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The semi-weekly tribune. [volume] (Great Falls, Mont.) 1890-1891, September 24, 1890, Morning, Image 4

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S.ich lloslto and Butte Capital Will
Furnish in Great
.lohln W. Watson Ileturns From the
Flathead Country ani Gives
HIls i.xperiences.
A S.plendid 'imber and Farming
C'ountry 1and Probablle Rich
Mineral eIposits.
('apt. Thl!o. (', alh returned to the city
yesterday frIm hli ranch and will leave
this morning for liltte. The captain re
malrked incidentally to a TTItIINE repre
selltative that the lumbering and manu
fatllring enterprise about to be estab
lished here by loston and Butte parties
is one of great magnitude and would he
of vast i)mportance and benefitolt Great
Fllls. The capital stock of the company
is $1l,000,l000,"and of tnils amount," said
the captain, "$250,000 Is now paid tip and
the iemaimder will be forthcoming when
certain preliminaries and details are ar
ranged. It will be one of the strongest
acd most importsnt manufacturing en
terprises in Montalia Itad will include
within its scope it wmle fleld of opera
The company is already at work in the
timber and will be carrying forward theit
plans on an extensive scale ill a short
A lienh Agricultural Counntry Where
Game and FiLh Abound.
On August 8th a party consisting of
MIessrs. Boyd, Grove, Lee, Tannehauser
and Watson started with a complete
camping outfit and saddle horses to visit
the Flathead country. Two members of
the party have returned and Mr. Watson
has kindly given the TRIn-WE some
points about this famed country.
The party traveled via Sui River and
Dearborn, through the Prickly Pear can
yon to Mullan,thence to Garrison, Drum
mond and Missoula. The grass along
this part of the route was short and feed
for ihe horses was the largest item in the
expense account. From Missoula they
followed along the Northern Pacific to
Erro, at which point they turned north
ward through the reservation. This res
ervation is represented as being a beauti
ful country. The land rolls towara the
mounatins in gradually rising hills, be
tween which are rich valleys. The lower
I ands are, for the moat part, covered with
orairies on which the wild blue joint is
now standing nearly waist high; large
groves of fine timber are scattered
here and there and many streams
of clear sparkling water flow
down to the lake or river. Further up,
the foot hills are covered with a dense
growth of trees which are large enough
to make excellent lumber. The party
was unanimous in pronouncing this the
finest portion of Montana which any of
them had seen, yet to the government
and the people it is worse than useless.
So long as the red men are allowed to
roam over this vast country and white
men are kept out it will be the scene of
disturbances and contention.
From the foot of the lake the party
took the trail north along the east side.
Tuts lake is very irregular in shape and
is about forty miles long, and in the
widest place about twenty miles wide.
The Rocky mountains lie very near the
eastern shore, and the road is a very poor
one. There is, practically, no good land
along this shore. The Flathead river
flows into the northen part of the river
and at the head of navigation, abteut 20
miles abshve the lake, i located the town of
This aace ,contains two good stores, a
01oss.t.F' so-wrsaper. hotel and other
-'state'- 'at rpris--. It is >orrounrded
iy a rP:3 arri:u lur.: regiin .id hs a 1
Lri 'l (toore in view.
flrom tDemer lle the pratv procreede
tn Ashly and on to Bad Rock canyon.
Th grass is good all over the reservautn
and in the country north of the lake and
hay might be caut avwhere on the
tprairie. tome aidci of wheat were sees
which looked so th:ck that it seeimed
hlardly poeatble for a binder to nret
through. oe ra:hman told the party i
that he hei raised tin peans ant appleo"
fruit could Is' grown. N.o iniritan Lai
neetdlrti yt the rrdes were .xeelleun
F'ou the r:tntohme amin the route lhey
abtalati s m a.tollndaatn f "''geeon sat."
