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The semi-weekly tribune. [volume] (Great Falls, Mont.) 1890-1891, November 08, 1890, Morning, Image 3

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NO L(Iqi 1 ý NQIf
Carter Co, ov tie eleotodn of
Di;· Iy a lates
su'*01 EL: ON A - OtMtMIYt'
Iie Fr ie . I . ron a:oty-ihree Prolnete
Bitt .1 ui "1 jority
4*1', It Ocdi.
cI ·*e( taaiani ESl sOwnitb an
S A noN. 7, 144e id.,
eiectai '""{' t'a .ity wibi6b less thant a
ASi, 2. [N A'to the - Ti
Soa'ft .leUºoaltlop prqoU9ji y
on bd. r i repnb1aie ieace aid4 .
oit{,,, TbU` n 4` ~lF 6tternptI at 1
he Unt rLvde~tbe people intoth,+ l I
e Q0i* Itd 4 ne4e. Buot it i.;na
ra te Wte :,iiietiiuratltn ohaato 1e
atlae totieitr..eaaa ttpon~ie at
iaieWdaiv. L I
vote Inq baa I.aidajustwebuketothba
oneorn. I ha.aa i from. good antltao*ty
that the be ta i. s onaidered ;at blitata
the r pdblieeo is aalqvaartu. The, Ur
aid eti utbte a aae'a defetq.4t Iagme .tp
iealeattai y the u taf dti utatett op
lacan leadetrs, wax" 'abatlred Lis dowlia?
fr their itwn , ¢poeao. Dllron'e net
majdrltt'mty 'at.:{nlated to'beat' ta
Soo. a. ..
O04SWI e .tC$ ~e
I~aitlL1 'ttup tomi '~
precincts Corraaete from- a ta-edy'
tra9 lYe Opt., Iti, Dion 726, Bmank
87717 e o 0nlaI8. There is ia alight
dtflfMee, wvea, thee figures pod the .
reta) iha pro.ac Carter at $t Otlrhe
and it .lP bat S , tb OeL: * ber
liev~totdbeeaa'r Ct. Wailler, Creek add
1 q~ or.'s aaiil oIt aft" both go
.oti4'a*,akvi, tiaeywiwll not overcomne
Mrr}ibeonlt h *af n Aoaccrdiigtotiafot
Iowang tab!Ia. .lh·tercent Mr:. Gb9hn'e
namjial 47 1 ha 4 (aalbr'r 18.'
'aalntoa 10 ae a
adllhlo' I...I E i
t ue I xe _ Gbu
tNo i/at.a! N 666 8.
Bicel a
new ir
xi am ...
W a4,·J
pan'siaf OIMa~he.u h .l
3aorruweo, Wie:, _ yNo. 6-43 65 inter
vlaw wQ f rir. 0d tonight hes saido
"It is linped4 Is aroile to fru1e aine Il
somclest ttarteuit.~X ncetlo ' F.04~S
result. 'The v b et pbR1Vo1Jit
partie su are~umel4. t to love 557 u 11e
gent judgp65p a too tB. owues. 0 ou
thing; sus ses'w .d,; n.04t Ia gl the..
repug4aWn ere stofpte4 by. th 4t j
home" vote. In
1,300 republican. s l4 t .voter PI." `
largely eoal, oies'rtla : the J
crat=1ip11 is tot 1e>eip prp
two pago. ;",ie , °.
spl5j4 In,,~
oer ntbisveij '..
O utrou C p bat to h'y 404d
[email protected]
palus ai
men,s 4l1 1:
was 1'
foult '
Greet~ aj.
the j~
Sake kai.to
favoring .e;*
q0on tidd the alliance and democratic
iniliteres tr the leglslature. The only
thilg that d*ters thetm is the fearof In
jtling Whltetanona chances for congress.
