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Mont Historic
e Semi- Weekly Tr1 ibune.
An Elegant Lhie of Straw Hats
just received.
Does everybody hknow that we
have just reqelved the lavgeryead
most compfeld assertinent of Ont
ter & Oirptette's neckwear ever
shown in Great Fall ? This as`,
sortment comprises' the newest
shapes, latest.' yles and sa'hest
designs the market affords for
May saM Wime in nestlear. By
all odds the richest tie in the
market this spring is the "Orpe
liese" We have them in all styles
of mark, inoludhng the new bow,
the " Four.nhand," the "Wind
sors" and "Flowing Ends." Wind
sore for negligee shirts in almost
endless variety. If you want a tie
for everyday wear we can show
you a line at from 25 to 50 dents
thatare iMuties, fully as good as
are sold froi 50 to 75bents else
Lots of new things in this line
came in just recently. We can
show you the prettiest line of
these shirts, including such cele
brated makes as gutter & Cros
sette's and Wilson Bros.' at prices
that will sell them. We warrant
every shirt.
In this department we show you
the latest styl for s pring aad
This lh iu.t tt " .ItI "t It is
lighter and cooler than a stiff hat,
:nd epals des s. We'dae
a oomgtpl i of tPem In blak,
and brown, at 8.50.
Our line of soft hatsein mediumn
priced goods from $1i5 to .J50
are "beauties" but are the best
value every ~eb . ed.
The j istl3voelebtaitd Knor stiffl
hate, inrhi saties, are now in
stolk. Ofd6r b t one knows
they are perfaction.
Has anybody t1d you about
that $80 fine abbe ien- 4 h'a n
congress we have been selling so
many of lately? If you haven't
just treat your eyes to a surprise
by oominagng tr take a look at
what is the best waring, best
looking uad i4ss shop ever ihown
in Mo t nshat"*50. It is good
enough fr any cue to wear,.
our .&00, n0 Iand i,00, lines i
are "co.Lkes."
In hand sawed and Goodyear
welts we take the lead.
M.ail cdb tibbtd out of town
given tesst' bh
Andrew Jensen, 1%p'r,
Next Door to ftet Naiolnalsk
Shanirek i"
Headquarters for Ev' y~ e ly,
Ths pI"sees w , nunsed MaSv
RIGHA we 0 '
-I - dene~inlt
Bullion Redemption Clanue Striken
out by the Senate Com
No Free Coinage and the Certlflcates
are not to be Legal Tender
in Orditnar Business
South Dakota Democrats in Seeslon
at Aberdeen and Will Nom
nant a State Ticket.
WAermnoso, June 11.-The senate
fnance committee amended the house
silver bill by striking out the bullion re.
demption clause; also the clause permit.
ting tree coinup whin the market price
s one dollar for 81u7( grln. of pure
slilver; bullion certtfeates are receivable
or customs, taxes and public dues, but
the clau.e suking certificate. legal ten
der for public and private debts, was
sruck out.
W.ht About resat ws' Bulldilase
WeAsuhroon, June 11.-The senate
pain the public buldlog bill ib0,000,
for s.ifeI, and nclnnei u Duli'e
blid'btiidinf apprdptation frOm $180,
uasrlnten Meote.
Advet~e report was made onStanford'o
11 i giovernalst idea on tii estate
and onthe bill to abolish metal mponey,and
'bd.tllfwete ind.lfinitely potpou d.
b'houss-i D the conference
do the peir bill.
glproceedings have been dopped
in i case of William Kommler and the
weu0 fAn rs prio will eleto-..
semta Dalota De meoae C onvention.
Asaltm.alt,. D, Jtme 11.-The state
demooratle convention met today and ef
feossd an organisation, appointed the
usual committees and adjourned till 8
o'clock p.m. There is a large attend
win _sco caust.
Loorsm.LL~, June Il.-W. £. Dicker
ao u w nominated f cop"reo to suc
ceed Carlisle, bh the democrats, on the
807th ballot.
eini' Llea eLrT sad Property.
LonDoN, June 11.-Forty were killed
and 18,000 made homeless by the fires in
mining districts in the Urlm mountalne.
