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oay that teKor Hti at r i .tit hie Ge. l int theril
isad hes andT riksen Viire wl
C°lowethin puce. Hose
Having bought an immense line of
Ila ies' 1lliin Ehl(Ier we
For 50c
We will offer the entire lot at
le.-. thouui
We know that it is a little out of season
0r these goods, but it will pay you to buy
iem now and saye 50 per cent. They
re all bright new goods.
,ome early and secure some
some of these goods
while they
New York Cash Bazaar
Terms Strictly Cash.
Truly j Milligan
$tages from (ireet Falls to Truly end Mllltgsn
d return. leaving utreat FVele on Tuesdays
d Fridays and rourn ng Wednesdays
d Saturdays. Aerommodet' nu for an'
ber of passnjgore. and light freight and
ply at the Minneapolis House or to
It is Stated the Greet Northern Has J
Absorbed the Seattle & Mon- b
tant Railroad.
J. J. Hill Elected President and One of
the Trustees of the Seattle & N
Montana. e1
A Snowelide in Colorado Buries Four T
Persons Alive -M iners to
the Ite-rue.
StcArriw, Wash.. Feb. 26.-It is stated r
that the Great Northern & Seattle and ri
Montana railroads have practically con- ri
solidated cnd that through truins will it
soon le run from St. Paul to Seattle vi a
Winnipeg iver the Canadian Pacific. the rr
Fairiaven & Southern and the Lake g
d Shore & Eastern. A meeting of the stock b
; holders of the Seattle & Montana was ii
held today. The following were elected ft
5 trusteea: J.. .. tHuis nd WV. P. Clouch a
of St. Paul, h. t) Graves and D. II. Gil r
man of Seattle. The trust eis then elected a
R. were J. .1. hill, president, and W. P. c
Clounh, vice-president.
Rapid Progress Mtatdi on the Weatern a
Extenusion. I,
u COl. W. P. Clough,vice-presidentof the it
Great Northern, in a recent interview in Ii
Seattle, gave the following interesting In- kl
formation of the pragresa of the western w
extension and the pfoposed Puget sound d
line: "The line tainr here to Portland is co
M yet under consideratiou. The arrargemient i
Ietweei the Union Pacific and the Guest
- Northern contempilated that the latter r
should have an opportunity to examine ii
and consider the proposed routes before
going on with construction, and the
Great Northern has never had that chan: e v,
till within the past few weeks. The sub- o
ject of the route is now under considera
tion and, being a matter of very great
consequence, will receive very careful
ie study. Whether the result will be the s
5 resumption of work on the existing line °
or the abandonment of that line and the
location of a new one, is something that
cannot ie decided for some little time It
, yet. Examination are now being made a
with the view of getting at all the pus
sibiliiies afforded by the country between ri
- the two points.
"Netther Mr. Bogue nor Mr. Beckler ri
has yet been given authoritative charge n
over the construction of the line, so far
as the Great Northern is coucerned. The
Smain line fronm the east is progresseter
with great rapidity. One hundred ad
thirty miles of track have been 1aid from u
the esatern end, and the grade has been A
complet d from the end of the track to
the niumnit of the Rocky mountains. ii
U Front the summit to the Kiotenal river C
the line is covered with graders. As fast )
as the location is decided on the line will g
b le put under contract and covered with 1
men. The line has not been decided on g
further than th9 eastern line of Wash.
