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e Semi-Weekly Tribune.
..-T'Y7".- -- --- -- - ..... -. -~ .I- .. ...~-------- ----;- ------------ --
An Elegant Line of Straw Hats W
just receivedt
r .Op e's .ne w t ev
shown if Giest FPs This.
designs the ma ket nitde foin
May ad ane in 9a8; By
all oddheps ahiolesti tlin the
market tns sprng is the "O
lishpese" atWe e in all seIt
sors" and ·inlowmg tid "
sors for negligee eM Afift.
fores everybody know that we th
you a ,line oAhrom as ,to ·eieft a
that are beived the largest s n4d
are sold from prie to he5 aen
Lots of new thinpg in this line
shcame in jst styles ently. We a
show you the prettie(t ,line of a
these shirts, inolndinq 'g iuh obee
breeted makes as utter ds for
sette'M and Wilo n Bro.' ev pri es
thmarket thrill sell them. We warrant
ver hm in all hirt.
of m nkyiic .,nlatewbo ,
In this department we show you
the solartest syles or spowring and.i
Have you seen the new b edora"?
This vtsty. If l test out. Ita is
lighter sid:eolethan, sa; hit ,
fnd equally as dresey. We show
a complete line of them j, black
and brown, at SQ.#Q.
oualine of4r~sn sflU to q 0ffI
priced goods from $12 to 4 .
tha bti ar e t beates Iut as . . s
vawhlue eveadere
The justly lebentld y. We cansti
hats, in Spring shape ahar
stock. Of sonse everop.etn'w
they e peres as utter (oeon.
Has and ybdy told Bros.' about
that (SO Anf Re iabo r i..ew ida
just.tbai yoet 'yesito.at a.s
by comin% in to take eehk at
what is the m. We w arrant:
looIn this depad finesnt shoe evershow you
in s Mat Rntherate~ It out. tsgo
elighe r a my t onet wear. . ,
Our B.0,JW,8.O and 5.00 lines
are "aoLrBad."
and equally aed and Gressy. We show
welts complete line of them n la
And br ew Jnsen, at r,
aemt "beaiesi" but Ale the best
vaFlue every Iffered.
they are perfection.
in Ilentasas et-$2,SOý It is good
The Senate Committee Blow in Tak
ing up McKinley's Pet a9
Measure. of
- - fo
The General Land Offcle a Decides a
Case of In*erest to the w
The President Orders That the Flag m
Shall Fly from the White _
House from Snnrise to 'v
Sunset. I;
WAsmu.xoox, May 24.-The McKinley or
titff bill has notyet been discussed by -
the fnance committiee of the senate and
the statement that a substitute would be
reported to senate instead of McKinley T
bill with amendments was at least prema.
ture. ' Leading mehbers of the commit
tee said todiy that the policy of the con- b
mittee in thgard to themannerof treating ri
the-bill waosd be determined by satore eI
and numbp.rof mendments or changes. i
It was found many disagreed to bill as
passed by house.
iand iDeeioa of Interest to Soidimen
Asslstant Land Commsinsbner tSne to.
day repdered a"dealsion in which he
h;ideathala sbldieseho makes location-,
dlIbtggeess.. .lidaehomestead law of
187i , M i. aio failed to make settlement
within ' cunps theiefter, 04oseae t
therob~'f~ t in right' to lead .antia
wesh r ;esee lalm intervenes d ior to
upOn iti he ac.tully i.ie set.
tlement, The depctalqt t h.r fore
held that failure to mtke asttlenat with
ph o " r flp i." mae of it
anuddb t dneht ettlemet cannot t
l. e , ooisnt commisbioeer
di'dldy to-the contrary on both
tefmaiestsas* te.
stlthogtfihe spiteme court yesterday I
decided against Iemmler on all constitu- f
tolbla questions which It is thought can I
e isein hisisese t ieat~ittey
matter and al that would remain to be
neo.-sol be--be ntencing of
enmiler. It m'i'y be athe counsel
'ill.al"t here and not arther prolong
walt, i.,viaw- i the dee nyo .rday,
heeafter ned
baet t e ezeiioilgqd ýaassioiafrexon
tited lal stlt Ij biring
,eIgt- sher ee4r0 the as court.