"'rho g.'aetr part of tie tayl as already
oaken lp 0v c.atrtert'. yet thre are gmolt
ranhes oi.l ti,, 'ot :l harsk from the,
wster ator :ies. u
The strtams whia h till partrJ en count- i p
ereig ore atos! stoiaial n ttt troot and i it
was ery htlo trllll)iate tr) eep rhe tlad
er raplenisnoal. vlet groe,us pheasant I
tnd t' ol-hens -toe ploty atlt rawlly kil led.
and rctiltsi.,v is an tlan of deer wroal d
0n000. to
To oel.lier, trile puarty remaineal at i r
1-a, l.o.ck. wailt lo,`aote Watsom ann l o toyd F
enay ivo silo, totl,.. When s.le pary:
hasase bhratat a -'t- l 'aarw . tB h atoppentr
he got hlei in t?1, in otmi a va y a ,'e a-Ia
has loeg o nao:ll t ot be :ulmlt Macl ine t
',etht. Tltau I.a' tyal th ir tra o tahes I
mines ws tlatllllantlle loal tftel rrrturntaig -
t -tmpny '" ;anllr"' v," nt' " Wnt. r ithr
Inkt. Ierae 'le-Py tolllnlt atIh line timlbr
anal aose inttt'a tliatc Boyal, 'atave togl
Hlld ' :anlaeta:aae ') I'- -Ih R.l I a rtI' a lcollta I
sol.metilaner 'i i tollllta .l a catorimarmt
ln, hau al Imrllio'-e aalialle ofr trmbher
anrlgd go llalieatim- .,r ot lintalral. era,.k
;at-ing will nt h, r llaatysn tvery ,:ta-e ia
'ivot l 'nu lllra, t a hI Ina' t aao- t .rte "
telt:'t rNarthl rn -, lrtontl. .rtli ,at 'o tssl.vt t
v0l teonte l.,e·l t. e Ita r tol 'd; r ema
at.tn'l d -'ilaittat a'. l i htittt' lca, tard
- "t11'1.,l re-nnrl.' ,+HI .)l le elnasped,
r tlllpany 'tr o .'dl at Ii ".nt. per share t
lusesalion iov"atlrt, IO ,atll.,ng. taalka .ill
,tat tl.I 'at ]oiok soto, !ais InatatLer, as site (
'-mI'asnV tost vitat t ilrt-Sttittn ;tad compari
i 'heir , arl ar'v vn, It -trers. No,
ca, ,,.11 +,. ,ill he i.alato l ate ' ,sra than hil.+
.lal'-" i-alledrlie rao'ta, tl'i.esrk ahohld
hl ttolatto.as as .1 15 i+tte'yr, seeretary,
i, -llaat"'a I ratpr' Syiat ,tnatune.
loso .A-V II i'ta"r .. 'he satene. RIs
'utttttm fatal- tat ,'a l ,toa in lla s tints.
The luton.
At the top of The Boston odve-rtisement
will be noticed "Powderly's Thirty Years
of Labor given away with every suit of
clothes sold." Mr. A. Jensen has kindly
presented the TaRsmuNE office a copy of
the work. It is a handsome voluqifl, con
taining nearly 700 pages. The stirring
events ,n labor circles in the past few
years have attracteu the attention of all
classes toward the labor problem and the
industrial question has become one of the
great themes of the day. Mr. Powderly
has been gathering material for thise:work
for fifteen yeats and he gives in thih boOk
the results of his thorough research.
Among the topics treated are," Seasiblng
for the True Path," "Measures Before
Men," "Land trasnportation-tele.blphy,"
"Introduction of Foreign Labor ' !Atar
chy and the Knights," "Social iquality,"
and others. Coming from such a source
the book is well worth a careful reading.
Itars. at the Fair Ormunds.
Arrangements have been completed for
a series of rales to come off at the fair
grounds next Saturday, Sept. 27. The
first running race will be a mile dlash be
tween the famous Kitten and Bay Tom
for a purse of *200. The second race
will tle a hlf mile bltsh between Kicks
pon and Whit" Elm for a purse of $200.
The third will be a trotting race for
which Vnughn's, liltndall s and Williams'
flyers are entered. These rttles promise
to lie gotd and will lie largely attended.
[intr unatnrdae's Daily.]
J.Ins. Lytle and D. ('. Marsh, two of Aug
unta's prominent ranchmen, are in the
W. J. Clark of 4ihe Monarch townsite
company came down from Helena yes
A license to edl was issued yesterday
to Samuel E. Harris and elle M.
A. F. Emerich, the mining expert, has
returned front Butte where he has been
examining sever :l properties.
A band of nine antelope was seen yes
terday on the bench land north of town.
Several have also been seen on the bench
west of town.
