired $.l.1.9 O;
texas steen $1.9008.75.
Hogs Receis ats
5,900; market lower; m 'ed
heavy 689504.17%; light $.900 12%.
Sheep--Receipts 8.000; shipments
85,500. Market steady and slow. Natives
I408.80; westerns 4.500800; Texans
9059.80; lambe 68.50ý4.80.
CateAoo, May 21.-Trading in wheat
was active and the market more or less
excited at times. A large local business
was done and also much on outside ac
cott. The market closed about cent
oigher than yestosday. May and June
both closed about the same as yesterday
Aegust and dreferred delverles all spared
in advance, which would indicate that
buying was largely on bad crop news and
fears the next crop may be disappointing.
The weakness atopening was dne to the
discouraging tenor of market reports
from abroad and better prospects in the
northwest. On the othe hand bad crop
reports from the southw st had the effect
of converting to the bull side some most
prominent bear traders, who bought
There was large trade in corn and the
feeling was quiet and unsettled prices,
fluctuating consequently within 1
cent rangee.
A sequence to a Saondal. t
NEW YoxK, May 91.-Mrs. Florence . IL
Masterson, wife of ex-Judge Murat Mes- I
terson of Prescott, Arizona, died suddenly
this evening at the Grand Union hotel.
Mrs. Masterson arrived Wednesday from
Deming, N. M., where her homeis. The I
object of hervisit to this city was to have
an'underetandlng with her husband, who
obtained unpleasant notoriety recently
through a shooting affair which took
son got news of the ecandal wbhlth-er
husband had become Involved in and
same to this citu1 to see her hnusband and
lave an explanation. When she arrived
here on Wednesday she went to the
Grand Union hotel, where she engaged
rooms. Mrs. Masterson sent word'to her
husband to come to the hotel, but he did
not respond. Mrs. Mastersen was 88
years old. Mrs. Alice L. Hophinson,
with whom Masterson had the troubhieis
a well known frequenter tMraciLs.
Although relative claim terson's
death was due to heart di viw of
the droumsi neiirýo s 1ae
an asutopsylll'bilde rft . tode
termlne tegaet cause of death.
Keeek4Woe V wbeep-a5t iseids.
Barrna 4tay2PA-31htnk Molith d
Cinolanaiter £ xlieadnersd, 46",
Kid," f o ' l4ltt. i ilgleq
under thSg oyf kAtlh tt
ilefc club for' purse eof Sl i Mc
Hugh win kokel- dout in myntyl-x
rounds. __ _ __ _ ,
BTOOcavor, Cpo"I*y .-FOqr:or Ave
breaks occurred today in-the Union
Island leyee. About tfe00Q6ae Will be
flooded, one half of which is in w eet.
The bredkse- are in tile levee whio' has
been watched carefully for several
weeks at expense of ten or twelve thous
and dollahs.
arosoian ao raw
MeAullt and UliuIv to sge aht as
New Yoxa May 10.-Billy Meaddln
today' received word from the Golden
GateAthletic club of San Francisoo that
they woul0clikeiO l esge a aitch be.
tween Jack chAdsl1eladd Jobu'l. Bull
van to take placeat their rooms. Mad
den replied that Wutlivan laid he would
ight McAulife before Jacksen He says
for' McAnuie that the atte. wll fight
Sulllvau on. hise ow f6am and put no ob
etclse in his W. He requats the club
to communioale wi Sulvltta.
BoatrO hay 30.-The Erle;Oounty
Atiletil club'toolgit odeid to mastoh
Ike Weirlof New TOrk ald Ji.iai. O. n
qenona Buffalo for aft matc Jane
a l urpeaand
satgneo. fall thso4_h.
'Dr. W. H. Spi ia a prominent Ohiet
go. ,p , of Jeawmp,
~ wie. a Surveyor
go as Canadw of the senate
opive as. e oat of employme a
arthn .,
gisirntee i6 sale by p+Apeyrr ý9Dit,
It Was Decided Yesterday by the Ru.
preme Court of This
A Vienna Girl Pights a Duel With a
Doctor and Comes Out
Windom Sends the Revenue Cutter
Bear to Behring Sea on an
Urgent and Important
HlaLErA, May 21.--Special to the
Trai, sa.]-The supreme court today
handed down its decision in the Lloyd
-Sullivan contest for the office of sheriff
of SilverBow county, involving the valid
ity of Precinct 84, and reviewing the
entire election in Silver Bow county. As
wasexpected and has been known for
weeks, the decision is in favor of Lloyd,
the rcpublican defeated candidate. Blake,
who a a member of the canvassing
board, disregarded the returns from Pre
cinct 84, wrote the opinion, sc there was
no reason to r.alt "-'-t it would be
Judge Blak had to stand b, Canvasser
Blake and also eI lp b...... r up the title
of the fraudulent senators. The decision
is one of the closing incidents in the con
spiracy by which the new state of Mon
tant was stolen.
