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The Semi eIy Tribune.
Webser's Unabrd ge
.tonary Given Away,
An elegant, stylish
nd complete' line of
ilk Japanese Hand
erchiefs in all colors,
cluding blacks, black
rders and the latest
d--crepe borders--
st opened. Come
We have just receiv- to
d another lot of ele- d
ant goods in this line,
omprising everything hi
hat is, new and desira
le for summer wear. e
ur line of Neckwear
s certainly the prettiest
n this part of the coun- C
Ah! "here is where we
we shrri."
TheJ.age anmi t
complete lne of ati of
every decri ti be
found Iih .t S
heretotorse un~,a oif
Our stoat of Bhota Ib cOmplotlt'l e iver
Everything now ,ia Sumnder Cloth
ing at priee that o qht to sell these.
Don't ito give tus fa l whe 1t
want of a it ihn in 't dag, tAk
Capt, Genia' Fradring Goods and
Boots and Bhoes.
Tl B$$S
Nort door to JIrot NgnWapl lank,
The Democratic Central C(oemmlttee
Names Septeileer
The Butte Labor Convention Adopted
a Platform Yester
aVill Kennedy Knocked Out - His
Sia.le Tax Plan Re
BnUtre, August 1.--IHpecial to the
TnrBnNa.1-The democratic central
committee has called the democratic can
vention to meet at Hfelena Sept. 1t5.
The labor convention organized and is
cmnalderingthe report of the committee
on platform and resolutions. The report
wan adopted. It knocks out Kennedy's
Henry George single tax scheme by a
vote of 18 to 14.
A Wieked Advertising Aent,
CarscAao. August 12.-Albert Bean
mont, chief advertising agent of the Chi
cago opera house, was arreeted this after
noon ty a private detective agency. For
some titme past, instead of distributing
advertWag tilkets to proprietors it ia al
leged he has been sellingthem and put
aing the prooeeds In his own pooket. He i
made a full confession, and, it is said,
Impihates other advertising men and
laid bare the details of a scheme by whcla
all thealtre pr.o.etors in the citylsave
been regdlarly defrauded. Iadsiager
Henderson and the detective are mum.
New FIrelght tats Aespetd.
CGacAoo, August 18.-The wetern
roads have derided to put idto esrect
without further protest the redpced rates
on gralit and flour as ordered bY the ain
ter sttecomaerce commiislod. A prop
osition to ignore the order and test the
authority of the commission to make rates
for railroada reoqted some consideration,
but the conelranan finely reached was
that it would be better to comply peace
fully with the order. After the new
rate have been put into effect Chicago
shippers will sk the comsaission to so
ameid the relative beails of the rates by
the ditenent gateways as to remove ,sp.
paiarent dlsfl~ttl~fInton aganmasi tjiibiap
Teller today ats 1 Mr
in the shape of an amendmeqt to the bill Cortk
to discontinue the"onlinage of l$1 and $1 timbr
gold pieces and 8-cent nickel pleaes lr
But it differs from the present law prin- to
eipally in that it requires a continued
monthly coinage of 2,)00,000' ounces of at De
silver into standard dollars. It strikes An
out the provision that this rate of coin- or
age shall last only until July 1, 1891, and spoke
does away with the discretion given the Jumo
secretary of the treasury to redeem the
treasury nqtes issued in payment of bull
ion either ingold or silver. It provides
for the free ginage of silver when the Bo
market price of 1.25 grains reaches one cone
dollar: lief
Pool set efended. this
COiAno, August -Judge Horton Philo
has issued an , n restraining chair
Mayor Cregier or the ple from in any and
way interfering with or stling persons PullY
engaged in selling pools c'lthe west side
race track. of th
r avel V* as e izedMn
SIorrou, Augult 1 The aa l con- buim
vention of the Natio Assu n of $8,7C
Naval Veterans open this 'oing, nurse
Commander Symmes n, of m- of tl
bus, Ohio, in the chair. legate re homs
present from the organt n in 01 - scrib
nati, Providence, China Louisa bill
Hew Orleans, Hartford, al, was
Francisco, Washington, Kan Jity an reel
Dayton, Ohio. A committee ppoint
ed to draw up a Etting memo o the
Dehlgrvs, father and son, and a i it
to congress with a petition for th
tlon of a monument. The conventi
solved to aid in developing the navy tool
to urge up.p congress liberal legla l
la its behiaf. ro
eKanses ramers est.