A very rich strike is reported in the
Jumbo at Castle. Numerous strings of
ore have been cut and the aessys run as
high as 70 per cent lead and 280 ounces
in silver.
J. P. Bouscaren, who is interested in
the Montana Northern railroad came in
from Choteau yesterday. He reports the
prospects for the early commencement of
work on this line as quite good.
Z. T Burton, of Helena, has been up
near Choteau where he is interested in
the Eureka canal and a large area of
desert lands. With irrigation thee lands
will become a source ot great profit.
One hundred and four bushels of oats
was the result from one acre here, and
with sixty-six bushels of wheat from an
other, speaks well for this valley. 'Irri
gftoan proves it hereabouts.-Kiillings
The Legal Tender strike continues to
hold out. The company has been sink
ing in ore since our last issue and there
is no signs yet of getting through the
shute. The sre continues to prospect
well also, assaying 01 per cent lead and
from 45 to 100 ounces in silver. The ore
is a gray carbonate.-Husbandman.
Prof. F. W. Anderson's friends will be
pleased to learn that he has been offered
and accepted the position of assistant ed
itor of the American Agriculturist of
New York city. He succeeds the Hon.
Gen. A. Martin, a veteran journalist.
Prof. Anderson will enter upon his new
duties about October 10th. until which
time he will remain in Washington.
re Superintendent Palmer of the Butte
of Boston smelter left for Butte yesterday
and Mr. J.A. Coram of the same company
proceeded east. The latter will meet
a President Hill "down the line" and
to probably return with him.
te Miss Jenkins, formerly with D. B. Fisk
af Chicago, ha charge of the millinery
department at tihe New York Casah
Baaasr. With her evpert manipulation
and excellent taste aie can make a hat or
bonnet that will please anybody.
a. Frederick C. Kress announces that he
d has completed arrangements to establish
ea paper at Monarch, the first issue of
which will appear about Sept. 25th. The
P. latest mining news will he an especial
e feature of the "Monarch Advance."
i The Great Fals Busioness college is one
d of the heat schools of its kind In the
r northwest. Send the names of 20 young
men and women who are likely to be in
terested in educational work, and we will
0 forward to your address the College Ad
f vacate one year free of charge.
Mr. Beckon of the New York Cash
SBazaar is prepanng a nice present for his
cutomers. With every dollar'a worth of
goods purchased he will give a ticket and
Swhen ten of those tickets are presented
She will give a valuable set of spoons or
Sther silverware as the customer may
The `-.rld Enriched.
I he f2eilities of the present day for the
roduction or everything that will con
luce to the material welfare and comfort
f tmankind are almost unlimited and
chea Syrup of Figs was frst produced
he world was enriched with the only
sfec laxative known, as it is the only
rmedy winch is truly pleasing and re
reshing to the taste and prompt and
:ectnal to cleanse the system gently in
he Spring time or, in fact, at anytime
and the better it is known the more pop.
aar it becomes.
Ifyou want to see the finest line of
Corsets the fines, fitting Corsets, the big
test vafau in Corsets and the greatest'
wonder In C'oreta, that makes any lady
shapely, call at the New York Casih
ianaar and see thtore new lines.
'od far Constiuationu , LoW of Appetite. I
Iaizzins. rno all srymp.oms of tyapepapta
Pr!te. Ii 'inl 75 rears per bottle. For I
o.r. is iivor, Druggtat.
Propo.qal, watnte fr the erection and
a'oimpolrinn i' t.e brick. at,,n and car
,entry arirk f ,r, two -story and base
,ennt resulne*. Plans anuo specifrations
S.en on pphefation at my office till noon,
ipt. 24ts. F. M. MoRau,>.
All tim latest styles in wall paper, at
I.ahrbattom & fiilebriat's.
Arctrkles, MfeLaughlin'a t.in. Maca
ind *Jva cofees ground daily on our
reram ltes train Rosa.
A '.. moar. of those 410 suits left for
, at. Srtralin NRon.
