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lhe Semi-Weekly T ribune.
e~ier'W s Uthabied Di
tionary Given Away,
An elegant, stylish
d complete line of
lk Japanese Hand
rchiefs in all colors,
luding blacks, black
rders and the latest
- --crepe borders---
t opened. Come
d look at them.
We have just receiv- s
another lot of ele
nt goods in this line,
mprising everything t
at is new and desira
e for summer wear.
ur line of Neckwear i
ctrtainly the prettiest O
this part of the coun
h! "here is where we
we shine."
The largest and most
mplete line of Hats of
ery deserjstion to be
und inthe ditynat pies
eretofore unheard of,
Our stock of Shoes is complete In every
IEvquybing nw in Summer Cloth
4g at prices that ought to sell them.
Don't ill to give us a siwl ies in
ant of anything in Clothing, Hats,
apt, Geats' Fnurlishlg Opods and
ot and Shoes.
Teý(F716?I 1ýt ý Q! Pup.
Asticwiated Press fHIipatchen From All
Points lReriprliit y
Prolxared I
The Appointment Gives General Satoi
thation in Great Falls and
All Around.
Porter Dllides that the People of a
St. Pauntl Must be Ennmerated
Again-He Giveth His s
WAentamTONJuly 10.--George Steel! I
has been nomigted by the president as i
agent at he Blakkfoot ludian agency. a
The news ot the appointment of
George Steell boeeme known yesterday
afterhoonand ellbited hearty approval.
Hle will be proNilly confirmed and will
enter on his. dtittis soon. A sketch of
his careeri.jiens on the editorial page.
Mr. Smell taa oived many hearty con
gratulitions yesterday. It may be re
called that h ewas endorsed by the Board
oflTrade and was the choice of the people
regardless of party lines.
A Reiproelty siheme.
WasHIaNTon, July 80.-In the hinse
today Representative Stanford of Jew
York offered, for reference to the ways
and means committee, the following pre.
amble and resolutin:
"Whereas, the secretary o.' state has
expressed the opinion that the remission
of duties upon sugar and molasses ought
to be accompanied by reciprocal arrange
ments between the United States and
hpain and the republics of South annd
Central America. whereby these sugar
producing countries can be induced to
1 remit or so to reduce their import duties
upon products of American agriculture
as to secure to the people of the United
States Import trade with reciprocal re
"Therefore, resolved, tha it is the sense
of the congress of the United States
that legislation touching the subject of
duties upon sugar and molsses should
t be postponed until the next sosslon of
-'Resolved, that the president be re.
qeestedlto cause negOt2 a etoas to btenter
ed into with the goverments of Spain and
of the republi.s of SaUtih.aad Central
Amerecas in regard to the consumation
of reciprocal arrangements c"f trade here
inbefore mentleped and to institute such
other iovutligadons as to him- may ap
pear to be proper in order that be may
be prepared to furnish to congress at its
next session such information and con
clusions as will easble is to legislate upon
the subject without delay."
at. Paul Must be Becouanted.
WasR5NxTON, July 80.-Senator Davis
of Minnesota called at the census office
today and again protested against what
he believed to be the wholly uncalled for
and indefensible implication of corrup
t;on and fraud against the people of St.
Paul, contained in the recent order
directing a recount of the population of
that city.
Supt. Porter in speaking of the sena
tor's several visits and the probable ar
rival today of a delegation of citizens of
St. Paul to furthet the protest against the
proposed recount, said In substance that
he would be glad to meet the gentlemen
from St. Paul as it would give him an
opportunity to prove to them that If but
half the fraud which had come to his
knowledge had been committed, a re
count, in justice to himself and all others
concerned, must be had. I/, had been
charged, he said, that his action In or
dering a recount of St. Paul was based
upon the fact that frauds had been com
mitted in Minneapolis. Nothing could
be farther from the truth. The case of
St. Paul had been considered alone, as
dozens of cities had been considered, each
wholly lndependent of others. The fact
ia that in 15 distrlctseout of 20 returns, he
said, were overflowing with evidences of
fraud. Business men in large numbers
were enumerated at their homes and
again at their business places. In one
large newspaper office 91 editors, report
ers and compsaitors were enumerated as
"lodgers." On one street, out of 26 fam
ilies, 15 were returned as havingl0mem
bers each; just 10, all ourschedule would
hold. Large buildings in dierent parts
of the city have been given as the homes
of a number of people who never lived
. la Gordoo Appointed.