A MrdeOoWatsd.
ASHLAND, Wis, June 11.-John Fish
was convicted of murder ia the first de
gree In the circuit ourt thi aedtongl
ie stabbed his yoangWlt a death on
the railroad track near Gldden last fall.
and throe eddl.lle body Into the mash.
Sentence was not pronounced, but it is
ike.yto be impnrlsnment for lue, as his
guilt was mot clearly proues.
ours at ta RmPonT.
silvar Drea One oat, Wt Lend Is Boom
Sea-A Dnl Wheat.larhet.
New Yonx, June 11.-Bar silver,
Pl Iron, quiet.
opper - dull, unchanged;Lake, June,
.ead-Quletsst ready; dotnotlc 4140,
Tin--somewhat uleor, iStraits, ($1.90.
Naw Yoeq June 11.-Today's quota
tions on the stock exchange were
as follows: Berlington 1008,. is
o enta d ws ao , trete Norethern pre
UOauAoo, June 11.--Th trading in
wheat was active today, wllh feeling de
oidedly nervous and u suttled. The
opening was about the smie a yester
d eas a but knwees letin and
loow to le s re c a lower
for ore deferredf e yesterday.
he mants~ne port was more favors
Sie hnl" bed 9 cslculapted upon, In
ehat agurins on percenplese turi;shed
an sreg yield of abust 488,OW,000
bushels .of spring ad winter ieat
ustc"dl te ror of 40e,000,l0o
arkehels r lso it. cl w
question belng "Long" on wheat. Speu
live ormgp were heavy most of the
SforJunoe 11-Arrivalnl or
wheat tod e agent asmal, maount
ingto ne with shipments of ti car
The ash wha ler nam rk w a n
but strit thaop gslsnt t
In futuro _ oo Prices wore sAected out
iarket. Goiti tsda eimmnd for No,1
No. P Northern Jun e July 84;l on
New Toni, June 11.-Money easy,
ragingfrom8s®t0roett; List lc&
r ime metnUlo aper wiper =.
ling eachauge active sad strong at
4 loro day bills, ead 4I. for
eomtAo5, June 11.--Drosn'" JAmal
report: "attle,-Reeipt: 18,000; hilp
medlta' Market steady, to lower.
stockers sod feadera U; cow.,
buils end tined iLpJO ; Teas
a rket wek, IO to l ower,
,' 4i.80; lms ae
he i u and Batter slwa e
hb s optt eli'k l Third street nots.
d of House Furshins at tU s
Asly eary for Ae reeldeace lots in
l%0 n dlaspnt olot ltsI catch
xa wat)~ p Is th tet Ru
Another DMillght Trip Through Slueas
ose dayron.
B. Hf. Langley, general freight and
ticket agent of the M. C. R. R., telegraphi
the TaRnswa as follows:
HELSnA, June 11, 1800.
Tarau.a, Great Vdit, Mont.-We pro
pose to run a flstolass excursion train of
three coaches and a baggage car to
Monarch on Sunday June 16, leaving
your city at 8 a. m. i'he train will do no
freight business and will make the run
to please the excursionists. The rate
will be $2 for the mroUnd trip. Sbpero
tendent Green will go ul with the party
and you may he assured It will be a very
pleasant affair. B. H. LAeOLEI.
ncincinnati 5, Plttburg 1. The game
was called at the end of the sixth run on
account of rain.
Brooklyn 9 Boston 8.
Chicago 7, beveland 1.
Chicago 1, Cleveland 8 (second game).
Philadelphia 8, Now York 7.
Philadelphia 11, New York 5.
Brooklyn 2, Boston 8.
Bufalo-Cleveland game postponed by
Plttsburg 4, Chicago 8.
Louleville 4, Columbus 8.
The games at St. Louie and Rochester
were postponed on account of rain.
A Dalirosd-Det.
NEW YoaR, June 10.-A report was
current On Wall street today that the
Richmond Terminal company was the
real purchaser of the city of Baltimore's
holdings of Baltimore & Ohio stock.