Ta . F.asiecoi' y isy .. >TIt7e aem
ship Bllgice arrived Sbie dooringtour-:
teen days from Hong Kong and Yoko
JapL " mall rneved says that abouit
one bhndrsed'eait'qaltke shocks were felt
on. Millake island in Idsu group, from
April 17th to 19th. Many houses were
det.rbyed and land lidesoccurred In va
riol parts of the lslnnd.
The Shanghai Mnerc.~ryý thatrat a
plsc alld Zedht aar t[,Sg5o, si.et .
named Ohang while delerious from fever,
murdered his wife, son and dau4htir
shutilating their bar4les, and ift.erard
committing saidide.
RoIonn dltitpa f the U..nro i
WAmnwtua r, May -4.-Weather crop
billatin for theweek ending May 24 fur
alahbd by the wardlpartmeat, ays: Re
oent rain in toe northwest. have greatly
Inproved the-rop eondittlos -n that see
ion in.l.ip, 0n=ot DaX Pr
staee ilisteeake. p Vbbai
ravoahle for some graint, It hae been too
teol for oPg,whicoh i. belng replanted In
ine' setlhn of Iowa, Illinois abd Mls
iO, s Karee taihe ,athers fntor wee
ss ltmmns, $,lotrpW.4t I tll riiuelt
wheaewsat was improved.. Col- and
wet weather ,a r faured hedin itch
ign an&ast 3l 4 a1 h f .a
athe a crop hat an iproved.
WIe I~ron b W okipatea.
patk s, other died at Port
0Thptemt4nbh glIquors to
the provietoad oftlie~. bl of the several
atatee.wUI hetleke op Tu eday.e
Car Ile'os ordetlls-i. as. senator- ha
otywe, lMti., M0. 4e-)1e e hardest
1 bo.king up and
,H.y w o oi ,
ug alltiw. q l Int~ onv, -
J1 "
ns i owy to aUL
-wl Cou turn-GWI 14.·-lbThe Turi-.
Ish studennts who kbw4d iwo Ralola
WW WiibUwlae.
7a itt~e e~t esaei
PsiOW Piipectaq.
k. H. 73oz, who Ulveoitar oh
*if lewd, reporte tht dnziiigJiia
'he SIPt licrtei" with the heat
impored intoon
hey Do a Thriing Rlsiness in Penn
sylvasnl Loeal Option Towns.
Prrnurano, May 24.--"Orginal pack- T
age" houses were opened in Apollo and
Leechburg, both local ontion towns, this
afternoon by William (ilverman, agent
for Cincinnati Brewing Co. A car load
of beer opackages from one-eighths to
one-half barrel each arrived at Leech
burg at 5 o'clock this evening and in less
than two hours the cootents of the cat
had been sold out. "Original packages" C
were soon leaving mn all directions on the
shoulders of men and boy. A commit
tea of Citizens appointed at a general
meeting last niht metagatsthlis evening
nd decided to enter suit against Silver
man on Monday for violating the state T
liquor law. The authorities will also en
ter suit foremalntalmng a nuisance. Sl8
verman says he will refuse bail if ar
rested and if the case is decided in his
avor will hold the committee for dam
ages. As a result of his industry the 11
streets were fllled with drunken men to.
tight. There is great excitement and
sentiment is pretty nearly evenly divided. I
The Man who Robbed President Moeffet of
Denver Supposed to be Foind.
DaiaVzR, May t4.-Informatlon has
been received here tonight that the man
recently convicted at Clayton, Mo., of
tealing horses, has been identified as the
man who robbed President Moffett of the
Firlt National bank a year ag,. of $31,000. 1
Papers-will-be madeout Monday for his
The MtrLke Ended.