Mearim Problably Elected:
SI. PAui , Nov. 6.-Election returns
hafe been qrming in slowly today and
toslghtblthb comtmittees still claim the
itt ,-tickets, the democrats by 600 and
the republle.ls by 8,000a Official re
ttinr and etreful estimate from all bpt
even coupgte-ts the stat give Merriam
88Ab58, Wilson 7818,, Mertlim's plurality
t810. The vote for allianbe is considera
bly shove 40,000. In the tlfth congress
ional district Ialvernon (lliatce) seems
to lave been gleated over 'Comstock and
hltitu~n n, whle la the sedbond district
salrker nw ,hmitte the defeat of Lind andll
h own o ruti.oi, Thits i:would wipe out
the tepu.-Ih.tIn dlle .Iiaon IIncongress
compl.ttly, a.dtl -.;n returns to nul
etanitiate Jiakeri pcin have aotyet ien
eeoveoeuttie vote wr ,ongOesuie..
the stcontddio rict .ill be very"cloa :
tNorth l.tl,-l has,: l roisrobt"dly gone
'refrflcanr, tlit ritutuu fotnm I uoth li
ilot oare rlll very nreagiriad u0esatisfac
-y h - litFllatce giNrithe it atoijrity In
tls le is- lue4iii rand they electoa of glov
htnierr b [email protected] I-4 ,!iibl~at, s euda$iln that
Mellette ira bee re-electe dtl anddo not
60eoed. ea tgiorrla e lto tioe olppp tilint,
etiithsilif -,oelt.o Irelaloblle that the sillf
nt.e 1 tri " li..vi ri'4 to*utilr ha:tve eP'
,o of unhr 1.i . y. "
lewo et e'em diepatlleasa.
1Oc )otateoa, Nov.6.-O-omplete uooi-
Siretsn ru 74 countle8 gleIMe-d
l ea 'repuLilchk, for secretary 01f
10i,6.0 bhaniberlain, demoartat,
!146,58. 152 is Is a gain of 7,788 over ltst
'ear 'sJoeu T 'enty-fiae counties un
repor. gute Hlutchinson, repub ican,
Iforgohrsori 865 plurality ln 1889. I'This
ldiatoe the dloOtion of M)o1arl 4l by
00plnutlity. The balance of tbire
ubican etdte tif:ket will :be eleced by
)aoralitles somewhbt smaller.
okiahelsi Espeboee.
*Gorrwcxui, Ok',; nov. (-The to ritory
Rent a.ie.blics un 'arVe', republican
ndidate for lIlegsite ts congrbse, is
elected by 1878 plirality.
Let Her Join thaProneessioa!
(oncO.D, N.. H., Nov. 6.-i-iturna
from all iatt ni8 towns give Tuie, re
publican, ftr goVernpr, 40,098; A sden,
democrat, t ),0004 Fletcher, prohibition,
1,972. The 'eepU blliths claim s to
twenty meajr)ty in the housea .th
democrats claim from two -to sxteon,
The result willlhige upon 4he quealion
of the admission of members elected on
der the new oaseua -apportionment and
"classed towns" where the populationoba
decreased. A good dealt depends onthe
course taken by the republican clerk of
the last house, who soiaks up the roll.
TiraGreat Piteet.neisltl treted.
OtavauANo, Nov. 8.-Wilh official re
Wrns from Wayne, Holme8 and Medina
oautlet, andoa nipleti uonbficil returns
f-ro4 nrkpotiwltyf Waiwiok*e majority
0odreKtnly in the sixteenth district Is
Th0.. °Tbe:tpublbcea state committee
stilllalm-tu he elhetitit Potwman, rep
ublicano n'the steventeent district over
d'O returnt have been a.covpt from.