ington, and it will not ie practicab:e to
do so until a decision has been made a4
to the pass in the Cascade range which
will be adopted. That will probably be h
decided within the ni xt ninety days. We a
li do not expect to find a pass In the Cat
eadis which we can traverse without aP
tun tel. p
The expectation is that the terminii i
shops and yards will be at Thompson'r n
Cove, and in all probability they will lie a
the main ones for the sound. ihe tnh- k
cial terminus of the Great Northern has
been declired in its Pacific extension
u inortgaie to lie at Seattle atid Swias fti ii
long ago. We are making every effort
to git our transcontinental line finiahed it
by J.an. 1, 1503, and by that titte, I trust, ri
it Portland line will be finished. Still,
that may le somewhat delayed by viriousi
SI . tn
Four Per-ons a iuried Alive by asn Ave- f
CRESTED lt 'rm:, Col., Feb. 26.-A
snow-slide swept over the Bunllion King c
V mine at Irwin yesterday, carrying the d
boarding-house and supt. IRipells'
dwelling duwn. Mrs. Ripells, Mrs. Ed
Clark and child, the boarding-house, and
It. F. Smiley, the engineer, are still buried
to the slide, but with little hopes of their
recovery alive. The miners had gone to
the shaft-house and escaped. Every man
was put to work and about t*Lirty left here t
this morning for the scene in the rain,
hoping some of the victims may be found
It Would ise Acceptable. (
WAelisuerTeN, Feb. 26.-Congressman
Pickler made . hot light in the house in 4
favor of on appropriation to purchase
seed for needy settlers in western states.
He failed to carry hle point, but says le
feels certain #250,000 appropriation for
North and South I)hkota, Nebraska and
portions of Iowa could le secured.
Disappointment in Love.
Mil wAuKeE, H is., Feb. 26.-Miss
Gertrude Ilickox, a prominent young
isoci ty iady, drowned herself in the lhke
some time yesterday. Her tedy wai.
found at the head of Wisre n iee street
this morninte. l)tepoinetnent in love I
was the caune of the deed.
tu Arrest Causes a Sensation Im the Clip o
FARao, N. D., Feb 26.-The arrest of
Joseph Remington at La Croese, followed TI
by his confeeaeen of the premeditated
murder of J. T. Flett at Arthur on the
11th Inst.. caused a profound seniation
hiere. The prediction had been freely
made that in the event of his capture
Fari would have a hanging bee. Some
hlot-blloesied pernons have even talked fit TI
lynching, but there is no danger of this
toiing done. He will not ie taken to
Arthur but securely jailed in this city
and hlis trial alli iccur here. iaheruf TI
McLaren learned lie would come to
North Dakota without a requisition. nev
ertheless the sheriff proposestit go armed
with one.
The Mohawk l.omning-Streets and Cel
lare Flouded. RI
LC A, N. Y., Feb. 26.--The Mohawk
river at 7 o'clock this mlrning wits at the
highest singe it hais been since March 17.
1805. This forenoon the water has been
receding and is now falling almost as
rapidly as It rose last night. A severe
ruiistirus in the early part of last even- ec
ing was the cause of the floid. The river ce
was already at full hunks and when the in
rain came the tiihutiries swept down in an
grest streams snd sent the Mohawk fl
booming. There has been very little in
damuage in this city except that rising cli
from flooded streets and cellar-. The pl
New Yerk Cintral & Ilullsot River rail- p,
road was under water at many pil ices av
along ils line and tralis lit it to be alan- of
Boned and I-as-tIsgers tiaicnierred to thi of
West Sinle. The Central bild-e below te
Fort Plain has been cerried away and tr
Fort Plain itself is two feet under water y
and its inhailtants 'ire using boats. A
hargie ice d1m Ils fern d there. Report,
Iruin the vtley indicate that Icedunishsre
becoming more dangerous as floating ice
lodges aoianist them. At 3:30 p. m. the
water bud been spread ly the Fort Plain al
dam and the West Shire htacks were tot
covered. No treius ian now he run on
either the West Shire air the Central Outl
utless the ice breaks soon great danng.- tli
1111 result. The ice it Fort Plain is Itull% ac
two feet thick and the water stesdily ris- li
lug. Telerniiph wires are down aic ti
through the villiy. A bridge near Amet
over tiinajihturie creek was swept atssa
inst night. In tact all alsni the filebs.
ye Iey from tier.* to Siteheiictady coil a
to ports if flii i it-otd tt nitiie. ra
Plenty ..i halo to California. W
SAN FRANCItCO,Fel . 20.-Another rain- ill
storm of ceonsidershle extent has set in ti
on the Pacific coast. Rain 's reported in R
Oregon and Washinutin and over two
thirds of Northern California, and is rnp *
idly extending to the south. The rivers
are already boih in Northern California,
as a result of the lest storm, awl it is tl
eiired much damage will be done if the
rain continues. All fears of a dry season Pi
are now licst anal the fat itiers wish the rat
rain to stlop. The sihial service predicts ti
rain all over the state tomorrow. rai
Pool Tournamset.