A Speak at War.
WAstltaIoxe , May 21.-Seoretary Win
dom today signed seailngordersof re
venue cutter Bear, now at Seattle, direct
ing that she sail immediately to Onna
lasks and then to cruise dlligently in
Behrlng sea for the purpose of warn
ing all persons against entering such
waters for the purpose of violating secw
tion 1,956 of the revised statutes and ar
resting allypersons and seizing all ves
sele found to be or to have been engaged
i any'violation of the laws of th United
States therein. With the exception of
certain details as to inforement of the
law, there is no change in the general
policy of the administration on this ques
A Girl Duait.
VIuxiA, May 2.--A young doctor of
this city recently offended a Croatian
girl 19 years old and refused to apolo
gize for his conduct. The girl thereupon I
challenged him to aduel. The pair to- I
day forght iD a room which had beah
hired for that purpose. ,The girl, who
was educated in South America, Is a
splendid fencer, twice wounded the doc
tor, escaping unecratched herself.
Shavin Is SaM y.
NEW YORx, May 21.-A Cablegram
JIio Lonlon. rcelved. tadey states tate
Frank Slavin lecllneCtombet JoeMcAu
life as the latter has been beaten by
Jackson, but will fight the winner of the
Sullitan-Jackson match or Jim Corbett
for 1,000 pounds. -q
A Murdmrer Captured.
HAvawa, May 91.-The police captured
the Frenchman Miguel Uyrandwho in
the month of July last murdered Notary
Gouo In Paris. Eyrand registered at the
Hotel Roma under the name of Miguel
DolkL. Hi claimed to be a natliv of
Poland. When be was placed ison al
he attempted to commit suicide by cut
taug the vreins In his leg and arm with a
piece of glass. He lint a geat deal of
blood before medical usltstanne -coatl'be
obtained, but the doctors attending say
he will recover. In histrunk were found
everel French newspaperscontliningdo
tlsof hi crime. A pistol and dagger
were sale found in the trunk.
Another Rbembssr.
WAnni, N. Y., May 91.-C. F. Kan
tilar, oeahler of the Pennsylvania Gas Co.,
was arrested this afternoon, charged with
embeszlement of funds of the company
tothe amount of $10000.
avow li Oanfral..
BAcaAn*To, Cal., May l1.-Thlamorn
log a large force of men who were at the
long mow shed, a mile and a half east of
Emigrant gap, moving snow and repair
ing the shed, were overcome by an ava
laIche of now, which crushed 120 feetof
heavily timbered shed and carried men
down the hillside some distance. All,
however, escaped serious nlajury, although
several were hurt.
Womesn Rgege Ia a Biot.
URoi, May 21.-At Conselice today a
mob of 500 women and 200 naIles, who
had gone on a strike, attempted to fo.
an eutse nee into the town hall, shouting
'"We are starving." They stonyd the
troop who were gnarding tihe buildings.
The latter were compelled to use their
fre arms and seven persona were killed
and a number wounded.
Per Prospe for Oat.
Caicwao, May 90.-The Farmers' Re
view tomorrow, summarizing the acreage
and condition of oate will say that in none
o 4theatetea is the nondltion up the us
ual anere at this sasyon. In the wre
mad north the crop has languished for
nrn, while in the Mislslppt valley the
aelem of moisture retards germation and
growb. In Misso'ri and Wisconsin a
ceLdrsael portion of the crop is nuot
yet above ground. Only one state, Idl
an.e howM increase of areage. Two
states, iM.ka nd Wisconsin are
abut' the same as last year. All re
melniog atnes report a decrease.
Wasts Parilmena to QaIt.
SIrQseq, May 90. -lladstone wants
psrtlIaat o dieolve.
Mrtswag4ag,.y 90.--The Milwaukee
road A* d " ra tse from
AoooixA, Pa., May O-ReUports have
reathed hare of a deis.on freight
k whih oomoted at 71Slabeth,
es miles east, at about midnight
Yit.sSse tseed pemaa wer fatally
aattre- and two brakeman toeiesing,
' hs the beeltpelr beanagr
l ll l.e it' the I ,atRu
S. L all tints.
Progress on the Oreat Falls B Canada
Ranl-San Fiver Bridge Nearlng
A TRIBUNI representative made 'the
rounds" Tuesmay on the went siede and
found much activity at nearly every point
visited. The Great Falls & Canada con
tractors are pushing work in every direc.
tion. At their terminal grounds, near
the stockyardq, they are completing a
large depot arihave the section house,
tank and sodr4 other houses finished.