President Inman of the Richmond Termi
nai company left the city tonight oealtel
bly for Washington, but parties closely
connected with him my he has gone to
Baltimore to arrange for the conasanma
ion of the deal by which the Baltimore &
Ohio will be operated in harmony with
the Richmond Terminal,
Itls alo 'reported that the Northern
PaISohe oined with the Rlhbhdond
Terminal in the seal and would use the
Baltimore & Ohio as an eastern connee
tion. The deOlitb alo said to includw.a
provision for an arrangement' by whldich
the Pacific Mall steamship line will make
Tacoma the terminal point and give the
Northern Pacific rtlroa trans-Pacific
The HII.l u.
CarrmSwa PAi e, Wis., June 10-The
state convention of the Ancient Order of
Hibernlans convened here today. It is.
the larget ever held, 100 delbgates betag
present. The growth of the order has
been rapid, beIg 800 new membete in
abd&6 year.' The chief business is the
.revision of the by-laws, made necessary
by the large increase of membership.
asomethag or a sank.
PRiannaltHtA, June 10.- Wharton
Parker has organined a great American
Buropean baloing soipansy, with a capit
tal of ,000,000, onehs-hailf of which Is to
be isued at once, The company will
conduct a general financial business,
with many branch Omfee.
The reformed Presbtetta sn d by a
voteof 19iainast to for decided against
unlonriti tb general synod.
l Warren & Co., a Chnicagso board
of e rm, has failed fora large
ra lattift l s elplelo at AlBe
g Ce yMrs.oilcp, aLedo0, esnd her
Y., .old gr.i.datigter Were fa
,he Chicago daily New~ h seersed
thý dling of evergaribling house In
the ifkntyp
~ThRH6 k Mountain New the lead
ing dino tie pper of Colorado, vigor
ously oposes Cleveland or Hill for party
nominee for presedent, demanding recog
nition of thbwest on ucc of 't.e ll
ver attitude of the emt,
Wm. O'Brien, the Irish leader,emsrried
Mlle. Rafalovrloh st London yestarday,
from W. D. Nortons at Clovervle, N.
Y., on Tuesday night.
The Bdltittn e &AOhio Ry. announce
thst t' employees will be discharged It
intoxicated either on or of duty.
eumb, 0., street car strlkeh were
in, iobue yesterdayt c ling the
Mrs. Ql.mmost ried to ave her daugh
ter frotl dwrbwlng at South Lebouen,
Ohio, and both perished.
Michael Davitt is seriously Ill.
The Arktnsas union labor party has
nominated a state ticket with N. B. tleh
er for governor at the head.
I. M. Mares, one of the oldest pioneers
and highly respeeted eitizen. d edyee
terdny, aged about 089 at ded Wing,
Chesr. Rden residing on a farm 14
mile northeast of Huron, 8. D., was
drowned last evening whfe bathing In
he river. wo yon men were with
but were unable to srve him.
-enr .ilglard, a 17-year-old son of
Henry.. lard, died yeeterday at the
resIdenoe of his parents in this city.
The pasl, doomposed remalno of a
settler named Persn,were found in the
woeeds about 90 miles south of Superior,
WI It is supposed that he starveed to
death during the winter.
Louist.na dinoetrn. think of holding
white primari.s to create sentiment on
the lottery7 ubsiseon p.opasitio.
The iAn.akrl ear belonginl to
thibbswwerrived yesterday In charge of
Mr,.'Ad"ns. "I a "ottitme their bill
boards, 806 iaet in length by 14 feet wide,
wepe cova4Wit-s theIr porters, which
eastern p Wrseemmend the show as
m_ Its i St e tlaae Bar
Ssrvemr-H; I- McIntyre returned
yesterda f.oPt' . llidp ition of as trri
,ghelln ea h*' .'etlt of the Teach ty
Mer.r. Sam Spenecr, Tarnum, Sumu hr
ani. wql. It we thought impee
siblea hil *Mhie butafter cas
oi ausntata a enll dam was builtll
anti &Wtd t WI mtit turite se
oared. T Mis tll~ e lst,
sdae of ltg.. ntlemen w , hi , i
builtthe Sidtl wllt turn the wale
their hay lands kd insure a co fo thisn
Telegraph Lines Prostrated Through.
out Ohio and In.