Souostyt t is known bat Poo.sant
e. pean in . lia oW (elont)
oquly and U tyhe datrict wae only abtts
6'podltrari hpbl lana belled they
have groundfor talc. _
WM5WtG1'Oli )5 soW&8.-Maj-Uen. Scho-"
b1. t 4 'bhysks 1 iA8 Uittd Siti$e army,
tbinstiad itc ,t b, ycrjur'y srf war his " g.11' ',hisiyt
# re4.os ip eh diisto ' fthe I
ie. s Qbifb~t eposrai $ebo iold
t'l rsk p irof up ad4red by th army
SpnWI now t have been
a new aPH st o fp)t spa o ta t only
a itevyattsd e4laoeotulsettismst s
1o4~s·stid 1oj~qi~ isy' Ilodiao
> + ",, ietretpfor~hotttie,~ and now,
ail ctvllihed, eeemhisd uppon
t po esioI4teiy smitll ,eearvsieoe. -The
rFjite tIRI wO ortihreebpreoediii5,
bi t o erd ked slawmost a total ab
t t.w \ itiity thwany of the r Podiians
*indisstloa oa toeir part of a de
·41iiW to agai1 go0 open the war
<It Poy be eof i `deftliy awarted
it Is now requisite for the deai
jfs ssttlCsenat of the reat Indian
sit Is wise, Just ans, hmnane tresal
.lth Indians up94 et ! reservs
sospipresseoeq 3* riaohoty' ot ouch:
so wilt. datae lirts 7805
F r. amoe am frobriC ftempt
t5, Rate. l oeroic dssd.a of ther
teeorcital of Wi b , +
asellt their periodical teii t
I}t~t0pee;It nsIitsonon ll l
: rides hr bil rs s
; .: J7p:brbiýt104i,8yn I
gt~:ka tit)1L IC
1r--Tho weubich bisI
t ffq ib4 ''id 'Ltheir eb.
4 ltvl oiisaa rt (rep.) fOr
tits lit4ir4va l wier (damr.).
tic esodildato for ountlly
15iolpriiShm , n . pd madi h8
, arIctr ihere she Gotlors
'blor, 6. Burrltngton
ist ot'.riIýsi , %7 Northern
The Capital of South Dakots Per.ma
neatly Located sad Her
People Redlas.
The Bedlam of EnthusIasm Con
tinues all Night-Wild
Seenes of Joy. t,
%V1,. D. Bynum Will Hold the
Over ex-Speaker Reed Ia ti
ex.t KoMe.;
PtnRna, 8. D., Nov. 6-The.. scene I
this city since the news that Pierre had
received majority over Boron for the
permanent capitol beggars description.
All nightlong crowds surged back and I
forth throogh principal streets headed by
s.ds and with transpariences nad the
t h'th wa, a psfteý bedlum Until daylight I
i morncain. It wee impossible to I
IInL:nut.tl order sand the place was turned I
orr to Ikl howling but good natured a
Ipl, .ash train brought hundreds of 1
Pierre workers and others who came to
join in the celebration. The bulletin t
board was closely watched and each
fresh telegramn that came in Plere's favor e
added renewed fervor to the rejoloingis
until the whole populace 1eeqe.tto-have
been driven insane. To stangers the t
scene was incomprehen aslie bat to aI
Pierre citizen it can be e4ly understood. i
The people haye been fighting for the
capital of Bouth Dakota for eight long I
years. Onesthe legislpture at Bismaok t
psueda bill making Pierre the capital,
but the btll wea;vvtodd b) Gov. Pierce, t
and agaut, the capital commiesion of a
1807 decided on Pierre, but changed a
their minds. _
Last year Pierre won the temporary t
capital and now comes a complete vic- I
tory and therefore the people cannot be I
blamed for their overjoyousness. All I
day long large crowds kept on the streets t
and as eyening drew near they increased I
and to night the celebration keeps up.
Red lights, fireworks and illuminations
are being displayed, whistles are blow
ing, bells ringrng and the shouts and
huorahs of the crowd are mixed up in
one grand bedlam. Never before was
there such a scene in the state. A party
of Pleare workers who just came in on
the evening train are being carried up
and dowarthe streets on the shonlders of
the crowd. There is no doubt but that 1
this will keep up all night. The latest
report gives Perae 6,100 majority east of
the river and 6,000 in the Black Hills,
thus git.iqg her a majority of at least
Daeua Will Bale eled.