Torm.A, Ken., August 18--The Farm
ers' Alliance of the state of Kanss met
in convytgon here today to nominate
ieah td for statl oiloet. Five oen
f dred delegates are prept,,t W.F.til
Wrightmore was .1~f ' for chibf
Justice of the supcilt ,oli.it; John 1 Pe
S etW of Jefersonoss W. tir governor. , 0'
di A. C. Shian of Franklln county for
of lleutenasnt governor.
Ppese In Minneota. I
ely WQOTn Milun.;- Agugt'°l2.-IU' ClW
of the riotous actions of the mill strikers
here, Governor Merriam has ordered
miiltia out. BelyhiI morning Co. S of
Duluth artiV., ithe strikers
cowed. Otiat w r ri wa
' have alnt n, .d'.th
law and order s.Ino pre a iL. - WO.k 'j
hen. resumed. Co. K will renste until i
0L Moarroia.
M TheHtb I the P clothlin
and store of First osatb oo
Big Job inCOftcd0,0osly! 2 e and
cent good at 10 cents at New York
Cea at Cope.la'. oo4hotce family
groeriea. Third street south
se clothing a speoialty at the
eT oa .tetn..pauv'r addition will
S. O in a filew, days. Thils
Es5Aca 5et5tch Ol laud
e ? j b uto 8016 g~lasti and
ip. from h avenue north to gnd avenue
lank, tuth. Inquire pt Townsite ofce,
Tihe Indiana Appopriation Hill Agre
WASHINGTON, August li.--'The tart
bill was again taken up in the senate to
day, the pending question beingon Vest's
amendment, offered Monday, reducing
the duty on til plate from 2.2 cents to 1
rent a pound, the existing rate. Gray
continued his argument against the pro
posed increase and in support of the
The bill was temporarily laid aside an
the conference report on the Indian ?:
proprilations was presented and agrelP
The tariff bill having been again en
up, Gorman addressed the spnateO op
position to the proposed Increasef duty
on tin plate. It was further deled, but
not voted on.
In the house a bill was pauJ author
izing the secretary of the inior to sell
certain landand to grant proceeds
of the sale to the town of Pan, Oneida
county, Wis.
Confirmation-D. F. oger, Indian
agent at Pine Ridge, $nlih Dakota.
Senator Blair today t)orted favorably
from the committee n education and
labor a joint rensol.id, Introduced by
him, proposing an mendmenttothe con
stitution to forevwr prohibit in the United
States the manufacture importation, ex
portation, tran'portatio and sale of all
nlcoholic liquors used as beverages.
Grand Army Affairs.
lirroN. August 18.-The convention of
the 24th national encampment G. A. R.
came to order at 11 o'c.ock this morning.
Commander-in-chief Alger then deliver
ed the annual address. The reports of
Adjutant General Geo. H. Hopkins of
De. it, and Quartermaster General
Taylor of Philadelphia were presented.
The Grant modutnit lund now amounts
to 011,114.55.
The ladies of the G. A. R. assembled
in their fourth annual convention today
with Mrs. H. F. IW'bd of Topeka, Kan.,
in the chair. The time was occupied
with reading of the reports of the various
officers. This society differs from the
Wotnan's Relief Corps in that member
iWl is restricted to mothers, wives and
daun ters of honorably siecharged sol
At the afternoon essitod officers were
elected, the principal positions going to
the east m pursuance of a plan to give
theencampment to the westthree succes
slve years. Detroit in '91, Topeka in '92,
and Chicago in '98.
Montana supported Smedberg and
Minnesota expressed a preference for
Col. Veasey and Col. Bmedberg acceded
gracefully and withdrew his name Gen.
Hovey pursuing a similar course. This
wmsas greeted with great a
mader-in-chief. BRichard F. Tobin of
Ma~nachusetts was chosen Senior Vice
Corhmander; (leorge P. Creamer of Bal
timore, Junior Vice Commandei. Gen.