Livingston is Moving in the Matter
of Securing a Railroad
to Castle.
Lead Advanced Five Points Yesterday
While Silver Dropped One
Notch-Copper Steady.
ST. PAV., June 11.-Very severe storms
in Indiana, Illinois and contiguous states
are prevailing and telgraph lines are pros
trated in every direction, while in some
sections railroad trac is suaspended. The
storm is general in the region named.
At ten o'clock last evening the agent of
the Associated Press at St. Paul wired us
that owing to the storm the news report
or night mist necesariy be short. The
wires being down in almost every direc
lion no report of consequence was re
ceived at St. Paul, and that state of affairs
left the papers on the northwestern cir.
coult short of news.
The Bo otf M Meet and Take Aelon
nearadta e the Bead tle.
Lovneosyoi, Mont, June 11.-The
business men of this city met m the club
rooms iast night to take final action con
cerning the Castle road. The meeting
was called to order by Wm. M. Thomp
son. A telegram was read from the
Northern Pacific officials asking what
Livingston was going to do concerning
the proposed railroad to Castle from this
oilty. A motion was made and adopted
Liviaton would nrantthe Northern
PAoiic railed company a one hundred
foot right of way from this city to Castle
ptovid6d the conatrlotton of the road
would be commenced daring the year
1890. A committee was then appointed
to telegreph the Northern Pacific tfficials
the action of the citizens. This morning
a telegram was received from T. F. Oaken
saylnc the proposition had been received
and would have their careful considera
An EBrning Paper's' a"Miy story."
CaicAeo, June 10.-An afternoon pa
per publishes a long and sensationally
handled report in relation to the death of
atailor named Gustave Canton, though
when brought down to a sucinct state
mentof the fact, it seems merely a sus
piideous case. The story was first told by
a workman named John Btier, who said
hat on February 28th, last, when passing
Ridgelaud cemetery, Superintegdet
John Millercal te hihYm to cmin.. d.c
ey went nside and found killer filling
Ina new grvde. The coffin was pitly
covered. Miller said to him that he be
lieved the man in the coffin was alive.
Siter listened and heard a series of dis
nact raps as If madebyknuckles of some
ene on the inside of the coffin. Miller, I
however, continued to All in the grave;
water ran into the grave also, covering
the cofn and finally the sounds ceased.
Miller so tier told him sulbsequently,
lpened tlsr gre and found the
body dist6 d every evidce that
death had occurred after Intereent.Miller
when que by the reporter, said that
in burying inn,he hear nMasss from
the coffi aendreomake sure took of the
lid and saw the man was dead, having
the testimony both of his eyes and nose
tothateffect. He replacedth coffin lid
and began again to fill the grave. As
itter was peaingt the time he thought
it would be a good joke to sare him, in
which he succeeded to perfection. He
clinched it by telling him the "Fairy
story" on eghbuminatlon subsequently.
The noisaes In'the grave he believed were
caused by water running in around the
coffin. Inquiry at the hospital eliclted
the information that Canton died of heart
disease and the attendants of the Institu
tion acouted the ides that the man could
have returned to life in the coffin.
The Naprss oueser =tatad a 10,006
• Ie Cps" M Sm e leM e -,@
sa rea s5.5.5
Lrrra Rocs, Ark., June 10.-Early
this morning the express car attached to
the north bound train was robbed be
tween Camden and Texarkans by four
masked men, and ten thousand dollars I
taken. Express Messenger Bishop wase
killed. The robbers made good their es
wh Altbms Knaoekod outa
SAx Fwleasco, June 10.-The su
prme court of California today reversed I
the judgment of the lower court granting
alimony and counsel fees to Sarah Althe
Sharon in her well known divorce case
againat Win. Sharon. The alleged con
tact of marriage on which he based her
claims was declared byU. 8 circuit court
in 1886 a forgery and therefore to null
and void. _
Repabluaes Stll Caueusisg.