It e~ovr.r the IUEAUTIFLL PLATEAU overlooking the,
and BLINESS LOTS may, for a limited time, be purchased for
lks than HALF THE PRICE of other property not so well lo
cakd. Prices only $100 to $860 for 50 feet front. Terms easy
Send for maps and Jther information to
J. 0. Gregg, Great Falls.
NORTH GREAT FALLS as the site of tif.r NSE FAC
TORIES, which will furnish constant MsjpyU to thousands
of workmen whose CASH WAGEb will elsmulate every month in
An Inunepse Dam is qw being construted aoroet . the
Missonr iver above NlJa ot agle Ylsu at NOR. GBLaT
FA-LLS at aeet of a iopolaand will fu irow
f dorHundreds of l f on apdly
Rainb ieked falls will be n 4Ui of, w isib
in ab iatee' walk of NORTH 6Bý&T Ib
dbriog U
aa:ýeln IN ý7r;e, ,
New Bullings.
Although it is growing late ino the
season for building yet -Reed & Goodal
report that they.ann atist very busy. They
have lately received a contract to build a
six-room house for Will Kirbyon Seventh
avenue south between Fifth and Sixth
streets. They have ulder.way a cottage
of seven rooms on Seventh avenue south
between Sixth and Seventh streets. They
are building apine-room house on Slxth
avenue north for. Frank Rossberg and
one of eight rot0ms on Fifth avenue north
for Archie McLDoneld.
Yesterday they received the contract to
build for Petef M. Battum a residence ote
Fourth avenuh north. Tdes will be two
stories high contain nine rooms and cost
over $13,500.
Electric Railway.
Mr. J.1. 1. hisholm, foreman for the
Thomson-Houston company of St. Paul,
Is In charge ot the construction of the
electric street railway. It is learned
from hint that tile line is completed with
the exception of tile circle or curve at the
Umnion depot. As the street railway is
there on Great Northern grounds tile
matter will not be finally settled until
after the arrival of President Hill. Mr.
Chisholm had charre of the construction
of the electric railway lines at St. Paul,
Minneapolis, West Superior and Anacon
da and he assures us that the line here ib
equal to the best in the United States.
CATARRIH CURED, health and sweet
breath secured. by Shiloh's Catarrh Rem
edy. Price, 50 cents. Nasal Injector
free. For sale b"y J. B. Driver, Druggist.
Leading Clothiers and Furnishers.
This, Our Second Month in Business Brings
us an Increasing Trade.
WHY---Because the Slogan has gone forth
that the HUB is the CENTER for
Bargains in the Clothing Line.
It is unnecessary for us to announce that our
Clothing is Tailor Made
As every garment speake for itself.
Prices, Why Bless You, we don't want the
earth, we only want a house and lot in
Great Falls. Our ambition is limited,
therefore we are satisfied with small
[Two former late of THE BOSTON.]
Has near it Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Lead,
Coal, Iron, Lime, Gypsum, Brick and Fire
Clay, Building Stone, Timber, Fine Water
Power, 120 square miles Farming Land, Cat
tie, Sheep and Horses. Pure water, fine cli
iate, good roads and magnificent scenery.
Lots from $100 to $300. Very easy terms
For Information, laps, etc., address
We have everal choie piees. of bhainte. property at low dearmr.
If yn want eotaide aret at to plat, or rancheo in the famonu Bun River valley do not fall to
At the arnett . ,liclton of parties delrina choice residencelots at rrollqable fiures and on
l.n tims e .bo c loe ed this additil, nn themarket ItL. buta milef.m thebeartoftl eoit
,ad i the n.rarst additio on thn market. Lote iae all delible. Term, oae-.flh noth, tblantl
ena. two. thre and foar reart. From portieo who will build o oath paymenm t will be repqired
n.. et rty will have n electric line to it inside of a year, and will rapidly enhanoeln ralut
ml. oa ·djeoio Proepect Park and ia platted into ate aere lot.. AUl hate a derable loeatlon
e.nd wUl bslldoe ame term, as ProsCpect Park. Oae cannot make mone faster than by nvst
Wea ne anena fotr Nelhart Center--The blanems aenter of Neihart camp. This proprty ill
triple in talua i one year. The Brest Nortcern will reach the camp by eprlne.n frat bety re
Wemakeaspeiao.ltodfirotaelae. mntnoW prearth. No wlld eat propert handled. We hmre
well deelaope p oertim in liihart, Barker Wlt (reem , Castle. Yoo nd etc.
We Solicit Your Correspondence.