hYRAcUsR, N. Y., Feb. 26 -A pool 1s
tournament for the championship of co
Anmeria continued here today. Deoro in
defeated Sherman 150 to 112 points, and of
Clearwater of Ohio, defeated Struwe of ral
New York. 1510 to 88. In the afternoon
games Luddington was defeated by Ward
150 to 1.4 and Alorito was defeated by
Kuutzach 150 to 117. ne
North Dakota Legislature.
IlasntAtSCK, N. 1). Feb. 20.- In the
house the woman .uffrage committee. to
which was referred the hill prohabiting
prize fighting, boxing, etc., made tao te
ports, the majority in favor of the meas
ure. The house adapted the mintrity re
port, arguam nt hein- that the lpei~inture
was attemn ing to t deprive people of aul
kinds of luxuries and tmnsemen-nts.
The filnnoapoli Fire.
Mtl 51 A1'tt.Is, Feb. 26.-nI ot night's
fire in the L.mther EN hange hbtiling
raged until nearly noon today, whei It
wa; cx' n zt hodt. The ortgn-tl Ranter
exchttl!'Oe nt omphtely uotttdbu hit tin.
new twelve start httitiie is not hadI
dlamlated. hr'ver-tl wffornine 1:1 ibling+
were heitiaid. The total loss Is ¶24k,1100,
fully insurl t
Democratic Mt.ate Colnveil ttas.
insiIvti, Mich., Fet. 2U--The eletnn
cratic sate convention was heil here to
day. Johnn W. ('onmplin was nominated
judge of the supreme court-only office
to he voted for next election.
Another Bill Passed.
WASntNOTON, Feb. 26.--The house
passed the deficiency appropriation bill
Money Market.
N vw Yonw, Feb. 26.---Monev ea'vrang
ing from 2t to 4 per cent. Last !oan 8.
Closed nff.rad at 214. Prime mercantile
paper 5t614. ittrling exchange quiet
and steady at 485 for 0O-day hills and
488 for demand.
The Metal Market.
itsr sliver, 07.
Pig iron qtint.
Copper, neglected.
Land nominal; dm metit "4.271t.
Tin dull, firm; straits, $11 05.
How asocka Sell.
NKw YtilK, Ph. 26 - lturlinetn I
,11.;: Narthern Pacific. 2794. 1ptrefetrf.
713': Northttestern 1117; nreftrret l:V.
1it. Paul. u 0tt: prtferr-fc.112: M initoh
1t1.1;; ( nhat,, 2:!: trnf**rred $?: Ion
lath' n"l \*Li l- c -hin I' Manri, 211; (:rea:t
Northern prof--rred 8:.
Three-Quarters of the Town Under
Water and the Last Quarter
I The Twelve Hundred Inhabitants of
the Town Have Taken Refuge
in the Penitentiary on
High Ground.
Railroad Tracks East of Yuma for a
Distance of Twenty-Two Miles
Washed Out of Sight.
SANi FANCisCO, Fet;.26.-Superintend
-ut Fillinore at the Southern Pac tic, re
r ceived it dispatch from Yum h today stat
e incr that plahe in doomed to tiatructlon
Ii and that three-quarters of the city was
flooued, and that water was also threaten.
Ing the last quarter. The operator
9 closed by stating he could not keep his
Splace another hulf hour. The Southern
Pacific dic isin headquarters were swept
away atill s th thu- the ticket aid freight
offices. The twelve hundred Inhabitants
of 1 anti have taken refuge in the peni
tentiiry on hich ground. The railroad
tracks fora disaaiin a if 22 miles east of
r Yuma have tet a w:1 hed out of sight.
