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The semi-weekly tribune. [volume] (Great Falls, Mont.) 1890-1891, February 11, 1891, Morning, Image 4

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Overcoats! Overcoats! Overcoats! Overcoats!
During this cold snap you will be able to get of us any Overcoat at almost
your own price aý we are determined not to carry any over until next season.
Come early as our -tock is getting very low and sizes broken.
,Mr'. G. . lny and MArs. ii. 1. Ciaowen
Entertain Friends in the Parlorr
of the Park hotel.
Miss Weitlman Also Hlereives the Meam
hers of the Young Ladies ('Clu
at the Park Hotel.
Other .arial Gatherings and Pa'nrties
in the ('ity ".Dope Partie-" (row
ing in Popularity.
Mrs. Gorge E. iHuy and H. (). Chowen
dautlt eatnh tained their lady friends
,stt t,- noon in the parlors of the
Park hitel the gathering was large
and fashi rabri and tire Lternoon most
grreahbly) spen t in tr, nysteries of tio
zressive leulrre. T[he head prile, a
reautifutl tshopilr g lg made ,f verl\et
and leather, was won by Mrs. Mc( lel
land. Mrs. Kelley won the Ilne-hand
pl ire, whlic was ia very handsome gauze
opert fan. ' he progressive prize, ihand
painted kidl photo aste, was carried off
td, Mr.. Ma1i Iruantl. Thar foot prize, a
,prt y ,.l ,ot',l tpance, trl! tol the
lot of Mrs IfHli krians. Aft r the diitribu
tion f prizes atn excelhint luncheon was
served by colored waiters in full dress.
Thoe prtesent were: Mrs. Matt Dunn,
Mirs. S. s. llahkins, MrIs. Frank Web
ster, Mr.. 1 in, Wr.ter, Mrs. Gen. Riaban,
Mit. 1a. PIual tr,l, lr-. I.I.. tHooaketr, Mrs.
- r,.,. t'l ,., , . E :. Mrs. W .il.
t, - a,1- a'ýt K,.., M r'. Ira
\Iyers .e ti . L , \ati la, Ma1r. M. S.
Parker. Mrs. IL It. littkon, Mrs. i.,.
Conrad, Mrs. .. F. Mcitc'hIland, Mr.-tliu
W. Taytrlr. Mrs. rWoodworth, Mrs. W. W.
(Conner, Mrs. Joseph Murphy, Mrs. Judge
Benton., Mrs. John Sweet, Mrs. T'r. E. ('ucl
lins, Mrs.. Murphy, Mrs. Peter It umt,Mrs.
Andrew Jensen, Mrs. E. A. Htngwald,
Mrs. J. B. Newman, Mrs. Joseph itook
aalter, Mrs. Thros. (Gahagan, Mrs. J. B.
Leslie,Mr t,.hu Btun-h, Mrs. Danietal Tracy,
A rs. I. iR . RIf otchkiss, Mrs. Ernest Crutch
er, Mrs. A. G.t. Ladd, Mrs. J. P. Lewis.
T''he growilg popularity rof therse after
flon parties presage a rather lonesome
time for tile married men rand bachelrs
and judging frr'omr the expresilons of
those wht attitolad yesterday we gather
they are not likely to grow less in favor.
THE H. O. o, CLUB.
Miss (Weitman 5'le.swantly E.ntertaios the
IYoung Ladlles t ithe Park lintel.
A jolly and merry crowd of young la
dies are the imember.. of the II. () 0.
Club. It it af,"e ti say ia happier party
tlever graced thle parlors of the Park
Il tel than that presided over by Miss
Weitman yesterdlay afternlll.n, assisted by
Miss (Grege. It at.t with sale trepida
tion that a Tault'i:. manl ventured within
the limits of the lmystic circle, but the
friendllll Preetinig of the lostess assured
him that lhe would at least suffer no bod
ily harm. lie was just in time for lunch
(It always hlipl,cu. soi and during its
plogress tried ht draw the young ladies
oit as to the lpurposes of the club. It
was no uIse. They were as dumb as
oyster.l. This may have been owing to
the fact that the worthy president sat at
the heau o,f ti,, table and kept a very
etri.,t lookout that o bsecrets were di
'IlThe tfterllil was devoted to playing
progressive "tiddle winks," and from the
general hilarity we know they enjoyed
it. Misc (sbkrill captured the head
prize randl Mis. .o.i Trlgg the secend
ptrize. The bhlyl,y pllze, a tin whistle,
lwa uy:laniltously voted to the TIltnus
li,--se i:eos it were Miss Westman,
" I- l hl~kil-. Miss McClelland, Miss
' L!. c :, N-- \e man. Miss McNeil, Mles
rsn\-. 11,- : h, lMiss Ingalls, Miss
\anc., $ I i..., Miss Cuckrlll, Miss
leltkin , Mi-. I .i .g,
t l'lea..lli Party.