DuvTaorT, May 24.-The striking oar
penters -aplpyed on the ten-story Ham
,mond block went to rWork thb sigrning.
6They-bav gained impoertant seoaueloss.
'he contractor agrees not tO use material
furnished by non-union laborers. The 1
general strike is nearing an end, several
*of the largest builders having signed
rthe agrefement yesterday. The men
Iade some concessions.
RItall d Managers Wll Meet Next Tues
day for That.anepese.
OmcAcAo, May 28.-Local railroad man
agers attach considerable importance to
the conference to be held in New York
next Tuesday. It is expected that all the
various interests will be representedsat
the meeting, ideludls tfrunk lares, Greet
Northern, Boosnd (eradian Pacific. The
object is to advance aeet bound lake and
rail rates and by equalizing those rates
by the several routes to put an end to the
tight over t.ough tariff fronitheaea
hpaUed t'i- Paul andi Minneapolis. Pre
lminaty"neetaigs of lake lines are to be
held in Buffalo tomorrow and an advance
in rates willbe agreed upon-iftpoitle.
The Supreme Coaor Dealde Kemmler
may be Exeerted by lseetrleity.
WAsnmaHoac, May, 28.-The supreme
oourt tgfte United States today denied
the application for writ of error in the
case of Kemmler, under sentence of death
by electrlcity. Opinion by Chief Justice
Fuller. The court first recites the pro
ceedings of the lower courts leading up
to the bringing of the ease-to this court.
The court opys: "It is urged in Kemmler's
behalf thatithebed4th amehdment prohibits
the state from inflicting cruel and unusual
punishment, this being included in the
term. The law origin of the phrase,
"Oouei apd-:u dual punishment." the
pedit satd, W theIn E ttsh rsettlement
of 1688 and meant that barbarous meth.
odsof punishment not be inflict
ed. It meant that should nwt be
sentenced to death y trture, butt did
i not mean death itself-was
ofnel. ho e~putilh
u hate arcPvide a too show
aen he Change in the death
fo of theagisasre.
tco r lhat bhe san
out Denip Kellep in
50 rounds at the 5. oten (ae A 1ec h
NdothenrlKeatuoky and southerd Was a
Virginia were dev fed by a storm Friday tl
night. No loiof'tfle repoi.ed. a
Marion, tidi lost heavily by. Friday
night's storm.
Ohicago hotel and restaurant proprie a
tors say alstlaces are filled.
The eationela pattern aktern' leaguet
deoi ctto 4a pd eighthourS a day on
June I, 1800.
The Australian industrial agitation is n
.mase oaleton a tfioeld, 9,
farmer, was killed by I tnng Friday
M. ono ' a promipent contractor of
Newport, ky., wain crotitd to death by a
wtlto.e*lo atim t Loulsvtilne Nash.
vi oot.ri stetly.
t p eiatIaUce I hs beea
A l, a bue' hhonue. bh been eateb
o(4r sll* Pet.Pta. wife otd two hil
T, hr y im reported from
Stlmerpue. 0kie. today.
ibeed esm.
An unsuceeefsul attempt was mate to
ow up th mnument to policemen
kllt marhist maeet
b Int Ch- r ltd I 1, IIo.,r
Tecrtel Ituald and raitatorm fright,
ened gild ditiaegd Jotett, Ills., Thurs
fwily is ravaging Central- Illinois
Mtipon I.tib llte d ,Miebrted her
S1IQ4" ichday in Ohloago Tueeday.
SOn ThurTsdy 8y848 immigrants reached
" )s York.
R"eavy reest Thursday helped Kansas
p Oiri va ionY intol amiak losed
pha, itlg LrAine tn litto esfsat.
Patirtek d killed his solt o
pyVer saesm vR On moeMny.
There May be Some Unpleasantnesso
Between England and U
Caprivi Willing That John Bull Shall
Have Egypt, But He Wants a
Big Slice of Africa.