.WAentlOTON, July 80.-The president
has appointed Samuel Gordon to be reg
liter of the land office at Miles City.
Rubottom, the decorator, received a
fie show case yesterday, is which he
will keep some fine trtietee used iv his
line. Do you know that you can get
there shades for dwellings or stores of
any size or quality t
Ranch Egg and Butter alwas a on
ihand at iopelin's. Third street South
rMearb Livery eno.
i First-class rigs; xtstock. Transpor
atilon to N6ihart, Barker and otherpoluts
furnished oo short.netice.
.1. a E. MARTIs h Ra LAMB,
Familiaseist alreadgs oiuplied should
lose no time pro a In a bottle of
4)hamberlain's (oic, (iehieS. lid _iar'
rhcea Remedy. It is te only remey
Stht can always be depended on fr
"lboel Qoplnt in all its forms. 95
6 ( O.. for o sale by Iap.yle
cros of see Pppa Rosa Potatoes joot r.
tb Tq CMi sBaaartu
ý,ý'ý" ý , ac etrd,
rletep Olrtve.r Th a (.rnl It*reptlon
an4 anRqut.
The members of Mecca Temple, known
also as Mystic Shriners, arrived at Hotel
Broadwater, Helena, yesterday at 2 p. in.
Col. Broadwater, with his ccrustomed
liberality, placed the building and baths
at their disposal. At p. mo. the guests
were brought into the town and driven
through the restdence and business streets
and at 7 o'clook were taken to the Armory
where a grand banquet was given them.
Chieago In Dalger.
Cai(:AUO, July 80.-A disastrous con
flagration broke out tonight on the lake
front at the foot of Michigan street near
the month of the Chicago river. At 8:80
p. m. the indications were that the fire
might be one of the most extensive that
has occurred in Chicago since the de
struction of the most valuable part of the
city in October, 1871.
By 10 p. m. the fire was under control
though still burning fliercely. A potent
factor In bring about the result, was the
lucky circumstance that the wind was
blowing directly off shore. Between 10
and 1 acres of lumber were c, csurned
with not far from 40 freight cars.
Several huge store buildings and a gi
gantic pile driver were destroyed. The
principal losers are as follows: Ayer &
Co., $140,000, partly insured; Fitzeimmon
& Connell, $40,000, no insurance; Chicago
& Northwestern railway, $208 0 0 and the
city of Chicago, $10,000.
People Greatly Alarmedl
ToLEDO, Ohio, July 31.-A special to
the Commercial at 1 o'clock this morning
from Bairdstown, Ohio, says that all the
residents have their goods packed ready
to move out at the slightest intimation
of fire. Citizens are suspicious of each
other and armed men are patrolling the
streets to guard against Incendiaries. The
town has about 600 people and all of the
prominent buildings have been burned
by incendiaries.
Sad Aaeldent at Minnetonka,
MiNtEAPOLIs, July 30.--Lewis D.
Washburn, a leading civil engineer of
this city, was drowned in Lake Minne
tonka this evening with his neice, (ussie
Buckman, daughter of E. H. Buckman of
Sioux City, Iowa. He was in the water
near his cottage, trying to teach the girl
to swim when he was seized with cramps
and both went down. Mary Buckman,
slater of the unfortunate girl, was in a
boat near by, but could render no assis
f tance.
C. B. a y. Earnings.
OCHiAno, July 80.-The earnings and a
expenses of the Chicago, Burlington An
Quincy and its proprietory lines for the
month of June, shows a gross earnings
of $2,440,588, an increase of $56,523.
The Originml Package Bill,
"WAsIaNGTON, July 80.-The confer
ees on the original package bill at their 1
letsion today agreed to report to their
respective houses the senate bhill on this
.subject. e
tepublian Nominations.
GRnAo FoRts, N. D., July 80.-Capt.
Burke of Fargo has been nominated for
governor; Roger Allin for lieutenant
governor, and M. N. Johnson for congress
by the republican convention.
Tennessee Repnblicans.
NASHViLLE, July 80.-The republican
state convention met in the capitol in this
city today, about six hundred delegates
were present. Congressman Houck was
made permanent chairman. Lewis T.