IoraAPOLes, Nov. ..Wp. D. Bynumm
who has just been elected to congreee,the
fourth term from thisl.atric will pe Ma,
dldatt for epeaker of the house. ~pnum'
majoriAy if 4,d0(el g the largetv ever
eotived tod I e berl he tiple aen'
ge" eesir matrilytwo yearn ago. He
msld tonight to a reprnaentative of the
Assooiated Pressa "I am a candidate for
speaker and think my Chances for being
elected are exceljent. I hankso for. the
reis'pn that I belteve the propriety, of
puttliUg onUrthelrn'gul west .rnt m ito ,ut
the uhalr uc tle 1u1ai will belet r ugnoaed
by a majority of the demceattlo member
and becapse of tIe polittleJ position
Which Indiana e·ei#teQthallPd raeulonl
whh¢a Il.diona demorey. hold to the ]
atlOna l essrtlatlon.
d ee-voer Apwh *e tae.
KAnslst Irv, No.v,; . -Judge Othidi 1
ppointed rea divrl for the Attisne.i.t
Tel Building d Lapof asisootlhon of thie
r.lg tals morithn. l ip aprpdltl*$wVah
,. Mark. Clark hatued.ate l.tf #ll
and with his attorneys went tho oie
of the asaoclation. There they io
Edwin D. Polfer, who has been li"n .
heed, body nd tael of tle
They deemanded of bhim the
roords of the concern. At 11ah f
jecthe etrenuously to giving thema up o
the ptea that he waunted time to obtetu
advice, but fniclly yielded and tornted ev
erthlt over to thetm. The Arteai-noaUo
old nliding a Loan mehll we:tp
*aspoersate4 unaer the, l of .l et,
Jb y1, 8E, with w itiateek of.
ly. aeg ; e. of the
rc showed assets of 8 aed the
etualailon of the bookl toeday showed
a le of 0, met of which wr lan notes
s hb elfeer.
A Pte# in e' 5eeatee,
Lt Novy 8...-utalbP 1
ePentyyiRee from PiUadilpb4. hsat I
artrIved .I t ecntoueeti a. 1ur
whclh leetet four days,, e peaeegeirs
were kept below deck I9lity houpe.
EB Nov
wattl l 1 ii e b
Marlo oghn l agfor debt Cone
aractet at Utvnhe e lndd. Th' ,
for ihtp a
rowd. at from pea a
upon the miobheee Ant .r
A Young HRunan Omfier Makes.a Long
LONDON, Nov. 6.-The bicyclatse in
England are Just now showing p11 the *
honor in their power to the stalwart a
young Russian who has ridden on his t
wheel the two thousand odd miles which e
divides St. Petersburg from London in a c
few hours under thirty-two days. This
is an average of about seventyi miles
a day. Considering that the bicyclist
had to stop twice for banquoto en
route, once in Russia and once in Fradce, I
it shows remarkable traveling,
The young man's name is Lieotenent 1
George Martoe, 29 years old, an o·idcer in
bsthe mperial Russian artillery. Hb is o
-mewbat slender betild, tipping the a
lps at 140 poonds. Neverth.laes hl ~
ig journey across Europe in soahort a j
lce of time indicates a rem.arkable de- I
of physical power. Tt6omachine on I
he made the jouracy is anl old- 1
ighioned roadater, weighlig about 60
Doudo . A member of any of the crack
Aertcsan bicycle clubawould`ai-edliitel hi
to be seen on the streets with it.
Cos. The . P. rtee Yeued.
SBoDaLea Mo., Nov. 6.-Col. Thos. B.
Price, president of the Gasetie Printing I
comnany of this city, owner of the Van
dale farm and one of the best known
men in Missouri, was shot and mortally
wounded at 5 p. m. today by Judge Jno.
Higgins of the Pilts county court. Both
men were en'route to their homes on the
Missouri Pacific train. Judge Bigrins
was a candidate for renomination before
the democratic county convention and
defeated by Price. Since then he has
entertained a bitter feeling against Price.
The two men were in this city on busi
Ines today and took the 4 p. m. train for
t their homes. Just what led to the tiouble
IIs not known, but Price and Higgins en
. gaged in a quarrel.