The Family Relations of the Emperor
Prevents an Open
[Copyrishti 1890, by New York Associated Press.l
BERLIN, May 24.-Negotiations with
England concerning the territory in Af
rica had almost reached the part of ex
change of protocol, conceding to Germany
a sphere of influence extending from the
east coast to the Congo free state, when
Lord Salisbury, the British prime mini
ter, sent his envoy, Sir Percy Anderson,
emphatic orders to suspend communica
tion and await instructions. Since then, e
Sir Edward Malet, British ambassador at
Berlin, has intimated that negotiations
will only be resumed on the basis of the
recognition by Germany of English rights
on the west of Tnaltlyilkle territories,
north of Tanganyika.
The North Geiman Gazette, whose di
rectors recently had several interviews
with Chancellor Von Caprivi, obtained
eem.offilctal communicatzons adverting to I
tI he contianance of English ccupation of
Egypt as essential to perpetsltyof that
I contry. The article obviously pointed
I odt that the German government was
ready to sapper tpermanent ocupation of
Egypt~bythe British. The Gazette did
not state the terms, but sl.geq d that if
Germnsy obtained t hold in the district
in Cental Africa claimed by England,
the British claim would be collanmed in
-ooplttbmdnf Egypt, Ineluding Nyanda.
The foreign office has interpreted the
h chaged, attitude of Lord Salisblry to
Spblic fear common in England over the
threatened dispossession of England from
the territories connectiag the British em
pire n South Africa with the s mes of
the Nile. Whatever is Lord Salisbury's
a motive it has brouSght out an energetic
J protest from Chancellar Von Ceprivt,
which the Emperor either inspired or or
dered. Only atdong statemeet,combined
with family reasons, determined the Em
p peror to persist in his cordial relations
with the English government.
Wheat Q somtattas Drmp a Little-The
Metal Market UanehaMged. gr
NEw YoaK, May 24. - Bar silver rel
$1.02%. no
Copper-Firm; Lake, May, $15.10.
Lead-Quiet, steady; Domesttc,44.20%. ty
Tin-Steady; Straights, $20.85. sao
NEW 2YOh , May 28.-Money easy, ab
with no loans. Cloeingoffered at 8 per
tent. Prime mercantile paper 7. f
Srlilng exchange quiet and steady sat th
4.882% tor 60 day bills, and 4.85% for
demand. M
CHacAoo, May 24.-Drovers' Journal
report: Cattle - receipts 2,00; ship
ments 2a000; market slow and steay;
beeves [email protected]; steers [email protected]:0; t
stoekers and f'eeders $2.5008.97; cows,
bulls and mixed [email protected]; Texas grasm
stedr, $6 81.8 0.ea
Sheep-receipts 1,000 shipmentr none; ft
market dull; natives #8.7s5s15; west
ern corn fed $4.5005.80; Texans $4.000
5.t5; lambs $5.0007.00.
New YOsR, Mey 24.-Gelne busn108%e
Missouri Bacfc r6q8, )Notl+9nl Pacific h,
87%, pre.eýe85; oarth Wee.atti 116%,
preferred 1451 St. Paul 78%. preferred
121%; Manitoba 118%, Omahas6, ppre
ferred 98; St. Paul t DIuluth 86%, wins- h
consin Central 81%, Great Northern pre- ti
ferred 82%.
CatAnoo, May 24.-General business
was transacted on wheat today and trad
ing was more general, both on buying and
sceling side. There was some buying at
the start but the most urgent orders were J
soon filled and with rather free offerings. a
Weak feelhogs set in and operators soon p
after opening became possessed with the
idea that some one was selling wheat
very freely. It was thought that parties
who wer reporo.dsabliapstro- ' ulis" 5
the past few days had started to do some ii
selling today but whether this was for the
purpose ofbreakngprices in order to
get better hold on the market or for the
purpose of unloading it, is diflaelt to
say. At any rate the feeling was settled.