Baxter, ot Davidson county, was nomi
nated for governor by acclamation.
Twin City Btes.
ST. PAUl., July 80.-Beautiful weather
and a fast track gave good sport at the
Twin City Jockey Club races today.
About 2,500 people enjoyed the day.
All ages-one mile-Khafton won;
Delmar second; Onlight third. Time,
Three years and upwards-one mile
and fifty yards-- Bertha won; Repent
second; Oracle D. third. Time, 1:469.
Minneapolis stakes, two year olds,
worth $8,086 to winner, eleven-sixteenths
of a mile-Rainer, a Montana horse, 10 to
1 in betting, won; Ida Pickwick second;
81r Abner third. Time 1:06.
What Does It Mes.T?--Owd or Bad
CHICAGO, July 29.-Wheat-Quite a
large business was transacted in this
market. and the feeling developed was
unsettled and narrow. Prices were sub
{ ject to sudden fluctuations and easily in
fluenced, on account of the fevered con -
dition of the market. The opening was
I about Olc lower than yesterday's clos.
ing; ruled easy and further decided but
leter suddenly developed strength and
I within five minutes prices were advanced
1% 2g. The upturn was rather unex
pected and was a general surprise. The
advance, however, brought out rather
free offerings, under which prices re
cedd l.,c, fluctuated some and closed
about 1 Jc lower than yesterday. There
was considerable selling, . was claimed,
by heavy 'longs" and foreigners were re
I potee to have sold both here and at the
Corn-There was 8 nother large day's
I trading in this market and fluctuations
Scoveted a wide range. The marketopen
ed Wild aind excited at [email protected] under
closing quotations of yesterdsy, was
weak, but soon firmed up, advancing lc,
and later reached s1e and sold up again
to %@lc; ruh d easy and a~losed 1. B
tlac lower than yesterday.
- esser Still Advancing.
a NEW Yols,.July30Y--P.ig iron-Strong;
American [email protected]
Copper--Quiet, steady; Lake, July
d $11.00.
d Lead--Dull; Dootoesti $4.42 .S.
Tin--Dule, heavy; Straits $20.b 0 .
y aradiver, ltO.,. -
r Wheat Deeiatlng.
e Doi.sn, J-ly 80.--Wbeat was strong
nt the opening today but very weak at the
end of the seslon. It declined during
the day 2c.
('losing prices: July 95; August 95;
Selptember 92%; December 983.
The Buerr. ,Ayres Revolt Aplweas
to Iive Ended.
The Civillians are to go Meat Free
APrmy O)llirers, are to Lose
Their Rank.
Viee-President Pellegrini Becoment
PrI.ident- tConflicting Relport
l.N,)N, .1 ily 2a.--A dispatch to the
Times, dltted llarnos Ayres, Sunday, ?H,
7 p. m., says:
"It is reasserted that terms for a settle
ment between the government and revo
Intlonary forces have been agreed upon.
According to thesethecivilians who have
taken part in the Insurrection will not
be punished. All captains of the revo
lutlonary forces above the grade of cap
tain will be deprived of their rank. Tihe
artillery of the insurrectionists will ie
surrendlered tomorrow.
The above dispatch is President Cei
man's version of the situation at Buenos
Ayres. Private dispatches received here
from that city dated Sunday, 9:30 p. m.,
state that there is no change in the situ
ation, and no chance for a compromise
between the two factions. The matter,
the dispatches say, must be fought out.
PAnRs, July 29.--The Temps tod$y
publishes a dispatch from Buenos Ayres
stating that the government and the
leaders of the revolutionary movement
have reached a settlement. President
Celman, the dispatch eays, has resigned
and hlas been succeeded by Vice Presd
dent Pelligrini as president. Quiet has
been restored.
CaTY OF MtXsco, [via Galveston,] July
29.-A private telegram to a commercial
house in this city states that in Saturday's
battle the Salvadorians were defeated by
the Guatemalans and sustained a loss of
50 killed, 200 wounded and a large num
ber of prisoners. The Guatemalan loss
was very light.
Brunnos AvYRE, July 29.-Noon--The
armistice has been prolonged, pending
negotiations between the onvernment anl
foreign ministers.