Several swltche~ have also been put in
and graders ade ow doing the prepara
tory work for e bhig transfer trestle.
The compast as acquired title to 100
acres at that t for terminal grounds
and from thl e forward it will be the
scene of u.vity. About 15 miles
of track haver laid and the grade is
being ener e ly pushed at all points.
The Sun riv bridg6 will be complet
ed before ma y of our citizens realize
the fact. The rat span is now up and
this week will. e the second one in place.
The foreman Wormed us that he expects e
to have the bri.ge ready to cross teams I
next Tuesday. It is a massive structure I
and looks as if it might last a 100 years I
or more.
In the Great Northern yards every
:rack seemed to be crowded with cars and
the yard masted and his crew were busy
switching theml from place to place. The
enormous trafme of the railroad at Great
Falls is shown by the crowded condition I
of the extensive yards on both sides of
the river.
As we drove along a locomotive and
several cars passed by with material for
the big dam, where a large force of men
is now employed, both at the dam and
WNorhaide Notes.
The Caseade LAnd company is making
some extensive improvements on their
lands north of the city. Mr.TF. N.Porter,
the manager, biN employed about 40men.
The company owns 14 sections of land
and they propose to make it a valuable
property. Thirty miles of five-strand wire
fence have bge built. A large frame
granary is utder way and two farm
houses will be built soon.
Mr. Porter is quarrying rook with
which to build a fnethreestory residence
with basement, to be one of the finest
residences in Cascade county. In ashort
time he expecDtto have 150 men in his
employ. Ab t t00fne ood mares will
be turned laose an this immense irm.
As!gn osne lrang season closes the
nsill 1 t to woe openng ditches
fbmm thwW-miit ' g ditch and the
oleo rhlL put under water
amsnpa ycan harvethwater of both
Sun Rtyer and the Teton at command
and wtil be -abe In ne to thoroughly
irrigate the =ire Uot of lend. Good
grin and bay crops .llM no doubt be
raised on thia'hlmenn-ranch.
In North Gre-FalU prolgrp is seen
everywhere. Mr. Greena grding outfit
is hard at work puttng Summit avenue
and other irheta in good condition.
AbouttignSr ark eisidN foinished
or area 45U e1Ce way. Ons grocery
stor's l lbsinse and another will
beo _ Weak. ,
A Former Great Palts Girl Abdsed at t
aMt Lake City.
The following sensational Salt Lake bl
city dispatch to the Chicago Herald re- tb
lates to Miss Wellington, who formerly P
lived here, where her mother for a time
conducted the Minneapolis house:
SALT LAaa , May 9.-Henry Hofheim
er, agent of the Annheuser-Busch Brew
ing Association, was arrested last night at
the instigation of Mrs. Wellington, on a
charge of abducting Miss Myrtle Well
ington. Hoffheimer has been paying at
tention to Miss Wellington until two
weeks ago, when he was dented admit
tance to the Wellington home by the
mother of the young lady and Clarence
Eberly, a companion of Hoffhemer's,
then began waiting upon Miss Welling
ton. The mother grew susptcious and
more vigilant, but one night last week
Eberly drove up to the Wellington house
in a closed cab and the fair Myrtle, in
loose fitting attire, without hat, wraps or
gloves, fled with the friend of her lover.
Two detectives and the entire police force
have been searching for the young lady
ever since but have not found her. Hofe
helmer was held in the sum of $1,000 and
Eberly in $600. The defendants claim
it is a blackmailing scheme, but the pros
omuting attorney is confident that he has
a case against the two men.
Chalging the Land Law.
Washington special to theIndependent:
An important change has been made in
the homestead and pre-emption laws by
the senate committee on public lands.
The claimant cannot commute unless he
has occupied the land 80 months instead
of six, as provided for under the present
laws. This will prevent a large amount
of land from being taken and commuted
to six months for speculative purposes.
X. of P. Grand Lod.e Oieers.
The Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias,
which has just closed its session at Liv
ingston, elected the following officers for
the ensuing year: Grand Chancellor,
John L. Sloan; Grand Vice-Chancellor,
lames B. Gallagher; Grand Prelate, C. .
Whitney; Grand Secretary Jacob Loeb
Grand Treasurer, E. H. Talcot; Grand
Master at Arms, Li. Kirby; GrandInner
Guard, (Charles Stephens; Graml Outer
Guard, H. Peterson; Grand Trustee,
George W. Bourquin.
WIl.All be of Iron.
The work of destruction on a large
scale will begin aeross the creek today.
About two weeks ago the Standard an.
nounced that it was in the plans of the
owners of the smelting works to substi.