Alder temporarily surrendered the chair
to Warner Miller, who, in brief remarks,
moved that the next encampment be held
at Detroit. The motion prevailed.
Among those chosen for the committee
on resolutions were E. C. Babb of Minne
apolis; R. E. Fiske, Helena, Mont.; S. H.
Jumper, Aberdeen, S. D.; C. H. Baxter,
Lancaster, Wis.
Women Veterans Meet.
BosTon, August 18.-The eighth annual
convention of the National Woman's Re
lief Corps opened in Tremont temple
this morning, Mrs. Annie Wittemeyer of
Philadelphia, national president, in the
chair. The temple was gay with bunting
and decorated with symbols of the corps.
Fully 85 states were represented. Mrs.
Wittemeyer stated that the membership
of the corps now numbers nearly 100,000.
Permanent departments have been organ
ized in Texas, Forth Dakota and the Po
tomnac. Besides regular disbursements,
$8,700 has been paid out to needy army
nurses. The completion and acceptance
of the National Woman's Relief Corps
home, near Madison, Ohio, were de
scribed. Mrs. Logan spoke of the nurse's
bill pending in congress. Mrs. Alger
was introduced and acknowledged the
resting of the encampment.
k Imports at aan Plnelmeio-E-mpeom r
William Goes to muaUia.
Sfuneral of John Boyle O'Reilly
tool e yesterday.
hae has greed to a conference
reprt sma fortlcatlen appropriation
a. The r nal convention of the nas.
e[l AAson of Letter Carriers of
e Jnited e met in Boston yester
al at again over the World's
f T rtoga ers yeterday were
Pen1 1, Ma it, English Lady,
for Man ulate,; 868,464-.an in
The e r Wlits will arrive in
r, Aa tty de t .iwaukee
are fro theef a .) *nto her
red usalt.
of R 1 & tansv at Warren,
Pa., ad. 00,0
strike 'mimnent
Siti yesaid m e idle, lennua
to the Wts oh P rbke '.D wills
sta" dust the thing fo is ce'1*y
Blake's Live Pl.ls-D 1a9ea
P 8 Presrve y r tech by
tork Pragrant TootPowbder._by_._._
mily aubottom, t decorat ived a
teoshow case ,terday, ich
keep some t artictes in h.
the Do you k that yo a ge
e ahades for dtlllnge or
size or quality
Tis d o Stralace,'
land at in at at Ja'ro?
reis s trimmiaga at W at .Toe
SAoyhmen and Laborers on the Dal
aware and tIndsln Stop
Conflicting Reports From the Rail
road Officers aml
Considerable Excitement in Altany
The Knights Holding
ALnANY, N. Y., August 18.-The switch
men and laborers employed in the upper
Delaware and Hudson freight yards near
Lumber street, quit work this afternoon.
Railroad men say they do not know the
cause. A report that the brakemen had
also gone out is pronounced untrue. One
of the company's officers says the number
of strikers will not exceed 280. The men
say they have detected Delaware and
Hudson officials endeavoring to move
Central freight in violation of a promise.
They said they did not strike without
due awarning, and that the strike will ex
tend til whole length of the road before
night. Passenger trains are all running
and the strikers say they will not disturb
them. There is a large amount of per
ishible freight here consigned to Sara
toga hotels, which was all ready to go up
this afternoon.
The Knights assert that the action of
the CentraLpeople in bringing in a large
number of switchmen from the Michigan
Central yards in Chicago will at once ex
tend the strike to the western lines of the
Vanderbilt system, as a result. At noon
the Delaware & Hudson Canal company
freight and yardmen, except engineers
and firemen, quit work as though a sig
nal had been given on that road. It is
sasti that the Boston & Albany and Fitch
burg freight departments will strike be
fore night. Trouble is feared here now.
They are Stoned In Lumber Street, Al- II
bany. d
ALBaNY, August 18.-Third Vice Pres- 0
Ident Webb came up today at one o'clock. I
He was satisfied at the condition of the I
passenger service while the outlook for d
the prompt resum tion o fret tra
i arrived today and ith Ie m or
portion of thesemen who were stationed 1
along the tracks in the city have been f
stationed at West Albany. The block
ade which has lasted since Friday at the
West Albany yards was raised today.