Opening sales for July werefrom
to %c under closing of yesterday, held
steady for a while then deced to a point
Icbelow. Out side fluctuated some and
closed about 1%e lower than yesterday,
May closed about 2%c lower- August
closed about 2%c and Sept. 2kc lower
than yesterday. All sorts of bad crop
news was again received from various
winter wheat sections, a good deal re
pition of the past few days reports.
Duontrw May 94--The wheat market
was weak today decning 1% from op
esting though there was %e advance
earlyln the day. Trading .as free. Re
ceipts were 81 cars. Following are close
Juy 96. No. 1 hard caa wheat, 94,
No. 1 northern 80%.
Mr.anaotLrs, May 24.-Posted receipts
of wheat for the day were 114 cars, with
06 ca rsshiped out, Millers were again
mand was slight. Elevator companies
were willia to pay one cent under July
for No.1 Northern and took cosiderable
MayL91, Juse 9th July 98ep ; on track,
, io.,,1 nthern, May 91, Juoe 91t,
a. yy98 , otrank, 92%; No.la2northera,
May 88, June 89, July .0, on traeck, 8
We have been a little modest about
r talbg about our Boots and Shoes until
we had our pdkL complete, bat now we
! ,speak .-wl.th confidence, and say we
ha.e asn ae a line as ran be tound and
cheaper than sanybody. StraIn Brothers,
sd street. __ ___
A fe ine l of ilk sun umbrellas and
c par .p9M F t a mi t9a others
SRu*eiRttm lhesbethlc ei9ar tangea
in the'ity.
- aKla sting and
fragrant eues... iand 50 cents.
SInaln wall pap the latest. l
bth keepsiti1 all sp.
Bill Leteher Ehroes the Dust in Rlley's
LATONIA, Ky., May 24.-The races H
opened today. Bill Letcher won the
Derby from Riley and Avondale. Other
winners were Glockner, Hopeful, King
man and Melene. At the start of the TI
I)erby Bill Letcher led by half a length,
Riley aecond and Avondale a close third.
Letcher kept his lead till passing the F
stand, when Riley moved up and held the
lead under strong double pull. All the
Jockeys were pulling hard. Riley in
creased the distance between him and
Bill Leteher who led Avondale by ahead.
At the half mile pole Riley was a neck
in advance, and Avondale was lapping
Bill Letcher; At the three-quarter mile
post Bill Letcher was given free rein by
Jlockey Alilh and began to urge ahead
and Riley's fte was sealed. The crowd
recognlzingithe fact began to cheer. On
the home st.tsoh Mhrphy plied the whip
on Riley, bit without avail, and Bill
letcher phased under the wire amid
great applause one length in front of
IRiley. Avondale brought up in the rear T
20 lengthsaback. Time, 2:48.
A $2,O0.00oO Failure. B
QuOEnC, May 24.-In consequence of a
over speculation in lumber and decline in w
prices in Bngland the leading lumber al
firm of Smith, Wade & Co. of this city 0
are in fliat a al default. Liabilities are
about $2,000 O. The principal creditors a
are Bryant, owera & Bryant of London,
for $800,00,, Quebec bank $175,000, Bank
of Montreal $180,000, Merchants Bank
$1I9,000, lBank of British North America
$15,000, Union Bank $25,000 and West- t
ern Lumbelnman $270,000. F
Interesting Wotes From tile Milk River )
Vlley Metropolis. h
(lpeoial Cortseondence of the TnaszmN.)
CxaNoox, May 20.-The machinery to
be used In making the artesian well
reached here yesterday from Indianapolis, I
Ind. The lot is second hand but cost t
$800, about halt price It is hoped to
have the derrick up and begin work next
One good turn deserves another, son
shower follows shower. The rain last
night was hoe of the best so far.
New settlers are coming every day now,
auost oftheqs taking up land over in the
Bear Paw district. Our town and tribu- 1
tary countr will figure up a population
of about 1,00.