Waeuus~mas , June 10.-For the fourth
tIme the republican representatives were
in caucus tonight upon the subject of a
uational election law. The caucus re
sulted n the work being referred to a
Nrthers P"efle Hwae ontrol.
Saw~_ru, June 10.-The Northern Pa
a.o railway hea eoured control of the
Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern by assum
ng obligations of its bonds. This Is the
road 1 was generally supposed was con
trollted by the Great Northern end which
would form a portion of the la9ter' line I
cro.s the continent.
Passae" ApproPlaiDMs.
Wasaat>rox, June 10.-The house
took up the postolce appropriation bill
today and there being no opposition, it
paseed to schedule.
The sovl e 153 ~ t he Senate,
WAsnixavox, June 10.-The senate
finance comStitee will teke up the house
sliver bill tomorrow morange and expec
tations are that i will be reported to the
sel.ae In the afternoon. spator Jones
ays there will be's oastg tsa over it
in the ooomettsoe sM the' rl desire is
ito get back agalin tW e senate as
seon poshie. It onbe 4lsuseed and
amjoaded there he says.
o tte of nob
l, look intst npared Thbe Uhg
What the People of Upper Belt are Sying
and Doing.
Beecher declared that an honest, kind
ly Interest in your neighbors' affairs was
not inquisitiveness, and that to talk about
them In a kindly way was not gossip. If
you step up to an oil painting of any
merit and examine it closely, critically,
you will see nothing but rude outlines
and bloches of paint and color. Viewed
from a distance, with proper light the
tones all harmonize, lights and shadows
blend together in a beautiful harmonious
whole, and the picture is complete. So
with humanity. If we disintegrate con
duct and sit in judgment on certain ac
tions without considering their relation
to the necessitles of the person's condi- l
tion in life amndls plans, which must nec
essarily all oanoentrate around the one
individual, we sme only crude outlines,
daubs and blotches. But if we view from
afar off, leaving the personality undis
turbed, each person, as a rule, ticomplete d
in himself and for himself, a unit in an C
harmonious whole. We may speak of a
his affairs bntnever venture to interfere.
"Uncle Joe* Nseon, as he is called, is p
quite put out about the weather this
spring, declaring it is the worst he has ti
ever known tiring his sojonrn of over at
fifteen years in this part of the country. 1,
The weather as certainly favorable for
crops, as then. ke looking finely; perhaps w
not so good for rheumatism. h
Speaking of crops, Jerry Kelleher p
hopes for a better crop-of calves, thie
year than last and declares he dd not
hae a crop lst year. H. T. Wilson
thinka there .is no doubt but that the
Michigan colony will have a school now is
pright It appsear Kibbey has appro
priated the pullio funds In the faie of an
overwhelming majority of the voters V
against it andl probabl will offer no et
further impediments to dividing the dis- B
trict. A fine prncedent for stealing has
been established by the leading powers
in Montana. Let all the little fish now I
follow "en s.ute" and viewed froma dis- Ii
tance the sublime whole willl not be at at
all incongruoea V
Henry Mcsaughlln has sold hin im- P
provementine'd given up his ranch to a D
ar. Smith troem Wisconsin, who is now i1
in po.s.seio and expects his family to w
,on him soo. hi
Mr. Whittaker has gone back to Michi- t
an, leaving two sons lan a daughter t
ere to look after his ipteres . He will T
eraurn in the fall ccompnied by the re
mainder of his family. D
Mr. York bhe nettled permanently on le
the claim held by Charles Kidder. A
young mas named Bron'son, rcently
from Caro, Mich., taking poir.lon of hi
the claim York vactated. He ia' already B
buny putting up a house and making D
other improvements. D
Mr. Dutehisend soon, from Iowa, are q
toppul at the ranch of Mr. Carthral, a
near Kbbey, but are negotiating for a lo
cation with the Michigan colony. Is
Mr. Hall is hubtling now to get his i
whole quarter section lfenced, presuma- Is
bly that he may keep his band of cattle il
anside his own ealosurs. it
JunUrPvnu BEmr. i
Junet6,i t oi
AkW Anfrfal esse at OX.