Of the manl , , i, sociabitles of the
past week, not," u..- lmre thoroughly
enjyed than that euy, r by Miss Susie
lcwn.). rf Fith I -', . Fi
day. Dancing and re: -.lctlts were
the features of the eveling.
Those present were: Mr. i,:l, Mrs. W'.
White, Mr. and Mrs. Hioule, Mises Spen
cer, IRedding, Lux, Roes, Lynch, Ques- i
nrili, King, Welsh, Robinson, Obering,
Ji.ssa, 'iilford, F, rrest, Susie and Besl, ,
ihawley, Measrs. Felton, Ghberlng, Lyali.
(off ey, Lut, hRgan, 4nllivln, Tobin.
W .\ro n., Illrnt Reed, Jgc'c, Hswle, ,
Goodalla. ,iey, Wein, FOlmer and Foo'
An Afternaoo Tea.
Mrs. Meyer Harris entertained I feI
lady friends on last Friday afterolnll. A
5 o'clock tea was servdd and the after.
noon spent most pleasantly. There were te
an present Mrsk Hotohkiss, Mrs. .ensen.
Mrs. Mclarland, Mrs. Powers. Mrs. Y
Hooker, Mrs. Trigg, Mrs. Gahagan aInd
Miss Josle Trigg.
6 Two of Fairetamt's Prominent Young I
People A.s Wedded.
A special telegram from Fair'nli t. I
n- Minn. says: At the cathedral of ttr
Merciful Savior, on Wednesday evening,
Feb. 4, Samuel Grant, only son of !ivid
Grant, and MinAlice C. Newell ol this
city, were married, Rev. William Gardell,
rector, oflolating. The ushera were Ir.
es E. S. Wood, of St. Paul, J. c. Wise ,of
Mankato, Prof. W. H. Trobridge, F. (
Newell and H.O. Theopold of this city.
The bride wudresedion a costume of 'ely S
elegant cream Veneatansilk, en tril l,:: .
corsage, with beautiful crepe a'ce aInd a
tulle veil and handsome white roses. The
'n bride's traveling dreos wast compo:d I o1
do tan cool French valone trimmed with
Ihe gold and silk braid with wrap.
ce After the ceremony the invited guest,
repaired to the residence of Donald (:rla~l
11. where an elegant supper was ncrved
io- The happy couple leave on Thursday f,,:
New Orleans and Mexico. The gifts on
ver the occasion were numerous and expele:
nive, amounting to several thiousands f
dollars. Numerous guests from St. Iaul
nd and other cities were present.
e Mr. Samuel Grant has hosats f :riends
d in Great Falls who will reijoie at hia
Sgood fortune. The TnRItN: extend
felicitations and joins with tmalny other"
a in wishing the newly wedded "couple '
the happy and prosperous life.
bu- District cort. f
Aar Edward Hamel vs. A.GCatie:. ima. ., I.,
attachments. Notice of iutent.lli'
an' move for a new trial and a stay of pr: .
eh- ceeding granted until Feb. 98.
an Ilolter Lumber Co. vs. John McNeely, I
rs. debt and to enfore mechanio's lien. I.:e
n fault of defendant entered and plaiititff
nri given until Feb. 18 to file answer to tli
.complaint of James Greely,
S .john leany St al. v. Butte and :Mon
o tana ('ommerocil Go.; injunction. Mihtit :n
ti, diissolve lnjunatlodenied, and defen i
g' ant given until Feb. 38, to file his bill of
rs. Holter Lumber CO. vs. Jonathan ;Don.
11, mechamc's lide. Judgment entered i,
h tavor of plaintift for 58.11, anid ,,i
tounty commistioners va. W. l. lien,.
3 : ttino for demage. Leave granted ,.h
h- lndDant to file asiamended anstllten e
Feb. 1.7.