Twenty-one car loads of dressed beef,
which has been lying at the immense I
icing station at Varners was brought r
through the West Albany yards and sent r
on to New York.
The Pinkerton detectives on the first a
freight train moved from East Albany
were stoned as they passed along the
lumber district and three of them re
I ceived severe bruises. About six o'clock
tonight several hundred people were
a standing on the bridge spanning the
f freight tracks in the West Albany yards,
s Pinkerton detectives had been massed
thetare and were looking after the safety
. of railroad men who had come from Chi
. cago and were then making preparations
p to begin work.
Polie Still on Guard at the Grand Central
is Depot.
' NEWw YoRe, August 13.--The strike
e situation today remains practically un
changed, except in that officials claim
that it has improved. They say that
Strains are coming in and going out on
r time. They also say that th6 running of
e passenger trains has resumed its normal
Mr. Webb says he has received numer
ous applications from old hands, but will
r not under any circumstances reinstate
them. He also says that he has received
y applications from men on other roads
sufficient In number to man the whole
e Central system. These men are already
n employed but they would consider a
change to the Central an improvement.
5- At the 65th street yards men are at
if work preparing to send out more freight
r trains today. The usual number sent out
of these yards at this time of the year Is
,a from eight to-ten daily. Yesterday five
were sent out and it is expected the num
ber will be increased today. Police are
e still on guard at the Grand entral depot,
I, but to the ordinary obeerver there is
nothing to indicate that there.has been a
E. J. Lee, master workman of the
strikers on the Central-Hudson system,
a has been angry today over the publication
of his allsed letter to General Superin
tendent Voorhees. Lee denounced the
r letter as, a forgery and said the Knights
looked "upon It as a last resort by the
company to aid their claim thatthe strike
n, was a failure.
A striker Eaetued.
it ALBAY, N. Y., August 11.-When a
freight tram from 8chenectqtd came
through the Green Island yards tonight
it was surrounded by strikers. There
were 20: Pinkerton men aboard the train
and when they attempted to arres. one of
the strikers crowds surrounded them
and took their prisoner away. There was
no further trouble.
Latest Incidents.
A eaNr, August 18.-A man was club
;,ed here today by a Pinkerton detective.
,A detectite was also hurt.
The Delaware & Hudson switchmen
of ate qppleently satlilied with the expla
aat .JS given them. They may go to
votk teiorfteW.
1a ieelaware s Hudson firemen may
str.ki, t trrow. The eogineers are al
l so ii tto strike.
Iltfalo train men say the strike has
ealy Ist begun,
INmaAe A.,q A.gu.t 1g.-Ten acres
of the farm Thomos Ifaddon, late rep
resentative .the lalelature, three miles
north of W don, M'te been destroyed
for farminp urposes and great crcks A
have been Dwn in the earth. The
c,,urse of i at Rock creek has been
turned Iup roar. Birds, snakes, sal.
bits and fl are dead, while the fish are
thoroughl cooked in tie heated water.
All this w oenue4 by the upheaval of
the earth. A log ire was blazing in the
midst of lte. ten acres when, without
warning, 'e earth belched forth its
flames. treat trees were hurled sky
ward and ll the waters of Flat Rock
creek wete converted into foam and
steam. A vast pocket of natural gas
burst forth and the acene was beautlful
to behol l The gas took fie and blazed I
fdercelet above the trees and was at
timesa 1e1y feet high. It continued all
yesterday and last night. Today 3,000
spectators viewed the sight.
The fire has been extinguished, but
gas is still escaping. Some people assert
that other agencies thathahat of gas are
the, q4tle of the phenomenoh, but the
general ,onviction Is that no other agency
could lave produced the affect on the a
water. ane of the marvelous effects upon t
the wa r is that not a drop of the Flat
rock's has gone below the cavern
nlnce W" upheaval. Great caverns have
takeit the current and a wild howling s
is reated.
Money Still TIght.
NIaw Yong, August 12.--Money tight. ,
at 4 to 18; last loan 4; closed offered at 4.