Biggins drew his revolver and shot
Price in the abdomen. Price was taken
to his home at Houstoqla, where Hig
gins also lives. Higgins gave himself up
to the autorties at that place and the
sherilff here received a message this even
I sng summoning him to go after the pris
oner at once as fears of lynching areen
rtertained. Price ia a very prominent
- Mason and is very popular among alarge
following. A sp cial train has gone
I from here bearing phyaseians to attend
the wounded man. The train also car.
I rled a large number of Price's relatives.
Ootterell asht.
MonrTreosny, Ala., Nov. 6.-Ex-Mayor
Cotterell, of Key West, who a few years
ago terrorized Florida federal ofcials
and escaped tc Alabama, a fugitive from
jusmtice, was shot and instantly killed at
ten o'clock this morning bv" Chief of
Police Gerand of this city. Coterell was
drunk last night and was arrested by the
police. He insulted the chief and chal
lenged him to fight a duel. The chief,
who in consequence of the threats of
Oottrell had armed himself with a double
barreled shot gun and was sitting out
szde of his office this morning when Cot
terell drove up in s cab and after a few
words had been exnhanged both men be
.ga firing with the rsenlt given above.
Ucan te Anerlce.
O'Brien the Irish leaders were given
their irst public reception In Americe at
thb Academy of Music thins ity tonight.
A large amd enthusiastde crowd being
Wres8at Batesn ReWed.
Nuw YoBx, Nov. 6.-The trunk line
presideontsot their meeting to-day do
clidd to restorc tie nI'te to the haslI
whlut praevail last year. The rate, on
wheat goesup to Apo per 100 bushels; oit I
corntoa U toe t e meet on the spth. I
The new ido, ou 4""- bee Ito NrI
Englandwillbe 41to instead of 480. It
was ealo de·ode4t b aiolish commtusib.
s peeuasec staenb in tefstory covered
by 4e .between Qhtokiujp i. ,ouais and
"ie Atlantio seebard.
QLADeroat ee4*PAI Gow.
owoon, r ov. .-Gldcstone started a
o reltrn from1 Sa6lnad to-dey. A
sO 4a~e large nujister of friend gave
lat a..thusiastie reception. The
.ce' was repeated at Arbroath. Hi
P.udee admirerei paepated a walking
delgation of workiiaugree presentd
a handsome traveling iug. Giodstone de
livered a nhort ,peqi antdi oeLered to
cS btrttioa~ >t epilg et Edionun On-b
Rl SQ n *4etonq 4 .14w, wai
slni ed w iiqs The hOlyy daaPnha
aiactiegtoiv 'ind wae whether tsne ,;a
bad siriet4 o nipreader. The 4 il
y -i4 r
S(lt. X .-4he"' se In
l t euit oa their'. r.
Li the e9th of Febrary a Day?
The question whether the 29th of Feb
ruary is legally a day or not has lately
been. presented to the courts of Indianna
There is authority in that state to the
efteot that the 98th and 29th of February
t are to be counted as one day; but when
the supreme court so decided it had not
examined an ancient English statute
concerning leap year, passed in the twen
ty-third year of Henry III which bears
upon the subject. Accordingly, in the
case to which w:o refer, the judge deter
s mined to consider the question de novo,
and he came to the conclusion that the
2lth of February must be regarded a
day in the contemplation of the law, at
leest, as much as any other, and must
he reckoned in the legal computation of
time where days are considered.
"Is the man who works on Feb. 28 and
I) to have pay for one day onlv"' he.
Saluks. "Has a judgment rendexrd o a
t' eb. 9no priority as a lien ovegon
- renderetob Feb. 29? Could am smen
SIosced to le hung on Feb. 2 be legally
- ueneel on Feb. 82"' Of couser not
The confusion on toe subject has evi
dently arisen from statutes treating of
the entire year as a whole. Thus, there
is a provision in the Revised Statutes of
New York that whenever the term
"year" or "years" shall be need in any
laS seatence, contract or instrument of
I. writing the year intended shall be taken
9 to consist of 866 days, a hal' year 182
- day., a quarter of a year 91 days, and
"the added day of a leap year and the
y da immediately preceding, if they shall
occur in any period so computed, shall
b$ reckoned together as one day."-St.
Louis Republic.
a A Very Good Dog S~ory.