Ole Stevenson vs. Wm. H. ;elsth oa .
rinjuntion. Demurrer overrul.en. I,
"fendant to answer Feb.7 .
r Thomas Riley vs. Marion F. G;ie~:sl.
of account. Judgmentheretofore rendered
reduced to $164.88 on motion of ilai-i
tiff's attorney.
ir. Court adon.bled yelterdy until FeI,.
28, at which time court will rec.nvene l.
and a special venire will be issued fItr xI I
trial jurors to finish the remainder .. tih
cases on the civil calendar. There irte
or 80 cases yet to be tried.
a- tCRMOiH .EVI.ES. d
There will be no services atthe 1pin:
k pal church today.
Y. 1. C. A.
y Gospel services this afternoon at 4
o'clock. Rooms open all day. All are
Invited to attend.
d Rev. Reid, tastor, 11:00 a m .. i ,,.
worshlp; 12:15, Sabbath schoot; l:,, I.
P. S. C. k.; '7:0, divine worship.
Preaching at 11 a. m. by the pastmt
s dunday school at 12 m.; Young p., i'
It meetingat 0:80 p. m.; regular e.rn.l:l
is service at 7:80 p. m. All welcom
it Rev. W.B. Coombe, pastor; m,,nr.m:
y service, 11 a. m. Sunday scho., ,,
a.. Young people's prayer, ,
3 p. su. and evening serve
All are invited.
e Public worship in court room, ,,,
d block, on Sunday morning and e,.".,,
d conducted by RIev. E. COry, past
cordial invitation extended mll,
ers welcome. Servi, e, il:oo a
e, 50 p. m. Sounday schltol at ; '
Stlongregational chlurhel throle I:
representatives ia.e set alpart ,u,:: ,
Feb, 8, as home missionary ' ay,
' day will be sppropriatehl nl.r: ' .l
Great Falls. Rev. W. . 'ele , ::: t, . ,,i
a tary for the Hlome ll:i tlona .
s will be present to conduct thel .
Fresh Filsh and line Bleat . ,, ,
at the Chicago Market, ton .... ,, . It i
between Central and FIirt allvie, " ,.L. tlhe
andl BUSINES.:;i LOTS may, for. limited time. I, rchased for is now being GooRaý d a ] theT
4F.-thouII Hl LF TILE PRICE of other pr` well lo- The BOSTON & MONTANA rcu Black Eagle Fall atNORTH GREAT , PH
Scai,. fr lothe 5, rs .aeay NO GRAT FALLS nd oth iteor ,u fMillion Dollar, and wl lnfl The ,GREAT 1' I VA SoRAL ESTATE,
rO t her im pro vem ent. wieugor ll n aB EA l V l
TORIES, which will frmeh constsn and mormoe mill fr on . . d t e L O t wEinN lin bln O T h aB T 0lr nt th Mn lp ofe
J. 0. GrCegg lls of workmen whome CASH WAGES will . 'aldr will be 1 r otigesU odthWae a e rit O ' to be B P ENDO in T tR alA T lFlL in pree oofv
- NORTH GREAT FALLS and vicinity f NORTH GREAT AS mentth oming
'I. Sheriff Brltown returned to Hllena yes
re terday,.
n. The Rev. Mr. C'lewes went .o Benton
td Mr. Matt Dunn returned from llelona
E. P. Dawson i' reported very sick at
the Park hli.tl.
'The Ioln. Paris (Glbson returned from
wr Helena yesterday.
The liev. ii. S. ('lark returned to
it, Helena yesterday,
ur Finest Assortment If V\aletines in the
city at Frank Ervin's.
id II. I. Tracey returned fronm Last
(is ('hoeil G(ntleh yesterday.
'I, line T.1E. ('TE.ions was a passenger
irLo. nn o Isterday s train.
of A son wnas born to \t.. and Mrs. Milton
Lewis at Crsi,' s't aItny evening.
. r. il. awnley, trainmnator f:onl, ,tias
gow, arrived .i • o l yesterday.
A go.i, snart Inessenger boy Is wanted
id at the iock Mountain Telegraph office.
he 'Te Windsor in the Collins & Lepley
h bloiik hai the finest bath rooms in the
t , II. Strain of Strain Bros, returned
,i yesterday after a few days' absence in
li elena.
."'ott Wetzel i is improving slowly. lie
it ,%s Atble lto it up a little but his haind
- -nil very bad.
ul Robert V\'aughn, who went to Helena
t hiear the silvery toiiued lob Ingersoll,
ds got back yesterday.
iv L. E. ,Johnson, siperintendent of the
SMointana ('elltral railway, 'ins'.' down
'r from Helena ,esterday.