LoaNON, July 29.--The English gov
ernment received a telegram from Bueanos
Ayres, saying the government has tri
r umphed and that all is over.
Sairador is Veterlous-A RevolS In ouste
CITY or Maxico, July 29.-The govern
ment agent of San Salvador says that in
the seven battles fought to date, the
Salvadorians have coma out victorious.
The rest of the Guatemalan army is
fleeing in all directions towardthe inter
for and note single Guartemalan soldier
is left on the frontier. A revolution
against Barrillas, has broken out in the
eastern department.
The Insrrectioen.
LonDON, July 29.-Juan Gardia, the
Argentine finance minister, telegraphs
that the lisurreetion has been completely
The Twin City Cenaon.
WASHINGroN, July 29.-Superintend
ent Porter, of the Census bureau, has re
ceived a telegram from the board of
trade of Minneapolis indorsing the re
count of the population of the Twin
Cities. A delegation from St Paul may
be expected tomorrow to protest against
the proposed recount in that city.
Stevens Held for Trial.
MINNEAPOLIS, July 29.--Commissloner
Morey rendered his opinion this morning
n the case of Louis Hageman, E. A
Stevens and F. Dickey, charged with
manipulating Minneapolis census returns.
The motion to dismiss was denied and
Hageman is held for the grand jury on a
charge of falling to return his census
rtfolio and schedules. Stevens and
ckeyare both held on the charge of
conspiracy. Bail was fixed at $9,000 In
each case, the prisoners being released
on boude furnished by C. (C. Duun,.! A
Nash, Loren Fletcher and others..
Nebrauka Independents.
LiCOLrsNeb., July 29.--The People's
independent party of Nebraska met in
state convention in this city today. Near
ly every county in the state was repre.
sented and the gathering comprised
something over 900 delegates. Of these
members of the Farmer's alliance pre
dominated with a good following of
grangers. The balance are Knights of
Labor and Union Labor adherents. The
vote for governor resulted as follows:
Powers 415, Van Wyck 887, Coleman 40,
Barnum 95. Adjourned.
A Shlnftte* ielative converts it Into a
DEI)VEa, J uly 26.-The Mary Anderson
ranch on the Kiowa is now almost ahan
doned. The actress purchased the place
several years ago and stocked It with
blooded horses and cattle, for which she
pad thousands of dollars. The property
and etoik shemade a present of to her
relatives and placed a half brother in
charge, heping thereby, to help him, as
lie appeared totally incapable of helping
himself. Instead of keeping up the val
uable ranch they have shamefully neg
lected it, selling oft or letting the fin
stock die, until it is now almost a wil-or
ness. abandoned to the coyotes and jack
steersan l shpp.
SCltich so, ,nly99.-Cattle steady.
Beeves 4.4o00.00; str. $a58.004.45;
stoolkers and fe4derr, .._8. 0; cows,
bulls and mixed '$1.4 8. 0; Western
S hep-sdu~i . -ative $18.C. 40;
westerns $8.9004.50; Lambs 4 @..90
Tie ('amp Showa Conriderable Activity.
IRpecial C('rreeprdenee tf the TAineu.r
Yoao, July 25.-The Yogo mining
camp shows more activity and mining
progress at the il esent time than she has
at any tlma since t II hays .i '7R and '7
The Ielt Broantans Mitin!ng iroprtnv is
shatllldt wn at prre. e t o Ii a lr tlllll lof ýr
blreakage In ter achlnelry lf their mill.
As sOOr as the blrePake ir repaired.
everything will he runnina ill fIll blast
There are several line prospects in and
around Yogo. Among the most promi
nent that I saw were the prospects of
Thos. Ring, Scott and Bradley. The
Last Chance and Fraction mlines, owned
by Scott and Bradley, assays $35 in gold
and 75 ounces in silver and 15 per cent in
The Mining Star, owned by King,
Wilson, Winkere and others, is a fine
prospe:ct, tlhe vein i h about 10 feet wile
and will assay slr lt $150 in goldrr and
about 20 per cent '.-il
The Goltr Belt min, owned 1t tlhe
Belt Mtourntains Mirinig company, iis
fair to eclipse arnything in the Belt
mountains. There is ia tunnel in on the
vein 300 feet; all the way in ore.