Our public school is now in its second
week with an attendance of 80 children.
Miss Lizzti.Curtis of Sun River .is the
teacher, ald a good one she is too.
The latestahdition to our business in
tereemlsaoiSrniture and musical nsatru
Mant sone by Rtinbolt Bros. Charles
Ralabelt df this firm has suffcilent en
couregesnmt to attempt the organization
of a brae.mand and also a choral society.
Th metpopolis of the Milk river valley is
getting there.
The dbtor of our new paper has al
rready won the good opinion of all Chi
nook. I Mr. Itl Mrs. Rester are fine ad
ditioos to ht suociety.
Tih s ss "t-e-*of trying to inuce
the government to esablash an Indian
school at Fort Belknap, near town, now
abandoned and useless except for some
Ssuchpnrose. We are far enough away
from the reservation so as not to have
theChllidren annoyed by the parents.
. delegation of people from Luther,
Mich. Is expected this week.
Our religious welfare is certainly not
to be neglected. Representatives of the
Coneregational, Baptist and Catholic de
nominations have been in Chinook during
the past week with avelw to organizing
societies. Let the good people combine
and build up two or three strong church
es and not scatter their influence and use
t flness among a half dozen weaklings.
In union there is strength and let this be
our motto in upbuilding, materially and
The surveyors are at work between
c here and Assinnibolne and may be ex
, pected our way during the next week.
Agent Woolrlidge and Landlord Ridout
are well matched as hustlers. They
have profound belief in the future of
e this section and are not afraid to say go.
Notes and Commetnt by the oLounger."
People will miss the familiar face of
Judge Douglass, who, it is understood,
will not return for some time. He has
probably gone to Helena or Livingston,
or the Pacific slope. He is a good trav
eler, having even visited France and
England. He likes epicurean fare and
is quite likely to settle only where he
can have fruits and meats in variety and
abundance. The judge has a good mem
ory. It goes back to the days of Nevada
and Alder Gulch; to the doings of Plum
mer and Iyes and to the governorship of
General Meagher, who came in the full
zenith of his military fame to link his
name with the history of the young terri
tory and lnose his life no te swift-flowing
Missouri, which never gave up the re
mains of the gallant soldier and brilliant
orator. Judge Douglass could also re
call Helena's palmiest days and had clear
recollections of the John Dean tragedy
In which it was shrouded and may re
main shrouded until the final court of
assize shall bring to light who killed the
wealthy liquor dealer.
While his memory linked him thus
with the past Judge Douglass lived also
in the present. He has keen judgment
on the value of property and probably
never lost a dollar on real estate deals,
In this town at least he must have made
habout $Ubi00 by prudent investments.
lie prefetrd''gllt edge" real estate to all
other investment. He did not care to
increase his wealth by money lending and
dlsliked banks probably because of the
heavy losses which 'wild cat" enterprises
a.oted before the national bank system
brought uniform currency and greater
security. • -
Judge Douglass is a steady reader of
bWtper and the best magazines. He
ilahas controversy. He holds Robert
"sgersoll in great respect and doubtless
eapposees that be s a match for the pow
effal writers who have exposed his soph
lame. For all that Judge Douglass would
odt. gQ to church and hear attentively
the sermon. In campaign times he was
m to hear oth aMs. ihe had fied
i 'epllean on the lw ts of the 'spell hbind
ier" aad held to-he persisteBtly . ut
She ,Ws never aggresuive in pohtlca and
I could-speak generously of those whose
, tltnioas he deemed unsound.
For rheumattsm there is nothing bet
1 ethen Obambertaln's Vain Baa. 'Ihe
s fltpt atlief it anovle1I alone worth
many'iine ia eat, which is but fifty
Seaa.-. ttfl. Mauy very bad cses
beeenpeemusealy snred by it, For
'rOR DFPBBIIPPIA and Lsver Com
,oistV e have pr. .ted guarantee on
.iy- bottle of, $bnk'hs Vitalizer. It
hleilete nret . ..F~ seay by.apeyre
otel Broadwater Burglarized to tile
(Gentle Tune of $8.000.
osr Incendiary Fires Friday Night
-Several Arrests Made, but
no Evidence Against
eting Governor Rickards Names
Montana's Delgates to World's
Fair-T. E. Collins Among
the Number.