A. F. Ineway: et UtN, have sold to
ieotrge It. Longeway lot IS, bl.ck 457,city,
for a cosulder:tlon (Iof 2.10(0.
'). tonoa 'ane 1,s rentst and hair rut 35
cists at 'lillie heridsn'in I arb r ishop,
opposite Milwtukee ho'ise
V HI gIreen, 'su I erinllitendent of con
s't i ,Iu 'i ] Il i t irenl t Noirtlhern exten
S rriv,.i . it in ve.iterday.
1i Atitorn ,i . 'W.Tylr hais jusi t re
tit.,t of lt'- t'llest boy. It is a very fine
Slopth 1 istcllr ointade linal prooil
ovsel Il 'se. t,,hr ('lork ('ockrill on his
lle f'i l,'l tll la lllt i ln sectiolln 17, town
ol ship Iii twlth ,! tau tie 4 east.
: 'i IIl W. lioniddvson oif HIalleck,
MI n , stn. r of i.Mrs. .i1. K. ('lark, is in
I the , , ' I vicsit. Sile will remain with
.Mrs. ( ark sine two or three weeks.
WSill llik ,the geiial president of the
i.M rchob'rs latlonal isnk, left yesterday
,or ihi'', where he wiil oin hIis fami
Iv. II willl be allbent two or three
1li,, ,rorved seats for tht ii-sto itd,
allll) ton next Wedtnesday eventII
1-'ht Ike hot cakes yesterday, and las
i ll 'hLe pllat showed there were buum
nixt taken.
Jnlhn onss, the manager of the North
Montania Sheep company is in the city at
hitsinesst. lie reports atock in the neigh
borhood of Wolf and Arrow creeks ts It
tine condition.
By mistake we moilde it appear in u
Iaccount of the lmasqullerade hall ill 3le'hr
day'b TutnlltUS that the first pri/e i.t
won by Mrsl. P. Mla.tionald, it tuglht to
have read Mre. A. M t11 l.iad.
W . f. I'!; ll;p, the, I'a-tlm _. Ir,-,irauc
thsn, heavet.o ay fr 11,t ,r It. , i. I. .
ur ' l ea sidnm.ed whh fl te allltnt "l f u!lsi
nes, i trinm ritlltill re it ·lr hi. copany,
writing ntotte $160(Nsil of in. J an.l.ll '
The lil ieta boatard or trade have de
cldd to ,:ve- n rnadd re,.pti ,on in honor
io th,. iiI ItI r, t n.inh.er of Ithe
•.'. 1 I m,, i, irl nft1 l-] . teof
fi, .I. ,Ii ,t. lit. s 'Or a i the date for
ih,, p,, ti I
Pirl' it " irival.: (' W i'alt Taylor, iho
tram; . . A.1h,lsr, Hlelera; E. I'1 Thayer.
N. w " ,ork t , i" .l1. (f le, ,. I I.. Ialh l,
II,." ,n ; S~ i ., Ither. Minneapolts; iR.
,repht'riln- , ulmlt.; Il. anley, Glasgow;
If. S. Skinner, ean lld Couile.
.Itt. i.d )Ir. E. Mann desire to extend
hilir Itl i r felt felt thank to r. and
- I t.. 1I-r. King and ,oher kind
• i, khindly offered their ar
ti:t", n, cd lt.nle intheir late sad
.vt at the death of their beloved
A ionswering tihe description of
'te lt it arhystill e murderer was seen
'lig aertotid on the other side of the
r Friday light, lie bIaided thie Hel
I h ld yesterday mornine g before his
sintty was fully estallislhed. Parties
, now In pursult of him.
fiseph Hogan of Butte has been ap
,iinted the new mine inspector. Thsla
tition sla an important one, for upon
he eompetencey of the incumbent de
end the lives and safety of the men em
loved in the actual work of the mines.
t is to be hoped Mr. Hogan will meet
le requirementa of the position.
A musically representative and very
enthusiastic audience listened to this
most excellent club last night in tl.e
opera house. Their enthusiasmwas well
repaid as the artists were very generous
in responding to encores. The excellent
a tone pictures painted by this happy com
bination were truly a revelation to the
listeners. The personnel of this proper
" ly named "ideal" organization is as fol
lwes: G. L. Lansing, H. W. Harris, A.
it tirover, B. E. Shattuck and L. H.