Prime mercantile paper 5®[email protected]}. MSerl
ingi exchange quiet but firm at
4 tor 60 day bills, and 4.871d for
The Anti-Lottery Bill.
WASINGaTON, August 12.-It is gen
eraly believed on the republican side of
thes'house that a special order will be
mate setting apart Saturday next for the
conozderation of the anti-lottery bill.Every
effort is being made to secure the pres
onoe of a republican quorum on that day.
Exeentiag the Silver Law.
WasMMGToro, August 12.-The treas
uryldepertment has practically complet
edets arrangements for the execution of
the new silver law which goes into effect
toemorrow. The bureau of engraving and
printing has been employed night and
day. with an extra force, making the new
treasury notes required by the bill. The
denpartment has already purchased 800,
- 000 ounces of silver this month, complet
t ng-the quota required under the present
e law, I will purchase during the remain
r der, of the month 2,780,000 ounces, the
Sor Sys at the rate of
0 ouacewfor the month. It is ex.
ir 'haetomprrow's offerings will be
d heavy, as iltimations have'been- received
n from dealers, of offers to the amount of
t- about 4,000,000 ounces.
Womanhood 8Slralge.
WASHI;rGTON, August 12.-Senator
Blair in behalf of the majority of the
members of the woman's suffrage com
mittee today reported favorably the pro
posed constitutional amendment to give
woman the right of suffrage.
George Steell Confirmed,
WASHINGTON, August 12.-Confirma
tions: Indian agents-John Tuly,
Tongue river agency, Mont.; George
Steel, Blackfeet agency, Mont.
Banquet to Harrlson.
Bos'Tox, August 12.-The Mayor's club
of Boston, tendered a banquet tonight to
President Harrison and other distin
guished visitors. The president and
members of the cabinet with Admiral
Gherardi and staff, retired 'after a while
and proceeded to the reception at the
Mechanics' building. At least 15,000 peo
ple attended there.
Jeavy Trading in Wheat.
CitcAoo, August 12.-There was large
trading again today and the feeling was
unsettled and feverish. Prices fluctuated
frequently and quite wildly at times dur
ing the session. The market opened very
weak and panicky, but closed Ic higher
for September and 1%c higher for De
cember than the closing figures yester
day. The early weakness was attributed
to the decline in corn and to the news
about the Russian crop, which was gen
erally known yesterday.
MINNEAPOLIS, August 12.-The receipts
of wheat were 82 cars; shipments50 cars.
The offerings of sample wheat were
small today. Closing, No. 1 hard, Aug.
$1.02, on track, $1.04; No. 1 northern,
Aug. $993.
DULUTH, August 12.-Wheat closed up
strong. August $1.04; Sept. $1.014;
Dec. $1.04.
Corn. There was good business trans
acted and the feeling developed early was
Wheat, No. 2 Aug. opening, 92; high
est, 099; lowest, 97; closing, 99;4. Sept.,
opening, 98M; highest, $1.003; lowest,
98; closing, $1.003j.
A ,trong Cattle Market.
CHUiAOo, ougust 12.-Cattle strong and
Beeves [email protected]; steers [email protected];
stockers and feeders, $2.1008.20; cows,
bulls and mixed [email protected]: Western
rangers, i2.200$8.62.
Sheep-Steady. Natives [email protected]@5.50;
westerns [email protected]; Lambs [email protected]
Metals in New York.
New YORK, August 12.-- tr silver
Pig roan-Strong; American, [email protected]
Copper- Lake, August, $10.85
Lead-Dull, rather weak, D)ometic,
Tin-Dull, shade easier; Straights
Monasre Livery Co.
Flrst-class igs; good stock. Tr;nspor
tatlon to Neihart, Barker and other points
furnished on short notice.
.1. 4 R. MARTIN tL R. LAnB,
He Proposes to Limit Senate leggis
lation to the Tariff Bill and
Like Matters.