There appears to be considerable virr
and energy amongst the pirospectore at
Yoga. They are all working hlar to de
velop their propertles. Gereow and Ferris
have some fine looking prospeets and are
doing some first class development work.
What their rock will assay I cannot say,
but 1 am satiftied it will be up ien the
hundreds. There is rr te a mlningralep
started at the head of Dry Well cremk,
with flattering prospects for future sule
cers, and in Spring coulee ('has. F. Mar'
tin has one of the best mines of hard
carbonates in the Belt mountains. It is
from 18 inches to live feet wide and as
says way up in gold, silver and lead.
Hank Northam has some nice prospects
adjaining. The grass in the mountains
between Yogo and IBarnker is fine. I saw
three mowing machines making hay,
where there was never a machine seen
before. There will be considerable hav
put tip in these mountain valleys thirs
The Supreme Court.
WASinocroN, July 29.-The senate
committee on judiciary has practically
concluded its consideration of the bill for
the relief of the supreme court and will
report it to the senate in a few days.
Heavy Iman of Life.
PARIS, July 29.-An explosion of tfire
damp took place at St. Eltenne today. It
is reported 120 men were killed anrl 3:
The World'. F.t.
SPRINGFIELD, Ills., July 29.-The sen
; ate this afternoon adopted a Joint resolu.
I tion providing for anamendment to the
state constitution permitting the city of
Chicago to increase its limit of indebt
edness, so as to issue $5,000,000 of bonds
in aid of the world's fair. In the house
the resolution failed of passage.
Silver Now $1.lO.
NEW YORK, July 29.--Bar silver
Pig iron-Strong.
Copper-Negleefed. Lake, Jbuly, $17.
Lead-Dull, rather weak; Domestic,
a $4.40.
e Tin-Dull, shade easier; Straights
Daniel F. Iloyer is the prestdent'
nominee as agent for Pine Ridge agency,
South Dakota.
Charles Ht. Schoeregg has been ap
pointed postmaster at Sleepy Eye, Mwi,.
Burglars visited the Denver office of
the Union Pacitlc Monday night and se
cured $1,500.
Tramps attacked a Lake Shore trail
near Southl Bend, Ind., Monday night,
silling Brakeman Miller, who was able
to kill his assailant. An effort has been
made to break up the gang who have
made severn such attempts.
E. Long and C. Ernest have been fatal
ly injured and two others seriously in
jured at Indianapolis by an accident at
the Atlas engine works
lleorge Francis Train will try to beat
his own record around the world, atart
nlog from Tacoma August 7.
The Salzach river, Australia. has over
flowed, causing much damage and drown
it g several people.
The mine explosion at St. Etienne,
France, killed 98 people whose bodiceli
have been recovered.
Russia will hereafter enforce the edict
against the Jews which prohibits their
owning land or residing anywhere save
In certain cities.
Bairdstown, 0., had five incendiary
tires in a week. A Cincinnati detective
said there was a conspiracy to burn the
town and hbe .jt:a-ns itrieirdtc t nch hir.
the mayor barely saving him.
Five bodies have been recovered of the
victims of the Baltimore steamer collision
and eiehtt are still missing.
The Lawrence, Mass, cyclone relief
committee has issued a call for outsihle
While the dem,cratic senators are de
bating the tariff bill the republican sena
tore are visiting their homes,
The United States squadron of evolu
tion has arrived at New York
The Argentine government has grant
ed an amnesty to all who joined in the
At Ot aba, warrants have been issued
for the c treat ,f hi. D. Roach, Edwairdl
Johnson and John N. Burke in connec
tion with the alleged bribery in tile city
A bill to entend the free delivery sys
tem to towns of not less than 3,000 in
habitants has been reported favorably to
the senate.
Edward Hoke has ski,,peid trom St.
Louis with $4,000 and his mother's gold
watch. The money was taken from his
father's asfc.
The United States senate has decided
to meet at 10 o'clock hereafter.
The Anchor Manufacturing o\ipatny
lost $85,0(X0 by fire nell r trie01. I, tie i.:
Arbuokles, McLaughliu's Lion, MIoca
and Java coffees ground dally itn our
premises. Strain Bros.
The finest line of ladies' mustin under.
wear in the city at the New York Cash
MCoasdli iterwer one-ftorlit hi. tie
A Flie Ri.ges* nln' Hoursn. Ditll'lny/ig
the li.est Iininer.