A monstrous chunk of ore was taken
from the Mountain Consolidated mine at
Butte on Monday and drawn to the Ana
conda office. It was too large to put on a
two-horse wagon, and a four-horse team
was used. The ore is estimated to weigh
nearly four tons, and it is nearly solid
copper and silver. It has been bound
with hoops of iron and boxed up, preper
atory to shipment, probably to Europe.
Much clothing and a music box worth
$480 haye been seized at New York be
cause it is alleged that Mr. and Mrs.
Glein of Montana were trying to smuggle
them in.
Commencement day has passed of
with sncces at the College of Montana,
Deer Lodge.
Helena is forming a foot ball club.
J. O. Dickey addressed a temperance
meeting in Helena Tuesday night. One
hundred dollars were subscribed for the
Helena is preparing for a Fourth of
July celebration.
Capt. Swiggert of Wlckes, the newly
appointed register of the land office at
Helena has gone to Iowa.
Six Oberlin college students were run
over by a heavy wagon Monday. It is
feared three may die.
Mexican authorstles threaten to confis
cate American cattle that stray acrot the
Iborder in I retaliation for the proposed
pax on Mexiean cattle.
Tresaury agent McCoy arrested twenty
four Chinese in Arizona who had been
smuggled across the border.
Simon Pruman and Timothy Lynch
were smothered to death by 8,000 bush
els of wheat at Harvey's grain elevator in
The next meeting of the general con
ference will be held at Omaha In 1888.
Peck, Martin & Co., of New York,
building supplies, concede tC strikersand
1,000 return to work.
A collision near Hannibal, Mo., wreck
ed 18 cars,killed Arthur Taylor and Barry
Nelson and wounded four ethers.
The British bark Dinahore went ashore
at Cape Carrients and four were drowned.
The bominion g.veraomet wants a tast
Atlantic stemahtp line.
James Pierson, a New York alderman,
was fatlly injured by the Erie train at
Jersey City Monday night.
Nehemiah Davis was confirmed receiv
er of publicmenaey at Fargo, N. D., yes.
Wool Season Opened.
The first wool of this year's clip to
come tL this market arrived Monda,.
The bags bore the well known brand of
C and were from Clark Brthers ranches
above Oboteau, The wool s floe, even
and smooth and considered to be the very
best qality. The Clark Brothers will
probably shear 0,000 pounds of wool this
Week Wom.s.
The more wnsitive nature of the fe
nmalesex renders women much more sue.
oeptible than men to those numerous ills
which spring from leak of harmony in
the ssatem. The neeius system gives
wst,d elk headehe is frequent, thd ap
petite is loat;and other ailmient., peculiar
to the se se great Hood's
Sarepn la p ied for
fo _q relief it hs atf
Sthot s of women whose very
e; ,ea . i~for o ing It wpy oply mts
ery. t strengiheas the nerves, Ores
sick hbd'ohe and ldlaesop, riles
and utte . the blcd, ad sageuglar
rit ealthy antion to avery osgan Iathe
Twelve Thousand People Witness the
Trials of Speed-A Heavy
Track and Slow Time.
The Seattle, Lake Shore & Eastern
Passen Under the N. P. Control
--A Deal with the
B. & O.
A Big Chicago Sensation With a Very
Flimsy Foundation -Heavy
Rains in the Dakotas.
KAnsas CITY, June 10.-The opening
day of the spring meeting of t.e Kansas
City Jockey club was Derby lay. The
crowd numbered something over 12,000
people. It rained torrents last night but
the day opened warm and clear and the
track was in fair condition, though a trifle
sticky. B. Carrighan Riley was entered
for the derby, but showed up lame while
working this morning, besides he had too
heavy weight for a sticky track, 120
pounds, and his owner scratched him.
The winner, however, was a Kansas City
horse, Verge D'or, owned by William
Malkey, owner of Lepemeir, who won
last year's derby. There were eight en
tries for the derby: Last Love, 107; Blue
Vail, 112; Verge D'or, 112; Lord of Hnr
em, 112; Red Light, 122; Pilgrim, 192;
Riley, 129,Morse, 117.