* The following dog story is absolutely
d true, the occurrence having come under
the observation of the physician at Old
Orchard and related to the attorney upon
honor: An intelligent dog was afificted
by fleas. They clouded his existence, if -
r we may believe appearances, since four
e fifths of the time the intelligent dog was
- tied up in a double bow knot fighting
the smaller and lees intelligent but more
nimble flea. He had chewed the hair
from his sides, and his eye was lack
luster. The mangy canine decided to
takea bath in the waves of the ocean,  
P and in doing so discovered that as the
e sea water heightened upon his legs and
a- sides and back thef es fledas before it as
. ever the wicked flee.
SSoon after the dog was seen backing
out into water, a smile growing over his
countenance as an idea took possession
of him. He was next seen with a huge
e wad of cotton in his mouth. With this
i lifted aloft he backed out. The fleas
r. crawled higher as the sea water rose
s. about him. They occupied his back and
then his head, made uncomfortable as
they were by the salt water. Then at
or last, as the dog's head sank very slowly
a beneath the waves, the multitude va
Ia cated it, jumping to the wad of cotton
that was floating just at the dog's nose.
n The fleas floated away forever on the
't fickle wad of cotton, while the dog
if swam ashore, to be forever embalmed in
s history by the story of the doctor and
s the lawyer and the newspaper.-Chriet
- lan at Work.
Eereie iLn sHearst Dieas.
The fact is well known that Oertel,
the distinguished German writer, has
warmly advocated ,or certain forms
of functional heart trouble not rest,
but active exercise, such as mountain
climbing. In pursingthis practice, how
ever, the utmost care is found necessary,
and the distance to be covered is of
course regulated for each patient; and
as its object is to strengthen the heart
muscle and promote the circulation, and
as only hebthy arteries can stand the
strain, such treatment is of course con
tra-indicated in atheroma.
Formerly the detection by physical
diagnosis of a heart marmur was re
garded sea grave fact, an adverse con
doalaossing at once arrived at without
sufficiently considering the other signs
and symptoms. Such cases, it'is found.
often.do well with exer.iui and outdoo
life. gain, in fatty degeneration, the
hea in a young person can stand a
moderate amount of exercise and un
be stsrengthened, but it is in
Slltntion or fatty overgrowth
nthe jdiiou us eexerie doe
pset good-the general diet in such
see to be regulated, and the general
obelty which mulseny t:. , re
moved, by a depletii.; C:. :. I (er
m n physicians in their city .:;.:tice
recommend stair climbing when mount
ainelimbing&s not fesethle.-New York
"Il this the best?" Is t question often
asked, when mediole Is wanted. The
following area few.of the mediclines of
known reliability, eMld by Lapeyre Bros.,
druggists, of this place. They have
many other excellent medicines, but
thle iare worthy of eapeclal mention :
Vg alasosta's C(ouac RiMaDY, fa
mous for its cures of saere colds, and as
iprt tatlive for croup. Price 50 cents
WgAmIo's PAsr BASLt, a general
fats ntneat and especally voluable
forron i.t.s. Price 60 ceots per bottle.
i 'a " 'i LIto, ooLuaan AnD
Dtn . xlTY the most reliable
k. 'lt cle o ]Wsw complaints.
Irle, lly prioeg eson subject
s. Pc 6 cents
S.4 -ot'aL isfr' disorAer of
€ I ' l .ven .e.d we. 4 vjgosrua but
ad . . h areno
; ,. y..term. ',o6 , canto
O4AXu smlg'e Ninka txp x Oxnv
ne sIc sore qey Price 36
c ,okper pu t:,:
'Tl`UUI'IFFlR wswithR ape
Bun. sa.,le, J.
elf+... t .+ R a. t eondes
*:*i g Q;irkabii sese Hose pt Qon
Int" of Ladles' Fine Under
it -
d T~u NEW sllsa roear
1e. Yesalryoushtt or, rad with pleIUror dif
Spolntme t then tm od sde and fnr ft
ta. But ladia who roead-' 2rD. Pnere'as.
vtorta Pr erJrtt.o. read It slusi, for they di -
lootytothao sunring from functional tloadoerange.
y manta orfrom any of the painful dlsorders or
reakmo peulia to thetr sax. PerodliaL
intwe rnl inflammaton and u emtiolon
SmaorrbeI and kindred almente rdll y
lte wonderful ouratyao and beeHlin po
Ss the onl edionfor women, sold by
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id wall will contract brick In qeuantitles
and do all kinds of brick work; will
give estimates on brick work of any
kind. Cll on or address
J, A. PARKER, Armlngton, Mont,
Axtell Stables!