The Senate Apparently Resolved to
Paln the Anti-Lottery
Senator Moody of South Ihakota Talks
('onsiderably on Tin
Wsnriovo, August 12.-This aft-e
noon Senator Quay offered a resolut.ion,
first, that during the present sessionl. 'u
senate will not take up for consider.tion
any legislative business other than the
tariff bill, general appropriation bills,
bills relating to public building and pub
lie lands, pensions and senate or concur
rent resolutions. Second, that the con
sideratien of all other bills shall be post
poned until next session; and third, that
the vote on the tariff hill and all amend
ments thereto shall be taken on the 30th
of August at 2 p. m. without further de
bate until the consideration of the bill
and amendments be completed. The
resolution went over until tomorrow.
Moody Talks on Tin.
WAsmIN.TOu, August 12.-The tariff
bill was taken up in the senate today,the
pending question being on Test's amend
ment (offeled yesterday) reducing the
duty on tin plate from 2.2 cents per
pound to 1 cent, the present rate. Moody
spoke on the prospects of an American
supply of tin.
If you want to see the finest line of
Corsets, the finest fitting Corsets, the big
gest value in Corsets and the greatest
wonder an Corsets, that makes any lady
shapely, call at the New York Cash
f Bazaar and see those new lines.
In a Name?
S,. a som witt
out a name would smell as sweet,"
-nevertheless justa -the dawn of
this last decade of the nineteen
century, in the year of grace 1890,
there is quite a good deal in a
A clothier without a name and
reputation is heavily handicapped
in the race for trade. People like
to buy from dealers whose estab
lished record is a guarantee for
fairness and honesty.
Our name, A. NATHAN, The One
Price Clelthier has been before the
public of !Northern Montana for
years and has an established repu
tation for hanesty, fair-dealing
and hearty endeavor to please
The reputation of a clothier is
the accumulated evidence of many
transactions with many customers.
A good name can only be founded
on continued merit in merchandise
and fairness in dealing. We can
be surpassed in neither.
Our name has a value to you. It
specifies a place where you can
save money by buying better
goods for less money than else
where. Try us and see if this
good name is not well deserved.
Perhaps you may hear our cus
tomers speak of the tailor made
- clothing we carry, the work of
Stein, Block & Co., wholesale
tailors. There is so much in them
to talk about it can't be half told.
The fit, the fabric, the fashion,
that extreme "finesse of finish"
you can't find in other makes.
.When we call their suits tailor
made, we mean every suit is made
as much by hand as possible, no
machine button holes or flimsil'
sewed on buttons, but enough said
The name Stein, Block & Co.,
wholesale tailors, attached to all
their work, speaks for itself.
Our fall goods are coming in.
We are receiving the best goods of
eP very kind in our line that can be
The latest styles in hats, neck
wear and handkerchiefs continu
is ally in stock.
Shirts in quality, style, pattern,
workmanship and prices that will
suit you.
t While we carry the best goods
to be obtained, we also carry an
immense stock of goods to suit all
kinds of trade. We do not carry
the cheapest grades, but will sell
you good goods at prices that will
surprise you; cheaper than the
e' cheapest grades can be bought
" elsewhere. It will be to your in
terest to see our stock. Step in
D. when you can. We'll be glad to
see you whether you purchase or
If you cannot come yourself send
your order and it will receive im
A mediate attention. Don't forget
that we guarantee the price of
every thing we sell. Yours
re spectfully,
Tle One-Price Clothier.
,Wanted at Once011
First-Class - Inducements
Rare Chance for Investors.
What we want is more trade. This is
naturally the dullest month of the
year, but we want it to
be an exception at
So the following inducements to buy now in-,
stead of waiting are made:
Bargains in Dress Goods
Bargains in Ribbons,
Bargains in Ginghams,
Bargains in Silks and Hosiery,
Bargains in Calicos, Carpets
and Remnants, etc.
We also carry an elegant.
stock of Ladies' and Misses Fine P
Shoes, every pair just as repre- A
sented. G
Yours truly. E
Central avenue, - Great Falls.
Hides, Sheep Skins, Furs Tallow I
Eastern market prices paid for all the above stock. Prompt attention
given to all shipments made to me. Quotations furnished on applicatic
Warehonse on R. R. track and Third ave. South Office opposite t(iL 3
Park Hotel Addlress
Theo Gibson, Great Falls, Mont. D
i s

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