HELENA, May 24.--4pecial to the
RIBU.N.]--The largest robbery of a very
lshing season occurred at the Hotel
iroadwater this morning when mtoneys
ad valuables amounting to over .$8,000
'ere stolen from two rooms. Oif this
mount, $1,995 was nlathe shape of pro
dssory notes so that the robbers will on
realize about $1,250, whei"h as things
re now going in IHelena, will doubtless
tem rather Insignificant to the enter
rising burglar.
The burglary occurred sometime be
ween 2.30 and 4 o'clock this morning.
ntrance was effected through windows.
'here is no claw to the robbers. Four
ucendiary fires were started last night,
ut all of them were put out before they
ad gained much headway Oneof these
nas in rear of Sturrock & Brown's hard
aure store, Main street, where a pile of
vood had beed fired. A fire was discov
red against the door of the paint shop,
it was put out by a man who happened
s be sleeping there. An attempt was al
o made on the carpenter shop itself, and
second one on the paint shop. A ter
fic cale was blowing at the time and
ot for the timely discovery the business
entre of Helena would now be in ashes.
stany arrests of sulsplcious character,
ave been made during the day but there
re no proofs against any of them. At a
peclal meeting the council Increased the
solice force and a special patrol will also
se put on.
otnlg Governor Rickards Make Gon
Selnetons--T. E. Collins of This
City an Alternate.
HELENA, May 24.--[Special to the Tan
NE.]---Actiug Gov. Rickard has ap
polnted the following to be commission
ers for Montana at the World's Fair: L.
H. Hershfield and Marcus Daly; alter
nates, B. F. White and T. E. Collins.
Fat Ancldent at Butte.
BurrE, May 24.-Thomas Fitzpatrick,
a section hand, was killed by a heavy
switch engine In the Montana Union
yards at South Butte today.
Union stenk Yard to be ol d.
Cl.cAoo, May 24.-The sale of the Un
ion Stock yards, negotiations in which
are said to have beenl interrupted by pre
mature expose some time ago, is reported
today to be aain upon the eve of con.
mmaton. The purchaser, as before, is
an English syndicate. If closed, the deal
will mean the transfer of ten million dol
Around the World in 67 Days.
TAroMA, May 24.-George Francis
Train completed his trip around the
world this evening, arriving here at seven
o'clock. From start to finish was 07 days,
13 hours, 3 minutes and 3 seconds.
BD "
18 n
SO i
le 7
Bt 1. 4
Standard Ap.'. Gin(a1n s,
AT 7 1-2c PER YARD.
This week we will sell at 7 T c per yard
our entire assortment of Standard Apron
Ginghams. This is the first tirnme in the his
tory of Great Falls that these goods have been
offered at this remarkably low price, and we
look for a very large sale.
A Fie Line ot Ladies' Lisle Vests
We have just received a very fine line
of Ladies' Lisle Thread Vests which we In
tend to offer at 50c each.
Excellent Sleeveless Balbri an Vests at 40 cents.
Filecst ' Cottol - a.zc - ests
i The best Cotton Gauze Vest in the mar
a ket to-day. These bargains cannot be appre
ciated till they are seen, so we respectfully ask
D you to call and examine them before they are
ý- all gone.
9 Agent for Butterick's Patterns.
Central Avenue, - Great Falls.
Hides, Sheep Skins, Furs and Tallow.
Eastern market prices paid for all the above stock. Prompt attention
given to all shipments made to ma Quotations frished on application.
Warehouse on R. R. track and Third ave. South. Office opposite the
Park Hotel. Address,
Theo. Gibson, Great Falls, M.T"[

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