Fillten .
Ext'ensive Pitr. ill the I hicago ltutn
lo.r )Dietrlit leasl
Fifteen Aiesr of Ilunher and About
Forty Freight ('anr we.
I..,troyel by the
SbNENt A FALLS, N. P., July :7.--About
3 a. m. the Pew building h;.re, took fire.
In a frew inutes the entire structure was
on fire. At 7 o'clock the commercial
portion ,f the town was in asues or in
flames. All three newspapers are burns
ed out and the telephont service isulS
An area of nearly three acres wita
hurned over and nlaay lof the at busi
ness buildings In the town were wiped
out. A careful estimate by insllrance
nmen and other,, places the loss at be
tween $600,000 and $700,000, with insur
ances amounting to only $100,000. The
heaviest individual loss is that of the
Thomas Hlouston Electri,: company, be
ing $100,000, with hut $10.000 insurnnce.
Order Itetored.
lliiEaOS AYEes. July 31.--1:80 a. n.-
The city is quiet. Business is reviving.
Hall storm in Dakota.
ST. PAUL, July 30.-The Pioneer Press
special from Casselton, N. D., says: The
most disastrous hall storm of the seasoni
swept over the southern part of this
county early this morning. In a strip of
country about foulr miles wide and from
10 to 12 miles long the crops are almost
entirely destroyed. Hall stones as large
as hen's egg, were picked lip.
eaught t Terre Halte.
TERRE HACTr., Ind., July 30.---Uty
Clerk Goehegan of Paris, Ills., who it
wanted there for ombhe.lemennt .f city
funds and forgery of coiuchers was ar
rested here early thic morning as he wa,
asout to leave on the train. IHs woa re
leased on habeas corpus and left for part,
New York onlley Market.
NEW YORa, July 20.-Money easy.
at 3 to 4; last loan 3; closing offered at 34;
Prime mercautile paper .5714. Sterling
exchange quiet but finrm at
4.85 tor 00 day hills, and 4.1l for
How Rllroad StoeknL Sell.
NnW YORK, July 29.- Burlington
106ya; Missouri Pacific, 75}4; Northern
Pacific, 35tJ, preferred 82%; Northwest
ern, 111%, preferred 144; St. Paul, 703,;
preferred 118%; OManitoba, 108; Ouma
ha, 3d,preferredf92ii; St. Paul & Doluth,
38%; Wisconsin Central, 28; Great
Northern preferred 80.
o z
Are- Stimulants t- fessary
During the Dull Season?
WV think th g\ a . 114l
Intends to give plenty of bargains to stimulate
people to come out. Prices will be cut and
slashed regardless of cost. We ~ant tradk
worse than goods.
Novelties - ill - Parasols BAGAI`NS IN CARPETS,
MUSLIN -- UNtDERWEAR, Easy and comfortable, (Onl tol
Best Makes.
A great many of our lady cus
tomers complain that they did not REMEMBER
get a chance to buy Muslin Un
derwear when we were selling it ar\'e hate uo ol d stock, buthw.i
at } off. To these we will give an- move with the balan i ,.I oiuri
other chance, but you miust hurry goods.
Ladies Sleeveless Ballri- BUTTRICKS TTERNS.
Buttericlk' Patterns and IFsshi,t
Vaii Vests. .Sheets free ol. . ap. pli . atiou.
Worth $75c. Our price. 32c.
Glass Line, Towels 81.2(.
Mail Orders. .Glass Liuie Towels worth 12 I -.,
Mail Orders will receive prnmpt At. each will he sold at this sale f- r
tection. 8 I-2c.
Our Reduction
In Dress Gootds we Iha\c a great mi.n\
special things. 80c go. is for 5tc, 5( i
goods for 30c, 27c goods fr l21- c, 1 -2 c
goods for Bc.
Hides, Sheep Skins, Furs Tallo
Eastern market prices paid for all the above stuck. Prolipit itt tlllili
given to all shipments made to me Quotations furnishei on l lh)li(,ltillt
WVarehouse on R. R. track andi Third am. S 'uth. (OltShet cpisit tlh
Park Hotel. Addlress
Theo Gibson, Great Falls, Mont.

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