How often do we see this on the faces
of children and, alas, of peoplewhoother
wise are healthy? What causes it? Bad
Blood. The thought is terrible; the
trouble is worse. No ordinary help can
I remove it. It requires something un
usual. Do not take cheap sasparlll..
or blood purifiers. You must have some
thing that has proven its power in both
Europe and .V'.. ic(a. General Wheat
Scroft Nelson, r i oolon, says: "MyI
experience in the English army. as well
as in America, convinces me that nothing
so thoroughly purifies the blood, or adds
to the health, vigor and life, as Dr.
Acker's English Blood Elixir."
This grand Elixir is sold bh druggists
in all parts of America. It is a good,
pue, lionest medicine. Try it today.
For sale by Lapeyre Bro.. Great Falls. Mont
.Ina~p for t1eo 3 s!
A Wagon or Buckboard given away with
every Boy's Suit.
will, until further notice, give with every Boy's Suit a Wagon or Buok
board. Come and look at the
: "~er 10E .orw ix . onte.~m.a.,
and where you will always find the most complete stock and prices the lowest.
Fall Opening! i, I
Dry Goods I IU41 I U,
Boots and Shoes William Albrecht, Prop'r.
New York Cash Bazaar.
--OR Tpit
NEXT THIRTY DAYS C et, Rug, 'raperies
we will offer some of the greatest -We ak e special pride in -
bargains heard of in the hstory of Mo- This department is complete in carpet department. Our stock Our stock is three times as
tians. rte linever was more complete all its details. We have all the comprises the latest novelties in large as last year. Ingrains in al
A look through this department will novelties inAntique,lfth Century, coloring and design. No old stock. colors. Fine decorations a speci
do you good whether you buy or not. Quarter Sawed Oak. Don't fail to look it over, alty. Firstcolass work done.
Ladies and Misses Cloaks
We pride onrsely a in linthe g the
largest anid most c mplete i fie tCe I R U i c I ad w
city and at prices thlt will h.v mqr Ig
eonpetitors to meet ithout l WiOw es, Sewig ans.
hiss Jenkins, wihe has charge of
thisdelpartent, has had years of ex
persas. and is now direct from onen s a
othee largest millineryhonses iln thel
eaptsand with a line of ml lnery see
ond to none in Montana. We cannot
fail to please the most fastidious. We
would be plenaed to show the ladies of
Great Falls through this department.
BOOTS AND SHOES Buy Lots in Riverside Addition, adjoining the new Boston & Mon
T sat t.vey fete wih- tana Smelter ground, below the immense dam.
b :ton hl, ae...... 0 "t s CO Contracts for a cotel, Stors and Resideoces; also Lnhber, Fuel and Lime ads already made au! bhllding
Women's oFine Kid, roked to to nimenee immediately. This is the cheapest and best tinvestment in vicinlty of GIreat Fals. Lots ft'om 1 at(
Child'a Fin kid woeked b ut to $800-Half csh and balance on time. Forparticula Cll on or Address
tauho e, spact heel. !0 " 0
child' Oat worked button i
hoe. spring heel ......... 76 " 1 00
All goods sold at eastern prices and
sitisfaction guaranteed. as Mont. T. . K LRI . .t
o H3 ANDLE --.8. WOOD, J.B Me JN,~OT & U..
First Avenue North, Great Falls, Mont. Samples sent by mail or ex
press will receive prompt attention.
- Now on the Market
Nearer to the business center of the city and to the Black Eage Walter A. Wood's 'Mowars, fakes & Self.-Binders
Falls, and more beautifltly situated for residences than any other ad- rd Steel Skei ad Tubular
diton to Great Falls. Rushford Steel 8keln nnd Tubular Ase kWaou Spring W ago, Bsagles.
For prices plats and all informatton apply to Tents and Wagon Sheets, Ihtl Bnd Patlsa d uq. tlnoplhe's p . Ta
For prices. plats and all |uformation apply to Tean.d vrdj s et. €#id
GEORGE E. HUY, Bu H sd""lea Whips.
Great Falls, Montaea. etil Ame.. ,ass tSks . .q th
Bargains in all additions. Aore property in all Sections from $40 per sore
and upwards.
Six lots for sale in Momaroh, opposite depot, below townsite prices.
Two corner lots on motor line at a snap. Offioe under Park; , oteL
Fine herd of registered Holstein Cattle for sale oheap.

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