Livery, Feed & Sale Stable
Good Horses, Hew Rigs and First
Class Turn-outs of every
Vaughn Block, First avenue south
Osborne House.
Id Ave. south bet. 4th and 5th Sts.
Newly refitted and furnished. Herat
and water complete. Fifty-two rooms.
Board and room from $1 to $2 per
day. Room alone from $2 to $8 per
v eek.
The finest table in the city. Meal
tickets, $6.
Sheep for Sale.
uUll-blood Merlnos. grade hropshire and
and e Merio BOss or ssle. thave 800 hssd
Ieen offered in the state before. No tter in
the went. J. T. AIMINtTON
A m Iinten, Mot.
From Great FIlls via Sun River to
Choteau, beginning Nov. 8, 1890.
Passenger fare, Great Falls to Cho
teen, $8; round trip, 86. Freight
81 per 100 poiunds.
)Bece at Milwaukee House,. Great
Falls. JO BACON, Agt.
JJ. J. Dayls, Supt.
The Qlbrated French Sure,
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S. C. Asrsy. C. A. BROABWATUr
S. C. ASHBY & CO.,
Fine Carriages, Buggies, Phatons, Cutters,
Mitchell Farm and Spring Wagst, Bckh-Boards and Road Carts.
3g We carry in stock a full line of Team and Buggy Harness, Saddles'
Bridles, Whips, Lap Robes, Curry Combs, Brushes, etc. Also Acme. Disc, Spring
Tooth and Drag Harrows, Hoosler Drills and Seeders. Superior Drill, Planet Jr. Gar
den Cultivators and Drills, Wall Tents, Wagon Covers, Feed Mills, Barb Were, ete
Furst & Bradly's Sulky, Gang and Walking Plows
J. J. HILL President W. W. CONNER, Sec. & Tress
., PARIS GIBSON, Vice-President. J. BOOKWALTER, Gen'l Agent
ater-Powr & Townsite Co.
Industrial City.
GREAT FALLS, having the greatest available water-power on the American
continent, is destined to be the chief industrial city of the northwest. The Montana
Smelting Company having erected a Silver-Lead Smelter costing $1,000,000, now
employs 800 men.
The Boston & Montana Consolidated Company has begun the construction of a
Copper Smelter to cost $1,500,000, and will employ within a year 1,000 men.
GREAT FALLS is now the terminus of three railroads-the St. Paul, Minne
spoils & Manitoba, the Montana Central and the Great Falls and Sand Coulee line
le now extended to mines of erecious metals in the Belt mountains.
It is the Commercial Center of Northern Montana.
It has a population of 5,000 and is growing rapidly. Enterprises now under way
and to be inaugurated will more than double the population this year.
The great water-power is being developed upon such a scale as to furnish
power for scores of manufacturing instituttons and employment for thousands of
th men.
No town in the Rocky Mountain regien ofers greater inducements to the settler
or investor, and all such are respectfully invited to come and see for themselves.
F or information regarding GREAT FALLS and surrounding country, address
Great Falls, Montana,
Great Falls, Montana.
OAK Crockery,
Stoves and
This amoc is all new goods of the best grades only. We buy everything in car lots
t from first hands and our prices cannot be met west
of the Missouri river.
We are Sole Agents for the] Celebrated Charter Oak and Universal Stoves and
ranges; California Powder Co., and for Thompson's Corrugated Iron
Rooting; also Mining and Blacksmith Supplies.
sur Headquarters for ilrs fr Bileand Seneral Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
Real Estate and Collection Agents,

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