When the bugle called the horses to
saddle only four jockeys went up, one of
them, Doleinklne, who had been entered
at the last moment. The others Blue
Vail, Verge D'or, and Lord of Harem.
Pool odds were: Blue Vail, 9to8 Verge
D'or, 8 to 1; Lord of Harem, 8 to il D1ol
llnkins, 7 to . Blue Vail and Doteinkios
were favorites with the betting faternity'
but Verge D'or was backed heavily from
the inside. The drum tapped at first
ump. None of them were in a hurry
They ran ina bunch tothe quarterwhere
the Lord of Harem showed tst, Verge
D'or 2d, Blue Vail 8d and Dollinkin a
length away. They were all under a pull
past the stand but at the quarter Goodale
let Verge D'or out a little and the at half
he was in the lead by half a length,
Blue Vail neck and neck for place with
Dollenkens two lengths behind. Then
Dollenkens made her running for a
quarter for all that was in her. She led
at three quarters by a length, but sooan
ran out and fell back dead, only two
lengths ahead of Blue Vail, who was not
in after the mile. Verge D'or kept his
lead of a length ahead of Lord of Harem
into the stretch and at the betting stand
Increased It to two lengths and won as
he pleased, three lengths ahead of Lord
of Harem.
First race-one mile, 8-yeasrolds and
upwards, Churchill Clark won three
lengths ahead; Or, second; Pahola; third.
Time, 1:58.2-5.
Second race-five furlongs, for 2-yeal
olds; Parapet won by two lengths; Dew
berry, second; Shawnee, third. Time,
1 :11-4-5.
Thira rac-the Derby.
Fourth race-six furlongs, heats, for
three-year-olds and upwards; Kire won;
May Hart, secend. Time 122.-8-5.
Fifth race-one mile and one sixteenth,
for 8-year-olds and upwards; Madolin
won easily by three lengths; Metal sec
ond; Regardless, third by a head in front
of Vice Regent. Time, 2:01-1-5.
A fine line of Negligee Shirts and
Gents' Furnishings at The Boston.
Teas and coffees a specialty at Cope
lin's. Third street South.
° H
FD 1 I
Would like to ask
lst. A Corset ;that fits you perfectly ?
2d. A Corset that fits you easily ?
ld. A Corset that is flexible ?
4th. A Corset in which the bones will not break ?
5th. A Corset that is long waisted ?
6th. A Corset in which the steels will not break ?
7th. A Corset that gives you an elegant form ?
8th. A Corset that is superior to imported goods ?
9th. A Corset that is free from imperfections ?
10th. A Corset that you can buoy at its value?
Then come and see the following choice line
:of Corsets :
Dr. Warer's French Model (satin).... .................................3 00
Dr. Warner's Health Nursing Corset.................................... 1 50
Dr. Warner's Health Corset................. ....... ............ 1 25
Dr. Warner's 444 Coraline Corset ..............2...... .......... ... 1 25
Dr. Warner's Perfection Waists for ladies .................... :.......... 1 25
Dr. Warner's Extra Long Waists .................................... 1 00
Dr. W arner's Four-in-Hand.............................................. 1 00
Dr. Warner's (French model) 222 Corset................ ..... .... 1 00
Dr. Warner's Perfection Waists for Misses.............................. 75
If you give these Corsets a trial you
will have no further trouble about fit and
service. All corsets boned with horn or
reed will break. Corsets filled with cord
will not give proper support. All corsets
except Warner's are boned with either horn,
cord or reed. Dr. Warner's are boned with
Coraline and they will not break down.
So try one of Dr. Warner's Make.
Agent for Butterick's Patterns
Central Avenue, - Great Falls.
Hides, Sheep Skins, Fars and Tallow.
Eastern market prices paid for all the above stock. Prompt attention
given to al shipments made to me. Quotations furnished on application.
Warehouse on i. 8. track and Third ave. Soth Oft e opposite the
Park Hotel. Address,
Theu. Gibson, Great Falls, M. T.

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