" Serious (fiilliatoi IBtweeni I iiin and Non
IliAiuotk, Pa., ''t b. Wt.- A setious
shutting aitray occurred this morning at
the Braddock Wire-Works of Andrew
Carnegie. A vigilance committee of
strikers sauntered past the worka, and,
accoiding to the strikers' story, asked the
non-uniin iton what kind of a day's work
they were turning out. The annwer was
a volley froii the tsei's revolvers. John
Ilobhday and John Trainer, strikers, itll
and were carried away by their com
rnies. Iloiday was hit on the forehead
and is expected to die. Trainer is
wounded in the hide and his condition is
critical. The wire-nall men assert that
the astriters were there with mob inten
a tions.
Montaima Stands Second an the List with
000 Miles.
, NEW Youa, Feb. 20.-In its Issue of
this week the Engineering News will
pubtlsh statistics showing the prospective
railway construction In the United States
e for 1891. There are now 18,814 miles of
railway projected which have some pros
pect of being completed or placed under
contract or construction before Jan. 1,
1892. In the western section of the
country the chief centers of activity are
in Montana and Washington. The state
of Washington takes the lead with 1,478
f miles. Montana has 600 miles.
Verdlet of the Coruner's Jury.
Ciotit uts, Ohio, Feb. 28.-The coro
ner's inquest on Monday's tragedy, by
which W. L. Hughes, an Innocent specta
tor and A. C. taborn, one of the princi.
puls lost their lives at the hands of Win.
.1, and Patrli'k J. Elliott, was concluded
tonihlit, and a verdlvt rendered that
Hutgh.-s came to his death at the hand:(if
W. J. Elliott while shooting with Intent
to kill and murder O..borne; and that
()clorn tame to his death by a shot fired
by Patrick .1. Elluitt. aided and abetted
by Wn. J. Eliott.
Th" Winc onsin Legislature.
MtloisoN, Wis. Feb. 28 -The assembly
today pu sed a jhint resolution for the
emplomuient of ai exiprt accountant to
examine the books of the Sturgeon iay
Ship Canal company. Amuoug the iei
bills reported wais tine gihii a bouInty of
one cent per pound ti Wisconsin suL'r
rtisiri. In the seiate i bill was pained
prohibiting the hunithoriied lisi. of trade
rioks and labl i adopted by trades union
or auiutlolti.s
%o huhage Vet.
SmI'tim.ic:i.n, III., Feb. 2l.-Three re
publicans atre still abent from the joint
assemubly today on account of illness, so
the members of that party and the Farm
ers' Mutual Benefit assoclation men re
frainei from voting on the ballot for
L ntted States senator, breaking a quo
ruit. The democrats cast 101 votes for
Palmer in three ballots, when the assem
bly adjourned.
Apptnatments Made.
WAni aoiON, Feb. 26.-The president
appointee Willinm S. Stanley of Wiscon
sin oinsul it Plettn, N. 5., and Chatles
B. MiIl)onlu, postmaster at Deamct,South
Secretary of the treasury Foster was at
Ils desk today.
United States Treasurer Ifuiton again
tentered lic resnirnation on asrount of ill
health and it will brobably be accepted.
The last of the Vlctien.
Spltli; IIut. 1MINES, N. M., Feb 211.-
Tlhi afternoon the hotly of Malinger
-usift wits taken nit by asearching puity.
"isl is ii lI-tt, ntukinj 'lin all 12;tvjicr~ni.
The4re are ,al widow-, 1:13 fathuerlcss
hiidre nit-l welt widowed iiothere u ir
l isled of the uiuppoit of their ats.
Grand __Opportune
Clearance Time
Sale To Buy
of Ladies' Fine
Misses Winter
Fine and
Cashmere Spring
Hose. Ur derwear.
See We Wil
Our be Delighted
Windows to Show
For the
Styles Goods
and and Give
Prices. Prices
z L
Send for one of - We send Froe to
Butterick's Fashion 3 Ea any address Butter
Sheets. ick's Fashion Shoot.
Saturday, Feb. 28, 1891.
A. NATHAN. Ageht.
222 Central Avenue, Great Falls, Mont
IMPORIE171R AND 111101 E II ;H 1F 1;I
GSreat "EFalls, Mvozt.
Henry & Hanson,
Office in Crutchor Building.
Central Avenue, - - Great Falls, Mont.

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