('aleucta. These gentlemen possess the
n happy faculty of getting an ensemble
that was simply faultless it was so accur
ate, each performer giving prominence
to his instrument where it was required,
and keeping discretely in the back
Sgroundl where he was allotted a second
ary place in the instrument scheme, thus
,t permitting the themes or solo parts to
stand out in due and proper relief. It is
alhniost Unsl"ts to particularize regarding
r their playing or what they selected. It
was all superb, and not a word of any
Sthing but praise was heard on any hand.
-The Evening Rlecorder, Brockvllle,Oat.
The phenomenon of a very brilliant
and beautiful sun-dog was on exhibition
during yesterday afternoon. It was
d rightest at the sides, where it bore the
appearance of two smaller suns, almost
v as dazzling as the sun itself. Last night
,e the electric street lights presented, fronm
ai mile distant, a very peculiar appearance
--long streamns of light shooting verti.
d cally into the air for a great distance
u over each lamp. These peculiar appear
ances, according to a local weather
prophet, presage a violent storm within
a thirty.six hours. As these predictions
usually go by contraries we may expect
more summer weather.
Too much cannot be said of the coal
found in the section ol Chinook. With
out doubt if a trial could be madte or if
e capital could be interested in those coal
nh lids, this coal would successlully com
pete with any native coal in the state.
No depth has been attained in any of the
mines, yet the coal burns fine. It is a
surprising fact that as great a bonanza as
this coal is should lie as it is right tinder
the eye of the capitalists of our state and
not be snatched up. In the meantime
the people of Chinook are using a cheap,
Sgood fuel--but we want to see this enter
pri-c developed.-Stock Journal.
i). P. Rotmigh, better known as
"lrocky Pete," the tin-horn gambler
who caused the row in bcihmatz & Ilen
e derson's satloon on Friday night, appeared
before Judge itact yesterday afternoon
charged with "carrying and exhibiting
deadly weapons in a threatening and an
gry manner." lie pleaded guilty to the
charge, and Judge tace sentenced him to
ninety days in the ciounty jail. l.ck En
right charged with the same toffense, gave
$200 bail to appear on next Tue lay. It
his been learned later that " irocky
Pete" has been released from custody on
George Atwood died very suddenly on
Jlanuary 130, 18t1, at Wallace, Idaho. He
was there oily about ten days trom Ruby
t'y, Wa\V ll. It is said he has relatives
ald friends living in Nebraska. Aylbody
kunowing anything c au:erning the friends
otr relatives of the dead man will confer
a favor by addressing lark Wilson, Nei
hart. Mont. [State and Nebraska papers
please copy.]
The ('ongregational churches through
their represnotatives have set apart Sun
dalv Feb. 8, ons lone Missionary day
'Tlie dty will be observed in Great Falls.
liv. Winm. . . ell, state secretary for the
Il roe Miasilonary society will be present
il ritdialtot the services. All arecordially
illitle. llealty Building, Sunday, Fetb.
. 11 a. ml. and :30 p. m.
The rotund figure of Harry J. Skinner,
otf 5aind Couiee, is again seen upon our
recrets. Ilarry accounts for his increas
ing corlpulency from the fact that he
keeps gotal hoburs at the Coulee. His
,mtrsi is: "Early to bed, early to rise,"
eIc. Iight you are, harry.
11ev. Clewes, of the Episcopal church
wem:t to Benton yesterday to hold funeral
services over the remains of Mrs. J. O.
'eterson, a member of his congregation
there. In consequence no services will
he held in the Episcopal church of this
city today.
The Congregational society have been
fortunate in securing the court room in
the Realty building for their services. TI
Please bear in mind the change from
Arlon hall to Realty building. Services
at 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.
Just received at the Boston Coffee
bolsie a fresh buply of Fish, Lake Super
ior White Faish, Trout,Red Bnappers,oLob
ster, Mackeral, Shrimps, etc. Baked
lenos and Boston Blown Bread every
Sunday morning.
Ilouston & Johnson sold yesterday to
tohn C. N;gel of Minbeapoli-, lit 8,block
171 on Eighth avenue and Sixth street
iluth; to John if. Wilkins, lot 12, block
104 on Third avenue south for $450. S
Mr. Timothy Moran left for Brattle
Coro, Utah, today, summoned thither by A
the serious illness of his father.