1 tute Iron for wood in all the buildings at
the upper works and at Carroll. ' The use
of iron was first applied in the building
of the big smelter at the lower worhs.
That struneure Is a splmdld success, and
SItaffordsabeolute protection agalast the
risk of los by fire. As soon as the
change can be accomplished iron will
take the place of wood In all the long
row of buildtngs at the work.-Anaconda
All klnds of House Furnishings at the
Bee Hirp,
a SHILOH'B CURE will immeltately
trelieve groag, Whooping Cough, and
BrenchIai Fo alli. by Legeyre Bro
A ewopw celslof thos P and $1.50
Ladleas' Pine Shoes for P . Your choice.
All thq latest style. in wall paper, at
(o to Pnalk Ervin's for a good gkle of
soda water.
Bringing Hope and Succor to the Im
poverished Farmers of the
The Mayor Suspends Tiut Official
Pending an investigation
of His Accounts.
Rates by Lake and Rail to St. Paul via
Chicago put ont the Same Ba
sis as the Great North
ern Tariff to
ST. PAUL, May 21.-[Special "'1 the
TurasuasL]-Heavy rains htve fallen at
all points between St. Paul and Minot
during the night and during the pei 48
hours central and southern Dakota have
been visited by copious rains. These
rains almost insure good crops in North
and South Dakota.
Wseets The Great Northern Rates.
CHICAGO. May 20.-The Lehigh Valley
lile has given notice that it will put into
effect a tauif of Lake and rail rates from
Buffalo to St. Paul via Chicago on the
same basis that is used by the Lake Su
perior lines by way of Duluth. This
equalization applies only from Bufftalo
and not from the seaboard, but unless
trunk lines discriminate in favor of Lake
Superior rates it will enable Chicago and
St. Paul roads to compete with the Great
Northern on through business from New
York and Boston to the northwest.
A Treasurer who Is Bhort
KaANsA CITY, May 20.-City Treasurer
Peake was suspended from office at 6
o'clock. A shortage of between p$2,000
and $25,000 having been discovered in his
accounts. Peaks was elected to office
two years ago and was re-elected this
spring. It is customary upon the instal
lation of a new city council to appoint a
committee to qeamine into the condition
of the financial department of the city.
Thereupon when a committee was ap
pointed to examine Peake's books no
surprise was occasioned until it was no
ticed that the treasurer was devoting an
extraordinary amount of time over his
books and was also calling in many of
his personal loans. This occasioned a
rumor that all was not right in his office.
To determine what basis there might be
for the rumor Mayor Holmes and Comp
troller Hobbs today made a hasty invea
tigation into the treasurer's accounts.
The investigation occulpied the entire day.
At 8:80 o clock Peaks was sunmmoned to
appear before the mayor ad comptroller.
The interview lasted an hour. When it
was over the mayor told the reporters the
investigation of Peake'P accounts reveal
ed a shortage of between $17,000 and
W.s0o0,a I hbe bad suspended Peaks
from ofses pending an official investlga
tlon to begin tomorrow by the council
committee appointed a week ago. At a
regular meeting of the council tonight
Mayor Holmes In a speech explained
the condition of affairs and announced
Peake's suspension. A resolution was
adopted ratiylng the mayor's course.
IEl ll.1msta lAterl ases!
-FOR- -
Circumstances have placed in our posession
a number of good things in the
way of bargains, which we
in turn will give
FIRST---We will sell Fruit of the Loom Muslin,
which is known from the Atlantic to the
Pacific, at Sc per yard, The quantity
will be limited to 10 yards to a customer.
SECOND--.We will sell an elegant line of TOW
ELS worth from 15c to 25c each at 10
cents each. Quantity limited.
THIRD---A splendid assortment of Ladies'
HANDKERCHIEFS, worth from 15 to 25
cents each, but we intend to close them
out at 10 cents each. This price is
bound to close out the lot very soon in
FOURTH---We will sell a splendid line of Bro
catel Suitings, worth 20c a yard, at II
cents per yard. These goods are half
wool and half cotton, very dressy and very
FIFTH---This bargain ends the list for this
week, but in point of value it excels all
the others. It is WHITE BED SPREADS
at 85 cents each. If you can buy them
for less than $1.25 each any place else in
Montana it will surprise us greatly.
Agent for Butterick's Patterns.
Central Avenue, - Great Falls.
Hides, Sheop Skins, Frs and Tallow.
Eastern market prices paid for all the above stock. Prompt attention
given to all shipments made to me. Quotations furniahed on applioation.
Warehouse on R. I track and Third ave. South. Offie oppoeite the
Park Hotel. Addrees
Theo. Gibson. Great Falls. M. T.

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