Richard Glee came in from Madison .
yesterday on a visit to, his brother, Chas.
lies, of the Vienna bakery.
H. P. Rolfe of the Leader returned 1
omru Helena yesterday.
The wrestling exhibition at Arlon hall
last evening was very well attended and
the difterent contestants were generously
applauded. There will be another exhi
bition this evening.
The Company in a Most Prosperous Con
At the regular annual meeting of the
North Montana Sheep company, held yes
terday afternoon in the law office of
Thos. E. Bradey, the secretary, the fol
lowing trustees, who are the only stock
holders of the company, were elected:
Paris Gibson, John Ross, W. W. Eastman
of Minneapells, and Thos. E Brady. At
a subsequent meeting of the trustees,
Paris Gibson was elected president, John
Ross vice-president and manager, and
Thos. E. Brady, secretary and treasurer.
The inventory of the live stock of the
company was filed by the manager, show
ing the assets of the assoclation in live
stock to be $28,870.50. The treasurer's re.
port showed the dividends paid during
the past three years to have aggregated
64 per cent. while the capital stock stands
above par value.
The manager, Mr. Ross, reported to the
meeting that the sheep and other live
stock are prospering upon the range and
are in a healthy condition. He stated
that so far this season they had been fed
hay but a couple of days, although the
company was amply provided to meet
the contingencies of the most severe
weather. The present flourishing con
dition of the comp: ny tells more plainly
than words what business sagacity and
p lick will do in the sheep business in
....rthern Montana.
Try some of that Canada nut coat.
The Goodrich Lumber Co. are selling it
all over the city to parties who know its
true worth. Particularly adapted to
cooking and small heating stoves. Tel
ephone No. 125 or No. 14.
Joe Conrad will have one store 801100
feet for Dry Gools nod notions, also one
80x100 feet for Shoes and Carpets. We
believe in leading.
DIean Coal.
I have on hand the above coal and
wood and will deliver toyou in any quan
titles. Orders left with my agent at
Gibbons' harness shop, Central avenue,
or at the Great Falls Stables will receive
pror pt attention. Price $5 a ton.
0. Boosan, Proprietor.
For Pennsvylvania hard coal telephone
No. 125 or No. 14.
HLs e o n I
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Sterlin Silver, Cloks.
124 Central Ave., Great Falls.
The largestatock to select from at the lowest prices. All goodswarranted.
One .underd Lots foriGale in T. Gahagan,
Situated at the Narrow Gauge Depot and Stock Yards.
After January 1st an advance in price of 25 per cent will be made. Bargains in all .additions.
Buy quick and take advantage of low prices and first choice. corner lots on the motor line.
.L, LEe.,A., e'"El ,bS. Aore property in all ssotioi
T. GA aGN, Agent, P - reat Fals. from $40 per acre upwards
I - ,m-`~--
-WINTER, 1891. =
Furniture- and -Carpets !
Our tall stock excels anything ever shown here. Goods
are coming in and going out so fast that we cannot make
special mention. Call and see for yourselh. We can please
everybody with our large selection. We maintain our reputa
tion for low prices.
Central Avenue, - - Great Fail=
Lime allnd Fluxing.
The Great Falls Lime and Fluxing
Company will furnish to builders, coan
tractors and others
in any quantity that may be desired.
Parties wishing our lime should eali
or address their orders to
Palace Saloon, Great Falls.
. ..- _. - _- - = - .-_ . .
Riverside Addition,
Adioining the new Boston Montana
Smelter ground, below the immense danmk
near the Montana Silver Smelter. above
Giant Spring. A Hotel, Store and residences:
also Lumber and Fuel yards already on the
ground and other buildings contracted for
This is the cheapest and best investment iL'
vicinity of Great Falls. Lots from $150 to
$300. Part cash and balance on time. For
particulars call on or address
C. W, LEARY, Room 19, Dunn Block, Great Falls.
St. ANan & Lamble, T. H. KlenschllIt, Trustee,
Room 18, Bally blk, Helena Helena, Mont.
es LiquorsThe Choicest Brands of Wi
Skies, Wines and Cigars
CIGARS & TOBACCO always in Stock.
8pecal attention given to family trade. BOTIL TRADE A SPECIALTY.
laIlordera will reeive prompt atention. Tyson & Smith, Prop'rs, Dunn Bloc..
First Avonse South. GREAT FALLS.

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